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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (O)

Russ Oasis
WKBK [Keene NH] 1970 - Rusty Nale
WEIM [Fitchburg MA] 1970 - Rick Williams
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1971 - Rick Williams
WMEX [Boston MA] 1972 - Rick Williams
WFUN [Miami FL] 1973
WMYQ [Miami] 1974
WLVE [Miami] 1976
WMJX [Miami] 1977
WXDJ [Miami] 1987-1997
- owner
WFWI [Ft. Wayne IN] 1993-1997 - owner
WRMA [Miami] 1994-1997 - owner
WJFX [Ft. Wayne] 1999-2014 - owner
WKLU [Indianapolis IN] 2004-2014 - owner
WBTU/WVBB [Ft. Wayne] 2007-2014 - owner
Now: Russ says (1/15), "I sold WKLU (Indianapolis), also WBTU, WJFX, and WVBB (all three Fort Wayne, Indiana). I'm currently waiting to see what direction radio takes and how I feel about participating in it. I've either been on the air or in ownership since 1970, so it's been a terrific run. I'm grateful for my successes and close friends in the biz." Click for more from Russ.

Dale O'Brian
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WMXL [Lexington KY] 2003
WCDA [Lexington] 2008

Now: Dale says (8/08), "I am PD and doing mornings on Hot AC WCDA-FM, Lexington, Kentucky."

Linda O'Brian
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KSCS [Ft. Worth TX] 1994-2002
Now: Linda says (3/03), "I'm hosting a nationally syndicated show for United Stations Radio Networks (since 1994) and doling station imaging voice for stations across USA -- from Dallas, Texas."

Pat O'Briant
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KSYZ [Grand Island NE] 1998-2003
KEWL [Texarkana TX] 2009
KLBL/KQUS [Hot Springs AR] 2012

Now: Pat says (1/12), "I'm doing mornings on Country KLBL-FM (The BUll) and fill on Country KQUS-FM (US-97), Hot Springs, Arkansas."

B.J. O'Brien
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WTCB [Columbia SC] 1993
Now: B.J. says (10/09), "I'm still plugging along doing the part-time thing, working on the fast ball and waiting to earn that call to the majors."

Bob O'Brien
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KDES [Palm Springs CA] 2004-2013
Now: Bob says (8/14), "I'm living in Toms River, NJ, and working at Greater Media's WJRZ-FM; I've now written six books and am working on a seventh."

Charlie O’Brien
CFPL [London, Ontario] 1972 - Tom Kelly
CKSO [Sudbury, Ontario] 1973 - Tom Kelly
CFGO [Ottawa, Ontario] 1974
CKLW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1975
CJBK [London, Ontario] 1984
CKLW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1986
CJEZ [Toronto, Ontario] 1993
CHUM [Toronto, Ontario] 1995
CKWW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1997
CKGM [Montreal, Quebec] 1998

Now: Afternoon drive at Oldies CHUM, Toronto, Morning Drive at Adult Standards CKWW, Windsor/Detroit and Middays at Oldies CKGM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Says Charlie, "Let's hear it for ISDN!" Charlie remembers, "I started overnights at the BIG 8 in 1975. The occasion? Jock Pat Holiday was getting married and most staff were invited. Flown in from sister station CFGO Ottawa to do 2 weekend shifts. Filled in during flu epidemic same year. Full time in Feb. 1976. I was the guy who took Gary Burbank's spot on the staff tho' not in mornings - that was Bob Moody. Moved to Middays later in '76. The best staff going: Tom Shannon, Johnny Williams, Pat Holiday, Bill Gable, Super Max Kinkle, Mike Kelly and yours truly. A pleasure to be in such great company. Down the hall in 20/20 News of course Byron McGregor, Grant Hudson, Randall Carlisle, Keith Radford and Joe Donovan. Great memories at the Big 8!"

Chris O'Brien
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WTOP [Washington DC] 2004
Now: Chris says (7/04), "I am working for Bonneville Communications at WTOP, Washington, DC as an account manager. Still doing voice work but no longer on air full time."

Chris O'Brien
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WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1981-1985
Now: Chris says (5/12), "Since 1979, I've owned Chris O'Brien Productions, Inc. - O'Brien DJ Service, Detroit, the largest DJ company in Michigan. Between radio and my mobile business, I have had a very good and interesting life; met many singers, groups and wonderful people; I still agree with Larry Lujack, you can be a DJ, or you can grow up; guess which one I picked?"

Big Ed O'Brien
KFRC [San Francisco] 1973
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1974
KHOW [Denver CO] 197?

Now: Doing voice-over work (since 1980) in Denver, Colorado.

Gary O'Brien
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WYUR [Detroit MI] 1997-1999
Now: Gary says (1/06), "I have been running my own entertainment business doing all kinds of crazy things; deeply miss the good old days of radio and the great people who worked in it."

Gene O'Brien
WKAP [Allentown PA] 1977
WSAN [Allentown] 1979
WEEX [Allentown] 1979
WLEV [Allentown] 1983-1985

Now: Gene says (1/17), "I'm working at Constructure Technologies on Long Island."

Glenn O'Brien
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WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 1993-2002
Now: Glenn says (8/03), "Early in 2002, I began working with a small ad agency in the Norwich, CT area that publishes direct mailers. I write articles, as well as sell ads; and I have been an instructor at the new Stonington branch of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. It's certainly in a nicer building than most radio stations I've worked at."

Jack O'Brien
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WFXJ [Jacksonville FL] 2002
Now: Jack says (1/03), "I am Sales Manager at Clear Channel, Jacksonville, FL; public address announcer for the Florida Gators; married, three children."

