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Radio People by Name (S1)

Chris Shackleford
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WNWN [Battle Creek MI] 2002-2002 - Chris St. John
Now: Chris says (10/03), "I run a tanning and movie rental store in Youngsville, North Carolina."

Eric Shade
Now: Promo. Dir. at KSLY/KSTT/KXFM, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Ronnie G. Shaeffer
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WCMB [Harrisburg PA] 1973-1983
Now: Ronnie says (10/08), "I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; after vowing never to return, I got hooked on the Internet sounds of the DooWopCafe.net and currently do shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Don Shafer
KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1957
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1960
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1961
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1964
WCKY [Cincinnati OH] 1965
WTAE [[Pittsburgh] 1967
WNBC [New York NY] 1969-1970
KSL [Salt Lake City UT] 1988

Now: westcomfilms@yahoo.com reports: "After leaving the radio biz in 1970 to pursue other interests, Don returned to the airwaves at News/Talk KSL, Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is still doing his popular weekend shows."

Jim Shafer
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1969
WADR [Utica/Rome NY] 1970
WSEN [Syracuse] 1973
WHEN [Syracuse] 1975
KSD [St. Louis MO] 1977
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1978
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1981
WSUN [St. Petersburg] 1982
WGAR [Cleveland OH] 1986
WKJY [Hempstead NY] 1990
WTDR [Charlotte NC] 1991
WWWB [Greensboro NC] 1994
WWMG [Charlotte] 1996
WLYT [Charlotte] 2005-2010

Now: Jim says (10/10), "Clear Channel eliminated the live morning show on WLYT-FM (LITE 102.9) in April 2010; I'm hoping to catch on somewhere else in the Charlotte market -- after 19 years; entering my ninth year as host of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day MDA telethon, doing commercial voicework, fronting a five-piece party and show band, touring the southeast U.S."

Dave Shakes
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KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1995-1996
Now: Dave is a consultant with Alan Burns & Associates, San Francisco, CA.

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'Wild' Bill Shakespeare
KWNZ [Reno NV] 2012
Now: Bill says (4/14), "After 30 years in the radio biz, I'm back at Hot AC KWNZ (POP FM), doing Afternoon Drive. It's been a great ride and so much has changed in radio since my start; I just hope the fun and on-air creativity are reincarnated."

KFRC [San Francisco] 1975
KHJ [LA] 1976
KLOS [LA] 1980
KMET [LA] 1984
KLSX [LA] 1991-1994
KCBS-FM [LA] 2002

Now: Weekends at Classic Rock KCBS-FM (Arrow 93), Los Angeles, CA. Shana is also an independent record promoter for Apex Music, Los Angeles.

Pat Shanahan
WFOX [Milwaukee WI] 1958 - Rocky Foxx
WRIT [Milwaukee] 1960
WBZ [Boston] 1966
WISM [Madison WI] 1970
WJW [Cleveland OH] 1971
WQFM [Milwaukee] 1973
WFPS [Rockford IL] 1975
WRKR [Milwaukee] 1983-1987
WIZD [Stevens Point WI] 1990
WYTE [Stevens Point] 2005-2008
- host: Polka Fest
Mike Shanahan died (70 years old) March 10, 2008 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Mark 'In the Dark' Shands
WKOR [Starkville MS] 1968
WJDX [Jackson MS] 1971
WZZQ [Jackson] 1971
WHYI [Miami FL] 1974
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1975
WNFI [Daytona Beach FL] 1983
WINZ-FM [Miami] 1983
WPOW [Miami] 1986
WCKZ [Charlotte NC] 1989
WHJX [Jacksonville FL] 1993-1997
WHZT/WJMZ [Greenville SC] 2014-2015

Now: Mark says (01/18), "I am retired in Portland, Oregon with my radio co-conspirator wife Colleen 'The Vinyl Queen' Cassidy." Click for more from Mark.

Bill Shane
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WOLZ [Ft. Myers FL] 2002
Now: Bill says (Sep 2002), "I am working full time outside of the industry, but still love radio. Have been doing it part time now for 12 years."

Dick Shane (Camnitz)
WHOO [Orlando] 1965 - Dick Shannon
WLOF [Orlando] 1966
WABR [Orlando] 1970
- Dick Shannon
WLOF [Orlando] 1973
Now: Now in research and development at Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles, Orlando, Florida (since he left broadcasting and recording in 1980). Dick is also an avid fire buff (as you will see when you visit his WWW site: http://www.ao.net/~dcamnitz/).
stories ... dcamnitz@ao.net

Jp Shane
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KGBY [Sacramento CA] 1994-1995
Now: Jp says (4/05), "I've been off the air full time since 1997, and have been working tirelessly on both of my production companies: Pants (jingles) and JPS Productions (voice-over and imaging)."

Dan 'Doc' Shankle
Now: Working for state of Oregon Employment Department and in private practice as a counselor in Eugene, Oregon.

Ford Shankle
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WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1994-1997
Now: Ford says (1/05), "I am a high school teacher at Fort Cherry High School in McDonald, PA., teaching television production. This is a departure from the persona I developed over the years in radio. (My wife, Kelly, told me to get a real job)."

Shannon (O'Brien)
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1977
KCBN [Reno NV] 1977
KMJQ [Houston TX] 1978
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1978
KFRC [San Francisco] 1981
KSAN [San Francisco] 1983
KRPQ [Santa Rosa CA] 1986-1990
KHBG [Santa Rosa] 1996-1997
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1999-2000
Lisa Lee
Now: Shannon is "Doing real estate full-time" in the San Francisco CA area.

Bob Shannon
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1964 - Bob Adams
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1964
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1964
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1966
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1968
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1968
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1969
KING [Seattle WA] 1971
KJR [Seattle] 1972
WIXY [Cleveland] 1973
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1974
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1975
KCBQ [San Diego] 1976
KFI [LA] 1976
KHJ [LA] 1979
KLAC [LA] 1982
KRTH [LA] 2000-2003

Now: Bob Shannon died Jan 26, 2015 in Pennsylvania where he was directing a movie. See R.J. Adams (Wikipedia). His last note to to us (2011).

