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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (C3)

Myron Cope
Post-Gazette [Pittsburgh PA] 195? - sports writer
Sports Illustrated [Pittsburgh PA] 196? - contributing editor
Pittsburgh Steelers radio net [Pittsburgh] 1970-2005 - color announcer
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1973-1995 - sports talk host
Longtime Pittsburgh Steelers radio color analyst Myron Cope died Feb 27, 2008; his autobiography, Double Yoi, was published in August 2002; he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame November 5, 2005. Click for more on Myron Cope and a video tribute by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Noah Cope
WYHK [Toledo OH] 1993
WCWA [Toledo] 1995
WOOD [Grand Rapids MI] 1999
WTKG [Grand Rapids] 2000

Now: Noah says (3/06), "I am out of the broadcasting industry -- in Put-In-Bay, Ohio."

Ken Copeman
CFTJ [Cambridge ON] 1969
CKPC [Hamilton ON] 1970-1974
CKCO-TV [Kitchener ON] 1972-1982
- Tree House Show
CKKW [Kitchener] 1974-1981
CFCO [Chatham ON] 1981-1988
CBE [Windsor ON] 1988-1989

Now: Ken says (11/07), "I am still in Chatham (Ontario, Canada) but have switched professions ... now heading the marketing department for Bedell's Foodservice Distributors; I still do some voice work."

Guy Copland aka Guy Austin
WZRX [Jackson MS] 1985 - Fly'n Guy Austin
WSTZ [Jackson] 1986 - Gladiator of the Airwaves
KWHL [Anchorage AK] 1988
WJDX [Jackson] 1990
WQJQ [Jackson] 1998-1998
Mississippi News Net [Jackson] 1998-2005
WOMC [Detroit MI] 2006
WMGC [Detroit] 2008-2010

Now: Guy says (4/11), "After a long successfull broadcast career, I resigned from my position as morning news anchor at the network in Mississippi to marry my high school girlfriend Diana Gilbert and return to Michigan; since then: I've opened Motor City Voice Over providing my talents across the globe on a freelance basis and through agencies; did a little part time on-air at a couple of Detroit stations including getting to work with the legendary Dick Purtain; have appeared in some films and local theatrical productions; I also manage several apartment and codo communities. My dad, Hugh Copland is also in 440; he has always been my greatest inspiration and role model; I loved going to the station with my father as a child and watch him be an announcer at the flip of a swith and say everything effortlessly as the second hand on the clock swept by..." Click for more on Guy and his dad.

Hugh Copland
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WXYZ [Detroit MI] 1956-1958
Now: Hugh says (11/10), "I'm retired with wife Ronnie, and Soft Coated Wheaten dogs, living in Georgetown, Texas; it was a grand life, and I met a lot of mighty fine people; worked with: Bob Dearborn, Jim Dunbar, Herb Kent, Dick Biondi, Clark Weber, Bob Hale, Eddie Hubbard, Ed McKenzie, Dick Osgood, Bob Allison, Orion Samuelson, John Hultman, Ken Rabat, Austin Grant, Mike Masters, Bob Carrington, Fred Foy, Sonny Eliot, Steve Lawrence, John Parker, Wes Sarginson, Dean Miller, Carol Duval, and many others..."

Ken Copper
KVRA/KVRF [Vermillion SD] 1967
WUWU [Gainesville FL] 1970
WSIR [Winter Haven FL] 1973
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1975
KOGO [San Diego CA] 1976
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1981
KTAC [Tacoma WA] 1982
KKLZ [Las Vegas NV] 1983
- owner/GM
KCBQ [San Diego] 1986
KBZT [San Diego] 1992-1998
KPOP [San Diego] 2001-2004

Now: Ken says (10/07), "I am hosting an on-line radio show with Clark Anthony on SignOn Radio, a creation of the San Diego Union-Tribune as they prepare for the advent of wireless broadband; other longtime San Diego personalities involved in the project are Charlie & Harrigan and Harry Martin; Clark & Copper can be heard weekdays and can be downloaded as a podcast; I'm also doing freelance v/o work through my kencopper.com." Click for more from Ken.

