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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (R)

Joel Raab
WTHE [Long Island NY] 1972
WNYN [Canton OH] 1975
WGSM [Long Island] 1976
WJJD/WJEZ [Chicago IL] 1977
- Jay Stevens
WEEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1978 - Jay Stevens
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1981 - Jay Stevens
WHN [New York NY] 1983-1985
Joel Raab Associates [Langhorne PA] 1985
- president
Now: Joel says (5/07), "After leaving day-to-day programming in 1985, I opened a radio programming consultancy specializing in country radio; my clients include stations owned by major operators, including CBS Radio, Entercom, Beasley, Bonneville International, Saga and others; I also work with ABC's Real Country and Coast-to-Coast Networks; I am married with two children and live in Newtown, PA; favorite story: when I was on the air in Pittsburgh I did a spirited talk about how great Barbara Mandrell was, not knowing she was in the lobby listening; she burst into the studio, and did the rest of the show with me sitting on my lap; don't you just love radio? I do!"

Jimmy Rabbitt
KGKB [Tyler TX] 1961 - Eddy Payne/Ronnie Rooster
KRYS [Corpus Christi TX] 1962 - Eddy Payne
KOLE [Beaumont TX] 1962 - Eddy Payne
KDOK [Tyler] 1963 - Eddy Payne
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1964
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1968
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1969
ABC F.M. net [LA] 1971
KHJ [LA] 1973-1973
KGBS [LA] 1977
KSNO [Aspen CO] 1979
Satellite Music net [Dallas TX] 1988
KVIL [Dallas TX] 1989
KNUE [Tyler] 1990
KTMJ [Tyler] 1992
KTYL [Tyler] 1994
KDOK [Tyler] 1997
- Eddy Payne
KZKS [Rifle CO] 1997-2000
KAFM [Grand Junction CO] 2002

Now: Doing a weekly show on Public KAFM-FM, Grand Junction, Colorado. Jimmy says (June 2001), "I am writing new songs and recording a new CD (Jimmy Rabbitt and Friends;) Working on a tribute CD for The Sir Douglas Quintet; Writing a book/screen play Joke Em' (if they can't take a fool!) autobiography; Back to college to finish degree in Mass Communications started at The American University, Washington D.C."

Clark Race
W??? [Albany NY] 1958
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1959-1970
Sat PM Dance Party KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1963-1967
- host
KMPC [Los Angeles CA] 1971-1978
The Parent Game ABC-TV [LA] 1972
- host
KYUU [San Francisco CA] 1978
KBRT [LA] 1980
KYXY [San Diego CA] 1981-1986

Now: ejjeff@pa.net reports: Clark died of an apparent heart attack Tuesday, July 27, 1999 while being treated for throat cancer. He will be buried in his home town of Hudson, NY. He and his wife came back to Pittsburgh in the 1980s to open up a bed and breakfast in Sewickley and recently opened one in New Wilmington. He was 66 years old.

Rebekah Radisch
WXYC [Chapel Hill NC] 1980-1989 - as Carolyn Beck (news) Jenny Clash (DJ)
WCHL [Chapel Hill] 1981 - Carolyn Beck
WRBX [Chapel Hill/Durham NC] 1982-1983 - Becky Diamond
WRDU [Raleigh NC] 1984-1987
WDCG [Durham NC] 1987-1988
- Ashley
WTRG [Raleigh] 1988-1989
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 1993-1995
WGMS [Washington DC] 1994-1995
- programming asst
WUNC [Chapel Hill] 1998
UNC-TV [RTP NC] 1999
- publicist, editor, announcer
Now: Rebekah says (12/10), "I am at North Carolina's public television network, UNC-TV (since 1999); I work as editor of the monthly program guide, CenterPiece, and in publicity and promotions for statewide and national programming; since 2009 I also have provided on-air station promos as the voice of UNC-TV."

Mark Radziewicz aka Mark Razz aka Razz
WACB [Kittanning PA] 1982 - Mark Richards
WKST [New Castle PA] 1983
WFEM [Ellwood City PA] 1985
WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1985
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1989
WAAF [Worchester MA] 1991
WAXQ [New York NY] 1993
WXRK [New York] 1996
WMMR [Philadelphia PA] 2000
Sirius Octane/Hair Nation [New York] 2005
WXTU [Philadelphia] 2006

Now: Evenings at Country WXTU-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Razz says (4/06), "I am working at a country station after many years in Rock radio; it's a challenge and a hell of alot of fun; I am never afraid to reinvent myself or take on a challenge; If you don't have a Country station on your resume, get one! I am always stoked to hear from old friends and listeners. Send a note."

Now: at Classic Rock KBFX-FM, Anchorage, Alaska.

Walt 'Failsafe' Radke
KHJ [LA] 195?
Now: Retired.

Franklin Raff
CJMQ [Lennoxville Québec] 1988 - Bishop's School
WYBC [New Haven CT] 1992 - VP, Acting GM
WFQX [Winchester VA] 1997
WNTW [Winchester VA] 1998
WCGA [Brunswick GA] 2000
Radio America networks [Washington DC] 2003

Now: Franklin says (1/05), "I am Executive Producer / Creative Producer for Radio America networks, Washington, DC (The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Michael Reagan Show). I am also running Raff Radio Marketing Group, a radiocentric media buying house & creative shop, Washington DC."

