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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (M4)

Moby (James Carney)
KSRR [Houston] 1982
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 1986
KLOL [Houston] 1988
WKHX-FM [Atlanta] 1991

Now: At country WKHX-FM, Atlanta.

Greg Moceri
WOOD [Grand Rapids MI] 1982
WTIC [Hartford CT] 1991
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1993-2000

Now: Greg says (1/03), "I am owner of Moceri Media L.L.C., Grand Rapids, Michigan."

Mark 'Rocco' Moceri
KEZY [LA] 1979
W??? [Cleveland] 1983
- Chief Engineer
Now: Chief Engineer at KEZY/KORG, Anaheim, California.

Jim Modglin
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WMLL [Jerseyville IL] 2002
Now: Jim says (12/02), "I am APD and Imaging Director at 80s Rock WMLL-FM, Jerseyville, IL (St. Louis); I own Metropolis Creative (radio/voice imaging production) St. Louis, MO."

Bill Moen
KFGO [Fardo ND] 1954
KDAL [Duluth MN] 1955
- Bill Scott
WDSM [Superior WI] 1956 - Bill Scott
KILT [Houston TX] 1959 - Bill Scott
KABL [San Francisco] 1960
KXBX [Lakeport CA] 1994

Now: Mornings at Adult Standards KXBX-AM in Lakeport, California. 'Old Honey Throat' writes, "I spent 33 (unsung) years on KABL AM-FM as morning man and would like to inform those who suspect that I have gone to join the "Great Majority" that this is not the case. Quite the opposite, I have gone to join the "minority" in Lake County, where I am alive and well.

'Uncle' Tom Moffatt
KGU [Honolulu HI] 1952
AFRS [Honolulu] 1953
KIKI [Honolulu] 1954
KHVH [Honolulu] 1957
KPOA [Honolulu] 1958
- host: Uncle Tom's Cabin
KPOI [Honolulu] 1959-1974 - PD (1967), GM (1970)
Arena Associates [Honolulu] 1964 - owner
Paradise Records [Honolulu] 1971 - owner
KGMZ [Honolulu] 1997-2000
KGMZ [Honolulu] 2003-2016

Tom Moffatt died Dec 13, 2016 (prostate cancer, age 85) in Honolulu, Hawaii. See Hawaii concert promoter and beloved DJ Tom Moffatt dies (hawaiinewsnow.com); Concert promoter Tom Moffatt, 85, dies (staradvertiser.com); and Legendary Hawaii promoter Tom Moffatt dies at 85 (bizjournals.com); Click for more on Tom.

Johnny Molson
WKSG [Detroit] 1988
KJZY [Dallas] 1991
WNHQ [Manchester NH] 1991
WTMX [Chicago] 1992

Now: Creative Services Director for WMAY/WNNS/WQLZ, Springfield, Illinois.

Del Monico
WJJL [Buffalo NY] 1954
WWOL [Buffalo] 1955
WHLD [Buffalo] 1957
KTAR [Phoenix AZ] 1960
KOOL [Phoenix] 1962
KPHO [Phoenix] 1964
KNIX [Phoenix] 1968
KIOA [Des Moines IA] 1970-??

Now: ??? westcomfilms@yahoo.com says, "Del gained Phoenix fame with his nightly remote broadcast from the Big Apple restaurant. He would arrive at the specially-built remote broadcast facility every night dressed in the cowboy theme of the Big Apple, packing a couple of sixshooters on his hips.

Doug Monks aka Doug McCain
WTGA [Thomaston GA] 1968
WARF [Jasper AL] 1969
- Chris Douglas
WKUL [Cullman AL] 1970 - Doug O'Dell
WJAT [Swainsboro GA] 1970 - Doug O'Dell
WEAS [Savannah GA] 1970 - Sonny Gray
WDAK [Columbus GA] 1972 - Sonny Gray
WERC [Birmingham AL] 1972 - Chris Douglas
WAJF [Decatur AL] 1973 - Jonathan Kane
WYDE [Birmingham] 1974
WDJC [Birmingham] 1979
WCRT [Birmingham] 1986
WESP [Dothan AL] 1989
WTID [Tuscaloosa AL] 1991
WFFX [Tuscaloosa] 1995
WKII [Ft. Myers FL] 1998-1999

Now: Doug says (6/06), "I am out of the radio business; working as a dispatcher for a large transportation company in Englewood, Florida; yes, I still talk into a microphone everyday. Like all of us, I have so many stories over thirty years that I could write a book. Since I don't have time for that, here are a few of the best."

Russ Monroe
WBNR [Poughkeepsie NY] 1982
WSPK [Poughkeepsie] 1982
- Herb
WKIP [Poughkeepsie] 1983
WAYV [Atlantic City NJ] 1984
WJRZ [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1987
WTKU [Atlantic City] 1989
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1989
WMRV [Binghamton NY] 1990
WNBF [Binghamton] 1994-1997

Now: Russ says (5/06), "I am running Russ Monroe Productions (radio production for stations, agencies, and national syndication), Malibu CA, New York, Flagstaff AZ."

Ed Monson
KYNO-FM [Fresno CA] 1977
KIOY [Fresno CA] 1978
KYNO-FM [Fresno] 1980
- Fast Eddie
KMGX [Fresno] 1981
KLRZ [Salt Lake City UT] 1982
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1984
- Fast Eddie
KEYN [Wichita KS] 1986 - Fast Eddie
WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1986 - Hurricane Eddie
WEZB [New Orleans] 1988 - Hurricane Eddie
WAPW [Atlanta GA] 1989 - Hurricane Eddie
KOY-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1989 - Monsoon Eddie
KHTN [Merced CA] 1991
KBOS [Fresno] 1992
KSKS [Fresno] 1993
KMJ [Fresno] 1994
KFRE [Fresno CA] 1996-2000

Now: Ed says (5/05), "I'm doing occasional voice-overs and talent consulting; mostly running a sales and marketing office in a different industry -- in the Fresno, California area."

'Magnificent' Montague
KCOH [Houston] 1954
KTLW [Texas City TX] 1954
WAAF [Chicago] 1955
KSAN [San Francisco] 1957
KGFJ [LA] 1958
KXLW [St. Louis MO] 1960
WWRL [New York] 1962
WVON [Chicago] 1964
KGFJ [LA] 1965
XERB [LA] 1968
KPHD/KYNO [Fresno] 1971
XPRS [LA] 1972
KPLM [Palm Springs CA] 1977
- owner until 1986
Time-Life Rock 'n' Roll series [LA] 1988 - archivist
Now: Montague is residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Los Angeles Times editor Bob Baker, who collaborated in writing Montague's autobiography, says (1/04), "Burn, Baby! BURN! has just been published by University of Illinois Press. And Montague's Web site has audio clips (including the old theme song), current reviews and other features. Also, Montague is trying to find his old engineer from WAAF in the mid-1950s. The problem is he can't remember the spelling of the last name. He says the first name is Mike and the second name is a Polish name that sounds like 'Rapshack'." Phone Bob Baker at the L.A. Times at 213-237-6870 or e-mail him at: Bob.Baker@latimes.com
looking for Monty's theme song...

