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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (D2)

Dan Diamond (Oberholtz)
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1967
KOKO [Warrensburg MO] 1969
WISM [Madison WI] 1970
KTLK [Denver CO] 1971
KOA [Denver] 1972-1974
WDAF [Kansas City] 19??-19??
KMZU [Carrollton MO] 199?-2006

Dan Oberholtz died Oct 27, 2006.

Dave Diamond
WXXX/WFOR [Hattiesburg MS] 1958
KFOR [Lincoln NE] 1959
KOIL [Omaha] 1961
WIRL [Peoria IL] 1961
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1961
WIL [St. Louis] 1962
WIBC [Indianapolis] 1964
KBTR [Denver] 1964
KBTV-TV [Denver] 1964
- talk show host
KHJ [LA] 1965
KBLA [LA] 1965
KFWB [LA] 1967
KFRC [San Francisco] 1968
KRLA [LA] 1971
KDAY [LA] 1971
KCBS-FM [LA]1971
KTLK [Denver] 1972
KIIS [LA] 1972
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1976
KFI [LA] 1976
KBVC - Buena Vista College [Storm Lake IA] 1982
- GM
KMSC - Morningside College [Sioux City IA] 1987 - GM
KBHU/BHTV - BHSU [Spearfish SD] 1995-2012
Dave Diamond died May 6, 2014 at home in South Dakota." His last message to 440 (Aug, 2012), "I just retired from my teaching gig at Black Hills State Univ here in Spearfish, South Dakota (also CEO of radio and TV operations); I still teach one class from time to time; back when I was in full gear we had a sweet college radio station and twice won College Radio Station of the year." See Dave's blog, Dave Diamond: The Diamond Mine.

Jack Diamond
KTLN [Denver CO] 1959
KUDY [Denver] 1960
KICN [Denver] 1961
KDAB [Denver] 1963

Now: ???

Jim Diamond
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KDRK [Spokane WA] 1995 - Big Cat Daddy
Now: PM drive at Country KDRK-FM, Spokane, Washington. Jim says (1/04), "I've been nominated for CMA Medium Market Air Personality four times; CRB Medium Market Personality of the Year nominee twice. I also do freelance voice work for radio stations and radio clients."

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Jim Diamond (Gerry Whitehead)
KUZZ [Bakersfield CA] 1973 aka Gerry Lawrence
Now: Jim says (4/16), "I am the Sunday morning morning man on Country KUZZ AM/FM, Bakersfield, CA; have been with KUZZ (on and off) since 1973; I was on the station in 1977 when the FM (107.9) split off from the a.m. to become album rock KKXX-FM for ten years. I have also written a book about my life and radio career called The Diamond Mine (Or, Confessions of a Bakersfield Disc-Jockey). My BIG influences to get into radio as a kid were listening to Radio KFWB, KRLA and (of course) Boss Radio, 93/KHJ in Los Angeles and all the Boss Jocks!"

Kim Diamond
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KKWV [San Francisco CA] 2001
Now: Kim says (4/03), "I am lovin' middays at the WAVE (Variety KKWV-FM, San Francisco, CA). I am working with the best group of pros."

Sam Diamond
Now: Afternoons/PD at B101, Columbus, GA.

J.D. DiAngelis
WEIR [Weirton WV] 1977 - Joe Douglas
WJDQ/WDAL [Meridian MS] 1980
WWOO [Winchester VA] 1981
AFRTS [Newfoundland CA] 1982
WZKX/WROA [Gulfport MS] 1983
Sun Herald Cable News [Biloxi MS] 1984
WZMM/WUNI [Wheeling WV] 1984
WOAC-TV [Canton OH] 1985
WCER [Canton OH] 1993
WDLI-TV [Canton] 2000
WEXC [Sharon PA] 2002
WGRP [Greenville PA] 2002
WHBC [Canton OH] 2003

Now: J.D. says (4/16), "Since December 2006, I have been managing producer for News-Talk WHBC, Canton Ohio (Heritage), directing, preparing and supporting diverse personalities. I produced for: The Morning Team of Fred Chenevey and Pam Cook (2006-2011); Cook & Fox with Pam Cook and Matt Fox (2011-2012); Canton's Morning News with Pam Cook and Todd Porter (2012-2013); Canton's Morning News with Pam Cook (2013); and NOW Canton's Morning News with Pam Cook and Gary Rivers (2013- )." Click for more from J.D.

Howard Dicus
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 1970
WYRE [Annapolis] 1972
WAVA [Washington DC] 1975
AP Radio [Washington DC] 1977
- editor
Mutual Radio [Washington DC] 1978 - anchor/editor
UPI Radio [Washington DC] 1984 - anchor/GM
WTOP [Washington DC] 1998
Pacific Business News [Honolulu HI] 2001-2007
- web and broadcast editor
Now: Howard says (7/07), "In 2005, I added a weekly program on PBS Hawaii now called Everybody's Business; in 2006, added a weekly classical music show on Hawaii Public Radio called Howard's Day Off; I am a full-time reporter for KGMB-TV, Honolulu, Hawaii (retaining the PBS and HPR programs as well; and I file daily tech-news reports for News WTOP, Washington, D.C."

Bill Diehl
WCLI [Corning NY] 1955
WTKO [Ithaca NY] 1957
WTOP/WTOP-TV [Washington DC] 1964
WNEW [New York] 1967
ABC Radio [New York] 1971

Now: Bill has been Entertainment News Correspondent for ABC radio since 1988; he resides with his wife, Lorraine, in New York City. Check out Bill's memoir, Stay Tuned.
Young Bill Diehl at WTKO 1957
Young Bill Diehl at WTKO

Bill Diehl
St. Paul Pioneer Press [St. Paul MN] 1943
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1965
WCCO [Minneapolis] 1971

Now: Bill retired from WCCO in 1995. He retired from his long-time post as movie critic at the St. Paul Pioneer Press on May 31, 1996 -- after 53 years with the paper.

Bruce Dierking
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KNDY [Marysville KS] 1981 - owner
Now: Bruce says (5/07), "I purchased KNDY/KNDY-FM in 1988; in 2006, I assumed ownership of KQNK/KQNK-FM, Norton, KS and KDNS-FM/KZDY-FM, Glen Elder, KS; still an active owner/operator, I host the morning show on KNDY, in addition to managerial chores; and I remain active calling high-school sports on the stations..."

Tony DiGirolamo
WBMD [Baltimore MD] 1976-1978 - Tony Girol
WPOC [Baltimore] 1980-1998, 2005 - Tony Girard
Now: Tony says (3/05), "I'm back at Country WPOC-FM working part-time fill-in, it's good to be back. Since 1999, I've been working in the wonderful world of computer software tech support; almost as wild as radio."