Marc Coppola aka The Cope
KLOS [Los Angeles CA] 1977
WJPR [Greenville MS] 1977
- Majic Marc
WMAD [Madison WI] 1978
WBAB [Long Island NY] 1979
WPLJ [New York NY] 1981
WAPP [New York NY] 1984
WRCN [Long Island NY] 1984
WXRK [New York NY] 1985
WAXQ [New York NY] 1996
WLTW [New York, NY] 2008
KGB-FM [San Diego CA] 2009

Now: Marc says (6/09), "I'm doing middays at Classic Rock KGB-FM, San Diego, California; I used to call you and bother you all night on KHJ, Los Angeles, when you worked overnights -- I mean every night my friends and I would call you up and play jokes and you took it and actually took the time to talk with us; so because of that and your kindness, I went into the business and have had a decent career."

Bob Corbell
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KONO/KONO-FM [San Antonio TX] 1994-1999
Now: Bob says (7/09), "I'm working as an account executive with Starchannel Communications, representing Televisa along the Texas border markets."

Rege Cordic
WWSW [Pittsburgh PA] 1943
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1954
KNX [LA] 1966
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1969
Sunday Movie - WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh] 1970
- host
KRLA [LA] 1981
Passed away April 16, 1999 (age 72); of complications from brain cancer.
More on Rege. Click on Rege's name (above) to visit Ric Collins' Rege Cordic memorial web site.

Larry Cordle
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KVET [Austin TX] 1997-1998
Now: Larry says (June 2002), "I am a musician and professional counselor in Austin, Texas."

Wayne 'Canada' Cordray
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KWYZ [Everett WA] 1980-1991
Now: Wayne says (5/08), "I am living in a 30-foot travel trailer in Manhattan, Montana; this thriving town of 1400 people is located 25 miles from Bozeman; came down to Big Sky country in 2003; remarried in 2005 to a South Carolina redhead who has experience in country music and TV; I'm working at the Holiday Inn Bozeman as a shuttle van driver; have met several guests who recall listening to my radio shows -- cannot have a better tip...."

Dave Corey
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WLYF [Miami FL] 1982-1985
Now: Dave says (6/00), "Since I left radio in 1985, I've been a freelance VO person and actor. I thank radio for my current career; if it hadn't begun to suck and become so formulaic as it did in the early 80s I wouldn't have been inspired to become a freelance talent."

Don Corey
KSHE [St. Louis MO] 1968
KADI [St. Louis] 1973
KIRL [St. Louis] 1974-1974

Now: Don says (5/03), "I'm running Don Corey Productions (audio/video, St. Louis, MO) with my wife, Katherine. I was one of the first DJs on KSHE in the old days and I am now referred to as an "old timer." I don't know if that's a term of endearment or a disparaging remark, but that's the way it goes I guess. Those were magical days and I cherish those memories..."

Wayne Corey
WBCH [Hastings MI] 1959
WSJM [Benton Harbor MI] 1963
WERX [Grand Rapids MI] 1966
- GM
WISM [Madison WI] 1972-1979 - Wayne Wallace
Now: Wayne says (3/03), "I'm in Madison, Wisconsin and executive director for Wisconsin Independent Businesses, a small business lobbying organization." He recalls, "In 1967 John Leader, John (Records) Landecker and I were together at low-power daytimer WERX in the Grand Rapids suburb of Wyoming. In spite of all that talent (and we sounded great), we never showed in the ratings books."

Cam Cornelius
WYHY [Nashville TN] 1991 - Rick O'Shay
WAYM [Nashville] 1995
WRVW [Nashville] 1996
- Rick O'Shay
Metro Networks [Nashville] 1997-2000
Now: Cam says (12/12), "I am a Voice Arts Awards-nominated voice actor and radio imaging voice."

Dave Corpuz
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KTRS [Casper WY] 1992-1994 - Dave Collins
Now: Dave says (9/04), "I am a media specialist with Comcast Media Center, Denver, Colorado. Career highlight: Winning the 1994 Gavin Award for APD/MD of the Year. Career lowlight: Our owner/GM saying he couldn't sell advertising on a CHR station and wanting us to go AC."

Doug Cory
KENO [Las Vegas NV] 1970
KNUI [Kahului Maui HI] 1975-1981
KHAY [Ventura CA] 1989-1990
- Doug Rogers
Now: Doug says (6/04), "I'm an information systems manager in Ventura, California. I had my own consulting business for a while; still teach radio to young people interested in the basics." More from Doug.

