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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (L-1)

John Leader
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1965
WLAV [Grand Rapids] 1968
WQXI [Atlanta] 1971
KHJ [LA] 1975
Radio & Records [LA] 1977
- Top 40 Editor
Radio & Records [LA] 198? - Executive Editor
Now: Since 1984 John has been doing commercial voiceover work fulltime in Los Angeles.

Mitch Lebe
WINS [New York NY] 1958 - The Teenage Disk Jockey
WBIC [Islip NY] 1960-1964
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1968
WRFM [New York] 1969-1975
WPIX [New York] 1970-1973
WYNY [New York NY] 1975-1990
WNBC [New York] 1975-1988
WCBS [New York] 1990-2000
WLTW [New York] 1995-1995
WBBR [New York NY] 2000

Now: Afternoons at Business WBBR (Bloomberg 11-3-0), New York, NY. Mitch says, "I began my career as the 'Teenage Disc Jockey' at the old, Top-40 WINS, New York, working with the likes of Jack Lacy, Murray Kaufman, Bruce Morrow, Al 'Jazzbeau' Collins, Stan Z. Burns, Brad Phillips and Paul Sherman. Those were some very special days in radio. And all have been great since that time as well. I have been on the air in New York radio since 1958, and I still love each and every minute of it."

Matt Ledin
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WBZ [Boston MA] 2002
Now: Matt says (1/06, "I returned to radio after working at FOX in Portland. I produce and write midday newscasts for News/Talk WBZ; when I began, I was editing a.m. drive, but being here at 2a.m. each morning took it's toll! Hoping to get back to TV or find a new challenge."

Aubrey Lee
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WVMV [Detroit, MI] 1997
Now: Aubrey says, "I am in my fifth year doing weekends and fill at WVMV-FM (Smooth Jazz V98.7), Farmington Hills, MI. I also work as a financial advisor at a major Wall Street firm in metropolitan Detroit."

Chuck Leavens
Now: Doing voiceovers "for select clients" out of his studios in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Aaron Lee
KLYD [Bakersfield CA] 1986
KQXR [Bakersfield] 1987
KKBB [Bakersfield] 1988
KRZR [Fresno CA] 1991
KKDJ [Fresno] 1995
KUFO [Portland OR] 1996
KRAB [Bakersfield CA] 1998-2001

Now: Production Director at XM Satellite Radio, Washington, DC.

'Broadway' Bill Lee
WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1978 - Bill Leaky
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1980
WCCO [Minneapolis MN] 1983
KPKE [Denver CO] 1985
WQHT [New York NY] 1987
KMEL [San Francisco] 1991
WKTU [New York] 1996
WCBS-FM [New York] 2008

Now: PM Drive at Classic Hits WCBS-FM, New York, New York.

Bob Lee
KTKT [Tucson AZ] 1969 - Robert E. Lee
KHOS [Tucson] 1969 - Bobby Lee
KCUB [Tucson] 1972 - Bobby Lee
KAIR [Tucson] 1973
KMGX [Tucson] 1977-1980
KRQQ [Tucson] 1977-1983
KNST [Tucson] 1980-1986
WSBA [York PA] 1986
KNST [Tucson] 1993
KCEE [Tucson] 1996
KMSB-TV/KTTU-TV [Tucson] 1997

Now: Bob says (11/03), "I retired from radio in 1996. I host public affairs programs on the Tucson Fox and UPN affiliates, both owned by Belo Corp. Radio was fun for many years. The mergers and corporate mentality that followed made it not fun. Over the years I had the pleasure of working with a lotta neat people, many of whom are still active in radio today. Rock on!"

Bob Lee (Robert Dolnick)
WOMT [Manitowoc WI] 1946
KVER [Albuquerque NM] 1947
KCOK [Tulare CA] 1948
KVVG-TV [Tulare] 1955
- News Dir
KARM [Fresno CA] 1957
KMAK [Fresno] 1964
KYNO [Fresno] 1966
KHJ [LA] 1969-1979

Robert Dolnick died in June 1995. He was 81 years old. Our last note from Bob (3/03) said, "...After leaving KHJ, I retired to Joshua Tree CA, where I bought Joshua tree Auto Supply and my family and I ran it for ten years before selling it..."

