440: Satisfaction - Ms-2
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Radio People by Name (M2)

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Mike McAdam aka Michael Hamm
WPIG [Olean NY] 1995
Now: Mike says (2/14), "I am doing the night shift at WPIG in my hometown of Olean, New York (if the calls sound familiar, you maybe saw Wayne's World Two) and trying not to get fired again as I am now too old to load up the U Haul."

Jeff McAndrew
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WOSH [Oshkosh WI] 2006-2007
Now: Jeff says (5/08), "I am working as a seasonal team leader at a catalog company in Oshkosh, Wisconsin; radio could not pay the bills and I got disenchanted with some of the politics and sensationalism in the business; I will always remember my 19 years in the business with extreme fondness and respect."

Dennis McAtee
KLKC [Parsons KS] 1980
KDBQ [Pittsburg KS] 1983
KNZS [Pittsburg] 1984
KHUM [Lawrence KS] 1986
KKOW [Pittsburg KS] 1987
KVOO [Tulsa OK] 1999

Now: Director of Creative Radio Advertising Production, Journal Broadcast Group, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Greg McAtee
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh PA] 2001-2011
Now: Greg says (4/15), "In 2014 I accepted a position as Assistant Production Director at American Urban Radio Networks (Headquartered in Pittsburgh in the studios of the old WAMO-AM/FM and WPGR-AM); I am responsible for short- and long-form show production for AURN's News, Sports, Music and Entertainment Networks."

Alan McCall
WTAL [Tallahassee FL] 1979-1980
WCVC [Tallahassee] 1983-1988, 1996-2004

Now: Alan says (11/06), "I got tired of the way the local radio stations are operated -- in the owner's interests, not the listening public's interest -- but I'm not tired of radio itself; I retired from commercial (terrestrial) radio and devote my time to Internet station WJJD/WLOR (Country, Classic Country, Southern Gospel), which seeks to replicate the sound of hometown country stations of the 60s and 70s; free listen link is at live365.com/stations/alanmccall; I love hearing from old timers in radio."

Jerry McCall
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KQCV [Oklahoma City OK] 1992
Now: Jerry says (1/08), "I am Operations Manager of Christian News/Talk KQCV AM/FM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma..."

Marie McCallister
KWAL [Osburn ID] 1978
KRLC [Lewiston ID] 1979
KREM [Spokane WA] 1980
KJRB/KEZE [Spokane] 1981
KISW [Seattle WA] 1982
KNAC [Los Angeles CA] 1985
KKLZ [Las Vegas NV] 1991
KMZQ [Las Vegas] 1995
WTTS [Bloomington IN] 1997
KLLP [Pocatello ID] 2002
KMGX [Bend OR] 2004
KXLY-FM [Spokane] 2007

Now: Marie says (5/08), "I'm doing middays at Adult Album Alternative KXLY-FM, Spokane, Washington."

'Buffalo' Bob McCallum
KREL [Riverside CA] 1969
KAHI [Sacramento] 1970
KGEM [Boise] 1973
KHQ [Spokane] 1976
KGA [Spokane] 1990-1990

Now: Bob says (2/09), "I'm pickin' in a bluegrass/country band in Lake Havasu City, Arizona; I retired from teaching History at Spokane Community College, AFTER I retired from on-air work at KHQ Radio in Spokane, WA, so I'm a double retiree; I live in the desert in the winter and the mountains in the summer. The ol' Buffalo Bob expects to be around until 45s come back in style, because I've got a million dollars worth, just waiting for E-BAY to make me rich; keep rockin' and f**k the program director!"

Dave McCann
KWK-FM [St. Louis] 1985
Now: ???

Matt McCann
WCIL-FM [Carbondale IL] 1979-1986
WCIL [Carbondale] 1983-1986
WLRW [Champaign IL] 1986
KRNQ [Des Moines IA] 1991
KDIL [San Antonio TX] 1993
KKYX [San Antonio] 1995-1996
KCJZ [San Antonio] 1995
WLS-FM/WKXK [Chicago IL] 1996
WUSN [Chicago] 1997
WUBT [Chicago] 1998
WERV [Chicago] 2002

Now: Matt says (11/02), "I'm doing weekends/swing at Classic Hits WERV-FM, Chicago, Illinois."