Jim Dillman aka The Jimmer
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KATJ [Victorville CA] 1992
Now: Jim says (11/04), "I am doing morning drive on Country KATJ-FM in the Victorville/Hesperia/Apple Valley (market 103) just northeast of Los Angeles. I have been on the radio in either Missouri or California for the past 33 years."

Jack Dillon
KRUX [Phoenix] 1964
Now: ???

Ken Dillon
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KPOW [Sedalia MO] 2003
Now: Ken says (8/04), "I'm doing late-afternoons for Power 97 (KPOW-FM) a 100,000 Classic Rock station based in Sedalia, Missouri. Also working full-time for the same company as an Account Executive, after realizing (after 24 years in the business) that sales really IS where the money is."

Lisa Dillon
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WZJM [Cleveland OH] 1999-2001 - Lisa D
Now: Running Amalon Entertainment (producing, managing, representing musical talent; in-house production/voice-over services, jingle writing/producing; consulting), Cleveland, Ohio.

Roger Dimick
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KLVI [Beaumont TX] 1992
Now: Roger says (4/08), "In Dec 2006 I became semi-retired -- after teaching accounting and economics for 22 years at Lamar Institute of Technology and Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas; in Jan 2007 I went to work for Continental Airlines in Houston; I'm getting paid for having a hobby (I am a German speaker in the reservations division)."

Jym Dingler
WBGL [Champaign IL] 1982
WVLJ [Champaign] 1984
WLRW [Champaign] 1985
KXXX [San Francisco] 1991
KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1991
KKIS [San Francisco] 1992
KSFO [San Francisco] 1992
KYA [San Francisco] 1993
KKIS [San Francisco] 1993
KBGG [San Francisco] 1994
KEZR [San Jose CA] 1995-2001

Now: Jim says (5/05), "I'm doing radio/TV/movie voice-overs and working with independent filmmakers; and I'm music director at Bethel Christian Church, San Francisco, California."

Neal Dionne
WLDS/WEAI [Jacksonville IL] 1970
WDUK [Havana IL] 1972
WBYS [Peoria IL] 1974
KBOL [Boulder CO] 1978
KIMN [Denver CO] 1981
KSD [St. Louis MO] 1985
WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1987
WBCT [Grand Rapids MI] 1992

Now: Mornings at Country WBCT-FM (B93), Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Scott Dirks
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WZZN [Chicago IL] 2000
Now: Scott says (9/04), "I was hired as Asst. PD at Classic Rock WXCD Chicago when they flipped from Kicks Country in 1997. I also did weekends and fill-ins on the air, and was the fill-in production guy. The Production Director left in 2000 and I ended up switching jobs. It was a good thing, because shortly after, the station flipped formats again ... The call letters have changed to WZZN (94.7 The Zone), but I'm still here and happy."

Terry Dismore
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WCVO [Columbus OH] 1999-2001 - GM
Now: Terry says (Aug 2002), "I am president of Lazarus Communications Group (radio, TV, Internet consulting), Columbus, Ohio."

Charlie Dix
KJRG [Wichita KS] 1983
KOEZ [Wichita] 1983
WQDY [Calais ME] 1999

Now: Charlie does mornings and is PD, MD and Webmaster at Classic Rock WQDY-FM, Calais, Maine.

Randy Dixon
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KZOK [Seattle WA] 1999
KIRO [Seattle] 2008-2008

Now: Randy says (12/08), "I am retired from radio after 20 years."

Trey Dixon
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WJCL [Savannah GA] 2005-2006
Now: Trey says (4/06), "I'm settled in Statesboro, Georgia, running Dixon Creative (business imaging), waiting to see what radio sends my way next. Another chance to be part of something that makes a real local impact would be heaven. I've worked alongside some of who I consider to be the best in the business at any level, many of whom I'm lucky to call friends. Steve Christie, Tommy Palmer, Jay Braswell, these guys never forgot what radio is really for."

Richard Dobbyn
KILT [Houston TX] 1964
KIKK [Houston] 1966
KBRZ [Houston] 1973
KBUK [Houston] 1975
KIOX [Houston] 1990
KNUZ [Houston] 1991-1993

bob@prosoundstudio.com reports: "Following a stroke and lengthy illness, Richard died in Houston, Texas in September 1999. There are many stories about Richard to be told. I'm sure anyone who heard him on the air would agree, he was one of the funniest, most talented news talents ever heard on Houston radio. I watched Richard many times ad-lib almost a complete newscast from notes and not skip a beat!"

Dan Dobner
KBDF [Eugene OR] 1978 - Loveable Double D
KULF [Houston TX] 1979
KRBE [Houston] 1980
KFIR [Corvallis OR] 1982
KDUK [Eugene] 1984
KSND [Eugene] 1986
KDUK [Eugene] 1987
KKRZ [Portland OR] 1991
- Dangerous Dan
KXPC [Corvallis] 1993 - Dangerous Dan
KODZ [Eugene] 1998
KWPK [Bend OR] 2001
KCNA [Medford OR] 2002-2003
KCHQ [Driggs ID] 2005-2005
KBJX [Idaho Falls ID] 2007
KQPI [Pocatello ID] 2008-2009

Now: Dan says (10/11), "I left Sand Hill Radio [KQPI et al.] in Dec 2009 over a contract negotiation; I am the owner and president of DJD CREATIONS -- the DJD stands for Daniel John Dobner; I voice and produce for radio, TV and film."

Ron Dobson
KLAV [Las Vegas NV] 1983
KUDO [Las Vegas] 1984
KKLZ [Las Vegas] 1985
KLSQ [Las Vegas] 1987
KKEY [Vancouver WA] 1989
KRXQ [Sacramento CA] 1990
KSTE [Sacramento] 1992
WGR [Buffalo NY] 1995
KCMO [Kansas City MO] 1997
WWDB [Philadelphia PA] 1998-1998

Now: Ron resides in Buffalo, New York.

Ryan Dobry
WOSE [Toledo OH] 1980
WNRS [Ann Arbor MI] 1981
WKCQ [Saginaw MI] 1982
WTCM-FM [Traverse City MI] 1983

Now: Middays and MD at Country WTCM-FM, Traverse City, Michigan. Ryan says (1/03), "I celebrated twenty years at WTCM in Jan 2003."

Bill Dodd
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KLOG [Kelso, WA] 1987
Now: Bill says (1/13), "I am loving small town living and programming Classic Rock KLOG-FM, Country KUKN-FM and Classic Rock 101.5 (The Wave), Kelso, Washington."

