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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (P)

Dan Packard aka Timmy Tornado
KDUK [Eugene OR] 1985
KSND [Eugene] 1986
KWAX [Eugene] 1986
KMGE [Eugene] 1987
KMJK [Portland OR] 1988
KYTE [Portland] 1988
KJR [Seattle WA] 1989
KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1990
KWJJ [Portland] 1993
KXL-FM [Portland] 1994

Now: CEO of the Portland Radio Guide, Portland, Oregon.

Dave Packer
WXCT [New Haven CT] 1988
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1989
WZXL [Atlantic City NJ] 1989
WXOD [Keene NH] 1993
- Bob Packer
WJRZ [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1997
WBBO [Monmouth/Ocean] 1999
WFPG [Atlantic City] 2000
WBEB [Philadephia PA] 2000
WWFS [New York NY] 2007

Now: Dave says (6/07), "I left WBEB in March 29, 2007, and started on April 2, 2007 as the Morning Man at Adult Contemporary Adult Contemporary WWFS-FM (Fresh 102.7), New York, New York; I also do voice-overs for radio and TV."

Ken Packham
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CHFX [Halifax NS] 1979-1994
Now: Ken says, "I am a full-time automotive journalist and editor of GT Magazine in Eastern Canada and doing syndicated radio automotive shorts (23 stations seasonally in Maine, N.B., N.S., Nfld., and P.E.I.)."

Jerry Padden
WSCR [Scranton PA] 1980
WKRZ [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1981
WCTO [Allentown PA] 2004

Now: Jerry says (12/04), "I'm doing afternoon drive at Country WCTO-FM, Allentown Pennsylvania."

Steve Padgett
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WTLN [Orlando FL] 1978-1979
Now: Steve says (10/08), "I cashed in on the G.I. Bill after being drafted into the Army to help pay for my BA, MA and PhD degrees so that I could teach broadcast journalism classes; it is great working with the next generation of media professionals at this level."

Bill Page
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WEIS [Centre AL] 2001
Now: News Director at Country WEIS, Centre, Alabama.

Bob Page
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WRIF [Detroit MI] 1986-1988
Now: Bob says (8/14), "I am retired from broadcasting, live in South Florida for six months of the year (can you guess which six?) and alternate between Manhattan and my hometown of Detroit during the other six months."

Eric Page
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WYNG [Evansville IN] 1992-1997
Now: Eric says (4/08), "I'm traveling the country, working as a commercial artist with several large home builders; I'm also looking for another opportunity to continue my radio career."

Lorrin Palagi
KEIN [Great Falls MT] 1974
KQDI [Great Falls] 1977
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1979
KBKC [Kansas City MO] 1985
KAAK [Great Falls] 1987
WKSE [Buffalo NY] 1987
WRQX [Washington DC] 1988
WPNT [Chicago IL] 1994
KHMX [Houston TX] 1997-1998
KSCS [Dallas TX] 2004-2006

Now: Phil says (8/06), "After being with Zapoleon Media Strategies since 1998, and KSCS since 2004, I have my own company, Palagi Consulting, Dallas, Texas."

Gary Palant
KTKT [Tucson AZ] 1957
KAIR [Tucson] 1958
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1959
KORL [Honolulu] 1959
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1960
WBBQ [Augusta GA] 1962
KQEO [Albuquerque NM] 1964
WKAZ [Charleston WV] 1966
KIKX [Tucson] 1967
CKFH [Toronto ON] 1969
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1970

Gene Thayer reports (12/02), "Gary Palant passed away in October 2002; a victim of terminal melanoma. He was 61. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetary, Tucson, AZ. He is survived Sandi, his wife of 30+ years, a son and a daughter."

Phil Paleologos
KZNG [Hot Springs AR] 1967
KGUS [Hot Springs] 1969
WCHV [Charlottesville VA] 1971
WELK [Charlottesville] 1973
WUNR/WBOS-FM [Boston MA] 1974
WEZE [Boston] 1975
- Phil Palace
WSRS [Worcester MA] 1978
WNBH [New Bedford MA] 1978
- Phil Palace
WBSM [New Bedford] 1983-1989
Talk America net [Canton MA] 1995
Cable/Langer net [Boston] 2001
- host: American Breakfast
Now: Phil says, "I host American Breakfast, syndicated by Cable Radio Network and also the Langer Broadcasting Network, weekday mornings (5-9a.m. E.T.). The show is done from a classic, working 1950s stainless steel diner, near Cape Cod and is heard in over 210 markets. Broadcasting from a hometown diner separates this national morning drive-time show from all the others. For a look at the diner and the show's 'blue-plate program daily specials,' drop by www.dinershow.com. The coffee is on the house!" Click for more from Phil.

Bob Palitz
KKUA/KQMQ [Honolulu HI] 1979-1990
Metro Broadcast [Hong Kong] 1991-1996
- engineering dir
Kasapa Telecom [Accra, Ghana] 2000 - managing dir
Now: Bob says (8/08), "I left broadcasting in 1996 for the telecom biz; have been in Africa since 2000, running a mobile phone company; I do get back to Hawaii a few times each year to visit my son and the grandkids..."

Cary Pall
WSNY [Schenectady NY] 1973 - C. David Pall
WTLB [Utica/Rome NY] 1973 - Rock Marshall
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1974
WXLO [New York NY] 1975
- Cosmic Cary
WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1976
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1976
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1977
KWK/KWK-FM [St. Louis MO] 1979
KMJM [St. Louis] 1979
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1979
WXEZ [Toledo OH] 1980
- C. David Pall
WTAE/WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1981 - Rock Marshall
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1983
WZKC/WKLX [Rochester NY] 1985
- Cosmic Cary
WCSX/WHND [Detroit MI] 1988
WMYI [Greenville SC] 1989
WMMO [Orlando FL] 1990
Liberty Broadcasting [Philadelphia PA] 1994
- Group PD
ABC Networks [Dallas TX] 1996 - PD: Modern AC
Goodstar [Wichita KS] 1997 - Group PD
WRVF [Toledo OH] 1999
WODB [Columbus OH] 2002

Now: Cary says (11/02), "I am PD and afternoon drive talent at Saga Communications' WODB-FM, Columbus, Ohio (Oldies 108FM)."

