440: Satisfaction - Cs-01
Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (C-01)

George 'Cardboard' Carden
WHRT [Huntsville AL] 1973-1976
KPXE [Beaumont TX] 1975-1976
WAJF [Huntsville] 1976-1986
WDRM [Huntsville] 1980-1981
- Don West
WFIX [Huntsville] 1985
WMSL/WAVD [Huntsville] 1986
WXRI [Norfolk VA] 1988-1989
WAYM [Nashville TN] 1996-1996

Now: George says (7/03), "I am a freelance news correspondent and producer with CNR Radio Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and involved in various freelance news reporting and production jobs." Click for some funny radio reminiscences from George.

Bill Cardille aka Chilly Billy
WICU-TV [Erie PA] 1952
WIIC-TV [Pittsburgh PA] 1957-1983
host: Studio Wrestling, Chiller Theater
WPEZ [Pittsburgh] 1977
WIXZ [Pittsburgh] 1979
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1995-2014

Bill Cardille died (cancer; age 87) July 21, 2016. See Bill Cardille, longtime Pittsburgh TV host, dies at age 87 (post-gazette.com)

Pat Cardinal
CJRL [Kenora ON] 1979
CFRW [Winnipeg MB] 1981
- aka Brad Wilson
CKXY [Vancouver BC] 1987
CKLG [Vancouver] 1988
CKLH [Hamilton ON] 1992
CHED [Edmonton AB] 1993
CKNG [Edmonton] 1993
CILQ [Toronto ON] 1997
CKVX [Vancouver BC] 2002 - station mgr
CISS [Toronto] 2003 - station mgr
Now: Pat says (1/04), "I am General Manager/PD at CISS-FM (92.5 JACK FM), Toronto, Ontario."

Larry Caringer
KFRU [Columbia MO] 1968
KXLY [Spokane WA] 1975
KROY [Sacramento CA] 1976
KCMQ [Columbia MO] 1980
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1983
WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1984
WHYN [Springfield MA] 1985
WMEX [Boston MA] 1988
American Comedy Network [Milford CT] 1988-2004
WKCI [New Haven CT] 1990
WEZN [Bridgeport CT] 1991-1993
WEBE [Westport CT] 2005
WLAD [Danbury CT] 2006

Now: Larry says (2/06), "I'm back on the air full-time at Sports WLAD in Danbury, Connecticut; The show is called Caringer & Friends. I am also doing freelance v/o and radio comedy syndication at That Caringer Guy Productions, Stratford, CT."

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Brenda Carl
WBAL [Baltimore MD] 1981-1984; 2015-
Now: Brenda says (4/16), "I am back at WBAL Newsradio 1090 after a few years being away."

Ron Carleton
KNIM [Maryville MO] 1985
KCFI [Waterloo IA] 1986
KGCI [Waterloo] 1991
KKCV [Waterloo] 1994
KOEL /KCRR[Waterloo] 2006

Now: Ron says (4/06), "I am assistant production coordinator and copywriter at Cumulus Broadcasting, Waterloo, IA; voicetrack on KCRR and KOEL-FM; also operate Carleton Creative (voicetracking, production, imaging, consulting)."

Danny Carlisle
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WZBA [Baltimore MD] 1998-2000
Now: Danny says (8/07), "I've been out of the radio biz since 2000, working in Baltimore, Maryland for Paychex, an outsourcing payroll/HR company; I retired from doing outside mobile DJ gigs January 2007, but I'm getting the itch for part-time radio work, so York/Harrisburg/Lancaster...email me :)"

Dean Carlson
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KMTT [Seattle WA] 1992-2000
Now: Dean says (6/08), "I am producer, host and founding partner of Fusion Radio, an internationally syndicated radio program that plays on commercial AAA radio across the U.S. and in over 20 countries via the Voice of America music mix radio network."

Don Carlson
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KNRY [Monterey CA] 2001
Now: Don says, "I am corporate PD for a 3-station cluster in Monterey, California: KSRK, KNRY and KYAA, where I do mornings as well. Still own The Voice Shop, which is doing well."

