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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (G)

Bill Gable
WEAM [Washington DC] 1970
WHBQ [Memphis TN] 1971
CKLW [Detroit MI] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1973
- Bob Gable
CKLW [Detroit] 1973
CFTR [Toronto ON] 1980
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 1982
WMAG [Greensboro NC] 1984
WOCL [Orlando FL] 1986
WMMO [Orlando] 1994
CHFI [Toronto] 2002

Now: PM drive at Hot AC CHFI-FM -- and president of Bill Gable Voiceworks -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Chris Gable
WRSC/WQWK [State College PA] 1972
WMGK [Philadelphia PA] 1977
WYNY [New York NY] 1979
WKLC [Charleston WV] 1979
WRKZ [Hershey PA] 1980
WAIA [Miami FL] 1982
WWLI [Providence RI] 1975
- station mgr
Harris Communication [Philadelphia PA] 1986 - VP Programming
Chris Gable Broadcast Services [Mount Gretna PA] 1989-1998 - president
Good Samaritan Hospital [Lebanon PA] 1998 - Manager, Network Services
Now: Chris says (6/04), "I closed my consulting practice, stopped traveling, and changed careers to computer network architect with Good Samaritan Hospital, Lebanon, Pennsylvania."

Frank Gagliano aka J.J. West
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1971 - Dave Martin
KGLA [New Orleans] 1972 - Roger Moore
WIIN [Atlanta GA] 1973 - Jolly Roger
WIXO [New Orleans] 1974 - Roger Moore
KPEL [Lafayette LA] 1975 - Sean Jeffries
KRLY [Houston TX] 1975 - Sean Jeffries
KLAZ [Little Rock AR] 1977
KAAY [Little Rock] 1977
KTFX [Tulsa OK] 1979
KWEN [Tulsa] 1979-1980

Now: Frank says (7/17), "I am owner and operator of LifeSmart Products Co. here in Los Angeles. Always happy to hear from old radio buddies and listeners."

Joe Gaines
WEVD [New York NY] 1970
WBNX [New York] 1977
WNJR [Newark NJ] 1991-1994

Now: Hosting Joe Gains Express (salsa and Latin jazz) on laMusica.com

Richard Gainey
WKTZ Jones College [Jacksonville FL] 1971 - George Gainey
WFAM [Jacksonville FL] 1972
WWCU-FM West Carolina Univ. [Cullowhee NC] 1981
- GM
WONB-FM Ohio Northern Univ. [Ada OH] 1991 - GM
Now: Richard says (8/06), "I am GM at Variety WONB-FM, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio."

Cory Galbraith
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CIWW [Ottawa ON] 1988-1993
Now: Cory says (3/03), "I'm owner of Galbraith Communications, Ottawa, Ontario and loving it; also author of CFTR 680: The Unofficial Web Site."

Jack Gale
WBTM [Danville VA] 1944
WBOC [Salisbury MD] 1945
WCBM [Baltimore MD] 1945
AFRS [Aberdeen MD] 1945
WMMN [Morgantown WV] 1946
WSID [Baltimore] 1946
WSSV [Richmond VA] 1947
WTBO [Cumberland MD] 1948/1950
WSRS [Cleveland OH] 1952
WTMA [Charleston SC] 1955
WITH [Baltimore] 1957
WWIN [Baltimore] 1962
WMEX [Boston MA] 1963
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1965
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1971
KPGA [San Luis Obispo CA] 1974
- owner/am drive
WHNE [Norfolk VA] 1976-1977 - am drive/consultant
WITH [Baltimore MD] 1996-1997 - am drive/consultant
Jack Gale, Inc. [Lecanto FL] 1998 - owner
WEEL [Dothan AL] 2007 - owner
Now: Jack says (2/07), "I own Oldies WEEL, Dothan, Alabama -- and I'm doing the morning show; still doing national voice-overs and commercials. I wrote Same Time, Same Station, describing almost 50 years in the radio & record business (I also produced records in Nashville for 15 years): I started in radio in 1944; In those days, we had glass acetates; I made one and sent it to WBTM, Danville, Virginia; When I arrived at the station, they showed me the record; It had arrived in pieces, but they hired me anyhow; I should say, that's how I 'broke' into radio." The Jack Gale Collection on reelradio.com.