Haz Montana
WVIC [Lansing MI] 1983 - Kevin Taylor
WSNX [Grand Rapids MI] 1986 - Kevin Taylor
WXLP [Moline IL] 1987
WSNX [Grand Rapids] 1989
WVIC [Lansing] 1991
KIMN-FM [Denver CO] 1995
WRMA [Miami FL] 1996
KSSE [Los Angeles CA] 1999
Entravision [Los Angeles] 2000
- VP/Programming
KSCA [Los Angeles] 2005
Now: Haz says (8/05), "I am Operatons Manager at Spanish KSCA-FM, Los Angeles, California."

Ramon Montana
Radio live [Berlin Germany] 1989 - Ramon Krohn
Hitradio N1 [Nuremberg Germany] 1991
Radio Andernach [Andernach Germany] 1993
Hitradio X [Berlin] 1994
104.6 RTL [Berlin] 1995
Gong 97.1 [Nuremberg] 1995
98.6 Charivari [Nuremberg] 1996
Relax FM 92.4 [Munich Germany] 1997-2000

Now: Voice talent/producer: BIGVOICE voice imaging & on-air-design, Munich, Germany.

Mike Mongtgomery
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WVVR [Hopkinsville KY] 2003
Now: Mike says (11/03), "I am at SAGA's Country WVVR, (The Beaver) as PD."

Banana Joe Montione
WILK [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1972
KTLK [Denver CO] 1973
- Banana Joe Bradley
WHYI [Miami FL] 1973
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1974
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1977
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1979
WTLQ [Wilkes-Barre] 1983
- owner
KIIS [LA] 1990
KZDG [Denver] 1992
WUSA [Tampa FL] 1993
WMGK [Philadelphia] 1995
KTXQ [Ft. Worth TX] 1998
WAKT [Panama City FL] 2000-2001
KRTH [LA] 2003

Now: Weekend and swing at Oldies KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, California. Joe says (10/03), "Ironically, K-EARTH recently moved to 5515 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, the same place I made my L.A. radio debut in 1978 (at KHJ). I also continue to run my production company (Banana Joe RadioTrax)."

Paul Montoyo
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KKWY [Cheyenne WY] 2000-2005 - GM
Now: Paul says (2/06), "I haved moved from traditional broadcasting to the new world of podcasting (American Podcasting Network); not really different, just a new delivery method."

Bob Mooberry
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WRKF [Baton Rouge LA] 1983
Now: Bob says, (2/08), "I'm living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hosting Midday Classics on Public WRKF-FM. It is a joy on so many levels..."

Bob Moody
WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1972
KTLK [Denver CO] 1973
CKLW [Windsor ON] 1973
- Cosmic Bob
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1976
KRMD [Shreveport LA] 1985
WPOC [Baltimore MD] 1987-1997

Now: Bob says (11/12), "In July 2012 I opened the Real Local Radio Group, a Nashville-based company offering full-service Country radio consulting and local content coaching for all formats."

Bruce Moody
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1960-1967
KTAR [Phoenix] 1982-1989
- air traffic reporter
Now: Bruce says, "I retired from Arizona Highway Patrol and Phoenix Fire 9-1-1 system; Now live in Glendale, Arizona. I drove Sonny and Cher in 1963 and the Rolling Stones in 1965 when they came to Phoenix for concerts. Sonny and Cher in a Limo, the Rolling Stones in an armored vehicle."

Peter Moon
WWUH [Hartford CT] 1978
WMAS [Springfield MA] 1979
KBCO [Boulder CO] 1980-1980
WERI [Westerly RI] 1982
WPLR [New Haven CT] 1983
WAQY [Springfield] 1984
WAAF [Worchester MA] 1984
WKGR [Ft. Pierce FL] 1985
WZTA [Miami FL] 1987
WHTQ [Orlando FL] 1989
WKGR [Ft. Pierce FL] 1990-1992
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1997-1997

Now: Peter says (7/12), "I am in Nashville, Tennessee and am a private chauffeur, voice actor and all around amazing talent."

Travis Moon
KRNY [Kearney NE] 1989 - Rufus Barchetta
KQKY [Kearney] 1989 - Rufus Barchetta
KKPR [Kearney] 1990 - Rick Seymour
KQKY [Kearney] 1990 - Rufus Barchetta
KFMQ [Lincoln NE] 1990 - Rick Seymour
KXKT [Omaha NE] 1991 - aka Moondog
WBOB [Minneapolis MN] 1995
KUBL [Salt Lake City UT] 1995
KEEY [St. Paul MN] 1996
KQQL [Minneapolis] 2004

Now: Travis says (12/04), "I'm doing Middays at Country KEEY-FM (K102), St. Paul, MN; and I'm PD of Oldies KQQL-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota."

Allen Moore
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WRSA [Huntsvlle AL] 1980
Now: Allen says (6/03), "I'm in sales and doing PM drive at Adult Contemporary WRSA-FM, Hunstville, Alabama. I also do weekend TV weather on WHNT. Control room fires & transmitter meltdowns. Ask me for the full story."

Billy Moore
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1965
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1965
- Roger W. Morgan
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1967 - Bobby Noonan
KKDJ [Los Angeles CA] 1972
KRTH [Los Angeles] 1973
KGIL [Los Angeles] 1974
KIQQ [Los Angeles] 1974
KUTE [Los Angeles] 1975
KIDD [Monterey CA] 1976
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1980-198?

Now: Jeff McNeal (8/05): "I am sad to report the death of my mentor and close friend, Billy Moore (passed away after a lengthy illness in Florida, Aug 4, 2005). Billy had been in declining health for several months, yet remained the image voice for many radio stations across the country. Billy was the first PD who ever hired me, and taught me a great deal about patience, kindness and radio production." See the Billy Moore tribute site, sponsored by Jeff McNeal and Roger Jones.

Brad Moore
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WISP [Sarasota FL] 1993-1998
Now: Brad says (6/04), "I am out of radio and am a computer tech with the Manatee County School Board at MTI in Bradenton, Florida."

