440: Satisfaction - Ds-1
Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (D1)

Freakin' Deacon Dawson
WKZQ [Myrtle Beach SC] 1977
WYAK [Myrtle Beach] 1988-1991
WSYN [Myrtle Beach] 1994

Now: Deacon (Gary Dawson) says "I am doing wake-up duty on The Grand Strand at Oldies WSYN-FM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I also moonlight as a character actor in TV and Motion Pictures. Fondest memories include the awards received a business I truly love: Billboard's Personality of the Year (1983), and induction into The Carolina's Beach Music Hall of Fame (1998). Over the years, I've had the good fortune to interview and be friends with multitudes of the famous and not so famous. My personal radio heroes include Dick Biondi and Bobby Wayne (The Bobby Wayne Swing Train)."

Joe Dawson
KOTD [Omaha NE] 1975 - Smokin' Joe Dawson
KOAK [Omaha] 1975
KISD [Sioux Falls SD] 1976
WOW [Omaha] 1976
KVOX [Fargo ND] 1977
KQWB [Fargo] 1977
KKLS [Rapid City SD] 1978
KPRQ [Salt Lake City UT] 1978
WXGT [Columbus OH] 1979
- Smokin' Joe Dawson
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1982 - Smokin' Joe Dawson
KHIT [Seattle WA] 1987 - Smokin' Joe Dawson
WFYR [Chicago] 1988
WBBM-FM [Chicago] 1989
WBXX [Battle Creek MI] 1989
KOIL [Omaha NE] 1989
KLYV [Dubuque IA] 1993
WWKX [Providence RI] 1995
KQIZ [Amarillo TX] 1998
ZFZZ [George Town, Cayman Islands] 2000
KJTV [Lubbock TX] 2002
KHIX [Elko NV] 2003-2003

Now: Joe says (7/05), "I am in the sports marketing business in Atlanta, Georgia and loving this new chapter in my life."

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Ray Dawson
KHBM [Monticello AR] 1971-1996 - owner/DJ
Now: "Retired ... Travel ... NASCAR ... Consulant."

'Young' Bobby Day
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1970 - Chris Martin
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1971 - Chris Martin
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1972
KBEQ [Kansas City] 1974
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1975
KMOX-TV [St. Louis] 1977-1984
KWK/KWK-FM [St. Louis] 1979
KHTR [St. Louis] 1983
KBEQ [Kansas City] 1984
KCMO-FM [Kansas City] 1991

Now: Bobby says (1/12), "I'm doing weekends and fill at Oldies KCMO-FM, Kansas City, Missouri; the beat goes on..."

Bobby Day aka Chris Martin on the KAKC 30
Bobby aka
Chris Martin

Bill Drake with Bobby aka Chris Martin
Bill Drake w/Bobby aka Chris Martin

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John Day
KLUA [Kailua-Kona HI] 1991-1996
Now: John says (7/06), "I do engineering and consulting for 17 broadcast companies in Canada and the U.S. ... in addition to voice-overs for commercials and documentries; have been a broadcaster for 38 years."

Bob Dayton
KLIF [Dallas] 195?
KBOX [Dallas] 195?
WIL [St. Louis] 1960
- Robin Scott
WABC [New York] 1962
KBLA [LA] 1966
KRLA [LA] 1967
WPIX [New York] 1971
WCBS [New York] 1973
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1979
ABC Super Radio [New York] 1982
WGLI [Long Island NY] 1986

Died in May, 1995.

Bob Dayton
KBTC [Houston MO] 1963 - Bill Harper
KCLU [Rolla MO] 1964 - Bill Harper
KLID [Poplar Bluff MO] 1965 - Bill Harper
KWIX [Moberly MO] 1968 - Bill Harper
WIOK [Bloomington IL] 1969 - Bill Harper
WMIN [St. Paul MN] 1969
KDAN [St. Paul] 1970
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1971
WJJD [Chicago IL] 1976
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1980
WMAQ [Chicago] 1984-1999

Bob Dayton (Bill Harper) died Dec 12, 2009 in Chicago, IL; See Press release on the the late Bob Dayton [from chitownradio.com]. Click for more on Bob.