Dave Shannon
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KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 2003
Now: Dave says (3/04), "I'm doing 7-midnight on Oldies KOOL-FM, Phoenix, Arizona; in between owning a kite store, a restaurant, consulting and God knows what else, radio has remained in my blood ... especially personality radio."

Dick Shannon
WVBF [Boston MA] 1973
WGNG [Providence RI] 1973
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1974
- Van Winkle
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1975 - Van Winkle
WROR [Boston] 1979
WKOS [Nashville] 1981
WKDA [Nashville] 1983
WLRQ [Nashville] 1985
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 1988
KLTR [Houston TX] 1991
KYIS [Oklahoma City OK] 1992-1993
WEAT [West Palm Beach FL] 1994-1995
Information Radio Network [Memphis TN] 1999
- a.m. Anchor
Metro Networks [Las Vegas NV] 2000 - a.m. Anchor
KDWN [Las Vegas] 2006-2008
Dick Shannon (Richard Butenas) died Sep 25th, 2011 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Gary Shannon aka Rhett Walker
KJR [Seattle] 1969
WHYW [Nashville] 1983
WRMX [Nashville] 1993

Now: Mornings at oldies WRMX-FM, Nashville, TN.

Glynn Shannon
KOCY-FM [Oklahoma City OK] 1970
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1972
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1974
KPOK [Portland OR] 1974
KGW [Portland] 1976
KCNR [Portland] 1982
KKRZ [Portland] 1985
KMJK [Portland] 1985
KUFO [Portland] 1990
KGON-FM [Portland] 1998
KKSN-FM [Portland] 2001
KGON [Portland] 2005-2014

Now: Glynn says (8/15), "I am no longer working in radio… Forced retirement March 24, 2014."


Jim Shannon
KTBT [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KREL [Riverside CA] 1968
KWIZ [LA] 1968
KEZY [LA] 1969
KULF [Houston TX] 1970
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1974
WIL-FM [St. Louis] 1977
WKKX [St. Louis] 1988
KIHT [St. Louis] 1998
WIL-FM [St. Louis MO] 1999

Now: Jim says, "I left (full-time) radio in 1985 to sell insurance, but I've been downsized. So I'm keeping my options open."

Karl Shannon
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WBUL [Lexington KY] 2007
Now: Karl says (12/07), "I'm the morning show co-host on Country WBUL-FM (98-1 The Bull), Lexington, Kentucky; I have my own production company and do voice work for people all over the country; I also am the staff announcer for International Sports Properties in Winston Salem, North Carolina, providing voice work for their more than 30 Major NCAA Division 1 Schools Radio Networks."

Larry Shannon
KSKY [Dallas TX] 1966
KYAL [Dallas] 1966
KBUY [Ft. Worth TX] 1967
KVIL [Dallas] 1967
- Dick Armstrong
KFJZ [Ft. Worth] 1968
KXOL [Ft. Worth] 1975
KRYS [Corpus Christi TX] 1976
KFJZ [Ft. Worth] 1976-1978

Larry Shannon died Aug 9, 2012 (leukemia; age 63) in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. See R.I.P. Larry Shannon, founder of Texas Radio Hall of Fame (dfw.com). At the time of his death, Larry owned FirstStrategy.com, a marketing, PR and Internet Web page development business (including RadioDailyNews.com and TalkRadioDailyNews.com); and was executive director and a founding board member of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

Mark Shannon
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WKY [Oklahoma City OK] 2003-2006
Now: Mark says (3/06), "In January of 2006, Citadel, owners of WKY flipped the station format to Mexican regional music and I began my next trip around the dial; where I will land is yet to be determined."

Mike Shannon
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WQRK [Bloomington IN] 2002
Now: Mike says (6/04), "I'm PD and do morning drive (Shannon in the Morning and Deb) at Oldies WQRK-FM, Bedford, Indiana; we simulcast on Oldies WQRJ-FM, Mitchell, Indiana."

Mike Shannon
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WCAT [Hershey PA] 2001-2003 - GM
Now: Mike says (8/05), "I own Shamrock Business Coaching, that helps owners of small and medium sized businesses increase profits. I would just like to mention two of my very best friends from radio who have passed away: Mike Rubright (Joel Michaels) and Neal Welsh (Neal Newman). They are missed."

Nick Shannon (Ed Short)
WGEN [Davenport IA] 1985
WRMJ [Aledo IL] 1986
WRAJ [Anna IL] 1987
WLLR [Davenport] 1989
WYTE [Stevens Point WI] 1989
KGWY [Gillette WY] 1990
WXXQ [Rockford IL] 1992
WFPS [Rockford] 1992
KBOB [Davenport] 1994
KUUL [Davenport] 1995
Radio One Networks [Vail CO] 1995
WVBO [Oshkosh WI] 1998
KZMY [Bozeman MT] 2002
KBOZ [Bozeman] 2009

Now: Nick (Ed Short) says (6/11), "I am programming and doing mornings for Reier Broadcasting, Bozeman, MT; I also fill in as baskeball game PA announcer at Montana State University."

Scott Shannon
WFBS [Fayetteville NC] 1967
WCLS [Columbus GA] 1967
WABB [Mobile AL] 1968
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1969
WMAK [Nashville] 1970
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1974
WPGC/WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1976
WRBQ/WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 1979
WHTZ [Newark NJ - NYC] 1983
KQLZ [Los Angeles CA] 1988
WPLJ [New York] 1991
WCBS-FM [New York] 2014

Now: Mornings at Classic Hits WCBS-FM, New York, New York.

Tommy Shannon
WXRA [Buffalo NY] 1955
WKBW [Buffalo] 1957
WGR [Buffalo] 1963
CKLW [Windsor ON] 1965
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1969
KWGN-TV [Denver CO] 1972
WKBW [Buffalo] 1974
- afternoon movie host
CKLW [Windsor] 1975
WTWR [Detroit] 1980
WKBW [Buffalo] 1982
WMJC [Detroit] 1986
WGR [Buffalo] 1988
CKLW [Windsor] 1989
Shop @ Home TV [Knoxville TN] 1993
- host
WHTT [Buffalo] 1997
Now: PM Drive at Oldies WHTT, Buffalo, New York. Tom says, "I am living in Downtown Buffalo and playin' the hits! Wild Weekend by The Rockin Rebels was my theme. As co-composer and producer, I am still proud of the continued popularity of the rockinest tune of the 60s."
Working e-mail needed.

