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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (L)

Jim LaBarbara
WMGW [Meadville PA] 1959
WTIV [Titusville PA] 1962
WCED [Du Bois PA] 1963
WWGO [Erie PA] 1963
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1966
WIXY [Cleveland] 1966
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 1969
KTLK [Denver CO] 1972
WLW [Cincinnati] 1972
WCKY [Cincinnati] 1983
WSAI [Cincinnati] 1990
WGRR [Cincinnati] 1993

Now: The Music Professor is doing Afternoon Drive at Oldies WGRR-FM, Cincinnati,Ohio. Click for more on Jim.

Steve LaBeau
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WQAL [Cleveland OH] 1991-1992
Now: Steve says (11/03), "I am with Associated Press Radio covering regional radio sales -- in Phoenix, Arizona."

Dave Labby
KIEV [LA] 1945
KRKD [LA] 1947
KHJ [LA] 1947-1977

Dave Labby died Mar 10, 2002 (age 86) in Glendale CA. Click for more on Dave.

Art Laboe
KSAN [San Francisco] 1943
KXLA [LA] 1955
KPOP [LA] 1955
Original Sound oldies series [LA] 1957
- creator
KFWB [LA] 1959
KDAY [LA] 1960
KPPC [LA] 196?
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1970
- taped
KRTH [LA] 1970
KRLA [LA] 1975
- Senior VP
KFI [LA] 1983
KRLA [LA] 1985
KKPW [Fresno] 1999
- owner
Now: sdresser@kmph.com reports, "Art bought KKPW 94.3 (Power 94.3) Kerman/Fresno, CA and now does the Noon to 3 PM shift. He is also President of Original Sound Records and hosts the syndicated The Art Laboe Sunday Night Special.

Tom Lacko
KORD [Richland WA] 1976
KALE [Richland] 1977
KDKA [Pittsburgh PA] 1979
WESA [Pittsburgh] 1980
WARX [Hagerstown MD] 1984-1985

Now: Tom says (4/18), "I am a computer Specialist for the U.S. Government in Gaithersburg, MD."

Ed LaComb
WSLB [Ogdensburg NY] 1979
WHEN [Syracuse NY] 1983
WYBG [Massena NY] 1985-1986
WTNY [Watertown NY] 1985-1988
WNFI [Daytona Beach FL] 1987-1988
WKFM [Syracuse] 1988
WFKS [Daytona Beach] 1993
WTKS [Orlando FL] 1993
WYYY [Syracuse] 1994
WWHT [Syracuse] 1996-1998
- E-man
Now: Ed says (5/06), "I am president of Digital Sound & Video, Inc., a Daytona Beach, Forida-based audio and video production company."

Bob Ladd
WLEC [Sandusky OH] 1965
WTTF [Toledo OH] 1967
WAWR [Toledo] 1969
WOHO [Toledo] 1970
WTTO [Toledo] 1971
WLRO [Cleveland OH] 1971
WNRR [Sandusky] 1973
WCNZ [Naples FL] 2001
WINK/WNOG [Ft. Myers FL] 2003
- Captain Bob Ladd
WBGY [Naples] 2004 - owner
WCNZ/WVOI/ WMYR[Naples/Ft. Myers] 2005 - mgr
Now: Bob says (6/08), "I am manager of a pod of stations (WCNZ, WVOI and WMYR) in the Naples/Fort Myers, Florida market."

Jim Ladd
KNAC [LA] 1967
KLOS [LA] 1969
KMET [LA] 1974
Live From The Record Plant [LA] 1984
- syndicated: host
KLOS [LA] 1985
KMET [LA] 1986
KLSX [LA] 1991
KLOS [LA] 1997

Now: Evenings at Rock KLOS-FM, Los Angeles.

Pete Ladd
KMYC [Yuba City CA] 1960
KUBA [Yuba City] 1962
WPON [Pontiac MI] 1964
KVON [Napa CA] 1968-1970
KYNO-FM [Fresno CA] 1972
KFRE [Fresno] 1974
KRFM [Phoenix AZ] 1977-1980
KKNU [Fresno] 1982
KJOI [Los Angeles CA] 1986-1990
KMJ [Fresno] 1995
WLZZ [Montpelier OH] 1997

Now: Pete says, "I'm News Director for Country WLZZ-FM, Montpelier, Ohio (located in the extreme northwest corner of the state). There are some obvious gaps in my chronology, but how many 'gap-less' radio people do you know?"