Bill Gallagher
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KPAM [Portland OR] 2000
Now: Program Director and talk host (afternoons) at News/Talk KPAM, Portland, Oregon.

Jeff Gallagher
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WQXE [Elizabethtown KY] 2002
Now: Jeff says (8/04), "I am Operations Manager at Hot AC WQXE-FM (Quicksie 98.3), Elizabethtown, Kentucky; and I own jscottproductions.com."

John Gallagher
WWCB [Corry PA] 1977
WYSS [Saegertown PA] 1979
- Johnny Holliday
WKSN [Jamestown NY] 1979
WXIL [Parkersburg WV] 1981
- Scott Reynolds
WADC [Parkersburg] 1982 - Scott Reynolds
WIBZ [Parkersburg] 1982 - Scott Reynolds
WCCK [Erie PA] 1983 - Jeff O'Brien
WEYZ [Erie] 1988
WXTA [Erie] 1992-1997
WWOW [Conneaut OH] 2012-2015

Now: Now: John says (4/17), "I've run a very successful wedding and special event DJ entertainment business since 1997. I keep in touch now and then with former co-workers through Facebook and social media."

John Gallagher
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1972
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1975
WEAN [Providence RI] 1975

Now: John says (4/08), "I am retired and building luxury ski houses at Stowe VT, Bretton Woods, NH and Sunday River, Maine -- also luxury Caribbean houses in St. Maarten and St. John."

Eddie Gallaher
KTUL [Tulsa OK] 1934
WTOP [Washington DC] 1948

Washington Redskins PBP [WTOP radio] 1955-1956
Washington Redskins PBP [WTOP TV] 1957-1965
WASH [Washington DC] 1965
WWDC [Washington DC] 1982
WGAY [Washington DC] 1999-2000

Now: Eddie retired from radio Dec. 22, 2000 after some 66 years on the air. He died Nov 26, 2003 at the age of 89. More on Eddie Gallaher.

Andy Gallo
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KVST [Conroe TX] 2001-2003
Now: Andy says (1/08), "I have my own A/V production company."

Roger Galloway
WCAW [Charleston WV] 1965
WKAZ [Charleston] 1966
KIKX [Tucson AZ] 1967
KTKT [Tucson] 1969
XPRS [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1973-1980
Westwood One [LA CA] 1998
- National Entertainment Reporter
Now: Roger says, "I left radio in 1980 to produce TV specials for Showtime, HBO, and Disney. I went back to radio in 1998, joining up with Westwood One and Metro Networks. I am National Entertainment Reporter covering the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, movies, TV, and music. I also do once a week Hollywood This Week on-air segment."

Larry Gamble
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KTNS [Oakhurst CA] 1988
Now: Larry says (7/03), "I am owner and GM of Nostalgia KTNS and Adult Contemporary KAAT-FM, Oakhurst, California."

John A. Gambling
WOR [New York] 1959-1991
John A. Gambling was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2000. John A. died Jan 8, 2004 (heart attack) in Venice, Florida.

John B. Gambling
WOR [New York] 1925-1959
HeathenDJ@darksites.com says, "John B. Gambling, began broadcasting on WOR when it was in the back of the radio department of Bamberger's Department Store in Newark, New Jersey. WOR took it's three-letter call sign from the words 'Orpheus Radio'." John B. died in 1974

John R. Gambling
WHVS [Poughkeepsie NY] 197?
WOR [New York] 1985
WABC [New York] 2000
WOR [New York] 2008
WNYM [Hackensack NJ] 2014

Now: Weekdays 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at News/Talk WNYM, Hackensack, New Jersey.

Bennett Gamel
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WFXW [Chicago IL] 1983-1988 - VP
Now: Sr. Director of Strategic Planning, Sprint PCS, Overland Park, Kansas.

Monica Gannon
WZOO [Ashtabula OH] 1989 - Heather Wolf
Baron Aviation [Cleveland OH] 1989 - traffic reporter
WMJI [Cleveland] 1991
Metro Networks [Cleveland] 1990
- traffic reporter
WLTF [Cleveland] 1992
WERE [Cleveland] 1995
Summer Olympics [Atlanta GA] 1996
- traffic reporter
WENZ [Cleveland] 1996 - sweeper voice
WERE [Cleveland] 1996 - Phenomenonica
WNCX [Cleveland] 1997-2002
WDOK/WQAL [Cleveland OH] 2000

Now: Monica says (10/06), "I am still enjoying the crazy world of radio production as Assistant Production Director of WDOK/WQAL-FM, Cleveland; always up for freelance voice work, feel free to email for details & demos."