Brent Lee
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WBWN [Bloomington IL] 2001
Now: Brent says (3/07), "I'm doing mornings (w/Kevin Bessler) at Country WBWN-FM (B104), Bloomington, Illinois." His philosopy: "First, it's about entertaining people. Second, it's about having fun while you do that. There is no third. All the rest happens if you just do those two things."

Brian Lee
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WJBX [Fort Myers Beach FL] 1994-1994
Now: Brian says (3/08), "I'm a freelance voice talent heard daily on NBC, CBS, FOX, Sci-Fi, HGTV, Weather Channel, CNBC, and more; I voice movie trailers, DVD campaigns, and TV and radio stations; in 1992, I founded Advantage Productions, Fort Myers, Florida; founded Sky Audio in 1997."

Brian Lee
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1980
KUBB [Merced CA] 1980
KLOQ [Merced] 1980
KPEN [San Jose] 1980
KSTN [Stockton CA] 1983
KWUN [San Francisco CA] 1984
KITS [San Francisco] 1985
KIOI [San Francisco] 1986
KKIS/KKIS-FM [San Francisco] 1989
KXXX [San Francisco] 1989
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1991
KABL [San Francisco] 1993
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1994
KWNZ [Reno NV] 1994
KNEV [Reno] 1995
KRNO [Reno] 1996
KIXD [Tucson AZ] 1998
KGMG [Tucson] 1998
KORT/KORT-FM [Grangeville ID] 2000
KZOQ [Missoula MT] 2005

Now: Brian says (12/16), "I'm co-hosting The Brian & Chris Show, simulcast on Classic Rock KZOQ-FM Missoula, KZMT Helena, KMBR Butte and KLFM Great Falls, Montana." See also Facebook.com/thebrianandchrisshow.

Bruce Lee
WABB [Mobile AL] 1975-1986
WABB-FM [Mobile] 1978-1985

Now: Bruce says (12/06), " In the late 1980s, I pursued computer software, and was one of the team members who created Microsoft PowerPoint; I'm still doing software full-time while recording production sound for independent films in my spare time in the Seattle, Washington area; I'm also writing and producing my own films; at WABB, I worked with the best: Jerry King, Leslie Framm, 'Wildman' Bill Hooper, Dennis Wayne Stacey, Chris Allen, and many others; from night-out on the town excursions, to the Magic Bus to the Stones concert in the Superdome in 1981 ... a night that will live in infamy."

Christopher Lee (Cunningham)
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KZZP-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1995-2002
Now: Christopher says (7/04), "I'm a self-employed professional photographer, trying very hard not to listen to Phoenix radio. Why? Because jocks on the air are doing all the stuff PDs always told you not to do..."

Gayle Lee
WSRA [Pensacola FL] 1968 - Lee Reynolds
WAAY [Huntsville AL] 1968 - Lee Reynolds
WAHR [Huntsville] 1969-1982
Now: Gayle says (5/03), "I am retired from broadcasting; now a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal service; and run sound light systems for larger churches." Click for more from Gayle.

Jay Lee
KPFT [Houston TX] 1985
Now: Jay says (11/04), "I am still with Variety KPFT-FM, Houston, Texas. My first show with KPFT was Late Night Vinyl Excursions. After that I did Wake Up and Smell the Coffee for seven years. When that show ended I did a late-night show called Radiodrome for several years, which mutated into the show I have now done for nine years, Technology Bytes."

Jerry Lee
KBEC [Dallas TX] 1955
KTRN [Wichita Falls TX] 1956
KOKE [Austin TX] 1958
KICN [Denver CO] 1959
KXOL [Ft. Worth TX] 1960
KQEO [Albuquerque NM] 1961
KOB [Albuquerque] 1963
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1964
KGIL [Los Angeles CA] 1965
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1967
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1968
KPRC [Houston TX] 1970-1972

Now: Jerry says (12/01), "Since 1994, I have been a magazine editor and editorial director with the Petersen/Primedia Outdoor Group, Los Angeles, California."

Joan Lee
WJJY [Brainerd MN] 1987
KGMK [Glenwood MN] 1991
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 1993-1999

Now: Joan says (2/03), "I am an on-air personality at KWBA-TV, Tucson, Arizona. I was told when I went to radio school that I was born with a radio name. So I kept it. I was also told that most radio DJs last less than five years on air. I was determined to beat the odds."

