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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (S3)

Andy Stevens
KHYT [Tucson AZ] 1982
KTKT [Tucson] 1984
KRQQ [Tucson] 1984
KQSP [Spokane WA] 1986
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1988-1994
ESPN-TV [Los Angeles] 1993-1998
- VO host: American Muscle Magazine
Now: Andy says (3/06), "Having retired from broadcasting, I have a house on the beach in Carlsbad, CA in North San Diego County. I returned to school to get my degree in Computer Information Science, and now own my own Web design business, and work mostly at home."

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Bob Stevens (Robert Whittington)
KOAI [Dallas TX] 1988-1989
Now: Bob says (7/15), "After 25 years in radio, I went to work with Dave Scott at Scott Studios ... I now have my own company (Stevens Productions) supporting the legacy software of Scott Studios SS32 V5."

Bob Stevens
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KWK [St. Louis MO] 1982-1984
Now: Bob says, "I am District Sales Manager in Merchant Bankcard for Commerce Bank, St. Louis, Missouri."

Brad Stevens
Now: Internet/Interactive sales, Bonneville Chicago Radio Group, Chicago, Illinois.

Dan Stevens
WSEN [Syracuse NY] 1978
WFBL [Syracuse] 1979
WLAD [Danbury CT] 1981
KIKK [Houston TX] 1982
KAFM [Dallas TX] 1985
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1987
WRBQ [Tampa FL] 1996

Now: Doing voice-over work in New York City.

'The Real' Darren Stevens
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CKCB-FM [Collingwood ON] 2000
Now: Darren says (11/04), "I am PD for Corus Entertainment cluster: CKCB-FM, CIQB, CHAY, Barrie/Collingwood, Ontario."

Dean Stevens
Now: Weekends at KBGG, San Francisco, CA.

Gary Stevens
WIL [St. Louis] 1961
WKNR [Detroit] 1964
WMCA [New York] 1965
Swinging Radio England [UK] 1966-1967
- taped
Radio City 299 [UK] 1966-1967 - taped
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1970 - GM
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1974 - GM
Doubleday Broadcasting [New York] 1977 - President
Now: Running Gary Stevens & Co. (since 1988), radio station brokers, in New York. Gary reports, "Since 1986 have sold over $3 billion of radio stations."

Hobie Stevens
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WMKR [Taylorville IL] 2006
Now: Hobie says (2/07), "I am a part-time on-air personality with Country WMKR-FM, Taylorville, Illinois; and I own an audio/video production company (voice-overs for worldwide projects)."

Jerry Stevens
Now: Mornings at WIBG, Philadelphia, PA.

Jon Eric Stevens
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KLOZ [Jefferson City MO] 1999-2000
Now: Jon Eric says (9/10), "I am semi-retired in Central City, Nebraska; living off all that money that I made in the biz; ya, right."

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Jonathon Stevens
KSOK [Arkansas City KS] 2003-2006
Now: Jonathon says (11/15), "I got tired of the rat race and corporate genocide. Single father for 15 tears; am driving an 18-wheeler for a few more years ... then hello Uncle Sam and retirement."

Kelly Stevens
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WWBN [Flint MI] 1995
Now: Kelly says, (11/05), "I am working part time for Rock WWBN-FM and Classic Rock WQUS-FM (Regent Broadcasting), Flint, Michigan."

Kris Erik Stevens
WJPD [Marquette MI] 1962
WLTH [Gary IN] 1963
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1966
- Johnny Mitchell
CKLW [Windsor ON/Detroit MI] 1967 - Billy Mack
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1967
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1968
WLS [Chicago] 1968
WCFL [Chicago] 1972
KIIS [LA] 1975
Kris Stevens Enterprises, Inc. [LA] 1975
- owner
WFXD [Marquette MI] 1990 - owner
Now: Doing voiceovers and running Kris Stevens Enterprises, Inc., Calabasas, California.

Larry Stevens
WNRG [Grundy VA] 1963 - Larry Anderson
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1966
WFHG [Bristol VA] 1968
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 1968
WKAZ [Charleston WV] 1968
WHHY/WHHY-FM [Montgomery AL] 1969
- GM
WMXS [Montgomery] 1994 - GM
WBAM [Montgomery] 1997-2000
WQLD [Montgomery] 2001-2004

Now: Larry says (8/09), "I'm senior partner for Stevens Markwell Ingram Advertising, Montgomery, Alabama; we are a full service ad agency and do Web sites and Internet marketing for our clients."

Larry Stevens
WYCO [Wausau WI] 1992
WOFM [Wausau] 1997
WVBO [Oshkosh WI] 1999
WNAM [Neenah-Menasha] 2002
WDUX-FM [Waupaca WI] 2003

Now: Larry says (12/05), "I'm doing afternoons at Adult Contemporary WDUX-FM, Waupaca, Wisconsin -- along with imaging duties; enjoying the non-corporate settings of a smaller station, re-married to a wonderful gal, and just enjoying life!"