Russ Dodge
WRBR/WJVA [South Bend IN] 1973
WTLC/WTUX [Indianapolis IN] 1977
WXTZ [Indianapolis] 1994
- SM
Network Indiana/AgriAmerica Network [Indianapolis] 1995 - SM
KJJY/KRKQ/KBGG [Des Moines IA] 1999 - SM
Artistic Media Partners [Indiana] 2000 - regional/national SM
WXLW [Indianapolis] 2005 - GM
WEDJ/WSYW [Indianapolis] 2006-2009 - GM
WITT [Indianapolis] 2016
Now: Russ says (02/14), "In 2009, I began my own broadcast, media, marketing, and event company, Russ Dodge and Partners; I'm a career radio guy who started in radio while attending the University of Notre Dame." (03/18 update): "I am program host for Indianapolis Nocturne on non-commercial WATT-FM."

John Dolan
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CJEZ [Toronto ON] 1993-1994
Now: John says (4/03), "I am semi-retired in Calgary, Alberta, Canada."

Johnny Dolan
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1965
KMBZ [Kansas City MO] 1976
KSO [Des Moines] 1983
KCMO [Kansas City MO] 1984
KGNR [Sacramento] 1986

Now: ???

Johnny Dolan
WDKC [Ft. Pierce FL] 1989
WPSL [Ft. Pierce] 1990
WFLC [Miami FL] 199?

Now: Evenings at CHR WFLC-FM (Coast 97.3), Miami, Florida.

Brad Dolbeer
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KMTT [Tacoma WA] 1991
KLTH [Portland OR] 2006

Now: Brad says (4/06), "I'm back home in Portland at Oldies KLTH-FM (K-Hits); great station, great town; all is good."

John Dolive
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1960
WKLS [Atlanta] 1961
WIIN [Atlanta] 1962
WLTA [Atlanta] 1963
WOMN [Atlanta] 1964
WKRW [Cartersville GA] 1965
- John D.
WAKE [Atlanta] 1965 - Johnny Cathcart
WFOM [Atlanta] 1966 - John Drake
WPLO [Atlanta] 1967
WHOO [Orlando FL] 1969-1970

Now: John says, "I left radio in the early seventies to work in television, first as on-air talent, later as production manager, operations manager and Dir of Engineering with stations WFTV, Orlando; WSMV, Nashville; WAGA-TV, Atlanta; KSAZ, Phoenix. I am Director of Engineering at WCNC-TV, Charlotte, North Carolina. I live a quiet life on a lake and spend much of my free time boating."

Bob Doll
WDLB [Wausau WI] 1951
WCSI [Columbus IN] 1952
WEKY [Lexington KY] 1955
- ass't mgr
WWKY [Lexington KY] 1955 - branch mgr
WCYN [Cynthiana KY] 1956 - GM
WMST [Mt. Sterling, KY] 1960 - VP/GM
Cardinal Group [Frankfort KY] 1964-1974 - VP/CCO
WAOP/WAOP-FM [Kalamazoo MI] 1974-1983 - owner/mgr
SMRNews [Kalamazoo/Otsego MI] 1983-1994 - Founder-Editor
KalaMusic [Kalamazoo] 1984-1989 - marketing mgr
Now: Bob says (6/06), "I continue (since 1989) to operate my radio station consulting business from Seguin, Texas; have written three books. The latest, The Radio Funny Book, released in December, 2005. (Infinity Publishing). Many of my favorite radio stories are in the book."

Scott Dolphin
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WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1994
Now: Scott says (2/03), "I'm co-hosting the morning show with my partner Karen Dalessandroat on Country WMIL-FM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

Now: Music Director at CHR WFLZ-FM, Tampa, Florida.

Tom Donahue
WTIP [Charleston SC] 1949
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1951
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1961-1965
KMPX/KPPC [San Francisco/L.A.] 1967-1968
KMET [L.A.] 1968-1969/KSAN [San Francisco] 1968-1972

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Died April 28, 1975 (age 46). And see the KMPX story (from the Bay Area Radio Museum) for more on Tom Donahue.

Jeff Donavan
WHHY [Montgomery AL] 1976 - Dirk McCoy
KAFM [Dallas TX] 1981 - Jeff Walker
WWKX [Nashville TN] 1985
WBAM [Montgomery AL] 1986
WQEN [Gadsden AL] 1989
WRLG [Nashville] 1993
WRVW [Nashville] 1996
WHHY-FM [Montgomery] 1999
WBAM [Montgomery] 2002-2004

Now: Jeff says (6/07), "I'm in Montgomery, Alabama working in TV and own Actshandler Entertainment and DJ Service."

Mike Donegan
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1968
WSM [Nashville] 1974
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1977
WHRK [Memphis] 1978
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1986
WKDF [Nashville] 1989
WGFX [Nashville] 2003-2004

Now: Mike says (4/06), "I'm afternoon co-host on Sirius Satellite Radio Trucking Channel 147; and I run several blogs, including http://naturepruning.com."

Cathy Donnelly
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WKXW/WBSS [Atlantic City NJ] 1999
Now: ??? Current whereabouts and/or email needed.

Dave Donnelly
KPOI [Honolulu] 1960
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1968
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin [Honolulu] 1968-2004
- columnist
Now: Dave Donnelly died Jan 24, 2004

Gary Donnelly
KNPT [Newport OR] 1960
KLOG [Kelso WA] 1963
KERG [Eugene OR] 1964-1966
KEZI-TV [Eugene] 1964-1968
- production
KVAL-TV [Eugene] 1968-1972 - reporter/anchor
KPNW [Eugene] 1969-1973 - Don Gary
KPIC-TV [Roseburg OR] 1972-1974 - news dir
KRSB [Roseburg] 1972-1974
KPLM/KJJZ/KAJR [Palm Springs CA] 2002
- sales/news as Gary D
Now: Gary says (1/09), "After semi-retirement, we moved to the Southern California Desert and I joined RM Broadcasting, Palm Springs; I sell advertising, back up Jeff Michaels on news and work on air for remotes, when appropriate; the desert is a wonderful place to live and work; I am truly enjoying my first love, radio broadcasting. During my 25 years in corporate PR at Pacific Power and Light Company, I kept my hand in broadcast by writing, producing and voicing electrical public safety messages that aired on nearly 140 radio stations in Oregon, Washington, California, Montana and Wyoming."

John Donobie
Now: At CFRB, Toronto, Ontario.

Bo Donovan
KAMP [El Centro CA] 1965 - Tom Becker
KBLU [Yuma AZ] 1965 - Tom Becker
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 1966 - Common Tom
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1969 - Dr. Tom
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1970 - Tom Becker
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1971
Draper/Blore [Los Angeles] 1971
- producer
SRO [Seattle WA] 1973 - group PD
Tuesday Productions [San Diego CA] 1976 - VP
Silvertree Inc. [San Diego] 1984-2004 - President/Creative Dir
Bo Donovan (Tom Becker) died April 24, 2012 (67 years old) in Ramona, California. See Bo Donovan, ‘larger than life’ airport manager, dies at 67 (Ramona Sentinel).

