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Radio People by Name (S)

Walter Sabo
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WNBC [New York NY] 1974-1976
Now: Walter says (July 2002), "I am CEO of Sabo Media, New York, consulting media companies around the world, including Millenium Broadcasting, Standard Broadcasting, The Wall St Journal, The CHUM Group and Sirius Satellite Radio."

Lee Sackett
WSHH [Pittsburgh PA] 1986
WMYG [Pittsburgh] 1988
WLTJ [Pittsburgh] 1990
WRRK [Pittsburgh] 1993
WZPT [Pittsburgh] 1995-1996
WOGH [Burgettstown PA] 2002
WOGI [Pittsburgh] 2003

Now: Lee says (10/03), "I am doing voice-overs and station imaging from my home studio; also working on-air at Country WOGI-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Mike Saffran
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WBEE [ Rochester NY] 1994-2000 - Mike St. John
Now: Mike says (12/03), "I am Associate Director of University News Services at Rochester Institute of Technology; and writer of the column, On the Radio in Business Strategies magazine, Rochester, New York."

Dick Saint(e)
KISN [Portland OR] 1966
KGB [San Diego CA] 1967
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1968
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1969
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1971
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1972
WLS [Chicago IL] 1972
WCFL [Chicago] 1973
KEX [Portland] 198?
KFMS [Las Vegas NV] 1993
K??? [Phoenix AZ] 199?

Now: Dick's old partner at WCFL, Doug Dahlgren, reports (12/10/05): "I'm very sorry to report that Dick passed away this morning at age 67 in The Dalles, Oregon. He had been dealing with diabetes the past several years and had other health issues."

Don Sainte-Johnn
XEGM [San Diego CA] 1968
KYUM [Yuma AZ] 1968
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1969
WGRT/WJPC [Chicago IL] 1971
KFRC-FM [San Francisco CA] 1974
KFRC [San Francisco] 1975
KSFM [Sacramento CA] 1983
KWIN [Stockton CA] 1984
KYA [San Francisco] 1994
KFRC [San Francisco] 1994
KBGG [San Francisco] 1995
KSOL [San Francisco] 1995
KBGG [San Francisco] 1996
KIOI [San Francisco] 1997
KHYL [Sacramento] 1999-2013

Don says (4/15), "I am a no longer at V101 KHYL-FM Sacramento; Full-time college professor is the title, American River College is my new employer." Don was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2010.
Stories .......email:Don@DonSainteJohnn.com

Ed Salamon
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1970
WEEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
WHN [New York NY] 1975-1981
- Nat PD (Storer Radio)
KTNQ [Los Angeles CA] 1978 - acting GM
Westwood One [NY/LA] 1981-2002 - VP/Pres Programming
Ed says (10/13), "I was inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame in 2006. I am the author of Pittsburgh's Golden Age of Radio (Arcadia Publishing [2010]) and WHN: When New York City Went Country (Archer Books [2013])."

Pete Salant
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1973 - Pete Stone
WGNG [Providence RI] 1974 - Pete Stone
WJBQ [Portland ME] 1974 - Pete Stone
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1974 - Pete Stone
WKCI [New Haven] 1979 - Pete Stone
WYNY [New York NY] 1980
WNNR [New Haven] 1986
WWYZ [Hartford CT] 2005-2010

Pete says (6/15), "I earned an Masters in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University in 2015; now working in the field as an LMSW licensed psychotherapist."

Toby Salgado
KSIQ [El Centro] 1999
KROP [El Centro] 1999
XHTZ [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 2000
KSIQ/KROP [El Centro] 1999-2008

Now: DJ Toby says (6/14), "I work as a federal officer with DHS."

Bob Salman
Now: Bob Salman aka Bob King sold his stations in Michigan in1997 and, at last report, was planning to "get back into ownership".

Rick Sampson
KSMN [Mason City IA] 1963
KHAK [Cedar Rapids IA] 1965
KBUR [Burlington IA] 1967
KLWW/KCDR/KMRY [Cedar Rapids] 1975-2009

Now: Rick says (12/16), "I am retired and plan to stay that way."

Ron Samuels aka Johnny Soul
KUXL [Minneapolis MN] 1965 - Ron the Raja of Rythm & Blues
KXLW [St. Louis MO] 1966
KPRS [Kansas City MO] 1966
WBOK [New Orleans LA] 1967
KYOK [Houston TX] 1968
KGFJ [Los Angeles CA] 1968
KGIL [Los Angeles] 1972
KUTE [Los Angeles] 1972
- Dave King
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1972
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1973
WKIS/WLQY [Miami/Ft. Lauderdale FL] 1980
KILT-FM [Houston TX] 1983-1990
KCJZ [San Antonio TX] 1994-1995
KIXS [Victoria TX] 2002-2007

Now: Ron says (7/07), "Clear Channel sold the station (KIXS) and the new owner elected to voice-track the morning show -- and now I need a gig; if you've heard of anything, PLEASE let me know; a resume, more info and air checks are at ronsamuels.net..."

Christine Sanchez
KWG [Stockton CA] 1981
KSTN [Stockton] 1982
KWG [Stockton] 1984
KJOY [Stockton] 1989-1992

Now: Christine says (10/10), "I am a happily married mother and grandmother; early retirment is treating me well; I miss radio but am happy taking care of my family; I enjoy traveling & photography, as well as all my pets."

Al 'Scoop' Sanders
KXLW [St. Louis] 1967 - Al Gay
KWK [St. Louis] 1969
WJZ-TV [Baltimore] 197?

Passed away in 1994.

Ben Sandifer
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WPEZ [Macon GA] 1991-2003
Now: Ben says (10/05), "I manage my own small business, GMS (combination ad agency and audio-video production company); produce everything from creative commercials and jingles to long-format radio programs for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame."

Joe Sands
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KJUL [Las Vegas NV] 1998
Now: Joe says (8/03), "I'm Chief Engineer at KKLZ, KJUL, KSTJ; and owner Sands Broadcast Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada."

Scott Sands
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WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 2000
Now: Scott says (5/03), "I am PD and do swing at Hot AC WZPL (Z99.5), Indianapolis, Indiana."

Steve Sands (Steve Sandoz)
KVEN [Ventura CA] 1961
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1966
WFNC [Fayetteville NC] 1967
WFLB [Fayetteville] 1967
AFVN [Saigon Vietnam] 1969
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1970
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1971
KGBS [Los Angeles] 1971
KROQ [Los Angeles] 1972
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1973
KGBS [Los Angeles] 1973
KKDJ [Los Angeles] 1973
KEZY [Los Angeles] 1974
KWIZ [Los Angeles] 1977
XETRA [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1983
KTEE [Idaho Falls ID] 1986
WJJD/WAIT [Chicago IL] 1987-1992

Steve was working in Chicago in 1992 when he suffered a heart attack and died at age 45; his daughter, Kelli, is interested in hearing from people who worked with her father and especially those who might have air checks of his work; she can be reached at kbeenss@yahoo.com.