Matt Ganssle
KFRR [Fresno CA] 1996 - Shadowboy
KXTE [Las Vegas NV] 2000 - Phat Matt
KURQ [San Luis Obispo CA] 2001 - Phat Matt
KRAB [Bakersfield CA] 2002 - Imaging Dir aka Phat Matt
KPLX [Ft. Worth TX] 2004 - Imaging Dir
KBWF [San Francisco CA] 2007 - imaging
Now: Matt says (9/07), "I am doing imaging at Country KBWF-FM, San Francisco, California."

Paul Gant
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WKIE [Chicago IL] 2007
Now: Paul says (6/07), "I'm back home in Chicago and on-air at 9FM filling in for all dayparts needed with regular Friday and Saturday night shifts."

Bill Garcia
WAAB [Worcester MA] 1968
WBZ [Boston] 1969
WRBQ-FM [Tampa FL] 197?

Now: The Associated Press Regional Radio Executive CRMC, Large Markets, Boston, Massachusetts. Click for more on Bill.

'Wild' Bill Garcia
KULF [Houston] 1979 - Roy Garcia
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1980
WDEX [Charlotte] 1982
- GM
WHK [Cleveland] 1983
WUSN [Chicago] 1984
WLS [Chicago] 1988
WJMK [Chicago] 1991
WUSN [Chicago] 1992

Now: Middays at Country WUSN-FM, Chicago, Illinois.

Ruben O. Garcia aka Ruben O
KLAR [Laredo TX] 1975
KZZY [San Antonio TX] 1977
KITY [San Antonio] 1977
KFMK [Houston TX] 1980
KTSA/KTFM [San Antonio] 1983
KESI [San Antonio] 1985
KSAQ [San Antonio] 1985
KSMG [San Antonio] 1985
KLUP [San Antonio] 1993
KONO/KONO-FM [San Antonio] 1997
KCYY [San Antonio] 2006
KYTY [San Antonio] 2007

Now: Ruben O says, (5/08), "I am working as PD and doing middays at Christian Contemporary KYTY (810); also doing voiceover work in the San Antonio, Texas area."

Glen Gardner
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WNNS [Springfield IL] 2002 - GM
Now: Glen says (12/02), "I am General Manager at Hot AC WNNS-FM (and WQLZ, WYVR, WMAY), Springfield, IL."

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Greg Gardner
KAWC [Yuma AZ] 1984-2004
Now: Greg says (4/14), I am retired from KAWC where I served as News/Sports Director; I am active in my community as a volunteer."

Jim Gardner
Cable 10 [Honolulu HI] 1975-1977 - host: sports show
KLEI [Honolulu] 1980-1981
KSSK/KULA [Honolulu] 1984-1985
KHVH [Honolulu] 1985-1987
KSSK [Honolulu] 1987-1999
- 'Dr.' Jim Gardner
KHON-TV [Honolulu] 1998-1999 - traffic
KBEE [Salt Lake City UT] 2000-2000
KGMZ [Honolulu] 2004

Now: Jim says (1/04), "I am an air personality at Oldies KGMZ-FM in Honolulu, Hawaii. Overall I have enjoyed my association in radio/TV. I especially enjoyed the interaction with the public when hosting various events around Honolulu. My favorites were the years I spent as master of ceremonies at the Aloha Bowl and Hula Bowl games. These were the most challenging of anything I did in view of the public, but were also the most rewarding."

Johnny Gardner
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WAXB [Patterson NY] 1999-2001
Now: John says (2/05), "I Live in West Hartford, CT and have worked full-time for the USPS as a letter carrier and have always juggledradio on the side. In 2003, I launched radio14fun.com; stop by and give a listen."

Joe Gardner
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WCDO [Sidney NY] 2007
Now: Joe says (5/08), "I am traffic director, operations (remotes, engineering, equipment transfer), remote broadcast host, and production guru at WCDO AM/FM, Sidney, New York."