Mark Stevens
KFJZ [Ft. Worth TX] 1961
KILT [Houston TX] 1973
- Hudson of Hudson & Harrigan
KULF [Houston] 1981 - Stevens & Pruett
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 198? - Stevens & Pruett
KLOL [Houston] 1986-2000 - Stevens & Pruett
Mark Stevens died Oct 12, 2010 (Alzheimer's-related) in Houston. See Mark Stevens Of KLOL's Stevens & Pruett Show Passes Away (Houston Press).

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Matt Stevens (Matthew Sobolewski)
WNBP [Newburyport MA] 1990-2006
Now: Matt says (3/17), "I have moved on to the Digital Out of Home content and advertising industry with a company called Captivate. We operate over 10,000 video screens in elevators and lobbies of office buildings throughout the USA and Canada."

Michael Stevens
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1971
WRIF [Detroit] 1972
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1980
WAPP [New York NY] 1982
KSRR [Houston TX] 1983-1986

Now: Senior Promotion Manager for Atlantic Records (since 1986) and running Michael Stevens Productions, a SOTA recording facility, Detroit, Michigan. Michael says, "One of my recent projects was narrating Kid Rock's new CD 'The History Of Rock', so I still keep the pipes in action!"

Michael J. Stevens
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KMML [Amarillo TX] 2001-2002
Now: Michael says (1/06), "I am still in Amarillo; smart enough to exit radio while I still had a measure of my health left. I now do voice work from my home studio; also producing digital imagry and still photo animation. As if that weren't enough, I get my kicks during the day by serving as the Sports Editor for a daily paper in Pampa, Texas."

Nat Stevens
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KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1968-1982
Now: Nat says (6/09), "From 1982 to 1989 I owned and managed 3 jewelry stores in Santa Cruz, CA, but the earthquake of 1989 put me out of business and I retired. I worked with many fine broadcasters; I was one of the creators of the Adult Contemporary format in 1968 in Phoenix; Billboard saw fit to honor me twice, once in 1975 and again in 1977; I loved radio."

Oscar Humberto Stevens
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KEVT [Tucson AZ] 1957-1965, 2005
Now: Oscar's son says (6/06), "My father, Oscar Humberto Stevens Sr., has worked in the Tucson, Arizona area for many years in both radio and TV. He is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico and came to Tucson in 1957 with a U.S. Air Force transfer. Upon his arrival, he immediately embraced the radio and entertainment market with his on-air zeal at KEVT radio and later was a founder of KXEW Radiofiesta."

Racer Stevens
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KFOG [San Francisco CA] 1990-1991 - prod dir
Now: Racer says (4/05), "I'm in the Portland, Oregon market as Creative Services Director for Infinity Broadcasting."

Rich Stevens
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KFKA [Greeley CO] 2007
Now: Rich says (5/07), "I'm at KFKA, Denver, doing talk Rich and Tiffany show."

Samantha Stevens
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1991-1999
WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1995-1996
WELI [New Haven] 1997-1998
WEFX [Norwalk CT] 2000
WKCI [New Haven] 2000-2000
WEFX [Norwalk] 2004
WKHL [Stamford CT] 2004-2005
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 2004-2008

Samantha Stevens died July 27, 2014 "after a battle with cancer." See Radio Personality Samantha Stevens Dies (All Access Music Group).

Shadoe Stevens
KILO [Grand Forks ND] 1966 - Jefferson K
KQWB [Fargo ND] 1967 - Jefferson K
KIKX [Tucson] 1967
WRKO [Boston] 1969
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1970
KROQ [Los Angeles] 1973
KMET [Los Angeles] 1974
KWST [Los Angeles] 1976
KROQ [Los Angeles] 1977
Hollywood Squares [Los Angeles] 1986
- Ancr
American Top 40 [Los Angeles] 1988
Dave's World TV Show [LA] 1994
KTWV [Los Angeles] 2003-2003
Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson - CBS [Los Angeles] 2005
- ancr
Now: Shadow (Terry Ingstad) is the voice of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS. Residing in Los Angeles, California.

Todd Stevens
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WAFL [Milford DE] 1997-1998
Now: Todd (Steven Gibbs) is "Retired in Raeford, North Carolina. Playing on the Internet and having fun."

Troy Stevens
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CIZZ [Red Deer AB] 2000
Now: Troy says (6/03), "I am the morning announcer (with Gloria Evans) at Top-40 CIZZ-FM (ZED FM), Red Deer, Alberta, Canada."

Steve Stevenson
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KMUS [Cheyenne WY] 1999-1999
Now: Steve says (1/04), "I am still playing Oldies at Jones Networks, Denver, Colorado."

David Stewart
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KBNA/KBNA-FM [El Paso TX] 1985-1997 - CE
Now: David says (6/16), "I am Director of Engineering Services for small radio group owners, outourced home office engineering management, budgeting, capex, staff training; and a partner in KPET/KWFB/KXXN Radio Stations in Texas."

J. Marshall Stewart
WKAU [Appleton WI] 1968
KLMS [Lincoln NE] 1968
WJPS [Evansville IN] 1969
KLMS [Lincoln] 1969
KODY [North Platte NE] 1979
KLMS [Lincoln] 1981
KLDZ [Lincoln] 1987-1991
KKUL [Lincoln] 1998

Now: J. Marshall says (8/06), "I retired July 29, 2005 -- in Lincoln, Nebraska."

