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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (C2)

Kevin Coan
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WNWV [Cleveland OH] 1998
Now: Kevin reports, "I am active with Vacation Radio (info site for vacationers); I run my own production facility, Kevin Coan Media (audio production); and I'm working on (Sep 2001) launching a syndicated program for Adult Standards, MOYL and Easy Listening stations."

Larry Cobb aka Rockin' Larry Ryan
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WKGM [Smithfield VA] 1978 - VP/GM
Now: Larry says (10/02), "I am VP/GM at Religious WKGM (formerly WEOO), Smithfield VA. Have been there since 1978. I also manage WKDI, Denton MD, WKTR, Charlottesville VA, WFTK, Wake Forrest NC, and WTIK, Durham NC."

Bob Coburn
KLOS [Los Angeles CA] 1980-2016
Bob Coburn died Dec 17, 2016 (lung cancer, age 68) in Los Angeles, CA. See Legendary 'Rockline' Host BOB COBURN Dies After Battle With Cancer (blabbermouth.net); and Tribute to Bob Coburn (955klos.com)

Jeff Cochran
KWK-FM [St. Louis] 1984
KFMZ [Columbia MO] 1987
WFMK [Lansing MI] 1987
KHTT [Santa Rosa CA] 1989
KMZQ [Las Vegas NV] 1991

Now: Latest (Feb 2000) report had Jeff at KOSI, Denver CO (update/current email needed).

'Scary' Mary Cochran
KRMG [Tulsa OK] 1977 - Mary Simmons
KMOD [Tulsa] 1980-1993
KQLL [Tulsa] 1995
- Sunny Olson
KBEZ [Tulsa] 1998 - Sunny Olson
KJSR [Tulsa OK] 1999-2001
Now: Mary says (5/06), "I have been a freelance writer and photographer since 2001; I have won several photography contests, including the grand prize in the Tulsa Zoo photo contest, and have many ribbons from the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Fair photography competitions as well; I have 3 photos in a 25-year traveling exhibit with Blair-Murrah Exhibitions; and I was hired as writer and photographer for the Hollywood Oklahoma publication." Click for a scary Mary story.

Rick Cochran
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WMYX [Milwaukee WI] 1988-1990
Now: Rick says (June 2002), "I am semi-retired. Most recently worked for some years as a systems analyst/computer consultant."

Steve Cochran
WKBQ-FM [St. Louis] 1988
KDWB [Minneapolis] 1989
WPNT [Chicago] 19931995
WGN [Chicago] 2000

Now: Middays at News/Talk WGN, Chicago, Illinois.
link to Steve

Ken Cocker
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WJMK [Chicago IL] 1996
Now: Ken says (3/03), "I'm doing Oldies at WJMK (a great station); and also working as a golf professional."

David Cockrell aka David London
WKIX [Raleigh NC] 1966 - David Laurence
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1966 - David Laurence
WNOX [Knoxville TN] 1967 - David Laurence
KFJZ [Ft. Worth TX] 1968
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1969
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1971
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1973
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1974
KUDE [Oceanside CA] 1974
KSEA [San Diego] 1974

David Cockrell died Sep 29, 2013. See Blast from Your Past Pays Tribute to DJ Extraordinaire, David “Da Snake” London, from LinDee Rochelle (lindee@BlastFromYourPast.net)

Gary Cocola
KARM [Fresno CA] 1955
KFRE [Fresno] 1958
KMBY [Fresno] 1962-1962
- Gary Morris
KYAA [Soquel CA] 2010 - Gary Morris
Now: Owner of TV Stations KGMC-TV (Channel 43), Clovis/Fresno CA and KXVO-TV (Channel 15), Omaha NE. Gary also ownes 14 low-power TV stations in Central California. And he says (7/10), "I'm back on radio in Monterey at KYAA (1200 AM) as Gary Morris."

Steve Cody
WEAT [West Palm Beach FL] 1977
WIRK [West Palm Beach] 1988
WRMF [West Palm Beach] 1990
WOLL [West Palm Beach] 1991
WXEL [West Palm Beach] 1998

Now: PM drive at Public WXEL-FM, West Palm Beach, Florida. Steve says (12/04), "I doubt many people are wondering where I went .... I never left. 27 years in the same market!"

Frank Coe aka Friendly Frank James
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KICR [Alexandria LA] 1998-1998
Now: Frank says (4/10), "I own MID-STATE Communication Services, Alexandria and Shreveport, LA."

Harriet Coffey
WXLS [Willimantic CT] 1976 - Harriet Williams
WKND [Hartford CT] 1977 - Harriet Williams
KLPQ/KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1978 - Harriet
WQXI [Atlanta GA] 1980
WWSH [Philadelphia PA] 1982
WWMG [Charlotte NC] 1988-2001
WXRC [Charlotte] 2003-2012

Now: Harriet says (10/12), "I'm no longer doing middays at WXRC-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina..."