Dade Moore
WDDT [Greenville MS] 1981
KXKZ [Monroe LA] 1984
KYKS [Lufkin TX] 1986
KOGT [Beaumont TX] 1987
KKBQ [Houston TX] 1988-1994
KLVL [Houston] 1989-current
- CE
KGOL [Houston] 1990-current - CE
KVST [Conroe TX] 1992-current - CE
KIOC [Beaumont TX] 1992-1996 - CE
KIKK [Houston] 1994-1997
KLDE [Houston] 1997-2000
KILT [Houston] 1998-2003

Now: Dade says (1/06), "I am doing fill-in work for fun and am Chief Engineer for many radio stations in Houston -- where the fun is. I am the owner of AngelFireRadio.com and RockandRoll.FM; my home page is Dade.CC."

David Moore
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WFYV [Jacksonville FL] 1996
Now: Program Director at Classic Rock WFYV-FM, Jacksonville, FL.

Greg Moore aka Eggman
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WXMX [Memphis TN] 2007
Now: Greg says (8/08), "I am doing weekends for Classic Rock WXMX-FM, Memphis, Tennessee; and I'm working for the Information Radio Network, a news-talk syndication company based in Memphis (programming to some 2500 stations across the country, as well as XM Satellite Radio and the Armed Forces Radio Network)."

Hal Moore
KSO [Des Moines IA] 1959
KIOA [Des Moines] 1961
KIMN [Denver CO] 1964
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1967
WKYC [Cleveland] 1968
KHOW [Denver] 1969
KEZW [Denver] 1996
KCKK [Denver] 1998
KXKL [Denver] 2001
Jones/Dial-Global Net [Denver] 2002
KRWZ [Denver] 2008
KCKK [Denver] 2014

Now: Hal says (5/18), "On Feb 15, 2018 I celebrated 60 years as an on-air personality. Have been doing morning on Adult Hits 93.7 The Rock (KCKK/K229BS) here in Denver since 2014."

Harv Moore
WPGC [Washington DC] 1963
WPHD/WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1975
WHTT [Buffalo] 1998

Now: Harve says (6/06), "I am doing PM drive at Oldies WHTT-FM, Buffalo, New York."

Jack Moore
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WRTI [Philadelphia PA] 1997
Now: PD at Public WRTI-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Moore
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WBTU [Fort Wayne IN] 1999-2001
Now: Jeff says (4/11), "I'm running a very cool and affordable production service called Moore Quality Production; I work with a great bunch of folks, very very talented people; we are looking to help the smaller market stations sound LARGE market..."

Joe Moore
WGNI [Wilmington NC] 1968
WHSL [Wilmington] 1970
AFTN [Utapao AFB, Thailand] 1971
WEOO [Norfolk VA] 1974
WHNE [Norfolk] 1976
WVEC [Norfolk] 1977
WWDE [Norfolk] 1978
WNSY [Norfolk] 1990
WPEX [Norfolk] 1991-1996
- owner
Now: Joe says (3/05), "I am co-anchor for Motor Racing Network broadcasts of NASCAR racing and owner/host of Raceline, the weekly syndicated NASCAR TV show."

Kevin Moore
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WSTW [Wilmington DE] 1996-1996
Now: Kevin says (4/04), "I left the biz in 1996; got sick of the consulants and out-of-market research. Now I'm an Web designer at the largest independent credit card company in the world. Twice the money, half the fun."

Mahlon Moore
KAKE [Wichita KS] 1968
KDEN [Denver] 1972
WCAI [Ft. Myers FL] 1974
WNOG [Naples FL] 1976
WCVU [Naples] 1976
KLSK [Santa Fe NM] 1988
KRTR [Honolulu] 1990
KUCD [Honolulu] 1995
KORL [Honolulu] 1999
KHUI [Honolulu] 2002

Now: Program Director at Hawaiian KHUI-FM, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Michael Moore
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 1976
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1980
KHTZ [Los Angeles CA] 1982
KNOB [LA] 1982
KHJ [LA] 1985
KRTH [LA] 1988
KBIG-FM [LA] 1990
KFI [LA] 1995

Now: Michael (Moore London Anglado) says (2/08), "I'm doing voice-overs, computer animation and producing/marketing jingles -- in Los Angeles, California. Click for more on Michael.

Michael Moore
Now: Latest (Apr '99) report had him with Sugarland Travel & Cruises, Sugar Land, TX.

Roger Moore
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WLVH [Savannah GA] 2000-2002
Now: Roger says (3/08), "I'm working at Reach Media Inc (Dallas, Texas) for the Tom Joyner Morning Show where I am the Creative Service Director."

Ron Moore
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KBYR [Anchorage AK] 1969-1983 - president
Now: Ron says (11/06), "I am retired from broadcasting and am administrator of Llano County doing homeland security for this small county government in Central Texas (60 miles west of Austin)."

Scott Moore
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1978
WBMI [West Branch MI] 1980
WKNX [Saginaw MI] 1981
WKCQ [Saginaw] 1982
WKSG [Detroit] 1988-1989
WXYT [Detroit] 1994
WHLS [Port Huron MI] 1996
WSAQ [Port Huron] 1996
WIOG [Saginaw] 1997
WCRZ [Flint MI] 1997-1998
WOMC [Detroit] 2003

Now: Scott says (1/05) "I hope to stay here -- weekends at Oldies WOMC-FM, Detroit, MI -- a while. It's a great station, lots of power (190,000 watts), great PD, and I love the music (greatest hits of the 60s and 70s). I live in metro Detroit. My full time job is at Daimler Chrysler (Warren Truck Assembly). Still hoping to own my own station some day. I have lots of old air checks to go thru, and have been collecting CKLW stuff. Got any?"

Steve Moore
KMYC [Yuba City CA] 1969
KOBO [Yuba City] 1970
KROY [Sacramenton CA] 1971
KNDE [Sacramento] 1973
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1977
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1982
KNEW [San Francisco] 1983
KSJO [San Jose] 1985
KCNL [San Jose] 2004
KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 2006-2008

Now: Steve says (10/08), "On 10/27/08 740 KCBS started simulcasting on 106.9 KFRC-FM; I am doing production for KCBS & other stations in the CBS radio cluster in San Francisco, California; and my Web site is stevemoorevoiceguy.com."

Tom Moore
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WTAM [Cleveland OH] 1996
Now: Tom says (7/07), "I'm anchoring news at the top and bottom of the hour during morning drive on Newsradio WTAM 1100 (The Big One), Cleveland, Ohio."

