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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (H)

Rob Haas
KIKI/KPIG [Honolulu HI] 1979
KKUA [Honolulu] 1981
KMAI [Honolulu] 1982
- Bobby Cannon
KDEO [Honolulu] 1983
KKUA/KQMQ [Honolulu] 1984
KIKI/KMAI [Honolulu] 1985
- Rob 'The Boss' Haas
XHRM [San Diego/Tijuana] 1986 - Robert Kelly
KMDY [Thousand Oaks CA] 1987 - Robert Kelly
KMAI [Honolulu] 1988
KDEO [Honolulu] 1989
KHFX [Honolulu] 1991
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1992
KRTR [Honolulu] 1995
KSSK [Honolulu] 1999
KUPL [Portland OR] 2000-2010
- The Boss Haas
KUIK [Portland] 2011
Now: Rob says (11/11), "I'm doing weekends at KUIK AM in Hillsboro, Oregon; recording news, weather and production duties for this talk/news station on the westside."

Stephen Harlow Haas
WIUS [Bloomington IN] 1968
WKBV [Richmond IN] 1969
WSTU [Fort Pierce FL] 1974
WSDO [Miami FL] 1979
WQAM [Miami] 1979
WOVV [Fort Pierce] 1980
WEAT/WCGY [West Palm Beach FL] 1983
WSBR [Miami FL] 1984
- GM
Sheen Radio Network [Boca Raton FL] 1987-1990 - GM
Now: Stephen says (1/03), "I bought a tie and escaped to the world of business in 1990."

Kurt Haase
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1977-1999
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 1999

Now: Engineer at WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Bob Haberkost
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1971
WHJB/WOKU [Pittsburgh PA] 1976
WWGO/WCCK [Erie PA] 1977
WJET [Erie] 1978
WNDE/WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1979
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1980
WAMO/WAMO-FM [Pittsburgh] 1984
WWAZ/WPJB [Providence RI] 1987
WGIV/WPEG [Charlotte NC] 1987
WERE/WNCX [Cleveland OH] 1987-1988

Now: Bob says (8/03), "I'm a database programmer/applications developer for Coventry Health Care; and I own Ravenswood Engineering Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 440 is a fun site ... thanks for keeping it available!"

Ralph Haberman
KGB [San Diego CA] 1978
KSDO [San Diego] 1990
XTRA/XTRA-FM [LA/San Diego - Tijuana] 1995
KOGO/KIOZ [San Diego] 1997-2000
- manager
Now: Ralph says (10/03), "I am founder and president of Getty Advertising (full-service agency), San Diego, California. I helped create and implement 1-800-Go-Vegas. I have been involved in the radio industry for years and made a name for myself by adding to the creative process of many successful campaigns, including the infamous San Diego Chicken."

Art Hadley aka Arthur Lee
KBEY [Kansas City MO] 1970
KBEA [Kansas City KS] 1970
KLWN [Lawrence KS] 1973
KUDL [Kansas City] 1974
KBEQ [Kansas City] 1974
KCMO [Kansas City] 1976
WHB [Kansas City] 1982
KFKF [Kansas City] 1987-1993

Now: Art says (12/03), "I'm audio engineer and production director for the Kansas Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, Kansas; and I do freelance voice-overs."

Glenn Haege
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1983-1994
WXYT [Detroit] 1994-2002
WXDX [Detroit] 2002-2004
WDFN [Detroit] 2002

Now: pat@masterhandyman.com says (4/07), The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege is now based out of WJR-AM 760 in Detroit; the nationally-syndicated show relocated there in Nov 2006 and is heard on more than 150 radio stations across the country."

Bob Hagen
WADC [Akron] 1956
WHKK [Akron] 1957
WHK [Cleveland] 1958
WERE [Cleveland] 1959
KYW [Cleveland] 1962
KYW [Philadelphia] 1965
WCFL [Chicago] 1967
WMCA [New York] 1970
WNEW [New York] 1971
WOR [New York] 1986
United Stations [New York] 1986
WINS [New York] 1986-1999

Bob retired as morning news anchor at WINS, New York in March of 1999. Lee Harris reports (7/04), "Bob Hagen died on July 4, 2004 at his home in suburan Phoenix. He was 68 years old."

Don Hagen
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WJZW [Washington DC] 2001-2004
Now: Don says (12/04), "I am no longer doing on-air radio. I am based in Washington, DC; freelance voiceover performer, audiobook narrator for the Library of Congress."

Reed Hagen
KLBB [St. Paul MN] 1982
Now: Reed is PD and doing morings at Nostalgia KLBB, St. Paul, Minnesota. (As of Feb 2002, Reed has been at KLBB for twenty years.) He says (Jun 2000), "I am still playing Frank, Dean and Sammy. I never thought Franklin Hobbs, Joyce Lamont, Chuck Lilligren, Howard Viken, Dick Driscoll and Dr. William A. Obrien -- all from WCCO -- would end up working for me. Small world."