Lou Rafino
WNBC [New York] 197?
WFAN [New York] 1989

Now: Engineer/board operator for Imus in the Morning at sports/talk WFAN, New York

Roger Rafson
WEEF [Chicago] 1969
WVVX [Chicago] 1972
WEFM [Chicago] 1975
WPGU [Urbana IL] 1976
- GM
WILL [Urbana] 1979-1980 - mgt (uiuc.edu)
WSHH [Pittsburgh PA] 1982-1982
Now: Roger says (12/13), "Since 1982 I've been president of Commercial Media Sales, a rep firm specializing in small and medium market radio stations located all over America; in 2003 we began brokering stations as well."

Beau Raines
WPEZ [Pittsburgh] 197?
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1979
WLVE [Miami FL] 1984
WKRL [Clearwater FL] 1986
WFYV [Jacksonville FL] 1990
KCFX [Kansas City MO] 1991
WROR [Boston MA] 2001
WZLX [Boston] 2002

Now: Program Director at Classic Rock WZLX-FM, Boston Massachusetts.

Jon Raker
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WMHX [Harrisburg PA] 2005-2007 - Jon Ryan
Now: Jon says (3/07), "I direct several funeral homes and cemeteries through out central Pennsylvania; I live with my beautiful wife and awesome kids in Exeter, PA and can be found volunteer firefighting, playing a great game of neighborhood football and just relaxing with the family at one of the area antique malls; I also own an ice-cream, funnel cake and lemonade concession business, which keeps everyone real fat and busy."

Bob Rall
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WTYX [Jackson MS] 1991-2003
Now: Bob says (2/05), "I am semi-retired (doing voice-overs) in Jackson, Mississippi."

Rick Ralph
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CJCL [Toronto ON] 2007
Now: Rick says (1/07), "I'm the morning sportscaster with the Landry and Stellick morning show (Don Landry and Gord Stellick) on Sports CJCL, Toronto; have been a professor of broadcast journalism and improvisation at Seneca College since January of 2001."

Chip Ramsey
WCIL [Carbondale IL] 1980
WEBQ [Carbondale] 1982
WGBF [Evansville IN] 1983
WBOW [Terra Haute IN] 1987
WLRW [Champaign IL] 1987
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1988
WBOW [Terra Haute] 1990-1992
WNTC [Evansville] 1995
WNSR [Nashville TN] 1997
WJOX [Birmingham AL] 2000
WJOL [Joliet IL] 2002
WSSP [Milwaukee WI] 2004
WLKN [Sheybogan WI] 2007

Now: Chip says (10/07), "I am doing mornings on Adult Contemporary WLKN-FM, Sheybogan-Manitowoc Wisconsin."

Dan Ramsey
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KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1981-1982
Now: Dan says (3/19), "Discovering that radio was 'fame, fortune, and food stamps,' I became a freelance writer, authoring HOW TO BE A DISC JOCKEY (TAB Books, 1981) and 103 other non-fiction books. Now retired and living in northern California -- and helping out with a LP FM."

Ed Ramsey
WBAC [Cleveland TN] 1981
WALV [Chattanooga TN] 1983

Now: Mornings (w/Mike Lee) at Top-40 WALV-FM, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ed says (10/04), "I've never worked anywhere but Cleveland/Chattanooga, Tennessee. I work with a super guy (Mike Lee ... he tells me he's great all the time). Brewer Broadcasting is a great employer and I appreciate the wonderful audience we have."

John Ramsey
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WCCC/WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1998 - Chief Technical Officer
Now: John says (1/09), "In addition to working at WWUH (University of Hartford) and WCCC, I am president of Ramsey Communications Services (radio engineering consulting and contracting); I'm also the chair of Chapter 14 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (2009)..."

Bret Ramthun
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WXCL [Peoria IL] 2003 - B.J. Stone
Now: Bret says (6/03), "I am APD and MD (as B.J. Stone) at Country WXCL-FM, Peoria, Illinois."

David Rancken
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KODA [Houston TX] 1992
KVIL [Dallas TX] 2005

Now: David says (8/05), "I have moved to Dallas and joined the morning show at Adult Contemporary KVIL."

Ted Randal
KASH [Eugene OR] 1947
CHUM [Toronto] 195?
KROY [Sacramento] 195?
KOBY [San Francisco] 1956
KPIX-TV [San Francisco] 1958
- dance show host
KEWB [San Francisco] 1959
KDWB [Minneapolis] 195?
KFWB [LA] 1961
KFI [LA] 1968
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1971
- consultant
CHUM [Toronto] 1971 - consultant
CKSL [London Ontario] 1974 - consultant
CKAN [Toronto] 1986 - PD/manager
Now: Retired and residing in Florida.

Jeff Randall
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KNBQ [Tacoma WA] 1984-1988
Now: Jeff says (7/11), "I am living in the Seattle area; since 1997 I have been out of radio - while continuing to do freelance voice-over work and special events and sports announcing..."

Rich Randall
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WSKZ [Chattanooga TN] 1997
Now: Rich Randall is local co-host of the John Boy & Billy Big Show on Classic Rock WSKZ-FM (KZ-106), Chattanooga, Tennessee. Rich says (11/04), "I am semi-retired from daily broadcasting and producing individual radio shows, marketing and advertising conulting, and media (talent) consulting; and living in Atlanta, Georgia."

