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Michael Qseng
WAPE [Jacksonville] 197?
KELP [El Paso] 1971
KAUM [Houston] 1974
KRLY [Houston] 1977
WKTU [New York] 1981
KLOL [Houston] 1983
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1984
KGMZ [Honolulu] 1994
KRTR [Honolulu] 1994-1997

Michael Qseng (Michael Jones) died Mar 3, 2005 (heart attack -- in Bangkok, Thailand).

Bernie Quayle
Manx Radio [Isle of Man UK] 1967
WNOX [Knoxville TN] 1969
- Sir Bernard
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1972 - Sir Bernard
WCWA [Toledo] 1977
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1978
- Sir Bernard
Manx Radio [Isle of Man UK] 1980
Talking Pages [Johannesburg South Africa] 1981
SABC [Johannesburg] 1981
Manx Radio [Isle of Man UK] 1989

Now: Bernie is Music Librarian and doing The Late Show on Manx Radio, Isle of Man, British Isles. Bernie says, "...The incredible figures in the audience surveys are the result of giving the listeners what they want to hear - more than 50% of the songs we play are telephone requests." (The Late Show receives calls from as far afield as Northern Scotland, Devon & Cornwell, Cumbria, Northern & Southern Ireland.)

Curt Quesnell
KKAQ/KKDQ [Thief River Falls MN] 1979
Now: Curt says (10/08), "I moved to Thief River Falls, Minnesota in 1979 to put KKAQ on the air and never left; I put KKDQ-FM on in 91 and in 2000 three stations in town (KKAQ, KKDQ-FM, KTRF) became commonly owned; it's till a nice radio market."

Ted Quillin aka T.Q.
KELP [El Paso TX] 1957
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1958
KRLA [LA] 1962-1964
KEZY [LA] 1966
KFI [LA] 1969
KFOX [LA] 1969
XPRS [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1972-1972

Ted Quillin died April 20, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was 81 years old. See more on Ted at wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Quillin.

John Quincy (Ted Tatman)
WCBR [Lexington KY] 1975
WKDJ [Lexington] 1976
WBLG [Lexington] 1977
WAXU [Lexington] 1979
WKBX [Savannah GA] 1979
WZAT [Savannah] 1980
WSSX [Charleston SC] 1981
WXTC [Charleston] 1985
WJUK [Charleston] 1995
WBUB [Charleston] 1995
WXLY [Charleston SC] 1998
WTMA/WTMZ/WNKT [Charleston] 2002
WSUY [Charleston] 2004

Now: John/Ted says (10/07), "I'm APD, imaging guy and technical director for WTMA, Citadel Broadcasting's News-Talk station in Charleston, South Carolina, plus I produce the WTMA morning show. In addition, I manage several Web sites (including tribute sites for WAKY [79WAKY.com], WKLO [1080WKLO.com] and WTMA [WTMAMemories.com), plus do semi-regular mobile DJ work."

Charlie Quinn
WTRU [Muskegon MI] 1975
WGBF [Evansville IN] 1976
WKZW [Peoria IL] 1978
WROK/WZOK [Rockford IL] 1980
KZZP [Phoenix AZ] 1983
WHTT [Boston MA] 1985
WEGX [Philadelphia PA] 1986
KHYI [Dallas TX] 1990
Hunter Broadcasting Pty. [New South Wales Australia] 1990
- consultant
WRVW/WSIX/WLAC/WNRQ [Nashville TN] 1994
KYXY/KPLN [San Diego CA] 1999

Now: Charlie says (10/04), "I've been in San Diego since 1999 with Infinity Broadcasting." He remembers, "One of my favorite experiences was working in Australia. Pollack Media gave me the opportunity to act as consultant for the programming of a group of stations in several smaller markets across New South Wales. It was surprising to find out that one of their most popular formats is the live reporting of horse racing via network."

Chris 'The Mighty' Quinn
WELW [Willoughby OH] 1967 - 'Big'
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1970
WAKR [Akron OH] 1973
WBBG [Cleveland] 1978
WGAR [Cleveland] 1980
KHTZ [Los Angeles CA] 1984
WRMR [Cleveland] 1990
WMJI [Cleveland] 1992
WRMR [Cleveland] 1997
WELW [Willoughby OH] 1999
WABQ [Cleveland] 2004-2007
- CE
Now: Chris Quinn died Sep 27, 2008. See Ohio Media Watch and John Gorman's Media Blog for more details; see Chris' last communication with 440 (Aug 2004).

Jim Quinn
WCUY [Cleveland OH] 1964
WREO [Ashtabula OH] 1965
WWOW [Conneaut OH] 1965
WING [Dayton OH] 1966
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1967
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1968
- Happy Jack
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1969
WPLJ [New York NY] 1972
WPIX [New York] 1973
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1975
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1977
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1979
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1983
WRRK [Pittsburgh] 1992
WPGB [Pittsburgh] 2004-2013

Now: Jim hosts a daily online show: warroom.com.

John Quinn
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WRQX [Washington DC] 1992-1995 - aka Jay Quinn
Now: John says (9/05), "I am Public Affairs Marketing Exec for ABC 7 TV, Washington DC; I started a music publishing company, commuting to Nashville while writing and demoing country songs, but the real job is creating and managing cause-related and international marketing campaigns, managing the station community outreach projects for ABC7 and NewsChannel8; clients include the Embassies of germany, South Korea and Kazakhstan..."

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