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David Ianni
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 2004-2006 GSM
Now: David says (11/15), "I moved to Phoenix in 2006 and consult a select few radio stations."

Sam Idas
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KWSP [San Luis Obispo CA] 1986-1989 - owner
Now: Sam says (3/08), "I'm living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, working in the commercial and industrial real estate business..."

Chuck Igo
WCSH [Portland ME] 1980
WGAN [Portland] 1981-1984
WHDH [Boston MA] 1983-1988
WYJY/WIDE [Portland] 1984-1989
WBZ [Boston] 1988-1989
WYNZ [Portland] 1989
WBCS/WKLB [Boston] 1994-1999
WPOR [Portland] 1994-1996
WROR [Boston] 1996-2001
WYNZ [Portland] 2001

Now: Chuck says (7/03), "I'm in mornings at Oldies WYNZ-FM (100.9), Portland, Maine; taking a brief respite from the Portland-to-Boston radio commute. (13 out of the last 20 years included the round-tripping.) In addition, I'm doing some freelance voice work, and hoping for a publishing deal on my two novels to help me put my three kids through college (one there now, two others chomping at the the bank book)." Click for Chuck's favorite radio story.

Brian Illes
WCKO [Miami FL] 1982
WCCC/WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1985
WKFM [Syracuse NY] 1986
WZZU [Raleigh NC] 1993
WRXL [Richmond VA] 1994-2000

Now: VP/Operations of On Hold Marketing, (music/messages on hold for businesses), Richmond, Virginia.

Clancy Imislund
KHJ [LA] 1965
Midnight Mission [LA] 1974
- Managing Director
Now: Managing Director of The Midnight Mission, Los Angeles, California.

Kale Imua
KUAI [Eleele, Kauai] 1975
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1980
- mailman: Checkers & Pogo
KCCN [Honolulu] 1980
KIKI [Honolulu] 1982
KMAI [Honolulu] 1982
KLNI [Honolulu] 1984
KORL [Honolulu] 1986
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1987
- wrestling commentator
KISA [Honolulu] 1987
KIKI-FM [Honolulu] 1992
KCCN/KCCN-FM/KINE [Honolulu] 1994
KDNN [Honolulu] 1999

Now: Station voice and weekends at Ethnic KDNN-FM (Island Rhythm 98.5), Honolulu, Hawaii. Kale also runs Voicemaster voice training school and performs (guitar & vocals) w/Wayne Borje Band.

Don Imus
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1968
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1969
KXOA [Sacramento] 1969
WGAR [Cleveland] 1970
WNBC [New York] 1971-1977
WHK [Cleveland] 1978
WNBC [New York] 1979
VH-1 [New York] 1985
- V.J.
WFAN [New York] 1988
Nationally syndicated Imus in the Morning 1993

Now: WFAN, NY and syndicated.

Chuck Ingersoll
WCMF [Rochester NY] 1976-1979
WSAY [Rochester] 1980-1981
WGMC [Rochester] 2003

Now: Chuck says (8/11), "Post-radio, I worked in advertising as a writer and creative director, then started own ad agency in 1990 and operated as creative director, owner, Panamanian strongman for 10 years; in 2004, I began doing the three-hour Friday night Soul Jazz Spectrum, 'Where the Groove Survives and Thrives' on Jazz 90.1/WGMC, Rochester; I'm now associate creative director at MSM Marketing, Rochester, and also do voice-overs and freelance naming and branding."

Chuck Ingle
KWFM [Minneapolis MN] 1967
KTCR [Minneapolis] 1967
KGPC [Grafton ND] 1968-1968
AFVN-FM/TV [Hon Tre Island South Vietnam] 1970
KTCR [Minneapolis MN] 1971
- CE
Salter Broadcasting [Beloit WI] 1976 - Dir of Engineering
Pride Communications [Crystal Lake IL] 1997 - Dir of Engineering
Radio Works [Rockford IL] 1999 - Dir of Engineering
Maverick Media/Mid-West Family B'casting [Rockford] 2005 - CE
Now: Chuck says (9/15), "After a 48.5 year radio career, my retirement began October 1, 2015. From vacuum tubes, to microprocessors; would I do it all again? Oh Ya."

Chuck Ingram
CHOK [Sarnia ON] 1957-1961
CKJD [Sarnia] 1973
CKX [Brandon MB] 1977
CJXX [Grand Prairie AB] 1973
CKRY [Calgary AB] 1982
CHQR [Calgary] 1985-1988

Now: Chuck says (11/05), "I am at Dow Chemical, Sarnia, Ontario as a maintenance supervisor. The best part of my radio career was that I got to fill in at various stations across the U.S. and Canada; got to see a lot of markets and meet a lot of great talents."

Clarke Ingram
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1978
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1983
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1983
KZZP/KZZP-FM [Phoenix] 1985
KRQQ [Tucson] 1987
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1989
WHXT/WEEX [Allentown PA] 1990
WEGX [Philadelphia] 1990
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1991
WBZZ [Pittsburgh] 1994
WPXY/WVOR [Rochester NY] 1994
WJJJ [Pittsburgh] 1999-2001
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 2004
WKFB/WKHB [Pittsburgh] 2004

Now: Clarke says (8/06), "...In 2004, I put one foot back in the radio water with a Friday-night disco show on WWSW, Pittsburgh and joined two AM stations in the Pittsburgh suburbs (WKHB 620 Irwin and WKFB 770 Jeannette); in late 2005, I was named PD of those stations; we run a mixture of talk shows, paid programming, and oldies, and I'm currently hosting a Saturday-afternoon oldies show on WKHB that owes an awful lot to KQV, WFIL, and the "Golden Age" of Top 40 AM radio; it may be 30 years late, but I'm finally getting the chance to be an AM Boss Jock, and it's a blast!" Check out Clarke's DuMont Television Network historical web site.

