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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (M)

Greg MacArthur
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KBKS [Tacoma WA] 2000
Now: Greg says (2/06), "I am production director for Top 40 KBKS-FM (Kiss 106.1) and Adult Hits KJAQ-FM, Seattle, Washington."

Keith MacDonald
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WIHT [Washington DC] 2001
Now: Production Director at Top-40 WIHT-FM, Washington, DC.

John Macdonell aka John Dale
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WUWF [Pensacola FL] 1983
Now: John says (12/07), "I've been working for public radio (and now TV) WUWF, Pensacola, Florida since 1983; I host a popular 4-hour weekly acoustic music showcase, handle the internet services for the stations, and do on-air fundraising during those dreaded membership drives."

Bob Mace
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WPOC [Baltimore MD] 1974-1977 - Bill Fox
Now: Bob says (1/03), "I am living in Beijing, China where I have been for since 1995."

Frank Macek
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WNWV [Cleveland OH] 1995
Now: Weekends at Smooth Jazz WNWV-FM, and directing evening newscasts at WKYC-TV 3, Cleveland, Ohio.

Gary Mack
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KFJZ [Ft. Worth TX] 1976-1980
Now: Gary says, "I am curator of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas."

Gary Mack (McDowell)
KBOX [Dallas] 1959
WFUN [Miami] 1962
KLIF [Dallas] 1963
KYNO [Fresno] 1964
KRLA [LA] 1965
KHJ [LA] 1965
RKO General/Drake Chenault [LA] 1967
- National PD
WIP [Philadelphia] 1970
WNEW [New York] 1971
WGST [Atlanta] 1974
WLTA [Atlanta] 1975
WSB [Atlanta] 1985-1998
WVLG [Wildwood FL] 2005

Now: Retired, but doing a weekend show on Adult Standards WVLG, The Villages, Florida. Click for Gary's memories of Boss Radio.

Greg Mack
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KKPW [Fresno CA] 1997
Now: Middays and PD at Top-40 KKPW-FM, Fresno, California.

Jay Mack
KOL [Seattle WA] 1962
KIMN [Denver CO] 1963
KBTR [Denver] 1965
KIMN [Denver] 1966
WFUN [Miami FL] 1969
KIMN [Denver] 1969
KTLK [Denver] 1972
KDEN [Denver] 1972
KNAK [Salt Lake City UT] 1973
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1974-1975
KLSC [Denver] 1986
KXKL [Denver] 1990-2001

Jay Mack (James MacIsaac) died March 2, 2002 at age 64. Read JAY MACK: THE LONG ROAD BACK, from the May 1986 DENVER magazine (via kimn95.tripod.com).

Tom Mack
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KDTH [Dubuque IA] 2001
Now: Tom says (3/04), "I'm manager of Armored Security Service; and working part time at KDTH -- voice track 5:30 - 9pm Adult Standards format. I still love radio."

'King' Daevid MacKenzie
WGTD [Kenosha WI] 1976 - Dave Machen
WNAM [Neenah-Menasha WI] 1977 - D.W.
WLFM [Appleton WI] 1977-1980 - Dave Quatro
WYNE [Appleton] 1981 - Dave Saint-Germain
WLHA [Madison WI] 1983 - Mad Dog
WRST [Oshkosh WI] 1977-1984 - Dave Quatro
WRJR [Zion IL] 1984 - Dave Saint-Germain
WRPX [Hudson WI] 1986 - Dave Saint-Germain
WIBU [Madison] 1987 - Dave Machen
KFIZ/WFON [Fond du Lac WI] 1990 - Dave Bornhuetter
WPKR [Oshkosh] 1990 - Dave Machen
WLFM [Appleton] 1991 - Dave Bornhuetter Machen
WORT [Madison] 1992 - Dave Bornhuetter Machen
WXOL [Oshkosh] 1993 - Brother Dave
WRJQ [Appleton] 1994 - David Aachen
WSBC [Chicago IL] 1998
WCFJ [Chicago] 1998
WAUK [Waukesha WI] 1999
WAUX [Lake Geneva WI] 1999
WGLB [Milwaukee WI] 1999
WMCW [Harvard IL] 2000

Now: At Adult-Contemporary WMCW, Harvard, Illinois.