L. David Moorhead
KUDY [Denver] 1959 - Guy Williams
KTLN [Denver] 1960 - Guy Williams
KTKT [Tucson] 1961 - Guy Williams
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1963 - Guy Williams
KOIL [Omaha] 1965 - Guy Williams
W??? [Chicago] 1965
WCBS-FM [New York] 1966
KMET [LA] 1968
KFI [LA] 1968
KLAC [LA] 1969
KFI [LA] 1969
KMET [LA] 1972
- GM
Metromedia Broadcasting [LA] 1972 - VP
KEYV [Las Vegas] 1986 - GM
KJZY [Dallas] 1989 - owner
Passed away July 9, 1996 at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gary Mora
KTRT [Truckee CA] 1970
KVEZ/KSOL [San Francisco CA] 1971
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1973
KMPX [San Francisco] 1979
KYA/KSFO [San Francisco] 1981-1989

Now: Gary says (9/08), "I can be heard over the Internet at 1260kya.com; am a voice-over announcer for radio, TV and film; and can be heard locally (San Francisco), nationally and internationally; I am also the announcer for Sprint PCS Voice Command, and have worked as talent for many of the largest high-tech companies in the world."

Jim Moran
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WCLZ [Portland ME] 1990-1997
Now: Jim says, "I'm the Director of Technology Services for the NY State Association of Realtors. I have written several nationally distributed software applications."

Moose Moran
KMON/KNUW [Great Falls MT] 1974 - Moe Holland
KRLC [Lewiston ID] 1976 - Moe Holland
KYYX/KXA [Seattle WA] 1982
KNBQ [Tacoma WA] 1984
KRKO [Everett WA] 1984
KAPS [Mt. Vernon WA] 1994-1995
KWDB [Oak Harbor WA] 2000-2005, 2007-

Now: Moose says (1/08), "I'm back at KWDB in Oak Harbor again as music director and morning DJ -- I get up early, but our days here on Whidbey Island can't be beat; weekends are usually booked with a couple of weddings (my wife Renae O'Keefe is a wedding videographer) or parties in and around Seattle. In 2007, We held the second KRKO reunion with 70 people in attendance -- a magical night as we reunited with many of our old radio pals..." Click for more from Moose.

Tom Moran
WIP [Philadelphia PA] 1970
W??? KISS 100 [Philadelphia] 198?
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1985
WRDR [Atlantic City] 19??
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1999

Now: Afternoons at Nostalgia WPEN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bumper Morgan
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1977
KPUR [Amarillo TX] 1978
KRIG [Odessa/Midland TX] 1979
WKJJ [Louisville KY] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1981
KZZP-FM [Phoenix] 1982
WQUE [New Orleans LA] 1983
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1984
KTFM [San Antonio TX] 1986
Bumper Productions [Nashville TN] 1986
- owner
WYHY [Nashville] 1987-1994
WWTN [Nashville] 1995-2000
- station voice
WGFX [Nashville] 1999
WTWV [Cape Cod MA] 2002

Now: Bumper says (2/05), "I am an air talent and production director at Boch Broadcasting (WXTK, WCOD, WDVT, WTWV), Cape Cod, Massachusetts; and owner of Bumper Productions."

Chris Morgan
WMYR [Ft. Myers FL] 19667
WDVH [Gainesville FL] 1968
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1968
WKKO [Orlando FL] 1969
WAPE [Jacksonville] 1970
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1972-1973
WQXI [Atlanta] 1978-1988
WCHK [Atlanta] 1990
WCNN [Atlanta] 1993
WKHX [Atlanta] 1998
WNSY [Atlanta] 1999
WEEL [Dothan AL] 2007-2007

Now: Chris says (6/09), "I am retired and living at the foot of the North Georgia mountains and enjoying my grand children. My health isn't the greatest but, as the old saying goes, it is what it is and we are dealing with it."

Chuck Morgan
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KMGZ [Lawton OK] 1982 - president, GM
Now: Chuck (Dennis Ray Yelton) owns Top-40 KMGZ-FM, Lawton, Oklahoma. He says (3/03), "Thirty years (so far) and it's been a great ride. Being on the radio and owning my own radio station is what I've wanted to do since I was 9 years old."

Don Morgan
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WZON/WKIT [Bangor ME] 2002
Now: Don says (1/12), "I'm doing news on WZON, WZON-FM and Rock WKIT-FM, Bangor, Maine."

Dusty Morgan
KTBT [Los Angeles CA] 1968 - Dusty Vibes
KPRI [San Diego CA] 1968
KYMS [LA] 1968
- Dusty Dale
KSRF [LA] 1969 - David Starich
KWIZ [LA] 1970 - Dave Dale
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1971
KXOA [Sacramento] 1974
KHYL [Sacramento] 1995
KHZZ [Sacramento] 1999

Now: Weekends at KHZZ-FM (Mega Hits Z104-three), Sacramento, California. Dusty says (May 2000), "It's a 1960s/1980s-based Oldies sound grouped around artists like Prince, Pointer Sisters, Four Tops, etc. We're the only English-speaking station in the group (Z Media) and will probably be in syndication to several of their other stations here in California very soon.

Glenn Morgan
WLGN [Logan OH] 1967
WSLT [Atlantic City NJ] 1968
WMID [Atlantic City] 1971
WABC [New York NY] 1971
Mutual net [Arlington VA] 1980-1983

Now: Glenn says, "I own Master Audio Productions, Inc. (a recording studio specializing in radio commercials & programs), Morristown, NJ."

Jon Morgan
WGSB [Chicago IL] 1968
WEEF [Chicago] 1968
WEXI [Chicago] 1970
AFTN [Korat Thailand] 1973
AFRN [Delta Junction AK] 1974
WFVR [Chicago] 1975
WLS [Chicago] 1976
WIND [Chicago] 1976
WMAQ [Chicago] 1977
WGSB [Chicago] 1978
KIFW [Sitka AK] 1980
WFXW [Chicago] 1987-2000
- Asst GM
WRSE, Elmhurst College [Elmhurst IL] 1994-2009 - Advisor, GM
Sporting News Radio Network [Chicago] 1998-2007 - engineering ops
Now: Jon says (11/09), "I am working as a projectionist for a local theater and do some freelance audio production."

Larry Morgan
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KSWD [Los Angeles CA] 2008
Now: Larry says (7/11), "I am waking up Southern California with great album rock weekday mornings, as well as hosting the daily 10@10 feature, with 10 great songs from one great year, on KSWD-FM (100.3 The Sound), Los Angeles, California..."

Mitch Morgan (Dick Sloane)
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WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1983
Now: Mitch/Dick says (3/07), "I am music director and doing middays at Country WMIL-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

Peter Morgan
CKNL [Fort St. John BC] 1968
CKKC [Nelson BC] 1969
CFTK [Terrace BC] 1969
CKNL [Fort St. John] 1970
CJCA [Edmonton AB] 1972
CJVB [Vancouver BC] 1973
CKWX [Vancouver] 1974-1979

Now: Peter says (2/06), "I'm the president, editor and publisher of Morgan:Newsletters, a company formed in 1984 that publishes newsletters for other organizations, and which also publishes a subscriber-based e-newsletter (since 2003) about the business side of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC). I was managing editor of BC Business Magazine 1979-1984."