Chris Sharp aka Chris Carrington
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1981-1982
KCRK [San Francisco] 1987
KKIS [San Francisco] 1990
WHWB [Rutland VT] 1991
WYOY [Rutland] 1992
WZRT [Rutland] 1992
WJAN [Manchester VT] 1995
WJJR [Rutland] 1996-1998

Now: Chris is now living in Tampa, Florida operating a Disc jockey business.

David Sharp
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2WEB [Bourke, NSW, Australia] 2001 - The Yank
Now: David says (6/04), "I am morning drive announcer and production director at 2WEB; I also help with sales and news as-needed; and I do some TV voice-over work on the side."

Larry Sharp
KWYZ [Everett WA] 1975
KIKI [Honolulu HI] 1977
KLAY [Tacoma WA] 1978
KISW [Seattle WA] 1980
- Sharpy
KZOK [Seattle] 1984 - Sharpy
KUFX [San Jose CA] 1992
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1995
KSEG [Sacramento] 1997
- station mgr
KSAN [San Francisco CA] 2000
Now: PD at Classic Rock KSAN-FM, San Francisco, California. Larry says (1/03), "I'm programming a station called 'The Bone'. How great is that? Check out the 'Bonesite' at 1077thebone.com."

Jim Sharpe
WRMN [Chicago IL] 1974
WMRO [Chicago] 1975
WLIP [Kenosha WI] 1976
WISN [Milwaukee WI] 1977
WCFL [Chicago] 1981
WJJD/WJEZ [Chicago] 1983
WGN [Chicago] 1985
Illinois News Network [Chicago] 1988
- news/ops dir
Metro Traffic [Chicago] 1991 - ops dir
Metro Networks [Phoenix AZ] 1997 - VP news ops
AVI Communications [Phoenix] 2002 - ops dir
Metro Networks [Phoenix] 2007 - regional ops dir
Now: Jim says (10/07), "I am Regional Director of Operations (10 western U.S. markets) for Metro Networks, Phoenix, Arizona."

Dave Shaw aka Bill Stevens
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1967
KIMN [Denver] 1970
KORL [Honolulu] 1975
KKUA [Honolulu] 1976

Passed away in 1977.

Denny Shaw
WKAI [Macomb IL] 1969
WGIL/WAAG [Galesburg IL] 1972
WOC/KIIK [Davenport IA] 1976

Now: Denny (Dennis Shaw) says (12/10), "I'm a self-employed voice-data technical instructor in Key Biscayne, Florida (after years in telecom sales, I've been an instructor on the technical side of the biz since 1997); my WOC days were the most fun: single, great team of people (remember those late night poker games boys?), growing as a broadcaster and a person, and getting hooked on golf and those Iowa Hawkeyes."

Frank Shaw
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KZSQ [Sonora CA] 1989-1993
Now: Frank says (12/09), "I'm out of radio for a long time now (got into the aviation business); lots of great memories, met and worked with lots of amazing people."

Hank Shaw
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WQYK [St. Petersburg] 1987
Now: Hank says, (10/02), "I'm still playing the hits and having a good time at Country WQYK-FM, St.Petersburg Florida. When I wasn't working radio I was playing or teaching music. Still do it today and love playing live music.".

Jack Shaw
WSIR [Winter Haven FL] 1964
WINT [Winter Haven] 1965
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1965
WWKE [Ocala FL] 1966
WGGG [Gainesville] 1968
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1969
WFUN [Miami FL] 1970
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1971
WORD [Greenville SC] 1972
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1973
WKZL [Winston-Salem NC] 1976
WBCS [Milwaukee WI] 1978-1981

Now: Jack says (1/03), "In addition to freelancing in Milwaukee and Chicago, I am now an Alderman on the Brookfield, WI city council. Brookfield is a suburb of Milwaukee. I was elected to the SAG National Board in 1985."

Mike Shaw
KMIS [Portageville MO] 1971-1978
WCBL/WCBL-FM [Paducah KY] 1974-1978
KMIS-FM [Portageville] 1976-1978
WSJP [Paducah] 1978
KBOA/KTMO [Kennett MO] 1979-1983

Now: Mike says (5/10), "In the fall of 1983 I was lured away from broadcasting by a job in the telecom industry; I work in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex; I miss my radio days, but unfortunately it's not the same business it was when the voices came not from a voice-tracking computer, but from a live person in a glass-walled studio; maybe when I hit the lottery, I'll buy a small-town station and show them how we did things back in the good old days ... not holding my breath.".

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Ralph Shaw
WKRR [Greensboro NC] 1987-1991
Now: Ralph says (02/16), "After almost 44 years in radio and TV, I have left the business to pursue other interests. I still operate a mobile D-J service and I am an ordained non-denominational minister, who performs wedding ceremonies."

Rick Shaw
KIMN [Denver CO] 1966 - Mike Morgan
KILT [Houston TX] 1969
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1971
WXLO [New York] 1974
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1974
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1974
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1975
KYUU [San Francisco] 1982
KIOI [San Francisco] 1989

Passed away June 22, 1998 in San Francisco; of an apparent heart attack.

Rick Shaw
KICN [Denver] 1959 - Jim Hummel
WCKR [Miami] 1960
WQAM [Miami] 1963
WINZ [Miami] 1972
WAXY [Miami] 1976
WMXJ [Miami] 1995

Now: (11/28/06) Rick has announced his retirement from Oldies WMXJ-FM, Miami, Florida. See Longest Running Radio Personality Calls It Quits.

Rick Shaw (Richard W. Shaw)
WBAM [Montgomery AL] 1964
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 1965
WSB [Atlanta] 1969
WGST [Atlanta] 1991
WZGC [Atlanta] 1995

Now: Vice President, Broadcast Operations for PGA TOUR Radio (they do golf on radio). A long-time radio producer/engineer for the Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons and UGA Bulldogs, he is considered to be somewhat of an Atlanta radio historian.