Scott Sanfilippo
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WILK [Wilkes-Barre PA] 2001
Now: Scott says (11/02, "I am talking weekends on News/Talk WILK, Wilkes-Barre PA; and playing the best of the 80s on The Buzz WBZH & WBZJ (as Jay Scott). I am also Chief Executive Officer of TheFerretStore.com."

Ty Sante
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KKJJ/KMXB [Las Vegas NV] 2005
Now: Ty says (9/05), "I am production director of Hot AC KMXB-FM (MIX 94.1) and KKJJ-FM (JACK FM). Between my duties at Infinity Broadcasting, my responsibilities to my independent clients and my work with the broadcast community, I find my career to be very much a product of my faith, family, friends, mentors and the talents they possess."

Jim Santella
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1969
WPHD [Buffalo] 1970
WWOL [Buffalo] 1972
- Joel B. Williams
WPHD [Buffalo] 1973
WEBR [Buffalo] 1974
WGRQ [Buffalo] 1975
WZIR [Buffalo] 1980
WACJ [Buffalo] 1980
WUWU [Buffalo] 1981
WGRF [Buffalo] 1989

Now: Weekends at Classic Rock WGRF-FM (97 Rock), Buffalo, New York. But wait ... click for more of the Santella Story.

Al Santos
KMYC [Yuba City CA] 1967 - Allen Stacey
KRFD [Yuba City] 1967 - Allen Stacey
WDEW [Springfield MA] 1968
WTXL [Springfield MA] 1968
- Fritz Morgan
KPUR [Amarillo TX] 1969 - Bob Dark
KIXZ [Amarillo] 1969 - Frank Bullitt
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1969 - Bob Dark
WNHC [New Haven] 1971 - Bud Stone
WPLR [New Haven] 1971 - Bob Dark
WMMR [Philadelphia PA] 1975 - Alfredo
KADE [Boulder CO] 1978 - Alfredo
KAZY [Denver CO] 1978 - Alfredo
WATR [Waterbury CT] 1978 - Bob Dark
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 1978 - Bob Dark
WICC [Bridgeport] 1978 - Bob Dark
WPIX [New York NY] 1979 - Alfredo
WCLY [Washington DC] 1986
WLTT [Bethesda MD] 1987
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 1993
WXTR [Washington DC] 1994
WASH [Washington DC] 1994
WINX [Rockville MD] 1994
WJZW [Washington DC] 1995-2008

Now: Al says (8/09), "Since Jan 2009, I have been with Voice Of America (VOA), Washington, DC as a (behind the scenes) radio broadcast technician." Al remembers...

Mike Santullo
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KKOB [Albuquerque NM] 1997
Now: Mike says (10/02), "I do morning & afternoon drive talk fill-in at News/Talk KKOB, Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Steve Sapp
KEOS [Flagstaff AZ] 1977 - the sapper
KSON [San Diego CA] 1981
KSON-FM [San Diego] 1982
- marketing mgr
XHCR [San Diego/Tijuana] 2001-2002
Now: Steve says (6/04), "I work for a full-service advertising agency called PrimeTime Advertising (San Diego CA). We do radio, TV and newspaper for automobile dealers around the U.S. The agency is owned by the guy who was the PD at KSON who hired me back in 1981. Small world..."

Chris Sargent
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KYGO-FM [Denver CO] 2000
Now: Overnights at Country KYGO-FM and part-time at Jones Radio Networks, Denver, Colorado.

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Neil Sargent
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1975-1978 - SM/GM
Now: Neil says (11/13), "I retired from TM Century, Dallas, in 1999 and moved back to Phoenix to be near family; during these years I have done lots of traveling with good friends Ron Ruth (RAB) and David Graupner (TM), golfing, reading, time with grandkids and great-grandkids and keeping in touch with old pals and colleagues."

Steve Sarner aka Steve Lewis
WLBQ [Morgantown KY] 1978
WFFG [Marathon FL] 1979
- Mark Shaw
WQDI [Miami FL] 1982
WQAM [Miami] 1983
WKIS [Miami] 1985
WQAM [Miami] 1987-1988

Now: Steve says (4/10), "I'm in Sebring, Florida working in automotive advertising; I set the world record for non-stop on air radio broadcasting (11/1982: 408 hours, that's 17 days)."

John Sattgast
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KPQ/KPQ-FM [Wenatchee WA] 1985-1991
Now: John says (11/04), "I work as a senior information officer with the Washington House of Representatives in Olympia, Washington. Yeah, I'm a flack. Better money. Less hours."

Bill Saul
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 1966
KQXI [Denver] 1967
KLZ-FM [Denver] 1968
KLZ [Denver] 1972
KOA [Denver] 1975
KEZW [Denver] 1984
KOSI-FM [Denver] 1990
- Bill Cooper
KHOW [Denver] 1994-1995
Jones Radio Networks [Denver] 1991

Now: Overnight host on the U.S. Country format on the Jones Radio Networks, Denver, Colorado. Bill says, "Working with Bill Minckler, Uncle Mike McCuen and Ric Judson at KLZ-FM would provide some great stories, however I need to check the statute of limitations first! So far it's been a great 35-year ride in radio which I hope to continue just a little bit longer."

Sam Sauls
KSYM [San Antonio] 1973
KTSA/KTFM [San Antonio] 1974
KONO/KITY [San Antonio] 1975
KDNT [Dallas] 1976
KMMK [Dallas] 1978
KAFM [Dallas] 1984
KNTU [Dallas] 198?

Now: Assistant professor, Dept. of Radio/TV, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.

Mike Sauter
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WYEP [Pittsburgh PA] 2003
Now: Mike says (6/10), "I'm Music Director at Public WYEP-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -- and still all about the music."

Brad Savage
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KTCZ [Minneapolis MN] 1999
Now: Brad says (4/03), "I am working full time for Main Street and The Conclave (radio conference), with weekends and a specialty show at Adult Album Alternative KTCZ-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota)."

Gene Savage
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KRMG [Tulsa OK] 2003
Now: Gene says (10/04), "I am a producer and handle Web content for News/Talk KRMG, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Check out my SavageRock.com."

Stan Savran
WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 1976
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 198?
SportsBeat on KBL Cable TV [Pittsburgh] 199?
- host
Post-Gazette [Pittsburgh] 199? - weekly columnist
KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 199? - weekly commentaries
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 199?
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1998
WBGG [Pittsburgh] 2002
WEAE [Pittsburgh] 2008
WBGG [Pittsburgh] 2010

Now: Stan hosts a daily midday talk show on WBGG (ESPN 970), in addition to hosting Pirates and Penguins pre-game TV shows on Root Sports.