Paul Gardner
WMEL [Melbourne FL] 1977
WKKO [Orlando FL] 1977
WRMF [Titusville FL] 1978
WCKS [Cocoa Beach FL] 1978
WLOF [Orlando] 1979
WIKS/WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 1980
KFI [Los Angeles CA] 1982
KOST [Los Angeles] 1982
WLS/WLS-FM [Chicago IL] 1984-1990
WGBO-TV [Chicago] 1986-1989
- station voice
WGN [Chicago] 2007-2010
Paul Gardner died Dec 12, 2010 [Chicago IL, hyper vascular disease]. See Paul Gardner [from Chicago's WLS Radio History]

Lee Garen
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WGKA [Atlanta GA] 1999-2000
Now: Lee says (11/02), "I'm an overnight news anchor for CNN Radio Network. I have a D.J. business and do magic shows when I have the opportunity."

Dave Garland
KRLD-TV [Dallas] 1969 - photographer
KNTU [Dallas] 1969
KMMK [Dallas] 1970
KSKY [Dallas] 1973
KDNT [Dallas] 1975
KMWT [Mineral Wells TX] 1976
- GM
KCLE [Cleburne TX] 1978
KGVL [Greenville TX] 1978
KXOL [Ft. Worth] 1979
KLSR [Memphis TX] 1986
- GM
Garland Media [League City TX] 1986 - owner
KVLL [Woodville TX] 1999-2001 - owner
Now: Dave says (4/03), "I sold KVLL-AM in 2001 and have moved Dave Garland Media Brokerage to Houston, Texas."

Warren Garling aka Chris Warren
WSNY [Schenectady NY] 1969-1970 - Jesse James
WKAJ [Saratoga Springs NY] 1972
WGNA [Albany NY] 1973
WJLJ [Tupelo MS] 1975
WGNA [Albany] 1976-1986
WTRY [Troy NY] 1988
WGY-FM [Schenectady] 1992
WRVE [Schenectady] 1993
WTRY [Troy] 2001
WMHT-TV [Schenectady] 2002-2006

Now: Warren says (1/18), "I'm working weekends (since 2001) for 98.3/WTRY, Troy NY (Chris Warren lives!) in addition to full-time voice work for great folks at places like PBS, New York State, People First, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, iHeartMedia, and others. Business is good and I’m looking for more."

Rick Garner
Now: Production Manager at WYJS, Jackson, MS.

Gene Garnes
WNBC [New York NY] 1979-1988
Now: Gene says, "I am at NBC-TV (with the rest of my fellow former radio engineers). I miss working with Beebe, Sarzynski, Captain Frank Reed, Bumper Morgan, Gary Bridges, Ted McClain and all the other crazies at WNBC Radio." See Radio Engineers Group at yahoo.com.

Erin Garrett
KYA [San Francisco] 1993
KYCY [San Francisco] 1994
KFRC [San Francisco] 1996

Now: Mornings at oldies KFRC, San Francisco.

Larry O. Garrett
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1963 - GM (1968)
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1973 - GM
WTAE/WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1974
WWGO/WCCK [Erie PA] 1976
- GM
WEJZ [Jacksonville] 1989 - GM
Now: Passed away in August, 1998. More on his passing from Jeff Roteman.

Pat Garrett
WVWR [Roanoke VA] 1976
WFIR/WPVR [Roanoke] 1977
WROV [Roanoke] 1980
WXLK [Roanoke] 1982
WGNI [Wilmington NC] 1983
WKSF [Asheville NC] 1984
WPTF [Raleigh NC] 1989-1993

Now: Pat says (Oct 2002), "After spending almost 20 years in or around radio stations (and a few years as a TV production person), I returned to school (NC State) and earned a degree in Computer Science and now work as a programmer. All the details can be found on my website." And he trips down memory lane, "Probably my favorite story is of working at WROV when our PD, Bart Prater, used to go fishing in the Roanoke River and when he'd catch fish he'd bring them back to the station and hide them in the owner's (Burt Levine's) office."

'Tiger' Jack Garretson
WTBC [Tuscaloosa AL] 1963
WACT [Tuscaloosa] 1970-1971
WJRD [Tuscaloosa] 1977-1984
WTBC [Tuscaloosa] 2002

Now: Tiger Jack says (9/07), "I'm doing an oldies show on Saturday mornings, back on News/Talk WTBC, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; using old Pams jingles ... trying to sound like it was 40 years ago..."