Bill Coffield aka Bill Fields
WLAF [Knoxville TN] 1959 - Bill Field
WKGN [Knoxville] 1960 - Happy Day
WJER [Canton OH] 1961
WCOL [Columbus OH] 1961
WGRY [Gary IN] 1962
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1962
WOMP [Wheeling WV] 1963
WCNS/WCNO [Canton] 1964
WKBN [Youngstown OH] 1966
WFBG-TV [Altoona PA] 1968
- sports dir
WSAZ-TV [Huntington WV] 1968 - booth
WWVA [Wheeling] 1969
WSTV-TV [Steubenville OH] 1970
- reporter
WBBY [Columbus] 1974
WCOL [Columbus] 1977
WBNS [Columbus] 1981
Metro Traffic [Detroit MI] 1985
- ops dir
Metro Traffic [Orlando FL] 1987-1989 - ops dir
Florida's Radio Network [Orlando] 2002-2007 - reporter
Now: Bill says (7/09), "I am retired in Orlando, Florida; one of the highlights of my career was in 1992, when I was inducted into the Radio Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio."

Don Cohen
WNTN [Boston MA] 1973
WCMF [Rochester NY] 1974
WCAS [Boston] 1974
WEEI-FM [Boston] 1979
WFNX [Boston MA] 1982-1984

Now: Don says (12/06), "Sadly, I left Boston radio in 1984 -- the free form dream was long over and hanging by a thread at that time; I am a psychotherapist in NYC."

Sherman Cohen
Last report (March, 1997), Sherman (the Shermanator) was between engagements.

Dave Cokely
WHEB [Portsmouth NH] 1970
WEAN [Providence RI] 1975
WBZ [Boston MA] 1982
KING [Seatle WA] 1984-1985

Now: Dave says (7/06), "I'm out of the radio business after spending time as a consultant with Frank N. Magid Associates. I now spend my time working in the computer industry where I've been involved in software development and Information Technology roles."

Dave Coldren aka Dave Byrd
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KSCS [Dallas TX] 1997-2000
Now: Dave says (Aug 2002), "I am mostly retired from radio and living in Richmond, VA. I do a little voice work here and there. I long for the good old days before there were only three station owners in the whole country. Really enjoy my job as a critical facility manager for a major bank."

Bob Cole
WHB [Kansas City MO] 1960
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1965
WKYC [Cleveland OH] 1967
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1969
WDAF [Kansas City] 1972
- Art Nelson
WDAF [Kansas City] 1973
Passed away March 5, 1998.

Bruce Cole aka Bruce Summers
WSEZ [Winston-Salem NC] 1981
WRQK [Greensboro NC] 1982
WAUR/WYSY/WMRO [Chicago IL] 1984
WUSN [Chicago] 1989
WMYI [Greenville SC] 1991
- marketing mgr
WFBC/WORD [Greenville] 1992-1994
WQBW/WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 2006-2010
- Bruce Carson
WOKY [Milwaukee] 2006-2010
WMIL [Milwaukee] 2006-2010
- Jay Stone
WKRS [Chicago IL] 2009 - image voice
WUSN [Chicago] 2009-2014 - Jay Stone
WTOB [Winston-Salem NC] 2015
Now: Bruce says (9/15), "While working for the Clear Channel cluster in Milwaukee, they used me on every station in the cluster, but didn't want me identified with the same name on all stations; before hitting the air on country WMIL, I compared notes with midday guy/MD Mitch Morgan (aka Dick Sloane from 99X WXLO NY), and we talked about some of our favorite 99X jocks from days past; we noted that Jay Stone had tragically died several years earlier, and as a tribute to Jay, I used that name on WMIL; when I returned to U99.5 WUSN 25 years after my last go round there, the Jay Stone name stuck. Now I'm in Winston-Salem, NC and - as of September, 2015 - I'm doing mornings on WTOB Winston-Salem, one time home of Rick Dees and Jackson Armstrong, among others."

Dan Cole
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WGAN [Portland ME] 1998
Now: Morning news anchor at News/Talk WGAN, (Newsradio 560), Portland, Maine.

Shelli Cole
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WNNJ [Newton NJ] 1997-1997
Now: Shelli says (Sep 2002), "I am in media at Globalvision News Network, New York, New York."

Tony Coles
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KRWM [Seattle WA] 1999-2004
Now: Tony says (6/04), "I am Regional VP/Programming - Clear Channel/Oregon."

Bill Colley
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WSYR [Syrcause NY] 2002
WFBL [Syrcause] 2004

Now: Bill says (10/04), "I'm morning talk-show host at Talkradio 1390, WFBL, Syracuse, New York."

Bruce Collier
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WERQ [Baltimore MD] 2002
Now: Bruce says, "I am in sales at Hip Hop WERQ-FM (92Q), Baltimore, Maryland."

Chris Collier
KFOX [Los Angeles CA] 1973
KIKK [Houston TX] 1976
KCKN [Kansas City KS] 1978
KYTE [Portland OR] 1980
KILT [Houston TX] 1982
KFDI [Wichita KS] 1984
KTOM [Salinas CA] 1986

Now: Working with special needs children as an education consultant for the Lincoln, New Hampshire School District. Click for more from Chris.