Dan Donovan
WICE [Providence] 1963 - Blaine Harvey
WMEX [Boston] 1965 - Dan Donovan (III)
WCBM [Baltimore] 1969
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1971
KSTP-FM [St. Paul MN] 1979
KQQL [Minneapolis] 1991-2009

Dan Donovan (Blaine Harvey) died August 31, 2014 (heart attack, in Minneapolis, MN). See Dan Donovan, Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame; and Twin Cities Veteran Of KS95 & KQQL, Dan Donovan Passes On.

Johnny Donovan
WHVW [Hyde Park NY] 1964 - Large Sarge
WBAZ [Poughkeepsie NY] 1966 - Large Sarge
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1967 - Dick Sargent
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1967 - Dick Sargent
WOR-FM [New York] 1968
WABC [New York] 1972

Now: Production Director and announcer at WABC and EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) Network, New York.

Paul Donovan
KIKS [Lake Charles LA] 1975 - Paul Blair
KSNS [Lake Charles] 1976 - Paul Blair
KLOU [Lake Charles] 1978 - Paul Taylor
WIBR [Baton Rouge LA] 1978 - Paul Taylor
KLOU [Lake Charles] 1979 - Paul Taylor
KROK [Shreveport LA] 1980 - Paul Taylor
WFMF [Baton Rouge] 1980 - Paul Taylor
KAFM [Dallas TX] 1982
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1985
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1990
- Bubba Carson
WNOE-FM [New Orleans] 1993
KWMX [Denver CO] 1993
KYGO-FM [Denver] 1996
WMZQ [Washington, DC] 2012
KYGO-FM [Denver] 2016

Now: Paul says (12/16), "I left WMZQ 4/16; back in at Country KYGO 5/16 in PM Drive and Lovin' Colorado!"

Jim Dooley
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WPBH [Panama City FL] 1996
WBPC [Panama City] 2008

Now: Jim says (5/10), "I'm doing mornings at Classic Hits WBPC-FM; and I own a message-on-hold service in Panama City, Florida."

Tom Dooley
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 197?
KHJ [LA] 1973

Now: UlrichRoth2000@aol.com reports, "Tom is a pastor in Texas." He is still quite active in voice-over work (the voice of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association among others), and runs Master Media, Hurst, Texas (Dallas).

Dale Dorman
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 196?
WRKO [Boston MA] 1968
WVBF [Boston] 1979
WXKS [Boston] 198?
WODS [Boston] 2003

Now: Mornings at Oldies WODS-FM, Boston, Massachusetts

Lee Dorman
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WLAC [Nashville TN] 1982-1985 - GM
Now: Lee says (5/09), "I'm the author of Nashville Broadcasting for Arcadia Publishing, a book on the history of broadcasting in Nashville, Tennessee."

Garry Dornburg
WPTF [Raleigh NC] 1964
elderkin@social.chass.ncsu.edu reports: Garry started at WPTF at age 17 -- and he spent his entire career there. He called the NC State national championship game with Houston in 1983. Was the voice of NC State University sports for many years. Garry Dornburg died from cancer 2/2/98 in Raleigh, NC. He was 51.

Bob Dorris
KIBL [Corpus Christi TX] 1957
WHLL [Wheeling WV] 1959
WKWK [Wheeling] 1963
WOMP [Wheeling] 1976
WEEL [Wheeling] 1998-1999
- GM
WKKX [Wheeling] 2006-2006
Now: Bob says (9/07), "I finally hung it up -- no more radio biz for me; the owner thought he could do my job better than me and I left WKKX-AM in Nov 2006; still doing voice-overs from my home studio; easy money and there's no sense waisting the voice it took me so long to develop; I love the radio business -- not like it is, like it was."

Terry Dorsey
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KLLY [Bakersfield CA] 1992-1996
Now: Terry says (6/06), "I am out of radio, residing in Hillsboro, Oregon with my wife and four children. I went back to school for a couple years and learned a trade -- diesel mechanics. Yes, although it doesn't have the romantisism, glamour, creative outlet or even the fun of being on the air, it does pay a whole lot better."

Vic Doucette
Now: Working in public relations/broadcast administration for AAA/Michigan. Doing statewide traffic/tourism reports as "Al Victor." Also employed by Metro Traffic Control/Detroit, doing airborne and studio reporting on Detroit area stations as "Allan Briggs," "Jim Craig" and Vic Doucette. Attending Wayne State University, majoring in public relations.

Brian Dougherty
KNOX [Grand Forks ND] 1977-1977
WTAZ [Peoria IL] 1981-1981
WIZZ [Streator IL] 1989
KDAM [Monroe City MO] 1992
WCAZ [Carthage IL] 1992
- Brad Davis
WBBA [Pittsfield IL] 1993-1993
Now: Brian says (Nov 2002), "I have been a contract engineer since 1996. I am the mock inspector with the Illinois Broadcasters Association. I have my own retail Web site (www.react2u.com) with computer parts. My company is Radio Engineering and Consulting Team. I am a member of the SBE and an amateur radio operator."

Chuck Dougherty
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1958
WIP [Philadelphia PA] 1962
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1963
WNEW [New York NY] 1967
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1969
WTMR [Camden NJ] 1971
WLW [Cincinnati OH] 197?

Now: The latest report has Chuck living in Naples, Florida.

Brian Douglas
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KZLA [Los Angeles CA] 2002-2009
Now: Brian says (9/09),"I'm hosting Hot Country PM drive to close to 100 affiliates nationwide via the Dial Global network."

Brian Douglas
WIYD/WWPF [Palatka FL] 1975
WNFI [Daytona Beach FL] 1983
KBIU [Lake Charles LA] 1984
WTHZ [Tallahassee FL] 1985
WJMH [Greensboro NC] 1990

Now: Brian says (9/07), "I'm programming Hip Hop WJMH-FM (102 JAMZ), Greensboro, North Carolina; when Entercom bought our stations in 1999, I got the chance to become ops mgr for the cluster as well (Urban AC WQMG-FM, Country WPAW-FM, Adult Variety WSMW-FM, Urban Gospel WEAL-AM and Southern Gospel WPET-AM; each of them has a strong PD, but getting the chance to work with them and the different formats really keeps things fresh for me."

Brian Douglas
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1986
Now: Brian says (11/06), "I am music director and do PM drive on Top-40 WKRQ-FM (Q102), Cincinnati, Ohio -- since 1986."

Diane Douglas aka Diana Douglas
WOLX [Madison WI] 1992
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1997
WSTO [Evansville IN] 2000
WIKY [Evansville] 2005

Now: Diane says (2/07), "I'm at WIKY, the heritage AC station in Evansville, Indian; I'm the morning show co-host with Dennis Jon Bailey."

