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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (P2)

John Pfab
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WRRK [Pittsburgh PA] 2004
Now: John says (6/05), "I'm producer and traffic/weather reporter during the Bob & Tom morning show, plus a jock shift midnight-6 a.m. Saturdays -- for Classic Rock WRRK-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Phlash Phelps
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WCKZ [Ft. Wayne IN] 2000
Now: Mornings (The 60s on 6) at XM Satellite Radio, Washington DC.

Don Phillips
WLS [Chicago] 1964
Now: ???

Joby Phillips
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WCEN [Saginaw MI] 2004
Now: Joby says (1/07), "I'm the on-air PD for Country WCEN-FM (94-5 The Moose), in Saginaw, Midland, Bay City, Michigan; our team has acheived the highest ratings results in the signal's 50-year history; thanks to those who mentored me and got me to this point: Jim Hays, J.R. Nelson, Joel Raab and Harry Legg who got me my first radio internship at Hot 105.".

Kathy Phillips
KNBQ [Tacoma] 1986 - telephone research
KJUN [Tacoma] 1987 - Kathy Magda
KKEY [Vancouver WA] 1988 - Kathy Monroe
KLOG [Kelso WA] 1990-1993
KJNO [Juneau AK] 1995
KINY [Juneau] 1996
KFQD [Anchorage AK] 1998
KBYR [Anchorage]/KMBQ [Wasilla AK] 2005

Now: Kathy says (3/07), "I am News Director and morning news anchor at News/Talk KBYR (SmartRadio AM 700), Anchorage and Adult Contemporary KMBQ-FM (Valley Radio Q 99.7 FM), Wasilla, Alaska; I have been a staple on the Anchorage radio scene since 1998, covering the Capital beat in Juneau for KINY prior to moving my family to the largest city in the state; I made the move to Smart Radio in 2005; I have a proven track record in Anchorage news, being a consistent winner at the Alaska Broadcasters Association Goldie Awards."

Keith Phillips
KQYB [Spring Grove MN] 1981-1983 - Mike Stone
KWWK [Rochester MN] 1985-1990
KNEB/KNEB-FM [Scottsbluff NE] 1999-2009
KWOA [Worthington MN] 2010

Now: Keith says (4/10), "After 10 great years with KNEB, I was downsized and unemployed for a year; I'm doing mornings and farm news for News/Talk KWOA, Worthington, Minnesota; I do miss the music, but coming from a farm backround with prior experience in farm news, this is really a good fit."

Keith Phillips aka Johnny Law
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WOCL [Orlando FL] 1989-2002
Now: Keith says (8/13), "I left radio and moved to Titusville, Florida in 1979 where I enrolled in the police academy. I spent the next 25 years working the streets in the Orlando Metro area. However, I still had radio bug, therefore, I went to work part-time at WOCL in Orlando, using the air name, Johnny Law. I mainly worked nights and weekends from 1989 to 2002. The Orlando Sentinel wrote an article about me entitled, Cop Jock."

Kris Earl Phillips
WMFJ [Daytona Beach FL] 1971
WRKO [Boston] 1973
WCGQ [Columbus GA] 1974
WLPL [Baltimore] 1975
WRQC [Cleveland] 1981
WBSB [Baltimore] 1983
WRKT [Erie PA] 1989
WVGO [Richmond VA] 1991
WHTZ [New York] 1991
WYHY [Nashville] 1992
KEP Software [Daytona Beach FL] 199?
- owner
WSBB [Daytona Beach FL] 2007
Now: Kris says (3/07), "I'm with Nostalgia WSBB, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and owner of KEP Internet Inc., Daytona Beach, Forida; also Program Director of Philadelphia Classic Radio, whose Philadelphia Radio (It was Solid Gold!) web site chronicles the heyday of Philadelphia radio."

Mel Phillips
WJBB [Haleyville AL] 1958
WCDT [Winchester TN] 1959
WKKO [Orlando FL] 1960
WKDA [Nashville TN] 1961
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1962
WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1964
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1965
WALT [Tampa] 1965
WRKO [Boston MA] 1966
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1972
WXLO [New York] 1973
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1973-1974
WNBC [New York] 1976
WBUD [Trenton NJ] 1977-1978
- consultant
WCBS-FM [New York] 1998-2004 - programming
Now: Mel says (5/07), "From 1974-1976 I was Associate Director of National Promotion for Epic Records; from 1977-1978 I was GM of Hooper Radio (a part of Starch-Inra-Hooper, Inc.); from 1978-1990 I was Associate Promotion Director of CBS Records International; from 1990-1998 I did affiliate sales for ABC, MJI and United Radio Stations; I started the daily blog melphillipsremembers.com in 2005."