'Smokin' Joe Hager
WNJH [Hammonton NJ]1964
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1965
WWBZ [Vineland NJ] 1967
WAMS [Wilmington DE] 1968
WWCO [Waterbury CT] 1968
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1969
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1969
- Highgear
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1972
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1972
- Mutha Bear
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1973
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1975
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1979
WAIV [Jacksonville] 1980
WCKX [Tampa FL] 1982
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1982
- The Nighthawk
WFLZ [Tampa Bay] 1989
WYUU [Tampa Bay] 1989
WKQL [Jacksonville] 1989
- Smokin' Joe Beamer
Passed away Feb 23, 1999 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Michael Hagerty
KIBS [Bishop CA] 1971
KSLY [San Luis Obispo CA] 1974
KIOQ [Bishop CA] 1974
KUKI [Ukiah CA] 1976
KOLO [Reno] 1977
KTVN-TV [Reno] 1981
KTNV-TV [Las Vegas] 1984
KTVK-TV [Phoenix] 1986
KGLQ [Phoenix] 1997
KTAR [Phoenix] 2000-2003
KNXV-TV [Phoenix] 2009-2012
KFBK [Sacramento CA] 2014

Now: Michael says (8/17), "I am News Director at News/Talk KFBK, Sacramento CA."

Barth Hague
KJRG/KOEZ [Wichita KS] 1972
KFH [Wichita KS] 1976
WCMR/WXAX [Elkhart IN] 1977
WTRC/WYEZ [Elkhart] 1979
KUT [Austin TX] 1986
WTRC [Elkhart] 1987
WSBT [South Bend IN] 1996-2005

Now:Barth says (11/09), "I am chief marketing officer at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas."

Jerry Hahn aka Jerry Steven
WEST [Easton PA] 1960 - Saturday Coke Cola Show
KLYR [Clarksville AR] 1963
KWCB [Searcy AR] 1966
KLFM [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KSRF [Los Angeles] 1967
KPSA [Los Angeles] 1976-1979
KAJZ/KBJZ [Los Angeles] 1988
KACD/KBCD [Los Angeles] 1995-1998

Now: Jerry says (3/07), "I do voice over and a lot of commercial audio, audio trim editing and work with commercial guys for TV spots and other good friends; I am pushing 65 and my old friend China Smith (before he keeled over with a heart attact) told me I ought to do this... I used to smoke cigars- when I worked for George Baron at K-SURF in Santa Monica -- he actually had an exhaust fan installed in the studio just for me -- we used to overlook Pacific Ocean Park and one night they were filming a series called Canon starring William Conrad; so I am doing my shift and watching the filming out the window (we were surrounded by glass) all of a sudden Conrad knocked on the glass and wanted to come in; what a nice guy; here was a radio legend (the original Matt Dillion) and we shot the bull for about 20 minutes, both agreed that radio had died and fallen to crap... Amen."

Jerry Halasz
WMRI [Marion IN] 1962
WJVA [South Bend IN] 1962
WJOL [Joliet IL] 1963
WLBK [DeKalb IL] 1965
WMCB [Michigan City IN] 1969-1972
WING [Dayton OH] 1982
WYMJ [Dayton] 1986
WHIO [Dayton] 1989-1999

Now: Jerry says (2/15), "I am now retired; I do a little voice work for a low powered AM in Dayton, Ohio."

Bof Hale
WHA/FM/TV [Madison WI] 1952
KRIB [Mason City IA] 1958
WMAY [Springfield IL] 1959
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1960
WLS [Chicago IL] 1960
WFLD-TV [Chicago] 1961-1968
- on air/on camera
WMAQ [Chicago] 1964-1966
WMAQ-TV [Chicago] 1967-1983
- host: Today in Chicago
WIND [Chicago] 1981
WCFL [Chicago] 1982
WLEX-TV [Chicago] 1983-1989
- on air/on camera
WJJD [Chicago] 1989-1996
Now: Bob is retired and living in in the Chicago suburbs. He says (4/08), "I retired in 1996 when WJJD changed format; since then I have been doing freelance writing and photography; travel is a pastime – USA, South America, Europe primarily." For much more from Bob Hale, see his autobio on chicago radio spotlight."

Sam(my) Hale
WMMT [McMinnville TN] 1955
WBMC [McMinnville] 1956
WKDA [Nashville TN] 1958
WYDE [Birmingham AL] 1959
WADO [New York NY] 1959
- Charlie King
WJJD [Chicago IL] 1960
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1961
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1961
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1962-1966

Sam Hale died Aug 4, 2015 (age 78, coronary problems) in Atlanta, GA. See Sam Hale Passes Away (radioworld.com).

Tom Hale
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KELG [Austin TX] 1980-1985
Now: Tom says (5/09), "I am in the Missouri Ozarks working as an academic advisor and student success coordinator at a Junior College..."

Frank Haley
KDNT [Dallas TX] 1960 - Con West
KCPA [Dallas] 1961
KGAF [Gainesville TX] 1962
KEEE [Nacogdoches TX] 1964
KTBB [Tyler TX] 1965
KVIL [Dallas] 1965
KLIF [Dallas] 1966
KILT [Houston TX] 1968
KTRH [Houston] 1973
KOB [Albuquerque NM] 1977
KFLQ [Albuquerque] 1997-2005

Now: Frank says (1/06), "I am umemployed after 45 years on the air (news job at KFLQ-FM ended Dec 31, 2005). Family Life Radio downsized its ten radio stations and ended about 30 full-time air jobs. I am looking for work in Albuquerque."