Jim O'Brien (Ron Gullion)
WILO [Frankfort IN] 1979-1984
WXUS [Lafayette IN] 1981-1982
WSHW [Frankfort] 1982-1984
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1983-1988
WIOE [Ft. Wayne] 1986-1987
- Johnny Newtron
WCUZ [Grand Rapids MI] 1988-1991
WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1991
WKNR [Cleveland] 1994
- PD
WQMX [Akron OH] 1997-2005
Now: Jim says (1/06), "I'm focused on my TV life. As film critic on WEWS, Newschannel 5 I travel frequently on the "junket" circuit getting interviews with actors and using that material in packages with reviews for the News and I am a voting member of The Broadcast Film Critics Association. I am also ramping up my own voice-over production studio and looking to expand my entertainment material to radio. It has been fun running down all the great radio stations I have worked at in my 25-plus years in the biz. I think it is a track record to be proud of." Jim remembers WOWO/WIOE.

Jim O'Brien - The Tall Texan
KCBQ [San Diego] 1966
KBBQ [LA] 1967
WOR-FM [New York] 1967
KHJ [LA] 1969
CKLW [Detroit] 1970
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1971
WPVI-TV [Philadelphia] 1972-1983
- Action News weatherman
Jim was killed in a parachuting accident Sep 25, 1983 near Pottstown, PA. His parachute became entangled with another skydiver's chute. Jim cut himself loose, but his backup parachute did not open in time to slow his descent.

Joe O'Brien
WMCA [New York NY] 1935
WNBC [New York] 1968
WHUD [Peekskill NY] 1972-1986

Joe O'Brien retired in 1986, but continued to do weekend specials for WHUD until 2000. Joe O'Brien, one of the original WMCA Good Guys, was was killed in a car crash July 24, 2005 in Lenox, Massachusetts. He was 90 years old.

John O'Brien
KFH [Wichita KS] 1975 - John 'Mad Dog' Taylor
KOCY [Oklahoma City OK] 1979 - John 'Mad Dog' Taylor
KCAN [Oklahoma City] 198? - John 'Mad Dog' Taylor
KXXY [Oklahoma City] 198? - John Taylor
KIXR [Ponca City OK] 1991 - Jack Christy
WKSE [Buffalo NY] 1993 - J.J. Kelly
WMJQ [Buffalo] 1994 - John Kelly
WYRK [Buffalo] 1994 - Jack Christy
WQYX [Clearfield PA] 1994
WHTO [Williamsport PA] 1995
WILQ [Williamsport] 1996-2013

Now: John says (12/13), "After 38 years in the business I am hanging up my headphones Dec 31, 2013. Radio was a great career but I feel like it is time to take the final bow. Long live terrestrial radio!"

Kevin O'Brien
KMJJ [Las Vegas NV] 1978
KWSS [San Jose CA] 1983
KQKS [Denver CO] 1986
KKLD/KMXZ/KJYK/KKND/KKHG [Tucson AZ] 1993 - station mgr/GSM
KODS/KPLY/KQNV [Reno NV] 1996 - GM
KFBK/KGBY/KHYL/KSTE [Sacramento CA] 1996
KRXQ/KSEG/KSSJ/KDND /KCTC [Sacramento] 1998-2000

Now: Kevin says (1/07), "I'm in Sacramento, California since late 2000 president of Broadcast Adventures, Inc., providing sales and management consulting/development for radio, and long-term revenue development through our PartnersProgram; also on a mission to help managers make radio more fun again."

Larry O'Brien
WTOD [Toledo OH] 1962
WALT [Tampa FL] 1965
KSOL [San Francisco] 1965
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1966
WGRT [Chicago] 1967
WGH [Norfolk VA] 1967
WCFL [Chicago] 1969
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1972
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1984
WMXP [Pittsburgh] 1992
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1994

Now: Larry retired from WTAE, May 16, 1997; Residing in Hilton Head, SC. He says (2/04), "Retirement is heaven ... I do miss school delay announcements."

Mike O'Brien (Dave Heck)
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1971
WNDE [Indianapolis] 1975
- 'The Animal'
WTPI [Indianapolis] 1984
WIBC [Indianapolis] 2006

Now: Mike (Dave) says (3/06), "I've returned to my roots as a broadcast engineer at News/Talk WIBC, Indianapolis, Indiana."

Big Ron O'Brien
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1969
KTLN [Denver CO] 1970
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1972
WCFL [Chicago IL] 1972
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1976
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1976
KFI [Lps Angeles CA] 1979
KIIS [LA] 1982
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1985
KZDG [Denver] 1994
WYXR [Philadelphia] 1996
WLCE [Philadelphia] 1999
WOGL [Philadelphia] 2001-2008

Ron O'Brien died Apr 27, 2008 (pneumonia) in Philadelphia, PA. See WOGL disc jockey “Big Ron” O’Brien dies.

Steve O'Brien
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1968
CKFH [Ontario] 1969
WCBS-FM [New York] 1970

Now: Weekends and fill at Oldies WCBS-FM, New York, New York."

Sean O'Callaghan aka T.S. O'Callaghan
KLGR [Redwood Falls MN] 1957
KYSM [Mankato MN] 1958
KJAX [Santa Rosa CA] 1960
KXLY [Spokane WA] 1961
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1963
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1966
KLOK [San Jose CA] 1969
KARM/KFIG [Fresno CA] 1980-1981
- station mgr
KKSJ [San Jose] 1993-1996
KYAA [Monterey CA] 2010

Now: Sean says (6/11), "I'm doing mornings at KYAA (am 1200), in addition to selling time; also producing TV commercials in the San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey markets. I took time off from radio to do six years at KICU-TV, six years at KNTV-TV, and seven years at COMCAST Cable TV."