Jerry Sheeder
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1974 - Jerry Shane
WRC [Washington DC] 1976 - Jerry Shane
KWMT [Fort Dodge IA] 1979
Now: News Director at Country KWMT, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Tim Sheehan
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WRKI [Danbury CT] 2001
Now: Tim says (2/08), "I am OM/PD for Cumulus in Danbury CT (WRKI, WDBY, WINE and WPUT), and doing PM drive for Rock WRKI-FM; I-95 was my favorite station in high school, and I've spent almost 20 years here over two tours of duty."

Dave Shelby
Now: At Hot Adult Contemp. WMC-FM Memphis, Tennessee (since 1994) and attending Law School at the University of Memphis (class of 1999).

Jay Sheldon
WSNG [Torrington CT] 1978
WAQY [Springfield MA] 1982
WSNG [Torrington CT] 1983
- Captain Jay
WIOF [Waterbury CT] 1985
WSNG [Torrington CT] 1989
- Captain Jay
WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1996-200?
Now: Jay says (May 2002), "I'm living in Key West, Fl and looking for radio work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Wish me luck."

Jack Shell
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WRQQ [Nashville TN] 2001-2003
WKDF [Nashville] 2008

Now: Jack says (12/10), "I'm doing afternoons on legendary WKDF-FM in Nashville, Tennessee and operating my freelance voice-over, production business, Jack Shell Productions."

Rick Shelton
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1976
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1978-1980
KRMD [Shreveport] 1982
KWKH [Shreveport] 1985
KIOC [Beaumont TX] 1988-1990
KTUX [Shreveport] 1993
KWKH [Shreveport] 1998
- CE
KDAQ [Shreveport LA] 2005 - CE
Now: Rick says (4/09), "I'm chief engineer for a network of four stations (KDAQ,Shreveport LA, KLSA Alexandria LA, KLDN Lufkin TX, KBSA El Dorado AR). We lost two fine broadcasters in April 2009: Barney Cannon, PD of KWKH, Shreveport; he & I use to sit in for Larry Scott, the overnight trucking show, back in the 1980s; Barney was a great guy and great to work with; RIP Barney; and Howard Clark, the first PH to fire my ass at KEEL in the late 1970s; you both will be missed."

Bill Shepard
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KLIF [Dallas TX] 2000-2002
Now: Bill says (5/03), "After 33 years in the business, I am happy to say that I am semi-retired, working part-time for Metro Networks, as well as freelancing. Any folks from my past, assuming you are still alive ... feel free to write."

Brad Shepard
WSCV [Manchester NH] 1975
WSLE [Manchester] 1975
WLAD [Danbury CT] 1976
WKBK [Keene NH] 1977
WLLH [Lowell MA] 1980
WMEX [Boston MA] 1987
WHOB [Nashua NH] 1987
WZOU [Boston] 1988
WRQI [Rochester NY] 1991
WMAS-FM [Springfield MA] 1993
WHYN [Springfield] 2000

Now: Brad says (6/06), "I'm doing AM drive at News/Talk WHYN, Springfield, Massachusetts; I made the jump from 25+ years of morning drive (playing the hits) to Talk radio (playing the topics); having a ball -- with bits and voices, and heavy humor, and ingram-esque irreverance -- talk radio style; interviewing celebrities, politicos, and general wack-jobs is the most natural fodder for entertaining radio extant. I'm also doing lots of freelance v/o, stage, stand up in clubs, etc."

Mike Shepard
KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 1975 - Bill Lakes
KEED [Eugene OR] 1977 - Bill Lakes
WRKT [Titusville FL] 1978-1981
KSON-FM [San Diego] 1983-1998
KBZT [San Diego] 1992-1998
KIFM [San Diego] 1995-1998

Now: Mike says (2/05, "After leaving KSON in 1998, I was SR VP with Moyes Research Associates for five years. In 2004 I formed my own company - Shepard Media Research - and I continue to work with dozens of great client stations across the U.S."

Jean Shepherd
WOR [New York NY] 1956-1977
Passed away Oct 16, 1999. dselby@erols.com says, "Jean Shepherd was an absolutely fabulous spinner of tales about growing up in Hammond, Indiana in the 1930s. An amalgam of his stories was made into a TV special, A Christmas Story, and is now an annual staple at Christmas. He published several books of his tales, among which is Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories ... and other disasters, a compendium of stories that originally appeared in Playboy magazine. But before Playboy, before books, before A Christmas Story, there was Shepherd on late-night WOR, spinning out his tales in what seemed to be extemporaneous rambling talk, running two or three hours. He certainly belongs, like Bob and Ray, in the elite of radio personalities. Particulars are at the memorial web site (Click on his name, above)."

Mike Shepherd
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WRVF [Toledo OH] 1989-1996
Now: Mike says (9/03), "I am an announcer at WDIV-TV; a professional voice actor; and owner of mikeSHEPHERD.net (broadcast/multimedia production company), Detroit, Michigan."

Skip Sher aka Skip the Prize Guy
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WSMW [Greensboro NC] 2004
Now: Skip says (12/11), "I'm doing mornings at Adult Hits WSMW=FM, Greensboro, North Carolina."

Mike Sheridan
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WKQC [Charlotte NC] 2005-2007
Now: Mike says (3/16), "I have been working in IT since 1994. Now I have people coming after me just as I used to bug the engineers at the radio stations I worked for! Payback :)"


Tim Sheridan
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KIBZ [Lincoln NE] 1992
Now: Tim says (6/10), "I'm doing morning drive and am Program Director of Active Rock, KIBZ-FM, Lincoln, Nebraska; I was there when the station signed on in 1992. My first official time on the air alone was New Years Eve 1977; the jock training me was on for an hour or so, then let me start to do it solo; after about a half hour he took off and said, 'Have Fun.' There I was, alone in the radio station doing my first shift. It scared the hell out of me! Baptism by fire for sure."

Scott Sherley
KHUI [Kahului, Maui, HI] 1988
KMVI [Wailuku, Maui] 1993
KPMW [Kahului, Maui] 1996-2002

Now: Scott says (7/07), "I have hosted (since 1992) Stardust Memories on Manao Radio KEAO LP 91.5 FM, Wailuku, Maui (Hawaii); I'm also president of the board of directors Manao Radio."