Bill Hall
WAEB [Allentown PA] 1974
WDHA [Morristown NJ] 1977
WSNE [Providence RI] 1988
WDHA [Morristown NJ] 1989-1999, 2006

Now: Bill says (3/07), "I've been working weekends (again!) at Rock WDHA-FM, Dover, New Jersey since February, 2006."

Lee Hall
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1972
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1978
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1982
WDBO [Orlando FL] 1984
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1987
KOMO [Seattle WA] 1994
WWJ [Detroit MI] 1995-1996

Now: Lee says (5/08), "Since 2005, I've been Director of Corporate Communications for Scripps Networks, Knoxville, Tennessee, which operates HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Fine Living and Great American Country."

Mel Hall
WIRB [Enterprise AL] 1952
WABB [Mobile AL] 1954
KOCS [Ontario CA] 1955
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1957
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1959
WJJD [Chicago IL] 1961
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1962
Channel 6 TV [San Diego] 1963
KRLA [LA] 1965
Cinira Corp [San Diego] 1966
Mel Hall died Oct 10, 2011 (age 80; complications following radiation treatments) in San Diego, CA. See '50s, '60s Radio Figure Mel Hall Passes (All Access Music Group).

Phil Hall
KRMG [Tulsa] 1976
KTOW [Tulsa] 1978
KRAV/KGTO [Tulsa] 1979
Surrey B'casting [Denver] 1981
- Dir of Consulting
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1982
WFLA [Tampa] 1983
WTIC [Hartford] 1984
KHJ [LA] 1985
KRTH [LA] 1985
Radio Group Ltd. (consultants) [LA] 1990
- President
KODZ [Dallas] 1993
KBBL/KLPQ [Little Rock AR] 1993
- owner
SportsFan Radio Network [Las Vegas] 1996 - GM
OnRadio [LA] 1998 - VP/Programming
ABC Networks [Dallas] 1999
Now: VP/Programming for ABC Radio Networks, Dallas, Texas.

Sam Hall
WNBC [NY] 1973
WNEW [NY] 1978
WOR [NY] 1980

Now: Morning news anchor at Adult Standards WQEW and Classical WQXR-FM, New York.

Sean Hall
WEEL [Fairfax VA] 1974
WEAM [Washington DC] 1975
WYRE [Annapolis MD] 1978
WPKX [Washington DC] 1981
WKHX [Atlanta GA] 1983
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1984
WLTT [Bethesda MD] 1992
WBIG [Washington DC] 1993
WTOP [Washington DC] 1999
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2001
WQSR [Baltimore] 2004
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2005-2006
WKBK [Keene NH] 2013-2018

Sean Hall was killed in a car crash near Richmond, New Hampshire Nov 24, 2018. See Swanzey resident, local radio reporter dies in Richmond crash Saturday (sentinelsource.com) and WKBK’s Sean Hall passes away (wkbkradio.com).

Steve Hall
AFVN [Pleiku, Vietnam] 1969
WTRS [Gainsville FL] 1970
WAVI/WDAO [Dayton OH] 1973
WKIS [Orlando FL] 1985
+ Florida Radio Network
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1986
Now: Steve says (6/14), "I've been promoted to News Director ... again ... here at Newsradio 970 WFLA and Clear Channel-Tampa Bay, Florida."

Bill Hallett
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WXRV [Boston MA] 1999-2002, 2006-2009
Now: Bill says (9/08), "I'm retired from radio, living in Newburyport, MA."

Todd Halliday
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WDEL [Wilmington DE] 1989-1999
WHAM [Rochester NY] 2014

Now: Todd says (8/14), "I am News Director, morning drive co-anchor at NewsRadio WHAM 1180, Rochester, New York."

'Uncle' Tim Hallmark
Now: Jazz Ancr/Promotions at WDLT, Mobile AL. Also running Hallmark Advertising Consultants an Ad Agency for Small/Medium Businesses.

Donna Halper
WCAS [Cambridge MA] 1973
WMMS [Cleveland] 1974
WLIR [Long Island NY] 1975
WRVR [New York] 1977
WAVA [Washington DC] 1978
WHDH [Boston] 1979
WFTQ [Worcester MA] 1981

Now: Donna says (10/17), "After nearly three decades as a radio programming consultant in small and medium markets all over the U.S., I left radio and returned to college to get my PhD. These days, I write books and articles about media history, and I am an Associate Professor of Communication at Lesley University in Cambridge MA, where I teach courses about media."

Ron Halvorson
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KGBI/KCRO [Omaha NE] 2011
Now: Ron says (5/11), "I'm working as an announcer, board operator at KGBI/KCRO radio, Omaha, Nebraska; I'm also producing TV shows for both Time Warner Cable in Lincoln, and for Cox Cable in Omaha."