Mike McCann
WLNA/WHUD [Peekskill NY] 1974 - Mike Hudson
WPST [Trenton NJ] 1977
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1978
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1979
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1979
WKCI [New Haven] 1980
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1980
WYNY [New York NY] 1980
KLOU [St. Louis MO] 1988
KMOX [St. Louis] 1990
WKHL [Stamford CT] 1995-1996
WCBS-FM [New York] 1998
WFAN [New York] 2005

Now: Mike says (12/12), "I write about the hits, hit-makers and pop culture nostalgia of the 1960s through the 1980s in Premiere’s syndicated feature service CLASSIC HITS TODAY; on-air, I follow my other great passion as a sports update anchor on WFAN and host the baseball Web site Mike McCann's Field of Fotos."

Kevin McCarthy
WVIC [E Lansing MI] 1969
KNUS [Dallas TX] 1972
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1973
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1974
KNUS [Dallas] 1975
WFAA [Dallas] 1978
KDFW-TV [Dallas] 1983
- sports anchor
KLIF [Dallas] 1987-2001
Now: Kevin says (12/03), "I am self-employed." Find more on Kevin at dallasdigest.com.

Kevin McCarthy
KCFI [Waterloo IA] 1973 - Craig Stevens
WCVS [Springfield IL] 1974 - Keith Bloom
WMAY [Springfield] 1975 - Keith Bloom
KIRL [St. Louis MO] 1975 - Keith Bloom
KSLQ [St. Louis] 1976 - Keith Bloom
KADI [St. Louis] 1979 - Tom Rankin
KSD-FM [St. Louis] 1980
KMOX/KMOX-FM/KHTR [St. Louis] 1982
KLOU [St. Louis] 1987
KIHT [St. Louis] 1996
KTRS [St. Louis] 1999
WSSM [St. Louis] 2001
KTRS [St. Louis] 2003-2005

Now: Kevin says (7/09), "We moved the Travel Planners Show to St. Louis in Oct of 2005 (the show is also syndicated on the Global American Broadcasting Network); Sue and I continue to travel the world and share our experiences with our listeners; life is good!"

Tom McCarthy
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KRWM [Seattle WA] 1997
Now: Tom says (1/07), "I'm doing the morning show on KRWM-FM (Warm 106.9), a Soft Hits station that streams live; also have a small voice-over business that's operated from a home studio; I enjoy my wife, kids and grandkids, gardening, playing guitar and rebuilding Studebakers in my spare time; I've found more than one talented person I've worked with down through the years in the pages of 440: Satisfaction!"

CC McCartney
WKY [Oklahoma City OK] 1970 - Wayne Scott
KILT [Houston TX] 1971
KIMN [Denver CO] 1973
KRBE [Houston] 1977
KYST [Houston] 1980
KKBQ [Houston] 1983
KHFI [Austin TX] 1986
WBGK [Milwaukee WI] 1987
WSIX [Nashville TN] 1987
CC's Climbing Country [Nashville] 1991
- syndicated
WSIX [Nashville] 1995
WKDF [Nashville] 2000-2002

Now: Running CC McCartney Voice Imaging, Nashville, Tennessee. CC says (8/04), "We are on in Houston, Sacramento, Tulsa, Nashville, Sirius Sat. Channel 137, The Global Radio Network/ Atlanta, Montgomery, Baton Rouge, Corpus Christi Great Falls, Jefferson City, Pueblo, Pikeville, Ft. Meyers and Rochester. We also do the national tour work for Aaron Tippin and Shenandoah."