Roger Coryell
KEAP [Fresno CA] 1976
KTIM [San Rafael CA] 1978
KNGS [Visalia CA] 1978
- Roger Cory
KBOS [Tulare CA] 1980 - Roger Cory
KZST [Santa Rosa CA] 1981
KTOB [Santa Rosa] 1981
KPFA [San Francisco CA] 1982
KTIM [San Rafael CA] 1983
- Jeff Cory
WQBK-FM [Albany NY] 1985
WEQX [Manchester VT] 1986
WVAY [Wilmington VT] 1988
KKSF [San Francisco CA] 1990
KFOG [San Francisco] 1999-2000
KKDV [San Francisco] 2002
Bonneville International [San Francisco] 2003
- divisional mgr
KGO/KSFO [San Francisco] 2007 - Dir of Digital Media
Now: Roger says (4/07), "I've joined KGO/KSFO, San Francisco as Director of Digital Media; and I'm GM of twangcity.com (it's still going strong)."

Warren Cosford
CJOB [Winnipeg MB] 1963
CJOB-FM [Winnipeg MB] 1965
CFMQ-FM [Regina SK] 1966
CJOB [Winnipeg MB] 1966
CHUM/CHUM-FM [Toronto ON] 1970
CHUM-FM [Toronto ON] 1977
CHUM LTD [Toronto ON] 1981
- special projects director
WDRE [Garden City NY] 1987
CJBK/CJBX [London ON] 1989
Now: Media Consultant and Professor of Communications Studies at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Alex Cosper aka A.C.
KWOD [Sacramento CA] 1984
KHTT [Santa Rosa CA] 1989
KROY [Sacramento] 1990
KLCQ [Sacramento] 1990
KWOD [Sacramento] 1991
WLUM [Milwaukee WI] 1997
KZZO [Sacramento] 1999-1999
KNGY [San Francisco] 2005
KRCK [Palm Springs CA] 2006-2006

Now: Alex says (7/07), "I have put together a music and radio research Web site at playlistresearch.com (includes my autobiography during the KWOD years)."

Bob Costas
WSYR/WSYR-TV [Syracuse] 1974
KMOX [St. Louis] 1978
CBS Sports NFL/NBA [] 1979
NBC Sports [] 1980

Now: With NBC Sports and the Bob Costas syndicated radio sports show. Residing in St. Louis with his wife Randy, their son, Keith, and daughter, Taylor. For more on Bob, click on his name (above).

Diane Costello
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WSYN [Myrtle Beach SC] 2002
Now: Diane Costello (Merritt) says (7/17), "I retired from radio in 2008, but am still behind the mic as a voice actor."

Jeff Couch
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KMGL/KRXO [Oklahoma City OK] 1998
Now: Program Director for Renda Broadcasting: Adult Contemporary KMGL-FM (Magic 104.1) and Classic Rock KRXO-FM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Euclid Coukouma
WLPL [Baltimore MD] 1976 - CE
WSID [Baltimore] 1976 - CE
WFAN [Washington DC] 1978 - CE
Rantel Research [Laurel MD] 1977-1988
WOOK [Washington DC] 1978-1986
- CE
WRC-TV-DT/NBC News [Washington DC] 1986
Now: Euclid says (3/07), "I am at NBC's O&O WRC-TV-DT, Washington DC, doing troubleshooting, systems design, and installation for WRC, NBC News and other NBC operations in DC."

John Counsell
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CFRA [Ottawa ON] 1998
Now: John says (Aug 2002), "I am hosting Late Nite Counsell weeknights on Talk CFRA, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada."

Alan Courduff
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WIYY [Baltimore MD] 1994-1997
Now: Alan says (7/06), "In 1997, I graduated from Loyola College in Maryland, with a Masters of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology. Since then I've been a licensed, practicing Speech Language Pathologist in Baltimore, Maryland."

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Bob Courtney
WJBO [Baton Rouge LA] 1971-1976
Now: Bob says (7/14), "In 1975 I also began working in television at WBRZ, Channel 2 in Baton Rouge; served as a political reporter, documentary producer, executive producer and assistant news director; left WBRZ in early 1990 and served for 5 years as Louisiana's First Assistant Secretary of State. I own Courtney Communications, Inc., a TV/film production company, public relations and communications consulting service..."

Ed Coury
WKWK [Wheeling WV] 1981
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1983
WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1985
NBC radio [Wasington DC] 1988
WWJ [Detroit MI] 1995
Wall Street Journal Radio Network [Detroit MI] 1997

Now: Ed says (3/15), "I am with Bloomberg Business Report; in my spare time, I am a musician and enjoy playing occasionally in local (Detroit) cover bands. I also create and maintain a few radio station websites on the side."

Alan Cox
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WXDX [Pittsburgh PA] 1999
Now: PM drive at .