J. Michael Stewart aka Jason Stone
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KKDJ [Los Angeles CA] 1971-1972
Now: Michael says (6/09), "I am semi-retired in Las Vegas working as vacation concultant for Hilton, Marriott and Planet Hollywood; also busy producing film/video and voice-over projects for business and visitors to Las Vegas."

'Ranger' Rick Stewart
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KAWO [Boise ID] 2007-2009
KUPI [Idaho Falls ID] 2011

Now: Ranger Rick says (7/12), "I am the OM/brand manager of KUPI/KSNA/KQEO/GEN-X, and owner of Rick Stewart Productions post audio and video production company, Idaho Falls; I love Idaho -- have lived here twice now."

Sharon Stewart
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WMKX [Brookville PA] 1999
Now: Sharon says (10/08), "I'm morning host at at Classic Rock WMKX-FM (& WJNG-FM), Brookville, Pennsylvania and lovin' every minute of it; so what if it's small-market radio, it's big-time fun..."

Tamara Stewart
WYXE [Madison WI] 1976
WPAG [Ann Arbor MI] 1978-1980
CRIS Radio [Chicago IL] 1989

Now: Tam says (5/04), "I went to law school (major mistake). I am working in Chicago and doing on air work for CRIS Radio: we read newspapers, magazine, etc over FM subcarrier frequency for the visually handicapped. Looking to get back on the air on a commercial station. My nickname of Lady Blue came from the song of that name that we played on WYXE. At the time, WYXE was calling itself Blue 92.

Jerry Stifle
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WRIN [Rensselaer IN] 2002-2007
Now: Jerry says (8/07), "I'm working at (98.1 FM) WIBN Earl Park/Oxford, Indiana."

Rick Still
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KISC [Spokane WA] 2002-2003
KCBZ [Astoria OR] 2009

Now: Rick says (2/10), "I'm writing for the Ross Brittain Report and doing morning news at Hot AC KCBZ-FM, Astoria, Oregon; and I continue to pursue acting and songwriting."

Bill Stinchcomb
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WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1973-1975
Now: Bill says (2/11), "I have owned Desert West Media (TV spots for cable nets), Barstow, CA since 1988."

Steve Stinefelt
KGU [Honolulu HI] 1988
KHNR [Honolulu] 1992
KGU [Honolulu] 1994
KHVH [Honolulu] 1994
KSSK [Honolulu] 1999

Now: Steve says (3/03), "I have been out of the radio business since 1999, although I do a little voiceover now and then just for kicks. I teach 9th grade science at Pearl City High School, and I really enjoy it (although I do miss working in radio ... except on holidays)."

Dave Stockton
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WAEZ [Johnson City TN] 1994-1997
Now: Dave says (2/05), "I'm enjoying a great/fun career in real estate in Atlanta, Georgia."

Rod Stockton
KLRO [San Diego CA] 1972
KRAZ [Farmington NM] 1974
KHAP [Aztec NM] 1975
KENN [Farmington] 1976
- Rockin' Rod Stockton
KOGO [San Diego] 1979
KIFM [San Diego] 1979
KZTR [Ventura CA] 1982-1985

Rod says (1/03), "It was great paying my dues at a station like KENN that allowed me to be expressive. Then it was great to get back home to San Diego, and actually get to work with the boss jocks I grew up listening to. Those were the days. I have been with a major electronics retailer in marketing for the last ten years. I started forgottenoldies.com in 2001; have met some great people from the business there, and people who just don't want the music to disappear."

Mary Nash Stoddard
KULP [El Campo TX] 1954-1956
WACO [Waco TX] 1958
- Mary Sanders
KORC [Mineral Wells TX] 1959-60 - Mary Sanders
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1963 - Mary Sanders
KVIL [Dallas] 1964-1966 - Girl-Named-SAM
KCHU [Dallas] 1974-1976
KMEZ [Dallas] 1989-1989
KSKY [Dallas TX] 1995-1996

Now: Mary says (12/02), "I was the first female DJ (FCC licensed) in the City of Dallas. I hosted the #1-rated Nightlight show on KVIL FM-AM; and I did many personal public appearances as a radio personality and as narrator for national radio/TV accounts. I now head Stoddard Media Services Dallas, Texas. We work with celebrities and represent best-selling authors and newsmakers." Click for (much) more on Mary.

Robert Stoehr
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1963 - Bob Baker
WYBG [Massena NY] 1965 - Bob Baker
CFOX [Montreal Quebec] 1966 - Bob Baker
WMEX [Boston] 1967 - Bobby Holiday
WFUN [Miami] 1968 - Big Bob Baker
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1968
- Duke Roberts
CHUM [Toronto Ontario] 1969 - Duke Roberts
CKLW [Detroit] 1970 - Duke Roberts
KFRC [San Francisco] 1971 - Duke Roberts
CHUM [Toronto Ontario] 1972 - Duke Roberts
CFTR [Toronto Ontario] 1973 - Duke Roberts
various stations [Florida] 1978 - 1994 - owner
WRGO [Cedar Key FL] 1996 - owner
Now: Residing in central Florida, doing voiceovers and liners, and still heading Stoehr Communications, Ocala, Florida.