Bobby Ocean
WDLP [Panama City FL] 1962 - Ray Farrell
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1962 - Radio Ray Farrell
KKIS [Pittsburg CA] 1965 - Radio Ray Farrell
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1968 - Johnny Scott
KGB [San Diego CA] 1968
KCBQ [San Diego] 1971
KGB [San Diego] 1973
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1973
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1975
KWST [Los Angeles] 1980
KIOI [San Francisco] 1981
KFRC [San Francisco] 1983-2004
KYUU [San Francisco] 1985-1986
KOIT [San Francisco] 2005

Now: Bobby says (12/08), "I'm a part-timer at this number-one rated Light Rock station (KOIT), doing all shifts -- from mornings, mid days and nights to weekends; having stuck with my youthful choice to be an all-California jock after over five decades, I'm winding down now, less DJ stuff, more voice image work. I'm still living in Northern California about 25 minutes north of San Francisco; known as one of the few Boss Jocks who worked all four of the Golden State's Drake-consulted stations (KYNO, KGB, KFRC and KHJ); formed my own Broadcast Image Voice and Production company over 30 years ago, still thriving; found most satisfaction as station spokesman, telling a station or person's story, helping others get their act refined. *I worked at KFRC eight different times over the years." Click for Bobby's history narrative.

Dave Ochs
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KNUS [Denver CO] 1982-1982
Now: Dave says (11/06), "I am taking a sabbatical to spend more time with my kids, after 23 years as a sportswriter with the Broadcast Services division of the Associated Press (Washington DC); living with my family in northern Virginia and still cheering for my beloved hometown St. Louis Cardinals."

Eric Ochs
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WLYT [Cleveland OH] 1979-1982
Now: Eric says (02/13), "I am owner and voice talent at Eric Ochs VoiceOvers, Cleveland, Ohio."

Jan Ochs
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WMGQ [New Brunswick NJ] 1994
Now: Jan says (12/02),"I am an announcer with Sirius Satellite Radio on their Starlite Channel 4 (noon-6pm EST) and doing middays at AC WMGQ (Magic 98.3), New Brunswick, New Jersey"

John O'Day
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KATZ [St. Louis MO] 1991-1997
Now: John says (4/03), "I am a security supervisor for large bank; and coordinator of a radio station training program at a local community center."

Lee O'Day
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KQTP [Topeka KS] 2002-2006
KTPK [Topeka] 1999-2002, 2006

Now: Lee says (9/08), "I returned to Country KTPK (106.9), Topeka Kansas in 2006 and continue on the air with a Saturday night request show and streaming on-line..."

Pat O'Day
KAST [Astoria OR] 1957
KLOG [Kelso WA] 1959
KJR [Seattle] 1961
KORL [Honolulu] 1976
- GM/owner
KYYX [Seattle] 1977
KKMI [Seattle] 1983
- GM
Now: Involved in real estate and residing in Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands (northern Washington state).

Spike O'Dell
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WGN [Chicago IL] 1987
Now: Spike says (2/08), "I live in the western burbs of greater Chicago land; I came to News/Talk WGN to do afternoons and have been the morning-show host since 2000; Chicago is a great town to work in, and to work at this legendary radio station is icing on the cake."

Kurt Oden
WICE [Providence] 1974
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1976
Aide to the mayor [Providence] 1978

Now: Aide to Providence Mayor Cianci.

Charlie O'Donnell
American Bandstand [Philadelphia] 1952 - announcer
Am Bandstand - ABC-TV [Philadelphia] 1957 - announcer
KRLA [LA] 1964
WOR-FM [New York] 1968
KGBS [LA] 1968
KLAC [LA] 1969
KBBQ [LA] 1971
KCOP-TV [LA] 197?
- news/booth anncr
Wheel of Fortune [LA] 1977-2010 - announcer
KLAC [LA] 1984
Charlie O'Donnell (age 78) died Oct 31, 2010 in Los Angeles. See ‘Wheel of Fortune’ voice Charlie O'Donnell, 78, dies (USA Today).

Jim O'Donnell aka Steve Reed
WGIR [Manchester NH] 1973
WFRA [Franklin PA] 1974
WEEO [Waynesboro PA] 1975
WRAW [Reading PA] 1976
WXAM [Charlottesville VA] 1978
WXTR [Washington DC] 1981
WRQX [Washington DC] 1982
WHOB [Nashua NH] 1984
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1985-1985

Now: Jim (Steve) says (6/12), "I'm living in Orlando, Florida doing VO work. I extremely enjoyed my years in the radio industry; as a DC paper once wrote, 'Steve Reed Addicted to Radio' -- merely stating I was doing what I treasured."

Dave O'Gara
WORC [Worcester MA] 1969
WBBS [Jacksonville NC] 1971
- Jay Walker
WJNC [Jacksonville] 1972 - Jay Walker
WXQR [Jacksonville] 1972 - Jay Walker
WORC [Worcester] 1973
WSRO [Worcester] 1995
- GM
WORC-FM [Worcester] 2001
Now: Dave says (1/18), "Still doing the middays at 98.9 WORC-FM in Worcester, MA. As of October 2017 I began my 49th year on the air. Very honored to have been inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame in September of 2014. In November of 2014, WORC-FM switched formats from Oldies to Nash Icon, the best of yesterday and today in Country music. Still having fun with no plans to retire."

Tom Ogburn
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WRVA [Richmond VA] 1974-1990
Now: Senior technician at WWBT-TV, Richmond, Virginia. Tom says, "I might someday like to get back into radio part time, but this is a great place to work! Radio sure has changed since I moved over to TV here in 1990."