Al 'Jazzbeaux' Collins
JWNote: goldenpossum@earthlink.net remembers, "Jazzbo officially changed the
spelling to Jazzbeaux when he went to Pittsburgh (in 1969).
WKPA [Pittsburgh PA] 1943
WIND [Chicago IL] 1945
KNAK [Salt Lake City UT] 1946
WNEW [New York NY] 1950
Tonight! America After Dark - NBC-TV [Los Angeles CA]
- host
KSFO [San Francisco CA] 1959
VOA [Los Angeles?] 196?
- host: Jazz for the Asking
KMET [LA] 1966
KFI [LA] 1967
KGBS [LA] 1968
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1969
WIXZ [Pittsburgh] 1973
KMPX [San Francisco] 1976
KGO [San Francisco] 1977
WNEW [New York] 1981
KSFO [San Francisco] 1983
KFRC [San Francisco] 1986
KAPX? [Marin County CA] 1990
KCSM [College Of San Mateo CA] 1993

Passed away Sept. 30, 1997 (pancreatic cancer), at age 78, in San Francisco, California.

Bill Collins
WRFD [Columbus OH] 1956
WGAR [Cleveland OH] 1966
WHK [Cleveland] 1968
KNEW [San Francisco CA] 1971-1997

Don Sainte-Johnn reports (9/04), "Bill Collins, a gentleman with whom I shared a building (KNEW, K-BIG, KABL, KSAN), is no longer with us. Sorry to report, Bill passed away October 6, 2003. He was only 67."

Bob Collins
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1967
KFI [Los Angeles CA] 1969
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1970
WRIT [Milwaukee] 1971
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1973
WGN [Chicago IL] 1974-2000

Bob was killed in the collision of his private plane with another Feb 8, 2000. SARLIS@aol.com says, "...The entire Midwest is grieving for one of the funniest, nicest persons ever to grace the airwaves of Chicago."

Bobby Collins
WSUY [Charleston SC] 1994
WYBB [Charleston] 1997-2006

Now: Bobby says (10/10), "I'm in Charleston, South Carolina working at a record label."

Chris Collins
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1975 - The Kid
KXRX [San Jose] 1976
KEZR [San Jose] 1976
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1978
KSFM [Sacramento CA] 1980-1992
KSTE [Sacramento] 1993
KDIA [San Francisco] 1993
- VP, mgr
WLUP [Chicago IL] 1994
KFRC [San Francisco] 1994
- Sharks pbp
FOX Sports [San Francisco] 1994 - Sharks pbp
KBKS [Tacoma WA] 1997-2000
Digicast Corporation [Seattle] 1999-2005
Now: Chris says (3/08), "I started ISCG (International Sports Communications Group) in 2005; I live in Willow Glen (San Jose), California and 1/4 of the time in China as I have been working as the G.M. of the China Sharks hockey team of the Asian League, along with representing SVSE (Owners of the San Jose Sharks) and numerous MLB, European soccer clubs and the 2008 Beijing Olympics; China is the wild wild West and I have a lot of clients to keep happy for sure; the passion reminds me of radio in the late 1970s and 1980s. Shannon and I had another son, Shayne Josiah, born June 14, 2007 so Nick (now 14) has a little brother. Thank God for e-mail, as because of 440 I keep hearing from old friends whom I love; if you're ever planning to be in Beijing e-mail me and i will "host" you there! God Bless..."

Dave Collins
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WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1978-1981
Now: Dave says (4/04), "I left radio in 1981 to get the Engineering Degree I'd gone to Clemson for in the first place 13 years before when I got wrapped up in the student-run radio station (WSBF). The minute I got there I was hooked, and promptly flunked out. I did get the degree, and I'm currently a Radar Antenna and RF Systems Engineer with Lockheed Martin in Syracuse, NY. I actually held the same job and lived in the same house for over 18 years (how many jocks or ex-jocks get to do that?)"

Glenn Collins
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WMCA [New York NY] 1984-1987
Now: Glenn says (2/05), "I am president of MEDIA DRIVE (film production company), New York City, doing TV pilots and feature films."

Doug Collins
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WDBQ [Dubuque IA] 2002
KIYX [Dubuque] 2004

Now: Doug says (1/05), "I am with 2005 KIYX-FM (SuperHits 106), Dubuque, Iowa."

Joe Collins
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WWDE [Norfolk VA] 2000-2001 - Tom Scott
Now: Joe says (12/04), "In 2001, I decided stay at home with my new daughter, Emily. I still keep in touch with friends who are in the industry and occasionally do a little freelance production; I help locate and restore rare recordings and prepare music libraries; and I write a bi-weekly column called Fundamental Radio for The Rivers Radio Report. I may get back in the business full time someday but for now I'm happy to be here with Emily."

Kathy Collins
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KTAR [Phoenix AZ] 1998-2000
Now: Kathy says (July 2002),"I am co-owner of AZ Radio Network, Phoenix Arizona. We provide features and customized weather to small market radio stations in Arizona."

Kerry Collins
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1995
WPRO-FM [Providence RI] 2005
WWKX [Providence] 2007

Now: Kerry says (4/07), "I'm doing mornings at Hip Hop WWKX-FM, Providence, Rhode Island."