Sonny Ray Stolz
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KENR [Houston TX] 1977-1980
Now: Sonny Ray says, (3/09), "Since 1980 I have been in Houston, Texas involved in media production, marketing, public relations, advertising, voice-over work, and special events producing. While no longer in radio, I have continued to amass thousands of LPs, 45s, 8-tracks, audio cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, 78s and Edison discs just in case radio finally comes to its senses and ditches digital and kiddie music. Otherwise, I'm just an old coot with rooms full of memorabilia fondly remembering the hotline call-in groupies of long ago."

Candice Stone
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KXTN [San Antonio TX] 1988-1990 - Dulce
Now: Candi (Stone-Lell)says (9/06), "I reside in the DFW, TX area and I am a manager for Sprint Nextel; not in the radio biz but willing to go p/t at some point should the right opportunity present itself."

Dave 'Records' Stone
KRDR [Gresham OR] 1967 - Junior Rockaway
KGAL [Lebanon OR] 1969 - Junior
KISN [Portland OR] 1969
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1973
- Hurrican Hunter
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1974 - Jay Stone
KISN [Portland] 1976-1977
KKSN-FM [Portland] 2001

Now: Dave says, "I own a small chain of diamond engagement-ring stores in Portland, Oregon. I have come back to the KISN airwaves doing the "Time Machine" Oldies show on the weekends. It's great fun bringing back KISN jingles, newscasts, stories, etc. from years gone by." Check out Another Visit with the Real Don Steele (Dave remembers running into RDS at the KHJ studios.)

J.B. Stone
KHJ [LA] 1974
Now: ???

Jay Stone
KSLY [San Luis Obispo CA] 1969
KSEE [Santa Maria CA] 1970
KNX-FM [LA] 1971
WOR-FM [New York] 1973
WXLO [New York] 1973
KCBQ [San Diego] 1975
KTLK [Denver CO] 1976
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1977
WNBC [New York] 1978
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1982
KLRZ [Salt Lake City] 1984
KIKI [Honolulu] 1985
KZZP-FM [Phoenix] 1987
KIKI [Honolulu] 1988
KMZQ [Las Vegas] 1992
KRRI [Las Vegas] 1993
KXTZ/KJMZ [Las Vegas] 1994
KMXB [Las Vegas] 1996
KGMZ [Honolulu] 1997-2001

Killed in auto crash (caused by heart attack) Oct 15, 2001. Click for more on Jay.

KTLK 7/05/76 KTLK 7/05/76
July 5, 1976

Kimberly Stone
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KKZQ [Tehachapi CA] 2003
Now: Kimberly says (12/06), "I am PD and doing PM drive at Alternative KKZQ-FM, Tehachapi California; and I'm studying human taxidermy..."

Marla Stone
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KKQZ [Ft. Collins CO] 2001-2005
Now: Marla says (12/05), "I am looking, again, due to a format change. I just got back from the Austin Texas market, which I am seriously interested in. I have a house and a good life (until the lack of a job stepped in again) here in Northern Colorado. I single-handedly got the local music scene on the air here, on a Clear Channel station no less, and pulled a 22 share in a night part ... Sunday evenings, which had never been done. My first 'national band' out of Loveland Colorado is a band called Love .45. They are worth a listen, and they are healthy ready musicians who deserve the next level ... any help from anyone reading is greatly appreciated. I am at 970-217-1528, and now willing to relocate for the right position."

Rick Stone
WKKX [Daytona Beach FL] 1974
WPAS [Tampa FL] 1975
WKXY [Sarasota FL] 1975
WNDB [Daytona Beach] 1976
WDAT [Daytona Beach] 1977
WMFJ [Daytona Beach] 1978
WQXQ [Daytona Beach] 1978
WSUN [St. Petersburg FL] 1980
WNWS [Miami FL] 1983
WUSF [Tampa] 1990

Now: News director at Public WUSF-FM, Tampa,Florida. Rick says, "We're the NPR station at the University of South Florida. Format is news/classical/jazz. I'm news director here. News staff of eight."

Will Stone
WEVA [Emporia VA] 1953
WEVA [Emporia] 1958-2002
- GM
Now: Will says (2/05), "I worked the morning show for Colonial Media until I suffered a Stroke in August, 2002. I have retired in Chase City, VA, but still drive the 60 miles to Emporia every Tuesday, where I attend the Emporia Rotary Club meeting and see old friends. I had 36 years perfect attendance in Rotary when I had the stroke. I enjoyed 49 years in a small-market radio station, and would not trade it for anything."

Wayne Stone
WBTA [Batavia NY] 1980-1996
WXRL [Buffalo NY] 1999

Now: Middays at Country WXRL, Lancaster (Buffalo), New York. Wayne says, "I am still working at WXRL and enjoying it."