Mike Phillips
KISN [Portland OR] 1960
KAYO [Seattle WA] 1961
KJR [Seattle] 1962
KNBR [San Francisco CA] 1965
KFRC [San Francisco] 1966
KJR [Seattle] 1968
WWDJ [Hackensack, NJ] 1971
WXLO [New York NY] 1973
KGW [Portland OR] 1975
KYUU [San Francisco] 1980
- VP Programming
KIOI [San Francisco] 1982
KFRC [San Francisco] 1984
KOIT [San Francisco] 1986
Research Group [Seattle] 1987
WTMX [Chicago IL] 1989
- VP Programming
KTRH [Los Angeles CA] 1990-2001
Mike Phillips died Oct 16, 2006 (pancreatic cancer; age 64) in Portland, Oregon. See the reelradio.com Mike Phillips Composite (1961-1974) and R&R's Remembering Mike Phillips.

Mike Phillips
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WHIO [Dayton OH] 1997-2004
Now: Mike says (8/06), "I'm still in the Dayton, Ohio market but currently off the air after leaving the Cox Radio/TV group; I've been growing my mobile DJ/game show business in the marketplace..."

Rockin' Richard Phillips
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WNHU [West Haven CT] 1973
Now: Rockin' Richard is on Tuesday nights playing 1950s/1960s Oldies on Univ. of New Haven's WNHU-FM, West Haven, Connecticut.

Scott Phillips
KAMT [Tacoma WA] 1984
KMGI [Seattle WA] 1985
- Don Phillips
KBSG [Tacoma] 1990-2008 - Fastlane Phillips
KEWF [Billings MT] 2010
Now: Scott says (11/13), "I am operations manager for a four-station cluster in Billings, Montana, as well as program director for two of them."

Terry Phillips
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WYCD/WOMC [Detroit MI] 2000
Now: Terry says (11/10), "Since 2000, I've been Creative Director/Production Director for Detroit's Country 99.5 WYCD; during that time I've helped out with WOMC multiple times and as of the end of 2008 I added WOMC officially; I also do freelance voice-over, sound design, station imaging, and even TV spots for radio stations (see terryphillips.com; past co-workers are encouraged to email, I would love to catch up."

Wally Phillips
WGN [Chicago] 1956-1998
WAIT [Chicago] 1998-2004

Chicago Radio Hall of Famer Wally Phillips died Mar 27, 2008. See chicagotribune.com/, jsonline.com/, wbbm780.com/, wgngold.com/.

Bryce Phillipy
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KPLZ [Seattle WA] 2002 - GSM
Now: Bryce says (3/05), "I'm working for Fisher Communications (Hot AC KPLZ-FM), the last of the local owners in Seattle, and love it."

Jay Philpott
KTWN [Minneapolis MN] 1979
KFMX [Minneapolis] 1979
WLOL [Minneapolis] 1980
KNBQ [Tacoma WA] 1984
WQFM [Milwaukee WI] 1987
WLZR [Milwaukee] 1987
WMYX [Milwaukee] 1991
WKLH [Milwaukee] 1991
WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1991
WYMG [Springfield IL] 1994
KSD-FM [St. Louis MO] 1995
WRQC [Minneapolis] 1997
KZPS [Dallas TX] 1999
Clear Channel [Charleston SC] 2004
- Ops Mgr
WHQG [Milwaukee WI] 2005
WQBW/WRIT [Milwaukee] 2006
WARH [St. Louis MO] 2007
WZBA [Baltimore MD] 2013
WNNX [Atlanta GA] 2015
KQRS-FM [Minneapolis MN] 2017

Now: Jay says (10/17), "I'm doing evenings at Classic Rock KQRS-FM, Minneapolis-St. Paul MN."

Chris Pickett
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WIFC [Wausau WI] 2002
Now: Chris says (5/03), "I am PD and doing middays at Top-40 WIFC-FM, Wausau, Wisconsin".

Brad Pierce
WJAR [Providence RI] 1971
WICE [Providence] 1971
- Shadow Morgan
WGNG [Providence] 1973
WPJB [Providence] 1976
WPRO-FM [Providence] 1985-1986
WLNE-TV [Providence] 1980-1986
WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 199?
Westwood One Oldies [LA CA] 1987
afternoon/evening host
Now: Brad says (1/04), "I have been the afternoon DJ on Westwood One/The Oldies Channel since 1987. We serve over 120 affiliates with an up-tempo mix of hits from the 1960s and 1970s; I also do image voicing for WDRC-FM, Hartford."

Brian Pierce
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WNNS [Springfield IL] 1991
KFDI [Wichita KS] 1997

Now: Latest report (7/14) has Brian at WUSW, Springfield, Illinois.

Gary Pierce
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WJMX [Florence SC] 1992-2002
Now: Gary says (5/08), "I have been out of the radio business since 2002, but still do occational voiceovers for TV; I now work at Caresouth Carolina in Hartsville."

Jim Pierce
Now: Engineering at WVNJ, Oakland, NJ.

