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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (F2)

Kevin Fodor
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WHIO [Dayton OH] 2004 - Jason Michaels
Now: Kevin says (2/04), "I'm heard as Jason Michaels on Country WHKO-FM, 80s Rock WDPT-FM and News/Talk WHIO-AM in Dayton, Ohio."

Tad Fogel
WGTN [Georgetown SC] 1958
WIS [Columbia SC] 1962
WKAT [Miami FL] 1964
WINH [Georgetown] 1967-1984
- owner, mgr
WGMB [Georgetown] 1971-1984 - owner, mgr
WSPA [Spartanburg SC] 1987-1988 - mgr
WWNC [Asheville NC] 1993-1995
Now: Tad says (01/10), "I operate Fogel Advertising, a Brevard, North Carolina-based advertising and promotional products marketing company and continue to work closely with the broadcasting industry providing bumper stickers, advertising specialties, etc.; I was inducted into the SCBA Hall Of Fame on January 15, 2010 as a 36 year veteran of broadcasting."

Neal Foisy
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CFAX/CHBE [Victoria BC] 2003
Now: Neal says (8/04), "I'm in creative services at News CFAX and 80s/90s CHBE-FM and doing occasional on air fill-in on CHBE-FM (as the Real Neal Forsythe), Victoria BC."

Ben Fong-Torres
KFOG [San Francisco CA] 1967
KSAN [San Francisco] 1970-1981
- Host: Moonlight Groove Highway
KFOG [San Francisco] 1983 - Archives, Rarities
KUSF [San Francisco] 1993 - Jive Radio
KQED [San Francisco] 1994-1995 - Fog City Radio
Moonlight Groove Highway [syndicated] 2005 - co-host
KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 2007-2008
Now: Ben says (9/10), "I ended my show on KYAradio.com January 2010; Last book: The Grateful Dead Scrapbook, 2009; I also write the Radio Waves column for the San Francisco Chronicle, available via sfgate.com." See Ben's bio at benfongtorres.com.

Dave Fontaine
WNVR [Waterbury CT] 1981
WQQW [Waterbury] 1982
WBIS [Bristol CT] 1983
WATR [Waterbury] 1983
WWYZ [Waterbury] 1983
WWCO [Waterbury] 1988-1991
WBIS [Bristol CT] 1990-1991
WNNH [Concord NH] 1995-2000

Now: Dave says (2/04), "I am a mobile DJ entertainer for Music in Motion, Seymour, Connecticut."

Franklin B. Forbes
WVAM [Altoona PA] 1964
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1966
WKBO [Harrisburg PA] 1972
- Bob Alexander
WHP [Harrisburg] 1988 - Bob Alexander
Latest report: Franklin is a parole officer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Marty Forbes
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CFBR/CFRN [Edmonton AB] 1992 - VP/GM
Now: Marty says (Nov 2002), "I am VP/GM of Standard Radio, Edmonton, Alberta. Current stations: CFBR-FM (The Bear) CFMG-FM (E Z Rock) and CFRN-AM (Team 1260)."

Art Ford
WNEW [New York NY] 194?
Now: ???

Bill Ford
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KZST [Santa Rosa CA] 1986-1994
Now: Bill says (10/03), "I live in San Francisco running an advertising and public relations firm, Ford Odell Group. I have published the book: The Woggle Bug."

Bob Ford
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KZFX [Houston TX] 1989-1993
Now: Bob says (7/12), "Yes, there is life after radio; I'm doing voice-over work full time since leaving the morning show with Crash Collins at KZFX; and have been doing the PA for the Houston Astros since 1994."

Jan Ford
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WTUX [Indianapolis IN] 1989-1991
Now: Jan says (6/08), "I'm in Indianapolis, working in school system to help K-3 learn how to read; also traveling and writing."

John Ford
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WIOD [Miami FL] 1996-2000
Now: John says (2/03), "I am VP of New Media, Sabo Media, New York, New York."

Loyd Ford
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WSUY [Charleston SC] 2001-2004
Now: Loyd says (3/09), "I am working as a marketing strategist with Americalist Media Marketing, Charlotte, North Carolina; I do freelance writing with a variety of publications and write a monthly e-marketing newsletter called Jump!; in addition to my work with radio, I am involved in several Web sites and blogs related to personal finance..."

Mike Ford
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KMXS [Anchorage AK] 2004
Now: Mike says (1/05), "I'm doing the single-dad thing with my two kids and PM drive on Hot AC KMXS-FM (MIX 103.1), having a ball; amazing to realize that my first show was in 1975..."

Steve Ford
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WTUE [Dayton OH] 1982-1986
Now: Editor of QST magazine; residing in Wallingford, Connecticut.