Mark Carlson
KQEU [Olympia WA] 1984 - Mark Andrews
KUBE [Seattle WA] 1985 - Mark Andrews
KMGI [Seattle] 1989
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1991
WUMX [Tallahassee FL] 1993
KMXS [Anchorage AK] 1994
KIOI [San Francisco CA] 1998
KQEZ [Anchorage] 1999-2002
- group OM
Now: Mark says (11/03), "I am VP/Internet Services at Pinnacle Media Worldwide, San Diego, California. In early 2002, I developed an online music research system for my stations in Anchorage (KFAT, KDBZ, KQEZ, KRPM). The system has become OnlineTRACKER and is now a part of Pinnacle Media Worldwide."

Chris Carmichael
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WBQB/WFVA [Fredericksburg VA] 2006
Now: Chris says (10/07), "I'm in Fredericksburg, Virginia as OM/PD of Hot AC WBQB-FM and News/Talk WFVA-AM, and doing evenings on WBQB; having the time of my life!"

'Big' Ed Carnathan
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KVLC [Las Cruces NM] 1998-2004
Now: Ed says (1/06), "I am out of radio full time but I am still involved with the Aggie Sports Network on the broadcasting team for Aggie Football. I work for the Las Cruces CVB bringing in sporting events to the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico."

Jack Carney
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WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 1992
Now: Nights at Oldies WDRC-FM, Hartford and radio/TV voiceovers.

Larry Carolla
KYSM [Mankato MN] 1971
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1973
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1976
KIKM [Sherman TX] 1976
KOB [Albuquerque NM] 1977
KRKE [Albuquerque] 1979
KVIL [Dallas] 1980
KLIF [Dallas] 1982
KFMK [Houston TX] 1988
KJZY [Dallas] 1990
SMN/Heart & Soul (ABC) [Dallas] 1990
KAAM [Dallas] 1995
ABC/Country Coast to Coast [Dallas] 1998-1999 -

Rich Robinz
ABC/Stardust [Dallas] 1998
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 2003-2013

Now: Larry says (01/17), "I am founder/CEO of PCF (Positive Cash Flow Marketing LLC), Lawton, Oklahoma -- providing additional cash flow to U.S. radio stations by providing them partnerships they would not otherwise achieve ... using unsold airtime." Click for more from Larry.

'King' Curtiss Carpenter
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WFLB [Fayetteville NC] 1998-2006
Now: King says (3/06), "I'm with WFVL-FM (106.9) Southern Pines/Fayetteville and WFNC-FM (102.3) Lumberton, North Carolina."

George Carpenter
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WIBX/WLZW [Utica NY] 1991-1997 - GSM
Now: George says, "I own Carpenter & Damsky Advertising, with my partner, Barry Damsky. We opened in August 1997, and have had a tremendous 'ride' so far."

Jack Carpenter aka Jimmy Van Guard
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WAUG [Augusta GA] 1973-1978 - manager
Now: Jack says (9/04), "...I started my own equipment-financing business that has expanded into financing commercial real estate all over the globe. I am living in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, working and having a good time."

Scott Carpenter (Patrick Bergin)
CKLW [Windsor ON] 1970 - Dean Scott
CHUM [Toronto ON] 1971
WPGC [Washington DC] 1978
WBSB [Baltimore MD] 1981
WCAO [Baltimore] 1982
KLAC [Los Angeles CA] 1984
WYNY [New York NY] 1987
WWRC [Washington] 1990
KIIM [Tucson AZ] 1991
WMZQ [Washington] 1994-??

Now: Scott says (3/04), "I am no longer working in commercial radio. I do a part-time show on the Worldspace satellite network's UpCountry channel which is currently heard in Africa, Asia and Europe. My full-time job is with the U.S. Dept. of Energy, Washington, DC, where I work as a Systems Administrator."

Dick Carr
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KMAK [Fresno CA] 1967-1968
Now: gripkey@hotmail.com reports, "Dick is retired, living in Pismo Beach, Calif."