Chuck Sherman
WRMT [Rocky Mount NC] 1966
WFOG [Norfolk VA] 1968
WPMH [Norfolk] 1973-1979
- GM
WHNE [Norfolk] 1976-1978
WNOR [Norfolk] 1978-1979
- Dale VanHorne
WCMS [Norfolk] 1979
WZBO [Edenton NC] 1983
WNIS [Norfolk] 1984-1987
Now: Chuck says (9/14), "I am retired and living on the U.S. Atlantic Coast after several years as an Internet VP and post-radio geek."

Don Sherwood
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1945
KQW/KCBS [San Francisco] 1947
KROW [San Francisco] 1950
- Noodnick of Nick & Noodnick
KSFO [San Francisco] 1953
KYA [San Francisco] 1956
KSFO [San Francisco] 1957-1977

Don Sherwood died November 6, 1983. David F. Jackson, the director of the Bay Area Radio Museum, says (3/06), "Sherwood worked, mostly regularly (but with several breaks) at KSFO for most of the twenty years following his return to the station in 1957; and also hosted TV shows on KGO-TV (Channel 7) and KTVU (Channel 2) in the Bay Area for several years while also working on radio." See the museum's tribute site to Don Sherwood.

Lee Sherwood
KIIS [LA] 1970
WMAQ [Chicago] 1975
KHJ [LA] 1981
W??? [New York] 1982
W??? [Washington DC] 1985
KUSA [St. Louis] 1989
W??? [Chicago] 198?
KDJR [De Soto MO] 199?

Now: At Country KDJR, De Soto, Missouri.

Rob Sherwood
KYOR [Blythe CA] 1963
KAUS [Austin MN] 1963
KLWW [Cedar Rapids IA] 1966
WDUZ [Green Bay WI] 1966
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1968
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1969
WYOO [Minneapolis] 1974
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1976
WEBC [Duluth] 1978
- GM
KOSO [Modesto CA] 1980
KIOI [San Francisco] 1980
KTAC [Tacoma] 1983
KHOP [Modesto] 1986-1993

Now: Rob says (8/03), "I'm spending the summer in Minnesota; San Francisco in Winter."

Scott Sherwood
KXOK [St. Louis] 1976
WOCL [Orlando FL] 19??

Now: ???

Randy Sherwyn
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WJPT [Ft. Myers FL] 2005
Now: Randy says (12/08), "I am PD and do mornings at Nostalgia WJPT-FM, Fort Myers, Florida; and I host Christmas Across the Lands (syndicated) that airs around the world..."

Steve Shields
WBAT [Marion IN] 1971
WGOM/WMRI [Marion] 1973
- Steve Mitchell
WNAP [Indianapolis IN] 1974 - Majik Mitch
WIKS [Indianapolis] 1980 - Steve Mitchell
WSUW [UW-Whitewater WI] 1980-1992 - aka Steve Owens, dir of radio
Now: Steve says (11/07), "I am a semi-retired university broadcasting educator and professor of mass communication (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater); and I'm a poet."

Cliff Shilling
WICU [Erie PA] 1954
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1960
WKBN [Youngstown OH] 1965
WVFM [Lakeland FL] 1982
WAVV [Naples FL] 1989-1993

Now: Cliff says (1/06), "I started in 1954; am retired and enjoying the good life just 12 miles south of Ocala. Florida; have a new great grandson, Ben (he is going to be a big one - NBA most likely); we like hearing from people we know or knew along the way."

Michael Shiloh
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KTRH [Houston TX] 2000
Now: Production Director at News/Talk KTRH, Houston, Texas. Mike says, "I've been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best people in the business, including Paul Berlin, the Catfish, Joe Ford, Barry Kaye, John Lander, Ron Parker, Stevens and Pruitt, Hudson and Harrigan, Dickie Rosenfeld, Scott Arthur, Bob Stephenson, Larry Rascoe, Dana Steele and so many more. They changed my life, always for the better."

Paul Shinn
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KSTN [Stockton CA] 1987 - CE
Now: Paul says (4/07), "I am (still!) Chief Engineer for KSTN AM/FM, KMIX FM, KTSE FM, KCVR AM/FM, and KWLK-LP; I also own a small percentage, and consult to Fresno stations KQEQ, KXEX, and KAVT; still a backup on-call engineer to many stations including KWG, and the Stockton, Modesto Citadel cluster of stations; I have the key to every station in my markets -- nobody takes their keys back!"

Jim Shirah
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WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1967-1970
Now: Jim says (5/09), "I got out of radio when I remarried in 1991 and realized I wanted this marriage to last; moved back to the Tampa Bay, Florida area where I've lived since 2000; my biggest radio achievement was taking WAPE in Jacksonville from 16th to first and keeping it there for 4 years..."

Smilin' Lee Shoblom
KSON [San Diego] 1957
KPRI [San Diego] 1958
KDEO [San Diego] 1959
KBTR [Denver] 1964
Walt Johnson Traffic Reports 1964-72
- creator/syndicator
KRAM [Las Vegas] 1967 - GM
KFWJ [Lake Havasu City AZ] 1970
- owner
KBBC [Lake Havasu City AZ] 1984 - owner
TV45 (LPTV) [Lake Havasu City AZ] 1984 - owner
Now: Lee Shoblom, who was inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1999, is retired and residing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Lee says, "I'm doing some radio consulting and re-releasing the Walt Johnson Comedy Road reports on a limited basis. Some Oldies stations like them for retro programming. My radio activity now consists of ham radio on 20 and 40 meters with the call-letters of K6ADA, which I have held since I was 12 years old (when dinosaurs roamed the earth)." Click for more on Lee.

Rick Shockley
WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1973
WZIX [York PA] 1980
WLTY [Norfolk VA] 1982
WODS [Boston MA] 1993
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1998
WODL [Birmingham AL] 2002
WEAT [West Palm Beach FL] 2003

Now: Rick says (2/03), "I am programming Adult Contemporary WEAT-FM (Sunny 104.3), West Palm Beach, Florida."

Dave 'The Duke' Sholin
KFRC [San Francisco] 1973
Now: With The Gavin Report, San Francisco.