Robert LaFore
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WZGC [Atlanta, GA] 2004
Now: Robert says (9/04), "I am Market Chief Engineer for WZGC-FM, Atlanta, Georgia."

Chris LaGrow
WAAG [Galesburg IL] 1988
WGIL [Galesburg] 1988
WLSR [Galesburg] 1997

Now: Chris says (7/05), "I've been with Galesburg Broadcasting since 1988, working my way from part-time in 1988 to afternoons on the 50,000-watt WAAG doing everything from Overnights then Nights then lastly afternoons. In 1997 our company bought the old WGBQ in Galesburg and 'blew it up' to bring Rock and Roll in the form of WLSR-FM (The Laser) to the area. I started as the afternoon drive talent and since 2000, I've been pulling morning duty."

Terry Lahn
KVOD [Denver CO] 1956
KUDY [Denver] 1957
KTLN [Denver] 1958
KMYR [Denver] 1958
KOWB [Laramie WY] 1958
KENN [Farmington NM] 1959
KIMN [Denver] 1960
- Terry-O on the Radio
KHOW [Denver] 1963-1964
KEZN [Palm Springs CA] 2005

Now: Terry says (6/17), "I'm living in Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs), California. In 1964 I moved to Los Angeles and left the radio business to pursue other endeavors; I retired in 2005 after 15 years with Prudential Overall Supply, an industrial laundry company, as VP of Cleanroom Operations where we did highly specialized laundry for companies concerned with micro-contamination control such as semi-conductor manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, etc. Upon my retirement in 2005, I went “back to my roots” and worked part time for KEZN-FM in Palm Desert, CA until 2015. I’m still involved as a partner in RF Coordination, working a couple of TV shows each year; specifically the Dick Clark Productions (American Music Awards and The Golden Globe Awards.) Other than that, I’m enjoying my retirement in the sunny desert of Southern California."

Dave Laing
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WNDB [Daytona Beach FL] 1978
Now: PD and mornings at Talk WNDB, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Dave Laird
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1964
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1970
WCOP [Boston MA] 1972
WNDR [Syracuse] 1974
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1977
WFBL [Syracuse] 1979
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1981
WNDR [Syracuse] 1982
WNTQ [Syracuse] 1984-1989
WEZG/WNSS [Syracuse] 1992-1992
WYYY [Syracuse] 1997-2008

Now: Dave says (2/09), "I am residing in Smithville, TN and doing voice-over work from my home studio."

Greg Lake
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WELE [Daytona Beach FL] 1999
Now: Greg says (11/07), "I moved to Daytona Beach in 1995 and opened an advertising agency until 1999, when I was offered the PD position at WELE with a chance to host my own morning talk show ... and I have been here ever since."

Jim LaMarca
KKOS [Oceanside CA] 1978
XTRA-FM [San Diego CA/Tijuana Mexico] 1980
XTRA [San Diego/Tijuana] 1984
KGW [Portland OR] 1988
KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1988-1991

Now: Jim says (12/08), "After 15 years at Jones Radio (including COO) and 2 years running GreenStone Media, I opened my own consultancy, LaMarcaStrategies.com, helping radio and new media businesses grow their audience and develop revenue."
XTRA & 91X stories ... jim@lamarcastrategies.com

Bill Lamb
WKMF [Flint MI] 1960 - Factory Whistle host
Bill Lamb died April 14, 2015 (Flint, MI, age 90); see Legendary Flint Radio Host, Record Store Owner Bill Lamb Dies and Voice of 'Factory Whistle' show for decades in Flint remembered as radio pioneer.

Dick Lamb
WGH [Norfolk VA] 196?
WWDE [Norfolk] 1978
- owner
WVBW [Norfolk] 2005
Now: Hosting The Morning Wave on Classic Hits WVBW-FM, Suffolk, VA.

Jeff Lamb
WWCK [Flint MI] 1981 - Buffalo Dick
Buffalo Dick's Radio Ranch 1981 - Billboard Best Local Show
Buffalo Dick's Radio Ranch 1982 - syndicated: Westwood One
WIOT [Toledo OH] 1983
WXKR [Toledo] 1993
WIOT [Toledo] 1995
WMXP/WMBD-TV [Peoria IL] 1996
WXKR [Toledo] 1998
WPFX [Toledo] 2015

Now: Mornings on Country WPFX-FM, Toledo, Ohio.