Dave Mackenzie
WTUX [Wilmington DE] 1974
WAMS [Wilmington] 1975
WJBR/WJBR-FM [Wilmington] 1976-1993
- CE
Now: Dave says (8/14), "I’m at the University of Delaware: Chief Engineer of WVUD-FM since 1995."

Dave Mackey
Now: Now working as a cable TV traffic coordinator and freelance web designer.

Doug MacKinnon
KIOA [Des Moines IA] 1953-1964
WYOO [Minneapolis MN] 1972
KHOW [Denver CO] 1975
KITE [San Antonio TX] 1977
KTFX [Tulsa OK] 1980
KRGO [Salt Lake City UT] 1983
KRNT [Des Moines] 1984-1986

Now: Doug says (3/05), "I retired in 1995; am looking for old DJ friends at WYOO, KHOW, KITE, KTFX, KKBZ/KAAP, KABC, KEWB, KDEO, KFWB." Doug was inducted into the Iowa Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.

Evelyn Macko
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CFRB [Toronto ON] 2002
Now: Evelyn says (10/02), "I'm freelancing at News/Talk 1010, CFRB Radio. In addition to some voice-over work at CFMT-Television, Electric Entertainment, and TV spots. And they call me 'professor' at Seneca College, at York Campus, where I teach first semester students."

Jean 'Spider' MacLean
KWIZ [LA] 1956
Passed away in 1990.

Don MacLeod
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WKTU [New York NY] 1997
Now: Don says (8/03), "I am Director of Marketing & Promotion at Dance WKTU-FM and Hip Hop WWPR-FM, New York, New York."

Sheldon MacLeod
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CKBW [Bridgewater NS] 1999
Now: Sheldon says (3/04), "I'm News Director at Top-40 CKBW, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia; also involved in historical re-enactments and lying on the beach; living on Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore with wife Patricia, and children Connor and Kaylee."

Guy MacMillin
WKBK [Keene NH] 1961-1974 - Rock MacMillan
Now: Guy says (11/12), "Out of radio, but miss it from time to time; it was a great job at a great time for an 17-year-old starting out in 1960. I was editorial-page editor for the Keene Sentinel (New Hampshire) 1978-2012."

Rob MacNamara
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CHRX [Fort St John BC] 2000
CKFU [Fort St John] 2004-2004

Now: Rob says (11/04), "I made the move back to Nova Scotia to do mornings at 101.5 The Hawk, to be closer to family and enjoy some good seafood."

Dave Macy
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WGL [Ft. Wayne IN] 2003-2005
Now: Dave says (7/06), "I am a marketing director in Nashville, Tennessee ... Radio was creative once. Now I'll just have to sit back and rock at the Home for Old Jocks, gumming my memories of what once was. Asta la Pasta!"

David Madden
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KYW [Philadelphia PA] 1986
Now: Reporter at News KYW, Philadelphia, PA.

Tara Madison
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 2004
WEFX [Norwalk CT] 2004
WAOA [Melbourne FL] 2005
WSJZ [Melbourne] 2005
WKZY [Gainesville FL] 2006
WNFB [Lake City FL] 2007
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 2007
WEZF [Burlington VT] 2010

Now: Tara says (2/10), "I've moved closer to my roots and am co-hosting (w/John Nolan) AM drive on Adult Contemporary WEZF-FM in the Green Mountains of Vermont."

Bill Maffit
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KWXX [Hilo HI] 1994-2003
KPUA [Hilo] 1994-2003, 2009

Now: Bill says (7/10), "I'm working as a board operator for KPUA AM 670 Hilo's News Sports and Information Station I'm also employed as an IT Tech for Na Leo O Hawaii Community Television."

