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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (H2)

Bill Hickok
KGPC [Grafton ND] 1969 - Billy the Kid
KMNS [Sioux City IA] 1973
WMAY [Springfield IL] 1975
WYBR [Rockford IL] 1979
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1980
WMC-FM [Memphis TN] 1980
WRAL [Raleigh NC] 1982
KHFI [Austin TX] 1984
WRVR [Memphis] 1984
WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1989
WSMS [Columbus MS] 1995
WFSN [Ft. Myers FL] 1996
KBTO [Bottineau ND] 1997
KSSS [Bismarck ND] 2002
KBMR [Bismarck] 2005
KFYR [Bismarck] 2015

Now: Bill says (3/17), "I'm back to full time doing morning news on KFYR 550 in Bismarck, North Dakota."

Mario Hieb
KIMM [Rapid City SD] 1977
KLTQ [Salt Lake City UT] 1985-1987
- CE
KJQN-FM [Salt Lake City] 1991 - CE
KXRK [Provo UT] 1992-1998 - CE
Now: Mario says (8/06), "i am a consulting engineer in Salt Lake City, Utah."

'Rowdy' Ron Higgins
WRQC [Cleveland OH] 1988
WMOH [Cincinnati OH] 1992-1994

Now: Ron says, "Sadly, I only had those two pro jobs in radio at WRQC & WMOH (besides interning)! I am working in the world of professional wrestling with a group called Ohio Valley Wrestling! We are the training grounds for the WWF! Check out ovwrestling.com for all the info."

Thayne Higgins
KGLU [Safford AZ] 1959
KVOA/KCUB [Tucson AZ] 1961
KOOL/KOOL-FM/TV [Phoenix AZ] 1964
KARZ [Phoenix] 1979
- CE
KOOL [Phoenix] 1982-1983 - CE
Now: Thayne says (12/04), "After leaving KOOL for the second time, I moved into TV exclusively as CE for KUSK-TV in Prescott, AZ for five years. I then finished my career as Telecommunications Mgr. of Yavapai Community College District and retired in January 2004. After all the years in broadcasting, I'm probably about one french fry short of a Happy Meal and enjoying retired life in Prescott."

Ken Hildebrand
WADC [Akron OH] 1932
WJAS [Pittsburgh PA] 1933
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1935
WCAE [Pittsburgh] 1938
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1940-1943/1958-1962
WERE [Cleveland OH] 1962
WHK [Cleveland] 1968-1972

Now: Ken's son, Tim, says (4/04), "Ken Hildebrand was enshrined in the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame in 1988. This pioneer of radio and TV broadcasting had a long and distinguished career. Check out Jeff Roteman's KQV Tribute Page for the Ken Hildebrand Collection which contains sound bites of dad doing some news broadcasting. You might enjoy listening to a little of them. Dad was simply one of the best ... with a great voice and delivery. In my opinion they don't make 'em like that anymore." Click for more from Tim on Ken.
Tim Hildebrand

Andrew Hildreth aka Andy Anderson aka Andy Taylor
WRHR [Rochester NY] 1984
WDNY [Dansville NY] 1987
WYSL [Rochester] 1987-1989
WCMF [Rochester] 1987-1989
WCGR [Canandaigua NY] 1989
WUHF-TV [Rochester] 1990
- master control op
WKLX [Rochester] 1991
WBEE [Rochester] 1993
WNVE [Rochester] 1995-1997
- Andre
Metro Networks [Rochester] 1994
Now: Andrew says (11/06), "Member of the 103.9 WDKX Wake Up Club."

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Barry Hill
WKQB [Charleston SC] 1984-1991 - Dr.
Now: Barry says (6/14), "I retired from broadcast radio in 1997; since 2012, I have been at RCS Sound Software (makers of Selector music scheduling and Zetta Automation), New York since 1997 and am Director of Technical Sales."

Ben Hill
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WPGC/WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1987-2001 - GM
Now: Ben says (10/11), "I am senior VP of CBS Radio/West Palm Beach, Florida; I rejoined CBS (we have 5 top-rated radio stations in Palm Beach County) in 2010 after trying to retire; radio is a virus, there's no cure."

Joe Hill
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KFLR [Phoenix AZ] 2002
Now: PM drive at Religious KFLR-FM, Phoenix, Arizona.

Mitch Hill
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 1970 - Bobby Dark
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1974 - Bobby Dark
WPEN/WMGK [Philadelphia PA] 1975 - Bobby 'Dashboard' Dark
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1976-1978 - K.C. Hill
Now: Mitch owns Hill Creative Services, Inc. (TV production and trailers) and is VP at FamousRadio.com (produces in-store radio programs for retail), Wilmington, Delaware.

Robin Hill
KRLA [Los Angeles] 196?
KHJ [LA] 1967

Passed away in 1994.

Rod Hill
WDOT [Burlington VT] 1977
WVMT [Burlington] 1979
WDOT [Burlington] 1982
WSYB/WRUT [Rutland VT] 1984
WVMT [Burlington] 1986
WJOY [Burlington] 1986
WQCR [Burlington] 1986
WOKO [Burlington] 1990
WKOL-FM [Plattsburgh NY/Burlington VT] 1999
WOKO [Burlington] 2011

Now: Rod says (9/11), "I have moved back to host The Morning Roundup on Country WOKO-FM, Burlington, Vermont."

Ron Hiller
KYCA [Prescott AZ] 1982
KAMJ [Phoenix AZ] 1989-1991

Now: Ron says (7/10), "I'm living in Tempe, Arizona, working in the financial field as a communication administrator."

Jeff Hillery
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1982
KMGC [Dallas TX] 1986
KJMZ [Dallas] 1989
ABC Radio Networks [Dallas TX] 1992
- Hot AC News Dir
KSDO [San Diego CA] 1994
KFGY/KMGG/KSRO/KXFX [Santa Rosa CA] 1996
KHOW [Denver CO] 1998
WWDB [Philadelphia] 1999
KLIF [Dallas] 2000-2006

Now: Jeff says (5/09), "I've been with Fox News Radio, New York City since 2006."