Mark Lamb
WJAZ [Stamford CT] 1982
WRKI [Danbury CT] 1986-1996
KBDB/KFKB [Forks WA] 2012
Now: Mark says (4/16), "We're about to upgrade KBDB to a C3. I'm seeking experienced sales management that wants to build a great business in a low-cost rural market."

Alan Lambert
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KRSC [Tulsa OK] 1993
Now: Alan says (1/03), "I manage KRSC-FM (CMJ New Pop/Alternative) for Rogers State University, Claremore Oklahoma. We are an on-air public radio station and stream on rsu.edu. I've been a blues/rock singer around the area since I was a kid."

Mark Lambert
KZEW [Dallas TX] 1982
KERA [Dallas] 1982-1989
KQZY [Dallas] 1987-1989
- Mark Taylor
KMGC [Dallas] 1989
KDMX [Dallas] 1991
- Mark Taylor
AP net [Dallas] 1991 - anchor, reporter, producer
AP net [Washington DC] 1994 - anchor, editor, producer, writer
KEWS [Dallas] 1996
KRLD [Dallas] 1996
Shadow Bcasting [Dallas] 1997
- news dir, anchor
KNTU [Dallas] 2000
Now: Mark says, "I'm the first-ever, full-time PD at Jazz KNTU-FM, Denton, Texas; the station, owned by North Texas State University, signed on in 1969, but has had only student PDs until I joined the station in February, 2000. Unlike most college radio stations, KNTU is a semi-professional operation as we try to get students noticed since we are in Dallas-Ft. Worth, the 5th largest market in the U.S. I've also begun teaching in the RTVF Department at the University of North Texas. I still keep my hand in news, anchoring weekend newscasts on WBAP."

John Records Landecker
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1969
WLS [Chicago IL] 1972
CFTR [Toronto ON] 1981-1981
WLS [Chicago IL] 1986
WJMK [Chicago] 1998
WGN [Chicago] 2003
WZZN [Chicago] 2006
WLS-FM [Chicago] 2012

Now: Evenings at WLS-FM Chicago, Illinois; Records really is his middle name -- his mother's maiden name was Records.

Mark Landis
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KJXK [San Antonio TX] 2006
Now: Mark says (1/07), "I program Adult Hits KJXK-FM (JACK FM), San Antonio, Texas; and do a ton of voice work, both national and local for the ABC-TV affilliate."

Laura Townsend Landmann
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WIBV [Belleville IL] 1991-1993
Now: Laura says, "After 10 years on air, I spent another seven in radio on the sales side. I am now married with two rowdy sons and living in St. Louis. I currently share a job and am a TV Account Executive for the local CBS affiliate. My favorite memories were making friends at hanging out with the WWCT/Peoria gang."

Joe Landon
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WSGL [Naples FL] 1993-1998 GM
Now: Joe (Labuzienski) says (7/07), "I am running The Education Channel (cable 20) for the School District of Collier County, Naples, Florida -- I'm the district Communication & Information Officer; I don't miss radio since I'm still working in TV, but I really miss the great people I worked with in my 30-year radio career..."

Jack Landreth
WLS [Chicago IL] 1985
Paul Harvey News [Chicago] 1992
- producer
WLUP [Chicago] 1992
KFMB [San Diego CA] 1994
WWTN [Nashville TN] 1996
KNST [Tucson AZ] 1998
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 2001
KSFN/KXNT [Las Vegas NV] 2004

Now: Jack says (1/04), "I am Program Director of Talk KSFN and KXNT and , Las Vegas, Nevada."

John Lane
KNDI [Honolulu] 1965
KHVH [Honolulu] 1991
KHNR [Honolulu] 1994

Now: Retired. Residing in Florida.

Larry Lane (Larry Zachery)
WIGO [Atlanta GA] 1971 - Larry Darnell
WQXI [Atlanta] 1975 - 'Night Train' Lane
WVEE [Atlanta] 1986
WSB-FM [Atlanta] 1987

Now: Larry says (9/04), "I'm working for Adult Contemporary WSB-FM (B98.5FM), Atlanta, Georgia; Alabama native, but grew up in Atlanta; first day in radio was Christmas day 1971."