Greg Ogonowski aka Greg Thompson
WWWW [Detroit MI] 1971
WFAA/KZEW [Dallas TX] 1973
- Greg Kelly
KLIF [Dallas] 1974
KINT [El Paso TX] 1975
- CE
KUUU/KZOK [Seattle WA] 1975 - CE
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1976-1979 - CE
KTNQ/KLVE [Los Angeles] 1985-1991 - Technical Director
KBIG-FM/KLAC [Los Angeles] 1998-2000 - TD
Now: Greg says (8/10), "I am VP Product Development for Orban [2000-current], makers of Optimod audio processing; at one time, almost everyone here on this list has spoken through an Optimod; it is the most popular broadcast audio processing equipment in the world; we also provide the highest audio quality hardware and software for Internet streaming, Optimod-PC and Opticodec-PC." See indexcom.com/

Bobby Oh!
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1974 - Tom Collins
WBJW [Orlando FL] 1976 - Tom Collins
WSTU [Ft. Pierce FL] 1976 - CE/Tom Collins
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1977 - CE/Bobby Ocean
WYNF [Tampa FL] 1979 - Bobby Ocean
WIVY [Jacksonville] 1980 - CE/Bobby Ocean
KWST [Los Angeles CA] 1981 - CE/Chris Kelly
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1982 - CE/Bobby Ocean
KCMO-FM [Kansas City] 1986 - CE
WMTX [Tampa] 1998 - CE
Now: Bobby says (5/05), "I am Chief Engineer of Hot AC WMTX-FM; and I operate Bobby Oh! Productions (commercial and voice-over company), Tampa, Florida."

Jim O'Hara
WEKZ [Monroe WI] 1975
WDBQ [Dubuque IA] 1976
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1977
KIIK [Davenport] 1982
- GM
WLLR [Davenport] 1992 - Dir Programming Ops
Now: Jim says (5/05), "I am Director of Programming Operations for Clear Channel's eight-station Quad City cluster; and have run my own voicework company since 1987. I am married to a wonderful woman (Gynny) with two incredible kids."

Russ O'Hara
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1969
KKDJ [LA] 1975
KEZY [LA] 1977
KRLA [LA] 1990
KYOR [Palm Springs CA] 1997
KDES [Palm Springs] 2001

Now: Afternoon drive at Oldies KDES-FM, Palm Springs, Calfornia.

Scotty O'Jay
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WMGC [Detroit MI] 2001
Now: Production/Creative Director at Adult Contemporary WMGC (Magic 105.1), Detroit, Michigan."

Kris O'Kelly
WAAY [Huntsville AL] 1967 - Mike Edwards
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1968 - Mike Edwards
KIRL [St Louis MO] 1971
WHHY [Montgomery AL] 1973
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1977
WHHY-FM [Montgomery] 1980
WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1984
WEZB [New Orleans] 1985
WKXX [Birmingham] 1987
- Sun Group VP/Programming
KYKY [St Louis] 1988
WBAM [Montgomery AL] 1990-1995

Now: Kris (Michael E. Flaherty) says (8/04), "I am employed by Northrop-Grumman in Montgomery, Alabama."

Len O'Kelly
WJTW [Joliet IL] 1988
KRVR [Davenport IA] 1989
WXLP [Moline IL] 1990
WLLI [Joliet] 1991
WCSJ [Morris IL] 1992
89FM [Gisborne New Zealand] 1992
WJMK [Chicago IL] 1996
WODJ [Grand Rapids MI] 1998
WROK [Rockford IL] 2000
WERV [Chicago] 2001
WZFS [Chicago] 2002
WRLL [Chicago] 2003-2006
WOOD-FM [Grand Rapids MI] 2005-2006
WBXX [Battle Creek MI] 2006
WGN [Chicago] 2006
WFGR [Grand Rapids] 2007-2009

Now: Len says (12/09), "I signed on WGVU-AM (Real Oldies 1480/850, Grand Valley State Univ}; simulcast on WGVS-AM, Muskegon, MI; I am P.D. and PM drive jock."

Pat O'Kelley
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WJMK [Chicago IL] 1984-2002
Now: Pat says (2/03), "I'm consulting on a part-time basis and taking care of family matters."

Rick Oldenburg aka Rick 'Beaver' Donovan
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KTAC [Tacoma WA] 1976-1979
Now: Rick says (2/18), "I left radio in 1979 and never looked back ... I ran an Insurance brokerage for about 10 years, and have been in non-profit fundraising since. After 19 years of working for others, I started Oldenburg & Associates and consult/contract with several non-profits around Puget Sound."

A.J. Oles aka Scott Fitzgerald
WLPL [Baltimore MD] 1974
WITH [Baltimore] 1979
WBSB [Baltimore] 1980
WYCR [York PA] 1995
WGRX [Baltimore] 1998
WOCT [Baltimore] 1998
- A.J.
WZBA [Baltimore] 1998 - A.J.
Now: A.J. is an EMT-Paramedic/Firefighter with the Baltimore County, Maryland, Fire Dept. He is also a "weekend warrior" at Rock WZBA-FM (The Bay), Baltimore, Maryland.

Peter Oleshchuk
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WNTR [Indianapolis IN] 2005 - Peter Jackson
Now: Peter says (6/07), "I am programming and production assistant at Adult Hits WNTR-FM, (formerly WTPI), Indianapolis, Indiana."

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Jack Oliver
KEYN [Wichita KS] 2004
Now: Jack says (4/16), "I am P.D. -- and afternoon drive -- at Classic Hits KEYN-FM Wichita, Kansas. Still doing radio after all these years."

Jim Oliver
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1977
WAAY [Huntsville] 1979
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1977
- Jim Travis
WAHR [Huntsville] 1982
WFIX [Huntsville] 1983
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1989
- Jim Travis
WPZM [Huntsville] 1995-1997 - Jim Travis
Now: Jim says (8/09), "I work in sales at University Kia, Huntsville, AL; these days I spend time with the grand kids and my spare time putting my record collection of 45s onto CDs; I would like to hear from some of my co-workers, especially those I worked with at WAAY and WBHP."