Tim Sawyer
WHOO [Orlando FL] 1969
WLOF [Orlando] 1969
- CE
WEAM [Washington DC] 1973 - CE
WHOO [Orlando] 1974 - CE
KCMO [Kansas City MO] 1976 - CE
WCAW [Charleston WV] 1982-1985 - CE, pilot (aka Captain Tim)
Now: Tim says (11/07), "From 1985 to present, I have run T.Z. Sawyer Technical Consultants (FCC consultant engineer), Washington DC metro area; I fondly remember the early days of rock and roll at the legendary WLOF, Orlando, working with great people like Pat O'Day, Bill Vermillion, Dick Shane, Ken Katt, Doug Van Allen; Kansas City and traveling with the KC Chiefs football team (1976-1982) as producer of the radio network broadcasts; and the wild days in West Virginia as Captain Tim, morning traffic reporter and pilot extraordinaire at WCAW."

Ted Sax
KORL [Honolulu] 19??
KGMB [Honolulu] 19??
KGU [Honolulu] 1994
E Honolulu News [Honolulu] 1995
- TV column
Passed away February 9, 2000. Click for more on Ted.

Richard Saxton
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KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 2001-2006 - business reporter
Now: Richard says (7/07), "I am in business development for high technology, Internet companies; pursuing acting roles in commercials, TV and movies; looking for freelance radio and TV work."

Frank Scales
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KLBJ [Austin TX] 1992-1994
Now: Frank says (7/09), "I'm loving life and radio in Northern California in the shadow of legendary San Francisco market, and talk radio mecca, Sacramento; Director of Creative Services for the K-LOVE & Air 1 Christian radio networks, Rocklin, California."

Jon Scaptura
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WENE [Binghamton NY] 1999
Now: Jon says (1/16), "I was PD of WENE from 2000-2014. I am currently the market engineer for iHeartMedia in Binghamton, NY."

Ed Scarborough
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1971 - Ed Mitchell
WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1972 - Ed Mitchell
WDRC [Hartford] 1973 - Ed Mitchell
KSD [St. Louis MO] 1976
KHTR [St. Louis] 1980
KKHR [Los Angeles CA] 1983
KLTR [Houston TX] 1986
WMXJ [Miami FL] 1992
KQXT [San Antonio TX] 2002
KHTC [Houston] 2007

Now: Ed says (8/07), "I became PD of Classic Hits KHTC-FM (107-5/K-Hits), Houston, Texas in Jan 2007."

Harry Scarborough
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1965 - Ted Bear
KKJO [St Joseph MO] 1965
KELP [El Paso TX] 1966
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1966
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1967
KQRS [Minneapolis] 1967
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1968
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1969
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1969
KGB [San Diego CA] 1970
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1971
KIMN [Denver CO] 1971
KTLK [Denver] 1972
KSFX [San Francisco] 1973
KPRI [San Diego] 1978
KCBQ [San Diego] 1981
KWAV [Monterey] 1985
KNRY [Monterey] 1986
KIOI [San Francisco] 1992

Harry Scarborough died in early Jan 2012 in San Francisco, CA (age 68). See Harry Scarborough (KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room); and this piece from Claude Hall Online.
Harry meets Humble Harve...

Joel Scarborough
FEN (Far East Network) [Wakkanai Japan] 1959
WLOX [Biloxi MS] 1960-1964
- Scarboro
Keesler Countdown [syndicated] 1960-1963 - writer/ancr
WLOX-TV [Biloxi] 1962-1964 - Teen Time dance party host
KALB [Alexandria LA] 1964
WLOX [Biloxi] 1965-1969
- Scarboro
Watermark Productions [Hollywood CA] 1970 - writer
Mystic Recording Studios [Hollywood CA] 1970 - writer
KSIG [Lafayette LA] 1971
KAJN [Lafayette] 1971
WLOX [Biloxi] 1974
- GM
WPUP [Biloxi] 1976-1977 - GM
Now: Joey says (1/03), "I am retired, but operate a small family business with my artist wife."

Rick Scarry
WDLR [Delaware OH] 1963
KGY [Olympia WA] 1964
- Rick Schaeffer
WWOW [Conneaut OH] 1967
WWGO [Erie PA] 1967
- Lou Burdick
KUDU [Ventura CA] 1967
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1968
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1968
- Sebastion Tripp
KKOP [LA] 1970
KKDJ [LA] 1971
KDAY [LA] 1972
KGIL [LA] 1974
KMET [LA] 1979
KNX-FM [LA] 1981
KHJ [LA] 1982
KMET [LA] 1986
KMPC [LA] 1987-1991

Now: Rick says, "I left KMPC and the radio biz in 1991 and have been working as a character actor ever since. TV appearances include "That '70s Show", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Malcolm in the Middle", "The Drew Carey Show", Howard Stern's TV comedy "Son of the Beach" and dozens of others. My website (click above) will bring you up to date with what I'm doing. Thanks again and I enjoy checking 440 on a regular basis."

Vin Scelsa
WABC-FM/WPLJ [New York NY] 1970-1971
WNEW-FM [New York] 1973-1982
WXRK [New York] 1985
WNEW-FM [New York] 1996-2000

Now: Vin Scelsa's show, Idiot's Delight, is heard Saturdays 8-midnight on Public WFUV-FM (Fordham University), New York, NY.

Peter Schacknow
WVBR [Ithaca NY] 1974
WTKO [Ithaca] 1978
WGSM [Huntington NY] 1979
WLIR-FM [Garden City NY] 1980
UPI Radio [New York NY] 1980
- business editor
ABC Radio [New York] 1981 - writer, editor
CBS Radio [New York] 1986 - business reporter
CNBC [Ft. Lee NJ] 1989 - radio anchor
WOR [New York] 1990-1992 - business anchor
WBBR [New York] 1999
Now: Peter says (7/04), "I am co-anchoring mornings on WBBR (Bloomberg Radio) in New York, specializing in business and financial news. I had a long side trip into TV at CNBC as a producer and on-air reporter, but also did work for CNBC Radio through those years, as I'm a radio person at heart. I've now discovered that when the stock market is falling, people chase you down the street and yell at you!" Click for more from Peter.

Con Schader
KICN [Denver] 1961
KLAK [Denver] 197?
KRXY [Denver] 1983-1983

scorpiomensan@yahoo.com reports (5/06), "Con (Conrad F.) Schader (born Nov 8, 1932) died July 9, 2003 (age 70) in Golden, Colorado."

Don Schaeffer
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KHYT [Tucson AZ] 1999-2002
Now: Don says (3/17), "I have been running Don Schaeffer Voiceovers [Atlanta, GA] since 2010)."

Doug Schaub
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WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1997
Now: Doug says (8/04), "I am Production/Imaging Director for WFIL (Christian teaching & Talk) and WNTP (conservative Talk and News), and fill-in DJ for B101-FM, Philadelphia, PA (since 1997); also, freelance consultant (aren't we all) for WOMC-FM, Ocean City, MD.".

Mark Scheerer
WGLN [Toledo OH] 1971
WIOT [Toledo] 1972
WEBN [Cincinnati OH] 1975
WMMR [Philadelphia PA] 1978
WMET [Chicago IL] 1981
ABC News [New York NY] 1983
CNN [Atlanta GA] 1989-2001
WQXR [New York] 2008-2010

Now: Mark says (12/10). "I am doing radio news in the public interest for New York News Connection, an arm of Public News Service."