Dan Halyburton
WOCN [Miami FL] 1970
WMBM [Miami] 1970
WGMA [Miami] 1971
WWOK [Miami] 1971
WTVR [Richmond VA] 1973
WEET [Richmond] 1974
WTCR [Huntington WV] 1974
- The Music Man
WFMS [Indianapolis IN] 1976
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1977
WQAM [Miami] 1980
KPLX [Dallas TX] 1982
Emmis Communications [New York NY] 2006-2009 - Sr VP Mkt Mgr
Now: Dan says (4/18), "Since 2013, I have been part of the Falls Media Group radio ownership team in Wichita Falls, TX."

Bob Hamilton
WBUX [Philadelphia PA] 1965
WIOO [Carlisle PA] 1967
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1969
- aka John Roberts
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1971
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1971
- Bobby Mitchell
Shepard Broadcasting [Philadelphia] 1972 - National PD
WIFI [Philadelphia] 1974
KRTH [LA] 1977
KHJ [LA] 1983
KSFO/KYA [San Francisco] 1985
KFRC [San Francisco] 1989
KSFO/KYA [San Francisco] 1994
- VP, GM
KYLD [San Francisco] 1994
KNEW/KSAN/KABL/KBGG [San Francisco] 1996
WMXJ [Miami FL] 1999

Now: Program Director at Oldies WMXJ-FM, Miami, Florida.

Bob Hamilton
KBEQ [Elk City OK] 1960
KHEN [Henryetta OK] 1961
KFMJ [Tulsa OK] 1962
KHOG [Fayettville AR] 1963
KTRN [Wichita Falls TX] 1964
WKY [Oklahoma City OK] 1964
WGLI [Long Island NY] 1968
The Bob Hamilton Radio Report [LA] 1970-1974
The Radio Quarterly Report Vols 1-4 [LA] 1976-1977
Fred [LA] 1978
The New Radio Star [New York, LA] 1982
The New Radio Star [Carmel] 1987

Now: Publishing The New Radio Star out of Carmel, California.

Bob Hamilton
KSD [St. Louis] 1971
KMOX [St. Louis] 1982

Now: Doing news at KMOX, St. Louis.

Jay Hamilton
WGNI [Wilmington NC] 1977
WMLO [Sarasota FL] 1981
WOOJ [Fort Myers/Naples FL] 1995
ACN (American Comedy Network) [Bridgeport CT] 1988
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1990
WLTF [Cleveland OH] 1995
KDRE [Little Rock AR] 1998
KLEC [Little Rock AR] 1999

Now: Mornings (w/Corey Deitz) at Rock KLEC-FM (lick1063.com), Little Rock, Arkansas.

Gary Hamilton
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1971
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1972
KERN [Bakersfield] 1973
KUZZ [Bakersfield] 1974
KMGX [Tucson AZ] 1976
KBZT [San Diego CA] 1979
KFMB-FM [San Diego] 1983
WFYR [Chicago IL] 1985
WLIF [Baltimore MD] 1990
WQSR [Baltimore] 1997
WASH [Washington DC] 1999

Now: Gary says (4/18), "I am happily retired and living on the central coast of California." Click for more from Gary.

Mike Hamlin aka The Mighty Leader
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1963
KKUA [Honolulu] 1968
KPOI [Honolulu HI] 1970
KIKI [Honolulu HI] 1973-19??

Mike Hamlin died in Honolulu, Hawaii Nov 18, 1983 (see AROUND THE NATION; Invalid Dies as Power Is Cut Off to Apartment -- The New York Times)."

Greg Hammer
KIKI-FM [Honolulu HI] 1995
KCCN-FM [Honolulu] 1997
KIKI-FM [Honolulu] 1997

Now: Mornings at Hip Hop KIKI-FM, Honolulu, HI. He says (11/05), "I love doing radio. It's a golden opportunity to open the door to other ventures."

Walt Hammock
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KQUE [Houston TX] 1987-1995
Now: Walt says (11/04), "I got out of radio and it was the happiest day of my life. I'm now working in cable TV and have a small ad agency of my own. Life is good; still do some voice-over work."

Khan Hamon
KILT [Houston TX] 1963
WKDA [Nashville TN] 1964
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1965
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1966
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1967
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1968
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 1971
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1972-1972
KTXX [San Antonio TX] 1985-1998
- owner
Now: Khan says (9/04), "I sold KTXX-FM in 1998 to Clear Channel. Since then I have been developing resort property for retirees at Canyon Lake (near San Antonio, Texas)."

Chris Hampson aka Chris Emry
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WOCT [Baltimore MD] 1999-2001
Now: Chris says (6/11), "I'm with Sheffield Institute, Baltimore, Maryland; I get paid to teach the unsuspecting all about the wonderful world of radio."

