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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (W2)

Brock Whaley aka B. Rock
WUSF [Tampa FL] 1971
WFSO [St. Petersburg FL] 1973
WQSR [Sarasota FL] 1975
WQXM [Tampa] 1977
WORJ [Orlando FL] 1978
KAZY [Denver CO] 1979
WMET [Chicago IL] 1980
WSHE [Miami FL] 1983
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1983
KRTR [Honolulu] 1994
KHNR [Honolulu] 1995
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1996-2000
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 2001-2002
WFOX [Gainesville GA] 2001-2002
KPOI-FM [Gainesville GA] 2007-2009

Now: Brock was PD for the five Oahu stations belonging to Maui-based Visionary Related Entertainment LLC -- through Apr 2009 -- see: 'B-Rock's' third tour on KPOI draws to close."

Cleveland Wheeler
WMOC [Chattanooga TN] 1964 - Dave Randall
WMFJ [Daytona FL] 1966 - Dave Randall
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1967 - Dave Randall
WMFJ [Daytona] 1967 - Dave Randall
WGOW [Chattanooga] 1968 - Dave Randall
WDAT [Daytona] 1969 - Dave Randall
WQAM [Miami FL] 1969 - Paxton Quigly
KTLK [Denver CO] 1970 - Dave Randall
WGOW [Chattanooga] 1970
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1971
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1974
WAPE [Jacksonville] 1975
KUPD [Phoenix AZ] 1976
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1976
WMAK [Nashville] 1977
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 1978
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1991
WQYK [St. Petersburg] 1994
WYUU [St. Petersburg] 1996-1998

Now: Now "Broadcast Design Architect of XM6: The 60s Decade Channel at XM Satellite Radio, Washington D.C."

Scott Wheeler
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WYXB [Indianapolis IN] 2002
Now: Scott is doing PM drive at Adult Contemporary WYXB-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana. He says (8/07), "I eorked for Emmis as the company started in 1981 and returned to Emmis Communications in 2001 after 14 years elsewhere."

Lisa Wheeler
KRDO [Colorado Springs CO] 1982 - Lisa Lancaster
KCRS [Midland TX] 1984 - Lisa Barker
KODM [Odessa TX] 1990 - Lisa Barker
KLBJ [Austin TX] 1992-1994 - Lisa Barker
Now: Lisa says (5/08), "I'm a media spokesperson for a state agency in Austin, Texas; in my spare time I hunt for vinyl radio station compilations for my Web site, radiouseonly.com." See Record collector satisfies old radio nostalgia for the MP3 age (from Austin American Statesman).

Tom Whetston
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WSRS [Worcester MA] 1992-1996
Now: Tom says (10/06), "After WSRS, I semi-retired and was announcing for the Talking Phonebook for a couple of years and eventually found a new calling in computers. It has been a great run; thanks for listening." See afrtsarchive.blogspot.com

Bill White
WLDS [Jacksonville IL] 1957-1958
WXRA/WPIK [Alexadria VA] 1970
WEAM [Washington DC] 1972-1974
Airs Radio [Washington DC] 1973-1974
WTOP [Washington DC] 1974-1975
AFKN [Seoul Korea] 1975
- pgm mgr
Defense Info School [Ft. Meade MD] 1977 - instructor
WATI [Indianapolis IN] 1977
Armed Forces Radio/TV [Los Angeles CA] 1980
- production engineer
Voice of America [Washington DC] 1981-2003
Now: Bill says (12/04), "I am retired from 46 years of mostly government broadcasting; enjoying the kids, grandkids, and renewing old ties and friendships; and keeping up with trends in broadcasting, especially interested in Internet broadcasting. Hometown: Greenfield, Illinois. First military station was TV Channel 8 in Wildwood Station, AK. Also hosted Mr. Midnight Show in the early 1960s on American forces Network in Taipei Taiwan; corespondant in Belgium for AFN Europe in late 1960s, before coming back to DC to assist in hosting The Army Hour radio show that was broadcast on 1250 radio stations in the U.S. until 1972. The past 20 years, I worked for Voice of America, with special English news and features broadcast to the Far East. Enjoy collecting old radio shows from the 1940s and all types of comedy bits and drop-ins. Favorite disc jockey: Ed Bonner-KXOK, St Louis Mo (in the 1950s); favorite broadcaster: Gary Owens ... none better.. favorite comedy bits: Mel Blancs Superfun series ... and, of course, Chickenman."