Art Pallan
WWSW [Pittsburgh] 1942
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1956-1985

Art Pallan died Jan 22, 2007 (83) in Mars, PA. See Radio host dedicated to Children's campaign (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review); and Arthur E. Pallan/'Your pal, Pallan' at KDKA and WWSW (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Bruce Palmer
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WWBB [Providence RI] 1992-2004 - Cruisin' Bruce Palmer
Now: Running CruisinBruce.com from Providence, Rhode Island. Bruce says (6/02), "I host many classic car events in the Providence area."

Dave Palmer
KWYO [Sheridan WY] 1967
WCOL [Columbus OH] 1968
KGMB [Honolulu HI] 1970
KGMQ [Honolulu] 1973
WATH [Athens OH] 1973
- owner
WXTQ [Athens] 1975 - owner
WRAP [Norfolk VA] 1987-1990 - owner
Now: Dave owns News/Talk WATH and Top-40 WXTQ-FM, Athens, Ohio. He says (3/01), "I also teach mass media management to graduate students at Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. I have served on the Boards of NAB, RAB, AP and the Ohio Association of Broadcasters."

Don Palmer
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WTAG [Worcester MA] 1983-1987
Now: Don says, "I am retired, but looking for a local station for part time on-air DJ work."

Jim Palmer
WCVS [Springfield IL] 1966
Now: ldavp@eosinc.com writes, "Jim is retired PD and GM of WCVS, Springfield, IL and WPEO, Peoria/Mexico/Moberly, MO. He's of note because of the many talents he helped develop, who went on to the major markets. Jim's beloved Mary Ellen died 8/95. He continues to live in Springfield, IL, doing occasional voiceovers, while in retirement."

Ken Palmer
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 195? - owner
KIMN [Denver CO] 1961-1971- owner
KYXI [Portland OR] 197?- owner
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ] 198?- owner
WZZD [Philadelphia PA] 198? - owner
Ken Palmer died (cancer) in 1984.

Kerry Paluscsak aka Kris McKarty
WLYT [Cleveland OH] 1980-1982
WELW [Willoughby OH] 1991-2002

Now: Kerry is station manager for a city-operated cable TV station in Hudson, Ohio.

Rick Pantaleo aka Rick Pantale
WZUM [Pittsburgh PA] 1972
WMBA [Pittsburgh] 1973-1976
WWSW/WPEZ [Pittsburgh] 1973-1974
WBVP/WWKS [Beaver Falls PA] 1976
WYDD/WKPA [Pittsburgh] 1981
WRIE [Erie PA] 1986
- Station Mgr
WHJB/WSSZ [Pittsburgh] 1987
WRKY [Steubenville OH] 1991
Voice of America [Washington DC] 1992
WBQB [Fredericksburg VA] 1995-2000

Now: Producer, director and substitute host of Talk To America on Voice of America, Washington DC.

Johnny Panzarella
WLPL [Baltimore MD] 1978
WIYY [Baltimore] 1981
WGRX [Baltimore] 1987
WOCT [Baltimore] 1995-2002

Now: Johnny says (3/05), "I am a voiceover actor in Baltimore, Maryland (represented by Don Buchwald and Associates New York)."

Jay Pappas
WOND [Atlantic City NJ] 1970
WMGM-FM [Atlantic City] 1970
WFPG/WFPG-FM [Atlantic City] 1972
WSLT [Atlantic City] 1974
WIOQ [Philadelphia PA] 1974

Now: Jay says (5/10), "I'm living in coastal Maine, am a freelance voice-over actor and on-camera spokesperson."

Jack Par (Jack Chapman)
KGRO [Gresham OR] 1956
KISN [Portland OR] 1961
KKEY [Vancouver WA] 1962
KDOL [Mojave CA] 1972
- GM
KAIN [Boise ID] 1972
KEEP [Twin Falls ID] 1982

Now: Our latest report had Jack selling advertising specialties in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Skot Paré
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WTAG [Worcester MA] 1993-1998
Now: Skot says (9/08), "...I am Director of Development for HEAR in New Hampshire, a school for children who are deaf or hard of hearing."

Andy Park
KMPC [LA] 1964
KFWB [LA] 1968
KABC [LA] 1973
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1982

Now: Editorial Consultant on several magazines and professional wedding photographer with offices in San Francisco, Denver and RTP NC.

'Wild' Bill Parker
WAWA [Milwaukee WI] 1967
WEMP/WNUW [Milwaukee] 1970
KDIG [San Diego CA] 1973
KDEO [San Diego] 1973
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1975
KYA/KSFO [San Francisco] 1981-1983
NHK [Tokyo Japan] 1987-1988
NTV-TV [Tokyo] 1987
- news
HK Cable [Hong Kong China] 1992-1999
- CE Now: Bill is a consultant in Hong Kong. He says (12/02), "I've just finished my ownership of Asia's first Webcaster. I hope to relocate back to Tokyo to launch an oldies show and continue Japanese language studies. Looking for Drake (Mann) jingles from their automated formats 1969-1974. I worked with several of these formats but have lost my tapes."

Bob Parker
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KNUZ [Houston TX] 1991-1992 - Bob Edwards
Now: Bob says (Oct 2002), "I am a voice talent (in Houston, Texas) specializing in message-on-hold systems, messaging and commercial v-o production."