Don Pietro (Pietromonaco)
KROG [Sonora CA] 195?
KAFY [Bakersfield] 1963
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1963
- The Purple Pizza Eater
KXOK [St. Louis] 1964 - Johnny Rabbitt
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1970-197?
Passed away (April 1997, age 61) in West Los Angeles, California.

Jose Pino
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KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1986-1998 - Julio the Gardener
Now: Jose says (6/05), "I am now in the Boston, Providence, RI area; open for radio offers..."

Barney Pip
WHOT [Youngstown OH] 1963
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1966
WCFL [Chicago] 1967

Passed away in Indianapolis in 1994.

Brad Piras
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KBZY [Salem OR] 1986-1986
Now: Brad, who resides in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, says (Sep 2002), "I am too old for the Chipendales but still trying to hook up with the Chunkendales, old guys dancing for dollars targeting woman 50+ :)"

Johnny Pirkle
WLAR [Athens TN] 1958
WATE [Knoxville TN] 1960
WNOX [Knoxville] 1964-1971
WOKI/WNOX-FM [Knoxville] 1974
- president/owner
Now: Johnny says (9/11), "I am oresident/owner of WNOX FM (formerly WOKI-FM), Knoxville, Tennessee."

Duncan Pirnie
WQXR [New York] 1957
erosenbaum@erols.com reports Duncan passed away in November 1993.

Dennis Lee Pitmon
WICO-FM [Salisbury MD] 1979-1995
WWFG [Salisbury] 2007

Now: Dennis says (2/08), "I'm with WWFG-FM (Froggy 99.9), Salisbury, Maryland; a great listener-friendly country station; I welcome all of my 'old' listeners to tune in weekend afternoons 2-6pm."

Greg Pitt
WBUB [Charleston SC] 1994 - Greg Stevens
WSSX [Charleston] 1996
Now: Greg says (8/07), "I'm doing middays at Top-40 WSSX-FM (95SX), Charleston, South Carolina and am director of marketing for our cluster; I met my wife while she worked at News Talk 1250 WTMA ... after seven years of longing ... we began dating and were married in December of 2006."

Bob Pittman
WJDX [Jackson MS] 1968
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1970
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1971
WPEZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1972
WMAQ [Chicago IL] 1973
WNBC [New York NY] 1977
NBC-owned TV [National] 1978
- producer/host music video show
The Movie Channel [New York] 1979 - PD
Warner Amex Satellite Etainment [New York] 1980 - PD
MTV Music Television [New York] 1981 - programming
MTV [New York] 1983 - pres/CEO
Quantum Media [New York] 1987 - co-founder
Time Warner Enterprises [New York] 1988 - pres/CEO
Six Flags Entertainment [New York] 1990 - pres/CEO
Century 21 Real Estate [New York] 1995 - CEO
AOL Time Warner [New York] 1995 - COO
Pilot Group LLC [New York] 2003 - co-founder
Clear Channel Comm [New York] 2010 - Chmn Media & Ent Platforms
Clear Channel Communications [New York] 2011 - CEO
Now: On Mar 13, 2013 Bob was given the title of Chairman of the Board of Clear Channel Communicatons; he also remains as the company's Chief Executive Officer.

Randy Place
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WMAS [Springfiled MA] 1998
Now: Randy says (6/03), "I am a contract engineer, based in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Always looking for new clients..."

Nancy Plum
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KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 2000
Now: Midday airborne reporter for KFWB, Los Angeles, CA. Nancy is also a weekend air talent on the Westwood One Radio Networks Adult Rock and Roll format.

Pogo Poge (Morgan White)
KLO [Ogden UT] 195?
KIMN [Denver] 1955
KGMB [Honolulu] 1964
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1967-1982
- Checkers and Pogo
Poge retired to Seiver, Utah, where he died Sep 2, 2010 at 86 years of age. See Actor caught kids' hearts as 'Pogo Poge' (Honolulu Star-Advertiser) and Checkers and Pogo TV show legend Morgan White dies at 86 (hawaiinewsnow.com).

Alan Polasky aka Alan Michaels
WOCN [Miami FL] 1972-1975
WKEM [Naples FL] 1973-1975
WINZ [Miami] 1974-1976
WFUN [Miami] 1975-1976
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1976
WWWL [Miami] 1977
WLVE [Miami] 1977
WHYI [Miami] 1978
WCKO [Miami] 1979
WKID-TV [Miami] 1979-1980
- TV jock
WGBS [Miami] 1984-1985
WBSS [Miami] 1984-1987
WNWS [Miami] 1985-1986
KAAM [Dallas TX] 1988
KJKC [Corpus Christi TX] 1989
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1990-1991
Celebrity Cruises [Miami] 1990-1995
- Head DJ & cruise staff
Now: Alan says (11/04), "After 20 years of being on the air and many years of producing my own shows, I have now moved my broadcast skills to the Internet. I was one of the first webcasters when I started AmericanWebRadio.com in 1999. Now I own and run over 200 Web sites. In 1974, I was on WINZ (940/Miami) and my friend was 'The Chucker' on WFUN (790/Miami) and we played the same songs and said the same things on the air all night long! Years later someone played me the aircheck on a program digest record that said it was radio history."