Kevin Hilley
WSLB [Ogdensburg NY] 1980 - Kevin Hill
WKQV [Vineland NJ] 1981
WWBZ [Vineland] 1982
WZZD [Philadelphia PA] 1984
WNAT/WQNZ [Natchez MS] 1985
WATS [Sayre PA]/WAVR [Waverly NY] 1989
WVLT [Vineland] 1991
WTKU [Ocean City NJ] 1993
WWKL [Harrisburg PA] 1994
WJYY/WNHQ [Manchester NH] 1996
WCPT [Albany NY] 2000
WCZT [Atlantic City NJ] 2000
WJLK [Asbury Park NJ] 2001
KPLA [Columbia MO] 2002
KJMO [Jefferson City MO] 2005
KMFC [Centralia MO] 2006
KATI [Jefferson City MO] 2008
KZWV [Osage Beach MO] 2014

Now: Kevin says (4/14), "I'm host of Kevin Hilley & The Wave Wake-Up mornings on Adult Contemporary KZWV-FM, Osage Beach, MO; also owner of Kevin Hilley Voice Productions."

Bill Hillgrove
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1974
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 1974

Now: Sports Director WTAE-TV, Channel 4, Pittsburgh and the radio voice of University of Pittsburgh (Panthers) football/basketball and the Pittsburgh Steelers (WTAE and regional net). Bill was the 2007 winner of the Chris Schenkel Award, presented by the National Football Foundation's College Football Hall of Fame.

Dave Hilton
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KTRX [Ardmore OK] 2003 - Big Dave
Now: Dave says (4/05), "I am host of THE MORNING X with Big Dave on Classic Rock KTRX-FM, Ardmore Oklahoma; after 10 a.m. I throw on the ops hat as Operations Manager for the NextMedia Ardmore stations (KKAJ, KYNZ, KTRX, KVSO)."

Bill Hinds
WCAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1929
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1933
- Buzz and Bill
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1949
WDTV/KDKA-TV [Pittsburgh] 1950-1957
- Buzz and Bill
WWSW [Pittsburgh] 1958-1970
Bill Hinds was the 'Bill' in the 'Buzz and Bill' Pittsburgh radio/TV team. He retired in 1970. Passed away Feb 25, 2001.
Bill's son, William G. Hinds: Wghindsite@aol.com

Jack Hines (John Heinritz)
WAGN [Menominee MI] 1964
WPAG [Ann Arbor MI] 1965
WVIC [E Lansing MI] 1967
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1968-1968
KGO [San Francisco CA] 1970
KFRC [San Francisco] 1972
KNUS [Dallas TX] 1975-1978
KLIF [Dallas] 1989
WMAM [Marinette WI] 1990
WNFL [Green Bay WI] 1990
KRLD [Dallas] 1995
KRNB [Dallas] 2002
WBAP [Dallas] 2005

Now: Jack says (10/05), "I am working part time at News/Talk WBAP, Ft. Worth, Texas; teaching a class in radio news reporting at the University of North Texas; living on a ranch outside Howe, Texas; married to my sweetheart Susan; we raised a terrific daughter who is teaching journalism at Kalamazoo College in Michigan and working on her doctorate. It's a wonderful life." Click for more from Jack.

John Hines
Now: Mornings at KEEY/K102, Minneapolis, MN.

John Hingsbergen
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WMUB [Cincinatti OH] 2000
Now: John says (2/04), "I am Program Director at Public WMUB-FM, Oxford, Ohio. WMUB is owned and operated by Miami University. We program a format of news/talk/information and jazz for the Dayton and Cincinnati markets."

Ed Histed
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WCDL [Scranton PA] 2004 - station mgr
WQFM [Scranton] 2006
WRSF [Columbia NC] 2008-2012
- Ed Harass
Now: Ed says (1/16), "As of Oct 2012, I work with Virtual News Center, a network of about 200 radio stations in 80+ U.S. markets; I anchor newscasts from my studios in Melbourne, Florida."

Jack Hixon
WSRA [Pensacola FL] 1966
WBSR [Pensacola] 1967
- Jak Gordon
WNUE [Fort Walton Beach FL] 1967 - Scott Gordon
WCOA [Pensacola] 1976
WFXP [Pensacola] 1987
WKGT/WRBK [Pensacola] 1989
WBSR/WMEZ [Pensacola FL] 1992-2002

Jack Hixon died Nov 14, 2002. Jack Hixon obit.

Joel Hixon
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KGRT [Las Cruces NM] 2004
Now: Joel says (2/05), "After a breif retirement, I landed in Las Cruces, New Mexico; because of my background in country radio, am now doing mornings at KGRT-FM, the country station here. I have a small digital recording studio in my house, from which I record voice-overs for several clients in New Mexico and surrounding states."

Bill Hoadley aka Paul Kelly
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KWRP [San Jacinto CA] 1990-1995
Now: Bill says (10/07), "I am retired, living in Hemet, California with my wife Jo, along with an old dog (retired too), two cats, three chickens, and a 26-year-old college graduate son who won't or can't leave; I have my own little radio studio in my home, along with a hard drive loaded with over 58,000 songs -- I come in here and play DJ all over again, it never gets out of your system does it?"

Gabe Hobbs
WKMS [Paducah KY] 1975
WKYQ [Paducah] 1975
WKYX [Paducah] 1975
WDDJ [Paducah] 1976
WKDQ [Evansville IN] 1979
- Lee Casey
WYHY [Nashville TN] 1984 - Lee Casey
WMYU [Knoxville TN] 1985
WFLA/WFLZ [Tampa FL] 1989
WGST [Atlanta GA] 1998
Jacor/Clear Channel [Tampa] 1998-2008
- SVP Programming
WFLA [Tampa] 2001-2008
Gabe Hobbs Media LLC [Tampa] 2009
- president
Now: Gabe says (8/12), "I am president of Gabe Hobbs Media LLC."

Lloyd Hocutt aka L.A. Lloyd aka Lloyd Maxwell
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KISS [San Antonio TX] 2005
Now: Lloyd says (5/06), "I am PD and doing PM drive Rock KISS-FM, San Antonio, Texas; also hosting the syndicated Active Rock countdown called L.A. Lloyd's Rock 30."