John Shomby
WTCQ [Vidalia GA] 1974
WKXX [Birmingham AL] 1977
KMJK [Portland OR] 1979
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1981
KAAM [Dallas TX] 1982-1989
- VP
KAFM [Dallas] 1982 - VP
KZPS [Dallas] 1986 - VP
WZLX [Boston MA] 1990
KLIF [Dallas] 1993
Cumulus Broadcasting [Augusta GA] 1999
WBBA [Augusta] 1999
Cumulus Broadcasting [Flint/Kalamazoo MI] 2000

Now: John says, "I am Operations Manager of two Cumulus Broadcasting clusters in Flint (WWCK-AM, WWCK-FM, WRSR-FM, WDZZ-FM, WFDF-AM) and Kalamazoo (WKFR-FM, WRKR-FM and WKMI-AM), Michigan."

Donovan Short
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KYWW [Casper WY] 1998-2002
Now: Donovan says, "I am Cluster Operations Manager for Clear Channel, Casper, Wyoming."

Art Shotwell
KHVH [Honolulu HI] 1971
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1986-1993

Now: Art says (4/03), "I run Art Shotwell Web Design (Web sites for small businesses in Washington state), in Anacortes, WA."

Tom Shovan
WKXL [Concord NH] 1954
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1957
WMEX [Boston MA] 1958
- Melvin X. Melvin
WDOT [Burlington VT] 1963
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1965
WPTR [Albany NY] 1966
WKIP [Poughkeepsie NY] 1968
- aka Bill Starr/also VP
WHVW [Hyde Park NY] 1969 - GM
WFIF [Bridgeport CT] 1977 - owner/GM
Tom was also a broadcast consultant/syndicator (Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, Dr. Laura Schlessinger); VP operations for Rick Dees Entertainment; VP/Program development of Radio Today Entertainment NYC; editor of PULSE (industry trade publication); and Columnist for Hitmakers magazine. Tom Shovan died April 9, 1999 (at age 59; from injuries suffered in a fall in his NY apartment). Ed Brouder (Man from Mars Productions) says, "Tom was a very large individual and was billed early in his career as the fattest DJ in the business (a title he shared with the young Joey Reynolds). Tom knew everybody in radio and was a frequent fixture at trade shows."

Chris Shovlin
WBZY [New Castle PA] 1976
WMBA [Pittsburgh PA] 1976-1996
WBVP/WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1976-1992
WJAS/WSHH/WPTT [Pittsburgh] 1991
Now: Chris says (7/09), "I am PM drive host on Nostalgia WJAS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and I continue as Director of Marketing & Promotions for Renda Broadcasting Pittsburgh properties; I Chris won a third Pittsburgh March of Dimes A.I.R. Award in 2008 to become the first Pittsburgh play-by-play announcer to win three in three different sports." See the Boomers magazine article about Chris Shovlin -- and Click for more from Chris.

Robert Shroll aka Radar
WGRD-FM [Grand Rapids MI] 1985
WSNX [Grand Rapids MI] 1988
WLHT [Grand Rapids] 1989
- aka Robert W. Morgan
WOOD-FM [Grand Rapids] 1999
WLHT [Grand Rapids] 2000-2002

Now: Robert says (7/09), "I am out of radio by choice and living at the ocean in Santa Barbara, CA; I keep in very regular contact with all of my old radio friends."

Dave Shropshire
WLOE [Greensboro NC] 1972
WQMG [Greensboro] 1973
- Davey Davey Munchkin
WTIK [Durham] 1974 - JJ the Sugar Bear
WSSB [Durham NC] 1974
WBBB [Greensboro] 1975
- J.J. Steele
WLLL [Lynchburg VA] 1977 - J.J. Steele
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1978 - Chris Stevens
WROV [Lynchburg] 1979 - Chris Stevens
WKTM [Charleston SC] 1980 - Chris Stevens
WUEZ [Roanoke VA] 1981 - Chris Stevens
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1981
KSAQ [San Antonion TX] 1984
KTFM [San Antonio] 1986
WCAT [Orlando FL] 1987
KHFI [Austin TX] 1987
KASE/KVET [Davenport] 1989
KUUL [Davenport] 1991
KMXG [Davenport] 1994
- Alex Keith
KCQQ [Davenport] 1996-2007
Now: Dave says (4/07), "I retired April 6, 2007 from 35 years of radio, the last 12 at KCQQ, to concentrate on my commercial voice-over career; please feel free to visit my website at Shropsounds.com.

Artie Shultz
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WIKZ [Chambersburg, PA] 1999
Now: Afternoons and Imaging Director at Hot AC WIKZ-FM, Chambersburg, PA (Hagerstown, MD).

'Cowboy' Will Shumate
WJLS [Beckley WV] 1977
WCIR [Beckley] 1979
WTNJ [Beckley] 1983
WQBE [Charleston WV] 1997
WKWS [Charleston] 1999
WTNJ [Beckley] 2001

Now: Will says (8/06), "I am programming WTNJ-FM (Power Country 105.9); program and music director, advisor for all five music stations in the Southern Communications broadcast cluster in Beckley, West Virginia; also ownwer/operator of Abe One Entertainment (mobile DJ/karaoke); married to wife Tracey since 1981; struggling to put my girls through college and lovin' life."

Bill Shupert
WCBS [New York] 1968
WBZ [Boston] 1972
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1974

Now: ???

Steve Sibulsky
KEWC [Spokane WA] 1968 - Steve Caldwell
AFRTS [Misawa Japan] 1971
KNPT [Newport OR] 1974
KXLY/KXLY-FM [Spokane] 1974
KEIN [Great Falls MT] 1977
KGA [Spokane] 1978
KIOB [Spokane] 1979
KBRD [Tacoma WA] 1982
KXLY [Spokane] 1984
KVNI [Coeur d'Alene ID] 1985
Sibulsky Productions [Coeur d'Alene ID] 1994
- owner
Now: Running Sibulsky Productions, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (voiceovers, radio/TV, message-on-hold recordings).
Steve on KXLY-FM ... steve@sibulsky.com

Rob Sidney
WLPL/WSID [Baltimore MD] 1979
WYCR [York PA] 1980
WYST [Baltimore] 1981
WYEN [Chicago IL] 1983
WUSN [Chicago] 1984
WASH [Washington DC] 1985
WUSN [Chicago] 1986
WNGS [West Palm Beach FL] 1987
WAXY [Miami] 1988
WLYF [Miami] 1990

Now: Rob says (11/06), "Since 1993 I've been Director/Programming & Operations at AC WLYF-FM, Miami, Florida".