Tim Lane
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KFTX [Corpus Christi TX] 2002
Now: Overnights at Country KFTX-FM, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Jonathan Lang
KPRI [San Diego CA] 1973
KIFM [San Diego] 1977
KBZT [San Diego] 1978
KEZL [San Diego] 1984
KWLT [San Diego] 1985
KKCW [Portland OR] 1988-1989
KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1991
KKJZ [Portland OR] 1993-1996

Now: Jonathan says (2/07), "I am retired from radio and awaiting a brain transplant in the Pacific Northwest."

Tom Lang
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KGVY [Tucson AZ] 2004
Now: Tom says (2/09), "I am PD and doing mornings at Nostalgia KGVY-FM, Tucson, Arizona; in my spare time, if there is such a thing, I take care of my horses on a ranch my wife and I own nearby."

John Langan
KINO [Winslow AZ] 1970
KOWN [San Diego CA] 1972
KILT [Houston TX] 1973
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1975
KIQQ [Los Angeles CA] 1976
KDEO [San Diego] 1976
KISW [Seattle WA] 1978
KMET [LA] 1983
KZOK [Seattle] 1984
KZZU [Spokane WA] 1986
KXXR [Kansas City MO] 1987
KKZX [Spokane] 1991
- C. Foster Kane
Now: John (C. Foster Kane) is one of the RadioMen mornings at Classic Rock KKZH-FM, Spokane, Washington.

Jim Lange
KGO [San Francisco CA] 1958
KSFO [San Francisco] 1960
The Dating Game [Los Angeles CA] 1965
- ABC-TV: host
KMPC [LA] 1970
KSFO [San Francisco] 1971
KMPC [LA] 1983
The Dating Game [LA] 1984
- syndicated: host
KFRC [San Francisco] 1989
KKSJ [San Jose CA] 1994
KABL [San Francisco] 1997-2005

Jim Lange died Feb 25, 2014 (heart attack, age 81) in Mill Valley, CA.

Rob Langer
WALK [Patchogue NY] 1989-1999 - Bobby Knight
Now: Rob says, "I'm working for Metro Networks, Atlanta, Georgia -- doing traffic for WSB-AM and WVFJ-FM."

Larry Langford
WVON [Chicago IL] 1966
WIBC [Indanapolis IN] 1969
WFYR [Chicago] 1972
WDAI [Chicago] 1975
WIND [Chicago] 1978
WMAQ [Chicago] 1988-2000
WGTO [South Bend MI] 1988
- owner
Now: Larry says (11/05), "After having the honor of doing the last sign off for WMAQ in Chicago on August 1, 2000, I was hired by the City of Chicago to do media relations for the 911 Center. Shortly after that I became the director of media affairs for the Chicago Fire Department. Good fit, I chased fires as a newsman for more than 30 years. Now I get to go to fires with a legal red light and siren, VERY COOL." He recalls, "Some folks wanted to call me 'sign off Larry'. I had the honor of signing off two of Chicago's greatest stations. In 1985 I read the sign off of WIND which had gone from music to newstalk in the late 70's. I also signed off WMAQ in 2000 which had been a staple in Chicago for more than 80 years. Maybe that's why I did not get hired by any other stations after 2000! I now own a small AM in Michigan where we bring back the sound of WLS and WCFL from the heyday. We are on the Internet at wgtoradio.com sorry for the shameless plug but yah gotta do what yah gotta do. I plan to retire and do a local show on the station one day sort of like Northern Exposure. I still hold the honor of the youngest news anchor on a commercial station in Chicago. I had a regular airshift doing real news on WVON at the age of 13!"

Troy Langham aka Troy London
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KIXK [Dallas TX] 1980-1981
Now: Troy says (6/09), "I am the interface between Clear Channel Tulsa, OK and the FCC for technical regulatory issues."

Tom Langmyer
WBEN [Buffalo NY] 1978
WSAJ/WSAJ-FM [Grove City College PA] 1979
- GM
WEDA [Grove City] 1980
WJJL [Buffalo] 1980
WJYE [Buffalo] 1982
WGR [Buffalo] 1982
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1985
WSYR/WYYY [Syracuse NY] 1986
WNEW [New York NY] 1990
KMOX [St. Louis MO] 1992
WGN [Chicago IL] 2005 - VP/GM
Now: Tom says (3/05), "I am Vice President and General Manager of News/Talk WGN, Chicago, Illinois."