Kevin Olmstead aka Kevin Walker aka K. Joe Walker
WEHH [Elmira NY] 1988
WCLI/WZKZ [Elmira] 1989
WFLR/WFLR-FM [Dundee NY] 1991
WPIE [Ithaca NY] 1992
WIQT/WQIX [Elmira] 1993
WCBA/WCBA-FM/WCLI/WGMM [Elmira] 1995-1998
WHGL/WHGL-FM [Troy/Canton PA] 2000-2004

Now: Kevin says (9/05), "I'm the business editor for the Sun-Gazette, Williamsport, PA; and I am involved in professional wrestling as a manager and occasional wrestler (using the name Vinnie Ferrari) for EGW, based in the Poconos-Coal region of Pennsylvania."

Roger Olson
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1985
KOMJ [Omaha] 1989
KXKT [Omaha] 1992
KFAB [Omaha] 2001

Now: Morning-show producer and weekend/swing talk-show host at News/Talk KFAB-Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska.

Tom Olson
WLDY [Ladysmith WI] 1956-1958
KDAL [Duluth MN] 1962
WSAU [Wausau WI] 1964
WEMP [Milwaukee WI] 1968
WTMJ [Milwaukee] 1969-1073
WAYL [Minneapolis MN] 1978
Metro Traffic [Baltimore MD] 1983-1987
WJHU [Baltimore] 1992
WYPR [Baltimore] 2002

Now: Morning anchor/host of Morning Edition on Public WYPR-FM, Baltimore, Maryland. Tom says, "Johns Hopkins University sold WJHU, and since Feb. 2002 I have been working with the new group (WYPR, Your Public Radio). I continue to do some freelance voice over, and keep in touch with some of my radio friends. Best to all!"

Mike Olszewski
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WKNR/WFHM [Cleveland OH] 2001
Now: Director of News Operations for Salem Communications (WKNR, WFHM-FM), Cleveland, Ohio. Mike says, "Along with my radio duties, I'm a board member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame and author of "Radio Daze: Tales from the Front in Cleveland's FM Air Wars". I'm currently part of the team\ putting together the "Cleveland Broadcast Archive" (Internet museum of NE Ohio Radio and TV): Collecting radio/TV artifacts."

Alex O'Neal
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KKMJ [Austin TX] 2000
Now: Alex say (6/04), "I am PD and doing AM drive at Adult Contemporary KKMJ-FM, Austin, Texas. Majic 95.5 was #1 12+ last book and we have been winning 25-54 Persons and Women right along. Who'd thought a mainstream AC would mean playing things like Coldplay and Los Lonely Boys? Austin is the coolest city I've ever lived in, the people, the scenery, the feeling!"

Bob O'Neal (Bill Hoffman)
WSNY [Schenectady NY] 1971
WTRY [Troy NY] 1974
WHSH [Albany NY] 1975
WABY [Albany] 1976
WDOT [Burlington VT] 1978
WTRY [Troy NY] 1978
- Boogie/Captain
Now: Bob says, "I'm the Chief Engineer with WTRY and WPYX but with the Clear Channel merger I will be moving to Regent as Chief Engineer. They will own WGNA A/F, WABT, WQBK, WQBJ and WTMM in The Albany Market. I currently (August 2000) am still doing fill in work on WTRY and WABT."

Bryan O'Neal
Now: With K-Love Radio Network, Sacramento, CA, as Production Director and PM drive jock. Also running the Hook Factory, producing auditorium test hook tapes.

Kelly O'Neal
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 1976 - Dani O'Neal
WLIQ [Mobile AL] 1977
KCOL [Ft. Collins CO] 1977
KERE [Denver CO] 1978
KBPI [Denver] 1979
KUAD [Ft. Collins] 1978
KAZY [Denver] 1979-1984
KRFX [Denver] 1988
KYGO [Denver 1990-1992

Now: Kelly (now Kelly Thompson) says (11/04), "I left full-time radio in 1984 to pursue an education. I started as one of the few females in the mid-seventies and had a great career. I ended my full-time radio career at KAZY where I had a #1-rated mid-day Classic Rock show featuring Cafe Rock and enjoyed a great stint as a music director. I do miss radio; it does get in the blood. I finished college, taught high school English and coached speech for about six years, then completed my MSW and became licensed as a clinical social worker in California. I recently moved to Homer, Alaska with my life partner and am currently focused on my art - oil painting and writing. Life is good!." Click for more from Kelly.

Sean O'Neel
WPXE [Starke FL] 1971 - Donnie Neel
WDVH [Gainesville FL] 1976 - Don Donovan
WAGR [Fayetteville NC] 1976 - DJ Don
WUNI [Mobile AL] 1977 - Don Donahue
WQIK-FM [Jacksonville FL] 1977 - Don Donahue
WVOJ [Jacksonville] 1978 - Don Donahue
KLAK [Denver CO] 1979 - The Incredible Hulk
KNUZ [Houston TX] 1979
KFMK [Houston] 1984
KLDE [Houston] 1989
KKBQ [Houston] 1992
KTRH [Houston] 2000-2001
KKRW [Houston] 2000-2000
KVST [Conroe TX] 2001
Bill Young Productions [Houston] 2002

Now: Sean says (1/05), "I have essentially retired from 'retail radio', but am on the air now more than ever as a voice talent and producer for Bill Young Productions in the Houston 'burbs. We do the radio and TV for most of the major concert tours. I've done spots for the Simon & Garfunkel reunion, Bette Midler, The Moody Blues, David Copperfield and many more! I am also active as an engineer/producer with a budding record label. Watch this space for updates..."

Dan O'Neil
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WHKR [Melbourne FL] 2002
Now: Dan (Daniel Parish) says, "I am working a little part-time for Cumulous in Florida and enjoying the beach. A friend of mine called me and led me to the link for this great site. I've been able to contact a lot of old friend. Thanks 440."