Scott Dayton
WILM [Wilmington DE] 1967
WNRK [Newark DE] 1969
WAMS [Wilmington] 1975
WSSV [Petersburg VA] 1985
WGMD [Rehoboth Beach DE] 1997
WOLZ [Ft. Meyers FL] 1999-2001
WKII [Ft. Meyers] 1999-2009

Now: Scott says (12/09), "I was laid off from WKII in Aug 2009 and am still unemployed; I'm a veteran ham radio operator (KT3TV); reside in Punta Gorda, Florida; I miss my Delaware, Maryland and Virginia haunts."

Warren Deacon
KFIL [Los Angeles CA] 1959
KWOW [LA] 1960
KCIN [Victorville CA] 1961
- Surfin' Scott Warren
KGGK [LA] 1964
KNBB [LA] 1966
KSBR [Mission Viejo CA] 1974-1984:

Now: Warren is a writer/director for film and stage living in the Los Angeles, California area, "But I direct theatre all over the US, Canada and abroad. -- Your service is incredible. I've hooked up with a fair number of old radio buddies I'd lost track of using 440: Satisfaction." Check out Warren's Web site by clicking on his name (above).

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Jerry Dean
WRVR/WMBZ [Memphis TN] 2000
Now: Jerry says (12/02), "I'm Operations Manager for Entercom-Memphis, overseeing Mainstream A/C WRVR, (The Buzz) and Adult Standards WJCE, Memphis, Tennessee."

Kevin Dean
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1984
KSON [San Diego] 1990
KYXY [San Diego] 1992

Now: Part of The Morning Show at Adult Contemporary KYXY-FM, San Diego, California.

Lyle Dean
WIFE [Indianapolis] 196?
KOIL [Omaha] 196?
WLS [Chicago] 1967
ABC Information Net [Chicago] 196?
WFYR [Chicago] 1977
- news
To Your Health [Chicago] 197? - syndicated producer/host
WGN [Chicago] 1985
Now: Still the 'Dean' of Chicago news at WGN.

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Michael Dean
KOMA [OKlahoma City OK] 1988
Now: Michael says (3/08), "I was full time at KOMA, Oklahoma City from 1988 to 1993, part time from 1993 to the present; engineer, producer, anouncer for Univ of Oklahoma football and basketball networks (1993-present); I am also (full time) Director of Public Relations and Marketing Director for the Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma."

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Randy Dean
KROC-FM [Rochester MN] 1990-1997
Now: Randy says (11/04), "I am the Multimedia Sales Director for WBAY (TV 2), Green Bay, Wisconsin; I also host segments during Action 2 News; and I write and create audio for advertisers in my recording studio in my home."

Tom Dean
WTOD [Toledo OH] 1964
WOHO [Toledo] 1965
WJBK [Detroit MI] 1968
WDEE [Detroit] 1969
WXYZ [Detroit] 1978
WOMC [Detroit] 1979
WCZY [Detroit] 1981
WCLS [Detroit] 1983
WFMK [Lansing MI] 1985
WWJ [Detroit] 1993
WYCD [Detroit] 1994
WTCM [Traverse City MI] 2004-2004

Now: Tom says (12/05), "After 20 years of ups and downs in a major market, I got out of radio and moved my aerial photography/Web site development businesses to Traverse City in 2004. I could kick myself for not having found out about this -- small market, stable, no pressure -- years ago. It's a lot more fun being a big fish in a small pond, especially when surrounded by hundreds of miles of beaches, world class entertainment, recreation and restaurants."

Bill Deane
WKRZ [Oil City PA] 1955
WTIV [Titusville PA] 1956
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1958
WAME [Miami FL] 1960
WFUN [Miami] 1961
- news aka: Jay Madison Bey
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1965
KBTR [Denver CO] 1967
KYW [Philadelphia PA] 1967
ABC News [New York NY] 1970
- news writer, editor
CBS News [New York] 1975-2005 - news assignment editor
Now: Bill says (7/06), "I am a broadcast consultant (services to radio and TV stations), speaker on present media challenges, do narrations and voiceovers, and am a teacher of public speaking."