Bob Pond
KPHO [Phoenix AZ] 1957
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1958-1959, 1962
KRUX [Phoenix] 1959
KXIV [Phoenix] 1962
KPRO [Riverside CA] 1963
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1965
KUPD [Phoenix] 1967
KGBS [Los Angeles CA] 1968
KRDS [Phoenix] 1968
KPPC [Los Angeles] 1972
KPOL [Los Angeles] 1973-1975
KABC [Los Angeles] 1984-1984

Now: Bob says (4/10), "I have been out of radio since engineering at KABC in the 1984 olympics; I was in residential real estate sales in San Fernando Valley 1974-2008."

James Pond
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WFRY [Watertown NY] 1997
Now: James (Stan Soboleski) says (4/07), "I have been in Watertown at Country WFRY-FM (Froggy 97) since 1997; I have been the PD since 2003, as well as co-host of The Morning Splash (with Cricket); we won the NYSB morning team/personality of the year in 2006..."

Bob Pondillo aka The REAL Bob James
WNIO [Youngstown OH] 1966
WBBW [Youngstown] 1967
WKBN/WKBN-FM [Youngstown] 1968-1969
WKBN-TV [Youngstown] 1968-1969
- weather, movie host
WATH/WATH-FM [Athens OH] 1969
WLGN [Logan OH] 1972
WHLO [Akron OH] 1973
Voice of America [Washington DC] 1974
WWDC [Washington DC] 1975
WRFD [Columbus OH] 1975
WGAR [Cleveland OH] 1976-1981
WEWS-TV [Cleveland] 1978-1981
- host, feature reporter
Entertainment Tonight [Los Angeles CA] 1981 - TV reporter
WKIS [Orlando FL] 1981
American Comedy net [Bridgeport CT] 1983-1989
VP/Creative Director
WRKI [Danbury CT] 1988-1990
WNBC [New York NY] 1988
WZMX [Hartford CT] 1989
WMIL/WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1993
WOLX [Madison WI] 1995
WIBA [Madison] 1996-1998

Now: Bob says, "After 33 years in broadcasting, Billboard Personality of the Year, four Emmy Awards, and co-founder of the American Comedy Network (a phenom of the early 1980s), I am now Professor Bob Pondillo, Ph.D. I teach Electronic Media Communication at Middle Tennessee State University near Nashville. I've written numerous scholarly and popular articles on broadcast history and have presented academic papers all over the U.S. on the subject of early TV censorship. In addition to teaching, I am a TV consultant to Raycomm Media. If you'd care to hear my work, point your browser to reelradio.com/haber/bobjames.html." April 15, 2002: The Radio and Television Broadcaster's Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio (honoring radio and TV broadcasters with ties to Ohio) has announced that The REAL Bob James will be one of the twelve Hall of Farmers inducted in 2002.

Ernest Lee Poole
KBLU [Yuma AZ] 1963
KTKT [Tucson AZ] 1965
- aka Johnny Rabbit
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1968 - The Coyote
KTKT [Tucson AZ] 1970 - The Coyote
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1971 - The Coyote
WPHD [Buffalo] 1973
KRLD [Dallas] 1974
WGRQ [Buffalo] 1975
KBLU [Yuma] 1976-1982, 1985-1994
- ops mgr aka The Coyote
Now: Ernest says (9/10), "I retired in May 2010 -- was a surveillance officer and technician with the Cocopah Casino, Yuma, Arizona; from 1982-1985 I was head of security for Cable Contractors of Alaska (Juneau) and personal body guard for the CEO and his family; from 1994-1996 I was chief engineer for KYMA-TV, Yuma; in 1996 I went on the road as a long-haul truck driver for Werner Enterprises, Omaha, based in Phoenix, Arizona."

Alice Porter
KSWB [Seaside OR] 1975
KUGN/KBDF/KPNW [Eugene OR] 1978
KEZX [Seattle] 1982
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1987-2004

Alice Porter died July 30, 2004 ("sudden illness").

Daren Porter
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KMPS-FM [Seattle WA] 2000 - Daren Carl
Now: Doing news, traffic and fill at Country KMPS-FM, Seattle, Washington. Daren says, "I am doing the mobile DJ thing. Love the interaction! Still have my foot in the door of radio; I'm resisting letting it close on me."

Steve Possell
WRKL [White Plains NY] 1969-1996
WLIR/WRCR [White Plains] 1998

Now: Liz Possell reports (10/07, "My father, Steve Possell, does the morning talk show on Adult Contemporary WRCR, along with co-host Sophia Salis; in the business since 1969, he says he's never had so much fun on the radio."