Todd Storz
KOWH [Omaha NE] 1949 - VP/GM
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1952 - owner:
invented Top-40 radio
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1954 - owner
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1955 - owner
WQAM [Miami FL] 1956 - owner
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1957 - owner
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1960 - owner
Passed away April 13, 1964 at age 39.

C.J. Stout
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WEFG [Muskegon MI] 2002 - 'Kidd' Calhoun
Now: C.J. (Bryan Mix-Dean) says (7/03), "I'm working the weekdays in retail and the weekends at Coutnry WEFG-FM, Whitehall, Michigan (as 'Kidd' Calhoun) and still having a ball."

Bucky Stover
WPVR [Roanoke VA] 1973
WYTI [Rocky Mount VA] 1974
WROV [Roanoke] 1974
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 1977
WJJJ/WVVV [Christiansburg VA] 1978
WUEZ [Roanoke] 1979
WSLQ [Roanoke] 1979
WXLK [Roanoke] 1980-1981
WDBJ-TV [Roanoke] 1983
WROV [Roanoke] 1990-1996
- CE
Pat Garrett says (9/07), "I thought I'd let you know (sadly) that my good friend Bucky Stover passed away Aug 3, 2006; we put a page to honor Bucky on the WROV History Site (which I do)..."

Jerry Stowe
KTKT [Tucson] 1960-1969
Jerry Stowe died April 21, 2015 (age 80, Burlington, NC); see Gerald Stowe Obituary (McLean FD)

Hans Strandberg aka Hasse
Radio P4 [Lund, Malmohus Lan, Sweden] 1989
Radio Stella 106 [Helsingborg, Malmohus Lan, Sweden] 1993

Now: Mornings (Hasse & Jeanette) at Radio Stella 106, Helsingborg, Sweden.

Carl Strandell
WQAM [Miami] 1961
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1965
WIRK [West Palm Beach] 1967
KIMN [Denver] 1968
WKLO [Louisville KY] 1968
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1971
WYND [Sarasota FL] 1975
WGUY [Bangor] 1979
WQMV [Jackson MS] 1982
WSTZ [Jackson MS] 1986
- GM
Now: With CVS Radio Brokerage and General Manager, WSTZ-FM, Vicksburg MS.

Paul Strater aka Paul Phillips
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WXXY [Chicago IL] 1997-2003 - CE
Now: Paul says (10/08), "Since 2005, I have been president of The RF Team, Inc. (broadcast engineering consultants), Chicago, Illinois."

John Strauss
WLIQ [Mobile AL] 1975
WNDU [South Bend IN] 1975-1984
WKSJ [Mobile] 1976
WUNI [Mobile] 1977
WABB [Mobile] 1977-1978
- John Christopher
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 2000
Now: John says (9/05),I'm a newspaper reporter for the Indianapolis Star and host of a Sunday morning talk show on News/Talk WIBC-AM, Indy. I worked part-time for stations in Mobile, AL and in South Bend, IN in the 1970s while attending Notre Dame, and then went full-time for WNDU radio and TV after graduating. I left broadcasting for the AP and then print, but came back as a weekend talk-show host. I benefitted greatly from some really cool people in radio: Gary Mitchell, formerly of WABB-AM in Mobile, AL, a great PD and person; Chuck Linster, WNDU, South Bend, Indiana."

Hugh Strawn
Now: Director of Catastrophe Services, Property Loss Research Bureau, Chicago, Illinois.

KIRL [St. Louis MO] 1963
WEW [St. Louis MO] 1980

Now: Streiker says, "After leaving WEW in 1990 I have continued to put my efforts towards my own business (Streiker Enterprises) that I started back in 1966. I still operate the oldest and first portable disc-jockey company in the St. Louis area."

Terry Stripsky aka Terry Allan
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WAYL [Minneapolis MN] 1964
KQRS/KQRS-FM [Minneapolis] 1966-1978

Now: Terry says (12/09), "I'm still living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with our grown children and 7 grandchildren; miss the fun of radio but not the uncertainty; it was great to have been part of the crew that tansformed KQRS-AM & FM from the 'quality radio station' into the powerhouse rock-n-roller it became; there were so many talented people at the station during those years and they deserve the credit; still remember lying on the roof of the IDS Building in downtown Minneapolis, and watching as the heavy-lift helicopters delivered the new 111 foot tall towers that would become part of the new 5-station FM transmitting facilities."

Mitch Strohman
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KVNA [Flagstaff AZ] 2004
KAFF [Flagstaff] 2008

Now: Mitch says (9/08), "I am contracting through my own company (MAS Communications) with Northern Arizona University and KAFF radio in Flagstaff to do Lumberjacks' radio/TV P-B-P for football, basketball, volleyball and soccer; I host a daily sportstalk show called In the Game on KAFF, Flagstaff; and I emcee events in Flagstaff and do voice-over work..."

Jim Strom
CHNS [Halifax NS] 1970
CHFX [Halifax] 1971
- Jim Charles
CHAB [Moose Jaw SK] 1972
CJOS [Moose Jaw] 1995
CHAB [Moose Jaw] 1998
CILG [Moose Jaw] 2002

Now: Jim says (4/07), "I'm doing noon-6 weekdays on Country 100 CILG-FM, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, as well as a weekend shift on 800 CHAB."