Bob Dearborn
Jeff Roteman's Night Time America Page
CKOC [Hamilton ON] 1960 - Bud Roberts
WPRO [Providence RI] 1963 - Bud Roberts
WBBY/WRTH [St Louis MO] 1965
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1965
- Mark Allen
WPTR [Albany NY] 1968 - Mark Allen
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1968 - Mark Allen
WIND [Chicago IL] 1970 - Mark Allen
WCFL [Chicago] 1970
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1976
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1977
WPLP [Tampa] 1979
Night Time America: RKO [NYC] 1981
- host/producer
WJJD [Chicago] 1989
KKSN-FM [Portland OR] 1994
KIXI [Seattle WA] 1994-1999
WJMK [Chicago] 2002
CHWO [Toronto ON] 2003-2004
CKWR [Kitchener ON] 2007-2009

Now: Bob says (8/09), "I am enjoying retirement in SW Ontario." See more on Bob at Jeff Roteman's Radioville. Make sure you read Bob Dearborn's Original Analysis of Don McLean's 1971 Classic "American Pie"; and click for a 1974 Super CFL Survey.

J.K. (Joel) Dearing
WLAR [Athens TN] 1976
WBIR [Knoxville] 1977
WGNI [Wilmington NC] 1978
WNDU [South Bend IN] 1979
KSMG [San Antonio] 1990
WLMX [Chattanooga] 1993
WPKR [Oshkosh WI] 1998
WYYD [Lynchburg VA] 2003-2007
WZBL [Roanoke VA] 2005-2007

Now: J.K. says (8/08), "I am V.P. Format Development for Sovereign City Communications, Green Bay Wisconsin."

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Craig Debolt
WSPA-FM [Spartanburg SC] 1986-1997
Now: Craig says (9/10), "I am voicing & producing radio, TV, Internet and longform commercials and imaging; am an imaging voice for WYFF-TV (NBC-Greenville, SC), The Furman Sports Network, Dorman High School Football, Spartanburg High School Football and a handful of regular advertisers; trying to grow the list so if you're looking - I'm ready."

Bob DeCarlo
WICK [Scranton PA] 1959
WMAJ [State College PA] 1960
WICE [Providence RI] 1962
WDRC [Hartford CT] 1970
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1971
Convention 72, by The Delegates
- main voice
WGST [Atlanta] 1976
WIOD [Miami] 1977
KOGO [San Diego] 1980
WUSA [Tampa] 1982
KLUV [Dallas] 1996
Waitt Radio [Panama City FL] 2000-2002
- ops mgr
WVVE [Panama City] 2004
WBPC [Panama City] 2005-2006

Now: Bob DeCarlo says (4/18), "Living in the sun in Clearwater, FL after selling our McDonaldĺs restaurants in the Florida panhandle."

Jim DeCesare
WKPA/WYDD [Pittsburgh PA] 1976
WHJB/WSSZ [Pittsburgh] 1989
WCNS/WLCY [Pittsburgh/Blairsville PA] 1996

Now: Jim says (6/06), "I am Ops Mgr for a four-station cluster in Indiana, PA (owned by Renda Brodcasting of Pittsburgh); I also consult for three of our stations in Punxsutawney and one in Greensburg; the stations are WCCS, WDAD, WLCY, WQMU, WGSM, WPXZ, WECZ and WYTR; we recently changed our format on WLCY from AC to Country and I voice-track PM drive weekdays; and I've hosted the syndicated Jazz Impressions since 1976."

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Nicolas Deckmyn
RTBf (Begium Nat'l Radio) [Brussels] 1996-1996
Now: Nicolas says, "I am founder & playlist manager of www.noctis.com/radio I'm always up to any nice professional radio-related suggestions. I'm currently working on several things (magazines, commercials, + new projects) but I'm not stuck in anything."

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Jimmy Dee
WVLT [Vineland NJ] 2002
Now: Jimmy says, "I am an air personality at Adult Contemporary WVLT-FM, Vineland, New Jersey."

Tommy Dee
Pattaya 105 [Pattaya Thailand] 2009 - co-owner
Fabulous 103 FM [Pattaya] 2010
Now: Tommy says (4/16), "I run an English language radio station in Thailand: Fabulous 103fm. We have shows from the U.S., U.K. and local ones too -- without doubt the best in the region. We have been back on air since August 2015 following a coup here and the closure of all stations. It has been a rough ride but worth it now. We love radio."

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Tony Dee
WODI [Brookneal VA] 1997:
Now: Dianne DeNicola (Tony's wife) says (6/09), "Tony is Chief Engineer for Clear Channel Tri-State Stations in Franklin, NJ (WSUS, WNNJ, WHCY, WTOC)."