Stuart Langston
WVNA [Muscle Shoals AL] 1986
WBHP [Huntsville AL] 1989
WDRM [Huntsville] 1991

Now: Production Director for Clear Channel Huntsville; also APD at Country WDRM-FM and PD at News WBHP-AM, Huntsville, Alabama.

Beth Lano
KNUU [Las Vegas NV] 1996
KQOL [Las Vegas] 1998
KJUL [Las Vegas] 1998
KSTJ [Las Vegas] 1998-2007

Now: Beth says (3/07), "I am still in Las Vegas ... working as a professional musician in the Monty Python's Spamalot orchestra at Wynn Las Vegas, playing the French horn in that group; I also have a side business doing voice-overs; I look forward to getting back into radio at some point, but for now, I am enjoying the music business and a little break from radio; I have enjoyed a rich and full life as both a radio host and a musician; I've performed with everyone from Sinatra to Metallica, and appear on several critically acclaimed jazz recordings; as a radio host, my favorite interviews have been with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Andy Garcia, Dan Rather and Dennis Miller; and the late Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, of whom I asked the question, 'Of all the animals you've encountered ... which one scares you the most?' His reply...'Parrots.' Apparently in Australia (where his family actually owns the national zoo), there's a huge problem with wild parrots, so Steve started a parrot sanctuary and the parrots would 'just as soon bite your fingers off' than be rescued from their eventual and inevitable road-kill fate."

Howard Lapides (Michael O'Shea)
Now: Personal manager, TV and radio executive producer, President and CEO Lapides Entertainment Organization, Los Angesles, California.

David LaPrad
WPVA [Petersburg VA] 1966 - George LaPrad
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1967
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1968
WAZY [Lafayette] 1971
WFYR [Chicago IL] 1978-1982

Now: David says (6/09), "I am a novelist in Atlanta, Georgia; I enjoyed covering Chicago City Hall intrigue."

Charles Laquidara
KPPC [LA] 1967
WBCN [Boston MA] 1969
WZLX [Boston] 1996-2000
WBOS-FM [Boston] 2006

Now: Eli Sherer reports (5/06), "Charles can be heard on WBOS-FM in Boston, and on the Internet, doing a one-hour program called Back Spin, featuring nine songs from one year; in an hour, that leaves pleny of time for Laquidara to talk :-)."

Dan Larkin
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KVIL [Dallas TX] 2001-2004
Now: I am in Los Angeles working as a producer and voice talent; I have been an executive producer for Westwood One and GreenStone Media and have worked in affiliate relations for Premiere and Westwood One."

Jim Larkin
WBET/WXBR [Boston MA] 1982
Now: Jim says (9/11), "I started this radio program of Irish music & comedy on WBET Radio (Now WXBR) 1460am in Brockton, Massachusetts in February 1982. This show is still on the radio."

Henry LaRocca
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KLVI [Beaumont TX] 1976-1980
Now: Henry says (2/10), "I really enjoyed my years in radio; it spun off into two other areas for me: voice-overs and mobile disc jockey service; in 1991, I took over the family business and am a master plumber in Beaumont, Texas."

Brad LaRock
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KSOX [McAllen TX] 2005
Now: Brad says (10/05), "I am Local Sales Manager for BMP Radio, McAllen, Texas. Married; Living in south Texas and dodging Hurricanes; also doing freelance for the Dallas Cowboys and P.A. voice for the Arena Football League Dallas Desperados and AF2 Arena Cup Games."

Julius LaRosa
WNEW [New York] 195?
Now: ???

Chris Larsen aka Lars
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WIIL [Kenosha WI] 2001
Now: Lars says (3/06), "In addition to doing weekends, overnights, fill at Rock WIIL-FM, Kenosha, I'm voice-over talent at TopHat Media Group based in Trevor, Wisconsin."

Mark Larsen
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WWBA [Tampa FL] 2001
WFLA [Tampa] 2011

Now: Mark says (8/11), "I'm doing swing at News/Talk WFLA, Tampa, Florida."

Marty Larsen
WRDL [Ashland OH] 1970
WNCO/WNCO-FM [Ashland] 1970

Now: Marty is Sales Manager for WNCO AM/FM, Ashland, WQIO Mt Vernon, WGLN Galion, WBZW Loudonville, WWBK Fredericktown, WMVO Mt. Vernon.