Frank Garrity
WSUS [Franklin NJ] 1982 - GM
WPAT [Patterson NJ] 1990
WINS [New York NY] 1996

Now: Frank says (12/07), "I am the weeknight sports announcer on News WINS, New York City."

John Garry
WTOD [Toledo OH] 1957
WSPD [Toledo] 1959
WTOD [Toledo] 1960
WTRX [Flint MI] 1962
WTOD [Toledo] 19602
WGH [Norfolk VA] 1967
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1972
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1984
WMXP [Pittsburgh] 1992
WSSZ [Pittsburgh] 1993
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1994

Now: Retired from News-Talk-Sports WTAE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dec. 1, 1997.

Lee Gary
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Metropolis 107FM [Bangkok Thailand] 2004
Now: Lee says (11/04), "I am a presenter on 70s/80s Metropolis 107FM, Bangkok, Thailand."

Tom Gauger
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 1958
WCHL [Chapel Hill NC] 1958-1961
AFN Europe [Frankfurt Germany] 1963
- network ancr
WIST [Charlotte NC] 1965
WYFM [Charlotte] 1965
WIOD [Miami FL] 1966
WMAL [Washington DC] 1968-1986
UPI Radio Network [Washington DC] 1990
- a.m. news anchor
ABC Radio Network [Washington DC] 1995-2000 - reporter/editor
Now: Tom says (9/10), "After retiring from ABC in 2005, I bought a cabin on some acreage in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia; it was nice but VERY remote, so I have relocated to near Carlise, Pennsylvania; still doing voicers and image tracks; life is grand!"

Gerald Gaule
KAAR [Vancouver WA] 1986 - Mighty Jer
KLOG [Kelso WA] 1988
KBGR [Battle Ground WA] 1989
- Mighty Jer, GM
KRKT [Corvallis OR] 1991 - Jerry Meyers
KXPC [Corvallis] 1992 - JJ Stone
KHPE [Corvallis] 1992
KLBN [Corvallis] 1995
- Mighty Jer, GM
KSGO [Loveland CO] 1998-1999 - Mighty Jer, GM
KFIR [Corvallis] 2000-2002
KXPC [Corvallis] 2001-2002
- Jeff Davis
Now: Gerald says (2/05), "I do broadcast consultation and custom MP3 liners from my hq in Lebanon, Oregon."

Gary Gears
W??? [Minneapolis/St. Paul MN] 1967
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1968
WCFL [Chicago] 1970
WLS [Chicago] 1971
CHUM [Toronto] 197?
WDAI [Chicago] 197?
- Gary Wallace
Passed away. Warren Cosford says, "I knew Gary quite well in the 70's. He had a very successful voice-over career with ABC-TV, commercials, and occasional weekends and holiday relief at CHUM, Toronto. He never had regular shifts after WDAI. He filled in at WIND, WJEZ, WJJD, WKQX, WMAQ and WRQX for vacationers. He just liked getting on the air now and then and most Chicago stations loved having him. CHUM would fly him in to work weekends and to record I.D.s and commercials. His wife worked at the all-Chick station in Chicago that was owned by the Chess family. When Chess sold their studio, Gary bought the board and mounted it in the foyer of his studio. Everyone from Chuck Berry through the Rolling Stones recorded on it."

Dan Geary
WWGO [Erie PA] 1967
WCCK [Erie] 1970
WWYN [Erie] 1971
WJET [Erie] 1972
- Sean McGregor
WXKC [Erie] 1987 - Captain Dan
WFGO [Erie] 1997
WJET [Erie] 2007
WYNE [North East PA] 2008
- Mercyhurst College
Now: Dan says (2/08), "I am morning guy and Sales Manager at WYNE (owned and operated by Mercyhurst College as a commercial daytimer), North East, Pennsylvania -- it's the final resting place of Captain Dan."

Susan Geary
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XHCR [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 2000-2003
Now: Susan says (5/07), "In between radio gigs I worked in TV news; after radio I became a professional resume writer."

Dave Geho
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KOGA/KOGA-FM [Ogallala NE] 1996
Now: Dave says (8/06), "I am Chief Enginer at KOGA-AM, KOGA-FM, KMCX-FM in Ogallala, Nebraska."