Brian White
KREL [Corona CA] 1970
KAMP [El Centro CA] 1971
KSEA [San Diego CA] 1972
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1972
WXLO [New York NY] 1974
KCBQ [San Diego] 1975
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1975
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1976
KIIS [LA] 1977
WEFM [Chicago IL] 1978
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1979
WDRQ [Detroit] 1982
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1984
KITY [San Antonio TX] 1986
WBJW [Orlando FL] 1987
KSFM [Sacramento] 1988
WMXB [Richmond VA] 1991
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1993
WMAS [Springfield MA] 1995
KBGO [Las Vegas NV] 1999
WSYN [Myrtle Beach SC] 1999
WKOO [Jacksonville NC] 2003
WILT [Wilmington NC] 2005
WKXB [Wilmington] 2007

Now: Brian says (5/13), "I've been production director since 2007 and pulling evenings on WKXB-FM (Jammin' 99.9) Wilmington, NC. Thanks Johnny ... Long Live Boss Radio! During the summers I would stay up late to listen to you. Then when I was going to Ogden's in 1970, I was one of those pesky students who called you on the Boss Line. It's been 30 years now and I am enjoying working in the industry as much as ever."

Dave White
WSMA [Port Huron MI] 1988
WKMF [Flint MI] 1989
WCRZ [Flint] 1990-1991
WMMQ [Lansing MI] 1990-1993
KCBS-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1993
CIDR [Windsor ON - Detroit MI] 1996
CIMX [Windsor - Detroit] 1996
WWBR [Detroit] 1997
WIQB [Ann Arbor MI] 1998-1999

Now: Dave says (5/06), "In 2000, I earned a Master's degree at Michigan State University and started teaching at the University of Michigan; I have also taught at Wayne State University and the University of Detroit Mercy. In addition to my work in academia, I do some voice work and am working on completing a Ph.D. in media law and policy."

Greg White
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WCHS [Charleston WV] 2005
Now: Greg says (10/07), "I left left full-time radio in 1997 for a full-time National Guard gig; and to WCHS doing play-by-play for high school football and basketball."

Jim White
WLTL [Chicago] 1973 - Chief Engineer/PD
WTAQ [Chicago] 1974
WYEN [Chicago] 1974
- Chief Engineer
WBBM [Chicago] 1975
WTAO [Carbondale IL] 1977
- Chief Engineer
WFMT [Chicago] 1980
WMET [Chicago] 1983
- Chief Engineer
WNUA [Chicago] 1987 - Chief Engineer
Now: Jim says (4/04), "I am running ChicagoServer.com (Web services), Chicago, Illinois."

Jim White
WHJB [Pittsburgh] 1953
WDFM [Penn State Univ.] 1955
WAKU [Pittsburgh] 1958
WMCK [Pittsburgh] 1958
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1959
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1966
KMOX [St Louis MO] 1969

Jim White died Sep 2, 2009 (complications from surgery); see Jim White, KMOX's "Big Bumper," dies (from stltoday.com).

Larry White
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1965
WAXC [Rochester] 1972
WWWG [Rochester] 1978
WVOR [Rochester] 1979
WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1984-1991
Now: Larry says (4/06), "I am doing full-time commercial voiceover work from my studio in the Charlotte, North Carolina area."

Larry White
KEXS [Kansas City MO] 1975-1976
KCNW [Kansas City] 1979
KBEA [Kansas City KS] 1981
KMBC-TV [Kansas City] 1983
- news writer
KMBZ [Kansas City] 1984
KGSP [Kansas City] 1985-1988

Now: Larry says (2/17), "After I left on-air work, I became a part-time Instructor at three colleges here in Kansas City, Missouri. I am now retired, but still living in the area."

Scott White
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WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1975-1979, 1986-1988
Now: Scott says (1/07), "I'm doing freelance voice-over work (scottwhitevoices.com), plus working full time as a training developer at V. Nelson Associates in Decatur, GA; my brother and I produced a two-hour show called Poets and Troubadours, which ran on WBCX in Gainesville, GA for two years; we have recently begun efforts to syndicate the show (www.poetheads.com).

Roy Whitfield
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WOR [New York NY] 1985-1996
Now: Roy says (12/10), "I freelance in New York, South Florida and Los Angeles as a voice-over talent and actor."

Larry Whitler
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WOCA [Ocala FL] 2002
Now: Larry says (8/05), "I am on the air mornings on AM Ocala Live on News/Talk WOCA, Ocala, Florida with my co-host and friend, Robin MacBlane. We are also Robin and the Giant, a children's recording act. I spend most of my time (when I'm not on the air at WOCA) doing artwork."