Mike Sieve
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KEEL [Shreveport LA] 2002
Now: Mike says (4/04), "I'm doing morning news and loving it. Working several FMs, but I'm mostly pumped about my emergence into news/talk on Shreveport's legendary KEEL (News/Talk)."

Tim Silbaugh
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KAUS [Autin MN] 1990
Now: Overnights at News/Talk KAUS, Austin, Minnesota.

Mike Silman
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KLDE [Houston TX] 1996
Now: Weekends at Oldies KLDE-FM, Houston, Texas. Mike says (5/05), "I'm in Houston; lovin' it and wishin' you were here."

Ted Silver
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CFQR [Montréal QC] 1993
Now: Program Director at Soft AC CFQR-FM, Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Tom Silver
Now: Tom is a Fire Prevention and Public Information officer with the Halifax Regional Fire And Emergency Service.

Jeff Silvers
WHYW [Pittsburgh PA] 1985
WYYY [Syracuse NY] 1986
WYXL [Ithaca NY] 1987
WLEV [Allentown PA] 1988
WLTI [Detroit MI] 1993
WEBR [Washington DC] 1995
KSSK [Honolulu HI] 1997
WPCH [Atlanta GA] 2000

Now: Program/Operations Director at Adult Contemporary WPCH-FM (Peach 94.9), Atlanta, Georgia.

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Bryan Simmons
KTWV [Los Angeles CA] 2011
Now: Bryan says (9/15), "I am an on-air talent at Adult Contemporary KTWV-FM, Los Angeles, CA, AC Total Image Voice at Westwood One Radio Networks, and Host of Country Chronicle at Benztown Branding."

Peg Simmons
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KLBJ-FM [Austin TX] 1981
Now: Peg says (12/02), "I am rockin and loving life in Central Texas; I've lived more than half my life here in Austin. Talk about blessed."

Winn Simmons
WOLS [Florence SC] 1972
WLAB [St. Pauls NC] 1975
WPTF [Raleigh NC] 1979
WFMO [Fayetteville NC] 1979
WKZQ [Myrtle Beach SC] 1980
WPDZ [Cheraw SC] 1981
- Rick Allen
WJOT [Florence] 1981
WTSB [Fayetteville] 1982
WNCR [St. Pauls] 1983-1985
WKKE [St. Pauls] 2000-2001
WLWL [Rockingham NC] 2002
WGOR [Elizabethtown NC] 2002-2003

Now: Winn says (2/11), "I am retired and living the good life in Laurinburg, North Carolina."

Lee 'Baby' Simms
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1961
WONO [Charleston SC] 1962
WLOF [Orlando FL] 1964
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1965
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1966
WPOP [Hartford] 1966
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1967
WPOP [Hartford] 1968
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1968
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1968
KCBQ [San Diego] 1968
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1969
WJBK/WJBK-FM [Detroit MI] 1969
KCBQ [San Diego] 1970
KRLA [LA] 1971
KROQ [LA] 1973
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1974
WLVE [Miami FL] 1974
KMET [LA] 1973
KRLA [LA] 1975
- Matthew 'Doc' Frail
KRPQ [Santa Rosa CA] 1981
KFOG [San Francisco] 1981
KDUK [Honolulu] 1982
KORL [Honolulu] 1982
KYA [San Francisco] 1992
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1994
KISQ [San Francisco] 1997-2002

Lee Simms died Jan 28, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. See the in-depth Simms history at reelradio.com/ls/index.html.

Chris Simon
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1986
KNX [Los Angeles] 1987
ABC network [Sarajevo BH] 1993-1998
- resident correspondent
KKOB [Albuquerque NM] 2006
KBOI [Boise ID] 2006

Now: Chris says (11/06), "I am an anchor at News/Talk KBOI, Boise, Idaho; I am thoroughly enjoying working in Idaho's capital city after being transferred here from the citadel station in Albuquerque; have seen the best and worst of the inner city and was fortunate enough to travel in eastern Europe and practice my craft; now it is time to enjoy my children and watch them grow up."

J.C. Simon
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KWNR [Las Vegas NV] 1995
Now: J.C. says (4/11), "I'm doing programming & Web Services for Clear Channel Radio in Las Vegas, Nevada; and am Sunday Morning Country Oldies host on KWNR-FM."

Lou Simon
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WHTZ [Newark NJ] 1991-1993
Now: Lou says, "I am looking for an on- or off-air position with a great radio station! I'm living in New Jersey, but willing to relocate, etc."

Perry Michael Simon
WJLK [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1986
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1991
WDRE [Garden City NY] 1991
KLSX [LA] 1991
Sabo Media [LA] 1996
KLYY [LA] 1988

Now: Operations Manager at Modern Rock KLYY-FM, Los Angeles, CA.

Scott Simon
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1987
KMOX [St. Louis] 1988
WGNU [St. Louis] 1990
KXOK [St. Louis] 1987
KSD [St. Louis] 1993
KDNL-TV [St. Louis] 1994
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1996-2000

Now: Scott is a political consultant and in private business in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mark Simone
WPRO [Providence RI] 1975
WPIX [New York NY] 1977
WMCA [New York] 1980
WNEW [New York] 1982
WABC [New York ] 1993
WOR [New York] 2013

Now: 10-Noon on News/Talk WOR, New York, New York.

Charlee Simons
KIOY [Fresno CA] 1979
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1980
- Charlee West
KPOP [Sacramento CA] 1984
KREO [Santa Rosa CA] 1985
KHIT [San Francisco CA] 1986
KWOD [Sacramento] 1987
KHQT [San Jose CA] 1988
KODS [Reno NV] 1992
KHOP [Modesto CA] 1993
KSFO [San Francisco] 1994
KZHT [Salt Lake City UT] 1996
KYSR [Fresno] 1999
KALZ [Fresno] 2002-2004
KNTY [Sacramento] 2009
WGSQ [Cookeville TN] 2012-2012

Now: Charlee says (11/12), "...You may know of somebody looking to hire a big ol' radio and TV guy like me right now. Please pass my resume and/or aircheck along to anyone you may know in the business."