John Lee
KENI [Anchorage AK] 1974
KFQD [Anchorage] 1976
KJZZ [Anchorage] 1977
KAOI [Wailuku (Maui) HI] 1978
WCGY [Boston MA] 1980
WOCB [Cape Cod MA] 1982
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1983
WXLY [Charleston] 1984
WIXR [Charleston] 1986
- owner, am drive
Sun Radio Network [Tampa FL] 1988-1990 - news anchor
WNBP [Newburyport MA] 2009
Now: John says (1/10), "I'm doing some part-time radio work for WNBP, Newburyport, MA. My primary vocation, however, is working as an occupational hearing conservationist (hearing testing) for Gordon Hearing in Massachusetts."

Johnny Lee
KRZN [Denver CO] 1982-1987
KWBZ [Denver] 1980-1982
KVMT [Vail CO] 1988
- Andrew Lee
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1988-1989
KOCN [Monterey CA] 1989-1990
- Johnathan Lee
Now: Johnny (Howard Lee) says (1/15), "I am residing in Southern California (Orange County) and doing voice work in studio to include radio commercial, TV production and acting as looping voice talent within the motion picture industry. I grew up going into radio stations on the weekends with my father, Robert E. Lee; played in the production studios and instantly loved the biz. My big break came when I was interviewing at KWBZ. As I sat in the lobby waiting, there was a problem in their production studio and I was asked to see if I could help. Understanding commercial production, one simple flick of a switch, the problem was remedied and I was immediately hired. Crazy right? Once on the air, I thought to myself WOW, I actually get paid to do this? Simply Incredible. It all started at KWBZ "The Nifty 1150" producing talk radio and getting some air time where I was known as "Johnny the Whip Lee" & "The Beach Boy of BZ" prior to the format change over from talk to oldies when the call letters became KRZN (Cruisin). The rest as they say is history."

Kenny Lee
WEEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1967 - Ken Long
WJPA [Washington PA] 1970
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1971
- Ken Spector
WMJX [Miami FL] 1975
WAXY [Miami] 1978

Now: Product Manager at Radio Computing Services, White Plains, New York. RCS is home of the Selector music scheduling system and Master Control digital audio system for radio.

Mike Lee
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WALV [Chattanooga TN] 1994
Now: Mornings (w/Ed Ramsey) at Hot AC WALV-FM, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mike says, "I have settled in Cleveland, TN, near the Smokie Mountains. I enjoy a wonderful life doing mornings with Ed Ramsey on a CHR Mainstream station and doing the imaging for our cluster of stations. Life couldn't be better."

Robert E. Lee
KTKT [Tucson] 1961
KISN [Portland OR] 1962
KIIS [LA] 1973

Now: ???

Robin Lee
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KWEN [Tulsa OK] 1990-1996
Now: Robin Lee (Burress) says (9/09), "While at Z104.5 (KWEN), I attended law school at the University of Tulsa and have been in private practice since graduating in 1998."

Sam Lee
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KISN [Portland OR] 1974-1976
Now: Sam says (3/08), "I am retired in Seattle, Washington; after leaving the air I got into radio and TV sales in Sacramento and Seattle, owned and operated a major advertising agency in the Seattle area for 15 years, and worked for Western Cities Radio, Golden West and Belo."

Steve Leeson
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KGHO [Olympia WA] 1997-2002 - GM/Cruiser
Now: Steve says (1/05), "I am retired from radio and living in Chicago, IL. I departed KGHO (920 AM Stereo), Olympia, WA in 2002 (station was sold; KGHO calls were saved and moved back to Hoquiam for KGHO-LP)."

Lisa Lehmann aka Lisa Graff aka Lisa Moore
WISQ [La Crosse WI] 1983
WCOW [La Crosse] 1985
WHIT [Madison] 1986
WWQM [Madison WI] 1987
WIBU [Madison] 1988
WIBA [Madison] 1991
WMAD [Madison] 1993
WMLI [Madison] 1995-1996
WORT [Madison] 2002-2003
- volunteer
Now: Lisa says (2/12), "After I left the Clear Channel Group (WIBA, WMAD, Z104, WMLI) I worked for seven years at a large TV media center where I did marketing and research for the advertising dept; in 2005, I started a career as a photographer when I moved back home to Sheboygan County."