Ty Ford
WLMD [Laurel MD] 1969
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 1970
WAYE [Baltimore MD] 1971
WHFS [Bethesda MD] 1972
- CE
WEAM [Washington DC] 1975
WLMD [Laurel] 1976
WBAL/WIYY [Baltimore] 1977-1986

Now: Ty says (2/13), "I have been working for myself since leaving WIYY FM/WBAL AM in 1986; I refer to that period as my time at the 'Hearst School of Broadcasting' where I learned the most about business. I do on and off camera narration and spots (on-camera work includes a small speaking part (taxi cab driver) in John Waters A Dirty Shame; I do location audio for film and video shoots, record live events and do studio recording, making music CDs and producing long-form radio programming and podcasts; I shoot and edit video, write articles and books about audio, am the Audio Forum Leader at CreativeCow.net and am active in a number of other audio, video and guitar forums; I blog audio/video reviews and commentary, produce audio and video. And I am a teaching member of the Washington, DC SAG/AFTRA Conservatory: I teach voice-over and produce VO demos for others. I am an active acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter and a four-wheel roller skater. After experiencing a hemorrhagic brain stem stroke in 2007, from which I recovered fully, I began to pursue a healing modality called chakra balancing. I am now a graduated and insured chakra balancer and have furthered my work by developing soundscapes that, when listened to, open the chakras and promote better health."

Rick Forest
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WFPK [Louisville KY] 1996
Now: Rick says, "I finished my MDiv in 1994. I am presently working in radio full time as Jazz Director at Adult Album Alternative WFPK-FM. I am also a part-time resident in pastoral care at Norton Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky."

Dave Forman
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KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1986-1988
Now: Dave says, "After leaving KFWB, I pioneered reality television as host of syndicated programs for ABC, CBS and others."

Joe Formicola
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WRAL [Raleigh NC] 1999
Now: Joe says (Nov 2002), "I am Operations Manager of Hot AC WRAL-FM, Raleigh, North Carolina -- and the North Carolina News Network."

Elliott Forrest
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WQXR [New York NY] 1994
Now: Elliott says (5/03), "I host Breakfast with the Arts on A&E and am weekend morning host on Classical WQXR-FM, New York."

John Forrest
KOL [Seattle WA] 1960
KFKF [Bellevue WA] 1968-1971

John's daughter, Maia Santell writes (11/09), "John Forrest is deceased. He died in 1974. He was a well known Seattle radio news broadcaster, including broadcasting of the Seattle Seafair Hydroplane Races during the 1960s (before Seattle radio personality Pat O'Day took over that position in 1969). Forrest was a songwriter, playwright and composer of many popular radio jingles that were aired on Northwest radio stations. He was the program director of the Seattle Broadcasting Company in 1959 and the department manager of KOL in 1960. John Forrest wrote two CBS Suspense Theater productions. One, called Mission Completed starring James Stewart, aired in 1949; the other, called The Daisy Chain aired in (circa) 1960. He had a hit record called Blue Tears that was popular in the Northwest and aired on many radio stations. More information about him can be found at: footnote.com/page/109753958_johnny_forrest_radio_personality/."

Mike Forrester
KWAX [Eugene OR] 1968
KZEL [Eugene] 1969
KASH [Eugene] 1970
KATA [Eureka CA] 1970
KUMA [Pendleton OR] 1970
KAST [Astoria OR] 1971
KPOK/KPOK-FM [Portland OR] 1971
KERG [Eugene] 1973
KEED [Eugene] 1973
KPAY/KPAY-FM [Chico CA] 1974
KLOK [San Jose CA] 1978
KSFX [San Francisco CA] 1979
KASH [Eugene] 1980
KPNW [Eugene] 1981
KTNX [Anchorage AK] 1983
KENI [Anchorage] 1984
KYAK [Anchorage] 1985
KYMG [Anchorage] 1988
KEAG [Anchorage] 1990
KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1994-2001
The Research Group [Seattle WA] 1995-1998
KJR-FM [Seattle] 2005-2008

Now: Mike says (9/08), "I left KJR-FM in 2008 (another casualty of the Clear Channel form of corporate dementia known as radio); 1968 to 2008, not a bad run; as the Grateful Dead summed it up, 'what a long, strange trip it's been.' Always happy to get e-mails from my former colleagues in the biz."

Dan Forthover (Armstrong)
Now: Latest report had Dan in Chicago, Illinois.
dan4thover@cis.compuserve. com

Joey Fortman
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WKIE [Chicago IL] 2004
WBEN [Philadelphia PA] 2007

Now: Joey says (11/07), "I am doing middays at Adult Hits WBEN-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; my husband is PD at WPEN."

Scott 'Scooter Alan' Fortney
WSFM/WCMB [Harrisburg PA] 1977
WCHZ [Pensacola FL] 1985
WUFM [Lebanon PA] 1985
WWKL [Harrisburg] 1988
WZVU [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1990
WQLV [Millersburg PA] 1992
WWKL [Harrisburg] 1993
WHBO [Harrisburg] 2001-2004

Now: Scott says (7/09), "I'm working from my own studio in Pennsylvania as a professional voice actor in videogames, audiobooks, cartoons and commercials."