Chris Cox
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KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1991-1999
Now: Chris says, "Since 1999, I have owned Sports Video Productions, Orange County, CA."

Don Cox
WHYI [Miami FL] 1975
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1975
KHJ [LA] 1977
WPOW [Miami] 19??
WKIS [Miami] 2001-2003

Jeff Roteman reports, "Don Cox passed away Sep 14, 2003; he had been visiting his mother in Georgia."

Jim Cox
CKNW [Vancouver BC] 1944 - Voice of CFL British Columbia Lions
Jim retired to Surrey B.C. in 1989. He passed away in 1998.

Steve Cox
KOKC [Oklahoma City OK] 1980
KXXY [Oklahoma City] 1983
- Allen James
KLTE [Oklahoma City] 1986-1987
KQCV [Oklahoma City] 1992
WRZN [Gainesville FL] 1994
WKTK/WSKY [Gainesville] 1998
WBXY [Gainesville] 2004
WYGC/WXJZ [Gainesville] 2009

Now: Steve says (4/09), "Along with PD responsibilities of news/talk WBXY-FM, Gainesville, Forida, I'm now PD of all sports 105 The Game (WYGC-FM), and on-air doing weekends (as Allen James) on Smooth 100.9 (WXJZ-FM)."

Wayne Coy
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WRVQ [Richmond VA] 2004
Now: Wayne says (11/05), "I am part of the Q Morning Zoo on Top-40 WRVQ-FM, Richmond, Virginia; also am the station's Program Director."

'Fast' Eddie Coyle
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1971
WNOG [Naples FL] 1972
WRGI [Naples] 1974
WLEQ [Ft. Myers FL] 1975
WAUG [Augusta GA] 1978
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1979
WYYS [Cincinnati OH] 1980
WDOQ [Daytona Beach FL] 1983
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1984
WRNO [New Orleans] 1987
KEGL [Ft. Worth TX] 1988
KPLX [Ft. Worth] 1993
KTXQ [Ft. Worth] 1998
KLUV [Dallas TX] 2003
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 2004
KSCS [Ft. Worth] 2006

Now: Eddie says (9/07) "I’m doing on-air daytime swing at Country KSCS-FM, Dallas, Texas; I originally came to Dallas in the 80s to do afternoons at the Hit-Music version of KEGL, and at the end I was doing mornings at the A/C version of the same station; they were both a blast, but I am now president and owner of the Coyle Auto Group LLC (pre-owned vehicles). Thanks for a fantastic Web site; it brings back many fond memories of the stations that molded my career and the cities that I played the hits for at that time in my life; keep up the great work!"

Steve Craig
KLOM [Lompoc CA] 1978
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1979
KIOT [Barstow CA] 1979
KIOY [Fresno CA] 1980
KYNO [Fresno] 1981
KLRZ [Salt Lake City UT] 1982
KMEN [San Bernardino CA] 1985
KGGI [Riverside CA] 1987
Westwood One Oldies Channel [Los Angeles] 1988
WAPW [Atlanta GA] 1991
- The Big Watusi
WNNX [Atlanta] 1992
WRXP [New York NY] 2008

Now: Steve says (9/10), "I'm doing middays at Rock WRXP-FM, New York, New York; I'm an instrument-rated pilot, scuba instructor and amateur hockey player -- and the best source of music knowledge east of the rockies."

Steven Craig
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KHMX [Houston TX] 2001-2002
Now: Steven says (12/03), "I'm living in Houston, Texas running my own multimedia production company; thrilled to have been a part of some great radio stations, but even more happy working for myself. I can't get fired now."

Wendell Craig aka Windy Craig
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1958-1962
WNDR [Syracuse] 1960-1962
WTKO [Ithaca NY] 1962
WOLF [Syracuse] 1963-1966

Now: Wendell says (7/03), "I am primarily heard on CBS News, especially the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. From 1966-1969, I worked for Floyd L. Peterson, Inc., a boutique radio and TV soundtrack production facility in New York City; owned and ran the same sort of operation, Wendell L. Craig, Inc., 1969-1982. Since 1982 I've been a freelance voice-over artist in New York; and in 1985 was ofered a position as staff announcer at CBS Network. As of mid-2003, since my sole colleague retired several years ago, I'm the only network staff announcer left at CBS New York. Even though I don't wear a tux to work, I still get a thrill following in some of the greatest footsteps in broadcasting."