Bob Simonson
WBUK [Kalamazoo MI] 1981 - Bob Andrews
WGWY [Lansing MI] 1982 - Bob Andrews
WJXQ [Jackson MI] 1982
WQXC [Kalamazoo] 1983
WLKM [Three Rivers MI] 1984
WTCN [St. Paul MN] 1985
KJJO [Minneapolis MN] 1986-1987
WCUZ [Grand Rapids] 1992-1995
WBCT/WCUZ [Grand Rapids] 1997-2000
- Bob the Janitor
WLHT [Grand Rapids] 2005 - Bob the Janitor
Now: Bob says (3/06), "I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan doing weekends on Adult Contemporary WLHT-FM; providing tech support and client services to Audience Development Group; and owner of All Digital DJ Entertainment, a mobile DJ service providing wedding reception entertainment. Additional activities include being active in the Masonic Lodge as a Freemason (since 1995) and a reserve deputy (since 1993) with the Kent County Sheriff's Department. I've beem married since 1989 with one son..."

Brian Sines
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KBUR [Burlington IA] 2002
WZEE [Madison WI] 2003
- SM
Now: Brian says, "I am group sales manager for Clear Channel in Madison, Wisconsin (Z104 WZEE and Mix 92.1 WMAD)."

Sandy Singer
WEEK [Peoria IL] 1949
WBBQ [Augusta GA] 1951
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1952
WLOL [Minneapolis MN] 1956
KNBR [San Francisco] 1969
KAAM [Dallas] 1991
WAMB [Nashville] 1996

Now: Hosting Date with Sinatra at BostonPete.com/sandysinger, from Nashville, Tennessee. Other info: Date with Sinatra has been in syndication since 1955. Sandy appeared as himself in Warner Brothers' Jamboree, Universal's Airport, was Magic Consultant for TV's The Magician and Fall Guy and is a "Life Master" tournament bridge player.

Steve Sipe
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KZXY [Victorville CA] 2000
Now: Steve says (12/06), "I am still living the dream: Director of Sales for a five-station cluster in Victorville, California; they even let me in the production studio from time to time."

John Sipos
Now: Doing "TALK journalism" at WHNZ, WSJT, WHPT, Tampa, FL.

Don Sitton
KORC [Mineral Wells TX] 1962
KCUL [Ft. Worth TX] 1965
- Don Miller
KDAV [Lubbock TX] 1965 - Don Miller
KORC [Mineral Wells] 1966 - GM
KERB [Odessa/Midland TX] 1967 - Don Miller: VP/GM
KXOL [Ft. Worth] 1968 - Don Miller
KBUY [Ft. Worth] 1968 - Don Miller
KCWM [Ft. Worth] 1969 - Don Miller
KEYS [Corpus Christi TX] 1969 - GSM
KZFM [Corpus Christi] 1976 - VP/GM
KRIS-TV [Corpus Christi] 1984-1999 - regional sales
Now: Don says (8/05), "After retiring from KRIS-TV in 1999, I started a full service advertising agency, which I ran until 2003, when I finally decided to retire completely. I play golf and enjoy the grand kids. I have two sons, one has been a missionary for 25 years and the other is in television, five grand children, one great. I have been a licensed pilot for 20 years; I don't fly as much now, just enough to keep from hurting myself or others. Life is good down here South Texas, slow and easy." Click for more from Don.

Rick Sklar
WPAC [Patchogue NY] 195?
WINS [New York] 1955
WMGM [New York] 1960
WHN [New York] 1961
WABC [New York] 1962
National consulting firm [New York] 1978
- owner
Passed away June 22, 1992 of complications from a 'simple' surgical procedure in New York.

Peter Skrypka
Now: Senior Producer at Talk WRKO, Boston.

Zack Skyler
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WOMX [Orlando FL] 2001
Now: Zack says (1/03), "I'm keeping busy with The Scott and Erica Show, mornings on Hot AC WOMX-FM, Orlando, Florida."

Dave Skyler aka Sky Walker
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KRTH [Los Angeles CA] 2008
Now: Dave says, "In June 2008, I started working weekends and fill at Oldies KRTH-FM Los Angeles; and I operate own/operate a Web business, creating and designing Web sites."

Ken Sleeman
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KVYN [Napa CA] 1992-1995 - Ken Carpenter
Now: Ken says (9/05), "I am transmitter-site manager for Bonneville International Corporation (WTOP), Washington, DC; part-time DJ on topshelfoldies.com; and part-time karaoke host on blinkies-karaoke.com."

Dan Slentz
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WNHS [Coshocton OH] 2003
Now: Dan says(3/07), "I am with WHIZ AM/FM/TV, Zanesville Ohio."

Fred Slezak
WCNW [Cincinnati OH] 1969
WUBE [Cincinnati] 1974
WLWS [Cincinnati] 1976
WSAI [Cincinnati] 1979-1997
WWNK [Cincinnati] 1985-1997

Now: Fred says (2/04), "I'm living in rural Butler County, Ohio (Cincinnati) and am Sales Manager for 2nd Swing Golf, Miamisburg, Ohio (Dayton)."

Ken Slobodkin
WNTN [Newton MA] 1982
WXKS [Boston MA] 1985
WTHT [Portland ME] 1988
WWGT [Portland ME] 1990
WUUU [Utica/Rome NY] 1992
- K.C. McMann
WFRG [Utica/Rome] 1993 - Jimmy Hoppa
WWDE [Norfolk VA] 1996 - Ken James
WNIS [Norfolk] 1998
WGH-FM [Norfolk] 2000
- production dir
WWDE [Norfolk] 2007
Now: Ken says (3/07), "I'm creative services director and doing afternoons at Adult Contemporary WWDE-FM 2wd Radio, Norfolk, Virginia; and still on the VO roster at Earworks, Virginia Beach."

Scott Slocum
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WANV [Waynesboro VA] 1986-1990
Now: Scott says (3/04), "Since 1991, I've been selling computer hardware and software to radio stations across America from offices in Kansas City. Our TurnKey Media Systems does everything from digital automation, to paperless studio software, and production/music work."
more Ss...

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