Charlye Parker
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KHAY [Ventura CA] 1990
Now: Charlye says (2/06), "I'm doing mornings at Country KHAY-FM; still doing what I love; still loving what I do; still surprised that I get paid for doing it."

Gene Parker
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WTRV [Grand Rapids MI] 1997
Now: Gene says (10/03), "I'm doing mid-days at Adult Contemporary WTRV-FM (The River), Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm also the music director and the production director. I knew I'd end up in radio somehow. When I was a kid I uswed to stay up late and try to see what stations I could get with my combination radio and record player. If you moved the needle arm just right you could KMOX in St. Louis and WSB in Atlanta. Radio has been in my blood stream ever since."

Ron Parker
WRFC [Athens GA] 1971
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1973
WZGC [Atlanta] 1975
WLCY [St Petersburg FL] 1975
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1982-1989
KKFR [Phoenix AZ] 1988-1990
KKBQ [Houston] 1990
ABC Radio [Dallas TX] 1991
- PD music nets
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco CA] 1993
KLDE [Houston] 2001
WCBS-FM [New York NY] 2007

Now: Ron says (01/13), "I am doing middays at Classic Hits WCBS-FM, New York, New York."

Darryl Parks
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1979
WAKE [Gary IN] 1981
WIOU/WZWZ [Kokomo IN] 1983
WENS [Indianapolis IN] 1984
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1986
KPEL/KTDY [Lafayette LA] 1991
WGR/WWWS [Buffalo] 1993
WCKY [Cincinnati OH] 1994
WTVN [Columbus OH] 1996
WLW [Cincinnati] 1999

Now: Headquartered at WLW, Darryl is Director of AM Operations for Clear Channel Cincinnati. He is also Regional News Talk Brand Manager for Clear Channel (overseeing 700 WLW, 55KRC, 1360 WCKY and 1530 WSAI and Clear Channel News/Talks in the region).

Dave Parks
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1966
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1975
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1976
WNDE/WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1977
KSDO [San Diego CA] 1982
KKBQ-FM [Houston TX] 1986
WRMF [West Palm Beach FL] 1987
KCLX [San Diego CA] 1991
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 1995

Dave Parks died August 24, 2015. See 'Boss Jock' Dave Parks Passes (All Access Music Group); RIP legendary Philly boss jock, WFIL’s Dave “The Rave” Parks (The Key); and DAVE PARKS (INSIDE MUSIC MEDIA).

Michael Parks
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KKUS [San Luis Obispo CA] 1983-1986
Now: Michael says (9/04), "I'm Creative Director for S. Lombardi & Associates Advertising, San Luis Obispo, California; still doing voice-overs for my old friends at KPRL. I miss radio the way it was. In fact, I miss TV the way it was. Hell, I miss me the way I was..."

Jack Parnell
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WMC [Memphis TN] 1971
Now: Jack says (7/04), "I'm consulting for the Information Radio Network, Memphis, Tennessee; and I am a freelance voice talent with an in-home studio."

Russ Parsley
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KMJ [Fresno CA] 1997-2004
Now: Russ says (8/06), "I own and operate Panda DJs and PandaCam productions, a mobile DJ & videography business..."

Dale Parsons
WTID [Norfolk VA] 1968
WVAB [Norfolk] 1970
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1970
- Dee Parsons
WTVR [Richmond VA] 1971 - D.J. Parsons
WGH [Norfolk] 1971
WTAR/WLTY [Norfolk] 1976
WNBC [New York NY] 1984
WLTW [New York] 1989
KLHI [Lahaina Maui HI] 1991-1996
- owner
Now: Dale says (6/10), "I am a radio consultant and voice-over artist, based in Hana on the island of Maui, Hawaii; Web site is alohanews.com -- it has, among other features, a WGH radio tribute I developed (jingles, pictures, airchecks, etc.)."

Linda 'Gabby' Parsons
WWUH [Hartford CT] 1971
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1973
WHCN [Hartford] 1975
WRHY [York PA] 1977
KATT [Oklahoma City OK] 1977
KZOK [Seattle WA] 1979
WMAD [Madison WI] 1979
WWQM [Madison] 1981
WMAD [Madison] 1982
WIBA [Madison] 1987
WQBK-FM [Albany NY] 1993
WRVE [Schenectady NY] 1994
ResultsRadio [Madison WI] 1999-1999
WMMM [Madison] 2001

Now: Evenings and Music Director at Adult Album Alternative WMMM-FM, Madison Wisconsin.

Pete Parsons
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KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1984-1997
Now: Pete says, "I am operating a copywriting service and writing Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino County) news via email for MetroNetworks (LA) -- doing it all out of my home in Southern California."

Bob Partee
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WDEL [Wilmington DE] 1974-1975
Now: Bob is "retired in Delaware."

Dick Partridge
WHAN [Charleston SC] 19??
WAAB [Worcester MA] 19??
WHIM [Providence RI] 19??
WNEW [New York NY] 1958-1963
ABC-TV [New York] 196?
WIOQ [Philadelphia PA] 196?
W??? [?] 1973-1998
- owner
Now: Retired. Dick says, "I am only interested in re-connecting with any of my former compatriots during the good ol' days at what was then the 'flagship of the world', WNEW, N.Y. (presuming one or two to still be alive!)."

Jane Pascual
KGU [Honolulu] 1988
KHFX [Honolulu] 1990
KHVH [Honolulu] 1991
KHNR [Honolulu] 1992
KRTR [Honolulu] 1992

Now: Doing news/commercials at KRTR. Residing in Honolulu.