Bob Foster
WCAO [Baltimore MD] 1960
WITH [Baltimore] 1961
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1967
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1968
KGB [San Diego CA] 1969
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1971

Now: Bill Hatch reports (3/03), "Foster has for several years resided in northern California, not far from the Oregon border. He has not been on the radio since leaving San Francisco in the mid 1970s."

Chuck Foster
WABK [Augusta ME] 1973 - Dave Steele
WLOB [Portland ME] 1974
WRDO [Augusta] 1975
WGUY [Bangor ME] 1976
WLBZ [Bangor] 1978
WWFX [Bangor] 1986
WPBC [Bangor] 1994
WBZN [Bangor] 1995

Now: Evenings at Top-40 WBZN-FM (the station he started and later sold). He is also producer/host of All Hit Videos (on the air since 1983) on WBGR-TV, Bangor, Maine (repeating on Adelphia Cable, Augusta/Waterville, Maine).

John Foster
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WKSF [Asheville NC] 1985-1986 - Dr. John
Now: John says (8/05), "I am out of radio and work for SunCom (moble phone company) as a cell tech and maintain radio cell sites. I have been here (Richmond VA) since 1998 and love it. I got out of radio in 1985 because I wanted more control over my life. The stations I worked at were changing formats and I was left out."

Monty Foster
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WPTQ [Bowling Green KY] 1998
Now: Monty says (11/04), "I am Creative Services Director ("Prodgod") for 20+ stations in the Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation chain ; I also voicetrack nights on company flagship station, Classic Rock WPTQ-FM, Bowling Green, Kentucky."

Reb Foster
KCUL [Ft. Worth] 1957 - Dennis Bruton
KSYD [Wichita Falls TX] 1958 - Dennis Bruton
KRAY [Amarillo] 1959 - Dennis Bruton
KISN [Portland] 1959 - Dennis James
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1959 - Dennis James
KICN [Denver] 1961 - Dennis James
KYW [Cleveland] 1962 - Dennis James
KRLA [LA] 1963
KFWB [LA] 1965
KRLA [LA] 1967
Three Dog Night [LA] 197?
- manager
KRLA [LA] 197?
Now: leej@emapusa.com says, "The last I heard, Dennis was retired from radio and living in Amarillo, Texas."

Rick Foster
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WDEA [Bangor ME] 1993-2012
Now: Rick says (4/13), "I retired from WDEA at the end of August 2012, but was offered a slot Saturday mornings on WRMO, Bar Harbor (93.7 The Wave)."

Roland Foster
KALF/KMND [Mesa AZ] 1969
KHAI [Honolulu HI] 1970
KIKX [Tucson AZ] 1971
KBUY [Ft Worth TX] 1971
KBVM [Lancaster CA] 1972-1973
KIOT [Barstow CA] 1975
KAVR [Victorville CA] 1977
KDOL [Lancaster CA] 1978
KCKY [Phoenix AZ] 1979
KMLE [Phoenix] 1981
KIKO [Globe AZ] 1995

Now: Roland says (6/12), "I am News Director at KIKO, Globe, Arizona after many years as afternoon host. I got into radio after hanging around KEZY in the Disneyland Hotel while in college; worked briefly as board engineer for Ted Quillan who told management he didn't have 3rd Class license (he did). My favorite promotion (didn't cost a cent) had prophetic results: In 1971 KHAI, Honolulu became a 'thing of the past.' After playing oldies for a couple of months, owners decided they weren't making enough money, so they shut it down. Station went dark for a year and we all lost our dream job in paradise."

Barry Fox
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WDJX [Louisville KY] 1999
Now: Program Director and Middays at Top-40 WDJX-FM, Louisville, Kentucky.

Beverly Fox
KRE [San Francisco] 1975 - Barbara Oster
KSOL [San Francisco CA] 1975 - Barbara Oster
KDIA [San Francisco] 1976 - Barbara Oster
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1977
KFRC [San Francisco] 1977
WSDO [Miami FL] 1979
WWDC [Washington DC] 1980
WLTT/WARW [Bethesda MD] 1981
WGAY/WEBR [Washington DC] 1994
WMAL [Washington DC] 1996
WTOP [Washington DC] 2006

Now: Beverly says (10/09), "I'm Account Manager at News WTOP-FM, Washington, DC, and doing freelance voice work, too; best of both worlds!"

Charlie Fox (James Martin)
WRKO [Boston] 197?
CKLW [Detroit] 197?
KDWB [Minneapolis] 197?
KWIZ [LA] 1976
KFI [LA] 1977
KHJ [LA] 1979
KUTE [LA] 1982
KMGG [LA] 1985
Westwood One [LA] 1985
KRLA [LA] 1992

Now: ???

Dan Fox
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WLHT [Grand Rapids MI] 1994-1997
Now: Dan says (4/10), "I'm voicing online tutorials, sales and employee training presentations for several major computer/printer companies and grocery chains."