Ed Douglas
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WCKY-FM [Tiffin OH] 2003
Now: Ed says (11/04), "I am Director of Operations for Clear Channel in Findlay-Tiffin-Lima, Ohio overseeing the programming and operations for five radio stations; plus producing two radio shows per week for Bucknuts Media: The Bucknuts Radio Hour (all about Ohio State Football) and the JJ & Jerry High School Football Show (devoted to Ohio High School sports and an off-shoot of the huge JJ Huddle website). Plus voice work for other radio stations, TV stations, and agencies."

John E. Douglas
WFIF [Bridgeport CT] 1974
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1975
WGMW [West Palm Beach] 1976
WLLL [Lynchburg VA] 1976-1977
WGOW [Chattanooga TN] 1979
WNOX [Knoxville TN] 1980
WIBC [Indianapolis IN] 1981
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1983
WRMR [Cleveland] 1985-1986

Now: John says (6/05), "I left radio to build my own recording studio and do voice-overs for over 40 radio stations and 7 TV stations; still the voice (since 1988) of the Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion TV show; hot rods and old cars have always been my hobby, so I started a car magazine called Cruisin' Times Magazine; I'm still married to my wife Karen and have two boys, Brian and Andrew."

Mark Douglas
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KSNE [Las Vegas NV] 1995-1996
Now: Mark says (12/02), "I am Sales Manager at KPXN-TV, Los Angeles, California".

Paul Douglas
WNBH [New Bedford MA] 1972
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1974
WAVZ [New Haven CT] 1977
WKCI [New Haven] 1979
WTIC [Hartford CT] 1981-1996

Now: Paul says (8/04), "I have been involved in syndication since 1996, first as Executive VP of SBI Broadcasting (original distributors of the Dr Laura Show) and now Managing Director of Cox Radio Syndication, Atlanta, Georgia."

Rod Douglas
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WFOB [Toledo OH] 2001
WCOE/WLOI [La Porte IN] 2007-2010

Now: Rod says (2/10), "I worked at WLOI, WCOE-FM from 8/2007 to 2/2010 as a part-time news anchor and talk host; I'm semi retired in La Porte Indiana."

Roger Douglas
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WNIR [Akron OH] 1986
Now: Roger is in sales at Talk WNIR (100 FM), Akron, Ohio. He says (10/99), "I had a great run on the air for many years. Met many interesting people. Looking for a few of them that still owe me money. Look foward to hearing from anyone who I used to work with."

Stan Douglas
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WADV [Lebanon PA] 1992-1994 - Craig Senior
Now: Stan says (7/05), "I am out of the business and have been doing financial and telecom sales for the past ten years; would love to get back into radio in Talk, Country or Oldies, and especially love to do news."

Kevin Douglass
Now: Director of Engineering for Jacor Broadcasting (KKLQ/KOGO/KIOZ), San Diego, California.

Ken Dowe
WABB [Mobile AL] 1960
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1961
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1962
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1962
KLIF/KNUS [Dallas] 1963
McLendon Stations 1969
KTSA/KTFM [San Antonio TX] 1974 - Exec VP
KKDA/KKDA-FM/KRNB [Dallas] 1980 - partner/COO
Now: Ken says (6/06), "I am still active in day-to-day work at K104 (KKDA FM) and KRNB in Dallas Ft. Worth; still live in Dallas and Santa Fe, NM; after 40 years of flying, haven't stopped piloting our plane since 1966 between homes and for travel; Dottie and I still married (Lucky me!) since 1961." See Ken's biography on radiodailynews.com.

Mike Dowling
WYBC [New Haven CT] 1978
WWCO [Waterbury CT] 1980
WLAD [Danbury CT] 1982
WWCO [Waterbury] 1984
WJBX [Bridgeport CT] 1985
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1987
WNGS [West Palm Beach FL] 1990
WOVV [Ft. Pierce FL] 1994

Now: Mike is a teacher of geography to gifted students at Roosevelt Middle School, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Dick Downes
AFVN [Danang RVN] 1969
WSVP [Providence RI] 1970
- Bob Lawrence
WSAR [Fall River MA] 1971
WGIG [Brunswick GA] 1971
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1972
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1972
- Brother Dave
WLAC [Nashville] 1973
WSIX [Nashville] 1973
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1976
KGGO [Des Moines IA] 1977
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1978
KSHE [St. Louis] 1981
WAPI [Birmingham AL] 1982 - GSM
WZEW [Mobile AL] 1983 - GM
Drake-Chenault [Los Angeles CA] 1985 - VP/GSM
Radio & Records magazine [Los Angeles CA] 1985 - sales
Radio Inc [W Palm Beach FL] 1989 - SVP/GSM
CPM Group Inc. [Jupiter FL] 1992-2012 - Pres/CEO
Now: Dick says (2/13), "I am retired in Jupiter, Florida -- and dumbfounded."

Tony Downes
WFAM [Jacksonville FL] 1980
WXCV [Gainesville FL] 1983
WLLO [Gainesville] 1986
WMMZ [Ocala FL] 1987
WKTK [Gainesville] 1989
WTMC [Ocala] 1991
WTRS [Gainesville] 1992
WXOF [Beverly Hills FL] 1994
WRZN [Gainesville] 2000
WRLE [Dunnellon FL] 2002
- owner
Now: Tony says (10/03), "I am owner/operator of Adult Contemporary WRLE-FM, Dunnellon, Florida."

Morton 'Doc' Downey Jr.
WPOP [Hartford] 1962
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1963
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1963
KDEO [San Diego] 1964
WFUN [Miami] 1964
WNOE [New Orleans] 1967
WDBO [Orlando FL] 1982-1983
KFBK [Sacramento] 198?
WMAQ [Chicago] 198?
WRC [Washington DC] 1992
KGBS [Dallas TX] 1993
Now:Passed away Mar 12, 2001.

Bill Drake
WMGR [Albany GA] 1955 - Phil Yarbrough
WWNS [Statesboro GA] 1957 - Phil Yarbrough
WAKE [Atlanta] 1961
KYA [San Francisco] 1961
KYNO [Fresno] 1962
Drake-Chenault consultancy [Fresno] 1964
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KHJ [LA] 1965
KIQQ [Los Angeles CA] 1974 -
KRTH [LA] 1990
Bill Drake died (lung cancer) Nov 29, 2008 at West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley, near Boss Angeles, California. See Pop Radio Innovator Bill Drake Dies At 71 (KCBS, KCAL-TV), Bill Drake (Wikipedia), Bill Drake 1937-2008 (Ken Levine), Tribute to Bill Drake (Ron Jacobs), Why Bill Drake Still Matters (Jerry Del Colliano) and Big boss man: Bill Drake (Ben Fong-Torres, SF Chronicle).
Jay Braswell recalls: "Phil Yarbrough (the great Bill Drake) started his radio career at WMGR-AM in Bainbridge, Georgia (he was from nearby Donalsonville, Georgia), then later worked at WWNS-AM in Statesboro, Georgia, while he was attending (on a basketball scholarship) Georgia Teachers College (now Georgia Southern University). At that time, radio was just a hobby, and he had plans to play professional basketball ... UNTIL he hurt his knee. The rest, as they say, is history. When he went to WAKE in Atlanta, they wanted him to change his name to Bill BLAKE (to rhyme with WAKE). He suggested Drake, since it was his mother's maiden name. 'Course, Blake-Chenault would've been alphabetically correct!"