Ken McCartney
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1975 - Ken Emery
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1977 - Ken Emery
KBOS [Tulare CA] 1977
KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1978
KLAV [Las Vegas] 1981
KITS [San Francisco] 1983
KIOI [San Francisco] 1985
KYRK [Las Vegas] 1985
KUDA [Las Vegas] 1990
KSNE [Las Vegas] 1994
KBGO [Las Vegas] 1996-2001
KQOL [Las Vegas] 1996

Now: Ken says (6/03), "I am doing evenings at Oldies KQOL-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada."

Michael McCartney
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1977
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1977
KAOI [Wailuku, Maui HI] 1978
KMVI [Wailuku] 1978
KNUI [Kahului, Maui] 1978
KIKI [Honolulu] 1978
KKUA [Honolulu] 1978
KDEO [Honolulu] 1980
KVIB [Kihei, Maui] 1981
KHEI [Kihei] 1981
KMVI [Wailuku] 1983
KMVI-FM [Wailuku] 1983
KPOA [Lahaina, Maui] 1984
Tokyo FM [Tokyo, Japan] 1989
KLHI [Lahaina] 1991
KNUI [Kahului] 1996
KNUI-FM [Kahului] 1996
KNUQ [Paauilo, Maui] 1996
KPMW [Kahului, Maui] 1996

Now: Michael says (5/15), "I'm Doing The Time Machine (since 1991), along with co-host Summer Blue, on: KPMW-FM, Haliimaile, Maui; KONI-FM, Kihei, Maui; KQMY-FM, Kihei, Maui; KORL-FM, Honolulu, Oahu; KJMQ-FM, Lihue, Kauai; and KMNO-FM, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii ... I'm also doing film and TV work, including music supervisor and producer on a few indie and major studio releases ... and I'm doing voice-overs. From Music Director to Program Director and Traffic Director while hosting a daily radio show in Hawaii has always been a great deal of fun. What's not to love?"

Mike McCartney
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WHB [Kansas City MO] 2002-2005
Now: Mike says (9/06), "I am living in Kansas City doing VOs and image work; and am the public address announcer for the Kansas City Royals and UMKC Kangaroos."

Jeff McClain
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KNUZ [Houston TX] 1987-1988
Now: Owner of Legal Video Communications, Houston, Texas. Jeff says (8/97), "Some of the greatest memories of my life were made while a jock in radio. It would be impossible to put a favorite one in this small space. Thanks to all the great ones along the way who helped me when I needed it. Thank God for the Hal McClain's (May he rest in peace) and the Bill Bailey's of broadcasting who were there to help me along from time to time. It was one hell of a ride for 25 years. I wouldn't change a thing!"

Mark McLain
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KTRH [Houston TX] 2002
Now: Mark says (3/03), "I'm a news anchor and reporter for News KTRH, Houston, Texas. I was a program director and DJ early in my career; in recent years a multi-award-winning newscaster and sportscaster. Never got rich but it has been a great career. Still going strong."

Mike McClain
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WBBT [Richmond VA] 2004
Now: Mike says (4/04), "I'm Promotions Manager and doing middays at Oldies WBBT-FM, Richmond, Virginia. I'm also studying meteorology at the University of Mississippi."

Paul McClay
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WRDO [Augusta ME] 1978-1983 - owner
Now: Paul says (3/08), "I am president & owner of Paul F. McClay, Consultant (advertising, marketing, promotions, sales), Augusta, Maine; also director, Savings Bank of Maine, and commissioner, Maine State Oil & Solid Fuels Board."

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Gary McClenahan
KNEB [Scottsbluff NE] 1993
Now: Gary says (4/16), "I am doing fill at Farm/Rural KNEB, Scottsbluff NE."

Mac McClennahan aka Matt Reese
KDNT [Dallas TX] 1976
KEGG [Daingerfield TX] 1976
KNAF [Fredricksburg TX]
KLTC [Dickinson ND] 1978
KCCW [San Antonio TX] 1979
KFAN [San Antonio] 1982
KMMX [San Antonio] 1989
- Bill Murray
KLTR/KKRW [Houston TX] 1992-2000 - Don St. John
Texas Rebel Radio Network [TX] 2003 - PD
KHJZ [Houston] 2004
KITY/KOTY [Llano/Mason TX] 2008
KFMK [Austin TX] 2011

Now: Mac says (10/08), "I production manager for KFMK-FM (Spirit 105.9), Round Rock, Texas."