Tony Magoo
WJJL [Buffalo NY] 1976
WPHD [Buffalo] 1980
WBYR [Buffalo] 1986
WMJQ [Buffalo] 1988
WUFX [Buffalo] 1989
WROQ [Greenville SC] 1995
WSIX [Nashville TN] 2000
WIMZ [Knoxville TN] 2001
WYCD [Detroit MI] 2002
WFBE [Flint MI] 2002

Now: Tony says (11/06), "KZPS - Dallas 2005-2006."

Paul Mahon
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CKWW [Windsor ON] 1992-1994
Now: Pat says (2/08), "I am living in Essex County, Ontario, working for Chrysler and doing TV for Chrysler Employee Network; I have also been involved in motorsports broadcasting during the Championship Auto Racing Team (CART) days."

Bob Maickel
WASA [Havre de Grace MD] 1961
WAPC [Riverhead NY] 1963
WHRF [Riverhead] 1966
WCBS/WCBS-FM [New York NY] 1967-1983
- engineer
Now: Bob says (11/08), "I retired from CBS (worked for [W]CBS-TV 1983-1995) in 1995 after 28 years service; I am very active as a steel guitarist and am a co-founder and president of the Pedal Steel Guitar Association Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to educating individuals who wish to play steel guitar; I am also deeply involved in the hobby of amateur radio and hold an Extra Class FCC license in addition to my FCC General Radiotelephone license; C U on the radio!"

Bryan Main
KAFF [Flagstaff AZ] 1976
KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 1978
KYXY [San Diego] 1982
KSON [San Diego] 1985-1995
KOGO/KSDO [San Diego] 1999
KPOP [San Diego] 2000
KLSD [San Diego] 2004

Now: Bryan says (1/08), "I am Production Coordinator for Clear Channel Radio, San Diego, responsible for day-to-day commercial production; I'm also producer & host of the Garden Compass Show on the Garden Compass Radio Network heard throughout California and Oregon."

John Majhor
KKLS [Rapid City SD] 1974 - Curt Martin
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1975
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1975-1986
CFMT-TV [Toronto] 1983
- Host: Video Singles
CITV-TV [Toronto] 1984-1986 - Host: Toronto Rocks
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1988
KCBS-FM [LA] 1989
CJEZ [Toronto] 1990
CITV-TV [Toronto] 1993-1994
- Host: Lunch Television
KSFQ [Santa Fe NM] 1999-2000
WCOO [Charleston SC] 2002-2004

John Majhor died Jan 23, 2007 (cancer, 53 years old) in Young America, MN; see CHUM legendary DJ John Majhor severly ill (Cameron Gordon); Sorry Forbe's Mr. DJ is Gone for Good (The National Ledger); and RIP John Majhor: The Majhor Marches On.. (Shane Alexander).

Paul Major
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WTLC [Indianapolis IN] 1993-1998 - VP/GM
Now: Paul says (12/06), "I am running Global Major Marketing (software for anyone in sales), Las Vegas, Nevada; I have enjoyed the radio and TV business; made a living from this business since I was 16 years old; met many friends from every aspect of life, DJs, politicians and entertainers; very rewarding."

Stan Major
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WINZ [Miami FL] 1986-1989
Now: Stan says (1/04), "I do a national morning drive talk program (American Breakfast) on the Langer net (National Radio Network) out of Boston. I'm still based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida."

Bradley Jay Majors
WSNT [Sandersville GA] 1987
WDEN [Macon GA] 1987
WAYS [Macon] 1992
WMKS [Macon] 1997-2004

Now: Bradley (Brad Otwell) says (10/06), "I am out of radio, but I still produce commercials from my production house, Riverhouse Media and Entertainment; I am also the booking agent for The Comedy Club in Macon, Georgia and am the house MC for the shows there as well; I still have a very warm spot in my heart for 'real' radio, not the corporate mess that they're trying to pass off as radio; long live the Wolfman's memory!"