Bill Randle
The Green Hornet/Hermit's Cave [Detroit MI] 1940s - radio actor
freelance radio gigs [Chicago, Cleveland, Akron] 1940s
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1949-1961
Top DJ in America [] 1955
- TIME magazine
WCBS [New York NY] 1956 - Saturday show
WBBG [Cleveland] 198?
WRMR [Cleveland] 1990-200?

Now: Bill Randle died July 9, 2004 (cancer) at the Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio. John Rook reports, "Bill Randle, ‘The Pied Piper of Cleveland’, has signed off for the last time, he was 81. Bill was a disc jockey before they had a name for it, starting a radio career in 1949 Cleveland at WERE, many unknown big stars of the future including Elvis Presley were introduced by Randle to Buckeye radio listeners. His recommendation alone opened the door of stardom for dozens of unknown singers in the 1950s as an exciting rhythmic sound called rock ’n’ roll began its march across America much to the delight of teenagers and the shock of concerned parents. Bill Randle deserves a special place in Cleveland’s Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame." See Bill Randle 1923-2004 from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Wayne Randle
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WVOK [Birmingham AL] 1981-1990
Now: Wayne says, (2/08), "I joined the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989; I can remember like yesterday the days in Birmingham Radio..."

Bob Randolph aka Cowboy Bob
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WYXZ [Mansfield OH] 2001-2002
Now: Bob says (8/04), "I'm out of radio, working for the American Bowling Congress in public relations (since August 2002)."

Johnny Randolph
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KYTE [Newport OR] 1991
Now: Johnny (John R. Wareham) is PD and DJ at Hot AC KYTE-FM, Newport, Oregon.

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Randy Place
KACL [Bismarck ND] 2012
Now: Randy says (3/17), "I am market engineering manager and on-air for Townsquare Media in Bismarck, North Dakota."

Al Rantel
WINZ [Miami FL] 1977
KNX [Los Angeles CA] 1978
WNWS [Miami] 1979
WFTL [Miami] 1991
KABC [Los Angeles] 1997

Now: Al talks evenings at News/Talk KABC, Los Angeles.

Ken Raposa
WRKO [Boston] 1972
production company [Boston] 1984
- owner
Killed in 1987 motorcycle accident at the age of 37.

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Paul Rasmussen
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 2007
Now: Paul does the KDKA Morning news -- with Larry Richert and John Shumway. He says (10/17), "I worked part-time in the Top-40 era in the late 1970s in my hometown and as a college student. Tried sales and sales management in the mid to late 1980s, went back to college and eventually landed a job in news, which was what I was most interested in from the beginning! Have been anchoring for 20+ years."

Gary Ratcliff
Now: The old 'Nighthawk' is now VP/GM of KONI, Maui, Hawaii.

Dave Ratcliffe aka Captain Dave Edwards
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WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1971-1975
Now: Dave says (12/17), "I retired in 2015."

Chris Rathaus aka Chris Randall
WPRO [Providence RI] 1964
WLOB [Portland ME] 1967
WPTR [Albany NY] 1968
- Chris 'Topher' Randall
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1969 - Chris Ryan
WBMJ [San Juan PR] 1970
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1972
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1973
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1976-1977
Sun Radio Net [Clearwater FL] 1994
- syndicated Talk host: The Rat House
WRMF/WJNO [West Palm Beach FL] 1996
WQAM [Miami FL] 1997
Radio Ink magazine [-] 199?
- producer: Radio Live series
RadioCentral Internet radio [San Francisco CA] 2001
Sirius Satellite Radio [New York] 2002-2006
- talk channel imaging, promos
Chris Rathaus died May 18, 2006.

John Ravenscroft aka John Peel
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 196?
KLIF [Dallas] 196?
WRR [Dallas] 196?
KIMN [Denver] 1964
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1966
Radio London (pirate) [London England UK] 1967
BBC Radio 1 [London] 1967-2004

Now: John Ravenscroft aka John Peel died Oct 26, 2004.

Bill Ray
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KSKG [Salina, KS] 1996
KYEZ [Salina, KS] 2004

Now: Bill says (3/04), "I'm Program Director and morning personality on Country KYEZ-FM, Salina, Kansas."

Billy Ray
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KTON [Belton TX] 2004
Now: Billy says (1/06), "I am in Belton on air producing a Classic Country Format with a Texas flavor: playing the legends of Country, Texas greats and newcomers, and long lost music Top-40 Country has forgotten."