Mike O'Neil
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KWIZ [LA] 1972
- Mike Jones
KIQQ [LA] 1973
KGFJ [LA] 1976
- Mike Jones
KUTE [LA] 1977
KIIS [LA] 1978
KLAC [LA] 1983
KHJ [LA] 1985
KRTH [LA] 1986
KMPC [LA] 1988
KBGO [Las Vegas NV] 1996-1997
KMZQ [Las Vegas] 2004

Now: Mike says (2/04), "I'm doing mornings at Adult Contemporary KMZQ-FM and running running Mike O'Neil Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada."
The KIQQ Emergency Dwarf Alert System

The Real Ron O'Neil
KISN [Portland OR] 1973
KBZY [Salem OR] 1974
KIKX [Tucson AZ] 1975
KANC [Anchorage AK] 1978
KENI [Anchorage] 1978
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1979
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1979
KPOI/KDUK [Honolulu] 1980-1981
KGMZ [Honolulu] 1997-2008

Ron O'Neil (Klohs) died Nov 29, 2014 in Newberg, Oregon (lung cancer, age 63). See RON KLOHS / 1951-2014 (Honolulu Star-Advertiser).

Bill O'Neill
WCAP [Lowell MA] 1981-2000
WLLH [Lowell] 1984
WHDH [Boston MA] 1984-1987
WSSH [Boston] 1985-1988
WCLX [Westport NY] 2009-2015

Now: Bill says (11/16), "I am no longer active in the biz."

Jimmy O'Neill
WCAE [Pittsburgh] 1958
KRLA [LA] 1959
KFWB [LA] 1963
ABC-TV's Shindig [LA] 1964-1966
- host
Pandora's Box nightclub [LA] 196? - owner
Showboat nightclub [LA] 196? - owner with Phil Everly & Sam Riddle
Chez Paree nightclub [LA] 196? - owner
KDAY [LA] 1969-1971
KOIL [Omaha] 1978
KRLA [LA] 1984, 1991

Jimmy O'Neill died January 11, 2013 at his West Hollywood home (diabetes and heart problems; age 73); see Jimmy O'Neill dies at 73; L.A. deejay hosted TV's 'Shindig!' (Los Angeles Times) and Jimmy O'Neill, ex-'Burgh DJ & ABC "Shindig!" Host: 1940-2013 (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Kevin O'Neill
WRBR [South Bend IN] 1973
WLYT [Cleveland OH] 1974
WCUE [Akron OH] 1974
WOBL [Cleveland] 1975
WGAR [Cleveland] 1976
KAUM [Houston TX] 1978
KULF [Houston] 1980
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1980
WHND [Detroit] 1983
WMJC [Detroit] 1983
WKSG [Detroit] 1985
WOMC [Detroit] 1986
WKQI [Detroit] 1990
WGRV [Detroit] 2000
WFAT [Kalamazoo MI] 2000
WYCD [Detroit] 2000
WDVD [Detroit] 2002
WQKL [Ann Arbor MI] 2004
WNIC [Detroit] 2004
WMGC [Detroit] 2010

Now: Kevin says (1/11), "I'm a nighttime guy 7p-mid on Adult-Contemp WMGC-FM [Magic 105.1]; still enjoying playing the hits after 40 years, 30 of them here in the Motor City; long live live radio!"

Pat O'Neill
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WMGN [Madison WI] 1983
Now: Mornings at Adult Contemporary WMGN-FM, Madison, Wisconsin.

David Onsted
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WNAX [Sioux Falls SD] 1996-200? - GM
Now: Dave says (3/05), "I am semiretired in Sebring, Florida."

Mike Opelka
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WKTU [New York NY] 1997
Now: Mike says (1/07), "I produce and direct Wake Up With Whoopi for Premiere Radio Networks; and I run stuntbrain.com (marketing and promotion) al Campaigns)."

Ron O'Quinn
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1965 - Jack E. Rabbitt
WFUN [Miami FL] 1965 - Jack Armstrong
Radio England (offshore pirate) [Great Britain] 1966
WYLD [New Orleans LA] 1967
WFUN [Miami] 1968
- Jack Armstrong
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1970
Rock & Roll Reunion syndicated [Macon GA] 1988

Now: According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_O%27Quinn (June 2008), Ron is retired and living with his wife in Glenwood, Georgia."

Ken Orchard
KHJ [LA] 1959
Orchard Realty [LA] 1960
KVVQ [Hisperia CA] 1982-1995
- owner
Now: Running Orchard Media Services (updates radio station public inspection files) from the Southern California desert.

Billy O'Reed
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WXTQ [Athens OH] 2007
Now: Billy says (3/09), "I work at WXTQ in Athens, Ohio as the Image Director, a newly obtained title that I am very excited about..."

Terry O'Regan
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KLPX [Tucson AZ] 1990-2002
Now: Terry O' says (12/07), "I'm running Terry O' Productions (blues consultant, bookings, voice work, promotions & digital audio production), Tucson, Arizona."

Bud O'Reilly aka Bud Riley
CFOR [Orillia ON] 1958
CKAR [Huntsville ON] 1959
CHOW [Welland ON] 1959-1965
CKPR [Thunder Bay ON] 1963-1964
CJRN [Niagara Falls ON] 1965
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1967
CKFH [Toronto] 1970
CJRT [Toronto] 1974
CBC [Toronto] 1986-1990
- science reporter
Now: Bud says (2/03), "I taught English and media at Centennial College, Seneca College and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute from 1990 to 2002. Now retired."

Sandy Orkin
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WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1967-1971
Now: Sandy says (11/03), "In 1971 I joined Dick Orkin in Chicago; became President of Chicago Radio Syndicate and marketed Dick Orkin's comedy shows (Tooth Fairy, Chickenman, etc) to over 2500 radio stations during the 1970s and 1980s. I moved my syndication company to LA in 1984. I do voice-overs, network TV narrations, marketing consulting and continue to syndicate Dick Orkin's comedy features and commercial campaigns to radio stations."