John Gehron
WCBS-FM [New York] 1972
WLS [Chicago] 197?
Pyramid Broadcasting [Boston] 1983
- VP
American Radio Systems, Inc. [Boston] 199?
Now: Co-Chief Operating Officer, American Radio Systems, Inc., Boston.

Chuck Geiger
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WCTO [Allentown PA] 1997
KHGE [Fresno CA] 2005

Now: Chuck is PD and heads up Big Country Mornings at KHGE-FM, Fresno, California.

Bill Geist aka Bill Taylor
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WTDY [Madison WI] 2002
Now: Bill says (10/03), "I am a consultant -- and professional speaker on trends and marketing -- to the destination marketing industry. And I'm filling in (and having a blast) at Talk WTDY, Madison, Wisconsin."


Simon Geller
WVCA [Gloucester MA] 1964 - owner
Passed away July 11, 1995 at the age of 75.

Bill Gentry
KBZZ [La Junta CO] 1968
KKAM [Pueblo CO] 1971
KEEP [Twin Falls ID] 1972
KSRV [Ontario OR] 1973
KPUL [Pullman WA] 1974
KYET [Payette ID] 1974
KXBQ [Ontario] 1977
KYEZ [Salina KS] 1982-1982

Now: Bill says (2/15), "On July 4th, 1977, Duane Kertulla and I put on the air the last class C FM license available in the entire country at the time with KXBQ in the Boise, Idaho-Ontario, Oregon market; the station is still on the air today with KSRV-FM call letters ... I left broadcasting in 1982 to pursue a 28-year career in casino management which always fascinated me ... I am retired in Quincy, Washington."

Johnny George
WNAP [Indianapolis IN] 1978
WIKS [Indianapolis] 1979
WTLC [Indianapolis] 1981
WZPL [Indianapolis] 1986
WKLR [Indianapolis] 1993
WNAP [Indianapolis] 1995
WFMS/WGLD/WGRL [Indianapolis] 1997-2006

Now: Johnny says (6/06), "My tenure at Susquehanna in Indianapolis (last listed station group) has ended as of May 2006 due to the takeover by Cumulus Media Partners -- they eliminated the Creative Services Director positions at most of the SMC properties ... I'll update you when info becomes available."

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Nat George
KGY/KYYO [Olympia WA] 2008
Now: Nat says (1/14), "I do 'a little bit of everything' at KGY-AM and KYYO-FM (branded as KAYO), including PM Drive and production on KAYO plus am the Sr. Account Exec in sales, plus IT work and whatever else there is to do around here. I love all sides of the business :)"

Jeff Gerber
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WGLQ [Escanaba MI] 1982
Now: Jeff says, "I am network technical manager of a five-station group in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and still occasionally appear on the air."

Russ Gerber
KERN [Bakersfield CA] 1972
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1975
KSPZ [Colorado Springs CO] 1978
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1981-1983

Now: Russ says (10/05), "I host the Christian Science Sentinel Radio Edition, a 30-minute weekly, syndicated religious radio program heard on over 200 radio stations throughout the U.S., and in some cities around the world. The program is produced in Boston, MA."

Kevin Gershan
KIQQ [Los Angeles CA] 1974
KMPC [LA] 1975
KMGG [LA] 1983-1984
KQLZ [LA] 1985-1985
KRTH [LA] 1992-1998

Now: Kevin was producer and creative consultant for Robert W. Morgan at K-100, KMPC, Magic 106 and K-Earth 101. He was a writer for Scott Shannon on Pirate Radio (KQLZ). He wrote and produced the Robert W. Morgan tribute site. Keving says, "After radio, I held various production positions in television including Solid Gold, Hard Copy, Real-TV, EXTRA! and Entertainment Tonight. I am a freelance TV producer and director working mostly in reality television."

Larry Gerson
WTAE/WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1979
WVTY [Pittsburgh] 199?
WEAE [Pittsburgh] 1999-2010


Tony Gervasi
WKXW [Trenton NJ] 1984 - Tony Andrews
WZLD [Columbia SC] 1986 - Tony Andrews
WYYS [Columbia] 1988 - Tony Karr
WNOK [Columbia] 1990 - Tony Gervais Street
WALK/WALK-FM [Patchogue NY] 1994-1996 - CE
Now: Tony says (11/07), "I've been with Nassau Broadcasting Partners since 1996, and am the Sr. VP of Engineering."