Gary Drake
KRBC [Abilene TX] 1970 - Tom Hart
KUDI [Great Falls MT] 1970
WISE [Asheville NC] 1971
WKGN [Knoxville TN] 1971
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1973
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1974
WAAY [Huntsville AL] 1976
WRSA [Huntsville] 1979
WTAK [Huntsville] 1983-1084
WXQW [Huntsville] 2000-2003

Now: Gary (Tom Reinhart) says (2/03), "I am retired from radio in Huntsville, Alabama. Sooner or later I will be getting back into the oldies."

John Drake
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WGMG [Athens GA] 1991-1994
Now: John says (1/03), "I own Muscle And Sports Science, a sports nutrition research/marketing company. After 17 years of living my childhood dream, I felt the call to trade in my 60-hour weeks for time with my son and the fresh challenge of the nutrition industry. I still enjoy doing a few voiceover gigs for old friends and even had a stint as ring announcer for a TV wrestling program a couple of years ago."

Ralph Drake
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WTSX [Middletown NY] 1987-1995
Now: Hosting the The Rough Draft Radio Program on College/Americana WXLV-FM, Schnecksville, PA. Ralph says (4/09), "I interviewed many musicians from all eras and styles of music -- from Les Paul, Rick Danko, John Zacherly, to NJ Gov Jim McGreevy, Chrisite Whitman and Jim Florio."

Ken Draper
WCFL [Chicago] 1967
KFWB [LA] 196?

Now: Retired. Residing in Illinois.

Handsome Harley Drew
WBBQ [Augusta] 1963 - VP, PD
Arrow Communications [Augusta] 1989 - National PD
WZNY [Augusta] 1990 - GM
WAEG/WAEJ [Augusta] 1994 - GM
WGAC/WGOR [Augusta] 1995 - OM
Now: Operations Manager WGAC and WGOR, Augusta, Georgia; Webmaster of their sites.

Paul Drew
WDET [Detroit] 1954
WHLS [Port Huron MI] 1955
WGST [Atlanta] 1957
WAKE [Atlanta] 1961
WQXI [Atlanta] 1963
CKLW [Detroit] 1967
WIBG [Philadelphia] 1968
CKLW [Detroit] 1969
KFRC [San Francisco] 1970
WGMS [Washington DC] 1972
KHJ [LA] 1973
- VP
Paul Drew died May 16, 2013 (natural causes; age 78) at Victor Royale Assisted Living, Glendale, CA. See Paul Drew Passes (All Access Music Group); and TOP 40 RADIO PIONEER AND CKLW PD PAUL DREW DEAD AT 78 (mcrfb.com). And see his listing in the Georgia Radio Museum and Hall of Fame.

Dick Driscoll
WDGY [Minneapolis] 1958
WWTC [Minneapolis] 1980
KLBB [Minneapolis] 1987

Now: mother39@mirage.skypoint.com reports: "Dick has a recording studio in the Minneapolis area and is a pilot. In the 50's he did his rock show with "Dracula", a charactor that was so huge the fan club had over 10,000 members. Without question, Dick is a local legend."

Jim Driscoll
WTRL [Bradenton FL] 1973
WGGG [Gainesville FL] 1976
WSPB [Sarasota FL] 1976
WKBX/WSGF [Savannah GA] 1978
WKXY [Sarasota] 1992-1983

Now: Jim says (3/99), "I am Director of Communications for the Georgia Department of Defense and Georgia National Guard, Atlanta GA."

John Driscoll
KCRW [Los Angeles CA] 1969 - John Moore
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 1970 - J. Moore
KNIX [Phoenix AZ] 1970 - J. Michael Moore
KTKT [Tucson] 1971 - Bobby King
KRUX [Phoenix] 1972 - Bob Shannon
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1973, - Bob Shannon
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1973 - Bob Shannon
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1973 - Bob Shannon
WCFL [Chicago IL] 1974
KTNQ [Los Angeles] 1976
KPPL [Denver CO] 1979
KYGO-FM [Denver] 1980
KMJC [San Diego CA] 1981
WZUU [Milwaukee WI] 1981
KSAN [San Francisco CA] 1982
WZUU [Milwaukee] 1984
KRXY [Denver] 1985
KDKB [Phoenix] 1986
KZLA [Los Angeles] 1987
KSON-FM [San Diego] 1992

Now: Freelance voiceover talent based in Los Angeles, California. Voice of TV and radio stations around the world. Heard on NBC, FOX TNT, VH-1, MTV. Available instantly via ISDN.
John remembers:
Chuck Browning and me, in a San Francisco Tong Bar.
A death-defying experience with a ride share kamakazi copilot (tried to piss on 3rd rail of the bart tracks one night ... from the back of my moving 4x4 - ask me about the windshield).
Jock meetings at Super CFL!!!
Getting locked out, accidently, while on the air!
Show prep at the New Ten-Q (involved a Bic pen)!
Remote from Hell in San Diego (car salesmen=pittbull on crack).


Mark Driscoll
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1969 - Mark Rivers
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1969
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ] 1971
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1972
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1975
WNOE-FM [New Orleans] 1976

Now: Running Mark Driscoll Productions (voice-overs, script writing), Los Angeles, California."

Eddie Driskill
KIVY [Crockett TX] 1969
KSAM [Huntsville TX] 1972
KEEE [Nacogdoches TX] 1973
KSFA [Nacogdoches] 1975
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1976
KEEE/KJCS [Nacogdoches] 1977
KLUF [Lufkin TX] 1977
KAUM [Houston TX] 1979
KSRR [Houston] 1980
KFMK [Houston] 1981-1982
KRBE [Houston] 1984-1986
KVST [Conroe TX] 2006

Now: Eddie says (10/06), "Thanks to Barry Kaye for the encouragement in getting back into radio after a 20-year layoff; he said that it was like riding a bicycle ... and I have managed to come away with amazingly few bruises; what a great group of people to work with."

Tony Driskill aka Tony D
KAMP [El Centro CA] 1977
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1979
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1980
KLRZ [Salt Lake City UT] 1981
KCPX [Salt Lake City] 1984
KGGI [Riverside] 1984
KSIQ/KROP [El Centro CA] 1984
XHTZ [San Diego - Tijuana, Mexico] 1991
KBOS [Tulare CA] 1993
WLUM [Milwaukee WI] 1994
KSIQ/KROP [El Centro] 1994
- GM
KRLT/KOWL [South Lake Tahoe CA] 2010 - GM
Now: Tony says (6/12), "I am General Manager for KRLT (93-9, The Lake) & KOWL (1490, The Owl) in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California." Click for more from Tony.