Thomas Orsi aka Tahoe Thom
KRZQ [Reno NV] 1987
KTHX [Reno] 1992-2001, 2003-2006

Now: Thom says (1/08), "I retired in 2006; now living a full-time RV lifestyle - traveling to where it's warm during winter and then to where it's not too warm in the summer." Ah, the memories, "Doing live overnight shifts in Reno Nevada, a 24 hour town, in a ground-floor studio that fronted a major boulevard through town; one night about an hour in, I turned to talk to the jock I had just relieved when a shot rang out and the glass window shattered, but didn't break, and a .22 bullet struck the foam wall covering. But it wasn't always bad ... sometimes a car would pull up, stop and some chick would flash me .. .good times, overnights in Reno..."

Mike Ortega
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KENI [Anchorage AK] 1996
Now: Mike is a producer at News/Talk KENI, Anchorage, Alaska.

Joe Ortiz
KABC [Los Angeles CA] 1971
KLOS [LA] 1972
KNXT-TV [LA] 1972
- host
KPFK [LA] 1975-1976
KPPC [LA] 1986
KPZE [LA] 1988-1989
KABC [LA] 1992-1992

Now: Joe says (6/04), "I have the distinction of being the first Mexican American to host a talk show on an English-language, commercial radio station. I am semi-retired and living in Palm Desert, California and am a free-lance writer for various national publications and provides pro bono public relations services to non profit groups and organizations dedicated to eradicating homelessness, substance abuse and gang violence. I recently completed a book that took 19 years to write, entitled The End Times Passover." Click for more from Joe.

Todd Ortloff
KAPY [Port Angeles] 1983-1988
KONP [Port Angeles WA] 1991
- GM
Now: Todd says (10/04), "I am GM and talk-show host at News/Talk KONP, Port Angeles, Washington."

Bob Osborne
WIL [St. Louis] 1962
KMOX [St. Louis] 1970-1986

Passed away.

Ed Osborne
WLPL [Baltimore] 1970
WCBS-FM [New York] 1972

Now: Executive Producer, A&R; BMG Special Products at BMG, New York, NY.

Mark Osborne
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WKSQ [Bangor ME] 1982-2000 - owner
Now: Mark says, "I sold WKSQ, WBFB and WLKE (Bangor ME) in June 2000; retired for a year, then opened Knox & Osborne Advertising in Ellsworth, Maine with former radio partner Natalie Knox."

Marty Osborne
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WQUT [Johnson City TN] 2000-2002
Now: Marty says (July 2002), "I am a fulltime farmer now in Johnson City, Tennessee ... Guess I've retired???"

'Mighty' Mike Osborne
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WODS [Boston MA] 2002
Now: Mike says (6/03), "I'm doing weekends at Oldies WODS, Boston, Massachusetts; Also weekends and fill at WPRO-FM, Providence RI."

Bob O'Shea
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KXBL [Tulsa OK] 2003-2006
KBEZ [Tulsa] 2008-2011

Now: Bob (Reavis) says (8/11), "I have officially retired from radio; Big Country AM 1170 KVOO was the best place I ever worked; Billy Parker was the best boss I ever had."

Kathi O'Shea
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KEZL [Fresno CA] 1994-1996
Now: Kathy says (7/07), "I'm living in the Seattle, Washington area, in a lovely community by a lake; radio quit being fun for me so I turned my sights elsewhere; in 1995 I developed my first Web site, and found a new career -- a system administrator, Web developer, database herder with a large telecom."

Michael O'Shea
WCVS [Springfield IL] 1965 - Mighty Mike
WJIM [Lansing MI] 1966 - Jungle Jim
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1967 - Jungle Jim
KLIF [Dallas] 1968
WFTL [Miami] 1973
- National PD
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 1975
KVI [Seattle] 1977
KMPC [LA] 1978
- National PD
KUBE [Seattle] 1981 - VP/GM
KJR/KJR-FM [Seattle] 1994 - President/owner
KEDJ [Phoenix] 1994-1998 - President/Gen Mgr
Now: Michael says (3/03), "From 1998-2002, I was founder, chairman and CEO of New Northwest Broadcasters, Seattle; 2003-present: founder and CEO of All Comedy Radio, Los Angeles."

'Sweet' Michael O'Shea
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WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1995-2003
Now: Michael says (4/03), "I am home, at the farm in Clinton County, Michigan, and am open to voice-over or news work ... I believe that American broadcasting is in grave danger from the incest of radio programing consultants. In most cases, they are one step down from child molesters."

Rick O'Shea
WOVV [Ft. Peirce FL] 1974 - Sundown
WLQY [Ft. Peirce] 1975 - Sundown
KULA [Honolulu HI] 1977 - Stuart (Kaufman)
KPOI [Honolulu] 1977 - Kim Stuart
KULA [Honolulu] 1979 - The Wiz
ICRT [Taipei Taiwan] 1980
Commercial Radio [Hong Kong China] 1981
104 FM Select [Hong Kong] 1991
JOY FM [Shanghai China] 1996
China Radio International [Beijing, China] 1997

Now: Co-hosting JOY FM, a nationally broadcast nightly program, on China Radio International, Beijing, China. Click for more on Rick and JOY FM.

Shad O'Shea
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WCPO [Cincinnati OH] 1964-1967
Now: President of Positive Feedback Communications, Counterpart Creative Productions and Fraternity Records. Shad says, "I am a songwriter/producer and have written thousands of songs and jingles for clients Ford, AMC, Lincoln-Mercury, banks, airlines, etc."

Ray Otis
WTRX [Wheeling WV] 1955
WAND [Canton OH] 1955
WPVL [Cleveland OH] 1956
WJET [Erie PA] 1956
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1959
WKMH [Detroit MI] 1961
KXOK [St. Louis] 1962
WCAR [Detroit MI] 1970
WHN [New York] 1974-1976
WNEW [New York NY] 1980-1986

Now: Freelancing in/from New York City.