Joe Crain
KYMO [East Prairie MO] 1981
WKRO [Cairo IL] 1984
WCIL/WCIL-FM [Carbondale IL] 1984
- Rockin' Joe Crain
KHTR [St. Louis MO] 1988
WTBX [Deluth MN] 1989
- Broadway Joe Crain
WIXX [Green Bay WI] 1990 - Jo-Jo Crain
KGLI [Sioux City IA] 1991
KYNN [Lincoln NE] 1992
- Smokin' Joe Crain
WMBD [Peoria IL] 1994
WYXY [Lincoln IL] 1992
- Smokin' Joe Crain
WTAX/WQQL [Springfield IL] 2000-2003
Now: Joe says (4/08), "I'm the Weather Anchor for WICS-TV's Sunrise This Morning on News Channel 20, Springfield, Illinois..."

Mai Cramer
WGRG [Pittsfield MA] 1975
WGBH [Boston MA] 1978-2002

Mai passed away Feb 25, 2002 (click on her name, above, for details).

Paul Cramer
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WXDX [Pittsburgh PA] 1995-1997
Now: Paul says (11/05), "I am running one of the best alternative rock radio stations on the Internet, www.ear.fm."

Ted Cramer
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KFKF [Kansas City KS] 2004
Now: Ted is co-host of The Country Legends Show Saturday mornings on Country KFKF-FM, Kansas City, Kansas.

Steve Crane
KRIG [Odessa TX] 1976
KOZA [Odessa] 1977
KRIG [Odessa] 1978

Now: Head of LAN/WAN network operations at Texas Instruments, Temple, Texas.

Don Criqui
WOR [New York] 195?
Now: Sports Director WOR, New York.

Don Cristi
KDES [El Centro CA] 1971
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1972
KPAM [Portland OR] 1973
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1974
KUUU [Seattle WA] 1975
KUPD [Phoenix AZ] 1976
KNIX [Phoenix] 1980
WBCS [Milwaukee WI] 1985
KRST [Albuquerque NM] 1987
WHKO [Dayton OH] 1990
WHKW [Louisville KY] 1995
KKAT [Salt Lake City UT] 1996
WHOK [Columbus OH] 1997
WFRG [Utica NY] 2000
WFRY [Watertown NY] 2003-2008

Now: Don (Wagner) says (2/11), "This business is so strange, I have returned to radio full time as the General Manager of the Leatherstocking Media Group in Upstate New York with stations in Syracuse, Oneida and Utica; it really is good to be back."

Dave E. Crockett
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KLDE [Houston TX] 2004
Now: Dave says (3/05), "I do weekends at Oldies KLDE-FM; and run Avnet Productions (radio/TV commercials), Houston, Texas."

Bill Croghan
WCVF [Fredonia NY] 1962
WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1964
WAPC [Riverhead NY] 1964
KRLN [Canon City CO] 1969
KEXO [Grand Junction CO] 1971
KRDO [Colorado Springs CO] 1971
KPIK [Colorado Springs] 1973
KKTV [Colorado Springs] 1975
KHOW [Denver CO] 1978
KIMN/KYGO [Denver] 1979
KCEY [Modesto CA] 1980
KCEE [Tucson AZ] 1982
KWFM [Tucson] 1985
KRQQ/KNST [Tucson] 1992
KWCD/KZMK/KTAN [Sierra Vista AZ] 1995

Now: Bill says (6/13), "I'm still with Lotus, Las Vegas, Nevada, as Chief Engineer -- ad KWID, KWWN, KLAV and KRLV to my responsibiliies; this is a growing company."

Tom Cronk
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WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1972-1977 - GM
Now: Tom says (3/05), "After managing WKBW for Capital Cities, I moved to the publishing division and was publisher of the company newspaper in Arlington, Texas, from 1977 to 1987. I then became President of Pennypower Shopping News, also owned by Capital Cities, in Wichita, Ks. I retired in 1992. In retirement I served as the founding board president of Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas, Inc. I also serve on the boards of United Way and the Sedgwick County Zoo."

Ken Crook
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CIGY [Calgary AB] 2007 - CE
Now: Ken says (3/09), "I'm back in Calgary, still with Rawlco Radio (since 1981) and presently Chief Engineer of Pop, Rock, Country CIGY-FM (The New 97.7) Calgary, Alberta, Canada."

Kevin Croom
WGHC [Clayton GA] 1975
WDGR [Dahlonega GA] 1982
- owner
WCON [Cornelia GA] 1992
WKHC [Dahlonega] 1996
- owner
Now: Kevin says, (3/05), "I owned WKHC from 1996-2002. I am no longer the owner, but am still with WKHC (Real Country 104.3 FM), Dahlonega, Georgia as announcer, chief engineer and consultant."