Gary Fox
WMZX [Owosso MI] 1989 - Marc donovan
WJSZ [Owosso] 1993 - The Foxmeister
Now: Morning Drive at Oldies WJSZ-FM, Owosso, Michigan.

Geoff Fox
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1969
WMUM/WQXT [Palm Beach FL] 1970
WIRK [W Palm Beach FL] 1971
WGMW [W Palm Beach] 1971
WBT [Charlotte NC] 1972
WGAR [Cleveland OH] 1973
KRUX [Phoenix AZ] 1974
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1975
WIP [Philadelphia] 1979
WIFI [Philadelphia] 1979

Now: Geoff says (6/07), "After getting my U-Haul Gold Card, I left radio in 1980 to seek fame and fortune in TV. I hosted PM Magazine and did weather in Buffalo from 1980-1984. Since 1984 I have been the 6-11 weather anchor at WTNH, New Haven/Hartford, Connecticut: 7 Emmys; CT Magazine and New Haven Advocate readers poll winner again; so many years at one job (where have I gone wrong!)"

Gil Fox
WMSA [Massena NY] 1962
WPAC [Patchogue NY] 1963
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 1964
WBUD [Trenton NJ] 1965
WFAS [White Plains NY] 1967
WNYW [New York NY] 1968
- shortwave
WRFM [New York] 1968
WTFM [New York] 1968
WINS [New York] 1969-1977
ABC Radio Network [New York] 1977-2007
- network correspondent
Now: Gil says (1/13), "I retired from ABC Radio Networks in 2007 and am living in Tucson, Arizona -- continuing to do voice-over commercial and narration work."

Jay Fox
WIZM/WIZM-FM [La Crosse WI] 1975 - Chris Jeffries
KXEL [Waterloo IA] 1979 - Jeff Christianson
KOKZ [Waterloo] 1982
KKQV [Wichita Falls TX] 1987
KJMZ [Dallas TX] 1990
- Charley Quinn
ABC net: Pure Gold [Dallas TX] 1992
Now: Jay (Jeff Christenson) says (5/18), "Jan 2011- : Westwood One Radio Network - Morning Announcer on Classic Hits format."

John Fox
KMLO [Oceanside CA] 1975
KFMB/KFMB-FM [San Diego CA] 1976
Metro Networks [San Diego] 1993
- traffic
KEZY [Los Angeles] 1993
KOLA [San Bernardino CA] 1999
KFWB [LA] 1999
KCBQ [San Diego] 2000-2001

Now: John says (3/11), "I'm back in radio as of August 2010; am station manager of KOPA-FM, Pala, CA (Rez Radio 91.3) -- I'm the only employee; see palatribe.com/pala-radio."

Roy Fox
KTCR [Minneapolis] 1971
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1975
KOA [Denver] 1978
WMCA [New York NY] 1988
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1989-1991

Now: Roy is caretaker of King Manor Museum, a house built by Rufus King, one of the framers of the U.S. Constitution, in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Scot Fox
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WCPR [Gulfport MS] 1995
Now: Scot says (4/03), "I'm still PD -- and doing PM Drive at Alternative WCPR-FM, Gulfport/Biloxi, Mississippi."

Sonny Fox
WGRD [Grand Rapids] 1968
CHUM [Toronto] 1970
KCBQ [San Diego] 1971
KHJ [LA] 1972
Superstar Radio Net [] 1973
- programmed (w/Lee Abrams)
WRNO [New Orleans] 1974
WYSP [Philadelphia] 1975
WSHE [Miami] 1980
WHYI [Miami] 1983
KHYI [Dallas] 1989
WMXJ [Miami] 1990
WKIS [Miami] 1996-2000
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2002

Now: Sonny says (3/03), "I am PD for the two comedy channels (XM Comedy and Laugh USA) at XM Satellite Radio, Washington DC."

Steve Fox
WSAN [Allentown PA] 1970 - The Sugarman
WLLH [Lowell MA] 1972 - Alan Shane
WCCC [Hartford CT] 1973 - Al Green
WCGQ [Columbus GA] 1974
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1974
WJAX [Jacksonville] 1976
WCRJ [Jacksonville] 1984
WROO [Jacksonville] 1991
WAIA [Jacksonville] 1995
WPLA [Jacksonville] 1995
WTLK [Jacksonville] 1996
WBGB/WZNZ/WJGR/WZAZ [Jacksonville] 1999-2005

Now: Steve says (3/16), "After 45 years in the business, I retired in 2015. My last nine years were in the Production Department at Renda Broadcsting in Jacksonville Florida. WEJZ, WGNE. WSOS, & WMUV. I'm still doing my Doo-Wop internet show the Street Corner which can be accessed on my website fox45rpm.com."

Linda Fox-Kamen
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WCOL [Columbus OH] 1997-1998
Now: Linda says (Aug 2002), "I'm living in beautiful San Diego, not working in the business at the present time, buying and selling real estate, enjoying time off and traveling."