Charlie O'Toole
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KIAK [Fairbanks AK] 2000
Now: Program Director at News/Talk KIAK, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Rick Ott aka Rick Shaw
WIBM [Jackson MI] 1970 - Dick Ott
WJIM [Lansing MI] 1971
WKLX [Norfolk VA] 1974
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1976
Ott & Snead [Richmond VA] 1984-1991
- broadcast consulting
Now: Rick says (3/07), "I'm a professional speaker, author, actor, and stock market analyst; check me out at RickOtt.com."

Bruce Owen
WJDX [Jackson MS] 1968
WZZQ [Jackson] 1973-1980

Now: Bruce says (7/13), "I live in Nashville, Tennessee; manage the rock band Sintonik; and work with my son Randy at Randy's Famous Cheesecake"

Dave Owen
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Radio Caroline [Essex England UK] 2001
Radio Jackie [South West London England UK] 2003

Now: Dave says (12/08), "I am Programme Controller and presenter on Radio Jackie, South West London; I also run Complete Production (production and imaging), Epson, England."

Gary Owens
KORN [Mitchell SD] 195?
KMA [Shenandoah IA] 195?
KOIL [Omaha] 195?
KIMN [Denver] 195?
KILT [Houston] 195?
KTSA [San Antonio] 195?
WNOE [New Orleans] 1957
WIL [St. Louis] 195?
- The Aardvark Show
KEWB [San Francisco] 1959
KFWB [LA] 1961
KMPC [LA] 1962
Laugh-In [LA] 196?
- emcee
Grammy Awards National Telecast [LA] 1969 - emcee
Gong Show [LA] 1976-1977 - host
AFRTS [LA] 197? - host
Golden West Broadcasting [LA] 1980 - Creative Director
Watermark's Soundtrack of the 60s [LA] 1981-1984 - host
KPRZ [LA] 1982
Gary Owens' Soundtracks [LA] 1984-1988
- host
KKGO-FM [LA] 1985
KFI [LA] 1987
- with Al Lohman
KLAC [LA] 1992
KJQI [LA] 1993
National Broadcasters Hall of Fame - 1994
NAB Hall of Fame - 1995
New Music of Your Life [LA] 1996
KLAC [LA] 2004
XTRA [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 2005

Gary Owens died Feb 12, 2015 (age 80) in Los Angeles, CA. See Gary Owens, Announcer of ‘Laugh-In’ Fame, Dies at 80 (Variety) and Gary Owens, 'Laugh-In' announcer, dies at 80 (Los Angeles Times).

Larry Owens (Mark Slaw)
WEET [Richmond VA] 1975
WPVA [Richmond] 1976
WAMD [Aberdeen MD] 1976
- Mike Shannon
WKBY [Chatham VA] 1977 - Mike Shannon
WTOC-TV [Savannah GA] 1977 - engineer
WCLS [Columbus GA] 1978 - Johnny Walker
WKMX [Dothan AL] 1978
WHAP [Richmond] 1978
- Johnny B. Walker
WXEX-TV [Richmond] 1978-1978 - engineer
CNN [Atlanta GA] 1981 - engineer
WLS-TV [Chicago IL] 1982-1982 - engineer
WLEX-TV [Lexington KY] 1985-1986 - engineer
WTVR-TV [Richmond] 1991-1995 - engineer
WRIC-TV [Richmond] 1995-1995 - engineer
WRCL [Richmond] 1999
Radio Richmond [Richmond] 2002
Lockwood Broadcasting [Richmond] 2006-2012
- engineer
Now: Larry (Mark) says (2/14), "I am out of radio and TV (again!) for now. E-mail for air checks/resumes: all reasonable offers will be considered."

Ronn Owens
WCAU [Philadelphia] 1968
WKAT [Miami] 1970
WERE [Cleveland] 1971
WJW [Cleveland] 1972
WRNG [Atlanta] 1974
KGO [San Francisco] 1975
KABC [LA] 1997

Now: Simulcast on KGO, San Francisco and KABC, Los Angeles.

Tom Owens
      Get your full radio history listedComplete Your History
WBBS [Syracuse NY] 2008
Now: Tom says (5/09), "I do mornings on Country WBBS-FM (w/Becky Palmer), Syracuse, New York; for more information go to: www.b1047.net/main.html OR Visit Myspace: www.myspace.com/419113118 OR Follow me on Twitter. Don Bombard (Bob Shannon) got me excited about radio in 1972 in Syracuse, NY - Don still works for WCBS-FM 101.1 New York."

Jim Owston
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WWNR [Beckley WV] 1987-1994 - Jim Martin
Now: Jim says (4/06), "I am the Senior Academic Officer for Instructional Technology at Mountain State University, Beckley, West Virginia."

Bill Oxley - Ox in the Box
KSD [St. Louis] 1977
WIL [St. Louis] 1980
KBZT [San Diego] 1993

Now: Afternoon drive at Oldies KBZT-FM (K-BEST 95), San Diego.
Bill remembers The Real Don Steele

Jonny Ozone aka Jon Scot
KCOK/KJUG [Tulare CA] 1980 - Jonathan Scott
KBOS [Tulare CA] 1981
KZOZ [San Luis Obispo CA] 1985
KCYX [McMinnville OR] 1987
KKRZ [Portland OR] 1987
KEX [Portland] 1987
KKSN-FM [Portland] 1987
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1989
KQKS [Denver CO] 1991
KZGZ [Agana GU] 1992
KGMZ [Honolulu HI] 1997

Now: Running www.corymark.com, author of Rodney Ranker's FREE Audio Ranking Tips. Click for Ozone's Michael Jackson flu parody story with audio!

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