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Bob Larson
KBDF [Diamond Lake OR] 2012
Now: Bob says (8/14), "I am president of Oldies KBDF-FM, and a school bus driver in South Umpqua, Myrtle Creek, Oregon."

Brent Larson
KBUH [Brigham City UT] 1959
KMUR [Salt Lake City] 1961
KNAK [Salt Lake City] 1962
KOVO [Provo] 1965
KCPX [Salt Lake City] 1967
KYA [San Francisco] 1968
- Bob Boogalu
KUUZ [Boise ID] 1969 - owner
KXA [Seattle] 1974 - owner
KYYX [Seattle] 1978 - owner
KLZX/KSOS [Brigham City UT] 1986 - owner
KXOL [Brigham City] 1998 - owner
Now: Brent says (10/07), "I am retired in Nevada."

Laurie Larson
KUNM [Albuquerque NM] 1984
KZKL [Albuquerque] 1987-1989
KKOB/KKOB-FM [Albuquerque] 1988-1991
KLSK [Santa Fe NM] 1991
KKHG [Tucson AZ] 1994
KSLX [Phoenix AZ] 1996
Jacor, Critical Mass Media, Steve Casey Research [Phoenix] 1997
KAZL/KESP [Payson AZ] 1999-2001
KKNT/KPXQ [Phoenix] 2003
KKFS/KTKZ/KFIA [Sacramento CA] 2006

Now: Laurie is PD of the Salem Sacramento stations: Christian Contemporary KKFS-FM, News Talk KTKZ-AM/FM, and Religious KFIA, Sacramento, Calfornia. She says (8/07), "You can always count on me to pester the consultants to E X P A N D those tiny playlists; at KKHG, even with a weak signal and a Classic Rock format, I brought up ratings to #1 Adults 25-54 in one Arbitron book ... we were so successful because of our large playlist that perfectly filled the niches."

Dale Larson
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KJOT [Boise ID] 2004
Now: Dale says (10/04), "I'm doing nights at Classic Rock KJOT-FM, Boise, Idaho; also director of newscasts for KTVB-TV. It's great fun."

Steve Larson
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KSPZ [Colorado Springs CO] 2002
KKPK [Colorado Springs] 2008

Now: Steve says (6/08), "I am working in my studio handling the radio production for Freedom Communications community newspapers around the country, including the Colorado Springs Gazette); and I moonlight weekends on Adult Contemporary KKPK-FM (The Peak 92.9), Colorado Springs, Colorado."

Tom Larson
Now: On air/APD/MD, WBYY, Dover, NH.

Tony Larson
KUDY [Denver] 1958
Passed away.

Frank Laseter
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WSOC [Charlotte NC] 1993
Now: Frank is News Director at Country WSOC-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina. He says (Sep 2002), "I have anchored morning news WSOC since 1993. I also voice computer-based training programs for various industries, from yacht builders to dry wall manufacturers."

Chris Lash
WSEG [Erie PA] 1979
WRIE [Erie] 1982
WOKW [Ithaca NY] 1985
- Tony Bonzini
WXKC [Erie PA] 1986
WESA/WESA-FM [Pittsburgh] 1989
WLTJ [Pittsburgh] 1991
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1992
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1993
- GM
WFBG/WFGY/WMXV [Altoona PA] 1997 - station mgr
WHJB [Pittsburgh] 1998 - Jon Summers
WDAD/WQMU [Indiana PA] 2000-2005
WFBO [Daytona Beach FL] 2007
WYNS [Dayton OH] 2009
- GM/operator
Now: Chris says (12/09), "After the death of my wife, I moved to Dayton, OH and built the new 89.3 Hybrid FM, WYNS in Waynesville, Ohio; it's a hybrid format of AC and Country; listen online at hybridfm.net." 9/10 Udate: "I own 1540 The Farm, WRTK in Youngstown, OH and 1570 WANR in Warren, OH."

Bob Lasprogato
WNAB [Bridgeport CT] 1964-1966 - Bob Fredricks
WLAD [Danbury CT] 1964-1965 - Bob Fredricks
WNLK [Norwalk CT] 1964-1974
WICC [Bridgeport] 1969-1974
- Jim Jordan
WJAZ [Stamford CT] 1979-1988
WREF [Danbury CT] 1988-1996
WPKN [Bridgeport] 2003

Now: Bob says (12/03), "I am putting together a syndicated jazz radio show and have issued a CD with my band Uptown Jazz. I am doing some fill-in air shifts at Public WPKN-FM, Bridgeport, CT."