Scott Hodges
AFRS [Rota, Spain] 1965
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1968
WTIX [New Orleans LA] 1968
KTVE-TV [Monroe LA] 1969
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1969
WBAP [Ft. Worth TX] 1970
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1971
KUUU [Seattle WA] 1972
WXLO [New York NY] 1974
KMO [Tacoma WA] 1975
- Tucker Simpson
KBCL [Shreveport] 1976
KNUS [Dallas] 1980-1980
KSYR/KRVQ [Shreveport] 1999-2000

Now: Scott says (3/09), "I am Pres/CEO of Scott Hodges, An American Communicator, LLC., Shreveport, Louisiana." Click for more from Scott.

Doug Hoerth
WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 1980
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1983
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1985
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1986
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1987
WPTT [Pittsburgh] 1998-2007
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 2000-2007

Doug Hoerth died Jan 25, 2011 (natural causes) in Pittsburgh, PA. See Doug Hoerth/Off-the-cuff 'Uncle Dougie' had 3-decade radio run in Pittsburgh [post-gazette.com].

Brian Hofer aka Brian Ocean
WNTQ/WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1982
WOKW [Cortland NY] 1984
WNTQ/WNDR [Syracuse] 1985
WUUU [Utica/Rome NY] 1988
WNTQ [Syracuse] 1989-1991
SyracuseBroadcast.com [Syracuse NY] 1989-1991
- owner
Now: Brian says (1/10), "SyracuseBroadcast.com is still on the air and I am currently working as a level III computer support tech. Dave Laird and Gary Dunes are my two favorite stories; I worked many years, and had a lot of laughs with them both."

Gary Hoffman
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KRXB [Corpus Chrisi TX] 1998 - GM
Now: Gary says (5/06), "I am GM of KRXB-FM, Beeville, Texas..."

Howard Hoffman
WALL [Middletown NY] 1973
WDRQ [Detroit] 1974
WPIX [New York] 1975
WPRO-FM [Providence RI] 1977
KAUM [Houston] 1979
WABC [New York] 1979
KOPA [Phoenix] 1982
KMEL [San Francisco] 1984
KKFR [Phoenix] 1987
WQHT [New York] 1989
KFRC [San Francisco] 1993
KABC [LA] 1994

Now: Production Director at News-Talk KABC, Los Angeles, California.

Don Hofmann
KAKE [Wichita KS] 1951
KGMB [Honolulu] 1960
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1962
KDAY [Los Angeles] 1968
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1968
KVI [Seattle] 1972
KSFO [San Francisco] 1977
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1980
- GM
KNBQ [Tacoma WA] 1983
KGHP [Gig Harbor WA] 1987
- GM
Now: Retired from broadcasting. Writing, working part time and teaching in Monterey, California.

Al Hogan
KIMN [Denver] 1961
Latest Report: Consultant/programmer.

Dick Hogan
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KMRY [Cedar Rapids IA] 1998-2011
Now: Dick says (4/11), "After 16 years full time in radio, I left the field and became a newspaper reporter for the Cedar Rapids Gazette for 29 years; since 1998 I have co-hosted an oldies show, Remember When, on Saturday nights at KMRY in Cedar Rapids. Iowa."

Jim Hoge
WHIS [Bluefield WV] 1974
WKOY [Bluefield] 1977
WMUL [Huntington WV] 1979
- Station Mgr
WXIT [Charleston WV] 1980
WCAW/WVAF [Charleston] 1981
- Chief Eng
WKLC [Charleston] 1983
WYND [Sarasota FL] 1987
- GM
WTLN [Orlando FL] 1990
WEAZ [Orlando] 1995
- General Jim: Pres/GM
WPOZ [Orlando] 1998 - General Jim: Pres/GM
WMYZ [Orlando] 2005 - General Jim: Pres/GM
Now: President, General Manager at Christian Contemporary WEAZ-FM, WPOZ-FM and WMYZ-FM, Orlando, Florida.

Eric Hogue
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KTKZ [Sacramento CA] 2000
Now: Morning talk host on KTKZ (K-Talks), Sacramento, California.

Stan Holden
Now: Technical support for Electric Works Corp (makers of Digital DJ & AXS), Fort Worth, Texas.

Danny Holiday
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KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1991-1998
Now: Danny says, "I am retired in Stanwood, Washington. I saved all of the 'talent' money that I had made for 15 years and was able to retire to my beach home. I collect all types of 'hit' outtakes. I spend a lot of time on the Internet talking with my old buddies from the 60s, etc. I welcome any and all emails from former listeners. Keep Rockin'."

Jon Holiday
WWCO [Waterbury CT] 1978 - Doc Holiday
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1979 - Doc Holiday
WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1980 - Doc Holiday
WPJB [Providence RI] 1981
WPOW [Miami FL] 1985
WQAM [Miami] 1986
WWGT [Portland ME] 1987
WXLO [Worcester MA] 1990
WBOS-FM [Boston MA] 1992
KZDG [Denver CO] 1993
WUSA [Tampa FL] 1994
Jones Radio Networks [Denver CO] 1994

Now: Jon says (6/04), "I am Senior Director of Programming at Jones Radio Networks, Denver, Colorado."

Pat Holiday
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CKFM/CFRB/CJEZ [Toronto ON] 2000 - VP, GM
Now: Pat says (8/08), "I am VP and GM of CKFM (MIX 99.9), CFRB (Newstalk 1010) and CJEZ (97.3 EZ Rock), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ben Holland
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WLAC [Nashville TN] 1979-1981 - Brother Ben
Now: Ben says (8/04), "I own Spotland Productions in Nashville, Tennessee; doing voiceover work and producing commercials and syndicated radio programs."

Bruce Holland aka Happy Holiday
KIMN [Denver] 1958
KLO [Ogden UT] 1961

Now: With a drug company and raising show dogs in Roy, Utah.

J. Holland
WQEN [Gadsden AL] 1977
WGAD [Gadsden] 1979-1986
WGSV [Guntersville AL] 1982-1986
WGAD [Gadsden] 1991
WAAX [Gadsden] 1994
WERC [Birmingham AL] 2003
WVNN [Huntsville AL] 2006
WAAX [Gadsden] 2007

Now: J. (Joe) says (9/09), "I am morning host on News-Talk WAAX, Gadsden, Alabama." Click for more from J.

Jeff Holliday
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KICK [Hannibal MO] 1996-2000 - Doc Holliday
Now: Jeff says (10/13), "I am looking for a new radio home; left the business briefly to do computer work and also fundraising for the Salvation Army ... but have created a brand new website for my show and am looking for an opportunity; I'm in my hometown of Hannibal, Missouri but am looking to move back out west possibly."