Debra Leigh
WSIG [Harrisonburg VA] 1980
WINC-FM [Winchester VA] 1982
WAZR [Woodstock VA] 1989
WKCY [Harrisonburg] 1991
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1993
WASH [Washington DC] 1997
WWZZ [Washington DC] 2003-2004

Now: Debra says (2/10), "I'm still a voice actor, but now also a screen actor, and am living and working in Burbank, California."

Eric Leikam
KSRR [Houston] 1983
KKHT [Houston] 1986
KRBE [Houston] 1988
KZFX [Houston] 1990
KLBJ-FM [Austin] 1995
KUTZ [Austin] 1996
WRNO [New Orleans LA] 1997
KLBJ-FM [Austin] 1998
KKMJ [Austin] 2000
KGSR [Austin] 2004
KLBJ [Austin] 2014

Now: Eric says (2/15), "I am a reporter with News/Talk KLBJ, Austin, Texas."

Paul Lemieux
WAAF [Worcester] 1975
WZLX [Boston] 1985

Now: Music director at WZLX, Boston.

Mike Lennen aka Mike Shane
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KCRO [Omaha NE] 1998
Now: Mike says (Aug 2002), "I am Ops Director at Religious KCRO, Omaha, Nebraska's oldest radio station. Still living in my adopted home town of Omaha. Still on the radio after 31 years. Guess I'll keep on doing it til I get it right. Apologies to Jeff Warner."

Tim Lennox
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WERC [Birmingham AL] 1976-1989, 1990-1993
Now: Tim says (5/07), "Since 1997, I have been host of For The Record on Alabama Public Television, a network of nine station covering all of Alabama and parts of the nearby states."

Steve Lenox
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KKBR [Billings MT] 2000-2002 - Jonathon Stevens
Now: Steve says (10/02), "I am the happy single father of a 6 y/o daughter living in Billings, Montana keeping my 'options open' for future radio gigs."

Bob Leonard
WMGK [Philadelphia PA] 1974
WYSP [Philadelphia] 1975
WLS-FM [Chicago IL] 1979
ABC Radio net [Dallas TX] 1981-2005
- morning host
Now: Bob says (11/12), "After a stint at MN1.COM, I reinvented and became a news anchor spending 3 years [2006-2009] doing afternoons at WBAP in Dallas and almost 2 years doing news for stations in 4 Florida markets from the Metro hub in Miami. In 2010, I retired from radio for good after a remarkable 47 years; I'm living near Ft. Laudedale, Florida, fishing, playing golf and enjoying a wonderful life, made possible by a truly amazing ride during the best years of music radio."

Chris Leonard
KHFX [Honolulu HI] 1989
KHVH/KHHH [Honolulu] 1991
- GM
Now: Chris says (3/03), "I am GM at New West Broadcasting Corp. (KWXX-FM, KPUA-AM, KNWB-FM), Hilo, Hawaii."

Chuck Leonard
WABC [New York NY] 1965
WWRL [New York] 1965
WABC [New York] 1965
WXLO/WRKS [New York] 1979
WBLS [New York] 198?
WJUX [Dumont NJ] 199?
WQEW [New York] 1996

Chuck Leonard died August 12, 2004 (lung cancer) in New York City, New York.

John Leonard
JFL Concerts [] 1968 - Owner
KQMQ/KKUA [Honolulu] 1983 - sales/promotion
McHale Video [Honolulu] 1985 - Marketing Dir
KITV [Honolulu] 1986 - Sales Mgr
KHFX [Honolulu] 1988
KHVH/KHHH [Honolulu] 1991
- VP/station mgr
KPUA/KWXX [Hilo HI] 1992 - President/GM
KFSH [Hilo HI] 1995 - President/GM
KNWB [Hilo HI] 1995 - President/GM
Died December 2, 1996 (heart attack) in Hilo, Hawaii.

Matt Leonard
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WAAF [Worcester MA] 2004
Now: Matt says (9/10), "I'm doing weekends at Rock WAAF-FM,Boston, Massachusetts; also the host and producer of floydpodcast.com, a Pink Floyd radio show."

Roy Leonard
WKOX [Boston MA] 1950
WHDH [Boston] 1956
WNAC [Boston] 1958
WGN [Chicago IL] 1967

Roy Leonard retired December 26, 1998 after 31 years with WGN, Chicago, IL; he died Sep 4, 2014 in Evanston, IL (age 83). See ROY LEONARD, CHICAGO RADIO LEGEND, DIES AT 83 (WGN-TV).