Dan Drolett
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WXIK [Lansing MI] 1997-2001
Now: Dan is a master control/taperoom operator at WKAR-TV, Lansing Michigan and "...taking a break from radio work."

Jim Drucker
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WBAX [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1971-1976
Now: Jim says, "I'm a Catholic Priest since 1978. I was a rock jock as noted above and also managed many R & R Groups. My home is Philly."

Steve Drummond
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KMND [Midland TX] 1979-1981
Now: Steve says (9/13), "I live in Midland, Texas, semi retired, still operating from my home my own advertising agency which I founded in 1974; I have continued to be in close contact with the broadcast industry placing advertising and writing and producing radio and TV commercials for my clients."

Dick Drury
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1961
WIL [St. Louis] 1962
KGB [San Diego CA] 1966-1970
W??? [Gainesville FL] 198?

Passed away.

Charles Dube
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WFCR [Springfield MA] 2003 Director of Engineering

Now: Charles says (3/05), "The last decade had been a whirlwind, a world where cart machines have gone from being my daily maintenance annoyance to multi-thousand dollar doorstops, where pre-emphasis has lost its emphasis to kbps, and where people who really were excited by new record releases are now more excited by new revenue opportunities. With the last traces of the old world of broadcasting being disintigrated with new studios and new technologies, it's hard to imagine what will be the modus operandi of the industry not ten years down the line, but three. As the initials 'TB' morph from 'talkback' to 'terabyte', one just has to catch one's breath, hit the books and hold onto your many hats. I've had some great times with remote broadcasting et al., but the best part of this job has always been the great engineers and broadcasters I have met thus far. There really are some wonderful people in this business."

Bob Duckman
WINX [Rockville MD] 1967 - Bobby Dee
WASH [Washington DC] 1969
WXTR [Washington DC] 1983
WCEI [Easton MD] 1995
- GM
WWDC [Washington DC] 1997
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 2004

Now: Bob says (1/15), "I host middays on WNAV, Annapolis, MD where we play a mix of oldies along with local news, local sports, and features of concern to the Annapolis listening community and surrounding counties. It's a nice place to wind down a fun and satisfying career."

Eddie Duffel aka Randy Morgan
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KBUC [San Antonio TX] 1975-1976
Now: Eddie says (2/10), "I'm living in Clarksville Tennessee; I have been doing public address for Nasville Noise of the ABL, Austin Peay University Basketball, and local high school \football and basketball for many years."

Chris Duffy
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WOLL [West Palm Beach FL] 2001
Now: Chris says (7/03), "I said "To hell with it, I'm moving to Florida". Here I am, enoying life on the Beach (but employed! Find me locked in my cell every weekday at Clear Channel of the Palm Beaches."

Dan Duffy
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KYZX [Colorado Springs CO] 1999
Now: PM Drive at Classic Rock KYZX-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dan says (4/03), "Chillin man..."

AAron Duke
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WMOI [Monmouth IL] 1998
Now: Regional Program Director for WPW Broadcasting Inc. (WMOI, WRAM, WAIK, WBYS), Monmouth area Illinois. Aaron lives in Western Illinois.

J.J. Duling
WVIC [Lansing MI] 1974
WGRD-FM [Grand Rapids MI] 1976
WTWR [Detroit MI] 1980
WZZP [South Bend IN] 1984
WSNX [Grand Rapids] 1986
WWSF [Pensacola FL] 1989
WNFI [Daytona Beach Fl] 1992
WOLL [W Palm Beach FL] 1993
WGFX [Nashville TN] 1995
WSHE/WEBG [Orlando FL] 1999
WLUE/WQMF [Louisville KY] 2005-2009

Now: J.J. says (5/10), "I am searching for my next great programming adventure; am a veteran of 9 start-ups/turnarounds and have been successful doing Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Oldies, Hot AC, Adult Hits, CHR; give me a blast at 502.222.3600/502.310.9474."

Bill Dulmage
CFBK [Huntsville ON] 1980 - Chris Williams
CHVO [Carbonear NF] 1982 - Bill Dawson
CJBQ [Belleville ON] 1983
CHUC [Toronto ON] 1984
CFMX [Toronto] 1988-1997

Now: Bill is tending The Bill Dulmage Radio & Television Archive from Ontario, Canada."

Chuck Dunaway
WABC [New York NY] 195?
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1962
KILT [Houston TX] 1964
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1968
WIXY [Cleveland] 1968
- co-owner
Now: Chuck and partners sold Big Mack Broadcasting Co. (KIXQ, KSYN, KXDG and KJMK, Joplin, Missouri) in 1997 for a reported $14 million. At last report he was traveling and enjoying life.

Dave Dunaway
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WWMS [Tupelo MS] 2002
Now: Dave says (6/04), "I am Operations Manager and do mornings at Country WWMS-FM; and am Director of Programming for Mississippi Radio Group's four-station Tupelo cluster."

'Big' Ed Dunaway
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KBRD [Tacoma WA] 1989-1991
Now: Big Ed says (9/07), "My days in radio were amoung the best days of my life; since 1993, I have been working with the Auburn School District as a technical director, working in theater; have stayed very active in the music business and still taking some voice overs and acting parts; plan on staying active in the business till the day I die -- then I can take a well needed vacation; would love to hear from old radio and TV friends..."

Billy Dunbar
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KIIC [Des Moines IA] 1995-2003
Now: Billy says (2/05), "I am more or less retired; producing a syndicated bluegrass music program aired on two commercial stations in the Central Iowa area."

Tim Dunbar
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KKHK [Denver CO] 1998-2001
Now: Tim says (8/05), "I am out of radio and studying for a teaching degree at Metropolitan State College of Denver."

Bill Duncan
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WMRZ [Columbus GA] 2001
Now: Bill says, "I am once again working for my ex-WAPE PD, John Long as his operations manager of Nostalgia WMRZ-FM (Memories 100.7), Columbus, GA. And I'm still employed at WSB-FM (since Oct. 1993), Atlanta, although I am only there occasionally."

Billy 'Slam!' Duncan
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WYYD [Lynchburg VA] 1999
Now: Mornings at Country WYYD-FM, Roanoke, Virginia.

Gary Duncan
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KFUO [St. Louis MO] 1993
Now: Gary says (1/03), "I am Operations Manager at Christian KFUO, St. Louis, Missouri."

Jeff Duncan aka Doc Holliday
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WXXL [Orlando FL] 1990
WWKA [Orlando] 2007

Now: Jeff says (5/08), "I'm doing mornings at Country WWKA-FM, Orlando, Florida; I still work ESPN and have added Fox Sports Soccer Channel as TV work; I have worked with some legendary broadcasters, but nobody meant more to my career than Randy Micheals -- and he still does, he just doesn't know it..."