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Kenn McCloud
KHTY/KDFO [Bakersfield CA] 2008 Ops Mgr, VP
Now: Kenn says (9/15), "I am Sr VP of Programming for IHeartMedia, Bakersfield -- and am doing middays on Classic Rock KDFO-FM."

Jon McComb
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CKNW [Vancouver BC] 1980
Now: At News/Talk CKNW-FM, Vancouver, BC. Jon says (03/03), "I am co-host of CKNW's PM drive show The World Today."

Melissa McConnell
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1980
KIOI [San Francisco] 1982
KEEN [San Jose CA] 1987
KDBK/KDBQ [San Francisco/San Jose CA] 1990
KKIS/KKIS-FM [San Francisco] 1991
KYCY [San Francisco] 1994
KRAZ [Santa Rosa CA] 1996
KVHS [San Francisco] 1998
- GM
KATM [Modesto CA] 2010
KJOY [Stockton CA] 2012

Now: Melissa says (12/12), "I'm the evening (and Saturday midday) on-air personality at 99.3 KJOY-FM, Cumulus Media/Stockton, CA (www.993KJOY.com); acting GM at KVHS-FM, Clayton Valley High School (www.kvhs.com) in Concord, CA; and contributor to Beyond Powerful Radio (and Creating Powerful Radio) by Valerie Geller (Focal Press), and author of instructor/training manuals for both (beyondpowerfulradio.com); I'm also independent voice-over artist, producer/creative/copywriter, multi-format show tracking."

Charles McCord
WNBC [New York] 1975
WFAN [New York] 1988

Now: Still doing news at WFAN and much of the substantial writing for the nationally syndicated Imus in the Morning Show.

Henry McCorkle
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WKBA [Vinton VA] 1989-1990
Now: Henry says, "I am selling used record albums & antique radios through my own catalogs & over the Internet. I have my own business (Roanoke's Record Room) and have been doing this part-time since 1976; full-time since 1987. Radio is not that much fun anymore."

John McCorkle
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KSSJ [Sacramento CA] 2001
Now: John says (11/02), "I do mornings at Smooth Jazz KSSJ-FM, Sacramento, California."

Dave McCormick
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CKBD [Vancouver BC] 1998 - Big Daddy McCormick
Now: At Nostalgia CKBD, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Darren McCormick
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KZST [Santa Rosa CA] 2001
Now: PM drive at Adult Contemporary KZST-FM, Santa Rosa, CA. Darren says (9/06), "I'm happily living in one of the most lovely (and expensive) places in the Continental U.S. -- Sonoma County, California; I do *not* miss shoveling snow, but my family back in Illinois is always in my thoughts; the staff here is wonderful."

John McCormick
"The man who walks and talks at midnight ... on those 50,000 red-hot watts."
KMOX [St. Louis] 197?
Passed away.

Mike McCormick
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1960
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1961
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1962
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1964
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1965
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1965
WLS [Chicago IL] 1967
KQV/WDVE [Pittsburgh PA] 1968
WLS [Chicago] 1970
KAUM [Houston TX] 1973-1978
Now: Mike (J. Michael Hankins) is President & CEO of MCC Radio (Consulting), Austin, Texas (since 1977).
Working e-mail needed.

Al McCoy
KRUX [Phoenix] 1964
KTAR [Phoenix] 1980
- Suns play-by-play
Now: Doing Phoenix Suns play-by-play on KTAR and the Suns Network.