Mark Majors
WOBS [Jacksonville FL] 1968 - Jack-Have-Mercy Bellboy
WPDQ [Jacksonville] 1976 - Jack-Have-Mercy Bellboy
WKUE [Jacksonville] 1977 - Jack-Have-Mercy Bellboy
WPIQ [Brunswick GA] 1980
WVOJ [Jacksonville] 1981
KXXY [Oklahoma City OK] 1982
WZAZ [Jacksonville] 1984
- owner
WKUE [Jacksonville] 1977 - owner
WQMT [Dalton GA] 1992
WAOC/WJQR [St. Augustine FL] 1995-1999
- GM
WAOC [St. Augustine] 2002
Now: Katherine Von Nessen says (12/03), "When I first met him in 1997, Mark worked at WJQR 105.5 FM (Hot Country) and it's sister station, WAOC 1420 AM (News/Talk), St. Augustine, Florida. He worked there from 1995 (when WJQR first came on the air) up until both stations were sold in 1999. In 2002, WAOC was purchased by Doug Shull who turned it into 'Real Country' and brought Mark back on the air. Mark has been in radio all his life (his father owned many stations) and I have always admired him for his extraordinary talents and services to the community. He is a wonderful man on and off the air, and he is and always will be my hero."

Charlie Mallonee
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KSAC [Sacramento CA] 2005-2007 - Charlie O
Now: Charlie says (8/08), "I'm living in Granite Bay, California working as a dispatcher for Sacramento Regional Transit District; I report and write for sportsradioservice.com out of San Francisco."

Randy Mallory
WBES-FM [Charleston WV] 1979-1987,1988-1993
Now: Randy says (July 2002), "I do a variety of graphics/computer-related projects for the Clear Channel radio stations in Nashville, Tennessee: WSIX-FM, WRVW-FM, WNRQ-FM, WUBT-FM, and WLAC-AM. I also play music around Nashville, having previously worked as a guitarist for Country artist Blake Shelton."

Dave Mallow
KFMG [Des Moines] 1969
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1973
WQIV [New York] 1974
WKTU [New York] 1975
WTFM [New York] 1979

Now: Doing commercials, looping, walla, industrials & cartoon voices and directing dubbing of foreign animation into English for Saban: 'intro voice' of Power Rangers, in Los Angeles.
Remembering WKTU ... vocalize@earthlink.net

John Malone
WBYS [Peoria IL] 1987
WIRL [Peoria] 1991
WFXW [Chicago IL] 1992
WSWT [Peoria] 1992
WXCL [Peoria] 1993
WBYS [Peoria] 1994
WTAZ [Peoria] 1996
WMBD [Peoria] 1999
WLNX-FM [Lincoln IL] 2004

Now: John says (3/09), "I am still with WLNX-FM, Lincoln, Illinois; the station switched formats in 2006 to an alternative rock format staffed by students of Lincoln College."

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Wayne Maloney aka Wayne Michaels
WLOT [Marinette WI] 1972-1973
Now: Wayne says (02/15), "I have been completely out of radio since 1999 and work in the government sector in Washington, DC."

Farley Malorrus
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KFOX [Los Angeles CA] 1984-1992
Now: Farley says, "I am developing Malorrus Broadcasting, a production company producing talk radio/TV shows and commercials. I am also involved in California Tax Free Municipal Bond Management in Los Angeles, California."

Tony Manero
KXTZ [Las Vegas] 1994
KQOL [Las Vegas] 1995
WMGI [Terre Haute IN] 1995
KZFM [Corpus Christi TX] 1996
KKSS [Santa Fe NM] 1997
KLZK [Lubbock TX] 2000
KPEK [Albuquerque NM] 2003

Now: Tony says (2/05), "I am PD and doing mornings at Hot AC KPEK-FM, Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Bob Manfredo
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KHTX [San Bernardino CA] 1993-1994 - Bob Allen
Now: Bob says (9/03), "I'm Bob McEntire at Westwood One Radio Networks, Valencia, CA; and I run Manfredo Media Studios, Santa Clarita, California."