Mark Giardina
WHAM [Rochester NY] 1974
WSAY [Rochester] 1980
WNYR/WRMM/WEZO [Rochester] 1980
WXXI [Rochester] 1990-2004
WYSL [Rochester] 2006

Now: Mark resides in Rochester, New York. He says (3/07), "In 2004, after a 30-year career in radio news, I left broadcasting to work for the government; in 2006 I got back into the biz on a part-time basis with News WYSL, Rochester, New York; I am a producer and provide occasional news stories."

Steve Gibbons
KSO [Des Moines IA] 1962 - Dean Gibson
KDMI-FM [Des Moines] 1963 - Steve Webber
WHO-TV [Des Moines] 1964 - director
KBAB [Des Moines] 1964
WHO [Des Moines] 1965
KRNT [Des Moines] 1968
WYOO [Minneapolis MN] 1972
WYOO-FM [Minneapolis] 1972
- Ugly Steve Steele
KERE [Denver CO] 1976 - Steve Shaw
KHOW [Denver] 1976 - Steve Shaw
KLZ [Denver] 1977 - Steve Shaw
KITE [San Antonio TX] 1978 - Steve Shaw
KFJZ [San Antonio] 1978 - Steve Shaw
KRNT [Des Moines] 1979-2009
Now: Steve says (11/09), "I was released by Saga Communications of Iowa in January 2009 after 30+ years on the air at KRNT. I am still doing voice-over and industrial voice work in and around Des Moines, Iowa..."

Kenny Gibbs
WWVU [Morgantown WV] 1983 - WV Univ
WCLG/WCLG-FM [Morgantown] 1984 - Kenny G
WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1985
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1987-1993
WFBY [Morgantown WV] 1995-1997

Now: Kenny says (1/10), "I'm teaching high school English and history in Northwestern PA; running the farm with my wonderful wife the rest of the time: beef, ducks, chickens, lots of poop, I love it. Nothing but good memories of my days in radio; I'm at the stage in my life to really sit back and say, "Man, I met some cool people and was part of something amazing." I have nothing but respect for those of you who still take to the air waves; I really miss talking with all the listeners, God Bless, Scary times for our country; do your part and be involved."

Ray Gibson
KUAM/KUAM-FM [Agana] 1979
KOKU [Agana] 1984
KZGZ [Agana] 1998
KGUM [Agana] 2004

Now: Ray says (11/06), "I'm PD and doing mornings on News/Talk KGUM, Agana, Guam."

Derek Gilbert
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WFXB [St. Louis MO] 1991-1993 - Derek Johnson
Now: Derek says (5/06), "I am selling steel pipe in St. Louis, writing novels, and producing a daily news analysis podcast with my wife, author Sharon K. Gilbert."

George Gilbert
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WARM/WMGS [Scranton PA] 1991-1996
Now: George says, "I retired in 1996 because it was no longer fun going to work. I'm living in Clarks Summit, PA. Someone once said I would go nuts if I retired. Well, they were wrong. I don't even get upset when I hear a wrong spot running on the air."

Jeff Gilbert
Now: Reporting at WWJ, Detroit, Michigan.

Pat Gillen
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KKLQ [San Diego CA] 1993-1994
Now: Pat says (10/02), "I am running PEGasus eMedia (my own consulting company), New York, New York."

John Gilliland
KOLJ [Quanah TX] 1952
KCUL [Mineral Wells TX] 1954
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1959
KOGO [San Diego CA] 1961
- Johnny Land
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1971-1978

Doug Hill reports: John Gilliland died in his hometown of Quanah, Texas on July 27, 1998. His sister donated his Pop Chronicles tapes to the University of North Texas Music Library, where they can now be heard online.

Lee Gillette
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1978 - Tom Clay
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1981 - Hitman
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1982
WHTT [Boston MA] 1985
KOOL [Phoenix AZ] 1987
WZTA [Miami FL] 1987
CKLW [Windsor - Detroit MI] 1989
WFLC [Miami] 1991
KFQC [Davenport IA] 1996
KMXG [Davenport] 1996
Radio One Networks [Avon CO] 1999
WPLC [Washington DC] 2000

Lee Gillette died in Clinton, Iowa, August 13, 2001.