Jamie Paterson
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CIEZ [Halifax NS] 2003
CKUL [Halifax] 2005

Now: Jamie says (6/05), "I'm working afternoon drive on CKUL (Kool FM), Halifax, Nova Scotia. I quit radio in 1990 to try standup comedy; quit standup comedy in 1994 and returned to radio."

Carl Patrick
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CJCL [Toronto ON] 2001-2003
Now: Carl says (7/06), "I had a great run flying under the radar for 21 years; been teaching elemntary school in Toronto for the TDSB for the last six; miss the people but not the BS..."

Jay Patrick
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WKSZ [Philadelphia PA] 1983-1991
Now: Jay (Joe Fortunato) says (12/09), "I am a math, physics, computer science teacher at a school near Philly."

John Patrick
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WLSW [Scottdale PA] 2001-2003
Now: John says (4/05), "After getting my degree in broadcast meteorology, I have persued a career in TV weathercasting. I am in my dream location in sunny Southwest Florida; and am the morning meteorologist at WZVN-TV, Fort Myers/Naples."

Lou Patrick
WIZE [Dayton OH] 1972
WTMC [Ocala FL] 1975
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1978
WKZW [Peoria IL] 1980
WYKS [Gainesville] 1982
WNKS [Columbus GA] 1986
KJYO [Oklahoma City OK] 1986
WASH [Washington DC] 1987
WKSZ [Philadelphia PA] 1988-1990

Now: Lou says (6/06), "Since 1991, I've been involved in market research and consulting for radio; in 2004 I founded and am president of Evolution Research, Chicago, Illinois; it has been great to work with so many of the great minds in the business, and to be a small part of some of their success."

Big Mike Patrick
WNCO-FM [Ashland OH] 1977
WMAN [Mansfield OH] 1980
WBEA [Cleveland OH] 1983
- Mr. Mikey
WFLY [Albany NY] 1986 - Shadow Michaels
New School of Radio & TV [Albany] 1991 - instructor
WPTR-FM [Albany] 1997
WKKG [Columbus IN] 1998
WWFY [Montpelier VT] 2002
- Big Mike McFly
WBEC/WBEC-FM [Pittsfield MA] 2003
WUPE [Pittsfield] 2006
WFFG [Glens Falls NY] 2008
WGY/WGY-FM [Schenectady NY] 2011

Now: Mike says (6/15), "I've been with iHeartMedia, Albany NY since early 2011. I'm 'multitasked' out the wazoo, from covering Newscasts on WGY AM/FM, filling in on hosting the WGY Morning Show and the WGY Weekend Show, filling in on producing the WGY Morning Show, playing TV Traffic Boy for WNYT in Albany. If THAT'S enough, I provide News coverage for a number of iHeartMedia stations in New England, including (but not limited to as of this writing) Springfield MA, Providence RI, New Haven CT, Manchester & Portsmouth NH. I can also play the piano, and on occasion move it too."

Dale Patterson
CKFH [Toronto] 1974
Broadcast News wire service [Toronto] 1975
CING [Burlington Ontario] 1985
Canadian Press [Toronto] 1988
CFMU [Hamilton Ontario] 1992

Now: Editor at The Canadian Press, Toronto and manager of Rock Radio Scrapbook.

'Fat' Pat Patterson
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 196?
WKIX [Raleigh NC] 1968
WDNC [Durham NC] 1995

Now: At WDNC, Durham, NC.

Rich Patterson
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KPAM [Portland OR] 2003
Now: Morning show producer (w/ Bob Miller) at News/Talk KPAM, Portland, Oregon. Rich says (2/04), "I'm still working as the radio network producer for the Portland Trail Blazers -- the 2003-04 season is my 15th year with the Blazers."

Smith Patterson
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WSJS [Winston-Salem NC] 1982
Now: Smith says (8/03), "I'm still news anchor at News/Talk WSJS, Winston-Salem North Carolina -- on the morning show with Glenn Scott and J.R. (Ray) Snider."

Tom Patterson
KGIL [Los Angeles CA] 1978
KNX [Los Angeles] 1990
KCBS-TV/KCAL-TV [Los Angeles] 1999
CBS TV [LA] 2005

Now: Tom says (12/06), "After 21 years in radio, I decided to dabble in radio with pictures; still having fun and they keep sending a paycheck every Friday."

Vicki Patterson aka Vicki Kay
WTRX [Flint MI] 1976
WFDF [Flint] 1978
WFOM [Atlanta GA] 1981
WFDF [Flint] 1983
WOJC [Tampa FL] 1983
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1984
WSGW [Saginaw, MI] 1984
WKCQ [Saginaw] 1987
WCFX [Mount Pleasant MI] 1991-2002
- mgr
WIOD [Miami FL] 2006
Now: Vicki says (7/07), "I am working full time for an events and entertainment production company; still doing what I love on weekends, news at NewsRadio 610 WIOD in Miami, Florida. I would love to hear from the folks I've crossed paths with over the years, especially those from WTRX and WFDF in Flint."

Doug Paul
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WKZL [Winston-Salem NC] 1978-1982
Now: Doug says (6/09), "After WKZL, I formed a voice-over business and moved to Atlanta; I relocated to NYC between 1984-1987, then back to Georgia ever since; I became one of those national guys that voiced promos before promos were cool."

John Paul
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WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1999
Now: John says (3/05), "I'm PD at Rock WBUF-FM, Buffalo, New York."

Ralph Paul (Gernhardt)
KMYR [Denver] 1958
Now: Publisher of the Windy City Times in Chicago, Illinois.