Larry Collins
WILS [Lansing MI] 1949
WHTC [Grand Rapids MI] 1950
WBCK [Battle Creek MI] 1952
KNJO [Thousands Oaks CA] 1973
KOCM [Los Angeles CA] 1977
KJOI [LA] 1981
KDUO [Riverside CA] 1986
KWXY [Palm Springs CA] 1992

Now: Operations Manager and on the air at Easy Listening KWXY, Palm Springs, CA.

Mary Collins
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WLVB [Morrisville VT] 2000
Now: Mary says (12/04), "I work weekends at Country WLVB-FM, Morrisville, Vermont when I'm not on the road or in the studio with my own clients. In my 'dayjob' at Collins Communicatons Group, I work with advertising clients throughout Vermont and New Hampshire, mostly, and do some voice work and consulting nationally. Still love it."

Ray Collins aka Bill Edwards, Jack Houston
Now: Free lance voice-over announcer, (latest Tyco Nerf Baseball U.S. national), Mix FM Belleville Ontario I.D. announcer. Multimedia V/O for Mac Blo. Associate producer on movie projects for Shadow Films Vancouver.

Tom Collins
KJAZ [San Francisco CA] 1962
KMPX [San Francisco] 1963
KLGS [San Jose CA] 1967
KREP [San Jose] 1970
KFYE [Fresno CA] 1972-1979
- owner
Now: Tom is the owner of Collins Classics (cars), Burlingame, California.

Tom Collins
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WTHZ [Greensboro NC] 2000 - VP
Now: Tom says (12/06), "...I made the move to Greensboro, North Carolina as VP of WTHZ-FM (Majic 94.1 - Classic Top 40); I never get tired of management and lending a helping hand to those younger broadcasters who will be the stars of tomorrow."

Tom Collins
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WPLY [Philadelphia PA] 1990-1994
Now: Tom says (1/03), "I used to play the hits, now talk about the traffic hits on KYW (Metro Traffic), Philadelphia, PA."

Tommy Collins
KDAN [St. Paul MN] 1975-1976
WPFB [Dayton OH] 1980
WPBF [Dayton OH] 1981
WING [Dayton] 1981
WGIC [Dayton] 1982
WHIO [Dayton] 1984
WBZI [Dayton] 1985
WING [Dayton] 1986
WDJX [Dayton] 1989
WHIO [Dayton OH] 2000-2014

Now: Tommy (Tom Burianek) says (11/14), "I am department head for a 2-year associate degree college radio program at the International College of Broadcasting, Dayton, Ohio. I retired from active on-air radio in July of 2014; was employed at Cox Media Group in Dayton as a team lead/manager of the WHIO-TV, WHKO, WHIO, and WZLR content breaking news team."

Ron Colman
Now: He's Colman in the Morning at WNCO-FM, Ashland-Mansfield, Ohio.

Bill Comb
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KIOT [Barstow CA] 1978-1982
Now: Bill says, "In 1982 I formed my own company: Desert West Media (audio and video production), Barstow, CA.

Rob Combs aka Rob Hunter
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KDJQ [Boise ID] 2005? - owner
Now: Rob says (5/08), "I am in the process of selling KDJQ-AM, a 50kw Blowtorch at 890 kHz, licensed to Meridian, Idaho; I am not sure of what is next for me, and if anyone has an opportunity in this part of the U.S. please let me know ... and I would love to hear from any of you with whom I had the privilege of working over these (now) many years."

Paul Compney
WAGN [Menominee MI] 1968
KSBK [Naha Okinawa Japan] 1971
WBKX [Marquette MI] 1972
- Northern Michigan Univ: ancr
WNMU [Marquette] 1972 - Northern Michigan Univ: sub ancr
WJPD [Marquette] 1972
WSOO [Sault Sainte Marie MI] 1973
WLOT [Marinette WI] 1973
WBAY-FM [Green Bay WI] 1973
WNFL [Green Bay] 1973
WBAY [Green Bay] 1974
WGBW [Green Bay] 1975
- Univ of Wisconsin
WWJC [Duluth MN] 1986-1988
KCMU [Fayette MO] 1999-2004
Central Methodist Univ: guest anncr
Now: Paul says (12/13), "Throughout my radio career I was trying to go to college on the 30-year plan! Finally in 2007 I obtained a PhD in psychology and became a professor. However, I never completely left radio and was fortunate to have the opportunity to get some air time on campus radio. I also work for the Veteran's Affairs as a psychiatric practitioner. It's a pleasure to work with veterans and especially those from the Vietnam era. I'm amazed to hear stories from many Veterans who remember KSBK (The Big 8s) in Okinawa during the 1960s & 70s. The station that played rock and roll 24 hours and provided 'The Uncensored News'. Two of the largest rock festivals in 1971 & 1972 were sponsored by KSBK. Thousands of people camped up in the hills in a natural amphitheatre for two days of rock and roll. In 1984, I co-founded 'The Crossing' celtic band in Chicago (I left in 1986); many albums produced, still going strong for 30 years."