John Mangan
WVBR [Ithaca NY] 1967-1969 - PD
WTKO [Ithaca] 1968
WGY/WGFM [Schenectady NY] 1975
- Promotion Dir
KOAQ [Denver CO] 1977 - Ops Dir
KMO [Tacoma WA] 1979 - PD
KBRD [Tacoma] 1980 - Ops Dir
KVTI [Tacoma] 1982 - GM, PD
Now: John says (1/10), "I am GM, PD at KVTI-FM, owned by Clover Park Technical College, Lakwood, Washington, where I am a full-time faculty member; and I was New Music Weekly magazine's Top 40 PD of the Year 2008"

Mike Mangan aka Mike Shannon
WHSL [Wilmington NC] 1967
WTLB [Utica NY] 1969
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1969
CKLW [Windsor, Ontario/Detroit] 1970
WSTP [Salisbury NC] 1970
- Michael O'Shaughnessy Shannon
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1971
WAIR [Winston-Salem NC] 1972
WSAT [Salisbury] 1973
WOOO [Charlotte NC] 1974
WSTP [Salisbury] 1995
- owner
Now: Mike Mangan owns and manages Talk WSTP, Salisbury, North Carolina.

David Manheimer
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WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1965-1975 - Johnny Randall
Now: Sales Manager at Commercial Equipment, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dave says, "Great friends in the biz were Dick Purtan, Soupy Sales, Lee Alan, Joel Sebastian, Scott Regan."

Mike Manion
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WFPG [Atlantic City NJ] 2000
Now: Mornings at Adult Contemporary WFPG-FM, Altlantic City, NJ..

Ron Maniscalco aka Ron Mani
WSPB [Sarasota FL] 1961
WJBS/WOOO [Daytona Beach FL] 1965
WYND [Sarasota] 1968
WALG [Albany GA] 1969
WQDE [Albany] 1972
WALG [Albany] 1976-1988

Now: Ron says (11/05), "I am happily semi-retired enjoying life listening to the radio and old airchecks here in sunny Florida; would sell my soul for one more chance behind the mike with the guys I used to work with."

Carl Mann
KDEY [Boulder CO] 1962
KATI [Casper WY] 1963
KOOK [Billings MT] 1964
AFKN [Mun-san, South Korea] 1968
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1969
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1972
KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1976
KQCR [Cedar Rapids] 1985
- Don Kelly
KOIL/KOMJ [Omaha] 1987
KKCD [Omaha] 1990
KESY [Omaha] 1992
KOSJ [Omaha] 1995
KPTM-TV [Omaha] 1997
Wait/Dial-Global [Omaha] 2004-2010
- PD, Oldies
Now: Carl says (8/12), "I am retired in Omaha, NE, raising adopted son, still doing semi-regular voicework. Working at AFKN (American Forces Korea Network) was a unique and favorite experience; worked with some great talent and future greats at KOMA and KOIL. Voice tracking Oldies Plus at Waitt Networks (later purchased by Dial-Global) lacked the fun radio once had, but I marveled at the technology to do it."

Dave Mann
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KMAS [Olympia WA] 1997
Now: Music Director and afternoons at Adult Contemporary KMAS-FM, Olympia, WA.

Ed Mann
KWRM [San Bernardino CA] 1979
KFXM [San Bernardino] 1980
KIKF [Los Angeles CA] 1981
KUTE [Los Angeles] 1982
KIIS [Los Angeles] 1983-1987
KEZY [Los Angeles] 1989
KCAQ [Oxnard CA] 1992
KBIG-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1993-1995

Now: Ed says (8/05), "Between my years at KIIS and KBIG, I co-founded Premiere Radio Networks where I worked as Sr. VP/Marketing; after that was sold, I founded MannGroup Radio, where I develop national shows for all formats and do so now, quite happily, thank you. I remain off the air for all the good reasons and have written a novel about the business of falling head first into our business and how that can screw you up good."