Johnny Holliday
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1959
WINS [New York NY] 1964
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1965
WWDC [Washington DC] 1969
WMAL [Washington DC] 1979
ABC Information Network [Washington DC] 1984

Now: Sports anchor at ABC radio, Washington DC and play-by-play voice (since 1979) for University of Maryland football/basketball. Johnny is also voice-over
Johnny Holliday: From Rock To Jock -- click to order thru amazon.com! announcer for ABC TV and local and national radio/TV commercials and narrations.

Order his autobiography: Johnny Holliday: From Rock To Jock. Lots of memories, anecdotes, articles, photos, etc.


Chuck Holloway
WBLT [Bedford VA] 1967
WWOD [Lynchburg VA] 1969
WLLL [Lynchburg] 1970
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1971
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1972
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1976
WKZL [Winston-Salem NC] 1981-1987

Chuck passed away April 20, 2001 after a long battle with cancer. Chuck's widow, Karen Holland, requests your 'Chuck story'.

Steve Holloway
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KSRM [Soldotna AK] 1996
Now: Steve says (5/03), "I am Operations Manager and do mornings on News/Talk KSRM; I also help program three other stations ... fun fun fun in the Midnight sun."

Todd Hollst
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WMMX [Dayton OH] 2000
Now: Todd is Promotions Director at Hot AC WMMX-FM, Dayton, Ohio. Todd says, "I also maintain the station website."

Sam Holman
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1958
WLS [Chicago] 1960
WABC [New York] 1962
WKNR [Detroit MI] 196?
CKLG [Vancouver BC] 1963-1965
KOIL [Omaha] 196?
KISN [Portland OR] 1965-1966
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1967-1970
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1973
KISN [Portland OR] 1974
KEYV [Las Vegas] 1986

Passed away in Las Vegas in 1986.

Brian Holmes
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WFLZ [Tampa FL] 2002-2004
Now: Bryan says (5/04), "...Although every time I leave the Tampa Bay area, all roads and answers point right back, I am leaving once again. My goal in life was to work for WFLZ. Finding the desired plan B is my current project. I'm also webmaster for the online tribute site to legendary CHR The Power Pig -- an extensive site reliving the history, fun and choas that was The Pig."

Roger Holmes
WHAT [Philadelphia PA] 1947
WDEL [Wilmington DE] 1950-1955
WAMS [Wilmington] 1957
WNRK [Newark DE] 1969
WIP [Philadelphia] 1972-1974
WVUD-FM, Univ of Delaware [Newark] 1993-2008

Roger died Nov 28, 2009 in Wilmington, Delaware (age 86). See the tribute to Roger Holmes and Long time Wilmington Radio Personality Roger Holmes Passes.

Reid Holsen
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KELO-FM [Sioux Falls SD] 1992-2001
Now: Reid says (7/06) "I am working with Northwestern College Radio in St. Paul, Minnesota."

Fred Honsberger aka The Honzman
WRSC/WQWK [State College PA] 1974
WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1976
KYW [Philadelphia] 1977
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1979

Fred Honsberger died Dec 16, 2009 (age 59) at his home in Monroeville [Pittsburgh], PA. See KDKA Radio Host Fred Honsberger Has Died (KDKA-TV). And Love him or hate him, 'Honsman' is king of Pittsburgh radio (Observer-Reporter, 3/2/2009)

Bob Hood
KNAF [Fredricksburg TX] 1967
KGVL [Greenville TX] 1968
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1968
- Robert 'O'
AFIN (AFRTS) [Keflavik Iceland] 1970-1971
FEN (AFRTS) [Tokyo Japan] 1975
KRPM [Tacoma WA] 1978-1978
- Robert 'O'
KKGM [Fort Worth TX] 2005
KAAM [Dallas TX] 2005-2013

Now: Bob says (2/14), "After getting started in commercial radio in the 1960s, I entered the military and worked with American Forces Radio in Iceland and Japan for several years; following military service, I went to work for the Boeing Airplane Co. and spent 22 years, primarily working public and community relations. I have retired from commercial radio and have joined the ranks of thousands of internet DJs. I volunteer my time at BullsEye Radio (Oct 2013) and use my aka: 'Robert O'."

Tom Hood aka Tom Kelly
KBRO [Seattle WA] 1961
KBRC [Mt. Vernon WA] 1963-1965
KOMO [Seattle] 1967
KJR [Seattle] 1969
KFBK [Sacramento CA] 1971
KNX [Los Angeles CA] 1975
KAYO [Seattle] 1980-1983
KING [Seattle] 1985-1988
- News/Talk consultant
Now: Tom says (1/06), "I am now a p/t physicians asstistant in Tacoma, Washington. Not much radio for nearly 20 years; miss it, but not the hassles ... any way we can make it a civil service gig? (smile). I went back to school and graduated in metallurgy; it's since served to whet my appetite and tripled my income (if you don't count the cleaning bill) to dumpster-dive for buried treasure; such a deal..."

Tom Hoof
WRNL [Richmond VA] 1978
WRVQ [Richmond] 1980
- promotion dir
WOMX [Orlando FL] 1988-1993 - marketing dir
Now: Tom says (2/07), "I left radio in 1993, had two other gigs and joined Walt Disney World Marketing in 1995; left Disney in 2005 to assume the role of VP Marketing with MLB's Tampa Bay Devil Rays; send me an e-mail and let me know how you are doing."

John Hook
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1982
Now: Club jock in Charlotte NC area. Producing syndicated Beach Music show. Affiliated with The Wax Museum record store in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Andy Hopkins
Now: At WPEN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ed Hopkins
philhall@worldnet.att.net reports: Ed is now a premier Voice Over talent. He is the voice of KNBC, Los Angeles news as well as numerous other stations. You will recognize his voice on the Jeep Eagle and Liquid Plumber ads among others. Also a script writer.

Ken Hopkins
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Jones Radio Networks [Denver CO] 1994-1995
Now: Ken says (0601), "I produced and engineered radio broadcasts for Greenfield Sports Engineering for major sports teams in Denver."