Bob Ray
KMPC [Los Angeles CA] 1967-1968 - sports writer
KSRF [Los Angeles] 1968-1969
KACE [Riverside CA] 1968
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1969-1970
- Tom Mitchell
KLIV [San Jose CA] 1970-1979
KEEN [San Jose] 1975-1978
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1979-1980

Now: Bob says (11/07), "My rollercoaster radio ride came to an abrupt end in San Francisco and I began working with smaller clients on their radio advertising; clients recommended to me by friends I'd made in the sales department during my ten years at KLIV in San jose. Freelance work turned into a small advertising agency which blossomed over nearly thirty years into one of the Bay Area's premier advertising and marketing nameplates: Bob Ray Creative Services. I readily admit that I've had more fun, been blessed with more success and enjoyed more of life than was likely meant to be my share. I am forever grateful to those who extended both hands to open doors that were closed; providing a guiding light on dark inroads; giving me confidence when my own was lacking. Charlie Tuna's generosity to a college kid on the phone helped get the snowball rolling down the hill and today - forty years later - I'm happy to say the snowball is still rolling. My advertising agency thrives while others have fallen, my voice-over career brought me back in the summer of 2007 to where it all started in Los Angeles and, with a little luck, I'll have time to climb some a few more mountains. Radio has always been the great love of my life and although she dumped me years ago, I'd take her back in a second. There is no ride like radio even though it's a job you start to lose the day you are hired."

Don Ray
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WYND-FM [Hatteras NC] 1996-2000
Now: Don says (9/11), "I am an ordained minister and chaplain emergency response counselor in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina; I also play drums part time."

Kelley Ray
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KWHN [Fort Smith AR] 2010
Now: Kelley says (3/12), "I am still doing radio, since 1990, with Clear Channel in Fort Smith, Arkansas."

Matt Ray
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WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1996-1999
Now: Matt says (6/03), "I am Director of Creative Services for Cox Radio Group, Jacksonville, Florida; also shopping agents, running Matt Ray Productions on the side, and raising two boys. Still playing in the sandbox. If it weren't for digital editors I'd probally be in the seminary by now."

Rob Ray
WBRV [Boonville NY] 1985-1985
WZOZ [Oneonta NY] 1988
WCDO [Sidney NY] 1990

Now: Rob says (6/07), "I do morning drive and am News Director at Adult Contemporary WCDO, Sidney New York; we were forced to broadcast from our tower site outdoors, with a laptop, an old mike mixer, and cell phones to gather emergency information, after floods forced us out of our downtown location. We received all sorts of accolades for staying on the air and bringing information to our area after devastation hit our area."

Steve Ray
WOHN [Herndon VA] 1976
WPGC/WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1976
WPFW [Washington] 1979
KKUR [Ventura CA] 1989
KIST [Santa Barbara CA] 1990
KHTX [San Bernardino CA] 1991
KLIT [Los Angeles CA] 1991
KMPC [LA] 1993
KERN [Bakersfield CA] 1993
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 1993
KRCI [Avalon CA] 1994
- GM
KGRB [LA] 1994 - GM
Westwood One Oldies Channel [LA] 1995
ICRT [Taipei] 1996
KRLA [LA] 1998
KOLA [San Bernardino] 1999
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 2000

Now: Host/Creator of "Rock & Roll Revue" at WBIG-FM (Oldies 100), Washington, DC.

Gene Rayburn
WNEW [New York] 1946-1952
Monitor, NBC Radio [LA] 1960s/70s
- co-host
Match Game, NBC-TV [LA] 1962-69 - host
Match Game, CBS-TV [LA] 1973-79 - host
Hollywood Squares, NBC-TV [LA] 1983-84 - host
Passed away in Glouster, Massachusetts, Nov 29, 1999 [age 81].

Hal Raymond
WDZ [Decatur IL] 1957
WEEK [Peoria IL] 1958
KISN [Portland OR] 1959
KAYO [Seattle WA] 1961
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1962
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1962
KGW [Portland] 1964
KEX [Portland] 1968
WSBA [York PA] 1973
WOYK [York] 1995-1998

Hal Raymond died of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) August 8, 2005.

Steve Raymond
WZIX [York PA] 1979 - Randy Bell
WYCR [York] 1980
WRHY [York PA] 1981
WPCN [Stroudsburg PA] 1982
WSBG [Stroudsburg] 1984
WNCK [Providence RI] 1986
WHTF [Lancaster] 1987
WZXL [Atlantic City NJ] 1990

Now: Steve says (4/07), "I am PD and morning host at Rock WZXL-FM, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Jeff Raynor
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WXMY [Saltville VA] 2000-2007 - owner
Now: Jeff says (2/12), "Due to some bizarre legal issues, I'm now retired from broadcasting, but still doing voice-over work from my home studio (who isn't?); I'm in the process of discovering new paths in my life."

Bob Read
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KNUZ [Houston TX] 1972-1972
Now: Bob says (7/12), "After many years on the air I changed into the engineering domain. I worked with the real professionals - Star Stations, Drake, RKO, and networks; I learned from the best and after more than 40 years in the business I now understand that today, radio is CRAP - bottle-fed, pre-recorded, multi-station ownership; it has all changed, and not for the best."

Tom Reason (Tommy Fairweather)
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KOTZ [Kotzebue AK] 2001-2001 - GM
Now: Tom says (10/07), "I'm working as a technical support specialist for National Oilwell Varco, Houston, Texas; I'm finally using that electronics experience and training to make really decent money and loving life; I love radio, but we all know that it's almost impossible to make a decent living in radio these days; please email me, I love hearing from old friends and co-workers..."

David Reaves
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WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1988-1996 - CE
Now: David says (10/02), "I am with TransLanTech Sound, LLC, New York, NY, creators of the award-winning Ariane Stereo Audio Leveler."

Jeff Rechner
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InterFM [Tokyo Japan] 1996-1998
CKLG [Vancouver BC] 2003-2007

Now: Jeff says (7/07), "I have moved my voice business to Los Angeles, California, where the Voice Boy empire continues to expand."

