Note: If you get a "session expired" error from PayPal, and you entered information in a timely manner, it probably means that you don't have cookies enabled in your Web browser. To access secure Web sites, such as, your Web browser must be configured to accept cookies. The fix will only take a minute:

Windows XP:
In MS Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then Internet Options, select the Privacy tab and move the slider to no higher than Medium. Depending upon how tight the security on your browser has been set (by anti-spyware programs, etc.), you may have to set the slider all all the way down to Accept All Cookies. Just remember to set it back to at least Medium when you have completed your purchase.

In Mozilla Firefox browser, click on Tools, Options, Privacy and check the box that says Allow sites to set cookies.

Other browser and/or Mac computer:
Find the settings for privacy and security and enable cookies.

If you wish, you can go back and turn off the cookies capability after you complete your purchase, but we recommend leaving it enabled for a much more enjoyable time on the Internet.