Denis Scheyer
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KUSF [San Francisco CA] 2002 - Dennis the Menace
Now: Dennis says (1/04), "I am DJ and producer of The Menace's Attic (Friday night Music Specialty Show) on College KUSF-FM, San Francisco, California." See scheyer.com.

Steve Schindler
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WTKX [Pensacola FL] 1993
Now: Steve says (Sep 2002), "I am a computer specialist for the U.S. government and do weekends and vacations at Rock WTKX-FM, Pensacola, Florida."

Bob Schmidt
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WIZM [La Crosse WI] 1994
Now: Bob says (9/07), "I have been working for Midwest Family Broadcasting since Sep 1994; started off as producer of La Crosse Talk, then named APD; in 2006 I started Early Morning BS, the show runs before our morning show; when not at work I build Web sites, watch TV and play with my kids at our cabin."

Eric Schmidt
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WARH [St. Louis MO] 2006
Now: Eric says (4/07), "I'm doing nights at Adult Hits WARH-FM, St. Louis, Missouri."

John Schmidt
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KAYD [Beaumont TX] 1974-1979 - Todd Bishop
Now: John is a family-practice physician in Mansfield, Texas.

Mark Schmit
WOTW [Nashua NH] 1979 - Mark Roberts
WEIM [Fitchburg MA] 1981-1983 - Mark Roberts
WORC [Worcester MA] 1985 - Bob Daniels
WCIB [Cape Cod MA] 1990
Now: Mark says (11/09). "I started at WOTW-FM in Nashua, NH doing a six-hour Sunday night shift and was paid $5.00; moved over to WEIM in Fitchburg and then to Country WORC in Worcester; at that time I elected to try sales; stayed there for five years until moving to Cape Cod and started at WCIB in Falmouth. I love Cape Cod with my wife Lisa and four kids."

Pete Schmitt aka Pete Summers
WKBK [Keene NH] 1980
WLAD [Danbury CT] 1985

Now: Pete says (9/05), "I still host the morning show on Adult Contemporary WLAD, Danbury, Connecticut. In addition, I hosted a midday talk show called Dialogue 80 from 1989-1999."

Lindsay Schnebly aka Bill St. James
Now: Doing voiceover work in Los Angeles.

Rick Schneider aka Chris Van Dyke
WPAZ [Pottstown PA] 1971 - Rick Taylor
WMNI [Columbus OH] 1972 - Rick Smith
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1972
KGW [Portland OR] 1973
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1974
WZMF [Milwaukee] 1977
KMOD [Tulsa OK] 1978
WTKX [Penscola FL] 1981
WNGS [West Palm Beach FL] 1983
- Rick Snyder
WPTV-TV [West Palm Beach] 1984 - anchor
WEVU-TV [Bonita Springs FL] 1986 - news director
WKPT-TV [Kingsport TN] 1987-1987 - news director
Internet Travel [Florida] 1999 - VP
Now: Rick says (2/04), "After years in radio-TV, I changed careers and have been in the travel business since 1992. I work for a leading online travel company in Florida. In other words, I finally got a real job :)" See Rick's page at linkedin.com.

Ted Schober aka Ted Savage
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WWJZ [Mt. Holly NJ] 1990-2004 - owner, CE, AT
Now: Ted says (1/08), "I am consulting engineer at Radiotechniques (Haddon Heights, New Jersey) since 1979: station design, FCC representation and transmitting equipment manufacturer for radio stations."

Terry Schreiber aka Theresa Lee
WGBS [Miami FL] 1974
WBSS [Miami] 1980
WTMC [Ocala FL] 1984
WINZ [Miami] 1986
- traffic, continuity
WJCS [New Bern NC] 1988-1991 - co-owner
Now: Terry says (3/07), "I'm living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; after numerous years in broadcasting, commercial V-O work and whatnot, I got a real estate license, and, 20 years later, became a managing broker for two large real estate offices of a publicly held company; married Skip Schreiber, former record promotions director (another Legend!) in 1984 and enjoy reading up on old friends and colleagues from both industries."

Dain Schult
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WSRZ [Sarasota FL] 1981-1982
Now: Dain says (8/17), "I am CEO of GET (Global Entertainment Technology), featuring a number of creative services in the fields of radio, wireless and Internet that make a difference in people’s lives."

Jim Schultz
WINE [Danbury CT] 1976-1983
WRKI [Danbury] 1976-1983
WZBG [Litchfield CT] 1983

Now: Jim says (11/03), "I've owned Schultz Communications (contracting company), Litchfield, Connecticut since 1982, but still manage to do some fill-in work and voice-overs for radio, TV and industry."

Rick Schultz aka Steve Taylor
WBCH [Hastings MI] 1970
WLAV [Grand Rapids MI] 1972-1972
- Rick Hues
WZZM [Grand Rapids] 1975
WGRD/WGRD-FM [Grand Rapids] 1976
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1978
WIKS [Indianapolis IN] 1980
WVAF [Charleston WV] 1981
WXBQ [Bristol VA] 1982-1991
WQUT [Johnson City TN] 1984-1989
WPJO [Bristol VA] 2002-2004

Now: Rick says (1/13), "I'm working as a computer science instructor at East Tennessee State Univ while pursuing a Masters degree in computer science. Weekly cume 90 students, and TSL is 1hr 20 min! A captive audience; still doing the best mobile DJ shows around) to grow a new brain for the next 50 years of my career." Click for Rick's fondest radio memories.

Bob Schuman
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1969
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1972
WYOO [Minneapolis MN] 1972
WNDE [Indianapolis] 1973
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1975
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1977
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1979
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1979
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1981
WROR [Boston MA] 1982
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1984
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1984
WJR [Detroit] 1986
WYUU [St Petersburg FL] 1991
WOWF [Detroit] 1993
WYCD [Detroit] 1993
WOMC [Detroit] 2011

Now: Bob says (7/11), "I am News Director at WOMC-FM (104.3), Detroit, Michigan."

Don Schuster
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1968
WWWW [Detroit] 1970
WXYZ-TV [Detroit] 1975
- production
WNIC [Detroit] 1976
WABX [Detroit] 1976
WTCM [Traverse City MI] 1977
WWJ [Detroit] 1978
WOMC [Detroit] 1980
WWJ [Detroit] 1982
- SM
WDIV-TV [Detroit] 1985-1990 - sales
Now: Don says (Oct 2002), "Since 1990, I have been self-employed as Donald Schuster Productions and ‘A Spotlight Performance’, running my own mobile DJ business. I am known as Donald Schuster a.k.a. ‘DJ Shine’. I am based in Lake Orion, Michigan. I can be reached by email or at (248)391-3600."

Michael Schutta aka Charlie Popcorn
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WUUU [Franklinton, LA] 2002
Now: Michael says (7/03), "I am C.O.O. of Pittman Broadcasting, Franklinton, LA."