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Dick Record
WIZM/WIZM-FM [La Crosse WI] 1971 - GM/president
Now: Dick says (4/15), "Semi-retired (2009); Still working, national sales, board of directors at several Midwest Family stations (including WIZM, WIZM-FM), doing some real estate buying-selling, involved in loads of community groups, boards including Wisconsin Broadcasters (VP of radio), member Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame, couple of university foundations. Travel (foreign) couple times a year."

Jon Rector
WSCM [Panama City FL] 1960 - Jolly Jon
WPCF [Panama City] 1967-1968
WYOU [Tampa FL] 1970-1971

Now: Jon says (7/03), "I'm a technical training consultant. My board and control room has turned into a classroom. My audience is now just 10-20 years of age. It's still exciting to know that I can still speak, and maybe make a difference. WSCM and WDLP always were in competition for listeners and revenue in Panama City. Our station manager, Gene Millsteen, and the WDLP manager got into a verbal exchange once that went something like this: WDLP mgr said, 'WSCM must mean, we slaughter country music.' Gene said, 'WDLP, we do lousy programming.'"

Kidd Redd
WKDF [Nashville] 1989
Now: Program Director at WKDF-FM, Nashville.

Clay Redden
WCOV [Montgomery AL] 1977
Alabama Information Net [Montgomery] 1979
NBC Radio Net [Montgomery] 1979-1989
- Alabama news
WCOV [Montgomery] 1980
WBAM [Montgomery] 1981
WIGC [Montgomery] 1982
Alabama Radio Net [Montgomery] 1983
WACV [Montgomery] 1985
WLWI [Montgomery] 1991-1991

Now: Clay says (10/03), "I recently ended 27 years in radio, newspaper and wire service (UPI) journalism to become public information director for the Alabama House of Representatives."

Mal Redin
WYEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1974 - aka John Huntley-Marshal
LBC [London England UK] 1979
The Source NBC [New York NY] 1985-1997
- London correspondent
Now: Mal says (6/07), "I am teaching radio and TV production and theory to students at City and Islington College and the University of Westminster, both in London." Click for more from Mal.

B. Mitchel Reed - The Beemer
WOR [New York] 1956
KFWB [LA] 1957
WMCA [New York] 1963
KFWB [LA] 1965
KPPC [LA] 1968
KMET [LA] 1968
KRLA [LA] 1971
KMET [LA] 1972
KLOS [LA] 1981
Global Satellite NetworkRockline [LA] 1981
- host
Passed away at his home in LA in March 1983 (heart condition).

Don K. Reed
WLIR [Long Island NY] 1963
WCBS-FM [New York NY] 1972

Now: ndwrms@pacbell.net reports (July 2002), "Don has just passed his 30-year mark on legendary NYC Oldies station WCBS-FM, and is one of only two jocks (Bill Brown is the other) who's been there since they went oldies in 1972."

Donna Reed
WQDR [Raleigh NC] 1985-1987 - Donna Belle
WRDU [Raleigh] 1988-1995
WCXR [Washington DC] 1987-1988
KLOL [Houston TX] 1998-2000

Now: Donna says (8/05), "I am a voice-over talent for TV news and sports networks and am represented by the William Morris Agency in New York."

Jerry Reed
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WIBX [Utica NY] 1983-1987
Now: Jerry says (11/02), "I am Senior Media Relations Specialist with the Oneida Indian Nation and its Turning Stone Casino Resort 30 miles east of Syracuse, New York. I also do free-lance voice-overs and on-camera acting for video production companies."

Nick Reed
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WEKT [Elkton KY] 1997 - owner
Now: Nick says (6/04), "I co-own Gospel WEKT in Elkton, Kentucky. Our station is automated about 65% of the day and after 30 years, my DJ'ing days are pretty much over. I do a lot of commercial production along with handling advertising sales. I also work at the FOX & UPN Television Stations in Nashville, TN. I'd love to hear from any of my long time aquaintences in the radio business."

Tim Reed
WWKY [Lexington KY] 1980 - Eric Reed
WAXU [Lexington] 1982
WJMM [Lexington] 1987
- Paul Berlin
WFKY [Frankfort KY] 1990-1991
Now: Tim is a motion picture projection and sound service engineer for ASC Companies, in West Palm Beach, FL. He says, "I've also built a video production suite (Cinex Studios, Florida) to make special-interest and short-run videos. Some of my film library can be seen in "The Drive-In" episode of Fox Television's "That 70s Show", as well as in numerous documentaries. Look for me in the text of the "Drive-In Movie Memories" book, by Don and Susan Sanders; for which I also contributed many of the illustrations."

Bryan Reeder
KYKS [Lufkin TX] 1994 - Mark Reed
KAVX/KSWP [Lufkin] 1998
KVTT [Dallas TX] 2005
KITY/KOTY [Llano/Mason TX] 2011
KSAM [Huntsville TX] 2014
KHVL [Huntsville] 2014

Now: Bryan says (12/17), "I host mornings on KHVL, middays on KSAM (Huntsville, TX) and Operations Manager for both stations."