Bill Post aka Bill Dawson
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KSND [Salem OR] 2004
KYKN [Salem] 2006

Now: Bill says (4/08), "I'm production manager at News/Talk KYKN, Salem, Oregon."

Gayle 'Crash' Poteet
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KTST [Oklahoma City OK] 1997
Now: Crash says (8/03), "Since 1999, on-air with Crash and Burns in the Morning. MD and PD at Country KTST-FM, (Twister) Oklahoma City."

Dan Potter
WOC/KIIK [Davenport IA] 1981
KSTT/WXLP [Davenport IA/Moline IL] 1982
WMEE/WQHK [Ft. Wayne IN] 1984
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 1988

Now: News Director & Morning News co-host at News/Talk WBAP, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Frank Potter (Frank Cowan)
KOWB [Laramie WY] 1959
KLME [Laramie] 1961
AFRTS [Wheelus AFB Lybia] 1964
KLFM [Long Beach CA] 1966
KSLY [San Luis Obispo CA] 1967
KUDE [Oceanside CA] 1969
Voice of America [Washington DC] 1969
KVEC [San Luis Obispo] 1973-1983

Now: Frank says (3/08), "I am 90% retired from crisis communications training, having sold my business (Media Survival Group) in Nov 2007; I am happily living on the central coast of California with my wife Becki. After KVEC AM/FM, I spent seven years in TV news, then three as a police officer, and I was an instructor and public information officer with the California Specialized Training Institute, San Luis Obispo (specializing in Crisis Communications)."

Phil Potter
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1970
KIRV [Fresno] 1973
KMAK [Fresno] 1974
KNGS [Visalia CA] 1975
KFIG [Fresno] 1976-1979

Now: Phil says (8/06), "I left radio in 1979 and have ended up as a fourth-grade teacher after owning my own business for many years. I live in Coalinga, California with my wife of many years." Click for more from Phil.

Steve Potter
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KWMU [St. Louis MO] 2002
Now: Afternoons at Public KWMU-FM, St. Louis, Missouri.

Dave Powell
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KSIV [St. Louis MO] 1990
Now: Dave says (11/02), "I am Production Director at Religious KSIV-FM, St. Louis, Missouri."

Myk Powell
KORL [Honolulu] 1975
KKUA [Honolulu] 1978
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1981
KIKI [Honolulu] 1985
KXPW [Honolulu] 1988
KOKU [Agana, Guam] 1990
KGU [Honolulu] 1992
KGUM [Agana, Guam] 1993-2004

Now: Myk says (/04), "I am living on the central coast of California where I have my own comedy venues and do production for local agencies."

Craig Powers
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1977
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 1978
KEZY [LA] 1984
KIKF [LA] 1990
KMZQ [Las Vegas NV] 2001
KKJJ [Las Vegas] 2005-2008

Now: Craig says (7/08), "I am (since 2008) Ops Mgr for Cameron Broadcasting Inc., with stations and studios located in Lake Havasu City, Laughlin, Needles, Blythe, Kingman and Bullhead City." Click for a few of Craig's faves. See craigpowers.com

Glen Powers
WVOK [Birmingham AL] 1958 - Jim Allen
WYDE [Birmingham] 1959
WIXI [Birmingham] 1960
WTGA [Thomaston GA] 1962
- Daddy Gee
WMOC [Chattanooga TN] 1963
WSGN [Birmingham] 1964
- Daddy G, Wild Cherokee
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 1968 - Ron Powers
WSGN [Birmingham] 1971
KULF [Houston TX] 1974
KILT-FM [Houston] 1976-1978
WMSR [Florence AL] 1994
- president, partner
KEYS/KZFM/KKBA [Corpus Christi TX] 1994 - president, partner
Now: Glen says (12/05), "I am president and operating partner of WMSR-FM, Florence-Muscle Shoals, Alabama; and KEYS-AM, KZFM-FM, KKBA-FM, Corpus Christi, Texas; I live in Tennessee and divide time between Alabama and Texas. What a terrific business. Extremely fortunate to have worked with some wonderful friends and some of the truly great radio talents."

Jeff Powers
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KXST [San Diego CA] 1997-1998
Now: Sales Manager, Best Fares Travel Center and Commercial Travel Corp, San Diego, California.

Ron Powers
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KTWS [Bend OR] 2000
Now: PM drive at Classic Rock KTWS-FM, Bend, Oregon."

Tonya J. Powers
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WOTO [Memphis TN] 1999
Now: Tonya says (July 2002), "I am playing great Oldies with some radio royalty at WOTO-FM, Memphis, Tennessee."