William A. Hopkins
KTRH [Houston TX] 1949
KBLS [Houston] 1950
WWOL [Buffalo NY] 1954
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1955
WING [Dayton OH] 1959
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1960
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1961
KXOK [St. Louis] 1965
WNBC [New York NY] 1971
WABC [New York] 1972-1976
WRDR [Atlantic City NJ] 1983

Now: Since leaving the radio biz in 1983, Bill has been concentrating on his voice-over/production biz and doing some acting in regional theatre in New York and Philadephia.

Mike Horn
Now: President/CEO of CRN, the Cable Radio Network, a national satellite radio service that broadcasts on cable TV text channels.

Jack Horohoe
WNIA [Buffalo NY] 1965 - Jerry Jack
WUSJ [Buffalo] 1967 - John Andrews
WEBR [Buffalo] 1969
WJJL [Buffalo] 1971
WADV [Buffalo] 1972-1975
WGRZ-TV [Buffalo] 1987-2000
- show host
Now: Jack says (4/03), "I own a real estate company in a suburb of Buffalo, New York. I do v/o work and have appeared in numerous TV spots in the upstate New York region."

Grant Horton
WEW [St. Louis] 1984
KSD [St. Louis] 1986
KMOX [St. Louis] 1988

Now: Retired. Residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

Gary Hoskins
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KPTK [Seattle WA] 2004
Now: Gary says (10/05), "I am at KPTK AM 1090 (Progressive Talk), Seattle, Washington; producer for the morning show. I also own my own production company."

Bob Houck
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1970
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1972
WDVR [Philadelphia] 1974
WCAU [Philadelphia] 1975
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1977
ABC Radio [New York NY] 1979-1986

Now: Bob says (7/16), "I am retired and living with my husband in Lewes, Delaware; It would be great to hear from old radio and other journalism friends and colleagues."


Dave Hovel
WBEY [Annapolis MD] 1987
WAMD [Aberdeen MD] 1987
WXCY [Havre de Grace MD] 1989

Now: Dave says (11/06), "I am PD/OM and still doing PM drive at Country WXCY-FM -- and loving it; the station was owned by Prettyman Broadcasting till 1995, Delmarva Braodcasting Company now."

Barry Howard
WGTR [Boston MA] 1974
WRAN [Morristown NJ] 1975
- Barry Michaels
KSEI [Pocatello ID] 1977 - Barry Michaels
KRBU [Pocatello] 1978 - Barry Michaels
Broadcast Electronics [Quincy IL] 1979
Century 21 Productions [Dallas TX] 1980
WKAJ/WASM [Sarasota Springs NY] 1981
- station mgr
Now: Barry says, (11/07), "I am fighting fires and saving lives in Morristown, New Jersey; and I'm a partner in Common Cents Computing, a computer graphics company."

Marv Howard
KBIS [Bakersfield CA] 1956 - Mark Ford
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1962 - Mark Ford
KBBQ [Los Angeles CA] 1962 - Mark Ford
KHJ [LA] 1963 - Mark Ford
KHJ [LA] 1965
KFI [LA] 1977
KMPC [LA] 1982-1994

Marv (Marvin Howard Fink) died June 26, 2004 (brain hemorrhage) at his home in Los Angeles. John Rook (johnrook.com) reminisces, "I will remember his excellent delivery of the news on the Lohman and Barkley show at KFI and the years we spent working together there. His delivery was unique and his professionalism unequaled for all who worked with him at KFI, KMPC & KHJ. Marv was a gentleman." Los Angeles Times obit of July 2, 2004.

Scott Howard
WCMX [Ft. Wayne IN] 1976
WBAT [Marion IN] 1978
WIOU [Ft. Wayne] 1979
WMEE [Ft. Wayne] 1980
WZWZ [Kokomo IN] 1983
WXIR [Indianapolis IN] 1985
WMUZ [Detroit MI] 1986
WBTU [Ft. Wayne] 1993
WFWI [Ft. Wayne] 1993-1994
WGL [Ft. Wayne] 1998
WAJI [Ft. Wayne] 1999-1999
WXKE [Ft. Wayne] 2003
WGL [Ft. Wayne] 2003-2011
- station mgr
WAJI/WLDE [Ft. Wayne] 2012
WOWO [Ft. Wayne] 2013

Now: Scott says (4/16) "In 2013 I returned to Federated Media in the same building I worked in 30 years previously when I was on the air at WMEE. This time, I'm enjoying success on the advertising sales team with WOWO." Scott's website.

Tim Howard
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KWEN [Tulsa OK] 1991-1999
Now: Tim says (2/07), "I am Executive Producer of American Country Countdown with Kix Brooks; in Nashville, Tennessee and still employed by ABC (I did mornings at ABC radio Networks Real Country format from 2001 to 2005)."

Jon Howe
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WEAT [West Palm Beach FL] 1995-2000
Now: Jon says (3/13), "I'm out of radio, working for On Hold Technologies, West Palm Beach, Florida as a production manager and voice-over talent."

Mark Howell
WHON [Richmond IN] 1965 - Jay Howell
WGLM [Richmond IN] 1966 - Jay Howell
WDAO [Dayton OH] 1970
WKAL [Rome NY] 1972
KUZZ [Bakersfield CA] 1976
KYNO [Fresno] 1980
KCBS [San Francisco] 1982
KFYI [Oakland CA] 1984
KSFO [San Francisco] 1985
WCKY [Cincinnati] 1986
KUZZ [Bakersfield CA] 1988

Now: Mark says (2/10), "I retired as News Director at KUZZ-FM, Bakersfield on Oct 2, 2009."

Mark Howell
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WQXC [Kalamazoo MI] 2005-2005
Now: Mark says (12/06), "After spending a great deal of my life doing programs and characters on radio, I'm now a voice-over artist in Burbank, CA; I also produce historical documentaries; and I'm writing a screenplay about top-40 radio of the sixties..."

Scott Hower
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KMGX/KRQQ [Tucson AZ] 1979-1981 - DJ/CE
Now: Scott says (11/09), "I'm working from home on Sanibel Island, Florida; the company I work for is headquartered in Tempe, AZ, and I have to hop on a plane occasionally to meet with customers; when I'm not working, I run on the beach, soak up sunshine, and drink beer (not necessarily in that order); my wife and I also spend time up north with our two daughters and two grandsons. I've worked in broadcasting all of my life, if not for a station directly then for a broadcast-related company; in 1981 I migrated from radio to TV, and on to satellite communications; from 2000-2007 I worked and lived in Europe, spending four years in London and three in Amsterdam; my jobs in Europe provided satellite or playout services to radio and TV broadcasters."