John Lewis Reeder aka Johnny Lewis
KDOL [Lancaster CA] 1961
KREO [Indeo CA] 1962
- CE
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KTBT [Los Angeles] 1970-1972

Now: John says (3/05), "In 1978 I started as Chief Engineer for the then UCLA Department of Theater, Film & TV. The position did not include a teaching assignment, but with my background I guest lectured in TV production classes, as I do today, on technical issues and the operation of new production and recording equipment. Over the years, I have upgraded the UCLA Film & Television Studios three times and have advanced most major production elements to digital. As a major architect of all things video at UCLA's School of Film, and Television, I am quite busy but still find time to do voice-overs for student films. I also record DJ tapes & CD's, just for fun, calling them The Melnitz Music Machine named for Melnitz Hall, home of the Film & Television school's production facilities." Click for more from John.

Leighton Reed-Nickerson
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WDNH [Honesdale PA] 1977-1978 - owner: Linc Nickerson
Now: Leighton says (2/09), "I am Senior Manager for Qualcomm's MediaFLO (live TV to your hand-held device); I have been a ham radio operator since 1959 (ex K10DC, ex W2HIE, now W7HIE)."

Gary Reese
WRBR [South Bend IN] 1994
Now: Gary says (2/09), "I am still at Rock WRBR-FM, South Bend, Indiana; I have been a weekend DJ since 1994 which has turned out to be my longest job held..."

Warren Tracy Reese
KQCY [Quincy CA] 1968
KFLW [Klamath Falls OR] 1968
KJAY [Sacramento CA] 1969
KLIL [Ukiah CA] 1971
KPSI [Palm Springs CA] 1971
WCNL [Newport NH] 1972
- GM
KCNO [Alturas CA] 1972-1972
KNBA [Vallejo CA] 1975
KPH [Point Reyes Station CA] 1976-1997
- Morse Code station CE
KOIT [San Francisco CA] 1997-1999
Now: Warren says (7/09), "I am I am retired (as of 2007) in Eureka, CA, doing mostly nothing, but with lots of memories: a 35-year career in 28 cities, coast to coast and I would surely love to hook up with some of my old friends." More from Warren.


Dale Reeves
WLRS [Louisville KY] 1964
WINN [Louisville] 1965
WAKY [Louisville] 1966
WKLO [Louisville] 1967
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1968
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1969
- Brian Alexander Christie
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1970 - Jonathon Christie
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1971 - Jonathon Christie
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1972
WCDQ [New Haven] 1973
WGBS [Miami FL] 1976
WJW [Cleveland OH] 1978
WGCI [Chicago IL] 1978
WDEE [Detroit MI] 1978
WKTU [New York] 1979-1982
WRKI [Danbury CT] 1986
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1989-1991
WSIX [Nashville TN] 1998
WSM-FM [Nashville] 1999
Sirius Satellite Radio [New York] 2001
WKGC [Panama City FL] 2004

Now: Dale says (10/05), "I do a show on WKGC, Panama City, Florida; it is public radio so I get to play the music I love; an eclectic mix of Jazz and Standards." He fills us in, "I was, along with the Real Bob James, one of the founders of ACN (The American Comedy Network) and worked for them full time from 1983 to 1987 and part time through 1994. I have always been in and out of radio because I've spent so much time doing VO work. I am the voice of President Clinton in the Beavis and Butthead movie and just recently got another residual check - after almost 10 years. Who Knew! I have a VO studio in Florida where I do voices and radio liners for folks around the country and I was one of the original hosts hired for the launch of Sirius radio. That gig lasted almost three years. Your site really brought back a lot of memories. I've worked with a lot of the talented people listed. It is nice to know where these great personalities are now."

Ron Reeves
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WJZF [Tallahassee FL] 1996-1997
Now: Ron says (11/02), "I'm in Operation Enduring Freedom, military journalist/broacaster, Afghanistan."

Jack Regan
WCWR [Clearwater FL] 1969
WILZ [St. Petersburg FL] 1973
WDAE [Tamps FL] 1974
WLCY [St. Petersburg] 1975
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1977
KXKX [Denver CO] 1975
KIMN [Denver] 1978
KTLK [Denver] 1979
WZZP [Cleveland OH] 1980
KOAQ [Denver] 1980-1987
KKPK [Colorado Spring CO] 2005

Now: Jack says (4/09), "I am in Denver doing voice-over commercials, and I own a wholesale car business; plus I do weekend work on Adult Contemporary KKPK-FM (92.9 The Peak), Colorado Springs, Colorado."

Scott Regen
WFUN [Miami] 1963
WKNR [Detroit] 1965
CKLW [Detroit] 1969
WKNR [Detroit] 1970

Now: Freelancing (writing/producing) in New York City.

Ron Reger
WEZO [Rochester NY] 1971
WNYR [Rochester] 1971
WPHD [Buffalo NY] 1974
WEBR [Buffalo] 1974
WFMS [Indianapolis IN] 1976
WMYK [Norfolk VA] 1976
WNOR [Norfolk] 1977
WMYG [Pittsburgh PA] 1988
WHRO [Norfolk] 1989
WTAR/WLTY [Norfolk] 1990-1993
Now: Ron says (6/08), "I am strategic business planner at the Virginia Housing Development Authority in Richmond -- at VHDA since 1993."