Michael J. Foxx
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WMJQ [Washington DC] 2007
Now: Michael J. says (12/07), "I am based at Country WMZQ (98.7), Washington, DC and do tracked middays shows in Baltimore, Cleveland and Lexington, Kentucky for Clear Channel; in all my free time, I have been working with Kix Brooks on American Country Countdown for the last several years in a couple of different capacities: I wrote the show for him the first year he was behind the mic after taking over for Bob Kinglsey; I also handle announcer duties for the ABC Radio Networks syndicated show."

Fred Foy
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1948 - anncr: The Lone Ranger
WABC [New York NY] 1956
Now: Fred's son, Fritz (fritz.foy@worldnet.att.net) reports Fred is retired.

Donna Francavilla
WWDB [Philadelphia] 1981
KYW [Philadelphia] 1982
WRKO [Boston] 1983
WPGC [Washington DC] 1988
WPGC-FM [Washington DC] 1988
WINZ [Miami] 1990

Now: Donna says (Sep 2002), "I am a freelance reporter for CBS Radio News (New York), and a radio anchor for Radio Alabama, Birmingham."

Dave France
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1980
KZOQ [Missoula MT] 1988
KAAK [Great Falls MT] 1990
- Dave Williams
KQDI [Great Falls] 1992
KQDI-FM [Great Falls] 1992-2008
- Dave the Morning Guy
Brad Rivers reports (6/09), "Dave France passed away Jan 18th 2008 in Great Falls, Montana of heart related issues; he is missed by all still."

Gary Francis
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WCAP [Lowell MA] 1999-2010
Now: Gary says (11/17), "I own Gary's Ice Cream (chain of homemade ice cream shops) in Chelmsford, MA."

Jim Franklin
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WPKR [Oshkosh WI] 2001
Now: Mornings at Country WPKR-FM, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Marc Franklin
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KWEN [Tulsa OK] 1987-1996
Now: Marc says (4/03), "I left radio in 1996 to become a TV weatherman. I worked in Joplin MO, Brownsville TX, AND Santa Maria CA through 2002; now living in the Texas hill country. Stay tuned."

Simon Franks
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Times FM [Auckland NZ] 2006
Now: Simon says (10/07), "I'm a sports announcer & floater at Times FM, Auckland New Zealand; I always used to hear, 'it's in the blood,' I suppose that after a hiatus since 1994, I've come round to accepting that; I'm back on air at age 43 and loving it; in fact, this is what I want to do with my life now, I'm on a mission to be a radio entertainer."

Dave Fransen
KIMN [Denver] 1958
KANA [Anaconda MT] 19??
- owner
KDRG [Deer Lodge MT] 19?? - owner
KGLM [Anaconda MT] 19?? - owner
Dave owned Aire, Inc. (KANA, KDRG, KGLM) in Montana. He passed away in the summer of 1995 of a heart condition in Missoula, Montana.

Todd Frary
WMNF [Tampa FL] 1986-1996
Now: Todd says (3/07), "After being out of radio for nearly a decade, I got involved in putting together the radio station for Kennesaw State University, which is now on the air; in the fall of 2006, I put together a series of audio commentaries on place in conjunction with Kennesaw State University, the Georgia Humanities Council, and Keeping and Creating American Communities; those pieces can be listened to at http://www.taking-place.org/hwy5.html; this could be the start of me doing more with radio, time permitting! Many great times spent as one of many maniacs on Underground Circus, Radical Noise, and Out in the Open at WMNF; I'd love to hear what my old cohorts Mark St. John (a/k/a Harry Dangler), and Bud Mayhem are up to these days."

Gary Blake Frazier
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WZVA [Marion VA] 2007 - PD, GM, VP
Now: Gary/Blake says (5/08), "I am absolutely loving life doing radio in my hometown; I have ownership responsibilites for two stations and things couldn't be better; no red tape to cut through, just great radio and tons of fun."

Alan Fredericks
WBRE [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1954
WABJ [Adrian MI] 1955
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1956
WGLI [Babylon NY] 1958
WHOM [New York NY] 1958
WADO [New York] 1960-1966
WCBS-FM [New York] 1983-1999

Alan Fredericks died July 31, 2005 at 70 years of age. Fredericks ran Night Train from 1956-1966; and was an occasional guest DJ on WCBS-FM. He left radio in 1966 and settled at Travel Weekly, where he became a widely respected editor.

Doug Fredlund
WKPM [Princeton MN] 1969
WCMP [Pine City MN] 1970
WGOM/WMRI [Marion IN] 1971
- Chuck Anthony
KABG [Minneapolis MN] 1973
KBOM [Bismarck ND] 1974
KTWN [Minneapolis] 1975
KXLV [Minneapolis] 1982
WLOL [Minneapolis] 1995
KBEK [Mora MN] 1997

Now: Doug says (6/07), "I am doing PM drive on Oldies KBEK-FM, Mora, Minnesota. I want to thank you for running this service; I have heard from a lot of my old cronies through your listing; it's good to keep in touch."