Jimmy Howes
WALL [Middletown NY] 1981
WSPK [Poughkeepsie NY] 1982
WBNR [Poughkeepsie] 1982
WKGL [Middletown] 1983
WKOJ [Middletown] 1985
WVIP [White Plains NY] 1989
WQHT [New York NY] 1990
WNNJ [Newton NJ] 1992
WVNJ [Teaneck NJ] 2005
WJUX [Dumont NJ] 2005
WGHT [Pompton Lakes NJ] 2007

Now: Jimmy says (4/17), "I'm PD, CE and doing mornings at Oldies WGHT, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey; I've worked at over 30-Radio Stations in my career."

Dave Howey
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KPRW [Perham MN] 1999
Now: Dave says (1/05), "I am raising my family and playing mornings for Hot AC KPRW-FM, Perham, Minnesota. Lot's of local involvement. I call my side production "Howeywood Studios". Yeah, it's a computer with an awesome mic, but the theatre of the mind is a blast."

Jerry Hoyt
WNVZ [Norfolk VA] 1996-2000 - aka Jerry Maguire
WWDE [Norfolk] 1997-2001
WFOG [Norfolk] 1997-1999
WVKL [Norfolk] 1999-2001
WAFX [Norfolk] 2001
WWVZ/WWZZ [Frederick MD/Washington DC] 2002
WARW [Bethesda MD] 2003
WTGB [Bethesda] 2007
WIAD [Bethesda] 2009
WHFS [Bethesda] 2011
WFLS [Fredericksburg VA] 2013
WGH-FM [Norfolk] 2015
WVBW [Norfolk] 2017
WGH [Norfolk] 2018

Now: Jerry says (7/18) "I am doing fill at Country WGH-FM, Newport News, Virginia and have been with WVBW since 2017 and WGH-AM since 2018."

Andy Hudack
KRLY [Houston TX] 1975 - Andy Michaels
KIKK [Houston] 1980 - Andy Michaels
KRBE [Houston] 1994-1997
Now: Andy says (2/07), "Since 2005, I have been Chief Engineer of Cox Radio-Houston, Texas: KKBQ, KTHT, KHPT, KHTC (formerly KLDE)."

J. Paul Huddleston
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 196?
KFWB [LA] 1961
KHJ [LA] 1965
KROQ [LA] 1972
WBCS [Milwaukee] 1980
WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1984

Passed away in 1993.

Emperor Bob Hudson
KRLA [LA] 1963
KBLA [LA] 1966
KFWB [LA] 1967
KEZY [LA] 1968
KGBS [LA] 1969
KRLA [LA] 1974
KFI [LA] 1974
XPRS [LA] 1981
KKMI [Seattle]1984
KRLA [LA] 1985

Passed away September 20, 1997 at his home in Monrovia (Los Angeles), California.

Brian Hudson
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KDWN [Las Vegas NV] 2006
Now: Brian says (5/08), "I am News Director, Assistant PD and anchor at Talk KDWN (720AM), Las Vegas, Nevada."

Mac Hudson
KILT [Houston] 1966
KFMB [San Diego] 1975

Now: Passed away in November, 1997 after a lengthy illness.

Ray Hudson
WCKJ [Augusta GA] 1985 - Rockin' Ray
WMTZ [Augusta] 1988 - Rockin' Ray
WGOR [Augusta] 1992
WKXC [Augusta] 1997
WGTR [Myrtle Beach SC] 1997
WSYN [Myrtle Beach] 1998-1999

Now: Ray says (11/05), "I am working in law enforcement in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The radio part of my life is over with; since my last gig (WYSN) I've gotten two dozen or so offers and have turned them all down. The biz changed for the worst after the FCC deregulation, in my opinion."

Tom Hudson aka J.D. Harlan
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WSRZ [Sarasota FL] 1996
Now: Tom says (1/09), "I am living in Sarasota, Florida, practicing law and still playing the hits weekends on Oldies WSRZ-FM; radio has been a blast, although it was a lot more fun before voicetracking."

Britt Huey
WFUN [Miami] 1961
Now: ???

Mark Huffman
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KYRX [Mark Huffman] 2000-2001 - GM
Now: Mark says, "I am a freelance writer and producer, serving clients in broadcast, print and Web communications, in the Washington, DC area."

Dick 'Huggy Boy' Hugg
KRKD [Los Angeles CA] 1951
KWKW [Los Angeles] 1954
KALI [Los Angeles] 1955
KGFJ [Los Angeles] 1955
KBLA [Los Angeles] 1965
KRKD [Los Angeles] 1965-1966
KRTH [Los Angeles] 1975
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1981-1982
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1983-1998
KRTH [Los Angeles] 1998-2002

Now: Dick Hugg died Aug 30, 2006 (age 78) in Long Beach, CA. More on Huggy Boy at latimes.com, laweekly.com and laweekly.com.

Dan Hughes
WHBB/WTUN [Selma AL] 1970
WAMA [Selma] 1974
WRFG [Atlanta GA] 1976
WKRP [Atlanta] 1979
WPCD [Champaign IL] 1981

Now: Dan says (9/10), "I retired after 26 years as General Manager of WPCD-FM and instructor in Broadcast Performance and Broadcast History at Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois; I do podcasts on adult slowpitch softball, treasure hunting, and old-time radio." He remembers, "There really was a WKRP, and it was in Dallas, Georgia--a suburb of Atlanta. As program director, I was often interviewed by stations around the country wanting to talk to the real WKRP. Alas, the fantastic call letters did not translate into commercial success (not a lot of business in rural Georgia, and as a low-power daytimer we didn't have a lot to offer the Atlanta market), and the station is now dark. But what I time I had in the year-and-a-half I was there!"