Aaron Rehkopf aka Bill Rehkopf
WWCH [Clarion PA] 1986
WMKX [Brookville PA] 1987
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1991
WKSB/WRAK [Williamsport PA] 1992
WHP/WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1993
WARM [Scranton PA] 1996
WRBT [Harrisburg PA] 1996
- Harvey Taylor
WPOC/WSMJ/WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1999
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 2007
WNEW [Washington DC] 2012
WCBS [New York NY] 2016-2017

Now: Aaron/Bill says (11/17), "I am with CBS News, Washington, DC."

Clark Reid
KKIS [San Francisco] 1988
KYA [San Francisco] 1992
KSFO [San Francisco] 1992
KYCY [San Francisco] 1994
KBAY [San Jose CA] 1994
KBGG [San Francisco] 1994
KABL [San Francisco] 1997

Now: Program Director at Nostalgia KABL, San Francisco, California.

Jim Reid
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WODE [Allentown PA] 2000-2002
Now: Jim says (1/10), "I have been an English teacher at Lehighton Area High School since 1977; I would love to get back into an Oldies formatted radio station in the Lehigh Valley"

Denis Reidy
WXLO [New York NY] 1974-1976
WSGA [Savannah GA] 1977-1981
- Denis Reid
WRNL [Richmond VA] 1983-1985 - Denis Day
WDYL [Richmond] 1986-1987
WCMS [Norfolk VA] 1989-2000
WNIS/WTAR [Norfolk] 2000
WKCK [Norfolk] 2004-2005
WUSH [Norfolk] 2010

Now: Denis says (5/10), "I am Production Director at Country WUSH-FM, Poquoson, Virginia."

Jim Reihle
Now: Doing afternoon news on 'Supertalk' WINZ, Miami, Florida. Jim is also a juvenile drug counselor at Here's Help Miami and hosts the Here's Help Show on Y-100, BIG 106 and Planet Miami-Fort Lauderdale on Sunday mornings.

Mike Reily
KDON [Salinas CA] 1987
KXXX [San Francisco] 1990
KFRC [San Francisco] 1991
KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1992
KYA [San Francisco] 1993
KSFO [San Francisco] 1993
KBGG/KABL [San Francisco] 1996
Comquest [San Diego] 1996
Premiere Radio Networks [Los Angeles CA] 1998
KIIS [Los Angeles] 2001
Premiere Radio Networks [Los Angeles] 2004
- Mediabase
Mike says (5/05), "I am with the Mediabase division of Premiere Radio Networks (syndicate), Los Angeles, California."

Mike Reineri
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1968
WIOD [Miami FL] 1975
WAXY [Miami] 1993
WJNA [West Palm Beach FL] 1999

Steve Zeigler reports, "Mike Reineri, 60, passed away Friday, Jan 3, 2003 after a brief illness. Mike was born in Pittsburg, KS and grew up mostly in Raleigh, NC. He spent 46 years as a radio broadcaster in Chicago, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Cleveland and the last 27 years in South Florida. We will always remember Mikey saying at the close of every show, 'Y'all hold what y'all got, until you get - what y'all want.' Good-bye Mike, you were GREAT radio. Steve Zeigler, WIOD (1970-1996)."

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WAIA [Jacksonville FL] 1994-1996
Now: Renee' (Mullins-Puzo') says (11/03), "After semi-retiring from broadcast radio, I own own a business specializing in senior health care in Jacksonville, Florida."

Rich Renik
KFAR [Fairbanks AK] 1968
WXFM [Chicago IL] 1970
WDHF [Chicago] 1971
WMAQ [Chicago] 1975-1988
Satellite Music Network [Mokena IL] 1985-1988
WUSN [Chicago] 1988-2003
WCCQ [Joliet IL] 2003

Now: Rich says (6/10), "I'm with Next Media's Country WCCQ-FM (98.3) and teaching radio at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting; also, having fun doing some TV (Animal Planet, Discovery, Weather and A&E) as well as some film work (The Truth About Average Guys). Having been in radio since 1968, there is no shortage of stories -- only a shortage of available space."

Dick Renkes
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KBOB [Davenport IA] 1993-1996 - Boots McKay
Now: Dick says (10/03), "I am enjoying a retirement from radio, so to speak, by using my voice talents at an automotive advertising agency. We do all the writing, voice-over talent, buying and servicing of over 30 accounts from coast to coast."

Paul Resnik
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1969
WPLR [New Haven] 1970
- Paul Taylor
WSVP [Providence RI] 1971 - Bill Walker
WMEE [Ft. Wayne IN] 1971 - Paul Drew
WAVZ [New Haven] 1973 - Cash Sunshine
KGMQ [Honolulu HI] 1974 - Captain Cook
WAVZ [New Haven] 1976 - Cash Sunshine
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 1977 - Cash Sunshine
WQXM [Clearwater FL] 1978
WSDO [Miami FL] 1978
WHCN [Hartford CT] 1980
- Eddie Haskell
WPLR [New Haven] 1983 - Eddie Haskell
WMMO [Orlando FL] 1989-1995
Now: Paul says (7/07), "I'm senior multi-media producer for Symantec Software (Central Florida); I left radio in 1995, and, what I miss most is the old days, Drake radio, high energy, hard drivin' rock jocks who knew the art form of being a radio personality; the closest I get to a mic these days is doing the international phone announcements for Symantec (you only have two more hours to wait for a tech, etc.) and voicing many of the learning courses for Symantec products; I stay in touch with a number of the guys I came up in radio with; I would love to hear from anyone I may have worked with during my 26 year career in radio; please contact me -- unless I owe you money."