Robert W. Morgan
WWST [Wooster OH] 1955 - Bob Morgan
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1959 - Bob Morgan
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1961 - Bob Morgan
KMAK [Fresno] 1962 - Bob Morgan
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1963 - Bob Morgan
KEWB [San Francisco] 1964
KHJ [LA] 1965
WIND [Chicago] 1970
KHJ [LA] 1972
KIQQ [LA] 1973
KMPC [LA] 1975
KMGG [LA] 1982
KMPC [LA] 1985
KRTH [LA] 1992
Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame [LA] 1993
Inducted into National Broadcasters Hall of Fame 1994

On May 28, 1997, Robert W. Morgan publicly announced that he had lung cancer and retired from the airwaves. He passed away on May 22, 1998.

RWM was honored with a star-studded retirement tribute at the Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills hosted by K-EARTH 101 on Friday, January 9th, 1998. A three-hour broadcast was aired live from the museum’s theatre, ending with a special retrospective narrated by another broadcasting legend and personal friend, Dick Clark.

Robert W. Morgan Bossography from reelradio.com
The Robert W. Morgan Bossography (click on above graphic), from Kevin Gershan and Richard Irwin (reelradio.com), is a fascinating look and/or listen at/to Robert and his career -- narrated by Casey Kasem.

Robert W. Morgan Bossography from reelradio.com
A must-see/hear special VIDEO exhibit (click on above graphic), this behind-the-scenes VIDEO of RWM in action on March 28, 1994 at KRTH, Los Angeles is one of the best jock/radio videos you will ever see -- and presents Robert W. Morgan at his best! From Kevin Gershan and Art Vuolo Jr. A rare, behind-the-scenes VIDEO of RWM in action on March 28, 1994 at KRTH in Los Angeles.

Roger W. Morgan
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1967
KISN [Portland OR] 1973
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1973
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1974
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1976
KMJC [San Diego CA] 1978
KYA [San Francisco] 1980
KGOR [Omaha] 1991-1999
WYAC [St. Croix VI] 2006
- manager
Now: Roger says (6/06), "I'm managing Paradise 93.5 FM on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands -- (340) 773-5935."

Scotty Morgan
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WGAD [Gadsden AL] 1994-2006
Now: Scotty says (7/08), "I'm in Caribou, Maine; am a radio engineer and work for Time Warner Cable; also a ham radio operator [kf4jvb]."

Keith Moriarity
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CKDK-FM [London ON] 1997
CJDV [Cambridg ON] 2005
Now: Keith says (9/08), "I am senior media planner/buyer and one of the voices and writers of our radio commercials for Herbal Magic, London, Ontario; I also work on franchise sales support for the company..."

Al Morikami
KGU [Honolulu] 1988
KHNR [Honolulu] 1992
Rainbow Sports Radio [Honolulu] 1995

Now: Producing for Rainbow Sports Radio (U of Hawaii games) and PA announcing at Aloha Stadium.

Charlie Morris
WDAC [Lancaster PA] 1969
WGAL [Lancaster] 1970
WLAN [Lancaster] 1977
WLPA [Lancaster] 1979-1990
WDAC [Lancaster] 2000-2006

Now: Charlie says (4/14), "I got into the moving business as a moving consultant in 1977; currently working as Regional Sales Manager with Coleman American Moving Services in Texas & Louisiana; loved working in radio & I miss being on the air; I had the opportunity to meet & work with so many wonderful people."

Bob Morrison
KVIL [Dallas TX] 1966-1996
KLIF [Dallas] 1967-1971
WFAA [Dallas] 1968-1970
KNUS [Dallas] 1973-1974
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1974-1978
ABC Net [New York NY] 1976-1977
- correspondent
RKO Net [New York] 1980-1982 - correspondent
KOJO [Ft. Worth TX] 1988-1989
KLTY [Dallas] 1989-1990
KCBI [Dallas] 1990-1996
KRLD [Dallas] 1996-2002
USA Radio Network [Dallas TX] 2000
WBAP [Ft. Worth] 2008

Now: Bob says (11/08), "I have joined the WBAP (Fort Worth, Texas) news staff; was inducted into Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2008; am maintaining my more than 40-year commitment to fair, balanced broadcast journalism after leaving behind many years as News & Sports Director at USA Radio Network; for more on me, please see my résumé."

Quin Morrison
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KIIX [Ft. Collins CO] 1991 - CE
Now: Quin says, "I am working for Clear Channel, Ft Collins, Colorado and Cheyenne, WY as engineer; KUAD-FM and KTRR, Windsor, CO as contract engineer. I own Broadcast Equipment Rebuilders (equipment company)."

Charlie Morriss
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KZPT [Tucson AZ] 2000-2001
Now: Charlie says (11/04), "After 20+ years on the air, I hung up my headphones in August of 2001 to become a loan officer at at mortgage bank in Tucson, Arizona."

'Cousin' Brucie Morrow
ZBM [Bermuda] 1957
WINS [New York] 1958
WAME [Miami] 1961
WINZ [Miami] 1962
WABC [New York] 1963
WNBC [New York] 1974-1977
WCBS-FM [New York] 1982-2005

Now: Cousin Brucie is hosting several Oldies programs each week and numerous daily features on SIRIUS Satellite Radio (New York, New York}.

Bill Morse
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1946-1949
KMBC [Kansas City] 1952
KORL [Honolulu] 1958
- Dean Scott
KGMB [Honolulu HI] 1961
KPUA [Hilo HI] 1963
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1967
KORL [Honolulu] 1984
- Owner
KJAA [Mesa AZ] 1987
KMBZ [Kansas City] 1987
WaxWorksRadioNet [Kansas City] 1988
KHVH [Honolulu] 1989-1993
Muzak Systems [Honolulu] 1993
Muzak Systems [Birmingham AL] 1995-2002
- Director of Sales
Bill Morse died Feb 7, 2003 (prostate cancer) in Birmingham, Alabama.

Bill Mortimer
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KUAZ/KUAT-TV [Tucson AZ] 2003
Now: Bill says (9/07), "After 48 years in the business, I've been able to stay employed in my hometown; at age 68, I'm just trying to make it to the magic '50' years in radio; I'm enjoying producing, news writing, and anchoring at the local NPR affiliate, and being on the campus of the University of Arizona keeps me young; I've never gotten rich, but there are other rewards in life, and my wife heads the list..."