Izi Mann
Voice of Israel [Jerusalem] 1979

Now: Hosting music programs and doing "First Light" (newspaper review) and "Radio Days" (daily column of old time radio) for Voice of Israel, Jerusalem.

Roger Mann
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WKOW [Madison WI] 1967-1973
Now: Roger says (12/12), "I am semi-retired, writing producing, anchoring Web-based news products on specific content sites..."

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Steve Mann
WTFM [Kingsport TN] 1997-
Now: Steve says (4/16), "I am still doing double duty for Holston Valley Broadcasting Corp, Kingsport Tennessee: Mornings on WTFM and WVEK (Classic Hits 1027) and Programming WVEK."

Tony Mann
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1974

Now: ???

Wally Mann
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WICC [Bridgeport CT] 1998-1998
Now: Wally (Walter Mann) says (11/06), "I am Executive Director of NHTV, a local cable TV station in North Haven, Connecticut." See his hojoland.com.

Gene Manning
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WARX/WARK [Hagerstown MD] 1982
Now: President/GM at Oldies WARX-FM and Talk WARK, Hagerstown, Maryland.

Lee Manning
WYVA [Norfolk VA] 1980 - Lee Michaels
WPED [Charlottesville VA] 1981 - Lee Michaels
WSLC/WSLQ [Roanoke VA] 1982 - Lee Michaels
WCMS [Norfolk] 1986
WGTO [Orlando FL] 1987
WRIV [Riverhead NY] 1987
WJQI [Norfolk] 1989
WKOC [Norfolk VA] 1990-1993

Now: Lee says (10/04), "I am majoring in journalism at Iowa State University (2003 - present)."

Roger Manning
KDMS/KLBQ [El Dorado AR] 1973
KTVE-TV [El Dorado] 1978
KLBQ [El Dorado] 1984
KARN [Little Rock AR] 1988
KVKI [Shreveport LA] 1989
KFRU [Columbia MO] 1989
KNCI [Sacramento CA] 1991
KLUV [Dallas TX] 1997
KYKR/KKMY [Beaumont TX] 1999
KFIS [Portland OR] 2004
KGBI [Omaha NE] 2006

Now: Doing the Family Friendly Morning Show on Christian Contemporary KGBI-FM, Omaha, Nebraska.

Louie Manno
WOND [Atlantic City NJ] 1979
WIZR [Johnstown NY] 1980
WTRY [Albany NY] 1980
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1981
- Lou Alexander
WFAN [Mystic CT] 1982
WSNE [Providence RI] 1984
WBEC [Pittsfield MA] 1984
WTIC [Hartford CT] 1985
WQCR [Burlington VT] 1986
WKDR [Burlington VT] 1989-2001

Now: Louie says (10/13), "After selling the Radio Deli (Burlington VT eatery I owned with former radio partner, Jim Condon) in 2007, I am now sole proprietor/employee of Manno Media, based in Burlington Vermont; and am a fairly-in-demand voice actor, as well as a writer/producer and convergent media consultant; and I was inducted into the Vermont Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame."

'Malibu' Mark Manuel
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WHTS [Davenport IA] 1996
Now: Mark says (5/05), "I've been Malibu Mark Manuel in the Morning at Top-40 WHTS-FM (All Hit 98.9), Davenport, Iowa, since 2001."

John Manzo
WTVL [Augusta] 1990 - Brian White
WKZS/WLAM [Portland ME] 1991 - John Anthony
WCLZ [Portland] 1992
WGAN/WZAN [Portland] 1994
WMGX [Portland] 1994
- John Anthony
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1996 - aka John Seneca
WJNO [West Palm Beach FL] 2002
Air America Radio [New York NY] 2004

Now: John says (1/07), "I am Chief of Staff/Executive Producer for The Randi Rhodes Show on Air America Radio, New York, New York."