Tom Whitlock
Now: President and CEO of an Electronics parts and supplies distributor in Central California. Also doing "a little Broadcast Engineering on the side."

Bob Whitney
WCRB [Boston MA] 1947
WDHL [Sarasota FL] 1948
WLOF [Orlando FL] 1949
WBET [Boston] 1949
WPJB [Providence RI] 1950
WALE [Fall River MA] 1951
WBSM [New Bedford MA] 1951
WRNH [Rochester NH] 1952
WARC [Rochester NY] 1952
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1952
WSYR [Syracuse] 1952
KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1957
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1958
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1959
- Nat PD Balaban Stations
Mars Broadcasting [Stamford CT] 1960-1963 - co-founder
WWTC [Minneapolis MN] 1965 - GM
Westinghouse Broadcasting [New York NY] 1965 - Group W Nat PD
KYW [Philadelphia PA] 1966 - GM
WATL-TV [Atlanta GA] 1969 - CEO
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1971 - PD
WNAC-TV [Boston MA] 1973 - TV news consultant
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1973-1974 - PD
OurRadioShow Web Podcast [Grass Valley CA] 2001 - co-founder/producer/host
Now: Bob says (1/06), "I'm living in Grass Valley, California after retirement from Macromedia, Inc., where I was Training Manager from 1991 to 1999; left commercial radio after programming KYA, San Francisco in 1974; worked at the University of California as Supervisor of Educational Television (1974-1978); was founder-president Whitney Educational Services (1978-1990) working for Apple, HP, Adobe, Macromedia and other hightech companies 12 years; other broadcasting career details on the Web. In 2001, Bob Todd and I started ourradioshow.net; we are running around the country digging up famous old disc jockies and interviewing them (forcing confessions). These precious stories are told in audio and video podcasts on the web at OurRadioShow.net. We've started doing some pretty wild podcasts with our audio and video web interviews of famous deejays; new radio guys and girls being exposed constantly." See also thenowexplosion.net.

Rick Whitney
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1971 - Komo
KIOE [Honolulu] 1977
KLEI [Honolulu] 1980
KHLO [Hilo HI] 1982

Now: At the McLane Company, (supplier of groceries to convenience stores), Temple, Texas. Rick says, "I Produced Tom 'Dynamite' Dancer's morning show on KORL and KIOE. I worked with Tom when he claimed the longest continuous radio broadcast and landed in the Guiness Book of World Records. I have not gotten back into radio since I left Hawaii in 1984. I became more interested in computers and the internet."

Dick Whittinghill
KPFA [Helena MT] 19??
KIEV [Los Angeles CA] 194?
KGFJ [LA] 194?
KMPC [LA] 1950-1979
KPRZ [LA] 1982-1988

Now: Dick Whittinghill passed away Jan 24, 2001, following complications from surgery.

Sweet Dick Whittington
K??? [Stockton CA] 1957
KROW [San Francisco CA] 195?
KSFO [San Francisco] 1958
KNEW [San Francisco] 1959
KNOB [LA] 1960
KLAC [LA] 1960
KGIL [LA] 1965
KFI [LA] 1975
KIEV [LA] 1982
KHJ [LA] 1983
KGIL [LA] 1985
KIEV [LA] 1988
KABC [LA] 1989
KMPC [LA] 1990
KNJO [Thousand Oaks CA] 1994

LA Radio People - Buy it now - Click to order thru amazon.com! Now: Dick lives in Thousand Oaks (California) and is writing a book, he said, "loosely based on my life, consisting of a trilogy of three cities in the Midwest."

Ray Whitworth
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KSCH [Sulphur Springs TX] 2004-1004
Now: Ray says (11/04), "I am self employed doing audio production, which I enjoy more than being on the air. My company is Transmission Central, Terrell. Texas."

Tony Wike <
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KGOR [Omaha NE] 1995-2000
KEFM [Omaha] 2002

Now: Tony says, "I am Production Director at Hot AC KEFM (Mix96.1), Omaha, Nebraska. I am also active in voiceover and animation work."

Robert Wikstrom
KSTV [Stephenville TX] 1967 - Bob Summers
AFKN [Seoul, Korea] 1968
KQOT [Yakima WA] 1970
- Bob Summers
KUUU [Seattle WA] 1972 - Bob Summers
KODL [The Dalles OR] 1973 - Bob Summers
KXLY [Spokane WA] 1974 - Bob Summers
KXA [Seattle] 1977 - GM
KYYX/KXA [Seattle] 1979 - Bob Summers
KHIT [Seattle] 1984
KKFX [Seattle] 1986-1992
- GM
Jerden Records [Seattle] 1995 - VP/COO
Now: Bob says, "I co-own Jerden Records, play in a Rock 'n' Roll band and do studio work (voice & music) in Seattle, Washington." Click for more from Bob.