Scott Free
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Westwood One [Los Angeles CA] 1997
Now: At Westwood One Radio Networks, Los Angeles, CA.

Alan Freed
WKST [New Castle PA] 1943
WKBN [Youngstown OH] 194?
WAKR [Akron OH] 1946
WXEL-TV [Cleveland] 1950
WJW [Cleveland OH] 1951
- Moondog
WINS [New York NY] 1954
WABC [New York] 1959
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1960
WQAM [Miami FL] 196?
KNOB [Los Angeles] 196?
Inducted into Emerson Radio Hall of Fame - 1968

Died Jan 20, 1965 (age 43).

Alan Freed
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1985
WKYN [St Marys PA] 1990
- Kris Allen
WOMP [Wheeling WV] 1992 - Kris Shade
WMXP [Pittsburgh PA] 1992
WDSY [Pittsburgh] 1993
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1995

Now: Webmaster for a popular Pittsburgh web development company: OnTV.
A story about WPXZ. ... alan@thefreeds.com

Brian Freeman
WMSP [Harrisburg PA] 1970
WHP [Harrisburg PA] 1975
KRLD [Dallas TX] 1981
- traffic
WBAL [Baltimore MD] 1982 - traffic
Traffax Net [Susquehanna Valley PA] 1982-1997 - CEO
WGAL-TV [Lancaster PA] 1991-1998 - weather anchor
Metro Networks [Miami FL] 2000 - news, traffic anchor
WFTL [West Palm Beach FL] 2003
WIOD [Miami] 2004
WSJS/WSML/WMFR [Winston-Salem/Greensboro, NC] 2007
WPTF [Raleigh NC] 2009

Now: Brian says (3/10), "I am PD and doing mornings at News/Talk WPTF, Raleigh, North Carolina."

'Tarzan' Dan Freeman
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CISS [Toronto ON] 1999
Now: Afternoon drive at CHR/Top-40 CISS (KISS 92 FM), Toronto, Ontario.

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Michael Lee Scott
KQXT [San Antonio TX] 1990-1997
Now: Mike says (11/13), "I retired from broadcast radio in 1997; since 2012, I have been doing a daily show on Internet radio station The Double Q."

Don Freeman
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WTTT [Springfield MA] 1964-1986
Now: Don says (10/16), "I am retired from Verizon. Almost 30 years in radio gave me the chance to see a lot of entertainers and politicians, from Guy Lombardo to Mike Dukakis, and to work long hours in between. I wouldn't have given up a minute of it except for two things: a telco pension and lifetime health insurance. Now I have time to listen to the rest of you."

Tom Freeman (Fred T. Beeman)
KSGM [Chester IL] 1967 - Jack Adams
KSGM-FM [Ste. Genevieve MO] 1967 - Jack Adams
KWNT [Davenport IA] 1967 - Jack Adams
KRDS [Phoenix AZ] 1970 - Jack Adams
KIKX [Tucson AZ] 1970 - B. Thomas Freeman
KTUC [Tucson] 1971
KAIR [Tucson] 1971
KCEE [Tucson] 1971
KLAK [Denver CO] 1974
KDEN [Denver] 1975
KOA [Denver] 1977
KOAQ [Denver] 1977
KGU [Honolulu] 1985

Now: Fred is a freelance writer/researcher in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been out of the radio biz since 1986.

Larry Freeze
KFRX [Lincoln NE] 1989-2004
Now: Larry says (2/05), "Still reside here in Lincoln, and am doing part time computer-tech support for a non profit agency. I have an in-home studio, and am working freelance, but hoping for another radio gig in the near future. What a ride. I loved every minute of it, and can't wait to get back to it..." Larry remembers interesting times in the biz.

Tom Fricke
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KYSL [Breckenridge/Vail CO] 2002
Now: Tom says (6/04), "I am PD and doing mornings at Adult Contemporary KYSL-FM, Breckenridge/Vail, Colorado; living in paradise, being a ski bum, river rafting, mountain biking, camping, hiking ... and doing some fun radio."

Jack Friday
WRAW [Reading PA] 1967 - Bob Lewis
WEAM [Washington DC] 1970 - Chris James
KFRC [San Francisco] 1971
KIOI [San Francisco] 1976
KYUU [San Francisco] 1979
KLOK-FM [San Francisco] 1984
KOIT [San Francisco] 1989
KBLX [San Francisco] 1992
KFRC [San Francisco] 2000
WOGL [Philadelphia PA] 2003
WXTU [Philadelphia] 2006
KINY [Juneau AK] 2010

Now: Jack says (11/10), "I have decided to have a wonderful adventure working in 'America's Last Frontier', the great state of Alaska: unmatched beauty and wonderful people here in the Southeast of the largest and wildest state in the union; come visit and see for yourself sometime."