Dave Crosier
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WHAJ [Bluefield WV] 2003
WYYD [Lynchburg VA] 2004
- Dave Clark
Now: Dave says (9/03), "I am Promotions Director and morning co-host at Country WYYD-FM Roanoke, Lynchburg, VA."

Steve Crosno
KGRT [Las Cruces NM] 1956
KELP [El Paso TX] 1959
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1961
KELP-TV [El Paso] 1961
- host: The Crosno Hop
KELP [El Paso] 1961
XEROK [Juarez, Mexico] 197?
KSET/KSET-FM [El Paso] 1980
KEZB [El Paso] 1984-1989
KINT-FM [El Paso] 199?
KBNA [El Paso] 199?
KVLC [Las Cruces] 200?-2006

Steve Crosno died August 5, 2006 in Mesilla (Las Cruces), New Mexico. See http://www.crosnoblog.com/, www.stevecrosno.com and/or www.epcc.edu/nwlibrary/borderlands/14_steve_crosno.htm.

Michael Cross
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KOKZ [Waterloo IA] 1997
Now: Michael says (10/02), "I'm PD for KFMW-FM (Active Rock), Afternoon Drive 3-6PM; Also PD for KOKZ-FM (Oldies), Waterloo/Cedar Rapids, Iowa."

Mike Crossan
WJIC [Salem NJ] 1972
WILM [Wilmington DE] 1974
WARM [Scranton PA] 1976
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1977
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1984
WSNI [Philadelphia] 1984
R.H. Donnelly and Sons [Philadelphia] 1987-1997

Now: Mike says (11/04), "Since 1997 I have been VP of Audio Services with Bluestreak Media, Dallas, Texas."

Gary Crouch
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WCEM [Cambridge MD] 1989-2002 - Lee Ramsey
Now: Gary says (2/11), "I'm a field technician and instructor for the Maryland State Police DWI Enforcement program, and began working as a United Methodist minister in 2004."

Gary Crow
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KZOK [Seattle WA] 1997
Now: Weeknights at Classic Rock KZOK-FM, Seattle, WA.

Bob Crowley
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KRLD [Dallas TX] 2001
WBAP [Dallas TX] 2006

Now: Bob says (7/06), "I am overnight news anchor for News/Talk WBAP, Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas and I anchor the Saturday morning news."

Mort Crowley
KIMN [Denver CO] 1957
WLS [Chicago IL] 1960
KHJ [LA] 1962
WKNR [Detroit MI] 1963-1964
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1967
KMOX-FM [St. Louis] 1973
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 197?

Passed away in 1995.

Nolan Cruise
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KKMJ [Austin TX] 2002-2011
Now: Nolan (Baade) is a dog training and behavior specialist and voiceover/imaging talent in Austin, Texas."

E.J. (Edward Joseph III) Crummey
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1973
WGTR [Natick MA] 1978
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1980
WCOZ [Boston] 1980
WAPP [New York] 1982
WNBC [New York] 1984
KFI [LA] 1989
KMPC [LA] 1994
KABC [LA] 1997-2000
KFYI [Phoenix AZ] 2004

Now: celeborn@canoemail.com reports (7/04): "For the last few years Joe has been doing various fill-in and part time stints in the LA, San Diego, and San Fransisco area as well as fill-ins for a few nationally syndicated hosts. Since May 2004 he has been doing the 7-10 PM talk spot at News/Talk KFYI, Phoenix, Arizona."

Bob Cruz
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 197? - Bob Morgan
WABC [New York NY] 1976
ABC TV [New York] 1981
- anncr
Passed away in 1995. UlrichRoth2000@aol.com remembers, "In addition to doing the overnights on WABC, Bob Cruz also handled the Dan Ingram Show on Saturday afternoons (Ingram had Saturdays off). Bob was legendary at WABC for sounding just like Dan."

Donna Cruz
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WAYM [Nashville TN] 2004
Now: I'm still on WAY-FM but nationally syndicated to all WAY-FM stations and the affiliates of CHRSN, doing Middays."

Matt Cruz
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KDJE [Little Rock AR] 2002
Now: Matt says (3/09), "I'm in Little Rock, Arkansas, working for Clear Channel; am the Promotions and Marketing Director for a cluster of 5 stations and do nights on Alternative KDJE (100.3 The Edge); find me on facebook or myspace."