Jim Hampton
WTRX [Flint MI] 1963 - Jim 'Taylor' Hampton
WKHM [Jackson MI] 1964
WAMM [Flint] 1965
- Jim 'Taylor' Hampton
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1966 - Jimmy
WABX [Detroit] 1967
WJBK [Detroit] 1968
WCAR [Detroit] 1969
WLS [Chicago IL] 1970-1971

Now: Jim says (8/15), "After WLS: I worked for Programming db, Los Angeles, 1971-1973; TelePrograms, Los Angeles, 1973-1999, FM Yokohama, LA Express, 1986-1988; Radio Shanghai, MusicWorld Express, 1987-1989. After producing thousands of syndicated radio program for independent radio stations and networks, in 1999 I formed Greenhouse Marketing Group." 2015 update: "I am hosting Radio Recall: DJ's Cars and Cruising for 104.3 WOMC-FM Detroit during the Woodward Dream Cruise; also am hosting a 12-hour Christmas music special on December 25th for NewsTalk 760 WJR Detroit."

Rick Hampton
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KTIP [Visalia CA] 2001-2003
Now: Rick says (8/03), "I'm calling square dances fulltime and going to College of the Seqouias, Visalia, California."

R.T. Dan Hanchey aka Dan Diamond
KDLA [DeRidder LA] 1954-1956 - Roy T.
KREH [Oakdale LA] 1958 - Roy T.
KALB [Alexandria LA] 1958 - Jim Diamond
KNOE [Monroe LA] 1959 - Jim Diamond
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1959 - James Dan Diamond
WABB [Mobile AL] 1963
WTIX [New Orleans] 1964
WNOE [New Orleans] 1965
WNPS [New Orleans] 1974
WNOE [New Orleans] 1981-1989

Now: Dan says (7/03), "I'm retired from radio, TV & newspaper; residing with wife Lynda (since 1999), in Ridgeland, Mississippi. I keeps up kingdomfoundation.org, as well as groups.msn.com/Harleyitis. I spend a lot of time communicating with people from around the world and traveling." Click for (much) more on Dan.

John Hancock
KADE [Boulder CO] 1979
KBCO [Boulder] 1980
WARM [Scranton PA] 1985
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1987
WBT [Charlotte NC] 1990
WEND [Charlotte] 1999
WBT [Charlotte] 2001

Now: Talking evenings at News/Talk WBT, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Frank Hanel
KXXL [Boseman MT] 1972 - J.R. Hanel
KJRB [Spokane WA] 1973
KOZE [Lewiston ID] 1974
- Chuck Rivers
WXKX [Pittsburgh PA] 1977 - Steve Garrett
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1982 - Frank Foster
KKCI [Kansas City MO] 1984
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1985
- Frank Foster
KRAI/KRAI-FM [Craig CO] 1989 - owner
Now: Frank says (4/04), "I own Country KRAI and Hot AC KRAI-FM in Northwest Colorado, serving Craig and Steamboat Springs for the past 15 years."

Ron Haney
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1971
KAYC/KAYD [Beaumont TX] 1972
KTEM [Temple TX] 1973
KRZI [Waco TX] 1974
- Bryan Taylor
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1974 - Chuck Rivers
KRBE [Houston TX] 1975 - Rock ’n’ Roll Wizard
KILT-FM [Houston] 1977
KKBQ [Houston] 1979
- CE
KEZB [El Paso TX] 1983
KLAQ [El Paso] 1989
- CE
KINT-FM [El Paso] 2005 - CE
Now: Ron says (12/07), "I am working for the Entravision Stations here in El Paso; since 80% of the population speaks Spanish and English working for a group with Spanish TV and radio stations is the best place to be (we have English stations also); I am Chief Engineer for the radio stations and the I.T. Director for all of the nearly 200 computers we have in the building; El Paso is a great city and I guess after having been here since 1983 I've decided to stay." Click for more from Ron.

Mark Hansell aka Mark Elliott
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WOWF [Detroit MI] 1993-1993
Now: Mark says (11/03), "I've been consulting stations (and other companies) in marketing and advertising since 1993. Love to hear from those of us who suffered through the WOW-FM experiment in Detroit."

Evan Haning
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WWRC [Washington DC] 1982-1996
Now: Evan says (5/03), "I'm doing fill-in on Westwood One's America in the Morning and First Light shows."

Curt Hansen
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WEBE [Westport CT] 1983 - VP
Now: Group VP/Programming at WEBE Aurora Communucatons, Westport, CT.

Ric Hansen
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KJR-FM [Seattle WA] 2002-2007
Now: Ric says (7/16), "I'm in Seattle, Washington, running Radio Parties. We work with stations in many markets around the U.S., staging fun promotional events on behalf of our client radio stations."

Roy Hanson - The Shy One
WSHY [Shelbyville IL] 1972 - GM
Now: Running "Han-Son Promotions", Shelbyville, Illinois.

Scott Hanson
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WUSZ [Hibbing MN] 2000
Now: Scott says (Sep 2002), "I am PD, MD, and doing mornings at Country WUSZ-FM, Hibbing (Virginia), Minnesota."