Don Hughes
WCSC [Charleston SC] 1970
WCOS [Columbia] 1970
WXRY [Columbia] 1971
WNOK [Columbia] 1971
WDXY [Sumter SC] 1972
WGCD [Chester SC] 1973
WSOC [Charlotte NC] 1974
WMHK [Columbia] 1976
WGRC [Lewisburg PA] 1988
KJIL/KHYM [Meade KS] 1991

Now: Don says, "I'm still (May 2000) at KJIL as General Manager. I also do morning drive. I've done morning drive for twenty years now. That includes the years at WGRC in PA and WMHK in Columbia SC. We have added KHYM-FM and have purchased KJOV in Woodward, OK which is repeating the programming of KJIL."

Jack Hughes
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1961
KEPI [Phoenix] 1962
KJKJ [Flagstaff AZ] 1962
KOOL-TV [Phoenix] 1962
KINO [Winslow AZ] 1964
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1966
KPHO-TV [Phoenix] 1966
KRDS [Phoenix] 1967
KSWW [Wickenburg AZ] 1968-1981
- Station Mgr
Guam Cable TV [Agana, Guam] 1993
KIBR, KPND, KSPT [Sand Point ID] 1995-1995

Now: Jack says (2/14), "I am now a business owner and college professor teaching computer programming." He remembers, "...Participated in an on-air marathon in 1963. Stayed on the air continously for five days and nights and set an NAB record, which was broken by someone else shortly therafter."

Pat Hughes
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1961
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1961
WPLO [Atlanta] 1962
WQXI [Atlanta] 1963-1969

Now: Passed away in 1969, reportedly from diabetes.

Paul J. Hughes
WLTR [Biloxi MS] 1969 - Pablo
WLOX [Biloxi] 1970 - Pablo
WVMI-FM/WQID [Biloxi] 1971 - Pablo
WBLG-TV [Lexington KY] 1973 - production
WEKY [Lexington KY] 1974
WKQQ [Lexington] 1975
WBLG [Lexington] 1975
WVLK [Lexington] 1976-1982
WMAK [London KY] 1986-1990
- owner/partner
WNSR [Nashville TN] 1999
Now: Paul says (7/06), "I am Creative Production Director and in sales at Nashville Sports/ESPN WNSR (AM 560). I have been CEO of a full-service ad agency (top-billing and award-winning); also served as producer for a film production company; and have held various marketing positions in the corporate world. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, I devote my (free) time to stock and assignment photography along with commercial writing and audio production projects. See the full story here."

Ron Hughes aka Ron Edwards
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WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1975-1977 - Bobby Mitchell
Now: Ron says (5/05), "I am out radio but am trying to make a comeback via the voiceover business; and I am an FAA Inspector with the U.S. Government assigned to the New York International Field Office at JFK International Airport. My work takes me to places around the World on a fairly regular basis."

Walter J. Hughes
WRBI [Batesville IN] 1985 - Jason Douglas
WCLU [Cincinnati OH] 1985 - Wally Hughes
WNOP [Cincinnati] 1985
WJRZ [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1986
- Steve Sebastian
WRQN [Toledo OH] 1988 - Steve Sebastian
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1990 - Wally Hughes
WGRR [Cincinnati] 1998 - Wally Jay
Now: Wally says (1/10), "I am the owner of Wally J Productions (producer of Cool Bobby B's DooWop Stop on Sirius/XM and various terrestrial stations) and doing mobile DJ and Karaoke in the Cincinnati Area."

Dave Hull - The Hullabalooer
KGFL [Roswell NM] 1955
WONE [Dayton OH] 1957
WQTE [Detroit MI] 1960
WTVN [Columbus OH] 1961
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1963
KRLA [LA] 1964
KFI [LA] 1969
KGBS [LA] 197?
KMPC [LA] 1978
- Lovelines
KRLA [LA] 1980
KRTH [LA] 1994
KIKF [LA] 1996
KWXY [Palm Springs CA] 1997-2010

Now: Dave Hull is retired and living in Palm Springs, California. See his Hullabaloo!: The Life and (Mis)Adventures of L.A. Radio Legend Dave Hull for much, much more. Don Barrett quotes Dave as saying, "A woman wrote me from a hotel outside Dayton to say she couldn't stand all that hullabaloo. Well, Webster's defined it as a tumultuous out roar, so I used it."

Ralph Hull
KUIK [Portland OR] 1958
KNEW [Spokane WA] 1961
KISN [Portland] 1961
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1961
KGON/KGAL/KGAY [Portland] 1962
- Paul Anthony
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1964 - Paul Anthony
KUXL [Minneapolis] 1964 - Preacher Paul Anthony
XERB [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1966 - The Nazz
KPPC [Los Angeles CA] 1968 - Paul Anthony/Ralph Hull
Now: Rick Everett reports: Ralph/Preacher Paul is now a semi-retired fisherman, and lives near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Doug Hullander
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WMYU [Knoxville TN] 1996
Now: Doug says, "I work weekends at WMYU (Oldies 93.1), Knoxville, Tennessee. I also write a weekly science column in the Knoxville News-Sentinel and teach chemistry and physics."

Don 'Da Hummer' Humiston
KIPO [Hilo HI] 1975
KIKI-FM [Honolulu HI] 1975
KIOE [Honolulu] 1976
KULA [Honolulu] 1978
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1979
KDEO [Honolulu] 1980
KGU [Honolulu] 1981
KKUA [Honolulu] 1982
KIKI-FM [Honolulu HI] 1984
KIOE [Honolulu] 1991
KHUL [Honolulu] 1997-1998

Donald R. Humiston died May 21, 2009 in Honolulu, Hawaii (heart attack; age 62).

Herb Humphries
KGVL [Greenville TX] 1955
KNOW [Austin TX] 195?
WINS [New York NY] 1965-1967
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1967-1971, 1972-1974
KABC [Los Angeles] 1971-1972
KMOX/KMOV-TV [St. Louis MO] 1974-1995

Herb Humphries died Aug 23, 2003 (congestive heart failure and diabetes) at his home in Texas. See Former KMOV News 4 reporter Herb Humphries dies (gatewaycityradio.com), Herb Humphries - My Hero (Ken Tipton, beholder.com), and Behind-the-Scenes - Herb Humphries Tribute: Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

John T. Humphries
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KOHO [Wanatchee WA] 1999
Now: John T. says (10/10), "I am now at Adult Album Alternative KOHO-FM, Leavenworth, Washington, in the Cascade Mountains; up to my ears in wonderfull radio late afternoos, with a gospel music show on Sunday morning (pick it up at kohoradio.com)..."