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Richard Dees
WABL [Amite LA] 1995
Now: Latest report (Feb 2000): DJ and Ast. Mgr. at Country WABL, Amite, LA.

Rick Dees
WGBG [Greensboro NC] 1966 - Rig Dees
WCOG [Greensboro] 1969
WKIX [Raleigh NC] 1971
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 1971
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1973
WMPS [Memphis] 1976
WHBQ [Memphis] 1976
recording artist [Memphis] 1976
- Disco Duck (sold 4,000,000+)
Record City [Memphis] 1977 - actor
KHJ [LA] 1979
KIIS [LA] 1981
Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 [LA] 1983
- syndicated: host
Solid Gold [LA] 1984-1985 - syndicated: host
ABC-TV's Into the Night [LA] 1990 - host
Now: Doing mornings on CHR KIIS-FM, Los Angeles and Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 syndicated world wide.
big_l@rocketmail.com reports: "Rick started at WGBG in Greensboro in the mid 1960s. This is from Paul Allen, who was a DJ at the station, and helped get Rick that job. He was called "Rig" (short for Rigdon) in the early days, which sounded so much like Rick that he just started using Rick. He split time between WKIX and WTOB in 1971 while finshing up his degree at North Carolina."

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Mike Deeson
WNOR [Norfolk VA] 1975-1978
Now: Mike says (Aug 2002), "I am senior reporter at WTSP-TV, the CBS station in Tampa, Florida."

Bill DeFelice
WMNR [Monroe CT] 1974-1977 - Poindexter
WMMM [Westport CT] 1986-1990 - Bill Blaze
WREF [Ridgefield CT] 1987-1988
WEBE [Westport] 1988

Now: Bill says (7/08), "I'm a former secretary and newsletter coordinator for the Society of Broadcast Engineers' New York Chapter 15; I'm the Webmaster/historian for the Westport, Connecticut Radio (WMMM) tribute site, in addition to operating HobbyBroadcaster.net, a site promoting legal, low-power license-free broadcasting under FCC Part 15 regulations for personal, education and business purposes; I'm employed as a electronics and computer technologist for a municipal school district where I also serve as the on-staff technical director for a high school radio station; and I'm a freelance broadcast engineer and occasional author for Radio World and other assorted technical publications."

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Don DeFesi
KVYN [Napa CA] 1983-1990 - Donnie D
Now: Don says (4/05), "After leaving Napa Valley radio, I did the LOGICAL thing, I got into the wine business. I live in Danville, California, a small town in the East Bay of Northern California. I have six grown children, all married, with five grand children."

David DeGregorio aka Dave Gregory
KNEZ [Lompoc CA] 1974
KSLY [San Luis Obispo CA] 1978
KZOZ [San Luis Obispo] 1981
KWUN [San Francisco CA] 1982
KNX-FM [Los Angeles CA] 1982
KNX [LA] 1983
KCBS-TV [LA] 1986

Now: David says (11/03), "I'm working with a great group of people in the Engineering/Construction Dept. at KCBS-TV, Los Angeles, California; helped engineer and construct the 'duopoly' master control center when Viacom purchased KCAL-TV and they moved into our facility at Columbia Square from their facility on Melrose Ave. We're still in the process of getting things all 'dialed in'." Click for more from David.

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John DeHaven
WHIO [Dayton OH] 1995-1997John Dean
Now: John says (6/05), "On July 4, 1997 I read my last newscast and resigned not only WHIO, but from the radio business. I have devoted my time to other activities including emergency medical technician and assisting adopted people in search of their birth families. I do occasional TV voice-overs for Dayton's WKEF, WRGT and WB26."

Corey Deitz
WCLT/WCLT-FM [Columbus OH] 1977
WRFD [Columbus] 1978
WOHO/WWWM-FM [Toledo OH] 1979
WRVQ [Richmond] 1983
WNVZ [Norfolk] 1986
WFYR [Chicago] 1988
KLOU [St Louis] 1989
WRVQ [Richmond] 1990
WLTF [Cleveland] 1995
KDRE [Little Rock AR] 1998
KLEC [Little Rock] 1999
KDJE [Little Rock] 2003
KMJX [Little Rock] 2004
KDJE [Little Rock] 2005

Now: Corey says (7/05), "I'm half of the The Corey and Jay Show on Alternative KDJE-FM, Little Rock, Arkansas; and am the Radio Guide at about.com. I have also recently authored a revealing book about the radio business, The Ca$h Cage; a free chapter can be read online."