Don Hanzlik aka Don Morgan
WHKY [Hickory NC] 1972
WHNC [Henderson NC] 1974
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1976
- 'Mad Dog' Morgan
WQSN [Charleston] 1977
WCSC [Charleston] 1978
RKO Radio Net [New York NY] 1980
- editor, reporter
United Stations Radio Net [New York] 1986 - editor, reporter
Unistar Radio Net [New York] 1990 - producer, anchor
WBZS/WZHF [Washington DC] 1997
Metro Networks [Silver Spring MD] 1998
- Senior Editor
WDMV [Frederick MD] 2006
MarketWatch net [Washington DC] 2009-2011
- freelance anchor
Now: Don says (8/12), "I am now in a state of semi-retirement in Manatee County, Florida exploring the Gulf Coast on our 34' express cruiser. See linkedin.com/in/donhanzlik.

Frank Harden
WSAV [Savannah GA] 194?-1947
WMAL [Washington DC] 1947-1998

Now: Chris Berry reports (9/05), "After 50 years at WMAL, Frank retired on January 7, 1998. He now divides his time between his homes in Washington DC and Sweden. Harden co-anchored (w/Jackson Weaver) WMAL-AM's morning drive-time slot for 32 years as half of Harden and Weaver, one of the most durable teams in radio history. Frank Harden also served as a network announcer for The Lone Ranger and The Edward P. Morgan Show."

Jerry Hardin
KOB [Albuquerque NM] 1975
KAMX [Albuquerque] 1979
XETRA [LA/San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1980
KAMX [Albuquerque] 1981
KRZY [Albuquerque] 1983
KRST [Albuquerque] 1987
KOLT [Santa Fe NM] 1994
KIOT [Albuquerque] 1997
KZKL [Rio Rancho NM] 1997
KSCQ [Silver City NM] 2000
KVLC [Las Cruces NM] 2001
KGRT/KSNM [Las Cruces] 2007

Now: Jerry says (8/07), "I'm working mornings at Country KGRT-FM and middays at Nostalgia KSNM, Las Cruces, New Mexico."

John Harding
WEVA [Emporia VA] 1960, 1965-1967
WAMU [Washington DC] 1966-1968
WRVA [Richmond VA] 1968-2001

Now: John says (11/15), "I left radio in 2001 retiring to the family farm in Southeastern North Carolina. I've been in freelance photography since retirement."

Lisa Harding
Now: Mornings at WIKZ, Hagerstown, MD.

Robert E. Lee Hardwick
KVI [Seattle WA] 1959-1980
Passed away June 3, 1992. was49B50@aol.com says, "He was named Billboard's radio personality of the year in l979. He climbed Kilimanjaro, jet-skied from Ketchikan, Alaska to Seattle and even traded punches with Joe Frazier. He loved to talk, sell and make people laugh. He personified an energy of showmanship through honesty and integrity, that is rarely matched today in radio. And, most of all, he loved Seattle."

Tom Hardy
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Today FM [Dublin, Ireland] 1998
Now: Programme Manager at Today FM, Dublin, Ireland.

Ann Harlo
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KXUS [Springfield MO] 2000-2001
Now: Ann says (7/05), "I work for the FOX and CBS affiliates in Springfield, MO. It was a hard decision, but I seriously doubt I'll ever do radio again. I guess I'm too old school."

Dick Harman
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WLEE [Richmond VA] 1989-1996 - GM
Now: Dick says (2/04), "Since 1996, I have been with the State Fair of Virginia. First as Media Relations Director and now and Director of Marketing and Sponsorships. I still work with broadcast stations in conncetion with our events. I'm also still doing play-by-play for Randolph-Macon College for WHAN Radio in Ashland, Virginia."

Bruce Harmon
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WBGG [Miami FL] 1999-2003
Now: Bruce says (8/17), "I now work for C&E Marketing which is a rep firm for High End A/V Systems. I also owned my own CD/Record store for years and was the Promotion/Marketing Manger in Florida for CBS/WTG Records and other labels for years."

Dana Harmon
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WHBQ [Memphis TN] 2003 - COO
Now: Dana says (7/05), "I was on the air until 1988, when offered my first GM job in Harrisburg, PA; I am COO of Flinn Broadcasting (WHBQ among others), Memphis, Tennessee."

Steve Harmon
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WCOL [Columbus OH] 2001
Now: Mornings at WCOL-FM (Buckeye Country), Columbus, Ohio.

Kirk Harnack
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WDTL [Cleveland MS] 1992-2002 - Bud Marshall
Now: Kirk says (10/02), "I am in sales and engineering at Telos / Omnia, Nashville, Tennessee".

Joe Harnett
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WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1999
WCOJ [Philadelphia] 2006

Now: Joe says (8/06), " I am Commercial Production Director at Talk WCOJ, West Chester, Pennsylvania." Check out Joe's The Old Ballgame

Drew Harold
KISN [Portland OR] 1967 - Bobby Noonan
KGAR [Vancouver WA] 1967 - A.J. Harold
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1972 - Bobby Noonan
KFXD [Boise ID] 1973
KBOI [Boise] 1979-2007

Now: Drew says (3/07), "I am now working for the State of Idaho having hung up my radio ear phones..."