Bill Latour
Now: Producer in Chicago. Became recording artist on Island Records. Had #1 dance hit "People Are Still Having Sex" in 1991.

Forrest Latta
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KIKI [Honolulu HI] 1978 - Bobby Banyan
Now: Forrest says (5/09), "I am in Mobile, Alabama, where I have practiced law since 1983, often representing clients in the broadcast media; and I occasionally do voice-overs."

Jeff Laurence
WHLD [Buffalo NY] 1968 - Jeff Gill
WJJL [Buffalo] 1970 - Jeff Gill
WTKO [Ithaca NY] 1972 - Jeff Gill
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1972
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1973
WHEN [Syracuse] 1974
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1976
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1978
WSUN [St. Petersburg] 1981
WQAM [Miami FL] 1983
WSUN [St. Petersburg] 1984
WMGG-FM [Tampa FL] 1986
WFLZ [Tampa] 1988
WYUU [St. Petersburg] 1990
WCOF [Tampa] 1991
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 1992
WQSR [Baltimore MD] 1995-1995

Now: Jeff Owns and operates Autumn Hill Studios, Otto, North Carolina. He says (3/06), "I am a national voice talent and imaging producer doing radio imaging for stations worldwide and national TV spots for GMC, Wendy's Rug Doctor, Westinghouse, dealer groups for Ford, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Toyota brands."

Dave Lavender
WAYV [Atlantic City NJ] 1988
WMGM-FM [Atlantic City] 1990
WJRZ [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1991
KRQQ [Tucson AZ] 1996
KWFM [Tucson] 1997
KIIM [Tucson] 2002
- 'Cactus' Dave
KSZR [Tucson] 2002
KIIM [Tucson] 2005
- 'Cactus' Dave
Now: Dave says (4/05), "Cactus Dave moves to nights at Country KiiM-FM, Tucson, Arizona."

Tom Lawcock aka John McRae
WMRP [Flint MI] 1962 - Tom Roberts
WKHM [Jackson MI] 1964 - Tom Roberts
WAMM [Flint] 1966 - Tom Roberts
KXIV [Phoenix AZ] 1969 - Tom Roberts
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1971
WTAC [Flint] 1971
- Captain Z
KOY [Phoenix AZ] 1973 - Tom Lawrence
WKMF [Flint] 1974
WOMC [Detroit] 1974
WTAC [Flint] 1976
- Captain Z
KQXE/KIOG [Phoenix] 1977
WFDF [Flint] 1979
WWCK [Flint] 1980
KJJJ/KXTC [Phoenix] 1980
KOPA/KXAM [Phoenix] 1982
KMZK [Phoenix] 1983
KNTS [Phoenix] 1984
KMEO [Phoenix] 1986-1987

Now: Tom says, "Finally out of the BIZ. Making a lot more money in computers, plus the job security is much better. I never will fire myself." He remembers, "...1) The time I was given the privilege of locking a totally incompetent manager out of the station after he was fired by the Board of Directors. 2) John Small, Bob Chenault myself and others from Keener, on many lunch hours, marvelling at the 'Monkey Woman' at the 52nd Street Showbar down the street on Michigan Avenue."

Blake Lawrence
KAUM [Houston] 1976
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1977
WMET [Chicago] 1978
WHYI [Miami] 1979
KRLY [Houston] 1980
KLOL [Houston] 1982
KKBQ [Houston] 1984
KZFX [Houston] 1986
KKSF [San Francisco] 1988
KDBK/KDBQ [San Francisco/San Jose CA] 1992
KKSF [San Francisco] 1993
KYOT [Phoenix] 1994
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2000
- Sr. PD Dance/Hits
WQCD [New York NY] 2004-2008
Now: Blake says (6/09), "I'm unemployed as a broadcaster but thriving in New York City as a publisher, blogging the dirt that the other radio trades leave behind on All The Excess!"

Chuck Lawrence
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WQSR [Baltimore MD] 1997-2003
Now: Chuck says (5/05), "I am a public information officer for the Maryland State Highway Administration."