Mark Schreiber
WBRU [Providence RI] 1974-1985 - Mr. Vibes
WICE [Providence] 1979-1979
Now: Telecommunications attorney (since 1988) at Cooper, White & Cooper LLP, San Francisco, California.

Blaine Schwartz
WADD [Rochester NY] 1973
WCMF [Rochester] 1975-1979
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 1985
WCPN [Cleveland] 1986-1990

Now: Blaine says (1/10), "I am a partner practicing commercial real estate law at Lippes Mathis Wexler Friedman LLP in Buffalo, New York." Memories from Blaine.

Don Schwartz aka Tim Tyler
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KCHX [Midland TX] 1996-2001
Now: Managing Partner at Brewer Broadcasting, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Ed Schwartz
WLS [Chicago IL] 1965
WIND [Chicago] 1966
WGN [Chicago] 1982
WLUP/WLUP-FM [Chicago] 1992-1996

Eddie Schwartz died Feb 4, 2009; See his bio on Wikipedia.

Red Schwartz
WTTM [Trenton NJ] 1949 - Red Martin
WDAS [Philadelphia] 1956 - Red Top
Vee Jay Records [Chicago] 196? - National Promotion
Roulette Records [New York] 1964 - National Promotion
United Artists Records [New York] 1969 - National Promotion
Now: Retired. Residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Mike Schweizer
Now: Technical Manager at Improbable Missions Force in San Francisco, Op/Tech at news-talk KQED-FM, Producer/Consultant at Oakland A's Radio Network, Technical Manager at Sports Byline USA, San Francisco.

Mike Scinto
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WDAO [Dayton OH] 1999
Now: Mike says (1/08), "I'm doing Expressions II with Mike Scinto on Urban Contemporary WDAO, Dayton, Ohio. I am focusing on my Christian faith, my wife, young son and daughter; I am also fill-in host for the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher Show..."

Andy Scott (Andrew Paul)
WKAZ [Charleston WV] 1977
WQBE [Charleston] 1977-1978
WCHS [Charleston] 1981
WVSR [Charleston] 1982
WLLR [Davenport IA] 1983
KBOB [Davenport] 1993-1993
KIQK [Rapid City SD] 1995
KOEL [Waterloo IA] 1996
KCRR [Waterloo] 1997
WHZR [Logansport IN] 1999
WCBK [Indianapolis IN] 2008

Now: Andrew says (4/08), "I'm doing occasional voice work in the Indianapolis area, and grabbing all the hours I can on Country WCBK-FM. I always enjoy talking with any folks who worked Charleston, WV radio in the 1970s or Quad-Cities in 1980s-1990s -- speaking of which, 2008 would be WLLR's 25th year on the air; it would be SUPER COOL if we all got together for some sort of reunion -- probably never happen, but a nice idea nonetheless..."

Col Bob Scott
WBIP [Tupelo MS] 1950-1953 - Irv Feldman
Far East Net [Japan] 1956 - Irv Feldman
WTUP [Tupelo] 1957 - Irv Feldman
WCRR [Corinth MS] 1958 - Bob Irwin
WSUH [Tupelo] 1958-1959 - Bob Irwin
WRSG [Albany GA] 1978 - Irv Feldman/mgr
WUFF [Eastman GA] 1985
WFOY [St. Augustine FL] 1990-2003

Now: Bob is retired and residing in St. Augustine Florida.

Charlie Scott
KEEE [Nacogdoches TX] 1974 - Rod Brannon
KLUF [Lufkin TX] 1975 - Rod Brannon
KWIC [Beaumont TX] 1976 - Rod Brannon
KRBE [Houston TX] 1977
KXYZ [Houston] 1978
KRLY [Houston] 1979
KYST [Texas City TX] 1980
KAUM [Houston] 1981
KSRR [Houston] 1982-1982
KHTV [Houston 1979-1985
- sports anncr
Now: Charlie says, "I left broadcasting in 1985 to start a cellular and pager company. Sold it in 1998. I have a ranch on the San Bernard River. I live on the golf course in Quail Valley. I have plenty to do and, God willing, lots of time to do it. Of all the people I worked with in the Houston market, Ted Carson was the most interesting. I really liked the guy. Catfish was nice. Barry Kaye. I have not thought about these names in so long. I wonder where they all went. I would not trade the experience for anything, but I sure would not go back on the air either. It was a wild ride through the '70s and '80s. Thank God I made through in one piece."

Chuck Scott
KAYC [Beaumont TX] 1962
KIKK [Houston TX] 1963
AFRS [U.S. Army] 1964
KNUZ [Houston] 1967
WLS [Chicago IL] 1968
KNUZ [Houston] 1971
- News Dir
KHTV-TV [Houston] 1973 - News Dir
KULF [Houston] 1976 - News Dir
KQUE [Houston TX] 1989-1997
Now: Operations Director at www.Broadcast.net, Internet site for the broadcast industry. Chuck says, "We also also offer Oldies on BNETRadio.com, Internet radio."

Dave Scott
WHJB [Pittsburgh PA] 1942
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1942
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1968
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1969

Dave died Dec 2, 1996.

Dave Scott
WPAG [Ann Arbor MI] 1961 - Dave Blyth, Dave White
WQOK [Greenville SC] 1965 - Dave Wild
WPTR [Albany NY] 1966 - Dave Wild
KSHE [St Louis MO] 1967 - Dave Wild
KIRL [St Louis] 1968 - DJ, PD, VP, engineer
KFMZ [Columbia MO] 1968 - DJ, VP
Z format [Dallas TX & 4,600 stations] 1975-1985 - DJ, PD, GM, prez
Scott Studios [Dallas] 1992-2004 - president, owner
Captain Digital [Dallas] 2005 - president
Now: Dave says (9/10), "I was DJ and chief engineer for two months before KSHE (FM), St. Louis/Crestwood, MO went from Frank Sinatra (et. al) MOR to Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Iron Butterfly (et. al.) underground rock in October, 1967. Paychecks often bounced. Left in March, 1968 to start KIRL (AM); was assigned the air name Dave Scott after the late DJ at KQV, Pittsburgh because KIRL had jingle demos from PAMS with the name Dave Scott. I purchased PAMS jingle masters from Toby Arnold and Associates while at Century 21 Programming in Dallas; sold them to JAM later; purchased TM Productions, TM Communications, etc. while owner of Century 21 Programming in 1990; changed company name to TM Century. Invented GoldDisc oldies compilation CDs in 1985; sold to over 3,000 stations; invented weekly current HitDisc CDs in 1986. 2005-2005: Owner, president of Captain Digital studio automation company; 2005-present: Owner, president of RadioTraffic.com traffic/billing software."

Eric Scott aka Cadillac-Jack
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WIOV [Lancaster PA] 2001
Now: Jack says, "I am doing mornings at Country WIOV (I-105) Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I do an occasional shift at WIOQ/Philly on various weekends. Still loving radio."