Brooks Morton
WLOG [Logan WV] 1946
WCAW [Charleston WV] 1948
WADC [Akron OH] 1952
WKBN/WKBN-TV [Youngstown OH] 1953
WHKK [Akron] 1954
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1955
WAKR [Akron] 1955
WTOL-TV [Toledo OH] 1956
- children's show host, ventriloquist
WCUE [Akron] 1964
WCNS/WNYN [Canton OH] 1965-1968

Bill Coffield reports (5/04), "Brooks also spent a number of stints around Northern Ohio at WJAN-TV in Canton, re-enacting his kid show act as Mr. Thistledown, with his dummy, Ethelbert (a Mortimer Snerd look-alike); several years at WDBN in Medina (the "Quiet Island"), working alongside Tom Field; and briefly at WHLO in Akron. Brooks retired in 1986. He was inducted into the Radio Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Akron, Ohio on October 1, 1986. Brooks Morton (real last name, Sweeney) passed away on February 3, 1993 at his home in Akron."

Zach Morton
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KGWY [Gillette WY] 2004
WWCT [Peoria IL] 2008

Now: Zach says (5/08), "I am Director of Engineering for Independence Media of IL (WPIA, WWCT, WHPI, WZPN), Peoria, Illinois."

Amos B. Moses
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1974
WOLL [West Palm Beach FL] 1997
WBIX [New York NY] 1999

Now: At evenings at 'Jammin' Oldies' WBIX-FM, New York, New York.

Terry B. Moses
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KDHX [St. Louis MO] 1995-1998
Now: Terry says (6/03), "My spouse/partner, Naomi Soule and I met is St. Louis and were married there in 1990. We co-host The Acoustic Edge on KCLC-FM (Lindenwood College, Saint Charles, MO)."

Chip Mosley
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WEJT [Shelbyville IL] 1989-1998
Now: Chip says (6/06), "I am a grant writer and media consultant in Shelbyville, Illinois."

Bob Mosolgo
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WNRN [Charlottesville VA] 1999-2002
Now: Bob says, "I run a computer software business and do radio part-time in Charlottesville, Virginia".

Gary Moss
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WSFN [Brunswick GA] 1998 - owner
Now: Gary says (11/07), "I own and operate Marmac Communications, a group of radio stations in southeast Georgia (Savannah, Brunswick, Blackshear and Waycross)..."

Joel Moss
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WEBN [Cincinnati OH] 1984
Now: Joel says (10/02), "I direct sonic design and imaging for Rock WEBN-FM and other Clear Channel rockers; produce and direct pyromusical events in Cincinnati, and soundtracks for international fireworks competitions."

Larry Mossey aka Paul Benjamin
WHSH [Albany NY] 1976
KYND [Houston TX] 1978
WHSH/WTRY [Albany/Troy NY] 1978
WWOM [Albany] 1983
- continuity/copy
WGY/WGFM [Schenectady NY] 1983 - promotion/copy/film critic
WKLI/WABY [Albany] 1988 - marketing mgr
WROW [Albany] 1991-1992 - marketing mgr
Now: Larry says (11/05), "After radio, I spent nine years at the Albany Times Union in marketing and as a publications editor; and now own an ad agency in Schenectady (with offices in the old WGY radio offices I worked in back in the 1980s). I Miss the overnight shift, groupies (pre-aids) and sneaking Letterman between breaks; iss the hell out of radio; greetings to Johnny (Bob Fred) Williams who taught me back in radio school that I could make a living at this (you bastard!)"

Phil Motta
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1966
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1967
KUPD [Phoenix] 1970-1971

Now: Phil says (7/03), "I've been in the advertising agency business for many years (started in early 1970s after radio). First agency was acquired by EvansGroup, then Publicis. This agency (The Motta Company) was formed in late 1993 with offices in Los Angeles and Phoenix and clients all over U.S." Click for more from Phil.

'The Real' Jeff Moulton
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WSEN [Syracuse NY] 2003
Now: Jeff says (10/03), "I am doing weekends and fill at Oldies WSEN, Baldwinsville/Syracuse NY; and I work full-time for a school district."

Bill Mouzis
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1951-1977
KMPC [LA] 1980-1990

Bill Mouzis died (congestive heart failure) Jan 7, 2013 at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, CA (age 90). See R.I.P. Bill Mouzis (Ken Levine); A TRIBUTE TO BILL MOUZIS ~ 1922-2013 (Ron Jacobs).
Bill was the main man responsible for all of that marvelous production at 93/KHJ (Boss Radio). He described his career, "I started with KHJ (The Don Lee Broadcasting Sytem) in February 1951 (1313 N. Vine Street). I resigned in February 1977 and freelanced with Drake-Chennault, and ABC until going to work for KMPC in 1980. I retired after 12/31/90."

History in the Making
History in the Making
By Bill Mouzis

Bill reminisced about the production of
the History of Rock & Roll in Feb 1969
May 5, 2005
93/KHJ Boss Radio's 40th Anniversary
by Bill Mouzis
June 19, 2007
Bill at 84 years of age

Greg Mozingo
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WGKX [Memphis TN] 1998
WIL/WIL-FM [St. Louis MO] 2002

Now: Greg says (8/05), "I live in St. Louis, Missouri and program Bonneville's WIL-FM (Country) and WIL-AM (Classic Country)."

Ron Mruk
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KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1997
Now: Ron says (9/14), "I am an account executive at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette."

Frank Mueller
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KUNV [Las Vegas NV] 2006
Now: Frank says (8/08), "I am living the dream in Vegas, baby! Doing ops and some on-air at Public/Jazz KUNV-FM lets me see both the front and back side of it all; I like it."

Jerry Mueller aka Jerry Miller
KIBL [Corpus Christi TX] 1952
KNAL [Victoria TX] 1953
KSDN [Aberdeen SD] 1954
WEBC [Duluth MN] 1957
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1959-1964
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1961
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1961
KNUZ [Houston TX] 1965
KILT/KILT-FM [Houston] 1969-1997

Now: Jerry says (4/06), "I was a DJ, sales rep and voice-over talent for 45 Years; mostly in Texas: KLIF, KONO (PD in 1959), KNUZ and KILT-A/F. Started radio in Beeville TX in 1952 from St. Paul MN at age 19. I'm retired in Kingwood (Houston), Texas, but still doing voice-over work, rep by Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency;. contracted to do voice over narrations for Halliburton, Inc and local commercials. Have done v/o for national commercial accounts Chevrolet, Shell Oil, and hundfeds of other local and regionals over the years -- 1960s and 70s the low voice on the famous "SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!" at drag raceways in NY, Detroit, Houston, Memphis and others owned by Gil Kohn."