Don Wilbanks
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WMJY [Biloxi MS] 2006
Now: Don says (10/06), "I am production director for Clear Channel, Biloxi, Mississippi (WMJY, WKNN, WBUV, WQYZ)."

Randy Wilcox aka Mudflap
WESI/WAPP [Winchester VA] 1988
WFQX [Winchester ] 1989
WLCC/WRAA [Harrisonburg VA] 1991
WUSQ [Winchester] 1994
WSIG [Harrisonburg] 1994
- Bobcat Baker
WKCY [Harrisonburg] 1995 - Dale Carpenter
WNKT [Charleston SC] 1998
WEGX [Florence SC] 2003

Now: Randy says (4/16), "I'm OM, PD and doing mornings at Country WEGX-FM (as 'Mudflap'), Florence, South Carolina."

Charlie Wilde
KPKE [Denver CO] 1985 - Charlie Hackett
WHYN-FM [Springfield MA] 1986 - Charlie Hackett
WTHZ [Tallahassee FL] 1987 - Charlie Hackett
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1988 - Bobby Wilde
KSAN [San Francisco CA] 1994
KISS 100 [London England UK] 1995
WVMX [Cincinnati OH] 1998
WQSX [Boston MA] 1999-2001

Now: Charlie says (8/12), "I am ACTIVELY looking for a way back into the business, so if you know anyone who's looking for a pro. It was 2001 when I hosted my last morning show in Boston at Entercom's Star 93.7. Richard Hatch (first winner of Survivor) joined me, Karen Blake, Matty Blake, and Heather Gersten on The Wilde Thing morning show. Within five months I was voted off the island. After Hatch's 2006 conviction for tax evasion, the first thing that came to mind was, Karma is a bitch." Click for more from Charlie.

Rita Wilde
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1980
KLOS [Los Angeles] 1983-2009
KSWD [Los Angeles] 2011

Now: Rita says (7/11), "I am doing evenings at KSWD-FM (100.3 The Sound), Los Angeles, California, and loving it."

Wendy Wilde
WTSO [Madison WI] 1979 - Jennifer Wilde
WJEZ/WJJD [Chicago IL] 1980 - Jennifer Wilde
WBCS [Milwaukee WI] 1980 - Jennifer Wilde
KUUY [Cheyenne WY] 1981 - Jennifer Wilde
WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1982 - Jennifer Wilde
KTBB [Tyler TX] 1984 - Jennifer Wilde
WYNK [Baton Rouge LA] 1986-1988
WHIO [Dayton OH] 1990-1992
KZPK [St. Cloud MN] 1996
WCCO [Minneapolis MN] 1997
KTNF [Minneapolis] 2003
KQQL [Minneapolis] 2007
KTLK [Minneapolis] 2008
KTOE [Minneapolis] 2012

Now: Wendy says (5/12), "I am News Director for Minnesota heritage station KTOE-AM and group of six sister stations, still owned and run by local owner, John Linder, who is brilliant and dedicated to his stations and his community."

Lee Wilder
WMIK [Middlesboro KY] 1952
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1955
WJJD [Chicago] 1960-1972
WREC [Memphis] 1983-1985

Lee (Leon Wolder) died in 1987. See Lee Wilder 1950's -- Wilder: A Life, from his daughter, Cheryl D. Wolder.

Stew Wilkins aka Bill Stewart
WWSR [Burlington VT] 1970
WQAL [Cleveland OH] 1971
WLEC [Sandusky OH] 1972
WFIN/WHMQ [Findlay OH] 1973
WRFD [Columbus OH] 1976-1980
WAAM [Ann Arbor MI] 1979-1980
WSPD [Toledo OH] 1980-1993
KVOO-FM/KUSO [Tulsa OK] 1987-1988
WWWM-FM [Toledo] 1988-1989
WHND/WCSX [Detroit MI] 1989-1993
WXKR [Toledo] 1990-1990
WSPD [Toledo] 1993
WCWA [Toledo OH] 1994-1995
WRQN/WWWM-FM [Toledo] 2008

Now: Stew/Bill says (7/08), "I'm back in radio working part-time for Cumulus in Toledo as Bill Stewart; I have regular weekend shows on Oldies WRQN-FM (93.5) and Hot AC WWWM-FM (Star 105.5) and also fill in doing news in the morning on various stations. Since 2007, I have also been a staff and media Writer for the Toledo Free Press under my professional name of Bill Stewart. I also work part-time in the health care industry; and in 2008, I earned my second degree Black Belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido, having initially earned my Black Belt at the age of 50. I'm still married to Mary after 33 years and my children are grown and doing very well. This web-site and service is awesome and I appreciate the time, talent, and effort you put into it." Click for more from Stew.