Greg Gillispie
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WBYR/WFWI [Ft. Wayne IN] 2003/2004 - Dir Rock Programming
Now: Greg says (6/04), "After 31 years in media, I've started my own consulting firm, Greg Gillispie Consulting, Kennesaw, Georgia. You can find my written work at www.arcmag.com/bloggreg/."

Al Gilson
KEZE [Spokane WA] 1973
KSPO [Spokane] 1974
KGA [Spokane] 1976
KZUN [Spokane] 1978
KCVL [Colville WA] 1978
KGA [Spokane] 1979
KDRK [Spokane] 1980
KGA [Spokane] 1981
Cox Communications [Spokane] 1982
- Sales Mgr
KKPL [Spokane] 1984
Convention & Visitors Bureau [Spokane] 1985
- Comm. Dir
State of Washington [Spokane] 1994
Now: Public Information Officer for the State of Washington.

George Gimarc
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KRLD [Dallas TX] 1998
Now: Hosting the Lost Tapes talk show on KRLD, Dallas, Texas. George says, "I was one of the two people who invented 'The Edge' alternative format which was spread across the US by Jacobs Media."

Arnie 'Woo-Woo' Ginsburg
WBOS [Boston] 1957
WMEX [Boston] 1959
WRKO [Boston] 1967
WBCN [Boston] 1970
- GM
WWEL [Boston] 1972 - GM
WXKS [Boston] 1979 - partner
WVJV-TV [Boston] 1985 - owner
Pyramid Broadcasting [Boston] 1987 (WXKS +12 others)
Now: Shel Swartz of The Big 68 WRKO Remembered reports that Arnie retired to his home on the coast of Maine in 1996. Shel says, "In 1997, Arnie was one of just 25 American disk jockeys saluted in a special event at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Arnie is considered personally responsible for the breaking out of dozens of rock 'n' roll records in New England." Click for more on Arnie.

Lee Githens
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KLYF [Des Moines IA] 1990-1997
Now: Lee says (Aug 2002), "I am working for Verizon Wireless (major account rep) and freelancing radio spots in Des Moines, Iowa."

Rick Glasby
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WDAT [Daytona Beach FL] 1975-1979
Now: Rick says, "I have been producing interactive multimedia since leaving radio. I am currently with Multimedia Software, Frederick, Maryland."

Dennis Glasgow
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KFXX [Portland OR] 2004
Now: Dennis says (11/06), "I have been in Portland, OR with Entercom Communications since 2004; since 2005 as PD for KFXX (Sports Radio 1080 the Fan)."

Dave Glass
WDKC [Albany NY] 1969
WTRY [Albany] 1972
WHSH [Albany NY] 1973
KANE [Lafayette LA] 1974
WHUC [Hudson NY] 1975
WOKO [Albany] 1975
WWOM [Albany] 1977
WABY [Albany] 1980
KDJW [Amarillo TX] 1983
WMVI [Albany] 1983
KMON [Great Falls MT] 1983
WKXC [Tupelo MS] 1984
KGVO [Missoula MT] 1985
KERR [Kalispell MT] 1986
KYSS [Missoula] 1987
WHRL [Albany] 1988
KUFM [Missoula] 1989
KATQ [Williston MT] 1993-2003

Now: Dave says (4/15), "I retired to northwest Montana in 2009 where I record audiobooks and do commercial radio production in my home studio."

David Glass
WWOD [Lynchburg VA] 1966
WLLL [Lynchburg] 1967
WKDE [Altavista VA] 1967
WODI [Brookneal VA] 1968
WWOD [Lynchburg] 1968
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1970
WLVA-TV [Lynchburg] 1974
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1976
WGOL [Lynchburg] 1985
WLVA [Lynchburg] 1989
WGOL [Lynchburg] 1990-2004

Now: David is a magistrate in Lynchburg, Virginia and says (2/04), "I'm not in radio at the present time."

Larry Glick
WMEX [Boston MA] 1963
WBZ [Boston] 1968-1987
WHDH [Boston] 1988-1991

Larry Glick died Mar 26, 2009 in Florida of complications from open heart surgery. See Larry Glick, legendary Boston talkmaster, dies at 87 (The Boston Globe). He had retired in Boca Raton, FL.
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