Bill Struck
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KHEY [El Paso TX] 1994-2000 - GM
Now: Bill says, "Since 2000 I have been a Clear Channel Regional Vice President. In 2000, I was market manager for El Paso and was also responsible for Abilene and Lubbock, Texas. In 2001 I added Amarillo and Midland/Odessa, Texas to my duties plus Guymon, Oklahoma."

Michael Stuart
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WMEZ [Pensacola FL] 2000
Now: Michael says (1/05), "I am morning show host and Production Director at Soft Rock WMEZ-FM, Pensacola, Florida."

Cecil Stuchell
WCAE [Pittsburgh] 1944
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1958-1986

Cecil Stuchell died Dec 3, 2007 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Greg Stucki
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WSOX [York PA] 1998
Now: Greg says, "I host the All Night Oldies Party on the #1 oldies station in Central Pennsylvania, WSOX (Oldies 96.1), York."

Dave Sturgeon
CJTT [New Liskeard ON] 1976 - Keith Davis
CKLY [Lindsay ON] 1980 - Keith Davison
CKMP [Midland ON] 1981
Cole Younger Band [Ontario] 1983
- Singer, Songwriter
CJTT [New Liskeard] 1985
CFCH [North Bay ON] 1986
- Keith Davis
CKIX [St. John's NF] 1987 - Keith Davis
CJBK [London ON] 1989
CJRQ [Sudbury ON] 1990
Pineland Music Inc. [Ontario] 1996
- President
CKGL [Kitchener ON] 1998
CKWR [Kitchener] 2006
CKDX [Toronto] 2007
- regional act mgr
Three Eagles Communications [Mankato MN] 2008 - mkt mgr
KXNT [Las Vegas NV] 2011-2012 GSM
Now: Dave says (11/12), "I am Market Manager for El Dorado Broadcasters in Yuma, AZ, managing KTTI-FM, KQSR-FM, and KBLU-AM."

Jennifer Su
Radio Bangkok 95.5 FM [Bangkok Thailand] 1996
Smooth 105 FM [Bangkok] 2002
RTHK Radio 3 [Honk Kong China] 2003

Now: Jen says (6/04), "I am presenting for both Virgin Radio in Thailand (Monday to Friday) and RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong (weekends). I continue my work in Bangkok as Senior News Anchor for Thai TV Channel 11 Newsline and am presenting on Star TV's Travel Asia. I have released three English albums in Thailand and am fluent in English, Thai, and Mandarin Chinese and have a hat collection of over 200 plus."

Don Sullivan
KSPN [Aspen CO] 1977
KRDO [Colorado Springs CO] 1978
KKFM [Colorado Springs] 1979
KILO [Colorado Springs] 1979
KAOI [Wailuku Maui HI] 1981
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1984
KRTR [Honolulu HI] 1986
ICRT [Taipei Taiwan] 1987
KLHI [Lahaina Maui HI] 1989
Radio Bangkok 95.5 FM [Bangkok Thailand] 1990
Kool 107 FM [Bangkok] 1992
KRTR [Honolulu HI] 1992
Soft 107 FM [Bangkok] 1994
Smooth 105 FM [Bangkok] 1997
Island Nights FM 89 [Phuket, Thailand] 1998
KUMU [Honolulu] 2000
Smooth FM 105 [Bangkok] 2003
KUMU [Honolulu] 2005-2005

Now: Don says (6/10), "I left Virgin Smooth 105Fm at the end of my contract to rejoin the staff at Kumu Lite 94.7 in Honolulu; in early 2005 I was diagnosed with Agent Orange-connected lung cancer; I did a stint as programming consultant & host of Sounds of the City, which aired weekly on www.radiobangkok.net in 2006 under the air name of Don Roberts (using my own first name and the last name of my dear friend and long-time radio buddy and radio personality Lan Roberts, who we lost to lung cancer at the end of 2007, as a tribute to Lanski); I haven't been on the air since, but still dabble in programming; although I am now permanently disabled from the effects of chemo and lung surgery, I'm happy to report that I have survived lung cancer for 5 years, knock on wood, and hope to one day beat the disease; I would like to send my love and my mahalo's to all the great people I've worked with over the years and to all the fantastic listeners and fans who made my time on air so much fun for so many years; far from feeling sad about things I feel truely blessed to have known, worked with and chatted with so many wonderful people in so many exciting and exotic places around the world; I have a fabulous wife and daughter to look after me now that fill my days with joy and pride; my 30 years on the radio have been a fantastic adventure; thanks for listening..."

Don Sullivan
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WSIX [Nashville TN] 1978-1993
Now: Don says (8/08), "Since 1993, I have owned telephone message advertising (messages on hold), Nashville, Tennessee..."