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Paul Delaney
WWBA [Tampa FL] 2002
WMEL [Melbourne FL] 2003

Now: Paul says (4/08), "I rejoined WMEL, as GM, as WMEL moves from 920 in Melbourne to 1300 in Cocoa, Florida."

Bob DelGiorno
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1963 - Bob Dell
WTAC [Flint MI] 1964 - Bob Dell
WOWO [Ft. Wayne IN] 1965
WIND [Chicago IL] 1968
WKQX [Chicago] 1978
WWL [New Orleans LA] 1979

Now: Mornings at News/Talk WWL, New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Michael DelGiorno
WWTN [Nashville TN] 2007
Now: Michael says (4/11), "I am the midday talk host on Super Talk WTN-FM (99.7), Nashville, Tennessee; I can be heard live online at 997wtn.com or podcast at iTunes under The Michael DelGiorno Show; still love radio ... love Nashville and love my family; love to hear from old friends and co-workers."

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Tony Deluca
WVOI [Naples FL] 2001
Now: Tony says (5/07), "I am morning-show host and also host a Sunday oldies doo-wop show on Religious WVOI; I reside on Marco Island, Florida, am owner of Jukebox Productions DJ/Karaokee company, and play in local band called Crazy Horse & Co."

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Brian Demay
WBQB [Fredericksburg VA] 2001
Now: Brian says (10/03, "I am Cluster Operations Manager for WBQB-FM/WFVA-AM, Fredericksburg, Virginia."

Dr. Demento
KPPC [LA] 1971
KMPX [San Francisco] 1971
KMET [LA] 1972
Gordon/Casady, Inc. [LA] 1974
- syndicated
Dr. Demento Vol I LP [LA] 1975
Westwood One (syndication) [LA] 1978
KLSX [LA] 1987
On The Radio Broadcasting [LA] 1992
- syndicated
KSCA [LA] 1994-2000
Now: Dr. Demento is streaming his show on the Internet at www.drdemento.com and is a historian of zany music from past to present.
.....Contact the Doctor.

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Sean Demery
WNNX [Atlanta GA] 1992-2000
Now: Sean says, "I am Senior Director of Music Programming for RadioCentral Networks, San Francisco."

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John DeMott
WDJA [West Palm Beach FL] 1998-2000
Now: John says (2/05), "I am working for Direct Link Marketing (point-of-sale advertising), West Palm Beach, Florida."

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Shawn Denevan
KLKO [Elko NV] 2002
Now: Shawn says (7/03), "I am OM, PM, MD and doing mornings at Rock KLKO-FM, ELko, Nevada."

Marc 'Mais Oui' Denis
CJRC [Ottawa ON] 1970
CKCH [Hull Qu´┐Żbec] 1971
CKGM [Montr´┐Żal Qu´┐Żbec] 1974
CJFM [Montr´┐Żal] 1980
CKAC [Montr´┐Żal] 1982
CKOI [Montr´┐Żal] 1983
CJFM [Montr´┐Żal] 1992
CJEZ [Toronto ON] 1997-2000
CJBC [Toronto] 2001
CFGL [Montr´┐Żal] 2002-2003
CFQR [Montr´┐Żal] 2005
CINW [Montr´┐Żal] 2008-2009

Now: Marc says (8/13), "I am freelancing as a bilingual voice-over talent in Montr´┐Żal while producing corporate video and developing various media projects through MarcDenis.Com; classic Top-40 radio enthusiasts will want to check out my CKGM Montr´┐Żal Super 70s Tribute Page AND my 1470 CFOX Montr´┐Żal Radio Archive."

Mark Denis
KHSJ [Hemet CA] 1961
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1962
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1964
KGB [San Diego] 1966
KFI [LA] 1969
KEZY [LA] 1969
KHJ [LA] 1982
KFI [LA] 1986

bob@audiorents.com reports: Mark Denis passed away April 30, 2000 at his home in Anaheim Hills, California; from a viral infection after heart surgery. He was 59. As well as his radio work, Mark was the voice of the Disneyland Monorail ride.

Kathy Denman
WHLD [Buffalo NY] 1985
WJJL [Buffalo] 1988
Metro Networks [Buffalo] 1997

Now: At Metro Networks, Inc., Syracuse, New York.