Phil Mueller
KIMN [Denver] 1965
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1970
- News Director
KSL [Salt Lake City] 1975 - News Director
KSL-TV [Salt Lake City] 1975 - News Director
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1984 - Ops Mgr
WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1984 - consultant
KHOW [Denver] 1986 - news consultant
KUTA [Blanding UT] 1987 - owner
KCYN [Moab UT] 2002 - mgr
Now: Station Manager Country/Talk KCYN (FM97.1), Moab, Utah and General Partner of ExNews Utah (local Utah radio news service).

Joe Muench
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WIBI [Springfield IL] 2010
Now: Joe says (2/11), "I'm with Christian Contemporary WIBI-FM, Carlinville, Illinois (serves metro St. Louis, MO), serving as production director and afternoon drive co-host (with my wife, Julianne)."

Renae Mulholland aka Renae O'Keefe
KISD [Oak Harbor WA] 1986-1989 - Renae Keefe
KPOD [Crescent City CA] 1987-1988 - Renae Keefe
KRKO [Everett WA] 1989-1999
KWDB [Oak Harbor] 2000-2001, 2007-

Now: Renae says (1/08), "I am working as a wedding/event videographer; I've been in the video production field since 1995; it started as part time weekend work and is now my full-time job. In 1994, I married my morning-show partner Moose Moran; we live on Whidbey Island where Moose is a morning DJ and music director at KWDB, Oak Harbor; I am also doing news reports in the morning. My favorite radio days were (1) My years at KRKO in Everett, especially the MUSIC years with Moose; and (2) at KPOD, Crescent City, CA. Bill Stamps was great to work for, and his wife, Patti, always knew how to throw a party. We recently hosted the 2nd KRKO ex-employees reunion and it was a blast; so many former DJs, news people and sales people had a chance to reunite; it takes a lot of work to track people down but it is well worth it..."

Paul Mullan
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WWHC [Oakland MD] 1996
Now: Paul says (3/04), "I'm still General Manager of Nostalgia WMSG and Country WWHC-FM, Oakland, Maryland."

Don A. Muller aka Don Daro
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1966
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1966
KINO [Winslow AZ] 1966
- aka Travis Stone
KIFM [Bakersfield CA] 1966
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1967
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1967
KTUF [Phoenix AZ] 1968
KPHO [Phoenix] 1968
KRUX [Phoenix] 1968
KMEO [Phoenix] 1970-1972

Now: Don says (11/05), "While still running KMEO (Phoenix 1971), I created a company that restores jukeboxes for use in homes called JUKEBOXES UNLIMITED, which I still run in Los Angeles; started American Radio Programming Services in 1980 to program small market stations and consult disco clubs; also operate recordsleeves.com; in 1999, I built an Internet radio/TV station in Los Angeles called LINE-TV.com which broadcast live six hours daily into 2000; recently completed a pilot for TV called Sexy, Silly Television; currently pitching it."

Dan Mullin
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KPNW [Eugene OR] 1994
Now: Dan says (10/06), "I am morning anchor at News/Talk KPNW, Eugene, Oregon; radio ... beats the heck out of working!"

Mark James Mullins aka Max Meyers
KBBA [Little Rock AR] 1982-1984
KAWW [Heber Springs AR] 1986
KZLE [Batesville AR] 1990
KCJC/KWKK/KCAB [Dardanelle/Russelville AR] 1990
KTCS [Ft. Smith AR] 1996
KOMS [Poteau OK/Ft. Smith AR] 1997
KSSN/KDDK [Little Rock/Benton AR] 2000-2001
KVLD [Russellville AR] 2003
KCJC/KVOM [Dardanelle/Morrilton AR] 2006-2007

Now: Mark says (10/17), "I'm working as a warehouse clerk in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Although out of broadcasting since 2009, I entertain occasional voice-over work and have done such on websites since that time. A streaming project remains on track for the future, yet I sometimes pop up on RadioDaddy offering freebies to non-profits and keep my voice alive." Click for more from Mark/Max.

Jonathan Mumm
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KERN [Bakersfield CA] 1981-1981
Now: News reporter at KXTV-TV, Sacramento, California.

Scott 'Scottso' Muni
WAKR [Akron] 195?
WMCA [New York] 1958
WABC [New York] 1960
WOR-FM [New York] 1966
WNEW-FM [New York] 1967
WAXQ [New York] 1998-2004

Scott, aka The Professor, died September 28, 2004 (age 74). From AP (9/29/04): "Muni, who spent nearly 50 years on air in the nation's No. 1 radio market, had suffered a stroke earlier this year. But the cause of his death was not immediately known, said Josefa Paganuzzi, spokeswoman for Clear Channel New York. Muni's last gig was an hour-long afternoon show on New York classic rock station Q104.3, where he landed in 1998."

Bruce Murdock
KBPS [Portland OR] 1967
KLIQ [Portland] 1969
KPAM [Portland] 1969
KGW [Portland] 1970
KREM [Spokane WA] 1974
KGW [Portland] 1975
KING [Seattle] 1977
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1983
KKCW [Portland] 2005

Now: Bruce says (1/05), "I'm doing morning drive at Adult Contemporary KKCW-FM, Portland, Oregon."

Glenn Murphey
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WXRG [Pascagoula MS] 1993
Now: Glenn says (1/06), "I was forunate to be able to be part owner of WGUD in Pascagoula along with two great broadcasters, Don Partridge of Meridan, Mississippi, and Houston Pearce, presently of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After managing the station from its inception in 1976 we up-graded the station and sold it to a group in Biloxi and it is now part of TRIAD Broadcasting LLC which has six stations in Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi. With the sale, I joined TRIAD as an account executive in 1993 and remain with them today."

Dan Murphy
WJLB [Detroit MI] 1961
WJBK [Detroit] 1962-1963
WNTN [Boston MA] 1968
WKOX-FM [Boston] 1969-1970
WCAS [Boston] 1976
- owner
WKOX [Boston] 1982-1984
WMDK [Manchester NH] 1986-1987
WEVO [Manchester] 1990-1996
WATD [Boston] 1999

Now: Dan says (8/04), "With the exception noted below, I have done mostly part-time DJ work since the 1960s. My full-time job/career has been as a computer software engineer. I was part-owner of WCAS, Cambridge, MA for five years. As the owner of a small station, I was also GM, PD, CE, weekend DJ, and who-knows-what-else; WCAS in those years has become somewhat legendary due to its eclectic format vaguely centered on folk, soft rock, jazz, and various other type of music. For more on WCAS history, visit 740wcas.com."

Dave Murphy
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KCBS-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1989-1996
Now: Dave says (6/15), "I'm retired; living in Orange County, California."