Dick Leone
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WLRN [Miami FL] 1987-2004
Now: Dick says (8/04), "I am producer of Entertainment Spotlight (movie reviews and celebrity inteviews) on Miami Dade Cable TAP Channel 29 and producer of Entertainment Spotlight."

Phil Lerza
KFRC [San Francisco] 1969
KFRC [San Francisco] 1977
- Chief Engineer
KFRC [San Francisco] 1989 - GM
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1991-2012 - Chief Engineer
KYCY [San Francisco] 1993-2012 - Chief Engineer
Phil Lerza died Apr 16, 2012 (67, killed when he was hit by a train in San Mateo, CA). See Bay Area’s Phil Lerza Remembered (rwonline.com); San Francisco Radio Legend – Dead at 67 (claycord.com); Victim of Monday Train Accident is Identified (millbrae.patch.com).

John Leslie
WFBL [Syracuse NY] 1975
KSO [Des Moines IA] 1976
KCKN [Kansas City KS] 1978
WGY [Schenectady NY] 1979
WNBF [Binghamton NY] 1981
World Radio Inc. [Vestal NY] 1994
- President
Now: President of World Radio Inc., (developing radio/TV ad campaigns) for companies in non-US countries. John says, "We have also recently (Nov 1999) announced development of the On Road Network, which provides audio and video entertainment on motorcoaches."

Matt Leslie aka Brodie
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KCHZ [Kansas City MO] 2008
Now: Matt (Brodie) says (12/09), "I'm Assistant PD and doing middays at Top-40 KCHZ-FM, Kansas City, Missouri."

Phil Leslie aka Erik Lane
WKBI [St. Marys PA] 1986-2003
WCHX [State College PA] 2005
WKVA [State College] 2008
WVNW [Burnham, PA] 2015

Now: Phil/Erik says (12/16), "I am Insane Eric Lane mornings on Country WVNW-FM, Burnham, Pennsylvania. And I've been a volunteer for RevFM Radio Network (Flagship station: WRXV-FM, State College, PA) since 2004."

Bob Lester
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KBFX [djbob@gci.net] 2000
Now: Mornings at Rock KBFX-FM, Anchorage and Alternative KKED-FM, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Chris Lester
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WRDU [Raleigh NC] 2001
Now: Lester (as he is known weekends on Classic Rock WRDU-FM, Raleigh, North Carolina) says (1/03), "I am out of the full-time business of radio; working as a systems administrator for the largest privately held software company in the world."

David Letterman
WERK [Muncie IN] 197?
Late Night with David Letterman NBC-TV [New York] 1982
Late Show with David Letterman CBS-TV [New York] 1993

Now: Hosting Late Show with David Letterman on CBS-TV, New York.

Scott Leventhal
WWSW/WPEZ [Pittsburgh] 1974
J. Walter Thompson [New York] 198?

Now: With J. Walter Thompson Co., New York.

Ken Levine
KMPC [LA] 1969
KERN [Bakersfield CA] 1971
- Truck-Ken Stevens
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1973 - Truck-Ken Stevens
WDRQ [Detroit] 1974 - Beaver Cleaver
KYA [San Francisco] 1974 - Beaver Cleaver
KIQQ [LA] 1974 - Beaver Cleaver
KSEA [San Diego] 1974 - Beaver Cleaver
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1975 - Beaver Cleaver
KTNQ/KHTZ [LA] 1977 - Beaver Cleaver
KABC [LA] 1980
KMPC [LA] 1981
KFI [LA] 1982
WBAL [Baltimore] 1991
- Baltimore Orioles pbp
KIRO [Seattle] 1992 - Seattle Mariners pbp
KFMB [San Diego] 1995 - San Diego Padres pbp
Emmy Award-winning TV writer [LA] 1978 - current
Now: Ken's TV writing and/or producing credits include: MASH, Cheers, the Jeffersons, the Simpsons, Wings, Frasier. He is co-creater, executive producer, writer, and director of Almost Perfect. He has won one Emmy and two Writers' Guild Awards.
bossjock@roadrunner.com By Ken Levine