'Skinny' Bobby Harper
KFNF [Shenandoah IA] 1959
KWKY [Des Moines IA] 1961
KUSN [St. Joseph MO] 1961
WING [Dayton OH] 1962
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1964
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1965
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1966
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1967
WQXI [Atlanta] 1968
WAKY [Louisville KY] 1969
WIIN [Atlanta] 1970
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1973
WGST [Atlanta] 1975
WKLS [Atlanta] 1977
WLTA [Atlanta] 1980
WSB [Atlanta] 1985-1991

Now: Bobby Harper died in Atlanta, Georgia July 22, 2003 (cancer). According to wsbradio.com, "Bobby Harper had made a name for himself in Cincinnati when he made the move to Atlanta in the late 1960s. Hugh Wilson was an Atlanta ad man then and would go on to create WKRP in Cincinnati; Harper was his inspiration for Dr. Johnny Fever. In 1997, Harper told WSB's Condace Pressley, "He went on record as pointing out which ones, including myself, that he based the characters on. It (the recognition) was a nice little thing. You know? That was nice. I appreciated that."

Dennis Harper
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WCBW [Highland IL] 2001-2002 - GM
Now: Dennis says (11/02), "I am a reporter for Reuters News Service."

Lynn Harper
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KCEO [San Diego CA] 1996
Now: Lynn says (Aug 2002), "I am still talking evenings on KCEO (AM1000) and weekends at KOGO (AM600), San Diego, CA -- when the Padres aren't playing."

Nick Harper
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KSOL [San Francisco CA] 1973-1983 aka High Priest of Soul
Now: Nick says (6/09), "I have had the pleasure in traveling with the legions of Motown Tribute show as the Master of ceremonies since 2002; I keep my chop up with contracting to do voiceover gigs and commercial spots."

Ron Harper
KQIZ [Amarillo TX] 1976
KRIG [Odessa TX] 1977
KQID [Alexandria LA] 1980
WNOE-FM [New Orleans] 1982
WOKI [Knoxville TN] 1985
WLVK [Charlotte NC] 1988
WWMG [Charlotte NC] 1990-1999
KOLL [Little Rock AR] 2000
WYGY/WBOB [Cincinnati OH] 2001-2009

Now: Ron says (8/16), "I am concentrating on my business of shooting video content for small business at Videos On Your Website."

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Dave Harrell
WDUV-FM [Bradenton FL] 1992-2003
Now: Dave says (9/14), "In 2007, I was hired by Crown Plaza Hotel in Tampa (at less than minimum wage) as a bellman, carrying bags and shuttling guests to and from the airport, Busch Gardens and Ybor. After a rather 'transient' life in radio for more than 40 years I have my first home and am retired in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa. I have a greenhouse, 3 cats and a lot of time on my hands."

Jim Harrington
WGIR [Manchester NH] 1967
WPRO-FM [Providence RI] 1967
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1969
WICE [Providence] 1969
WDRC/WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 1970
WMEX [Boston] 1973
WBZ [Boston] 1975
WCBS-FM [New York] 1977
WPTR [Albany NY] 1980
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1982
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1986
Harrington & Mitchell, Inc. [Pittsburgh] 1989
- co-owner
Jim Harrington Productions, Inc. [Pittsburgh] 1996 - owner
WHBC [Canton OH] 1999
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh] 2000
WASP [Brownsville PA] 2001
WWVA [Wheeling WV] 2002-2004

Now: Jim says (1/14), "In 2008 I did mornings on the Green Bay Wisconsin-based Oasis Radio network; the network closed in 2009. Today I'm semi-retired. I have a small film production company and I'm working on a film project, with the hope that it goes into production soon..."

Rick Harrington
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KMOX [St Louis MO] 2004
Now: Rick says (7/08), "I am an account executive with News/Talk KMOX, St Louis, Missouri."

Allan Harris
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WBEN [Buffalo NY] 2007
Now: Allan says (6/17), "I'm doing news and traffic at Entercom Buffalo for News/Talk WBEN." See Allan Harris Is Back! [wben.com].

Bill Harris
KERE [Denver] 1974 - Bill Hartley
KXKL [Denver] 1976-2004
Now: Bill says (3/07), "After a 30-year run in Denver as an air personality and engineer, I left Colorado in August of 2004 to take a position in Albuquerque, New Mexico as Chief Engineer for Citadel's eight-station cluster."

Dave Harris
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KGMX [Lancaster CA] 2005-2006
Now: Dave says (10/06), "I have been the host, writer, and executive producer of Retro Rewind since 1999; I am also a songwriter."

Doc Harris
CKOM [Saskatoon SK] 1970 - Gil Harris
CKSO [Sudbury ON] 1970 - Gil Harris
CHAM [Hamilton ON] 1971 - Doc Holiday
CFTR [Toronto ON] 1971
CKLG [Vancouver BC] 1973
CFMI-FM [Vancouver] 1984
CKKS [Vancouver] 1986
CKST [Vancouver] 1990
CKNW [Vancouver] 1992
CFUN [Vancouver] 1993
CKNW [Vancouver] 1994
CISL [Vancouver] 2001

Now: Doc says (3/03), "I doing mornings at CISL Vancouver; also now doing voice imaging."