Ken Pauli
WERA [Morristown NJ] 1979
WRDR [Atlantic City NJ] 1982
WOBM [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1983
WJBR-FM [Wilmington DE] 1985
WWMX [Baltimore md] 1987
WFAS-FM [White Plains NY] 1987
WCNN/WALR [Atlanta GA] 1990
- Tom Grayson
WFOX [Gainesville GA] 1991
WNNX [Atlanta] 1993
CNNRadio net [Atlanta] 1994
WFTL/WMEN [West Palm Beach FL] 2004

Now: Ken says (2/08), "I'm Director of News & Operations at the James Crystal Radio Group's four AM stations based in Fort Lauderdale FL; unlike most radio jobs today, JCR is a small, one-man owned group, which allows for some amazing opportunities; I'm loving South Florida, too. Would love to talk with former co-workers from all my radio jobs, just to see how everyone is doing; I'm wondering how many people jumped ship from the radio biz for something more stable."

Scott Paulsen
WLIT [Steubenville OH] 1977
WAMX [Huntington WV] 1978
WKEE [Huntington] 1979
WAMX [Huntington] 1982
WIMZ [Knoxville TN] 1984
WHTX [Pittsburgh PA] 1986
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1986-1999
WBGG [Pittsburgh] 2001
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 2002-2006
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 2008
WEAE [Pittsburgh] 2008
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 2012

Now: Scott is back at WDVE, Pittsburgh, PA (for a third time) and is contributing material to the morning show.

Dave Paulson
KSVN [Ogden UT] 1969
KPAS [Banning CA] 1970
KREL [Riverside CA] 1970
KIXX [Provo UT] 1971
KONI [Provo] 1971
KOVO [Provo] 1971
KFMC [Provo] 1971
KREL [Riverside] 1971
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1972
KWIZ [LA] 1972
KQLH [San Bernardino CA] 1973
KONI [Provo] 1974
KSUB [Cedar City UT] 1975
KFTN [Provo] 1976
KVON/KVYN [Napa CA] 1981
KPLA [Modesto CA] 1991
KNBA [Vallejo CA] 1991
KTRB [Modesto] 1993
KUBA/KXCL [Yuba City CA] 1996

Now: Part-time at Nostalgia KUBA and Adult Contemporary KXCL in the Sacramento Valley of California. During the week, Dave is a school teacher teaching "Today's kids/Tomorrow's adults."

Dave Pavletich
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KITI/KITI-FM [Centralia WA] 1988
Now: Part-time on air and in sales at Oldies KITI and Hot AC KITI-FM (Live 95). Dave says, "My primary occupation now is IT."

Don Payne
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1978
KLPQ [Little Rock] 1980
WXUS [Lafayette IN] 1981
WAZY [Lafayette] 1982
WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 1983
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1999
- CE
WHHH [Indianapolis] 2003 - CE
Don Payne died December 12, 2010 (age 53) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kevin Payne
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WTAD [Quincy IL] 2004
Now: Kevin says (2/06), "I'm working as a news reporter and sometime DJ for a five-station cluster in Quincy, Illinois. I've moved from classical host to news over twenty years -- and find that I'm pretty good at the reporting and writing gig, though it's not what I trained for."

Steve Payne
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WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1977-1980
Now: Steve says (1/10), "I live in Huntsville, Alabama and am working in customer service; my main goal in life is spoiling my grandchildren."

Bob Payton
WZAK [Cleveland OH] 1968
WWOW [Conneaut OH] 1969
WREO [Ashtabula OH] 1969
WGCL [Cleveland] 1972
WRBR [South Bend IN] 1974
XEROK [El Paso TX/Juarez Mex] 1975
KAZY [Denver CO] 1976
WZZP [Cleveland] 1977
KELP [El Paso TX] 1978
- GM
KRVA [Dallas TX] 1996-1997 - VP, GM
Now: Bob says (11/14), "I'm EVP/COO of R Communications, Dallas, Texas. I came off the air in 1980 after being promoted to GM of Clear Channel's KELP in El Paso; subsequently was in general, sales and group management in Denver, Houston and Dallas."

'Country' Paul Payton
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WWYZ [Hartford CT] 1985-1993
Now: Paul says (1/04), "After leaving WWYZ, I have been working full-time doing voice-overs (Paul Payton: Have Voice, Will Travel) in the New York (Connecticut to Philadelphia) area."

Mike Paz
WMGW [Meadville PA] 1972-1975
WHFM [Rochester NY] 1980-1982
WDKX [Rochester] 1987-2003

Now: Mike says (10/07, "I'm a motorsports and PA announcer at Daytona International Speedway (since 1999), Watkins Glen International (since 1984), Richmond International Raceway (since 2000), Homestead-Miami Speedway (since 1999), Phoenix International Raceway (since 2004) and California Speedway (since 2005) -- and many others; I still have a DJ business for weddings, private parties, corporation events, etc. (since 1985)."

John Peace
WKBY [Chatham VA] 1972
WFTC/WRNS [Kinston NC] 1976
WISP/WQDW [Kinston] 1976
WSFL [New Bern NC] 1981
WZNS [Florence SC] 1986
WPEZ [Macon GA] 1988
WMXT/WWFN/WBZF [Florence SC] 1990-1996

Now: President of Audio Production Experts,Florence, South Carolina.

Billy Pearl
KYMS [LA] 1969
KWIZ [LA] 1969
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1970
KKDJ [LA] 1971
KIIS [LA] 1972
KKDJ [LA] 1973
KIQQ [LA] 1973
KHJ [LA] 1974
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1976
- guest DJ for a day
KRLA [LA] 1976 - consultant
KIQQ [LA] 1977
KMPC [LA] 1981
KABC [LA] 1982-1984, 1986-1991

Now: Bill is an attorney in Long Beach, California.