Orin Friesen
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KFDI [Wichita KS] 1977 - CE
Now: Orin says (9/09), "Though I still do weekend shows of bluegrass and cowboy music, I'm mostly retired from radio; I now play in a cowboy band called the Prairie Rose Rangers; we perform at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper near Wichita KS (I'm also Operations Manager of the Prairie Rose); my family and I live on our Rocking Banjo Ranch; my wife, Bekki (Gardner) does the morning show on KFTI-FM."

Bill Frisch
WSHR [Lake Ronkonkoma NY] 1992
Now: Doing Bill Frisch's Make Believe Ballroom (featuring seldom-heard big band recordings, air checks and transcriptions of the '20s, '30s, and '40s) on Variety WSHR-FM, Lake Ronkonkoma, New York.

Dave Frisina
WAQX [Syracuse NY] 1978
WTKW [Syracuse] 2003

Now: Doing Middays and Soundcheck Sundays on Classic Rock WTKW-FM, Bridgeport (Syracuse), New York.

Rod Fritz
WCRV [Washington NJ] 1971-1973
WEEX [Allentown PA] 1972-1973
WSUN [St. Petersburg FL] 1973
WPEN [Philadelphia PA] 1974
WHDH [Boston MA] 1976
KIMN [Denver CO] 1978
WROR [Boston] 1983
WEEI [Boston] 1983
WMJX [Boston] 1986
WHP [Harrisburg PA] 1992
WRKO [Boston] 1995-2006
FOX Radio News [New York NY] 2007
Now: Rod says (4/07), "I'm a news anchor at FOX Radio News; I commute to New York and I am still living in Boston; what can I say? Boston is my kind of town."

Tom Froelich
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WZFS [Chicago IL] 1997
Now: Tom says (1/09), "I am doing voice-over work at my home studio (Thomas Froelich Productions) in the Chicago suburbs; In addition, I am a police detective in the Chicago area where I have been for over 19 years..."

Mickey Froid aka DaBoogieman
KOAQ [Denver CO] 1971-1971
KWBZ [Denver] 1979
KRZN [Denver] 1981
KHOW [Denver] 1982
KIMN [Denver] 1987-1988
Jones Satellite net [Denver] 1993-1994
KLVZ [Denver] 1999
KLZ [Denver] 2000
KXKL [Denver] 2001

Now: DaBoogieman says (10/08), "I was laid off KOOL 105 (KXKL) in September 2008 because of budget cuts and I'm now searching -- to be continued... I was asked to speak at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting in 2008 and I remember saying to Terry (the director), 'Are you sure you want me to tell these students what this biz is all about?'. He looks at me with bugged-out eyes and said 'NO, absolutley NO,' and then started laughing; I played old air checks and spoke kindly of the biz as far as the old days were and it went pretty good; I remember seeing the faces of these students glued to my eyes while I was talking and it was weird becuase I don't look at myself as any kind of historian; anyway that's my story and Im sticking to it."

Andy Froiland
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KFAX [San Francisco CA] 2001
Now: Andy says (2/11), "Still in San Francisco: doing mornings, production dir, PD and sales at Religious KFAX; and I've bought into a small rock station in Northern California hoping to get out of the rat race and settle into some fun mom and pop local radio."

Jack Frost
KRIZ [Phoenix AZ] 1960
KOOL [Phoenix] 1961
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1963
KMAK [Fresno CA] 1965
KXIV [Phoenix] 197?

Now: (Jonathan B.) Jack Frost says (3/05), "My wife was the first person with tenure to resign from Everett College (in Washington) to accept a terrific position (even took a pay cut to do it) on the Texas Gulf Coast at Brazosport College where she heads up a new expanded department -- where we live on Quintana Island, south of Freeport, on the beach! I'm doing voice-overs/narration for a video and documentary company in Houston (said to be the biggest in its industry). The money's great even though I drive an hour each way -- so much for 'retirement'" Click for more from Jack.

John Frost
KNIK [Anchorage AK] 1977
KBYR [Anchorage] 1978
KENI [Anchorage] 1980
KWHL [Anchorage] 1983
KROQ [LA] 1987-2000

Now: John says (8/06), "I was hired to KROQ straight from KWHL (K-whale, hehe.); being at KROQ (a highly visible place) thru my formative years got me into a groove, and my/our style of self effacing goofy humor-driven rock radio presentation became greatly emulated, so, after 14 years in the same four walls of my KROQ studio, and still getting 'robbed', I opted for taking my chance with the 'evil' empire, Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks, Sherman Oaks, California. I have a wildly successful imaging service thru Premiere called frostbytesonline.com; between that site, and my other urban imaging site, thabreakz.com, I am still having some pretty good broad influence on how radio in America sounds. Let me just say that I am the luckiest guy in the world, and Clear Channel has been nothing but incredible to me (so far! heh. ahem.)."