Jere Sullivan
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1968
WCAU [Philadelphia PA] 1973
- C. Jonathan Morgan
WYNY [New York NY] 1977
WYOR/WVCG [Miami FL] 1980
WIOD/WAIA [Miami] 1983
WMXJ [Miami] 1987
WSNI/WPGR [Philadelphia] 1988
KJQY [San Diego CA] 1990
WTPX [Miami] 1993
WBDN [Tampa FL] 1995-1997
Now: Southeast Regional Operations Director at Traffic.com, Inc., Wayne, PA.

Nick Sullivan
WKER [Pompton Lakes NJ] 1976
WRAN [Morristown NJ] 1977
WIXL-FM [Newton] 1977-1979
WNNJ [Newton NJ] 1978
WMTR [Morristown NJ] 1979
WDHA [Morristown] 1979
WIOQ [Philadelphia PA] 1982
WCKO [Miami FL] 1984
WKSZ [Philadelphia] 1984
WIOQ [Philadelphia] 1986
WYSP [Philadelphia PA] 1988-2008

Now: Nick says (5/19), "I am retired from radio, and managing editor for a legal publisher."

Dick Summer
WROW [Albany NY] 1956
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1957
WCPO [Cincinnati OH] 1958
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1959
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1959
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1959
WISH [Indianapolis] 1961
WBZ [Boston MA] 1963
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1968
WNEW [New York] 1969
WMEX [Boston] 1969
WPLJ [New York] 1972
WNBC [New York] 1974
WYNY [New York] 1979
WPIX [New York] 1982
WTMX [Chicago IL] 1991

Now: Doing commercial adverising and promotion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dave Summers
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KHMX [Houston TX] 2004-2005
Now: Dave says (1/07), "I'm off the air for the time being after over 15 years of service in Houston-Galveston; working in sales."

Glenn Summers
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WGLI [Babylon NY] 1986-1987
WOBM [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 2003

Now: Glenn says (11/07), "After leaving full-time broadcasting, I established RadioRx Broadcast Consultants, a programming and management consulting firm; and I'm on the air part-time at Adult Contemporary WOBM-FM, Toms River, New Jersey."

Jerry Summers
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WBEN-FM [Buffalo NY] 1984-1985 - Wayne Summers
WLYF [Miami FL] 1999-2003
Now: Jerry says (6/03), "I started in 2003 as production director at Keymarket Communications, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Jon Summers
WOMI [Owensboro KY] 1958
WTCJ [Tell City IN] 1963
WROZ [Evansville IN] 1965
WKLO [Louisville KY] 1967
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1968
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1970
WEAM [Washington DC] 1973
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1974
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1984
WPNT [Pittsburgh] 1984
WBEN-FM [Buffalo] 1985
WBEN [Buffalo] 1987
CKEY [Toronto ON] 1989
WKBW-TV [Buffalo] 1990
WBUF [Buffalo] 1992
CKEY [Niagara Falls ON] 1994
WECK [Buffalo] 1996-2017

Now: After 59 years of broadcasting Jon retired on February 28, 2017.

R.D. Summers aka Rinky Dink
WBVP/WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1974
WMBA [Ambridge PA] 198?
WELA [East Liverpool OH] 1987
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh PA] 1990-2009

R.D. Summers (Thomas L. Renkenberger) died Feb 15, 2009 in Rochester, Pennsylvania. He was 60 years old. See wwsw.com/pages/rdsummers.html and theapplecorps.com/RD%20Summers.htm.

Scott Summers
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KOFI [Kalispell MT] 2002
Now: Scott (John Swaim) says (11/07), "I'm working weekends at Oldies/Talk KOFI, a 50,000-watt big-stick AM in Kalispell, Montana; I retired from the USAF in 1997 and have been involved in radio off and on since 1981 ... my wife and I live in our dream house, a log house in the woods; we have 3 daughters, 4 grandaughters and I am loving life."

Scott Summers
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WCXL [Kill Devil Hills NC] 2006
Now: Scott says (12/07), "I'm on the Outer Banks working for Max Radio of the Carolinas doing on-air work for Hot AC WCXL-FM (Beach 104)."

Steve Sundberg
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WLTE [Minneapolis MN] 1992-2010
Now: Steve says (10/13), "I am working as the commercial traffic coordinator for WUCW-TV, Minneapolis, Minnesota."

Billy Surf
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WCSQ [Charleston SC] 2004-2006
Now: Billy says (9/06), "I am a voice actor for TV, radio, Internet and film."

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Bob Sutherland
CKSL/CIQM [London Ontario] 1983-1999
Now: Bob says (1/16), "I'm in Tennessee, working for the government health care, and doing freelance voice work... I certainly enjoyed my days in Canadian radio. I would love to work on-air in the U.S. I used to listen to American radio growing up, and it is what interested me initially, along with a chance opportunity at a station while still in high school. I was 16 at my first radio job. It's something I have always felt comfortable doing, and I had always hoped in some way, I helped bring people some enjoyment or made them feel they had a companion in our station."