Don Murphy
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WSCC [Charleston SC] 2004
Now: Don says (12/04), "I am the PM Drive Talk Personality at FM Talker WSC in Charleston, SC; I also operate Murphy Media (talent & managment development, branding and marketing consultation)."

'Banana' Jack Murphy
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WLSC [Myrtle Beach SC] 2007 - owner
Now: Jack (James Blackmon) says (9/11), "I own Oldies WLSC [Tiger Radio], Loris, South Carolina [near Myrtle Beach]; host the daily TV talk show River Talk, on WWMB-CW 21 and HTC Cable; and I do voice-overs, TV production and provide sound systems through my company, Banana Jack Murphy Productions."

Jim Murphy
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WBCS [Boston MA] 1993-1994
Now: Jim says, "I oversee all of the Country programming for Jones Media Networks, Denver, CO. I also serve as a vice-president on the board of directors for the Country Music Association, Nashville, TN."

Pat Murphy
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WVNS [Norfolk VA] 1996-2003
Now:: Pat says (3/03), "I'm building AM stations."

Richard Murphy
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KIMN-FM [Denver CO] 2002
Now: Richard says (9/03), "I am Production Director at Hot AC KIMN-FM (MIX 100), Denver, Colorado. Hard to believe, its been 20 years that radio has put food on the table and a roof over my head."

Robert Murphy
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WJBW [West Palm Beach FL] 2001-2003
Now:: Robert says (11/02), "I am retiring, to assume the life of a quiet person."

Tom Murphy
KKLS [Rapid City SD] 1971 - Bob Wayne
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1974
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1976
WAPE [Jacksonville] 1976
WRKO [Boston MA] 1978
WVBF [Boston] 1980
WEEI-FM [Boston] 1981
WAIV [Jacksonville] 1983
WROO [Jacksonville] 1988
WFSJ [Jacksonville] 1995
WKQL [Jacksonville] 1997

Now: PM Drive at Oldies WKQL-FM (COOL 96.9) and running TJ Murphy Productions, Jacksonville, Florida.

'World Famous' Tom Murphy
KISN [Portland OR] 1959
KJR [Seattle] 1966
KRLA [LA] 1971
WCFL [Chicago] 1972
WIXY [Cleveland] 1975
KGIL [LA] 1976
KIIS [LA] 1977
KPRZ [LA] 1981
KIIS [LA] 1985
KFI [LA] 1987
KJQI [LA] 1993
KGRB [LA] 1994-1995
WRLL [Chicago] 2004-2006

Now: Tom resides in the San Fernando Valley (LA), California.
Working e-mail needed.

Brad Murray
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WEEI [Boston MA] 1996-1999
Now: Brad says (10/08), "I am working (since 2006) as the Director of the Radio Brokerage Division of WB Grimes and Company, Gaithersburg, Maryland."

Hal Murray
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1960
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1964
WINQ [Tampa FL] 1967
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1975

Passed away September 17, 1988 (age 67).

'Cactus' Ken Murray
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KTTX [Brenham TX] 2000
Now: Ken says (9/08), "I am doing mornings on Country KTTX-FM and Ops Dir for KTTX/KWHI, Brenham, Texas; I'm spoiling my granddaughter and doing what I love ... radio."

Ray Muschamp aka Ray St. James
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WRCQ [Fayetteville NC] 1990
Now: News Director, Donnelley Directory in Philadelphia, PA -- providing audiotex information (news, weather, sports etc.) for "Talking Yellow Pages" type operations all over the USA.

Don Mussell
KPFK/KPPC [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KMPX [San Francisco CA] 1970
KERR [Salinas CA] 1971
KLRB/KRML [Carmel CA] 1971
KZEN [Monterey CA] 1972
KOCN [Monterey] 1972
KUSP [Santa Cruz CA] 1972-2000
- engineer/DJ aka Barefoot Wonder
KZSC [Santa Cruz] 1973-1983
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1974-1975
KSBW-TV [Salinas CA] 1975-1976
- engineer
KAZU [Monterey] 1977-1981 - founder, pres, engineer
KFAT [San Jose CA] 1978-1979
WMMT [Whitesburg KY] 1985-1993
WVMR [Frost WV] 1993+
Pacifica Foundation [Berkeley CA] 1995+
- group CE
KKCR [Hanalei Kauai HI] 1995+
WMMT [Whitesburg] 1995+
KAZU [Monterey] 1999+
KZSC [Santa Cruz] 2001+
Hawaii Public Radio [Honolulu HI] 2004+
- engineering consultant
Now: Don says (5/11), "I moved to Hawaii in 2007 (from Santa Cruz CA), gave up the commute."

Bill Musselman
CJET [Ottawa ON] 1976
CKBY [Ottawa] 1980
CFOK [Westlock AB] 1981
CKNG [Edmonton AB] 1982-1988

Now: Bill says (6/16), "I am Sr. vice president, business development at ArtLog, Inc."

June Myers
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WIVK-FM [Knoxville TN] 1996-1998
Now: June says (3/10), "I went back to college for a B.S. in Radiologic Technology and now am the chief x-ray technologist for Summit Medical/TCIM; I truly segged from one end of the electromagnetic spectrum to the other."

Pete Myers aka Mad Daddy
K??? [San Diego CA] 1956
WHKK [Akron OH] 1957
WJW [Cleveland OH] 1958
WHK [Cleveland] 1958
WNEW [New York NY] 1959
WINS [New York] 1963
WNEW [New York] 1965

Passed away Oct 4, 1968. Click for more on Pete Meyers.

Steve Myers
KRIG [Odessa] 1977
KPAS [El Paso TX] 1978
KSET/KSET-FM [El Paso] 1978
KISO [El Paso] 1979
KLOZ [El Paso] 1979
KROD [El Paso] 1979
KQIP [Odessa] 1980
KTPX-TV [Odessa] 1986-1988
KNFM [Midland TX] 1986-1989
KFNA [El Paso] 1992-1993
KELP [El Paso TX] 1993-1997
- host: Herbs for Health
Now: Steve says (3/11), "Post earning a BA (1994) Journalism and a MA (Interdisciplinary Communications - 2001), I started my own TV production company staring in El Paso (1999) and relocating to Dallas Fort Worth (Arlington) Texas in 2001; I got into feature film production, documentary television, educational features and since 2009 into Museum Audio Tours, HDTV Kiosks and media support services; I merged with former PD John Roman (KQIP) in 2010 to form CORNERSTONE FILMS: we produce in all of these areas (above) plus commercial production (as both of us have since the 1980s) for broadcast TV, Radio and since 2011 for National Cinema Theater advertising; digital cinema has opened those doors. Having been a copywriter much of my 30+ years in Radio and TV I am also a novelist writing fiction (Christian fiction) and screenplays." Click for more from Steve.

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