Jeff March
KSFV [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KVFM [LA] 1969
KIEV [LA] 1969
KBBQ [LA] 1970
KAHI [Sacramento CA] 1972
KROY [Sacramento] 1972
KNDE [Sacramento] 1974
KROI [Sacramento] 1979
KGMS [Sacramento] 1982-1982

Now: Jeff says (9/11), "I have bee a partner (since 1993) in EditProse, a marketing communications firm in Davis, California (near Sacramento), providing writing and editing services for corporate and institutional clients; and I'm co-author of Where Have All the Pop Stars Gone? -- Volume 1, chronicling the lives of musical soloists and band members whose songs hit the top of the music charts in the late 1950s and in the 1960s."
stories ... radarjeff@yahoo.com

Dave Marino
WCMB [Harrisburg PA] 1963
WFEC [Harrisburg] 1964
WIOO [Carlisle PA] 1967
WRAP [Norfolk VA] 1968
WEEX [Allentown PA] 1969
WNOW [York PA] 1972
- Mgr
WOYK [York] 1981-1982 - GM
WLAN-FM [Lancaster PA] 1985-1990 - Group PD, aka Dave Diamond
Now: Dave says (4/11), "I left radio in 1990, own and operate a small insurance agency on the Gulf coast of Florida. While at WNOW (Q106), owned by Rust Communications at that time, I also consulted other Rust stations (WHFM, WPTR, WFLY, WRNL & WKLX); WNOW was really the most fun to program; we took a basic top-40 format with good upbeat personalites, lots of production, very tight, lots of promotions, lots of jingles ... (the sound of a good top 40 station in the 1970s) -- we were country and did a great job of it: won CMA Small Market Station of the Year 3 times. Radio today has no soul, no beat ... it's all bland and every station sounds like it's run by a bunch of bean counters. We were concerned about profit, too, but we learned that to serve the advertiser best, you first satisfy the listener."

Keith Marion
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KSGF [Springfield MO] 2004
Now: Keith says (5/11), "I am working as a producer for live local talk shows on KSGF (News/Talk 104.1), Springfield Missouri."

David Mark
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WKSW [Cleveland OH] 1975-1978
Now: David says (9/10), "I was at WEWS-TV, Cleveland, 1977-1990 (I know - it ain't radio, but the mics looked the same); went full-time freelance in late 1990s, voicing promos and stuff for Fox network O&Os and affiliates, UPN network stations, ABC TV, and others; I rarely see a mic these days; am in law enforcement full-time."

Sid Mark
WWDB [Philadelphia] 1960
Sounds of Sinatra [Philadelphia] 1985
- syndicated: host
WPHT [Philadelphia] 2001
Now: Hosting Friday with Frank and Saturday/Sunday with Sinatra on Talk WPHT (the old WCAU), Philadelphia. Sid is also producing/hosting Sounds of Sinatra in over 115 markets thru his Orange Productions.

Tom Marker
WBCH [Hastings MI] 1973
WBEU [Beaufort SC] 1974
WJKL [Chicago IL] 1975
WXRT [Chicago] 1980

Now: Tom says (8/05), "I am still at Adult Album Alternative WXRT-FM, Chicago, Illinois. I host the 8pm-midnight shift and fill in for other DJs while they're on vacation. I also host Blues Breakers, a one-hour weekly blues show."

Jay Marks
KUZN [West Monroe LA] 1967 - Rodney W. Randall
KNOE-FM [Monroe LA] 1969 - Rodney W. Randall
WJCX [Jackson MS] 1972 - Rodney W. Randall
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1973 - Eric Chase
KULF [Houston] 1973 - Jay Randall
WHYI [Miami] 1974
WMAQ [Chicago] 1976

Now: Still in Chicago and doing commercial voice-overs full time since 1978.