Jason Prater
WXLK [Roanoke VA] 1986 - Jay Johnson
WSLQ [Roanoke] 1988 - Jay Johnson
WQCM [Hagerstown MD] 1990 - Jay Johnson
WXLK [Roanoke] 1992 - Jay Slater
WBZU [Richmond VA] 1995 - Slater
WPLT [Detroit MI] 1996 - Slater
WDRQ [Detroit] 1996
WTCF [Saginaw MI] 1999
WDRQ [Detroit] 2000
KYPT [Seattle WA] 2000
WZZP [Hopkinsville KY] 2002
- Jay Slater
Now: Jay says (8/03), "I am programming WZZP-FM (Active Rock Z97-5), Hopkinsville, Kentucky."

Mark Prater aka Mark Allen
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KNID [Enid OK] 1999-2003
Now: Mark says (9/03), "I'm doing freelance voice and creative talent in Northewest Oklahoma in addition to serving as regional account manager for Nestle-Beich."

Marty Prater
AFRTS [Midway Island] 1961
AFRTS [Spain] 1962
AFRTS [Iceland] 1965
KOKU [Agana, Guam] 1981
Caughill-Palitz Inc. Engineering [Honolulu] 1986

Now: Senior Electronics Tech with the new Denver International Airport.

Mike Prater
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KGDD [Paris TX] 1988-1988 - GM
Now: Mike says (9/05), "After Paris, I moved into television, then the ad agency business. In 1991, we moved the agency to Salt Lake City, where our largest account is located. Our agency handles mostly Direst Response advertising on a national and international basis."

'Brother' Bill Prather
WKSF [Asheville NC] 1984
WJKC [St. Croix VI] 1987
WLWZ [Greenville SC] 1988
WFBC [Greenville] 1990
WKSF [Asheville] 1996
WOLI [Spartanburg SC] 2006-2010
WSQL [Brevard NC] 2012-2016

Now: Bill says (9/16), "I am doing freelance production, and enjoying my oldies internet station, q95oldies.com."

David Allen Pratt
WJDM [Elizabeth NJ] 1989-1989
WTKU [Atlantic City NJ] 1991
WFPG [Atlantic City] 2006
WTKU [Atlantic City] 2008

Now: David says (3/15), "I have been back at Classic Hits WTKU-FM (Kool 98.3) since 2011 after going back to Cat Country for a year; Kool is now owned by local owners Longport Media LLC; doing mornings solo after being teamed for 3 1/2 years with Tina Owen, daughter of Al Owen, long time voice on WOND-AM in the 1960s and 1970s; entering my 25th year of broadcasting in South Jersey." Click for more from David.

Bill Prescott
KASH [Eugene OR] 1979 - Van Williams
KRCK [Portland OR] 1984
KBDF [Eugene] 1980
KPNW [Eugene] 1981
KZEL [Eugene] 1981
KRQR [San Francsico CA] 1985
KFOG [San Francsico] 1987
KZAP [Sacramento CA] 1983
KGON-FM [Portland] 1988
KUFO [Portland] 1990
KNRK [Portland] 1998
KGON [Portland] 2001

Now: At Classic Rock KGON-FM, Portland Oregon.

Bob Prescott
WGEE [Indianapolis IN] 1957
WSIR [Winter Haven FL] 1958
WORX [Madison IN] 1959
WJCD [Seymour IN] 1960
WSVL [Indianapolis IN] 1960
KFEQ [St. Joseph MO] 1960
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1961-1962
WREY [New Albany IN] 1969
WQXL [Columbia SC] 1969-1970
- Shadow
Now: Bob says (12/04), "I am retired in Orlando, Florida. After being discharged from the Navy in 1954, I moved to New York and enrolled in Radio school. I also acted in a couple off-Broadway plays. After leaving radio, I went into and owned contruction companies. Wish I had stay with radio and TV but at the time, the pay was very low (BUT, some times the perks were very good) and I had a family with five children to support." Click for more from Bob.

Fergus Prestbye
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KITZ [Seattle WA] 1989-1993 - mgr
Now: Fergus says (10/07), "I incorporated my auctioneering business in 1993; I do estate and business liquidations, government surplus, real estate and vehicle auctions, etc.; I'm currently living in Kent, Washington and my work takes me to locations throughout WA, OR and MT; my years in broadcasting were great training for the work I now do as an auctioneer and I have a great fondness for the memories of those years."

Tom Prestigiacomo
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WMC-FM [Memphis TN] 1979
Now: Tom says (2/07), "I thought Memphis was just the next stop on my way to the major markets; I'm still here, I'm still doing PM drive at Hot AC WMC-FM and, in spite of what you think about staying so long in the same market, I'm still growing; and for those who think radio is just radio, come to Memphis and hit 'scan' (on your radio); I'd put our commercial and public stations up against those in any city!

J.G. Preston
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WJON [St. Cloud MN] 1993
Now: J.G. says (11/02), "I'm going on ten years at the same station, smashing my previous personal record in any line of work."