Donn Pearlman
KLWN [Lawrence KS] 1965
WREN [Topeka KS] 1966
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1968
WBBM [Chicago IL] 1970-1996

Now: Don says (12/03), "In 1996 I left WBBM/CBS in Chicago to follow the career path I orginally intended to take: public relations, marketing and a touch of advertising. Now on 'The Dark Side of the Force,' I am President of Minkus & Pearlman Public Relations, with offices in Illinois and Nevada. Do I miss broadcasting? Yes, I miss many of the people I worked with, but the telephone doesn't ring anymore at 3 o'clock in the morning with the Assignment Desk instructing me to cover a lumber yard fire in Joliet."

Jason Peavy
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WCAC [Baton Rouge LA] 1999-2000
Now: Jason say (4/03), "I will be getting back on the air soon after a 2 year absence."

Jerry Peeler
WANS [Greenville SC] 1994-2005
Now: Jerry says (11/10), "I own a mobile DJ service, which I have been in for 25 years, and am co-owner (with my wife) in a florist, so we stay busy; still love all genres of music."

Butch Peiker
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WNFQ [Lake City FL] 1978-1983
Now: Butch says (8/06), "I am classified outside SM (automotive & real estate)for the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL."

John Pellegrini
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WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 2002
Now: John says (1/07), "...I am at Regent Broadcasting as Creative Services Director for all five stations in the (Grand Rapids, Michigan) cluster: WGRD-FM (ALT Rock), WLHT-FM (AC), WTRV-FM (Soft AC), WFGR-FM (Oldies) and WNWZ (Spanish)."

Brian Perez
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KWVE [Los Angeles CA] 2004
Now: Brian says (12/06), "I am assistant PD and morning host at Christian Contemporary KWVE-FM, San Clemete, California; on the side I produce Sound Doctrine for Calvary Chapel (U.S. and overseas); and I'm the voice of The Advocate, nationally syndicated by the Information Radio Network."

John Perin
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WOBO [Batavia OH] 1979
Now: John says (2/08), "I'm continuing to cover sports on Variety WOBO-FM, Batavia, Ohio; ... over the years I've talked to everyone from cheerleaders to professional wrestlers; trying when possible to feature those who may not be heard anywhere else."

David Perkins
KMOO [Mineola TX] 1965
KWRD [Henderson TX] 1965
KBEL [Idabel OK] 1965
KCLE [Cleburne TX] 1966
WTHE [Long Island NY] 1966
KTOW [Tulsa OK] 1967
KBUY [Ft. Worth TX] 1967
- Charlie Brown
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1968
KPRC [Houston TX] 1968
- Charlie Brown
WYAM [Birmingham AL] 1970
WBAP [Ft. Worth] 1970
- Charlie Brown
KTVT Channel 11 [Dallas] 1971 - Charlie Brown: cohost: Cowtown Jamboree
KIKK [Houston] 1973 - Charlie Brown
KYND [Houston TX] 1974-1978
Now: David says (6/07), "I have been preaching on the radio (KKGM 1630), Dallas/Fort Worth since Feb 2007; I'm on every Sunday afternoon; you can also hear the sermon live on the Internet KKGMam.com or you can go to my website JesusChristSaid.com to hear all of my sermons dating back to February; I'm still living in Fort Worth and still have my child bride, Pat as my constant companion. David remembers the radio biz...

Dee Perkins aka Dee Collins
WSGO [Oswego NY] 1985 - Dee Morgan
WSEN [Syracuse NY] 1985 - Dyan Jacobs
WKLX [Rochester NY] 1986
WYYY [Syracuse] 1988
WSYR [Syracuse] 1990
WBBS [Syracuse] 1996
WLTI [Syracuse] 2002-2004

Now: Dee says (2/08), "I work for Westwood One as a satellite salesperson; I'm very lucky to still be in radio and not be on the air - I couldn't be happier! I learned so much about how to sound on the air from the great guys at KC-99 and WKLX; Bobby Hatfield (the PD not the singer) and Cary Paul taught me so much; I also had the honor of working with Dave Coombs as a morning co-host in Rochester and that was the best working experience I ever had; he was generous and one of the few non-crazy guys I've worked with; I've also had the delight to work with many morning men in Syracuse including Gomez (who is working with Dave currently), Bill Baker and Ron Bee; all were so supportive of my work on the air. I was the promotions director for WSYR for many years and Ken Charles was our PD; we had so much fun working together as the ultimate ying and yang. My work at sybercuse.com helped me branch out from on-air work and for that I'm thankful to Joel Delmonico and my current boss Conrad Trautmann; both allowed me to see beyond 'doing and airshift'."

Lee Perkins
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KWVR [Enterprise OR] 1984
Now: Owner, president, GM and "sports guy" at Country KWVR, Enterprise, Oregon.

Chuck Perks
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WEEI [Boston MA] 2000
WBZ-FM [Boston] 2009

Now: Chuck says (4/11), "I am with Sports WBZ-FM, Boston, Massachusetts."

Mike Perras
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CJTT [ New Liskeard ON] 1987-2002 - manager
Now: Mike says (12/03), "I am now retired."

Keith Perron
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China Radio International [Beijing, China] 2000
Now: Keith is with China Radio International. Beijing, China. He says (10/02), "I host a national daily music show called The Keith and Li Qian Show, and I host China's only weekly national jazz show, Jazzbeat."

Alan Perry
CFAX [Victoria, BC] 1971-2003 - reporter, talk-show host, news director
Now: Alan says (9/09), "After 32 years on the air, all of them at C-FAX, I left in June 2003 to take care of my elderly mom; I'm now 'Reporter Emeritus' at C-FAX, file the occasional news story and appear regularly on C-FAX talk shows; I also host the weekly Opinion Panel on SHAW-TV, Victoria. The most memorable events while at C-FAX: Flying with the Snowbirds, reporting live from inside the crater of Mount St. Helen's, helping cover the 1994 Commonwealth Games, riding in the inaugural Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock; most rewarding experience: helping Victoria get through the Blizzard of 1996 which saw a record 124cm of snow in two days; most memorable co-workers: mentor Mel Cooper, and the late Ken 'The Dobber' Dobson, who was larger than life and an inspiration to anyone who works behind a microphone."