Jerry Lewine
WEEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1967-1968
KGMB [Honolulu HI] 1972 - CE
various [Montery/Salinas CA] 1973 - CE
KBBY/KHAY/KVEN [Ventura CA] 1993 - CE
KLYY [Los Angeles CA] 1997 - CE
KHJ [LA] 1999-200? - CE
Now: Jerry says (3/04), "Following an injury, I semi-retired from broadcasting and run Agoura PC (computer networking and repair); and do contract broadcast engineering. When I first got to KHJ it was KKHJ, the KHJ callsign having been given up in the 1980s. Being both a radio historian and a former listener to Boss Radio, I, with the owner's blessing, attempted the impossible: To have the FCC reissue the KHJ callsign. Using the argument that saying KKHJ is offensive if said in Spanish (since KK in Spanish is pronounced "caca"), the FCC agreed and effective March 15, 2000, for the first time in nearly 40 years, issued a three-letter callsign, KHJ."

Mike Levine
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1958
WINS [New York NY] 1968
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1970
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1975
WKAT [Miami] 1976
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1985

Mike retired from broadcasting in 1989. He passed away in August, 1998.

Jeff Levy
KFI [LA] 1995
Doing KFI on Computers show (Sundays). Jeff also records interviews for in-flight airline play.

Bob 'Bob-A-Loo' Lewis
WNHC [New Haven CT] 195?
WMGM [New York NY] 196?
WINS [New York] 196?
WABC [New York] 1962
WABC-FM [New York] 1967
WCBS-FM [New York] 1970
WNEW-FM [New York] 1971-1972

Bob Lewis died Jan 23, 1987 (age 49). Hear a tribute to Bob from WNEW-FM's Dennis Elsas (available at musicradio77.com/interviews.html).

Bob Lewis (Robert Leftwich)
WHYE [Roanoke VA] 1963
WLRJ [Roanoke] 1965
WRIS [Roanoke] 1968-1970
WJLM [Roanoke] 1968-1970
WVWR [Roanoke] 1974
WPVR [Roanoke] 1975-1976

Now: Bob says (11/02), "After radio, I spent many years as a computer consultant for the Norfolk & Western Railway. I am now restoring a 1960s IGM broadcast automation system, along with a Gates Stereo Statesman console and a Raytheon 1 Kw AM transmitter. Who knows, the Bob Lewis show may soon be smiting the ether once again."

Charlene Lewis
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KBEZ [Tulsa OK] 2003
Now: Charlene says (1/04), "I'm midday host at Adult Contemporary KBEZ-FM, Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was hard to get used to having to answer to someone again and to playing music on CD and carted commercials (didn't know anybody still played ANYTHING on cart). Now I'm loving it and really having a great time."

Curt Lewis
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KAGG [Bryan TX] 1989-1990
Now: Curt says (11/03), "I'm spending my time between the oil and gas business and providing assistance in developing programming and underwiting for a non-commercial, low power FM in Livingston, Texas."

Leon Lewis
WMCA [New York] 1972
mfeingold@nyc.rr.com reports Leon Lewis died Oct 27, 1996 in New York City.

Rick Lewis
KAFY [Bakerfield CA] 1973 - Pete Kelly
KAFY [Bakerfield CA] 1982 - Radio Rick
Now: At Skyview/Metro Traffic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trevor Ley
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KLUV [Dallas TX] 1999-2001
Now: Trevor says (1/04), "Out of radio in 2001 and did marketing for Dish Network; transferred back to Pittsburgh (hoamtahn). Freelancing (read "on the beach")."

Tom Leykis
W??? [New York NY] 1979
WQBK [Albany NY] 1981-1982
W??? [Miami FL] 198?
KFYI [Phoenix AZ] 198?
K??? [Los Angeles CA] 19??
WRKO [Boston] 1993
KLSX [Los Angeles CA] 1999

Now: 3-8 p.m. at Talk KLSX, Los Angeles (and nationally syndicated on some 200 stations). Don in Boston comments, "Tom Leykus was at WRKO in 1993 ... He did a show while there on the topic of how the 'right' was taking over Talk radio; he attributed it to station owners seeking to cut payrolls by buying subscription services and syndicated programming (like Rush Limbaugh) and to a trend toward political litmus tests for on-air talent for the purposes of catching some of the Rush audience. He also said that he knew talk-show hosts who were changing their names and their approach to issues from 'liberal' to 'conservative' to get or keep their jobs. Interesting how prophetic his words were."
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