Lynn Cullen
WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh PA] 198?
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 198?
WPTT [Pittsburgh] 1998-2008

Now: Lynn left WPTT in the spring 2008 when the station changed to a business format; she is living in Pittsburgh and doing a daly podcast for the Pittsburgh City Paper.

Mike Cullen
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KSIV [St. Louis MO] 1998-1999
Now: Mike says, "I am president and co-founder of Culmei Productions, Lexington, Kentucky."

Candy Cullerton
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WTKX [Pensacola FL] 1998
Now: Candy says (6/04), "I work and live in Pensacola, Florida at Clear Channel's WTKX-FM (TK101) and WYCL-FM (Cool 107)."

Jim Culligan
KERR [Salinas CA] 1969
KOCN [Pacific Grove CA] 1971-1972

Now: Jim says (8/10), "I am living in El Cajon California working for the City of San Diego."

Matt 'Mauler' Cundill
Now: He's Matt Mauler, middays/Music Director at CFBR 100.3 (The Bear) Edmonton, Alberta.

Brian Cunningham
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KSOK [Winfield KS] 1998
Now: "Handling operations for KSOK AM/FM, Arkansas City, KS."

Brain Cunningham
WKOA [Hopkinsville KY] 1969-1991 - Johnny Mac
WHTT [Buffalo NY] 1995-1997 - Johnny Mac
WDCX [Buffalo NY] 2002 - CE
Now: Brian says (7/09), "I am am Chief Engineer for WDCX (Buffalo) and WDCX-AM, WLGZ (Rochester, New York); began my career with WKOA/WKOF in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1969; stayed there until 1991, when I moved to Buffalo, NY and hired on with S & B Communications, a broadcast engineering group; designed and built hundreds of studio & transmitter sites around the country; left S & B in 2002 for a chief engineer position with Crawford Broadcasting Company, a religious broadcaster based out of Philadelphia."

Doug Cunningham
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WVPE [Elkhart IN] 1991-1994
Now: Doug says (9/07), "I am anchoring a daily national labor newscast and reporting on organized labor and workers' issues for Workers Independent News, Madison, Wisconsin (WIN is an independent labor radio news network). I started in radio in Flint, MI where I co-hosted a talk, news and music show with filmmaker Michael Moore on WTAC called Radio Free Flint; with Moore and a handful of others, I co-founded the Flint Voice newspaper (which later bacame The Michigan Voice magazine)..."

Jeff Cunningham
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WOAI [San Antonio TX] 1984-1985 - CE
Now: Jeff is a doctor of chiropractic in Carrollton, Texas (in practice since 1992).

Bob Cupp
WBUT [Butler PA] 1984
Now: Bob says (10/07), "Still here in Butler, Pennsylvania having a ball on the Breakfast Club on Oldies WBUT; I also host (as Boz) Rock Fabarik on sister Adult Contemporary WLER-FM."

Carey Curelop
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KZOK [Seattle WA] 1998
Now: Carey is Program Director at Classic Rock KZOK-FM, Seattle, Washington.

Art Curley
WILM [Wilmington DE] 1970
WGMD [Rehoboth Beach DE] 1982
WSSR [Georgetown DE] 1995
WGMD [Rehoboth Beach DE] 1997

Now: At News-Talk WGMD-FM, Rehoboth Beach DE.

Andy Curran
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WVMX [Cincinnati OH] 1996-1999
Now: Andy is Assistant Professor, Computer Information Sciences at University of Cincinnati-Clermont College and, "...would like to hear from anyone with whom I've worked."

Kevin Curran
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WFAN [New York NY] 1989-1992
Now: Kevin says (6/06), "I am an assignment editor at KPNX-TV, Phoenix, Arizona."

Bill Curry
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WHOO/WHOO-FM [Orlando FL] 1976-1981
Now: Bill (Michael Kirkland) says (7/06), "After 15 years in broadcasting, and, enjoying every minite of it, I achieved my life-long goal of becoming an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church ... I have never forgotten those wonderful days of radio broadcasting, when we had to earn our Third Class Radiotelephone license or, if one was lucky and smart enough, a First Class license; I always looked up at those guys ... they seemed to be a lot smarter and of course had better positions."

Robert L. Curry
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1962-1990
radiohawk@email.com reports: "Robert L. Curry was shot to death in his home by his daughter's boyfriend in 1990. The young man did this after Bob told him never to come back to his home. Bob started at WPXZ in 1962 while still in high school and worked there up until his death at the age of 46."