John Duncan
WGVL [Gainesville] 1974
WXTB [Tampa] 1977
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1978
WABX [Detroit] 1979
KPRI [San Diego] 1981
WQFM [Milwaukee] 1982
WMAD [Madison WI] 1990
WLZR [Milwaukee] 1992
WRDU [Raleigh NC] 1994
KYYS [Kansas City MO] 1995
KLOS [LA] 1997

Now: Program Director at Rock KLOS-FM, Los Angeles, California.

John Duncan
KUDL-FM [Kansas City KS] 1972
KCMO-TV [Kansas City MO] 1975
- engineer
KCKN [Kansas City KS] 1978
KFIX-FM [Kansas City MO] 1979
KSAS-FM [Kansas City MO] 1981
KLSI [Kansas City MO] 1982-1985
KPLA [Columbia MO] 2000
KLIK-FM [Jefferson City MO] 2001
- Johnnie Duncan
KLIK [Jefferson City] 2004 - talk producer
Now: John says (8/02), "I produce talks shows for Cumulus Broadcasting outlets in Mid-missouri and also work for the Columbia Daily Tribune. Radio was great to me."

Lee Duncan
KUDU [Ventura CA] 1958
KACY [Oxnard CA] 1959
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1961-1965
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1967
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 1968
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1969
KRLA [LA] 1969
KERN [Bakersfield] 1969
KKFM [Colorado Springs CO] 1971
KSPN [Aspen CO] 1975
KOMO [Seattle WA] 1985-1992

Now: Lee says (11/03), "After 30+ years in broadcasting I am enjoying fishing our lake and living out my life in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains; my neighbor is 92 years old and still plays a mean trumpet; he calls me son -- I like that; I also would like any of my old buds to contact me." Random thughts: "Don Henley owes me a steak dinner at his roaring fork home, I'll take a rain check again; my old home, Aspen, Colorado has become a bad memory with it's mean land use; my time with President John F. Kennedy was too short; I'm getting older every day and fear for the youth of our country, but I still love the good music that filters through the ages."

Phil 'Doc' Duncan
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1976 - Pete Duncan
WCLR [Chicago IL] 19??
WLS [Chicago] 19??
WUSN [Chicago] 1995

Now: Production Director and Saturday afternoons at Country WUSN-FM, Chicago, Illinois.

Gary Dunes
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WSEN [Syracuse NY] 1991
Now: Gary says (1/08), "I'm doing mornings (since 2000) at Oldies WSEN-FM, Syracuse, New York; I also perform numerous concerts throughout the year with my The Gary Dunes Band (formerly Dunes & The Del-Tunes)."

Ron Dunlap
KRVE [San Jose CA] 1974
KEZR [San Jose] 1976
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1976-1979
KWG [Stockton CA] 1982-1984
KAMB [Merced CA] 1986
KPLA [Modesto CA] 1988
KCIV [Merced] 1990
KJSN [Modesto] 1996
KEJC [Modesto] 1999
KCIV [Merced] 2001
- Production Dir
Now: Ron says (1/11), "I am am Production Director with KCIV-FM, Modesto, California; we are a part of Bott Broadcasting Company, playing Christian progamming; I have been in radio since 1974 at stations with all formats: Country, Oldies, Top 40 and Adult Rock; I still enjoy working in radio (miss some of the people I have worked with over the years); if you know me or have worked with me, please make contact, I would love to hear from you."

Dusty Dunn
WCOG [Greensboro NC] 1964
WSJS [Winston-Salem NC] 19??
WWBG [Greensboro] 19??

Now: Mornings at Talk WWBG, Greensboro, North Carolina.

Jim Dunn
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WBTI [Port Huron MI] 2005-2005 - Pat Thomas
Now: Jim says (3/07), "I'm back in Michigan now; my radio days may be over because of my health, but it's been a good ride overall; radio has its ups and downs like every job, but overall, how many people get paid to listen to music every day? I have no regrets..."

Karen Dunn aka Jesse Lang
KHCA [Searcy AR] 1977 - Karen Green
KLAZ [Little Rock AR] 1979 - Karen Newman
KMJX [Little Rock] 1979
WKDF [Nashville TN] 1982
KTXQ [Ft. Worth TX] 1983
WKDF [Nashville] 1983
WYHY [Nashville] 1984
WWCR [Nashville] 1985-1987
WRLT [Nashville] 1991-1993
- Karen Moe Radio
Now: Karen says (Oct 2002), "I moved to San Diego in 1993 and worked in video production. In 2000 my husband & I bought Poway Transmissions in Poway, Calfornia. Like most women in radio I could have been a millionaire with harrassment lawsuits, blackmail on my male co-horts or writing my own book ... but Howard Stern beat me to it."

Bob Dunsworth
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WLUP-FM [Chicago IL] 1992
Now: Bob says (5/03), "I am Production Director and on air at Rock WLUP-FM, Chicago, Illinois." See bobdunsworth.com

Carlos Duran
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KKOB-FM [Albuquerque NM] 2003 - 'Bad Boy' Carlos D
Now: Carlos says (10/04), "I'm MD and doing PM drive at Top-40 KKOB-FM, Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Elvis Duran
KMMK [Dallas TX] 1980-1983 - Barry Bryan
KIKM [Sherman TX] 1981-1982 - Barry Bryan
KITY [San Antonio TX] 1983
KRBE [Houston TX] 1986
WGZC [Atlanta GA] 1987
WIOQ [Philadelphia PA] 1988
WHTZ [Newark NJ] 1989

Now: Elvis says (4/04), "I've been hosting the morning show on Top-40 WHTZ-FM (Z100), New York, New York since 1996."

Jim Durham
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WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 1978-1980
Now: Jim says (1/03), "I am the computer network manager for a remote TV production company. I left radio in 1982 and worked in Public TV (WQED) for 14 years, then to a mobile TV company in 1995-2000 and then on to the current job. I have 3 kids and live just north of Pittsburgh, PA."

Jay Durkin aka J.J. Jordan
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KDVE [Longview TX] 2002-2005
Now: Jay says (4/07), "I am a vocal coach/media trainer in Dallas, Texas, successfully training corporations and individuals in the art of public speaking and how to handle the media successfully."

Steve Durrant
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CKOV [Kelowna BC] 2001 - Steve McLean
Now: Weekends at News/Talk CKOV, Kelowna, British Columbia. Steve says, "I am a Foley artist, doing sound editing for film and video post. Freelance voicing, certified audio engineer, concentrating on getting one hell of a tan."

Dusty Durst
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KDHX [St. Louis MO] 1988-2003
Now: Dusty is at Variety KCLC-FM, Lindenwood College, Saint Charles, Missouri. He says (6/02), "I am a sound engineer and heavily involved with original music."

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