Rocky Marks
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WZPT [Pittsburgh PA] 2000
Now: Rocky says, (10/03), "I am morning-show producer (with John Cline, JR Randall and Kate Harris) at Hot AC WZPT-FM; and I own Rocky Marks Media (multi-media marketing company), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Keith Marlow
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KBEZ [Tulsa OK] 2002-2007
Now: Keith says (7/07), "I am with Cox Radio, Tulsa, as APD for Hot AC KRAV-FM (Mix 96)."

David Marsden
CHOM [Montreal Québec] 1968
CHUM-FM [Toronto] 1971
CFNY [Toronto] 1977-1988
CKST [Vancouver BC] 1990-1995
CKGE [Toronto] 2003

Now: David says, (1/05), "I'm heard Thursday and Friday nights 7-Midnight (EDT) on 94.9 FM (CKGE) in the Toronto area or streaming live at therock.fm around the world on the Internet. And yes, I have complete freedom to do as I wish with NO format boundries."
Click for more from David.

L.A. Marsh
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KWJJ [Portland OR] 1983-1986
Now: L.A. (Lowell LaMarsh) says (7/03), " I retired in 2001; living in Tumwater, Washington (it's the water) and in Thailand. My wife and I grow dahlias and run our import business, Talay International."

Sy Marsh
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WEST/WLEV [Allentown PA] 1984-1989
Now: Sy says (3/03), "I am retired from radio ... working full-time as an IT staffer at a brokerage firm."

Gary Marshall
AFRTS [Okinawa] 1959
KPAL [Palm Springs CA] 1961
KCIN [Victorville CA] 1962
KREO [Indio CA] 1963
KISS [San Francisco CA] 1963
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1964
KAVR [Victorville CA] 1965
KOWN [San Diego CA] 1965
KASK [Ontario CA] 1966
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1966
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1968
- Jerry Mann
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1969
KEZY [LA] 1971
KWIZ [LA] 1975
KUTE [LA] 1984
KRLA [LA] 1985
KRTH [LA] 1992

Now: Commercial Production Director and part-time air personality at Oldies KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, California.

John Marshall
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WFIN [Findlay OH] 2000-2008
Now: John says (1/08), "I am living in Findlay, Ohio where I run a voice imaging business, Cannonsburg Communications LLC; I lived through the tower collapse of 2007, and got back on air within hours through the genius of engineer Dennis Rund; denny strung a long-wire antenna to a tree near the transmitter shack - we used this for six weeks until the new tower was completed..."

Lee Marshall
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1967
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1968
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1970
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1972
CKLW [Detroit MI/Windsor ON] 1973
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1974
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1975
KCBQ [San Diego] 1976
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1977
KABC [Los Angeles CA] 1980
KDAY [Los Angeles] 1990
KBLA [Los Angeles] 1993-1994

Lee Marshall died Apr 26, 2014 (esophageal cancer; age 64). Lee was active in Los Angeles as a voice-actor in commercials, TV and motion pictures; was a World Championship Wrestling announcer; and the voice of the iconic Tony the Tiger from 1999-2014. See Lee Marshall dies at 64; voice of Tony the Tiger (Los Angeles Times).

Mike Marshall
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KBME [Houston TX] 2003-2004
Now: Mike says (8/07), "I sell audio video home entertainment systems in Houston, Texas."

Perry Marshall
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1958
WIND [Chicago] 1961
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1968
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1972
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1973-1988

Perry Marshall died Nov 5, 2011 (86 years old; complications from lung disease and pneumonia). See Perry Marshall / Celebrated radio host was both talker and listener (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette); and In Memory: Perry Marshall (Pittsburgh Radio & TV Online)

Joe Martelle
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WEAT [West Palm Beach FL] 2000-2004
Now: Joe says (4/07), "I'm semi-retired because of a voice disability, but my 'How To' book, on becomming a success radio personality, Radio Pro is coming soon; I'm living wiht my lovely wife, Kim, and an assortment of animal friends, both domestic and wild, in the mountains of western Colorado."

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