John Frost
KERC [Eastland TX] 1972
KRBC [Abilene TX] 1974
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1979
WHYT [Detroit] 1982
KHTR [St. Louis] 1982
KLSI [Kansas City MO] 1985
KITT [Shreveport LA] 1986
KHIT [Seattle] 1986
KTKS [Dallas] 1987
KOAI [Dallas] 1987
KRSR [Dallas] 1990
KYNG [Dallas] 1991
WJRR/WMGF/WWNZ/WWZN [Orlando] 1993
Paxson Communications [W Palm Beach FL] 1996
- VP
Now: John is a broadcast consultant, operating out of West Palm Beach, Forida.

Kelly Frost
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KNNN [Redding CA] 1987
KNRO [Redding] 2007

Now: Kelly says (5/07), "I am working part time as a sports producer at Sports KNRO, Redding, California; I also cover Redding City Council for our local NPR stations, KCHO/KFPR; and I produce a weekly religious program..."

Evert Fruitman
KCKY [Phoenix AZ] 1956
KPOK [Phoenix] 1958-1961
KOOL/KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1970
KMCR [Phoenix] 1979
KRUX [Phoenix] 1980-1981
- CE
Now: Evert says, "I am an engineering associate, two ohms short of a full degree, in the department of Chemistry at Arizona State University (17 years). Since 1976 I have been writing technical trivia for hobby electronics magazines (CQ, Ham Radio Horizons, etc.)," from Phoenix, Arizona.

Brad Fuhr
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WPGU [Urbana IL] 1992-1995 - GM
Clear Channel [Los Angeles CA] 2005 - Sr Act Mgr
Now: Brad says, (8/07), "I am senior account manager at Clear Channel radio (KLKT/KBIG), Los Angeles, California."

Paul Fuhr
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WOBM [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 2001 - The Juiceman
Now: Paul says (2/03), "I do weekends and fill, etc. at Adult Contemporary WOBM-FM, Toms River, New Jersey; and I am morning show producer of the ... morning show on WOBM-AM."

Mark Fuller
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WYUT [Utica/Rome NY] 1990-1991
Now: Mark says (4/08), "I'm back on the air! Listen to my programs on WHCL(FM), Clinton, New York from Hamilton College. 88.7-FM or on the Internet, we stream live at WHCL.org..."

Dave Fuller
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WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1999
WDTW [Detroit] 2003

Now: Ron Jamez reports (7/04), "Dave is doing morning drive at Classic Rock WDTW-FM (The Drive), Detroit, Michigan."

Andy Fulton
WBEL [Beloit WI] 1995-1999
WRWC [Rockford IL] 1995-1999
WWQM [Madison WI] 2007-2016

Now: Andy says (4/17), "I am taking a break from weekend radio to focus on other hobbies including stringed instrument making (am building my first violin)."

Bob Furman aka Arlo Mudgett
WCFR [Springfield VT] 1981-1999
WTSA [Battleboro VT] 1984
WXXK [Lebanon NH] 2002

Now: Bob says (7/05), "I am living at Faraway Farm in Windham County, VT; still doing the Morning Almanac on WXXK & WTSA; and writing a weekly column for the Springfield Reporter and The Original Vermont Observer."

Ken Fusion
Now: Last report had Ken Fusion (Schneider) doing weekends and webmaster at KRVM-FM, Eugene, Oregon.

Larry Fuss aka Larry O'Neal
WNRJ [Gainesville GA] 1974
WJGA [Jackson GA] 1975
WNEX [Macon GA] 1975
WMAZ [Macon] 1975
WPPI [Carrollton GA] 1975
WRBN [Macon] 1976
WZYQ [Frederick MD] 1977
WMYQ [Meridian MS] 1977
- GM
WJDQ [Meridian] 1979
WWSW-FM [Pittsburgh PA] 1982
WSB-FM [Atlanta GA] 1983
KIXK [El Dorado AR] 1984
- GM
WJDQ [Meridian] 1987-1987
WDTL/WDSK/WZYQ/WOHT [Cleveland MS] 1992-2003
- owner, GM
KZYQ/KRKD [Greenville MS] 1994-2003 - owner, GM
WROX/WKXY [Clarksdale MS] 1998 - owner, GM
KKHJ [American Samoa] 1999 - owner, PD
Now: Larry says (12/05), "In 1999, I decided I wanted a radio station on a tropical island and KKHJ-FM was born. We're at 93.1, so naturally we call it 93KHJ."

Scott Fybush
WCAP [Lowell MA] 1991
WBZ [Boston MA] 1992-1997
WXXI [Rochester NY] 2004

Now: Scott says (1/07), "After detouring out of full-time radio work into TV news and then into writing (for Radio World, for my own NorthEast Radio Watch, and for a forthcoming history of NYC FM radio), I'm back behind a mike, doing news for Public radio WXXI in my hometown of Rochester, New York; I'm still writing, too - and consulting, and traveling the country shooting pictures of stations for my Tower Site Calendar, and editing the directory site 100000watts.com; it's a busy life, but fun."

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