Bob Perry
WGHQ/WBPM [Kingston NY] 1980
WSPK [Poughkeepsie NY] 1981
WRSC [State College PA] 1982
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1983
WNLC/WTYD [New London CT] 1985
WTIC-TV [Hartford CT] 1986
WEVD [New York NY] 1987-1988
WBZO [Bay Shore NY] 2000
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 2004
WLIX-FM [Ridge NY] 2005

Now: Bob says (3/05), "I've been with Alternative WLIX-FM (RadioX), Long Island, New York since 2005. In 2000, I created the original JACK-FM format; licensed in 2003 by Rogers Communications in Canada and by SparkNet Communications for U.S. markets. I have been president of Big Sticks Broadcasting since 2001. In 1999 I created a tribute website for WVWA, Pound Ridge, NY (remember NINE?) with historic input from Randy West, Famous Amos, Howard Hoffman and Pete Salant."

Celeste Perry
KQMQ [Honolulu HI] 1979
KKUA [Honolulu] 1980
KSFO/KYA [San Francisco CA] 1982
KYCY [San Francisco] 1994-1999
KKSF [San Francisco] 2005
KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 2007

Now: Celeste says (8/07), "I am co-host (w/the ‘Duke’ Dave Sholin) of the morning show at Classic Hits KFRC-FM , San Francisco, California."

Dave Perry
WRHI [Rock Hill SC] 1956
WSJS [Winston-Salem NC] 1957
WIST [Charlotte NC] 1958-1958
WESC [Greenville SC] 1960
WSOC [Charlotte] 1961
KMO [Tacoma WA] 1963
WTOB [Winston-Salem] 1963
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1963-1975
WERC [Birmingham] 1990-1992

Now: Dave says (9/05), "I'm concentrating on voice work; no screaming car commercials, just serious and conversational information. I miss radio; I loved it when it had no real competition for news; It was great knowing that if people saw smoke on the horizon, they tuned to my station to find out what was happening. I DON'T miss television. It is at once both the best and worst aspect of our culture..." Click for more from Dave.

David Perry
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KTYD [Santa Barbara CA] 1993-1998 - GM
Now: David says (Nov 1999), "I am living in Santa Barbara, California, doing some consulting and on-line stock trading."

Ed Perry aka Johnny Steele
KPCS [Los Angeles CA] 1967 - Ed Poree'
KRAM [Las Vegas NV] 1970
KUDU/KBBY [Ventura CA] 1972
KKBC/KPTL [Carson City NV] 1972
KONE [Reno NV] 1974
KOLO [Reno] 1978
KOH [Reno] 1982
KBET [Reno] 1982
KIKF [LA] 1987
Transtar net [LA] 1989
Westwood One [LA] 1992-2004

Now: Michael Hagerty reports (11/04), "Ed (Poree') passed away of lung cancer on November 6, 2004. He was 65. I worked with him when he was Johnny Steele at KOLO in Reno. We'd gotten back in touch via e-mail in the last five years. A very nice man. I'll miss him."

Michael W. Perry
WILS [Lansing MI] 1967
KKUA [Honolulu] 1972
KSSK [Honolulu] 1978
Hawaiian Moving Company KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1980 -
executive producer/host
Now: Perry of Perry & Price (since 1983), mornings on Oldies KSSK and Adult Contemp KSSK-FM. Michael continues to produce/host the Emmy-winning Hawaiian Moving Company on KGMB-TV, Honolulu, Hawaii. Movie/TV Credits: Blood & Orchids (Lt. Fisk), Jake & the Fatman, Magnum, P.I., Island Son (Dr. George), Marker, One West Waikiki, pilot for 1997 Hawaii Five-O (CBS).

'Mustang' Mick Perry
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KKBQ [Houston TX] 1991-1995
Now: Mick says (3/04), "I departed the broadcast in 1995 for a more predictable future. I am now working in corporate asset rotection (surveillance) for the world's largest entertainment corporation. I might be watching and listening to you now!!! Be careful!"

Richard Perry
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KHKK [Modesto CA] 1996
Now: Richard says (8/03), "I am PD and doing middays at Classic Rock KHKK-FM, (104.1 The Hawk), Modesto/Stockton. California."

Gary Persons
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KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1977-1979
Now: Regional Manager for the Western US at WorldCom ("...that means that salespeople who work for me sell to Kansas, Arizona, Texas, etc."), based in Los Angeles, CA. Gary adds, "I don't have a Web site, but am playing and writing a lot of music (I'm really a musician at heart). My biggest musical accomplishment was writing the orchestral arrangement for the Grammy-nominated Randy Newman song, "A Fool in Love", which was the title song for the movie, "Meet the Parents" (Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro}."

Maureen Pescaia aka Maureen Borromeo
KNUI-FM [Kahulu, Maui HI] 1987
KMVI-FM [Wailuku, Maui HI] 1989
KSSK/KSSK-FM [Honolulu HI] 1992-1995, 2005-2007

Now: Maureen says (11/11), "I am still in Honolulu; went back to school and got two master degrees; one in Theater and the other in Secondary Education; now a full-time teacher for the DOE. I Worked in ground zero at KSSK with Perry and Price during Hurricane Iniki in 1992; learned from the best in the business how to work a city newsroom with Erika Engle; worked with Michael McCartney while on Maui as well as a boatload of other Hawaii radio greats; got a great gig from Audy Kimura while working at KMVI on Maui; radio was very good to me."