Bob McCoy
KJUN [Tacoma WA] 1983
KMOK [Lewiston ID] 1984
KMAS [Olympia WA] 1985
KDRK [Spokane WA] 1988
KWYZ [Everett WA] 1988
KAAR [Spokane WA] 1989
KCST [Florence OR] 1991
KATW [Lewiston] 1991
- The Real
KNLT [Kennewick WA] 1995 - The Real
KIOK [Richland WA] 1998-2002 - D.B. Cooper
KONA [Pasco WA] 2007
KRKG/KQFO [Pasco WA] 2012
- Regularguybob
Now: Bob says (8/16), "I'm Regularguybob on Adult Album Alternative KQFO, Pasco, Washington."

Don McCoy
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KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 2004 - owner
Now: Don says (11/06), "I am CEO/chairman of Magic Broadcasting Company (KDAY [LA], KWIE [Riverside]), Los Angeles, California."

Don McCoy
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WGNE [Panama City FL] 1971-1984 - owner
Now: Don says (5/06), "I have been living in Panama City, Florida with my wife Elke since 1971 and am CEO of Styles Broadcasting Company (17 radio stations in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and California. We just completed the purchase of KDAY, Los Angeles."

Gary McCoy
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KXKS [Shreveport LA] 2001
Now: Gary says (3/07), "I am operations manager of KEEL-AM, KXKS-FM, KRUF-FM, KVKI-FM, KWKH-AM and KTUX-FM, Shreveport, Louisiana; still doing an airshift, afternoon drive, in my hometown on KXKS-FM (Kiss Country 93 Seven)."

Jackie McCoy
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KEZK [St. Louis MO] 1996
Now: Jackie says (3/08), "I've been with Adult Contemporary KEZK-FM since 1996, after a 16-year run at the 96.3 frequency in St. Louis; my partner in my other job, The Oldies Show, Mad Maynard, and I continue to do Oldies Shows at least twice a week; we've been together since 1983, and we're still lovin' it."

J.C. McCoy
Now: Traffic reporter for WGRR, Q102 and Channel Z, Cincinnati, Ohio.

'Cap'n' Kris McCoy
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WYLD [New Orleans LA] 1993
WPRF [New Orleans LA] 2003

Now: Kris says (12/02), "I am morning show host at Gospel WPRF-FM, New Orleans, Louisiana."

Leilani McCoy
KKUA [Honolulu HI] 1967
KPOI [Honolulu] 1968
KHLO [Hilo HI] 1970
- Rusty Day
KPUA [Hilo] 1971
KGMB [Honolulu] 1972
KZAM [Seattle WA] 1975
KEZX [Seattle] 1982
KQIN [Seattle] 1985
KZOK [Seattle] 1986
KPLU [Seattle] 2001-2002
(Pacific Lutheran Univ) - marketing/promotions
Now: Leilani says (1/08), "I was the first woman FM DJ in Hawaii and the first woman radio news director in the USA; I left KPLU in 2002 when I helped them outsource sales and marketing; decided not to go with the private company that does their sales; was loose for a bit, then ended up in sales at the Queen Anne News - LOVED that job; now am Marketing Director with the Queen Anne (area of Seattle) Chamber of Commerce."

Malcomb Russell McCoy
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 193?-1941 - Lone Ranger Cast
Click here to Submit Info"Malcomb Russell McCoy was a third cousin of mine, but the only one in my favorite past time, Old Time Radio. He was a member of the cast of The Lone Ranger from the late 1930s thru 1941, when he enlisted in the service. He died in the 1970s in California. I would like to contact people who might have known him or know stories about him. Thank you for all of your help."
Gary C. Taylor

Paul McCoy
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WWDE [Norfolk VA] 1998
Now: Paul says (3/05), "I am doing middays for Adult Contemporary WWDE-FM (2WD) and creative services for Entercom in Norfolk, Virginia."

Gerry McCracken
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KWEN [Tulsa OK] 1999-2002
Now: Gerry says, "I am the Format Coordinator for Cox Country stations."