Charlie Willer
WITB [Ft. Wayne IN] 1968
WPTH [Ft. Wayne] 1971
WXUS [Lafayette IN] 1973
WLYV [Ft. Wayne] 1974
WRCH? [Archbold OH] 1976
WZRQ [Ft. Wayne] 1990
WAJI [Ft. Wayne] 1994-2004

Charlie Willer died January 27,2004 at age 49 from cancer. He used Chuck Franklin and Choo Choo Charlie on the air. He was also the owner of Charles Willer Productions in Ft. Wayne, IN (Audio production). Dates of stations may be inacurate. Submitted by B. Eric Rhoads (eric@radioink.com), Radio Ink magazine.

Ray Willes
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KFI [Los Angeles CA] 1980-1986
Now: Ray says, "I left radio to do full-time voice-over acting and although I kinda retired in 1999, if you look real hard, you'll find me in a recording studio every once in a while."

Steve Willett
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WAAL [Binghamton NY] 1999
Now: Co-hosting Dawn Patrol with Steve and Kathy at Rock WAAL-FM, Binghamton, New York.

Billy Williams
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KMOD [Tulsa OK] 2000
Now: At Classic Rock KMOD-FM, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bruce Williams
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CKWW [Windsor ON] 1998-2000
Now: Bruce says (9/06), "I am manager of community relatiuons for A Channel, Vancouver Island, and on air doing the weather segment of our newscasts; I also host our on-air community features."

Carol Williams (Field)
WPAC [Patchogue NY] 1961
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1963
KUEQ [Phoenix] 1964
Ron Cash Associates [Pittsburgh] 1975
- VP of Creative Services
Field-Williams Advertising [Pittsburgh] 1985 - President
KHVH [Honolulu] 1991 - Marketing Director
KHNR [Honolulu] 1993 - Business Manager/Creative Director
Network Media [Honolulu] 1996-1998 - Marketing Dir/Sales Mgr
Now: Carol is a freelance commercial copywriter and editor, Executive Director of Hawaii's Professional Women's Network and Vice President of 440 International Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii.

Chris Williams
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WFRB [Cumberland MD] 1995
Now: OM and PM drive at Country WFRB-FM, Frostburg, Maryland.

Curt Williams
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KSSK-FM [Honolulu HI] 1994
Now: PM drive at Adult Contemporary KSSK-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Danny Williams
KTXN [Austin TX] 1947
KTBC [Austin] 1948
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1949
WKY-TV [Oklahoma City OK] 1950
- anncr/host
WKY [Oklahoma City] 1957-1979
Dan D. Dynamo Enterprises [Oklahoma City] 1979
- founder
KEBC [Oklahoma City] 1984
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1992-2008

Now: Danny Williams retired at 81 years of age on Aug 29, 2008. Click for more on Danny.

Dave Williams
KOBO [Yuba City CA] 1969
KROY [Sacramento] 1970
KRTH [LA] 1973
KNDE [Sacramento] 1974
WHBQ [Memphis] 1975
KGNR [Sacramento] 1976
KFBK [Sacramento] 1981
KABC [Los Angeles CA] 2000
KNX [Los Angeles] 2001
KFWB [Los Angeles] 2002
KNX [Los Angeles] 2004
KABC [Los Angeles] 2009
WIQI [Chicago IL] 2011
KLIF [Dallas TX] 2012

Now: Dave says (6/12), "I am delivering News & Information in the Morning on News/Information KLIF, Dallas, Texas."

Dick Williams
CKCR [Kitchener ON] 1956
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1958
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1961
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1961
CFPL [London ON] 1961-1969
CJBK [London] 1977
CIQM [London] 1980
CKSL [London] 2000-2006

Now: Dick says (6/07), "I retired from full-time radio in 2006 after 50 years of broadcasting, and now devote myself to international radio and TV voice-overs (Dick Williams Voice Talent) plus jingle production; two fully equipped digital studios, one in Port Stanley, Ontario in the summer months, and another in Key West Florida in the winter months." Click for more from Dick.