Chris Compton
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KFXM [Lancaster CA] 2004 - president
Now: Chris says (5/09), "I am Director of Engineering at Radio Nuevavida Network; since 2004 I have been president and CCaBW (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) at KFXM-FM in Lancaster, Califonia and am doing live Saturdays, 9-Noon Pacific Time, using real Vinyl 45s."

Dave Comstock
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WFMB-FM [Springfield IL] 1997
Now: Dave says (1/07), "I took over the production department in 1997; I'll still do a voice-track shift every once in a great while on our Classic Rocker (96.7 WCVS-FM) but, other than that, it's splicin' and dicin' all day."

Rich Conaty
WFUV [New York NY] 1972-1992
WYEP [Pittsburgh PA] 1977-1978
WNEW [New York] 1983
WYRS [New York] 1984-1985
WQEW [New York] 1992
WFUV [New York] 1997
Rich Conaty died (lymphoma; age 62) Dec 30, 2016; see A DJ Who Brought Two Decades to Life.

Jim Condon
WSUB/WQGN [Groton CT] 1981
WFAN [Mystic CT] 1982
WICH/WCTY [Norwich CT] 1983
WJOY/WQCR [Burlington VT] 1984
WKDR [Burlington VT] 1988-2001

Now: Jim says (4/10), "I'm serving my third term in the Vermont Legislature and serve on the House Ways and Means Committee; my friend Louie Manno sold the Radio Deli a few years ago; I've also been serving as Executive Director of the Vermont Association of Broadcasters since January 2008."

Joe Condon
WTRY [Troy NY] 1963
WABY [Albany NY] 1967
WROW/WROW-FM [Albany] 1969
WYJB [Albany NY] 1993

Now: Joe says, "I left full-time radio in 1999 to start an Internet-only radio station. I still do the morning show every Saturday on Adult Contemp WYJB-FM and two Sunday talk shows on News/Talk WROW-AM. Our Internet-only station is radioalbany.com. We are CHR. Herb Oscar Anderson and Laurel Redington do tracks for me. We are automated, except for special occasions."

Noel Confer
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KROP [El Centro CA] 1954-1968
Now: Noel says, "I have retired after 50 years of radio, TV and stage acting. I've sold all of my horses and now keep busy doing just what I damn well please."

Jim Conlee
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KLDE [Houston TX] 1996
KQXT [San Antonio TX] 2004

Now: Jim says (8/04), "I am Assistant PD and morning host at KQXT (Soft Rock 101.9), San Antonio, Texas."

Jay Conley
WTAE [Pittsburgh PA] 1961-1972
WQED [Pittsburgh] 1977-1996

Now: Jay says (7/03), "I am retired -- after 40 years in radio broadcasting -- in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Kevin Conlon aka Kevin Mitchell
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WAEV-FM [Savannah GA] 1997-2001
Now: Kevin says (8/09), "I left radio in 2001 to pursue my college teaching career, but continued to do voice-over work for several more years; I'm currently in Sarasota, Florida."

Jim Conlee
Now: AT KLDE, Houston.

Bud Connell
WLBB [Carrollton GA] 1951
KVLC [Little Rock AR] 1953
KGHI [Little Rock] 1954
KXLR [Little Rock] 1955
KOWH [Omaha NE] 1957
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1957
WFUN [Miami FL] 1960
KXOK [St. Louis MO] 1961
NBC-TV [Los Angeles CA] 1968-1969

Now: Bud says, "7/03), "From 1970 to 1986 I was a broadcast consultant. Since 1987 I have been a film and video producer, director, writer in Laguna Niguel, California."

Jim Connell
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CINW [Montréal Québec] 2009
Now: Jim says (5/09), "I'm doing mornings on CINW (940 AM: Montreal's greatest hits), voice-over work, as well as adapting French audio visual productions for the English market."

Patrick Connell aka Patrick O'Connell
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KONO [San Antonio TX] 1968-1971
Now: Patrick says (10/05), "In 1970, some friends and I opened a radio/TV production company and I began to transition away from live radio; past that, most of my career was spent in advertising and marketing. After toying with retirement in 1999, I found life on the beach to be boring, so I began selling and managing real estate -- in Miami Beach, Florida."

Mark Conner
WXAM [Charlottesville VA] 1983
WKAV [Charlottesville] 1984
WCHV [Charlottesville] 1989
- Scott Phree
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1990-1992
WWWV [Charlottesville] 1988-2005
WCNR [Charlottesville] 2010
WWWV [Charlottesville] 2013

Now: Mark says (10/14), "I started doing part time radio again and I love it."

Bryan J. Conners
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WERX [Columbia NC] 1999-2003
Now: Bryan says (6/06), "I am a full-time dad (three boys); do voice-over work and concert promotions; also some consulting for movies and TV..."

Al Connors
WLYK [Cincinnati OH] 1970
WCLU [Cincinnati] 1970
WVOJ [Jacksonville FL] 1971
WMFJ [Daytona Beach FL] 1971
WSAI [Cincinnati] 1972
WTUE [Dayton OH] 1972
WING [Dayton] 1970
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1979
KRTH [LA] 1986
KBZT San Diego CA] 1992
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 1994
WTRG [Raleigh NC] 1998
WKOO [Jacksonville NC] 2000
WQLD [Montgomery AL] 2001
WOMG/WISW [Columbia SC] 2003-2005
WSYN [Myrtle Beach SC] 2007

Now: Al says (8/07), "I'm doing PM drive and programming Oldies WSYN-FM (SUNNY 106.5), Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and I'm growing my voice-over business."