David Lawrence
WNCI [Columbus OH] 1976
WDMT [Cleveland] 1978
WGAR [Cleveland] 1980
WGCL [Cleveland] 1983
American Comedy Network [Bridgeport] 1983
WKCI [New Haven] 1983
WLVQ [Columbus OH] 1987
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1988
WRQX [Washington DC] 1989
WMAL [Washington DC] 1990
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1993
OnLine Tonight w/David Lawrence [Washington DC] 1994
OnLine Tonight w/David Lawrence [Los Angeles CA] 2003-2009

Now: David says (4/11), "I'm in Los Angeles, and working as an actor full time; most people know me as the villainous Eric Doyle, the Puppetmaster from HEROES, and I love my life; I teach voice-over and produce VO demos when I'm not on screen, but most of my time is spent acting - just what I wanted. It's amazing."

Jay Lawrence
KYW [Cleveland] 1961
KFI [Los Angeles] 1968
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1970
WNEW [New York NY] 1978
KTAR [Phoenix AZ] 1986

Now: At News-Talk KTAR, Phoenix, Arizona.

Jeff Lawrence
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WODS [Boston MA] 2004
Now: Jeff say (5/07), "I'm image director and hold down the night shift at 96.5 The Mill in Manchester, NH, and work weekends at Oldies 103.3 in Boston, MA; I'm still a Rock & Roll Nomad - Rock On!"

Lucky Lawrence
KRUX [Phoenix] 1964
KRFM [Phoenix] 1970
KTAR [Phoenix] 197?

Lucky (Larry Wright) died Oct 7, 2001 in Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona (heart attack). Click for more on Lucky.

Mike Lawrence
KNOX [Grand Forks ND] 1979 - Mike Kelley
WHSH [Albany NY] 1979 - Cliff Michaels
WFLY [Albany] 1984 - Mike Kelley
WAXC [Lima OH] 1984
WQTL [Lima] 1985
WIMA [Lima] 1986
- M.J. Lawrence
WVUD [Dayton OH] 1986
WVKZ [Albany] 1989
WKFM [Cleveland OH] 1996
KYXY [San Diego CA] 1996
KBZT [San Diego] 1997

Nights at Oldies KBZT-FM, San Diego, California.

'Dollar' Bill Lawson
WJAM [Marion AL] 1971 - Cadet Lawson
WACT [Tuscaloosa AL] 1974
WHBB [Selma AL] 1976
WXOR/WQLT [Florence AL] 1977
WERC [Birmingham AL] 1979
WZZK [Birmingham] 1985
WODL [Birmingham] 2002
WDXB [Birmingham] 2002

Now: Bill says (9/04), "After getting the shaft from WZZK-FM (Cox Radio) after almost 20 years, I waited out a 6-month non-compete and went to work mornings with Patti Wheeler (who also got shafted by Cox) at Country WDXB-FM (102.5 THE BULL - Clear Channel). We are having a blast, doing well, and trying to treat everyone (listeners, co-workers & advertisers) right. I cannot believe that so much time has passed by so quickly, and the business is so different in so many ways. I do love digital editing though (bye bye splice block)."

Randy Lawson
WBST [Muncie IN] 1982
WERK [Muncie] 1983
WNDE [Indianapolis IN] 1984
WZZY [Muncie IN] 1984
SCN Radio & TV [USAF Panama] 1985
EBS Radio & TV [USAF Turkey] 1991
WMDH [Muncie IN] 1993
WSHW/WILO [Frankfort IN] 1998
WRBI [Batesville IN] 2012
- owner
Now: Randy says (11/12), "I'm Operations Director and doing mornings at Adult Contemporary WSHW-FM and Ops Dir at Talk WILO, Frankfort, Indiana; I'm also running Lawson Productions, producing sweepers, liners, ID's & commercials for small & medium market stations; and I and longtime friend Brent Lee formed Leeson Media LLC and have purchasd WRBI 103.9 FM in Batesville, Indiana."

Alvin Lawton
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WIBW-FM [Topeka KS] 1994
Now: Alvin says (4/03), "I'm research director and swing jock at WIBW-FM (94.5 Country), Topeka, Kansas ... It's funny the person who inspired me to do radio (Robert W. Walker) is now doing Country just like me."

C.J. Layton
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KBDZ [Perryville MO] 2003
Now: C.J. says (12/09), "I'm in Perryville, the place of my birth, at KSGM/KBDZ; I take care of afternoon news, sports and markets; sports play-by-play for four different schools; daily Internet publishing; I'm a life member of the VFW as well, and I publish the monthly newsletter."

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