Doug Sutherland
KXLJ [Helena MT] 1957
KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1958
KLUB [Salt Lake City] 1959
KBLL [Helena MT] 1960
KOVO [Provo UT] 1962
- ass't mgr
KBLL [Helena] 1963 - GM
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1966 - Doug Cornet: GM
KGO [San Francisco CA] 1972-1973 - Doug Cornet
WFFM [Pittsburgh PA] 1978
WABC [New York NY] 1981-1982
KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 1984
WLTF [Cleveland] 1986-1987, 1994-1997
WRWC [Rockford IL] 1998-1999
- Rabbit
KQXT [San Antonio TX] 2000-2002 - Rabbit
Now: Doug says (3/07), "I write and voice, Rabbit Tracks, a daily 2-minute feature for Northern Broadcasting, with over 200 affiliated stations in MT, WY, ND and SD; hear a sample at northernbroadcasting.com (click on 'Northern News Network', cursor to 'Programs', click 'Northern News' in the drop-down box). And I continue to write my syndicated, satirical, 5-stanza newspaper column, Minister of Reality, which has been published contuously since 1989."

Ken Sutherland
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KSNE [Las Vegas NV] 1991-1992 - VP/GM
Now: Ken says, "I have been with Jones Radio Networks since 1999, doing affiliate sales."

Steve Suttle
KOKL [Tulsa OK] 1966
KTOW [Tulsa] 1966
KAKC [Tulsa] 1967
KTOW [Tulsa] 1969
KAKC [Tulsa] 1971
KJBO [Albuquerque NM] 1993
KZKL [Albuquerque] 1997
KABG [Los Alamos NM] 1997

Now: 6 to midnight weeknights, Sunday afternoons and a show called the Big Doo Wop Soda Shop on Saturday nights at KABG-FM (Big Oldies 98.5), Los Alamos, New Mexico. Click for more on Steve.

Byron Swanson
KISN [Portland OR] 1961 - Johnny Dark
KEX [Portland] 19?? - Chief Engineer
Now: Chief Engineer at KEX, Portland, Oregon.

Shel Swartz
WMRC [Milford MA] 1969
WFTN [Franklin NH] 1975
- Chuck Morgan
WPBR [Palm Beach FL] 1978 - Chuck Morgan
WNGS [W. Palm Beach FL] 1979 - Chuck Morgan
WJNO [W. Palm Beach] 1988
Independent Broadcasters Network [Clearwater FL] 1993
WPBR [Palm Beach FL] 2002-2003

Now: Shel says (12/08), "I am doing radio music services and program consulting from my office in Jacksonville, Florida." Since 1997 Shel has been webmaster at WRKO/The BIG 68 Remembered. Click on his name (above).

Frank 'Swingin'' Sweeney
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WNEU [Wheeling WV] 1969-1971 - GM/co-owner
Now: Frank says (9/07), "I'm located in New York City; founded a company (Sweeney Group Inc.) that has produced hundreds of beauty pageants over the years in affiliation with Miss Teen All American, Miss Universe and others Even now we produce the Miss New York USA Pageant ... not bad for an old dude."

Ray Sweeney
KSMA [Santa Maria CA] 1960
KHOE [Tahoe City CA] 1960
KHIP [San Francisco CA] 1960
KNBR [San Francisco] 1960
KFOG [San Francisco] 1962
KFRC [San Francisco] 1963
KHAI [Honolulu HI] 1964
KHON-TV [Honolulu] 1966
- news, sports
KPOI [Honolulu] 1968
KGU [Honolulu] 1969
KHON-TV [Honolulu] 1973 - sales
WVUV/WVUV-FM [American Samoa] 1976-1991 - VP Marketing
KUAM/KUAM-FM [Agana GU] 1976-1991 - VP Marketing
KHVH [Honolulu HI] 1976-1991 - VP Marketing
Ray Sweeney died Oct 31, 2013 in Kaneohe, HI [age 75]. See Raymond W. Sweeney Jr. [staradvertiser.com].

Peter Swoboda
CKLG [Vancouver BC] 1977
CFOX [Vancouver] 1981
CHRX [Vancouver] 1988

Now: Peter says (Sep 2002), "I left the radio industry in 1991 (although nobody ever really leaves), followed by three years of stage managing. I am now senior head sound & kight technician for Royal Caribbean International, overseeing installation and setup of theater sound, lighting and automation systems for cruise ships. I'm currently on board the Adventure of the Seas. Just like to say 'Hi' to the following people."

Russ 'The Moose' Syracuse
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1956
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1959
KYA [San Francisco] 1962
KFRC [San Francisco] 1968
KNBR [San Francisco] 1969
KSFO [San Francisco] 197?
KMPX [San Francisco] 197?
KFRC [San Francisco] 198?-1993

Russ Syracuse died April 18, 2000 (heart failure) in Sacramento, California. Sam Whiting recalls, "By the time he retired in 1993, [Russ] had worked at KYA four separate times, at KSFO three times, at KFRC twice and at four other stations, including KMPX during the Big Band years." See Russ `The Moose' Syracuse, Longtime Late-Night Disc Jockey, Dies and The All-Night Flight to International Nowhere...

Connie Szerszen
WSDM [Chicago] 1970 - Dawn
WIND [Chicago] 1972
WUSN [Chicago] 1979

Latest report: "Remote DJing in Chicago."

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