Dean Connors
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WASP-FM [Uniontown PA] 1996-2000
Now: Dean says (4/02), "After radio I went to California University of Pennsylvania and have bachelor's degrees in Communication Studies and Sport Management. I work in and around Wheeling and Pittsburgh; I live in Washington, PA with my wife, Heather and two dogs. I have two daughters (Alexa and Kaylee) who live close to me. I still play drums, currently in an 80s 'hair band' tribute kind of thing called Tongue 'N Cheek."

Jim Connors aka JC
WJET [Erie PA] 19??
WMEX [Boston MA] 197?
WYSL [Buffalo NY] 1973
WROC [Rochester NY] 1976
WCIB [Cape Cod MA] 1977

Died Feb. 24, 1987. Click on his name (above) to visit the memorial web site run by the family. Jim's son, Jim, says (Nov 2002), "Please stop by our Web site to listen to airchecks of JC from years past and share stories from his life." More on Jim.
Email Jim's son (Jim) at connorsjwp@yahoo.com

Robert Conrad
WKAN [Kankakee IL] 1949 - Sagebrush Bob
WEAW [Chicago IL] 1951
WFMT [Chicago] 1954
KAIM/KAIM-FM [Honolulu HI] 1955
KULA [Honolulu] 1955
WFMT [Chicago] 1957
WDTM [Detroit MI] 1960
WCLV [Cleveland OH] 1962
- VP/Pgm Mgr/Pres
Now: Vice President/Program Manager and President of WCLV-FM, Cleveland, Ohio. Robert says, "WCLV has been a classical station since 1962, and is now the only locally owned commercial FM station in Cleveland. I co-founded the station in 1962. I have been producer and commentator for the national broadcasts of the Cleveland Orchestra since 1965. This may be the longest tenure as announcer for a national orchestra broadcast in the history of American radio."

Joyce Conroy
WHFC [Bel Air MD] 1983 - host: Up on the Roof
WAMD [Aberdeen MD] 1985 - Joyce Baublis
WQSR [Baltimore MD] 1987 - Joyce Leonard
WHRF [Bel Air MD] 1989 - Joyce Leonard
WCAO [Baltimore] 1989 - host: Sunday Gospel Time
WXCY [Havre de Grace MD] 1991-1992 - Sunday Gospel Time
WAMD [Aberdeen MD] 1996-1998
WHFC [Bel Air] 2002
- host: Oldies Block Party
WYTI [Rocky Mount VA] 2006-2007
Now: Joyce says (2/08), "I am still hosting Oldies Block Party on WHFC (Harford Community College), which is doing fantastic: chatting with lots of the rock 'n' roll performers who made this music great -- will continue to expand it."

Dennis Constantine
WTTR [Westminster MD] 1966
WYRE [Annapolis MD] 1969
WMYQ [Miami FL] 1973
WHYI [Miami] 1974
KTLK [Denver CO] 1974
KBPI [Denver] 1976
KBCO [Boulder CO] 1977-1995
KINK [Portland OR] 1997-2010
KLTH [Portland] 2006-2010
KFOG [San Francisco CA] 2011-2013

Now: Dennis says (12/13), "I am Director of Programming for Live365, Internet broadcasting company, San Francisco, California."

Chuck Contreras
KODA [Houston TX] 1981
KYST [Houston] 1982
KRBE [Houston] 1983
KLTR [Houston] 1985
KTUN [Houston] 1985
KLLS [San Antonio TX] 1985
KZFX [Houston] 1986
Westwood One Transtar net [LA] 1989
KSRF [Los Angeles CA] 1991
KSCA [Los Angeles CA] 1994-1995

Now: Chuck says (1/06), "I've been a broadcast engineer for Paramount Pictures since 1990; am working on several TV shows, including Entertainment Tonight and Dr.Phil (since 1993)." He remembers, "I was one of the announcers on 920AM KYST Beatle Radio #9 station in Houston. We played all Beatle music all the time. Scary but it was a job!"
ltd500 at earthlink.net

Jeff Conwell
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KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1991-1994
Now: Jeff says (6/08), "I left KLSY in 1994 and was partners in an advertising agency until 2005; found a great business opportunity to buy an insurance agency and have two offices now; still doing voice work here and there and will always have the 'itch'. Maybe after I retire to Chelan..."

Bobby Cook
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WKYQ [Paducah KY] 1987
Now: Bobby says, "I'm doing mornings on Country WKYQ-FM, Paducah, Kentucky, plus some voice-over work on the side (like everyone else)."

Dwight Cook aka Shotgun
WKXY [Sarasota FL] 1967
WYND [Sarasota] 1968
- Ronnie Fox
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1968
WSRF [Miami FL] 1969
- Billy Ballou
WGLD [Chicago IL] 1970
KRBE [Houston] 1973-1978

Now: Dwight says (7/08), "I started a production company called Sound Works in 1978 -- still there today; Web site is soundworks.com; I ran across your site after attending a DJ renunion here in Houston; my $25 donation is my vote of support!"