Beau Reyes
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KMIX [Modesto CA] 1994
KCOO [Bakersfield CA] 1997-2001
KHIX [Elko NV] 2005

Now: Beau is PD and doing mornings at Hot AC KHIX-FM, Elko, Nevada."

David Reynold (David Esch)
AFVN [Saigon, Vietnam] 1968
WCAR [Detroit MI] 1969
KKGF [Great Falls MT] 1970
WFUN [Miami FL] 1970
WZUU [Milwaukee WI] 1972-1973
KBIG [Los Angeles CA] 1985-1985
WNUA [Chicago IL] 1987
WYTZ [Chicago] 1990
WPNT [Chicago] 1991
WMVP [Chicago] 1997-1998

Now: David says (11/07), "I am a Chicago-based voice-over talent; was promo and segment voice of The Jenny Jones Show for 11 seasons; also, the voice of Indiana Jones and Han Solo for LucasArts' Temple of Doom and Galactic Battleground, respectively."

Dick Reynolds
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KRVN [Lexington NE] 1983-1992
Now: Dick is a reporter for the North Platte Telegraph, North Platte, Nebraska. He says (10/02), "My most emotional experience was being a young broadcaster on the air the day President John F. Kennedy was shot. The difference in the speed, quality, and flow of information from almost anywhere in the world today compared to that day in 1963 is something a person would have to experience in order to fully appreciate. 1963-bulky reel-to-reel tape decks, phone feeds with beepers, clack, clack, clack of teletypes, three speed turntables that never seemed to run at the right speed, cart machines always needing the heads cleaned, first-phone or restricted license requirements, and low pay were some of what 1963 radio was like."

Howard Reynolds
KPFT [Houston TX] 1976
KILE [Galvestn TX] 1977
KILT-FM [Houston] 1978
KLOL [Houston] 1979
KYND-FM [Houston] 1979
KENR [Houston] 1980
KNUZ [Houston] 1983
KODA [Houston] 1998
KKRW [Houston] 1998

Now: Howard says (8/03), "I am still working at Adult Contemporary KODA-FM and Classic Rock KKRW-FM on weekends, and any other time they need me. I was the last country disc jockey on KENR when it changed formats from country to a radio magazine type format. I played the last song on KNUZ when they changed the format from Oldies to News Talk."

Joey Reynolds
KQAQ [Austin MN] 1960
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1961
WPOP [Hartford] 1962
WKBW [Buffalo] 1963
WDOK [Cleveland] 1966
WIXY [Cleveland] 1966
WXYZ [Detroit] 1966
WDRC [Hartford] 1968
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1975
WIBG [Philadelphia] 197?
KMPC [LA] 1980
WGAR [Cleveland] 1981
KRTH [LA] 1981
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1983
WHYT [Detroit] 1984
KMGG [LA] 1984
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1984
WHLW [Lakewood NJ] 1985
WNBC [New York] 1985
WSHE [Miami] 1987
WQAM [Miami] 198?
WIOD [Miami] 198?
WPLG-TV [Miami] 198?
WIOD [Miami] 198?
WBZT [West Palm Beach] 1994
WFLY [Albany NY] 199?
WOR [New York] 1996-2010

Now: Joey Reynold's stint at WOR ended in 2010; his overnight show was replaced by the syndicated Coast To Coast. See joeyreynoldsradio.com for contact info.

L.D. Reynolds
KMVI [Wailuku (Maui) HI] 1967
WILS [Lansing MI] 1968
KMVI [Wailuku (Maui) HI] 1969
KMVI-FM [Wailuku (Maui) HI] 1969
KONI [Lanai City (Maui/Lanai) HI] 1993-1999
KAOI [Wailuku (Maui) HI] 2003

Now: L.D. says (4/13), " I unofficially retired from radio after the KONI gig in 1999. Internet Radio Hawaiian Hits Live 1996 to 2003. Did stints at Pacific Radio Group, KAOI Radio Group. Still on the air today doing Tech Talk Radio Saturdays on KAOI AM/FM."

Rick Reynolds
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KKJO [St. Joseph MO] 1989
Now: Rick says (2/09), " Besides doing afternoons on Adult Contemporary KKJO-FM (K-JO 1055), St. Joseph, Missori, I am overseeing a fine satellite AM station (Oldies 1550), and I can also be heard on MIX 97 One in North Platte, Nebraska spinning 70s tunes on Saturday nights..."

Ron Reynolds
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KCBS San Francisco CA] 1989
Now: Evening anchor and voice of KCBS news radio, San Francisco California. Ron's son Rick says, "In 2004 Ron will mark 50 years in broadcasting. Ron and his wife, family marriage counselor Denise Reynolds, are also the founders of New Perspectives, a spiritual foundation in Lafayette California."
(Ron's son Rick)Sactorick@aol.com

Skip Reynolds
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WMC/WMC-FM [Memphis TN] 2000 - CE
Now: Skip says (Aug 2002), "Skip is alive and well and living in Memphis."
more Rs...

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