John Hunerlach aka John McCrae
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KRQR [San Francisco CA] 1993-1996
Now: John says (8/09), "I'm doing voice-over in New York City, represented by Don Buchwald & Associates; I've dropped the stage name of McCrae and perform under my real name, John Hunerlach; you hit my site, jhvo.com for information..."

Peter Hunn
WGNG [Pawtucket RI] 1973 - Peter Knight
WJAR [Providence RI] 1973 - Peter Knight
WPRO [Providence RI] 1974 - Peter Knight
WNLC [New London CT] 1975
WMGK [Philadelphia] 1977
- Peter Davis
WHRC [Port Henry NY] 1982 - owner
WZZZ [Syracuse NY] 1982 - owner
Now: Professor, Department of Communication Studies, State University of New York at Oswego, New York.

Ben Hunter
KFI [Los Angeles CA] 1949-1960 - The Night Owl Club
Hunter hosted the The Night Owl Club (all-night talk show) on KFI (640 AM) from 1949 to 1960; he was also the host of the Ben Hunter Movie Matinee on KTTV, Los Angeles; and was the author of the book, The Baja Feelings. Ben Hunter died in 1980.

Mike Hunter
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WINK [Ft. Myers FL] 1991-1995
Now: Mike (Goldstein) is, "Living in Florida; have raised a family and am a very successful salesrep. Of all the jobs I've had radio was the most fun,without a doubt!!! If only it paid the bills. Ah, but a perfect world is a dream. Still have all of my old material. Back in the days when personality was an asset. Oh shut up and read the card!"

Rick Hunter
CKWS [Kingston Ontario, Canada] 1974
CFTR [Toronto Ontario] 1976
CJCL [Toronto] 1983
CKEY [Toronto] 1984
Westwood One Oldies Channel [Los Angeles CA] 1988
KLAC [LA] 1989
WJIM-FM [Lansing MI] 1995
WOMC [Detroit MI] 2000
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 2009

Now: Rick says (4/10), "I transferred within CBS Radio in July 2009 from WOMC to legendary WRBQ (Classic Hits Q105), Tampa, FL; doing weekends here and lovin' the Gulf coast; I think I just might retire here."

Rick Hunter
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WLTW [New York NY] 1990-2006
Now: Rick says (3/08), "I'm between jobs and looking for my next opportunity..."

Tim Hunter
KING [Seattle] 1976
KQOT [Yakima WA] 1977
KMWX/KFFM [Yakima] 1979
KOMO [Seattle] 1980
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1984-2003

Now: Tim says (8/07), "While I've gone to the dark side (a creative director at an advertising agency), I still dabble in radio production for a cluster of stations in Hawaii as well as writing daily show prep for Radio-Online; also, I'm a contributor to Tonight Show monologues; I continue to write a column for my local newspaper, the Bothell and Kenmore Reporter. My 27-year radio career took me from broadcasting morning drive live in Japan to diving into a pool filled with tartar sauce; I had a 19-year run at KLSY and dabbled with a weekend shift at the Seattle Wolf in 2006; that demonstrated to me that it wasn't being on the radio that I missed, it was the camaraderie of a morning show; when I considered going back into radio as a career, I had to ask myself, "And what would you do that you didn't do already?" I've interviewed the famous, worked with the best, so even if I don't eventually return to an on-air position, it was a great ride, but as you probably know, never say never." (Check out Tim's Wacky Week Web page.)

Chuck Hussion
WVVW [Morgantown WV] 1964
WMMN [Morgantown] 1969
WPAR [Parkersburg] 1970
WCLG [Morgantown] 1971
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1976
- Chuck Howard
WCLG [Morgantown] 1977
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1978
WCNN [Atlanta] 1984-1987
WDUN [Gainesville GA] 1989
WZGC [Atlanta] 1999-2000
- The Coach
Now: Chuck says (2/03), "I moved to Furman University in Greenville, SC in 2000 as Athletic Marketing Director. I continue to do radio and television play-by-play for Furman. I have been the Furman Voice since 1994."

Harvey Huston
WKDN [Camden NJ] 1955
WWDB [Philadelphia PA] 195?

Passed away. johnrenner@home.com says, "Harvey was the jazz impresario at the Red Hill Inn outside of Camden, NJ in the 1950s. He brought in memorable jazz acts to the area. After his death, he was succeeded by Sid Mark, who now has a syndicated show, Sounds of Sinatra.

John Hutchinson aka Hutch
KWK/KWK-FM [St. Louis MO] 1981
KLPX [Tucson AZ] 1984
WLVE [Miami FL] 1994
Heart fm [Birmingham England UK] 1994
WBOS-FM [Boston MA] 1995
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1995
WLVE [Miami] 1996
WPLM [Plymouth MA] 1999
WBOS/WROR [Boston] 1999-2004

Now: John says (1/06), "After moving from Greater Media to Infinity Broadcasting in 2004 (WZLX Boston), I work as David Lee Roth's studio, technical producer and on air 'foil', based in New York City..." Click for more on John.

William Malcom Hutton
CFNY [Toronto] 1984 - GM
Now: ???

Johnny Hyde
KAIR [Tucson AZ] 1957
KTKT [Tucson] 1959
KELP [El Paso TX] 1960
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1960
KWAC [Bakersfield CA] 1960
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1962
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1962
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1963
KROY [Sacramento] 1966
KCRA [Sacramento] 1970
KWOD [Sacramento] 1978-1980

After the radio biz, Johnny Hyde was a radio consultant and voice-over announcer until his retirement in 2003. He died Aug 1, 2017 (age 77; cancer) at his home near Placerville, CA. See Johnny Hyde, ​Program Director, mentor, treasured friend, ultimate professional (1240kroy.com).

Jamie Hyatt
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KUCD [Honolulu HI] 2001
Now: PD and middays at Hot AC KUCD-FM (Star 101.9), Honolulu, Hawaii.

Steve Hydrick
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WLTY [Norfolk VA] 1990-1994 - The Real Steve Kelly
Now: Steve says (3/04), "I'm a mental health services rep with APS Military Healthcare, Hampton VA, serving active-duty and military retirees and their families in accessing their TRICARE mental health benefits."

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