Campbell McCubbin
CFAC [Calgary, Alberta] 1963
CKWX [Vancouver BC] 1966
Selkirk News [Ottawa ON] 1973
- bureau chief
CKWX [Vancouver BC] 1975
CJAZ [Vancouver] 1980
CKWX [Vancouver BC] 1984
CJJR/CKBD [Vancouver BC] 1995

Now: News Director at CJJR-FM, (New Country JRfm, 93.7) and CKBD (Adult Favourites, 600AM, The Bridge), Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mark McCuen
Now: At KATT/KYIS, Oklahoma City, OK.

Cary McDaniel aka Steve Marshall
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WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1974-1976
Now: Cary says (11/09), "I'm at Level(3) Communications, Atlanta: Sr. Architect for Earth Station Systems."

Earl McDaniel
KPOP [Los Angeles CA] 1953
KLAC [Los Angeles] 1958
KDAY [Los Angeles] 1958
KFWB [Los Angeles] 1961
KEWB [San Francisco CA] 1963
KFMB [San Diego CA] 1965
KGMB/KSSK [Honolulu HI] 1966
- GM
Heftel Broadcasting [WLUP, Chicago, KQV, Pittsburgh, KTNQ, Los Angeles] 198? - president
Earl McDaniel died Mar 26, 2014 in Arizona at age 85. See Earl McDaniel Announces His Death (radioinsight.com); and EARL MCDANIEL / 1928-2014 (Honolulu Star-Advertiser).

Randy McDaniels
WEDO [Pittsburgh PA] 1974
WIXZ [Pittsburgh] 1978
WEDO [Pittsburgh] 1980
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1985
WKHJ [Mt Lake Park MD] 1990-2000
WAVH [Mobile AL] 1998
WLTJ [Pittsburgh] 1999
WYAY [Atlanta GA] 2001-2002

Now: Randy says (12/15), "After WYAY-FM, I went into the computer repair business, and doing politically incorrect humor videos on YouTube. I'm also doing voice-over work for WIXY 1260 Online. It's an internet station, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, and is a replica of the old WIXY 1260, except it's internet only. I do most of the ID's, sweepers, etc. You can listen live online, 24 hours a day. Their website is www.wixy1260online.com and just click on the listen live link."

Pat McDonagh
WLMS [Leominster MA] 1973
WCMX [Leominster] 1984
WEIM [Fitchburg MA] 1996
WGAW [Gardner MA] 1996

Now: Still doing his Irish music show, "Echoes of Erin", Sunday mornings on WEIM, Fitchburgh and WGAW, Gardner, Massachusetts. Pat says, "...For a few years I was doing 8.5 hrs on a Sunday of Irish music. I have not heard of any other Irish host doing that many hours in a single day. I also played in an Irish band until 1982. Had to give it up because of radio shows."

Diana McDonald
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1964 - Diana Patterson
KBBC/KTAR [Phoenix] 1971 - Diana Kostelny
KOOL [Phoenix] 1978 - Diana Kostelny
KUPD [Phoenix] 1978-1996
KTVK-TV [Phoenix] 1996-1997

Now: Diana says, "I retired in 1997. I also have been called "Di" and "Sarge". Sarge is a Ron Edwards (KRIZ) name that held on for years. Radio has been very good to me and I had a lot of fun. I now collect anything I can get from the Fun-Lovin KRIZ days. I really need tapes, air checks or pictures of Tom McMurray/Capt. Marvel and Hadley Madley. All are needed for our House of Broadcasting here in Scottsdale, Arizona."

Justin McDonald
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KBYR [Anchorage AK] 2002
Now: Justin says (12/04), "I am Operatons Manager for Talk KBYR; living in Anchorage, Alaska with my lovely wife and son, with another child on the way. KBYR are classic calls in Anchorage. I came in after KBYR flipped to talk in April 2002. I arrived in October 2002 and began the revamp. Smart Radio AM 700 KBYR has a great line-up and image. We also retranslate to the North Slope of Alaska (Prudhoe Bay - the start of the Trans Alaska pipeline). At only 32 years of age I've been in this business since high school and I can't picture myself doing anything else."