Don Williams
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WHK [Cleveland OH] 1965-1966
WDBO [Orlando FL] 1997-2000

Now: Don says "Since 2000, I have been Sales Manager for Watermark Media, a newspaper published in Orlando and Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida."

Greg Williams
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WYLV [Knoxville TN] 2001-2001
Now: Greg says (12/06), "The Lighthouse Group is my freelance production company (commercials, creative services); we have produced imaging for various radio stations, as well as for Tom Kent's Hall of Fame Coast to Coast and Into the 70s; just can't seem shake this radio bug, I guess."

Hal Williams
KREL [Riverside CA] 1964
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1966
KIEV [Los Angeles] 1968
- CE
Salem Communications Corp. [Camarillo CA] 1998 - CE
Now: Hal says (5/07), "I am with Salem Communications corporate engineering; Salem has over 100 stations in the 30 major markets and having the pleasure of working under the direction of John Ehde, our corporate Engineering staff is part of one good family with all the individual station engineers; often times at KIEV, I would work a board shift with our various talk hosts; Dick Wittington had a late drive time show for a while in the mid 1990s, and I had the pleasure to work that summer with him; I don't think I have ever had more laughs and funny calls to a show in my whole life."

Janice Williams
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KNUE [Tyler TX] 1999-??
Now: Unknown. Update needed.

Jerry Williams
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WVFJ [Atlanta GA] 1998-2004
Now: Jerry says (5/06), "I am Director of Programming for Gospel Music Channel, cable TV network, Atlanta, Georgia."

Jerry Williams
WCYB [Bristol TN] 1946
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 19??
WMEX [Boston MA] 1961
WBBM [Chicago IL] 1965
WBZ [Boston] 1968
WMCA [New York NY] 1976
WWDB [Philadelphia] 1977
WRKO [Boston] 1981

Jerry died April 29, 2003 in Boston Massachusetts. He was 79 years old. Williams was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1996.

Jim Williams
WKWF [Key West FL] 1964
WOKC/WLMC [Okeechobee FL] 1971
WDVH [Gainesville FL] 1973
KMPS [Seattle WA] 1978
KRPM [Tacoma WA] 1986
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1991
KIXI [Seattle] 1993-1999

Now: Jim says (7/03), "I drifted out of radio and into computer network technology. Then the tech crash hit! Dammit, shoulda' stayed in radio." Click for more from Jim.

John Williams
KTAC [Tacoma WA] 1972
KREM [Spokane] 1976
KGW [Portland] 1978
KKSN-FM [Portland] 1991
KXL-FM [Portland] 1994
KEX [Portland] 1997
KKSN-FM [Portland] 2001
KKSN [Vancouver WA] 2005-2005

Now: ???

Johnny Williams (Separate file. Just click it.)

Kirt Williams
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KFLG [Bullhead City AZ] 2002
Now: Kirt says (10/07), "I'm doing mornings at Country KFLG-FM, Bullhead City, Arizona."

Mark Williams
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WPOC [Baltimore MD] 1998
Now: Mark says, "I am doing morning and afternoon traffic, as well as Creative Services/Production Director, at Country WPOC-FM, Baltimore, Maryland."

Mike Williams
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WYCD [Detroit MI] 1999
Now: Mike says (Aug 2002), "I work full-time for a direct mail marketing company and part-time doing Classic Country Saturday on Country WYCD-FM, Detroit, Michigan."

Paul Williams aka Wild Child
KGKB [Tyler TX] 1956
KDOK [Tyler] 1958
- Tall Paul
KILE [Galveston TX] 1960
KNUZ [Houston TX] 1960-1973
KQUE [Houston] 1965-1973
KTRH/KLOL [Houston] 1973
KRBE [Houston] 1975
KILT [Houston] 1980
KODA [Houston] 1983
KPRC [Houston] 1987
Univision Radio [Houston] 1992

Now: Paul says (7/08), "I am senior account exec for Univision Radio, Houston, Texas (since 1992); we own six stations in Houston and 80 stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico; we also own 80 TV stations. I was on the air nine years, have been selling Houston radio for 43 years, and was nominated for the Texas Radio Hall of Fame [2008]. I enjoyed being 'The Wild Child' in the early 1960s at KNUZ; KNUZ and KILT were the two Top-40 radio stations in the market and we had many battles for the number one slot; many of the DJs on the air then are now in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame; we are all friends now and often fight the old battles of the early 1960s verbally; those were the fun days of radio."