Bob Curti
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WSHH [Pittsburgh PA] 1991
Now: Bob says (5/21), "I'm doing weekend mornings at Adult Contemporary WISH-FM (99.7), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; I've held this slot since 1993."

John Curtin
WCGY [Boston] 1994
WRKO [Boston] 1995
WXRV [Boston] 1996-1999

Now: John says (7/07), "I am a professional stand-up comic (in Bridgewater, Massachusetts)."

Dave Curtis
KHVH [Honolulu] 1978
KSSK [Honolulu] 1993

Now: KSSK Newsroom Manager. Residing in Honolulu.

Dick Curtis
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KVI [Seattle WA] 1986-2001
Now: Dick says (1/04), "I retired from KVI in 2001 and live with my wife Connie in a Seattle suburb. I play golf when the weather cooperates; I'm a computer nerd, and am also into flight simming."

Jim Curtis
WQCM [Hagerstown MD] 1977
WKYS [Washington DC] 1978
WZYQ [Frederick MD] 1979
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1980
WNVZ [Norfolk VA] 1985
WWMX [Baltimore] 1987
WRQX [Washington DC] 1990
WGAY [Washington DC] 1995
WASH [Washington DC] 1998
Star System [Ft. Lauderdale FL] 1998
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 2005
WASH [Washington DC] 2006

Now: Jim says (1/09), "I'm host of Jammin Saturday Night (disco) on Adult Contemporary WASH-FM, Washington, DC; also, voicetracking several stations (see jimcurtisonline.com for details); and I'm running a home voice-over business (Jim Curtis Voice Imaging) in Frederick, Maryland"

Tara Curtis
WELI [New Haven CT] 1995
WILI [Willimantic CT] 1995
WBSM [New Bedford MA] 1996
WILK [Wilkes-Barre PA] 1997
Radio PA Networks [Harrisburg PA] 1998-2008
anchor, reporter
Now: Tara says (4/08), "I have left radio and am working for a state agency as their press secretary; I'm also a busy mom to a rather active young daughter; and I've remarried and had a baby boy -- my new name is Tara Mead -- husband is WHP 580 News Director Bill Mead."

John Cuthbertson aka Sleepy John
KZEL [Eugene OR] 1973
KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1977
KGON-FM [Portland] 1977
KQFM [Portland] 1979
KKSN [Vancouver] 1981
KLIQ [Portland] 1983-1985
KSER [Everett WA] 2009

Now: John says (9/09), "I'm doing Left of the Dial Saturday nights on community station KSER-FM, Everett, Washington -- streaming at kser.org, too ... pledge early, pledge often! Best story: Patti Smith sitting in her limo in the station parking lot listening to Easter air in its entirety on the album preview show - she was coming to KGON for an interview on my all-night shift and later told me she was going to blow the interview off if I bleeped any of the swear words ... I didn't, and she hung out for a couple of hours picking records to play and having a pretty good time of it. It was one of the few interviews done during that tour. Worst interview - The Ramones - couldn't get much more than 'uh-huh' or 'nuh-uh' for answers out of Tommy & Johnny ... and they were the talkative ones!"

Jim Cutler
WALK-FM [Patchogue NY] 1978
WBLI [Patchogue] 1979
WXLO [New York NY] 1980
WTIC-FM [Hartford CT] 1982
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1983
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1984
WZOU [Boston MA] 1984
WHDH [Boston] 1988
WEEI [Boston] 1995
Jim Cutler Voice Overs, Inc. [Long Island NY] 1996
- owner
Now: Jim says (11/05), "I voice for most of the networks, TV and radio stations in every major and medium market."

Zen Cymbala aka Bear Bradley
WJPS [Evansville IN] 1970 - Scott Shannon
WVJS [Owensboro KY] 1972 - Scott Shannon
WLAC [Nashville TN] 1974
WMAK [Nashville] 1977
WNDE [Indianapolis IN] 1978
WKOS/WMAK [Nashville] 1979
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1981-1983

Now: Zen says (11/15), "I retired from NBC (network executive in sales & marketing with NBC Universal-Midwest Region [Chicago]) and enjoy living in my homes in Chicago, Canada, and Florida; I still fly and do occasional voice work. The best times were doing nights in the mid 1970s at WLAC, Nashville, Tennessee; air name was Bear 'With the Hair' Bradley; at one time, I was the #1 jock in Nashville, Memphis and #4 in Atlanta all at the same time. That was what a 50,000 watt clear channel signal could do for you."

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