Mike Preston
KDON [Salinas CA] 1977 - Mark Preston
KOKQ [Monterey CA] 1979 - Mark Preston
KSFM [Sacramento CA] 1979 - Mark Preston
KSDO-FM [San Diego CA] 1983
KWSS [San Jose CA] 1986
WPLJ [New York NY] 1989
KBKS [Tacoma WA] 1997
KCBS/KFRC-FM [San Francsico CA] 2006
- VP/Programming
Now: Mike says (6/07), "After transferring home with CBS Radio from Seattle to the Bay Area in April '06, I'm VP/Programming for the company's KCBS-AM 740, KMVQ-FM 99.7 (Movin format) and the newly relaunched KFRC-FM 106.9 (Classic Hits) and am station voice at a number of stations including CBS Oldies outlets WODS/Boston, WOGL/Philadelphia and KXKL/Denver."

Jim Prewitt aka Catfish
KZFM [Corpus Christi TX] 1975
KRZI [Waco TX] 1976
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1977
- Larry Chase
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1978 - Cat Simmons
WIFI [Philadelphia PA] 1979 - Larry Chase
WMJX [Miami FL] 1979 - Sunny Chase
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1979
KTFM [San Antonio TX] 1979
CBN [Virginia Beach VA] 1982
- Sunny Chase
KITY [San Antonio TX] 1982
KKBQ-FM [Houston TX] 1983
- J.R. Prewitt
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1984
KZFM [Corpus Christi] 1985
WBCY [Charlotte NC] 1985
WKXX [Birmingham AL] 1986
KZFM/KEYS [Corpus Christi] 1988
KHQT [San Jose CA] 1989
KOUL [Corpus Christi] 1991
ABC Radio Networks [Dallas TX] 1992
- Catfish for Breakfast on Country Coast to Coast
KLUV [Dallas TX] 2000 - Sat night Oldies
WBAP [Dallas] 2000-2003 - traffic reporter
Now: Jim says (10/05), "I'm on air at KLUV-FM and president of Jim Prewitt Productions, Dallas, Texas."

Gene Price
KUDY [Denver CO] 1958
KICN [Denver] 1960
KHOW [Denver] 197?
KTLK [Denver] 1978

Now: ???

Greg Price
WRHY [York PA] 1978
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1978
WQIQ [Aston PA] 1979
WCVR [Randolph VT] 1980
WISN [Milwaukee WI] 1982
WCVR [Randolph] 1983
- GM
WCNL [Newport NH] 1986 - GM
WNTK [Newport] 1988 - GM
WRFB [Stowe VT] 1989 - SM
WVMX [Stowe] 1990-1992 - GM
Now: Greg says (8/14), "I'm Local Sales Manager for Viamedia in the Washington, DC DMA."

'Sunny' Jim Price
KOBY [San Francisco CA] 196?
KMAK [Fresno CA] 1962
KDEO [San Diego] 1964
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1973
- GM
KGB/KGB-FM [San Diego] 1974 - GM
KKBH [San Diego] 1995
Now: Management Consultant to Adult Contemp KKBH-FM, San Diego, California.

Larry Price
Los Angeles Rams [LA] 1966-1967 - Right Guard
Univ of Hawaii football [Honolulu] 1974 - head coach
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1977 - investigative reporter
KSSK [Honolulu] 1977-2016
Now: Larry Price of The Perry & Price Show (1983-2016), retired from radio in May 2016.

Mary Price aka Mary Hughes
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KFSH [Los Angeles CA] 2007
Now: Mary says (10/11), "I am handling morning news duties at Christian Contemporary KFSH-FM (The Fish 95.9; the old KEZY), along with doing voiceovers for local, regional and national stations, TV shows, promos and commercials; I am also the owner/operator of Blue Heron Cookies."

Stan 'The Man' Priest
WFLZ [Tampa FL] 1992
WSTO [Owensboro KY] 2004
WKSS [Hartford KY] 2006

Now: Stan says (11/04), "I am PD/midday air talent on Top-40 WKSS-FM KISS 95.7 Hartford Connecticut." Click for more from Stan.

Chuck Priestap
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WXKC [Erie PA] 2000
Now: Chuck says (7/03), "Working with The Breakfast Club on Erie's heritage station, Adult Contemporary WXKC-FM, and having the time of my life."

Dave Prince
KELP [El Paso TX] 1949
WPAG [Ann Arbor MI] 1954
WKMH [Detroit MI] 1960
- Dave 'Sangoo' Prince
WXYZ [Detroit] 1962
WCAR [Detroit] 1968
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 1975-1977
syndicated [LA] 1975-1979
WCZY [Detroit] 1980
CKLW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1984-1993

Now: Dave (David L. Prince) says (6/04), "I retired after a 45-year career, mainly in the Detroit area. At one point, I was the oldest living major-market radio personality still performing ... thought it was time to hang it up. I was 62 years old in my last year, 1993. I still keep in touch with many of the people I have worked with over the years: Sam Donaldson, ABC News, with whom I went to college in El Paso, TX; Rudy Telles, also a college buddy, who went on to produce The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson; Charlie Tuna (one of my neighbors and co-DJ's out in California). I loved California; Used to eat at a little restaurant called the Jolly Roger, where the counter seat on the far left was always occupied by ... Chuck Berry ... yep, the one and only."