Gary Cook
WMGY [Montgomery AL] 1975
WKLH [Montgomery] 1975
WRMA [Montgomery] 1976-1976
WLSQ [Montgomery] 1982-1983

Now: Gary says (8/16), "I've owned and operated some businesses since the radio/TV days. My primary focus today is flying and taking photos for commercial and private clients. I can be found at LinkedIn and AIRshot.com. The best time I had during my radio years was while working at WLSQ with Neil Smith (air: Neil McNeil) and Randy Culpepper (air: Bubba). Special thanks though, to Rad Dodson for giving a young kid with a Third Class License (still warm from the FCC printer), a job."

Jay Cook
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1967
Gannett Radio [Tampa] 1975
- group PD
KIIS [LA] 1979 - GM
Gannett Radio [Tampa] 1980 - President
Passed away April 2, 1999 (lung cancer).

Jim Cook
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WBOB [Minneapolis MN] 1992-1995 - Little Jimmy Walleye
Now: National Production Brand Manager for Clear Channel Communications, San Antonio, Texas.

Joe Cook
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WOGT [Chattanooga TN] 1995
Now: Joe says (5/04), "I am enjoying playing the Oldies (PM drive), checking out the mountains and working with a great group of people at WOGT (GT108) Chattanooga, Tennessee."

Ken Cook
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WPBG [Peoria IL] 1997
Now: Ken says (7/03), "I'm doing a voice-track shift and production at WPBG-FM (Big Oldies 93.3), Peoria, Illinois; focusing on home-studio business doing voice work for agencies, TV stations and video production houses. Has the statute of limitations run out?"

C.J. Cooke
KYKS [Lufkin TX] 1985
KDEY [Lufkin] 1987
KUEZ [Lufkin] 1987
KRBA [Lufkin] 1987
KAFX/KAFX-FM [Lufkin] 1987
WZOU [Boston MA] 1989
- aka Harvey Wallbanger
KMMK [Las Vegas NV] 1992
KAFX/KAFX-FM [Lufkin] 1992
KYKS [Lufkin] 1994
KIKK [Houston TX] 1995
KILT-FM [Houston] 1998
- AP, proudecer, webmaster
Now: C.J. says (1/10), "I am part of the Hudson & Harrigan show each morning on Country KILT-FM, Houston, Texas."

Dan Cooke
KBLR [Springfield MO] 1972
KWTO [Springfield MO] 1974
KIOE [Honolulu] 1976
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1978
- Captain Cooke
KKUA [Honolulu] 1979
WWSH/WZGO [Philadelphia PA] 1983
- mornings w/Kelly Randall
KFMB-FM [San Diego CA] 1985 - character voices for Rich Brothers
KKUA [Honolulu] 1986 - mornings w/Kelly Randall
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1987-1995 - news/wx anchor
KRTR [Honolulu] 1988-1990 - mornings w/Austin Vali
KHNL-TV [Honolulu] 1995-2000 - news/wx anchor
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 2000-2002 - news anchor
KRTR [Honolulu] 2004-2005 - mornings
KGMB/KHNL/KFVE-TV [Honolulu] 2009 - news/weather anchor
Now: Dan says (12/10), "I am morning news/weather anchor for Hawaii News Now: Sunrise on KGMB/KHNL/KFVE-TV, Honolulu, HI."

Holland Cooke
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1969
WSPR [Springfield MA] 1972
WPRO [Providence] 1974
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1980
WKBW [Buffalo] 1981
WSNE [Providence] 1982
WTOP [Washington DC] 1984
USA Today Sky Radio [Washington DC] 1991
- partner (demo)
WBIG-FM [Washington DC] 1994-2000
Now: Holland says (4/05), "I am with McVay Media: News/Talk consultant, publisher of monthly newsletter for talk radio managers and on-air talent (download newsletter samples and howl at HC's vintage airchecks at HollandCooke.com)."

Darla Coop
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WENS [Indianapolis IN] 1992-1998
Now: Darla says, "I own my own recording studio (The Coop Group) in Indianapolis, Indiana, working on small audio projects and voice-overs."

Bill Cooper
KBPS [Portland OR] 1970
KGW [Portland] 1971
- Bobby Lane
KGON-FM [Portland] 1974
KBZY [Salem OR] 1974
- 'Citizen' Bill Mitchell
KVI-FM [Seattle WA] 1976
KITI [Centralia WA] 1977
- Bill Michaels
KEX/KEWS [Portland] 1987
KPAM [Portland] 2000
KBPS [Portland] 2004-2012
- GM
Now: Bill says (7/13), "I own and operate VoiceImage NW (Portland OR), doing voice-over work for clients across the U.S."