Jay Scott
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KBLL [Helena MT] 1997
Now: Jay says (8/04), "I am News and Sports Director for News/Talk KBLL, Helena, Montana. I also do TV play-by-play for high school and college sports for Omega Television; and I am continuing a career as a sports official."

Jay Scott
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WSOC [Charlotte NC] 1988
Now: Jay says (3/09), "I teach technical theatre at a private school in Charlotte, North Carolina and still do radio (part time at Country WSOC-FM)/voice work (since 1984). If and when you decide to get out of the radio biz, try t eaching; remember all the folks that taught you along the way and you will soon find how rewarding it is to touch a young person's life whether they get into the biz or not; there are many paths to travel in the entertainment world and my goal is to share all these with my students and let them make their own decisions."

Jeff Scott
KOPA [Phoenix AZ] 1982
KTAR [Phoenix] 1983-1995

Now: Jeff says, "I am Vice President, News at Skyview Satellite Networks, overseeing Arizona, California news radio networks."

Jerry Scott
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WGBB [Freeport NY] 1969-1975
Now: Jerry's son Paul reports (11/11), "Jerry is retired and lives outside Nashville, Tennessee; he enjoys golf and works in the auto industry; after a long and torrid career that fairly soared, nearly touching the heights most broadcasters dream of, this shooting star burned out. To this day, a lifelong auto enthusiast, golf enthusiast, Ohio State fan, hopeless romantic as well as a U.S. Marine for 6 years..."

Jessie Scott
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WRLT [Nashville TN] 1998
X Country XM Radio [Washington DC] 2000

Now: Jessie says (9/08), "I have been with XM Radio since the beginning, as the first female PD who was hired; I am also president of the Americana Music Association."

Jim Scott
WVLK [Lexington KY] 1969
WTXL [Springfield MA] 1970
WHYN [Springfield] 1971
WYSL/WPHD [Buffalo NY] 1975
WGR [Buffalo] 1978
KLBJ-FM [Austin TX] 1982
KQFX [Austin] 1989
KLTD [Austin] 1990-1991

Now: Jim says (2/16), "I retired from Travis Association for the Blind (Austin, Texas) in June 2014 and am still living in Austin, playing golf and working on my Mustangs."

Jim Scott
WINR [Binghamton NY] 1960
WENE [Binghamton] 1960
KGB [San Diego CA] 1966
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1967
WSAI [Cincinnatti OH] 1968
WYSL [Buffalo] 1969
WNBC [New York NY] 1972
WPTR [Albany NY] 1974
WPHD [Buffalo] 1977
WGR [Buffalo] 1979
WSAI [Cincinnatti OH] 198?
WLW [Cincinnatti] 1984
WWNK [Cincinnatti] 1996
WLW [Cincinnatti] 1997-2015

Now: Jim Scott retired from WLW -- and radio -- April 3, 2015 and lives in Cincinnatti, Ohio. See Jim Scott says goodbye, his way (Cincinnati Enquirer).

Jim Scott
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WKSI [Greensboro NC] 1997
Now: Production director at Hot AC WKSI-FM, Greensboro, North Carolina. Jim is also public address announcer for the Greensboro Coliseum and president of Jim Scott Creative (production company).

John Scott
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1988
Latest report: Newscasting in San Francisco. More info needed.

John Henry Scott
WAIR [Winston-Salem NC] 1963 - Jay Jay Gantt
WHSL [Wilmington NC] 1965
KXOJ [Tulsa OK] 1969
WROZ [Evansville IN] 1972
WSHO [New Orleans LA] 1974
WNPS [New Orleans] 1976
WFPR [Baton Rouge LA] 1978
WSDL [New Orleans] 1985-1987
WKJN [Baton Rouge] 1989-1992
WAAV [Wilmington] 1995-2001

Now: John says (2/11), "I left broadcasting at the end of 2008, after 45 years; semi retired, but do magic shows at fairs and festivals, fortune telling, etc.; I'm also still active in the screen actors guild and have 12 feature roles listed on IMDB Web site; otherwise spend days riding by the ocean on one of my two old Harley choppers."

Ken Scott
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KISN [Salt Lake City UT] 1976-1979
Now: Ken (Pangborn) says {12/10), "Out of radio since 1980, I'm working as a legal consultant in New Port Richey, Florida; semi-retired; still a ranking smart-ass as I was on the air; I was the personality PD's loved to hate; never followed the rules; formats were merely suggestions to me; I still don't like rules; went to Cuba a few years back and got married to a drop-dead gorgeous woman and brought her home with me; Fidel has never forgiven me."

Kirby Scott (Confer)
WCAO [Baltimore] 1964
WBAL-TV [Baltimore] 1967
- host: The Kirby Scott Show
WDCA-TV [Washington DC] 196? - host: Wing Ding
Now: President, Keymarket Stations, Inc. (group owner).

Larry K. Scott
WJJJ [Christiansburg VA] 1972 - Larry Dillon
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1975
WCMB/WSFM [Harrisburg PA] 1979
WSVA [Harrisonburg VA] 1980
WARM-FM [York PA] 1982

Now: Middays and Internet coordinator at Adult Contemporary (Soft Rock) WARM-FM, York, Pennsylvania.

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Michael Lee Scott
KQXT [San Antonio TX] 1990-1997
Now: Mike says (11/13), "I retired from broadcast radio in 1997; since 2012, I have been doing a daily show on Internet radio station The Double Q."

Mike Scott
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WYCD [Detroit MI] 1999
Now: Mike says (11/06), "I am programming coordinator and doing middays at Country WYCD-FM, Detroit, Michigan; I hope I'm here until I'm 100; it's a great place to work; I have been fortunate to spend the majority of my radio career here in the Detroit market, where I was born and raised."

Mike Scott
WRAW [Reading PA] 1997-2003
Now: Mike says (2/04), "I worked part-time in radio at WRAW-AM to help pay for some of my college loans. I had the time of my life. I am now teaching high school social studies. I would love to get back into radio in some capacity even if its a high school radio station, or Internet broadcasting."

Neil Scott
WPRO [Providence] 1963
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1964
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1967
KERN [Bakersfield] 1971
KACL [Santa Barbara CA] 1975
KEZX [Seattle] 1990
KJR [Seattle] 2003
KHHO [Tacoma WA] 2005

Now: Neil says (9/10), "I am hosting RECOVERY - Coast to Coast, a national, nightly two hour talk show dealing exclusively with addiction and recovery on Sports KHHO, Tacoma, Washington; in addition, since 2003 I've been working as an update anchor on SportsRadio KJR, Seattle, and covering Seattle teams for various national networks, including ESPN Radio, The Fox Sports Radio Network and Sirius."

Randall Scott
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WLHR [Lavonia GA] 2008
Now: Randall says (6/08), "I am Ops Mgr and do mornings at Country WLHR-FM, Lavonia (Lake Hartwell), Georgia; the station went on the air May 18, 2008 and covers 100 miles in Georgia and the Carolinas; we are a part of Georgia-Carolina Radiocasting, owned by Art Sutton (13 stations in the company)."