Bob Pritchard
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CFMJ [Toronton ON] 2004
Now: Bob says (7/04), "I am hosting a two-person radio series (with long-time personality Bob Saint) on CFMJ (MOJO Radio), Richmond Hill, Ontario. I'm also producing corporate and broadcast television.

Don Pritchard
AFRTS South Europe Net [Camp Darby Italy] 1973-1976
Radio Libera [Livorno Italy] 1975-1976
- Don Allen
WKDT [USMA West Point NY] 1977
WLNA [Peekskill NY] 1977
KCHI [Chillicothe MO] 1979
KKJO [St. Joseph MO] 1981
KGMO [Cape Girardeau MO] 1986
KZIM [Cape Girardeau] 1989
KSGM [Chester IL]/KBDZ [Perryville MO] 1991

Now: Don says (10/03), "I am News Director at News/Talk KSGM and Country KBDZ-FM. KSGM is AM 980, licensed to Chester, Illinois, but also serves the communities of Perryville and Ste. Genevieve, both in Missouri. KBDZ is FM 93.1 licensed to Perryville, MO, but also serving Ste. Genevieve MO and Chester IL. I am also the news editor of our daily online newspaper, Suntimes News Online; and I manage the local public access television channel in Ste. Genevieve."

Brett Provo
WUPE [Pittsfield MA] 1984
WMAS-FM [Springfield MA] 1987
WYRY [Keene NH] 1987-1988
WYSR [Hartford CT] 1992
WMAS-FM [Springfield] 1995
WODS [Boston MA] 2011
WMAS-FM [Springfield] 2012

Now: Brett says (09/13), "I am Production Director and do p.m. drive at Adult Contemporary WMAS-FM, Springfield, MA."

Douglas B. Pritchett
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WLDE [Ft. Wayne IN] 1993-1995
Now: Douglas says, "I have a day job in newspaper advertising, but I am a minority partner in WLZQ 101.1 in Warsaw IN and WBZQ 1300 Huntington (Dan Quayle's home), Indiana."

Paul Proctor
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KYSS [Missoula MT] 1985-1997
Now: Paul says (7/08), "I retired from radio in 1997; worked with disabled persons until 2005; I had a Liver transplant in 2006 and live in Bisbee, Arizona where I write short stories and plan on starting a liver transplant help Web site."

Jim Pruett
KILT [Houston] 1973 - Harrigan of Hudson & Harrigan
KULF [Houston] 1981 - Stevens & Pruett
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 198? - Stevens & Pruett
KLOL [Houston] 1986-2000 - Stevens & Pruett
KFNC [Beaumont TX] 2005-2006
Now: Jim owns Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo, Houston, Texas.

Katie Pruett
KNUS [Dallas TX] 1980-1982 - Holly Stone
WAPI [Birmingham AL] 1988 - Holly Stone
WMJJ [Birmingham] 1990-1992 - Holly Stone
KYNG [Dallas] 1992-2000
KRLD [Dallas] 1999
- traffic reporter
Now: Katie says (6/03), "I am working as a traffic reporter (and very grateful for the paycheck!) at News KRLD and Adult Contemporary KVIL-FM, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas."

Billy Pruitt
Now: At Rock WCPR-FM, Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi.

J. Akuhead Pupule (Hal Lewis)
KHVH [Honolulu] 196?
KNDI [Honolulu] 1963
KGU [Honolulu] 1964
KGMB [Honolulu] 1965
KSSK [Honolulu] 1977

Passed away in 1983.

Tony Purcell
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KRLD [Dallas TX] 1996
Now: Tony says (8/03), "I am agri-business news director for News KRLD and the Texas State Network, Dallas, Texas."

Mike Purdy
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KRWM [Seattle WA] 1991-2001
Now: Mike says (1/03, "I owner of Mike Purdy Productions/Purdy Sounds & Video. Also webmaster/AV producer for Red Elk, Native American medicine man."

Dick Purtan
WWOL [Buffalo NY] 1958 - Guy King
WSAI [Cincinnati] 1960 - Paul Purtan
WKNR [Detroit] 1965
CKLW [Detroit] 1970
WXYZ [Detroit] 1977
WKQI [Detroit] 1981
WOMC [Detroit] 1996-2010

Now: Dick retired from WOMC, Detroit in March 2010."

Ted Pyle
KWOC [Poplar Bluff MO] 1950
KXEN [St. Louis MO] 1958
KLID [Poplar Bluff MO] 1961-1968

snickerdewdle@hotmail.com reports (5/09), "Theodore 'Ted' Pyle died on July 9, 1971 in Poplar Bluff, MO from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He was 36 years old."

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