Phil Williams
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WELL [Dadeville AL] 1990-2001 - owner
Now: Phil says (May 2002), "I am in interim retirement pursuing future radio challenges."

Randy Williiams aka R Dub!
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KOHT [Tucson AZ] 2001
Now: R Dub! says (8/04), "I am PD and PM drive at Hip Hop KOHT-FM, Tucson, Arizona; also nights at CHR KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ (live, not tracked)."

Rod Williams
WHIZ [Zanesville OH] 1953
KMVI [Wailuku Maui HI] 1954
WING [Dayton OH] 1959
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1965
KMVI [Wailuku Maui] 1980
- GM
KBYR [Anchorage AK] 1985 - GM
KHEI/KVIB [Kihei Maui] 1987 - GM
WCVG/WRBZ [Cincinnati] 1992 - GM
Now: Director of marketing at Cyber River Multi Media (documentary videos for adventure-travel market), Burlington, Kentucky (suburb of Cincinnati).

Roy Williams
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1968
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1971
KHOP [Modesto] 1992
KJOY/KWIN/KWNN [Stockton] 1995

Now: President/GM at Silverado Broadcasting, Stockton, California.

Russ L. Williams
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WRTR [Tuscaloosa AL] 2004
Now: Russ says (11/06), "Oct 31, 2006 ended my run with Clear Channel Tuscaloosa, part of the "get ready to sell" nationwide bloodbath; now searching for my next opportunity..."

Sally Williams
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1956 - record librarian
KILT [Houston TX] 1958 - continuity dir
KPRC [Houston] 1965-1967 - secretary
KODA [Houston] 1974-1976 - secretary
KNUZ/KQUE [Houston] 1980-1988 - GSM
Now: Sally (Stephenson, English) Williams says (8/06), "I am retired and living in Brenham, Texas, home of Blue Bell Ice Cream; began in Milwaukee at WRIT when Bill Weaver was GM and needed all the new 45s categorized; McLendon had put the station on the air the year before and was rarely there; upon graduation from high school, I went to Texas and worked part time at KILT while in college; married, went off to the Navy and came back to KILT just as management was changing from Bill Weaver to Dickie Rosenfeld; other interesting bosses included Jack 'The Colonel' Harris at KPRC, Tom Hoyt at KODA and the early Top-40 pioneer Dave Morris at KQUE/KNUZ; both ex-husbands were on the air at some time, Lindsey English and Paul (The Wild Child) Williams, long at KNUZ in the 1960s; I stay in touch with Bill and Beverly Weaver and several old radio guys via the Internet."

Steve Williams
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WNWF [Destin FL] 2004
Now: Steve says (11/04), "I am PD/News Director/Talk Host at News/Talk WNWF and Sports WFSH, Destin/Niceville, Florida."

Steve Williams
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WOZN [Greensboro NC] 2002
Now: Steve says (6/03), "I am PD at Hot AC WOZN-FM (The Zone), Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina."

Steve Williams
WKMZ [Martinsburg WV] 1986
WESI/WAPP [Winchester VA] 1989
WXIE [Oakland MD] 1990
WPKZ [Harrisonburg VA] 1992
WNTW [Winchester VA] 1993
WOWW [Pensacola FL] 1995
WQPO [Harrisonburg VA] 1995-19??

Now: ???

Steven B. Williams
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1970
KIKI [Honolulu] 1972
KORL [Honolulu] 1976
KAHU/KULA [Honolulu] 1977
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1977
KDEO [Honolulu] 1979
KBPI [Denver CO] 1980
KPKE [Denver] 1984
KRQR [San Francisco CA] 1987
KXKL [Denver] 1988
World's Greatest Hits [San Francisco] 1992-1994
KIOI [San Francisco] 1993
KHOW [Denver] 1996
KSPZ [Colorado Springs CO] 2000-2001

Steven's last note to us (9/01), "While attending a recent function at my favorite winery, V. Sattui Winery in Napa Valley, I was stunned when Daryl Sattui, owner and great-grandson of the founder, offered me a job. After exhaustive analysis of all the pros & cons, I accepted his offer just slightly before he was able to finish his sentence. I am now living and working in what can only be described as a dead ringer for the Bordeaux region of France where I continue to provide voice imaging to my radio & TV clients. If my newspapers have started piling up call 911; it just may mean that I've died and gone to Heaven."
On May 18, 2006 Steven B. Williams' body was found floating off Catalina Island in Southern California by the captain of a passing ship; on May 22 the Los Angeles County coroner's office was able to make a positive identification. See the story from Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
UPDATE (11/09/2011): Former stockbroker convicted of murdering Denver radio host (Los Angeles Times)