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Allen Dennis
WSM [Nashville TN] 1999
Now: Latest report had Allen at Country WSM, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Jack Dennis
CHFI [Toronto ON] 2001
Now: Jack says, "I'm a full-time freelance voice-over guy (running Jack Dennis Productions) in Toronto, Ontario ... and loving every day of it."

Ray Dennis
KASI [Ames IA] 1963
WERK [Muncie IN] 1965-1967
WDOV [Dover DE] 1969
WXLW [Indianapolis IN] 1971
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1972
KSO [Des Moines IA] 1974
- Gary Wade
KRNT [Des Moines] 1974-1978
KIOA [Des Moines] 1985

Now: Ray says (5/16), "I left full-time radio in 1978 to pursue a real estate career. In 1985, Dic Youngs asked me to fill in for him on the Original Saturday Night Oldies Show on KIOA (then 940 AM, now 93.3 FM). I did that until 2007. Dic Youngs passed away in 2009. I am webmaster of DesMoinesBroadcasting.com -- The history site contains a lot of good material about Des Moines stations and personalities." Click for more from Ray.

Ron Dennis Dagenais
WTSV/WTSV-FM [Claremont NH] 1957-1962
 WDOM Providence College Radio [Providence RI] 1958-1961
WWRI [West Warwick RI] 1962
WTSV/WTSV-FM [Claremont NH] 1962-1967
WFST [Caribou ME] 1967-1970
- GM
WEIM [Fitchburg MA] 1970-1970
WVLG [Wildwood FL] 2005

Now: Ron says (8/16), "I'm with Adult Standards WVLG, The Villages, Florida, hosting Music Through the Night, and using Music Master to program the playlist; also serve as assistant engineer."

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Chuck Denson
WRQR [Wilmington NC] 1999
Now: Chuck says (3/05), "I am Production Manager for NextMediaGroup Wilmington, (WRQR, WAZO, WMFD, WKXB, WSFM. I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around."

Bill Denton
KOTN [Pine Bluff AR] 1967 - Bill Daye
KJWH [Camden AR] 1969 - Sonny Daye
KBSF [Springhill LA] 1970 - Sonny Daye
KEEL [Shreveport LA] 1971
WRPL [Charlotte NC] 1972
KDMS [El Dorado AR] 1973
WRPL [Charlotte] 1973
WIST [Charlotte] 1973
KDMS [El Dorado] 1974
WJFL [Vicksburgh MS] 1975-1976

Now: Bill says (6/10), "I got out of radio in 1976, 1977, and 1978; just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in; spent some weekends riding the satellites at WLIT, WKIX in Raleigh, NC starting in 1988, and got out of radio in 1989 for real; I mean it -- never again, unless somebody makes me an offer I can't refuse." Click for more from Bill.

Jona Denz-Hamilton
KOME [San Jose CA] 1974
KLRB [Carmel CA] 1982
KDON [Salinas CA] 1984

KROY-FM [Sacramento CA] 1984 - JD Hamilton
KLOK [San Jose] 1986
KEEN [San Jose] 1988
- JD Hamilton
KBAY [San Jose] 1996
Now: Jona says (11/13), "I've been on KBAY in San Jose, CA since 1996, mainly doing middays; my shift since 2009 has been 10am until 4pm -- and it's done LIVE! I do a lot of social media and local events; what's very cool is having co-workers that I've known from radio jobs in the past, so we're really family. I love the Bay Area, and being a part of the San Jose radio scene and its heritage stations is a source of pride. A picture's worth a thousand words -- and I've got a ton! My favorites tell stories of meeting bands before they made it big -- and beyond. I've made it a habit of becoming real-life friends with some of my listeners, wonderful people! A lot of this is on my Facebook."

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Brian DePoe
CJEZ [Toronto ON] 2000
Now: Brian says (12/08), "I grew up in Ontario so after living out west for 22 years, I had the chance to come home and it's great to be in Toronto working for Astral Media; Toronto is a great place to live..."

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Norm Deragon
WICE [Providence RI] 1989-1989
Now: Norm says (1/04), "I left radio in 1989, ran my own small business for five years, presently Public Informaiton Officer for the U.S. Small Business Administration in Providence, Rhode Island."