Chet Peters
Now: Production Engineer at WLUX, Farmingdale, NY.

Chuck Peters
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WYNA [Whiteville NC] 1993-1994 - GM
Now: Chuck says (6/04), "I Left radio in 1999; my real job is with the City of Clinton, TN Police Dept. I also operate an Internet radio station at www.sglive365.com."

Jim Peters
WLAN [Lancaster PA] 1966
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1967
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1968
KKUA [Honolulu] 1970
KORL [Honolulu] 1977
KIKI [Honolulu] 1977
KMAI [Honolulu] 1982
KULA [Honolulu HI] 1983-1987

Now: Jim Peters (real name, Jim Gagnon) says, "I've been living in Florida since 1990. Any jocks who ran their cans too hot may be talking to me soon about some hearing aids. I am a board-certified hearing-aid specialist in Orlando. It's amazing that I'm not now wearing what I dispense because I also ran my cans WAY too loud. I miss the great people I've had the good fortune to work with."

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Paul Peters
Forest FM [Verwood, Dorsett, UK] 2007
Now: Paul says (06/14), "...Over the past few years I have been presenting 3 weekly 'oldies' radio shows for Forest FM in the south of England. These are also aired by several stations in the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Malta, and the Falkland Islands."

Rick Peters
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WXTA [Erie PA] 2006
WDOE [Fredonia NY] 2008

Now: Rick says (1/09), "I am PD and morning-show host with Adult Contemporary WDOE (96 KIX Country), Dunkirk, New York."

Tim Peters
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KEYN [Wichita KS] 1986-1990
KFKF [Kansas City KS] 2004

Now: Tim says (6/04), "I am doing evenings at Country KFKF-FM in Kansas City; I'm also available available for voice-over work, imaging, commercial, etc."

Al Peterson
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KKLQ/KIOZ [San Diego CA] 1993-1997 - VP/Ops
Now: News/Talk/Sports editor with Radio and Records.

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Alan Peterson
WNNK [Harrisburg PA] 1993-1995
Now: Alan says (01/15), "I am Production Director and 2nd Engineer at Radio America Network, Washington DC; and I also direct the network's video production side, videostudio66.com."

Jay Peterson
KCSM [San Jose CA] 1981
KLRS [Santa Cruz CA] 1988
KSCO [Santa Cruz] 1988
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1989
KEST [San Francisco] 1990
KPBS [San Diego CA] 1998
KWVE [Los Angeles CA] 1999-2001

Now: Jay says, "I own Little Cat Productions, San Diego, California. I produce and voice commercials for stations around the state and also provide public affairs programming to Southern California radio stations."

Robb 'Jazzbro' Peterson
WIUS [Bloomington IN] 1969 - Airman Bobby
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1972-1974 - Tony Tyger
KBLE [Honolulu HI] 1982
KCCN [Honolulu] 1984
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1987
KIOV [Honolulu] 1988
KIPO [Honolulu] 1988
KTUH [Honolulu] 1993
- Univ of Hawaii
KHNR [Honolulu] 1997-2000
KORL [Honolulu] 2004-2007, 2010

Now: Robb (Jazzbro) says (3/10), "I'm Music Director at Variety KORL-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii."

Howard Petrie
WBZ [Boston MA] 1929
NBC Radio net [New York] 1930
NBC Radio net [Los Angeles] 1943-1943

Kevin Bochynski reports (9/10), "After a long career in radio, television and movies, Howard Petrie retired due to illness. Petrie had been living in semi-retirement at his home, Autumn Hill, in Walpole, New Hampshire, when he died in Keene, New Hampshire, on March 24, 1968. See my entry on Howard Petrie in Wikipedia."

Allen Pettit
WJPA [Washington PA] 1981
WOMP [Wheeling WV] 1987
WNRQ/WXRB [Pittsburgh PA] 1993
- Whipping Boy/Beau Harley
WKEG [Washington] 1995
WANB [Waynesburgh PA] 1997-1998

Now: Allen says (1/11), "I'm with WRRK (BOB-FM 96.9), Pittsburgh, PA; was a police officer from 1993-2006 in Washington County, PA; then a program assistant at Renewal Inc (alternative to prison program), Pittsburgh. Was on the air when the WOMP-FM studios in Bellaire caught fire back in 1991; still run into people who ask me about that, as well as the Frozen-Alive-in-95 stunt, and living on a billboard for the Wheeling Thunderbirds hockey team for about a month ... those were the days!"

Ray Peyton
KVCR [San Bernardino CA] 1976 - Rockin' Ray
KBON [San Bernardino] 1977
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1980
- Ray at Peyton's Place
KPRO [Riverside CA] 1980 - Ray at Peyton's Place
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1980
KSOM [Ontario CA] 1985
KHNY/KWDJ [Riverside CA] 1986
- Ray at Peyton's Place
KWXY [Palm Spring CA] 1991 - Ray at Peyton's Place
KKLA [San Bernardino] 1994
Am. Freedom net [??] 1996
- Peyton's Place
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 2001 - Ray at Peyton's Place
KCAA [San Bernardino] 2003
Now: Ray says (2/04), "I do news at News/Talk KCAA, San Bernardino, California as well as national voice-overs. In Southern California I am the in-store 'radio' voice in all 157 Stater Bros. markets. From 1993-1999 I ran my own company (Real Communications) that produced radio programs and spots for nearly 100 stations across the U.S.; I guested as an authority on conspiracies and prophecies on more than 800 stations; I have authored three comedy books on life at middle-age; I did voice-overs with Orson Welles, Al Lohman and ran Wolfman Jack's KRLA program from his studios in Hollywood while answering the phone as Wolfman (one of 68 voices I do). No one ever caught on."
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