Stew Williams
WIRO [Ironton OH] 1974
WNOP [Cincinnati OH] 1980
WVXU [Cincinnati] 1984
WING [Dayton OH] 1988
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1990
WHIO [Dayton] 1991
WTKS [Orlando FL] 1992
WWKY [Louisville KY] 1994
WSCC [Charleston SC] 2000-2001
WQSC/WQNT/WTMZ/WJKB [Charleston] 2003-2006

Now: Stew says (7/08), "I retired from programming for the Kirkman Broadcasting cluster in 2006 and live on a farm 15 minutes from beautiful Charleston South Carolina; I can't imagine a better place to live; it has everything anybody needs: the ocean, interesting history, wonderful restaurants and plenty of things to keep you busy; I thought I would miss radio but kicking back and relaxing for the first time in 30 years soon became a way of life; I still do some unofficial consulting for a few old friends and write material for two stand-up comics; I made a lot of good friends, worthy enemies and wouldn't change a thing."

William B. Williams
WNEW [New York] 1944; 1953-1986
Died Aug 3, 1986. gcatlin@ix.netcom.com says, "He was a legend. Willie B. made us all love Sinatra, the Chairman of the Board."

William F. Williams
KDAY [LA] 1960
KMEN [Sa Bernardino CA] 1964
KBLA [LA] 1965
KBBQ [LA] 1967
KRLA [LA] 1968
KPPC [LA] 1971
Film: Being There [LA] 1971
- actor
TV [LA] 1970s/1980s - writer
Now: Living and writing in "the mountains".

Tim Williams
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KGSR [Austin TX] 1989-1995 - GSM
Now: Tim says, "My wife, Diane, and I have owned Great American Sales & Marketing, Austin, Texas since 1994. We're a full-service advertising agency specializing in media placement, radio and TV creative, musical image campaigns and sales training."

Tom Williams
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WUSS [Atlantic City NJ] 2004
Now: Tom says (8/04), "I am Program Director of Sports WUSS (1490-The Game) and director of Prime Events (Web sites and high school basketball tournaments). I continue to cover the Miss America Pageant (since 1976) with daily reports during competition to radio stations around the country."

Diane Williamson
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WXMA [Louisville KY] 2000-2003
Now: Diane says (11/07), "After a wonderful career on the radio and TV airwaves in Louisville Kentucky, I'm still 'in the air', but only because I work for a tower crane company; I'm blessed with the opportunity to do a lot of freelance voice work for clients across the U.S. - from my home studio -- check out some samples at dianewilliamson.com."

Kathy Williamson
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WKZS [Auburn ME] 1994-2002
Now: Kathy says (5/08), "I'm doing freelance news and voice-overs from my Web site at WhoZatVoice.net..."

Liz Willis
WWCT [Peoria IL] 1985
WNNS [Springfield IL] 1986
WYMG [Springfield] 1987

Now: Mornings at Classic Hits WYMG-FM, Springfield, IL. Liz says, "I've been at WYMG since 1987 (with a year off in 1995 to travel the Caribbean). I do the station web site, promotions for the morning show, and head up our charity which raised 20-grand last year. I went to Bradley University. I'm married to an eye doctor but can't get an appointment."

Mike Willis
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WCOS-FM [Columbia SC] 1991-1994
Now: Mike says, "I work for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources as Communications Director (responsible for media relations and public affairs)."

WLIR [Long Island NY] 1982
WMJY [Long Branch NJ] 1986
KCQR [Santa Barbara CA] 1988
KKDJ [Fresno CA] 1991
KEDJ [Phoenix AZ] 1993-1995
KPEZ [Austin TX] 2003
WEFX [Norwalk CT] 2004
WEQX [Manchester VT] 2005
WEZX/WQFM/WEJL [Scranton PA] 2010

Now: Willobee (William Carlan) says (5/10), "I am Operations Manager for Rock 107 WEZX, Cool WQFM and ESPN Radio WEJL (Shamrock Communications), Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pennsylvania."

John Willyard
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KEZR [San Jose CA] 1990-1991
Now: John says (6/07), "In my private home-based voice studio, I do daily sessions for over 60 country radio stations, narrations, TV affiliates and cable channels including CNN and HDNet; I've been the official voice of the CMA Awards since 1996, and have been called one of the only real voice actors in the imaging voice-over business; for over 6 1/2 years I was the promotional voice for WCW until it was sold to the WWE; I've been priviledged to rub elbows with many of the current and past greats of the country music industry."
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