Rod McDonald
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CJOK/CKYX [Fort McMurray AB] 1986-2004
Now: Rod says (11/07), "I retired from radio in 2004 to become Executive Director of United Way of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada; I was proud to work with industry giants and midgets alike; miss you all."

Mike McDougald
Now: President/Owner of WRGA/WQTU, Rome, GA. Currently member NAB Radio Board of Directors, winner of two NAB Marconi Awards (Station of the Year, Small Market; Personality of the Year, Small Market)Winner of NAB Crystal Award for outstanding community service; Inducted into Georgia Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame at the University of Georgia, named Georgia Broadcaster of the Year.

Sky McDougall
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WQBK [Albany NY] 1984-1986
Now: Sky says (9/08), "After a circuitous career in radio, I transitioned into corporate and entertainment public relations, marketing and finally, an acting career full-time; I moved to Hollywood in 2005 and so far, so good; to former cohorts and old fans, at your convenience, I'd love to hear from you; ond memories and the very best wishes to all..."

Sean McDowell
W??? [Dayton OH] 197?
WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1975
WYTK [Washington PA] 1979
WHYW [Pittsburgh] 198?
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1993

Now: PM Drive at Rock WDVE-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Brian McFarland
KCCC [Carlsbad NM] 1966 - Ron Johnson
KPBM [Carlsbad] 1967 - Ron Johnson
KRBC [Abilene TX] 1967 - Ron Johnson
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1969 - Ron Johnson
WOKY [Milwaukee] 1970 - Ron Martin
WYNE [Appleton WI] 1971 - Ron Martin
WDUZ [Green Bay WI] 1972 - Ron Martin
WBAY [Green Bay] 1973 - Ron Martin
KUPD [Phoenix AZ] 1974 - Ron Martin
KOY [Phoenix] 1974-79/1981-83
KKFR [Phoenix] 1984-1986
KCCF [Phoenix] 1997-1998

Now: Brian says, "I became a police officer in 1979. Since 1989 I've been a Sergeant. Currently I'm supervising the midnight shift in Paradise Valley (Phoenix), Arizona. Some highlights that stand out over the years: 1) Being able to return to my hometown of Milwaukee and work at the radio stations I used to watch through the studio window and dream as a kid. 2) Working for such famous Program Directors as George Wilson (WRIT & WOKY), Nat Stevens (KOY) and Charlie Van Dyke (KOY & KKFR)."

David G. McFarland
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WCLR [Dayton OH] 1999-2001
Now: David says (7/08), "I am semi retired - running a DJ gig business & doing voicework in Dayton, Ohio."

Mike McGann
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1976
WRKZ [Hershey PA] 1983
WLEV/WEST [Allentown PA] 1987-1991 - VP/GM
WISR [Butler PA] 1996 - VP/GM
Tele-Media Corp [Johnstown PA] 1996 - Reg Mgr
WPRR [Altoona PA] 1997 - GM
Tele-Media Corp [Bennington VT] 2001 - Reg Mgr VT/MA
WJAS/WPTT [Pittsburgh] 2002-2008
Now: Mike is retired from the radio biz in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out Mike McGann's autobiographical The 10 Cent Chocolate Tub; A 2007 photo of Mike;
Jeff Roteman's McGann page.

Bill McGee
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CFMG [Edmonton AB] 1997
Now: Bill says (7/03), "I am in sales with Standard Broadcasting, Edmonton, Alberta. Looking forward to more great years in the industry."

'Coyote' Mark McGee
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KFBK [Sacramento CA] 2002
KALF [Red Bluff CA] 2004

Now: Mark says (3/06), "I'm at Country KALF-FM, Chico, CA as morning personality. My resume."

Bob McGonigle
WGCH [Greenwich CT] 1949
AFRN [??] 1950
WFUN [Huntsville AL] 1953
WHN [New York NY] 1957
WTFM [New York] 1960
WGCH [Greenwich] 1971

Dennis Jackson reports, "Bob passed away in the mid-1990s. As host of the nighttime telephone talk show People-to-People on WGCH-AM, he was #1 in the Fairfield County Arbitrons, even though this Class IV station up at 1490 only went five miles at night. Bob was known for his personality and mellifluous pipes. He was dedicated to radio, interviewed many of the leaders of the times, and won many awards over the years for his air and program production work."