Gil Harris
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WAIR [Winston-Salem NC] 1981-1983
Now: Gil says (9/02), "I am assistant professor of broadcasting at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg. I also stay busy doing play-by-play sports for the University sports teams. The games are aired on the voice of the university, WSSB-FM."

Glen Harris
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KWLE [Anacortes WA] 2010 - GM
Now: Glen says (1/13), "I'm General Manager, News Director, Program Director, PSA Director, and Morning Show DJ at Adult Contemporary KWLE, Anacortes, Washington."

Lee Harris
WFYR [Chicago] 1977
KTAR [Phoenix] 1982
KMOX [St Louis] 1984
WGN [Chicago] 1985
WIBU [Madison] 1988
- owner/GM
WINS [New York] 1993
Now: AM News Anchor, WINS New York.

Phil Harris
WGSM [Huntington NY] 1965 - CE
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1968
WOMC [Detroit MI] 1972
- CE
WIP [Philadelphia PA] 1978-1987 - CE
WMMR [Philadelphia PA] 1978-1993 - CE
Now: Phil says (5/05), "I am doing project management and engineering contract work for NY, PA and NJ radio stations. Clients include Greater Media, CBS, ABC-Disney and Emmis. Between 1993 and 2001 I worked overseas on various radio projects for Metromedia International in Russia and former Soviet bloc counties; started radio stations from scratch and developed existing ones into profitable commercial business; always worked on the engineering side; also started the first commercial radio in India with NewsCorp in 2001 and 2002. 40 years and counting in this fascinating business. Technological change has been unbelievable in this time frame: from installing tube tranmsitters and early cart machines early on to installing the latest digital audio delivery and storage and HD digital transmission equipment now; from rotary dial telephones to VOIP; I still enjoy some of the early technology, the RF side of AM radio."

R.J. Harris
WRAW [Reading PA] 1968
WBAX [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1972
WAHT [Lebanon PA] 1972
WIOO [Carlisle PA] 1974
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1975
WCMB [Harrisburg PA] 1976
WRHY [York PA] 1978
WLAC/WKQB [Nashville TN] 1979
WYSP [Philadelphia] 1980
WLUP [Chicago IL] 1981
WISN/WLPX [Milwaukee WI] 1982
WAPP/WYNY [New York NY] 1985
WKBO [Harrisburg] 1986
- owner
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1987
WIMX/WCMB [Harrisburg] 1990
WHP/WRVV [Harrisburg]1990
WWKL [Harrisburg] 1993
WHP [Harrisburg] 2000

Now: Mornings/Operations Mgr at Talk WHP, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Zach Harris
WORG [Columbia SC] 1981
WRKR [Milwaukee WI] 1982
WZUU [Milwaukee] 1983
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1985
WKQX [Chicago] 1989
WCKG [Chicago] 1993
WYSY [Chicago] 1995
WCKG [Chicago] 1997
KSLX [Phoenix] 1999

Now: Retired from the radio biz in 2000; residing in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bob Harrison
WSFB [Valdosta GA] 1965
WLOR [Thomasville GA] 1969
WVLD [Valdosta] 1970
WMAF [Madison FL] 1967-1969
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1976-1976
WGAF [Valdosta] 1978
- station mgr
WSTI [Valdosta] 1986-2000 - owner
Now: Bob says (9/05), "I retired from Broadcasting in the fall of 2000 after some great years in the business and the opportunity to work with many talented people, some of whom are no longer with us, but I treasure the memories and the learning experiences with so many. My wife and I are retired in Valdosta, Georgia and with a grown daughter now. We travel a lot and have been all around the world on many land and sea trips. We continue to travel and when home volunteer in our Church and many local organizations. I am on the Board of Trustees with the local college and serve on several boards of directors. Radio was good to us."

Harry Harrison
WPEO [Peoria IL] 195? - Morning Mayor of Peoria
WMCA [NY] 1959
WABC [NY] 1968
- Morning Mayor of NY
WCBS-FM [NY] 1980-2003
WCBS-FM [NY] 2004-2005

Now: WCBS-FM ended its Oldies format in June 2005, ending Harry Harrison's stay at the station. See New York Radio Personality Harry Harrison Remembers...

Spyder Harrison aka J.J. Walker
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1981
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1984
WHLY [Orlando FL] 1986
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1986
- The Jammer
WHYI [Miami FL] 1988
KDWB-FM [Minneapolis] 1990
WEGX [Philadelphia PA] 1991
WXTB [Tampa FL] 1994
WFLZ [Tampa] 1996
KFMS [Las Vegas NV] 1999

Now: Lex vanDyken reports (5/09), "Spyder Harrison is on Sirius XM 70s under the name of JJ Walker."

Wayne Harrison
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KRLD [Dallas TX] 1979-1982
Now: Wayne says (6/06), "I am Sr. News Editor for TheDenverChannel.com; after moving from radio to TV, I moved from TV to new media; I find Internet news has the immediacy of radio, news but the staying power of print news."

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