Bob Cooper
WMPO [Middleport OH] 1973 - station mgr
WHIS [Bluefield WV] 1975
KWEN [Tulsa OK] 1981
KVOO [Tulsa] 1999
KQLL [Tulsa] 2003
KBEZ [Tulsa] 2007-2009
KRMG [Tulsa] 2015

Now: Bob says (5/15), "I have rejoined Cox Radio in Tulsa ... serving as a promotions assistant, remote broadcast producer [103.3 The Eagle, MIX 96 and K95.5FM] and fill-in newscaster/producer [News 102.3 KRMG]; my son, Skyler, is a full-time reporter for KRMG and working with him [a real talent!] is a blast."

Carson Cooper
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WUSF [Tampa FL] 2000
Now: Carson says (6/10), "I host Morning Edition (NPR) on Public WUSF-FM, Tampa Bay market, Florida, and I host the public affairs program Florida Matters; I'm also an announcer on Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville on Sirius 31 and XM 57."

Chris 'Super' Cooper
KONO-FM [San Antonio] 1983 - Crazy Chris Michaels
WKJN [Baton Rouge LA] 1985 - Crazy Chris Michaels
WGTC [South Bend IN] 1990
KEZM [Lake Charles LA] 1995
KCMT [Chester CA] 1997
KCII [Washington IA] 1997-1999
Magic 828 [West Yorkshire UK] 2003-2003

Now: Chris says (2/04), "I have officially retired from the airwaves as of Aug 2003. I have, as so many super heros, simply blended in to the fabric of American life never to be heard from again."

Chuck Cooper
KEAP [Fresno CA] 1961
KMAK [Fresno CA] 1963
KGB [San Diego] 1964
KDEO [San Diego] 1966
KSON [San Diego] 1968
KCBQ [San Diego] 1976
KSDO [San Diego] 1978

Now: Production ace at News-Talk KSDO, San Diego, California.

Dave Cooper
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KLUK [Laughlin NV] 1996-2001
Now: Dave says (4/07), "I am Chief Engineer for Cameron Broadcasting Group (six station cluster), Fort Mohave, Arizona; we serve an area from Kingman to Lake Havasu City to Laughlin, NV and get quite a few calls as far north as Boulder City and Henderson; I've been one of the few who was both a technician and air staffer but decided to actually make money so I went into engineering full time; also doing consulting as well."

Jay Cooper
KPRS [Kansas City MO] 1966
KLWN [Lawrence KS] 1966
KAYQ [Kansas City] 1970
KYYS [Kansas City] 1974
- Dick & Jay Show
WDAF [Kansas City] 1974
KCMO-FM [Kansas City] 1983
KCFX [Kansas City] 1985
KLSI [Kansas City] 1987
KPRS [Kansas City] 1991
- General Sales Mgr
KEZO/KKCD [Omaha NE] 1994 - GSM
WAZY/WGBD [Lafayette IN] 1996 - Station Mgr
WOGB/WEZR/WJLW [Green Bay WI] 1998
Cumulus Broadcasting [Dubuque IA] 1998
Cumulus Broadcasting [Topeka KS] 1999
Clear Channel [Tampa FL] 2000-2002

Now: Jay says (5/15), "2010: Retired after 4 years in management with Technicolor/Screenvision, after 2 years as VP of PMSI, Inc.--bought by Screenvision. (Yes, retired. No one in radio ever thinks it could happen for them.) Still own marketing company: Florida Snow Removal, Inc., but only because I like the name. 2011: Got bored with retirement and launched Google AdWords agency: Internet Ad Pros, LLC (www.InternetAdPros.net); became Certified AdWords Partner, awarded Google Agency Partners rating."

Ken Cooper
WCOS [Columbia SC] 1976 - Lee Michaels
KINT [El Paso] 1979 - Cactus Caz
WEZB [New Orleans] 1980 - Cajun Ken
KFI [LA] 1983 - C.K. Cooper
WFYR [Chicago] 1984 - C.K. Cooper
KTFM [San Antonio] 1985- C.K. Cooper
WEZB [New Orleans] 1985 - Cajun Ken
W??? 94-Q [Atlanta] 1988
KZLA [LA] 1989
WRBQ-FM [Tampa] 1995

Now: Mornings at country WRBQ-FM (Q-105), Tampa, Florida.

Larry Cooper
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KOBO [Yuba City CA] 1985-1990
Now: Larry says (9/07), "I also operated syndicated farm radio shows Agribusiness Today and Agribiznet (1977-1990) carried by stations in CA, NE, CO, KS and WY; I taught Broadcasting for a three-high-school ROP program in Marysville, Lindhurst and Yuba City CA..."

Mark Cooper
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WYYU [Dalton GA] 2003
WPCH [Macon GA] 2006

Now: Mark says (2/07), "I am DOS of WEBL, WIBB, WLCG, WPCH, WQBZ, WRBV, WVVM, Macon, Georgia."

Mike Cooper
Now: Mornings at CJEZ-FM, Toronto, Ontario.

Steve Cooper
KWWL [Waterloon IA] 1972
WBAY [Green Bay WI] 1974
WYXE [Madison WI] 1975
WIBA-FM [Madison] 1976
KAZY [Denver CO] 1978
KISW [Seattle WA] 1980
KBPI [Denver] 1982
KRFX [Denver] 1995
WCSX [Detroit MI] 1998

Now: At Classic Rock WCSX-FM, Detroit, Michigan.
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