Randy Scott
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KLPX [Tucson AZ] 2003
Now: Randy 'Scott' Malick says (7/03), "I am an account exec at Heritage Rocker KLPX-FM Tucson, Arizona." randy@randymalick.com

Randy Scott
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WLEE [Richmond VA] 1967-1974
Now: Randy says (7/09), "After communication positions with Capital One and the late Circuit City, I'm still in Richmond doing freelance voice work and hoping to retire by age 95; unless I owe you money, shoot me an email."

'Rotten' Robin Scott
KDEO [San Diego] 1965
KCBQ [San Diego] 1967

Now: ???

Sam Scott
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KRZZ [Wichita KS] 1983-1985
Now: Sam (Samuel Scott Sapp) says (3/04), "I'm a supervisor at Via-Christi Regional Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas."

Steve Scott
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KKFM [Colorado Springs CO] 1975-1980
Now: Steve says (11/03), "I started my own small business doing portable sound and music for social events when I was still in high school, part time at first then eventually full time after leaving broadcasting. Now we do sound, music, light shows and video dances."

Steve Scott
KSJS [San Jose CA] 1979
KRVE [San Jose] 1981
KLIV/KARA [San Jose] 1982
KWSS [San Jose] 1984
WRXR [Chicago IL] 1986
WCKG [Chicago] 1987
WLS [Chicago] 1993
WCBS [New York NY] 2006

Now: Steve says (10/06), "I am co-anchoring the afternoon news on WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City; it was difficult to leave Chicago after more than twenty wonderful years, but the opportunity to work at one of the nation's great all-news radio stations was too good to pass up; I'm thrilled to be here!" He muses, "My favorite station growing up in central California was KFRC, San Francisco. I listened to Doctor Don Rose every day as I drove to high school. Now people tell me they listened to ME in high school. Yikes!!"

Taylor Scott (Scott Larson)
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KUDL-FM [Kansas City KS] 1999
Now: Taylor (Scott) says, (5/04), "I'm imaging/production director, and do overnights for Adult Contemporary KUDL-FM, Kansas City, Kansas; I also own Salchris Productions."

Tony Scott
KANI [Wharton TX] 1982
KRLY [Houston TX] 1983
KTUN [Houston] 1984
KRE [San Francisco CA] 1986
KDIA [San Francisco] 1987
WJLB [Detroit MI] 1987
KMJM [St. Louis MO] 1989-2001
KATZ [St. Louis] 1999-1999
WENN [Birmingham AL] 2000-2000
KATZ-FM [St. Louis] 2001

Now: Mornings on Hip Hop KATZ-FM (100.3 The Beat), St. Louis, MO (from Alton IL). Tony says (12/03), "I'm celebrating 15 years in St. Louis radio. I've been doing mornings on Hip Hop KATZ-FM (100.3 The Beat) since 2001. I won an A.I.R. Award twice for best morning show on KMJM and best afternoon show once on KMJM. I did mornings on KMJM for almost 12 years. I actually did 3 different shows a day for a while, mornings on KATZ FM, mornings on WENN in Birmingham (voicetracked) and afternoons on KMJM."

Vic Scott
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KPLX [Dallas TX] 1995 - Smokey Rivers
Now: Middays and Asst. PD. at Country KPLX-FM, Ft. Worth, Texas

Wayne Scott
WLVP [Franklin NJ] 1972
WSUS [Franklin] 1972
WCRV [Washington NJ] 1975
WQTK [Morristown NJ] 1976
WRAN [Morristown] 1977
WFMV [Blairstown NJ] 1979
WLOX [Biloxi MS] 1979
WTYX [Jackson MS] 1979
WJDX [Jackson] 1984-1998

Now: Running Great Scott Productions (since 1998), Jackson, Mississippi.

Phil Scudella aka Phil Taylor
WLOI [La Porte IN] 1963-1963
KHFH [Sierra Vista AZ] 1966
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1972
KUPD [Phoenix] 1975
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1975
KRUX [Phoenix] 1977
KROD [El Paso TX] 1979
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1980
Skyview Satellite [Scottsdale AZ] 1987-1988
- sales mgr
Arizona Player [Scottsdale AZ] 1991 - publisher
Now: Phil says (8/05), "I publish the only gambling magazine in Arizona (ARIZONA PLAYER), working with Arizona casinos, horse, greyhound tracks and the Arizona Lottery. I started out as sales manager in 1991 and purchased the publication in 2002. I still do voice-overs and emcee many events at my old radio clients. Often at radio reunions, I am asked to tell humorious stories (I did some stand-up comedy at the Phoenix Playboy Club in the 70s) from my broadcasting past. I plan on publishing these crazy and embarassing radio stories in the near future. These events will bring back your own thoughts of former jobs, jocks, managers, clients, groupies and the utter craziness from the good old days of radio."

Craig Sea
Now: Doing Air Traffic in Los Angeles and owns a video production company which specializes in both surface based and underwater video productions.

Ryan Seacrest
WSTR [Atlanta GA] 1990
KYSR [Los Angeles CA] 1995-2003
American Idol FOX TV net [Los Angeles] 2004
- host
American Top 40 [Los Angeles] 2004 - syndicated: host
KIIS [Los Angeles] 2004
E! network [Los Angeles] 2006
- red-carpet awards coverage: producer, host
Now: Ryan does mornings at Top-40 KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, California. In his spare time he continues to host the syndicated AT40; American Idol: The Search for a Superstar; and is producer and host of E! networks' LIVE from the Red Carpet.

Kevan Seal
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KQLL [Tulsa OK] 2004
Now: Kevan says (11/07), "I have been PD for Classic Top 40 KQLL-FM since August 2004; I have also been the morning host since July 2006; I have had a blast each day; I still produce all imaging for sister station 97.5/KMOD (since April 2004)..."

Dan Sears
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1973-1978
WREC [Memphis] 1978-1980

Now: Dan says (Nov 2002), "I am a former WMPS newsman, credited with being the first to broadcast the death of Elvis Presley. I am out of radio and work in the Arkansas Juvenile Court system."

Mike Seaver
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KHMO [Hannibal MO] 1993-2001
Now: Mike says (8/16), "I operate Seaver Management and Consulting Services (broacast consulting), Quincy, Illinois."

Bill Sebastian
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KYGO [Denver CO] 1988-2006
Now: Bill (Andrus) says (3/07), "I'm doing TV, radio, voice-mail voice-overs, Web sites and real estate in Denver; radio has been very good to me; now I'm too busy for golf but not for skiing."

Dave Sebastian
KDON [Salinas CA] 1969 - Dave Perry
KNAK [Salt Lake City UT] 1970
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1971
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1971
KHJ [LA] 1974
KFI [LA] 1977
- Dave Sebastian Williams
KIIS [LA] 1977
KTNQ [LA] 1978
KIIS [LA] 1980
KHJ [LA] 1985
- Dave Sebastian Williams
Transtar's Oldies Channel [LA] 1986-1990
Now: Running VOICE OVER Resource GUIDE and ISDN ONLY - LA (VO demo duplication company/recording studio) in Los Angeles, California. Click for more from Dave.