Terry McGovern
WKPA/WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1964
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1965
KSFO/KYA [San Francisco CA] 1969
KSAN [San Francisco] 1974
KWST [Los Angeles CA] 1980
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1982
KIOI [San Francisco] 1988
KYA [San Francisco] 1992-1994

Now: Terry is acting and doing voiceovers and teaches both of those crafts in San Francisco, California.

Mike MCGowan
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WCKS [Gadsden AL] 2004
Now: Mike says (12/06), "I am doing a morning show on Classic Country WCKS, Jacksonville, Alabama; I am able to stay close to my home town of Gadsden and enjoy playing the same country music I started out playing in 1972; I love radio and getting to talk the the great people who are fans of the old country music."

Dave McGown
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WVMT [Burlington VT] 1979-1997
Now: Dave says (9/12), "I work for Vermont Public Radio (statewide) as an announcer/board operator."

Dan McGrath
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KEZN [Palm Springs CA] 1999
Now: Dan says (8/07), "I'm loving Southern California; mornings at Adult Contemporary KEZN, Palm Desert since 1999; and still doing voice-over for radio, TV, film, and music for events; it's the happiest point of my career -- I am heavily involved with numerous charities in the desert, and am proud to call Cheeta the Chimp my pal."

Tony McGraw
WBTR [Carrollton GA] 1977 - Tony Marshall
WNUZ [Talledega AL] 1977-1978 - Tony Marshall
KPSN [Phoenix AZ] 1991
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1995
- Skippy
KSAZ-TV [Phoenix] 1997 - morning show
KDKB [Phoenix] 1999
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 2000
- Skippy
KSLX [Phoenix] 2001
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1995

Now: Tony says (11/06), "I produce news and audio for MetroSource (Westwood One newswire service) and cover weekends at Oldies KOOL-FM, Phoenix, Arizona."

Buddy McGregor
KILT [Houston TX] 1958
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1959
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1960
WITH [Baltimore MD] 1961
KTRH [Houston] 1963
KNUZ [Houston] 1964-1969, 1980-1981

Now: Buddy says (6/08), "I started an ad agency in 1969 ... wound up in LA doing freelance 1988-1992; purchased 92.1 in Austin, Texas, then 1590 AM, then merged with 106.3 FM; sold them in 2006; and I am building thehistoryofrockandrollradio.com."

John McGue
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WNKU (Northern KY Univ) [Highland Heights KY] 2002 - John Patrick
Now: John says (12/04), "I'm back on the air at Public WNKU-FM, Cincinnati. Living the Harry Chapin song WOLD everyday."

Jeff McGyver
Now: Latest report: At KYNN/KQMS, Redding CA.

Bernard McGuirk
WFAN [New York] 1990
Now: Doing character voices and producing for Don Imus on WFAN, New York.

Jim McInnes
WIBA-FM [Madison WI] 1970
KPRI [San Diego] 1973
- O.B. Fillmore
KGB-FM [San Diego] 1974
KPLN [San Diego] 2003
KSDS [San Diego] 2006
KFMB [San Diego] 2007
KGB-FM [San Diego] 2016

Now: Jim says (5/16), "I'm doing weekends at Classic Rock KGB-FM, San Diego. And I host the Classic Rock channel on Slacker Radio and host Every Shade of Blue on San Diego's only authentic Jazz radio station, 88.3 KSDS (San Diego City College)."

Chris McIntyre
WMOI [Monmouth IL] 1986
WGBQ [Galesburg IL] 1989
WPBG [Peoria IL] 1994
WAAG/WGIL [Galesburg] 1999
WKAY [Galesburg] 2000

Now: Mornings and Program Director at AC WKAY-FM (105.3 K-FM).
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