Dan Ingram
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1958
WICC [Bridgeport CT] 1958
- Ray Taylor
WIL [St. Louis] 1959
KBOX [Dallas] 1960
WABC [New York] 1961
ABC SuperRadio [New York] 1981
- (never aired)
CBS RadioRadio Count Up [New York] 1983 - host
WCBS-FM [New York] 1985-2003
Dan Ingram died June 24, 2018 in Florida (age 83). See Dan Ingram Dies at 83 (ramp247.com); and NERW 6/25/18: Farewell, Dan Ingram.

Phil Inzinga
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KYIS [Oklahoma City OK] 2003
Now: Phil says (12/03), "After KQBL changed formats, Citadel gave us the afternoon show at Hot AC KYIS-FM (KISS-FM). Check out our Web site at philanddrew.com."

Bobby Irwin
KQXI [Denver CO] 1969
KPOF [Denver] 1970
KRCB [Council Bluffs IA] 1976
KGGO [Des Moines IA] 1977
WEBC [Deluth MN] 1977
KQWB [Fargo ND] 1978
KLUC [Las Vegas NV] 1979
KYGO [Denver] 1980
KIMN [Denver] 1980
KPPL [Denver] 1981
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1982
KVUU [Colorado Springs CO] 1983
WISN/WLTQ [Milwaukee WI] 1986
WUSA [Tampa FL] 1988
KLSY [Seattle WA] 1990
KKMG/KKFM/KSPZ/KVOR/ [Colorado Springs CO] 1998

Now: Bobby says (11/03), "I'm Operations Manager at Citadel Communications (KKMG, KKFM, KSPZ, KVOR), Colorado Springs/Pueblo, Colorado." And he notes, "Johnny, It looks like you and I shared the same frequency at different times (KDAB/KQXI and KIMN). Oddly enough, the only REAL job I've ever had was for a few months in high school working at Arby's ... which I've learned through your site was built at the same location as the old KDAB, at Old Wadsworth and Ralson Road [Arvada/Denver]. I'm messing in real estate investments and have been here at Citadel since 1998, and having a blast! I think my mother and father still think this radio thing is just a phase."

Richard W. Irwin
WEGO/WPEG [Charlotte NC] 1965 - Screaming Richard
WCTU-TV [Charlotte] 1967 - booth ancr/producer
WIXE [Charlotte] 1968
WOOW [Greenville NC] 1969
WYCL [York SC] 1970
WJAR [Providence RI] 1972
- Richard W.
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1974 - Richard W.
WNOW [York PA] 1975 - Dick Richards
WQXA [York] 1975
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1976
- Richard W.
KROI [Sacramento CA] 1978 - Richard W.
KROY/KENZ/KSAC [Sacramento] 1979-1994
REELRADIO.com [Sacramento] 1996-2018
- creator/webmaster
Richard Irwin died June 6, 2018 in Sacramento, CA after a lengthy illness. He was 67 years old. In 2010, Irwin explained the Uncle Ricky moniker.

Dave Iseman
WCAP [Lowell MA] 1972
WCGY [Lawrence MA] 1975
WXKS [Boston MA] 1979
WBOS-FM [Boston] 1981
WMJX [Boston] 1982
WCIB [Cape Cod MA] 1986
WNTX [Cape Cod] 1988
WCIB [Cape Cod] 1991
WXTK [Cape Cod] 1994-1996

Now: Dave is a "Real estate broker specializing in marinas nationwide and properties on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. See MarinasForSale.com;FoleyRE.com."

Lynne Ishizaki
KHVH [Honolulu] 1977
Rainbow Sports Radio [Honolulu] 1993

Now: Office Manager at Rainbow Sports Radio, Honolulu.

Glen Ivey
KWGN [Lubbock TX] 1965
KSEL [Lubbock] 1965
KTHT [Houston TX] 1967
KLUE [Longview TX] 1968-1981
Metro Networks [Dallas, Houston TX] 1981-2010

Now: Glen says (7/15): "After working with Metro Networks, Dallas & Houston, Texas in various capacities from 1981-2010, I am doing voiceovers and website development."

John Ivey
WOMI/WBKR [Owensboro KY] 1976 - John Michaels
WKOS [Nashville TN] 1980 - John Michaels
WKDQ [Evansville IN] 1982 - John Michaels
KQKQ [Council Bluffs IA] 1986 - John Michaels
KIIK [Davenport IA] 1988
WZOK/WROK [Rockford IL] 1990
WPXY [Rochester NY] 1991
WYHY [Nashville TN] 1994
WXKS [Boston MA] 1995
KIIS [Los Angeles CA] 2001

Now: John says (8/05), "I'm the VP of Programming for Clear Channel LA/Riverside and specifically program the legendary KIIS-FM. I'm also Clear Channel Top-40 Format Director along with Z100/NY's, Tom Poleman."

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