Joel Sebastian
WXYZ [Detroit] 1960
KYW [Cleveland] 196?
WCFL [Chicago] 1965
WLS [Chicago] 1972

Passed away in the mid-1980s.

John Sebastian
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1970
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1973
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1974
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1978
KUPD [Phoenix] 1979
WCOZ [Boston MA] 1980
Sebastian, Casey and Associates [?] 1981
KDKB [Phoenix] 1986
KTWV [LA] 1988
KSLX [Phoenix] 1994
KZLA [LA] 1996
KISW [Seattle WA] 2001-2002

Now: John says (12/03), "I'm in Lexington, Kentucky as Director of Country Programming for Cumulus Broadcasting in this area."

Marta Sebastian
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WQLK [Richmond IN] 1999
Now: Weekends at Country WQLK-FM, Richmond, Indiana. Marta says (1/04), "I'm still loving radio; am sales manager for Porter Advertising and own two businesses. Very busy volunteering for community service agencies like United Way and Junior Achievement."

Ron Sedaille
WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 1985
Now: Hosting "All Request Saturday Night" at Oldies WDRC-FM, Harford Connecticut.

Norm Seeley
KBRN [Denver CO] 1961
KDAB [Denver] 1962
KIMN [Denver] 1962
KDAB [Denver] 1963
KTLN [Denver] 1964
KGMC [Denver] 1964
KBTR [Denver] 1964
KIMN [Denver] 1965
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1965
KOOL/KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1967
KXIV [Phoenix] 1973
KENO [Las Vegas NV] 1973-1978
KSHO-TV [Las Vegas] 1976-1978
- reporter/anchor
Now: Norm resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chuck Seese
WVPO [Stroudsburg PA] 1988
WNNJ-FM [Newton NJ] 1998
WSBG [Stroudsburg] 2000

Now: Chuck says (6/08), "Since 2006, I've been morning show co-host for Rock WSBG-FM (93.5), Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; in the biz since 1988 and looking forward to many more years; I'm also play-by-play voice of the East Stroudsburg University Warrior Football team (since 1988)."

Allan Segal
WFPG/WFPG-FM [Atlantic City NJ] 1964-1985
Now: Allan says (2/10), "I am retired in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey; I think I'm unusual in that I held my radio job for over twenty years at only one station, WFPG AM/FM; I was hired by the then GM (Capt'n) John Struckell -- I was working in an electronics parts store and he came in to buy something and heard my voice and offered to audition me right away; I was making a whopping $60 a week at the time and this would be a hefty raise; I found out later the job he offered me paid eighty bucks a week: WOW; well I lasted for twenty years plus. I moved to the Atlantic City casinos when they opened in the 1990s and worked as a part time studio engineer for about a year and a half; when I left to go to the casinos I was the Program Director and Operations Manager. I retired in 2006. The only radio connection I have now is that I listen to it now and then."

Rick Segers
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WGIG [Brunswick GA] 2003-2005
Now: Rick says, "I am living in Gainesville, Georgia; I think back to the days and the fun I had in the business and the great people I knew, Ron Mani, Dave Miller, Skip Elliott, Kris Van Dyke, to name just a few."

Scott Segraves
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KXKC [Lafayette LA] 1993
Now: Production Dir and PM drive at Country KXKC-FM, Lafayette, Louisiana. Scott says (10/02), "I'm here at Bayou Teche, playing Hot Country and getting paid well to act a fool (rip-off for the boss; this ain't an act). I also mother-hen all the station's production; not exactly the brainbreaker of all those PMD/PD/OM years, but not exactly retirement either."

Buddy Seibert
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WBBR [New York NY] 2000
Now: Doing 'radio operations' at Business News WBBR, New York, NY.

Dan Seibold
KZFM [Corpus Christi TX] 1972-1975 - Tim Harris
KHFI [Austin TX] 1975-1978 - Tim Harris
TM Productions [Dallas TX] 1978-1986
KERA [Dallas] 1985-1986
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1986-1989
KTIP/KIOO [Visalia CA] 1989-1991
KOAI [Dallas] 1993-2006
KRBV/KHVN [Dallas] 1999-2002

Dan Seibold died Feb 2, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. See Daniel (Dan) N. Seibold February 28, 1957 - February 2, 2015, and Jody: Remembering Our Coworker & Friend

Tony Sellars
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WWLS [Oklahoma City OK] 1987-1996
Now: Tony says (4/08), "After spending time as a play-by-play announcer and working for ESPN, Fox Sports, Inside Edition, Extra and other syndicated shows, I went back to school, got my MBA and became Athletic Director at Oklahoma City University. Since 2006, I have been Director of Communications for Feed The Children and part of my job is working with radio stations across the country to raise money to feed hungry families. I've been on stations from LA to NYC promoting the cause."

Sean Sellers
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WWZZ [Washington DC] 1998
Now: PM drive at Hot AC WWZZ-FM, Washington, DC. Sean says (12/03), "I'm loving life in the capitol."

Steven O. Sellers
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KONO-FM [San Antonio TX] 2000
Now: Steven say (7/03), "I do middays at Oldies KONO-FM, San Antonio, Texas. Ham radio operator WN5ICF."

Alan 'Big Al' Sells
      Get your full radio history listedComplete Your History
KFRQ [McAllen TX] 1994
Now: Alan says (6/08), "I'm doing mornings at Rock KFRQ-FM, McAllen, Texas -- Charlie Kennedy and I were thrown together in Sep of 1997 and things worked great..."

Larry Selzle
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KUNC [Greeley CO] 2000
Now: Larry says (11/04), "I am busy engineering new systems at our transmitter and translator sites for Public KUNC-FM, Greeley, Colorado."

Jeff Serr
KBLF [Red Bluff CA] 1970
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1973
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1974
KYA [San Francisco] 1977
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 1982
KMGG [LA] 1983
KIIS [LA] 1985
KBIG-FM [LA] 1986
KODJ [LA] 1988
KCBS-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1992
KKGO-FM [Los Angeles CA] 2006

Now: Jef says (6/07), " I am Production and Imaging Director of Country KKGO-FM, Los Angeles, California; I can also be heard on radio and TV commercials for Nissan, CompUSA and ampm stores; check out my work at jeffserr.com."

Steve Sever
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KLZK [Lubbock TX] 2003
Now: Steve says (1/03), "Radio is a hobby now and I enjoy it more. I voice track afternoons on Top-40 KLZK-FM (Stars 104.3), Lubbock, Texas. I won national recognition for an audiobook Safely Home in 2001 and am now the narrator for the popular Christian fiction Left Behind series."

Jim Seward aka Dr. Jim Rhodes
Now: Jim Seward, Ph.D., has been chair of the Communication/Journalism Department at St. John Fisher College (a small, private liberal arts college in Rochester, New York) since 1982. Jim also operates a local freelance consulting business in Rochester.
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