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Doug DeRoo
KGFM [Bakersfield CA] 1991
Now: Mornings at Adult Contemporary KGFM-FM, Bakersfield, CA. Doug says, "I'm still doing mornings in Bakersfield and trying to get Ken Levine's kids out of speeding tickets."

Scott Derringer
WCOG [Greensboro NC] 1965
Now: ???

Rex DeShannon
Now: At WPOW-FM (Power 96), Miami, Florida.

Doug Dessero
KHSJ [Hemet CA] 1971
KREO [Indio CA] 1972
KDES [Palm Springs CA] 1972
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1975-1980
NBC-TV [Burbank CA] 1985
ABC-TV [Hollywood CA] 1990

Now: Doug says (5/08), "I am Manager, Broadcast Engineering and Operations for the ABC-TV network, Hollywood, California."

Carl DeSuze
WBZ [Boston MA] 1941-1985
Passed away in April, 1998 at age 83.

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Larry Deutch
KXTK [Des Moines IA] 2000-2001 - Larry Morgan
Now: Larry says (6/03), "I am doing Big 10 conference basketball play-by-play for ESPN Plus; and am a media specialist at the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care."

Ken DeVaney
KHJ [LA] 1965- GM
Attorney [Fresno CA] 197?
Now: tvfats@aol.com reports: "Ken was still attending to his law practice (in Fresno, California) into the early 1990s."

Mike 'Party Dog' Devine
CKLN [Toronto ON] 1986
CIZN [Cambridge ON] 1990
CKBB [Barrie ON] 1990
CING [Toronto] 1991
CIDC [Toronto] 1997
CING [Hamilton] 1999
CIDC [Toronto] 2002

Now: Mike says (12/03), "I am running a voice-over biz in Hamilton; and working at Top-40 CIDC-FM (Z103.5), Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

John Dew
WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1958-1966
KABL [San Francisco CA] 1968
WWWW [Detroit] 1971
- GM
KZEW/WFAA [Dallas TX] 1973 - GM
Greater Media [New Brunswick NJ] 1976 - syndication
KENR [Houston TX] 1977
KRBE/KENR [Houston] 1980
- GM
KZFX [Houston] 1986 - GM
WILS/WHZZ [Lansing MI] 1993 - GM
WKLT/WAIR/WKPK/WBYB [Traverse City MI] 1996 - GM
WTCM/WTCM-FM/WJZQ [Traverse City MI] 2001GM
Now: GM at News/Talk WTCM, Country WTCM-FM and Smooth Jazz WJZQ-FM, Traverse City, Michigan. John says, "I coined the term (and registered it with State of Texas in 1984) 'Classic Rock' for KRBE AM where the format first debuted. Later moved the format to KZFX (Z-107) where it was huge success. Produced TV show Club 1270 in the 1960s on WXYZ-TV (guests included just about every Motown). Turned WWWW from Oldies into a structured album rock format in 1971. Later took that concept to Dallas and turned WFAA-FM from beautiful music into the 'ZOO' (KZEW), a huge success in the 1970s."

Rick Dewey
WSHF [Florence AL] 1967 - Rick LLoyd
WAJF [Huntsville AL] 1968 - Richard Dewey
KOVO [Provo UT] 1968
WOWL [Florence] 1969
WAAY [Huntsville] 1969
KOVO [Provo] 1969
KIXX [Provo] 1971
KOVO [Provo] 1974-1976

Now: Rick says (5/04), "I am a writer of regional best-selling books for the Western U.S."

Bob DeWitt
WKNY [Kingston NY] 1982
WYLF-FM [Rochester NY] 1983
WSJM/WIRX [Benton Harbor MI] 1986
KDKA [Pittsburgh, PA] 1997-1999

Now: Bob says (12/07), "I left KDKA in 1999 to become the spokesman for United Way of Allegheny County; since 2005, I have been the spokesman for the Boy Scouts of America, Greater Pittsburgh Council."

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Dan DeWitt
KXDR [Missoula MT] 2005 - Danny D!
Now: Dan says (7/07), "I am PD and host of the Morning Rave on Top-40 KXDR-FM (Star FM), Missoula, MT; also, voice-tracking afternoons on the first station I ever worked for, KAAK, Great Falls, MT."

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Dick DeYoung
WKFR [Battle Creek MI] 1968-1976
Now: Dick (Richard Cady) says (12/06), "I own a small New Media production business in San Diego, California."

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