Jim Carr
WCOY [Lancaster PA] 1967
WRLM [Taunton MA] 1968
WLYH-TV [Lebanon PA] 1968
- news
WLBR [Lebanon] 1968
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1968
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1969
WABC/WABC-FM [New York NY] 1969-1983/1969-1971
WPLJ [New York] 1971-1983
ABC Radio net/ABC TV net [New York] 1983-1983/1983-1984

Now: Jim says (5/13), "I'm doing freelance voice work (based in NYC) and some writing, mostly on health & science."

Ken Carr
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KRQQ [Tucson AZ] 2001
Now: Afternoons at Top-40 KRQQ-FM, Tucson, AZ.

Mark Carrillo
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1978
KISS/KMAC [San Antonio] 1978
KITY/KONO [San Antonio] 1978
KTUF [San Antonio] 1981
KESI [San Antonio] 1981
KLLS [San Antonio] 1982
KSJL [San Antonio] 1984
KSAQ [San Antonio] 1986
KTSA/KTFM [San Antonio] 1987
KCJZ/KCYY/KKYX [San Antonio] 1988-2003

Now: Mark says (1/09), "I am a voice-over artist and lead singer in the oldies/classic rock band THE PSYCHEDELIC JUKEBOX; I made my motion picture debut in the Warner Bros. movie Selena."

Bill Carroll
WKNY [Kingston NY] 1988
WGHQ/WBPM [Kingston] 1988
WZCR [Hudson NY] 1990-1991
WBWZ/WRWD [Poughkeepsie NY] 1995
WSPK/WHUD [Poughkeepsie/Peekskill NY] 1998
WBQB/WFVA [Fredericksburg, VA] 2006-2007

Now: Bill says (10/07), "I'm having fun working as a voice-over talent and engineer here in Fredericksburg, Virginia; I'm also remixing music as well as producing albums for music artists; I won the Crystal Award [2000] for writing, voicing and producing an ad for the Sears Corp.; I'm also narrating and voicing documentaries as well as other film projects that you may have seen on the History, Discovery and Lifetime Channels; you can see my work at www.distantstar.us; one time I did a look-a-like contest with Garth Brooks for listeners to win tickets to his show in NY -- when I was there at the finals I actually told one of the contestants that he almost looks like Garth, but not quite, and it was the actual Garth Brooks himself and I did it right on stage in front of thousands (the PD and promotions staff had played a trick on me) and boy was I embarrassed!"

David Carroll
WFLI [Chattanooga TN] 1974
WGOW [Chattanooga] 1976
WSKZ [Chattanooga] 1978-1984

Now: David says, "I am evening news anchor/reporter for WRCB-TV (NBC) Chattanooga, Tennessee. I spent my teen years and early 20s in rock 'n roll radio. Made some great friends, attended some memorable conventions, and met a lot of stars. Wouldn't trade it for anything. Sad to see so many stations "on the satellite" these days. It's hard to visit a station and actually see a live deejay! Would love to hear from former co-workers and competitors."

Roger Carroll
WFMD [Frederick MD] 1945
AFRTS [LA] 1955-1981
KMPC [LA] 1959-1979
Golden West Broadcasters [LA] 1979
- VP
Now: After a career that included announcing for The Smothers Bros Comedy Hour, Redd Fox, Andy Williams, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Danny Thomas (and many more network TV shows), The Roger Carroll Show on AFRTS (26 years), hundreds of national radio & TV commericals, promos (CBS-TV), liners (ABC-TV), Roger is retired and living in southern California.

Tom Carroll
WTUE [Dayton OH] 1981-1998, 2005
Now: Tom says (8/05), "I have returned to Rock WTUE-FM, Dayton, Ohio after a hiatus to work in event marketing."

Tom Carroll
WPOW [New York NY] 1957
KPOA [Honolulu HI] 1959
KIKI [Honolulu] 1959
KGU [Honolulu] 1960
KPPC [Los Angeles CA] 1965
KUMU [Honolulu] 1971
KORL [Honolulu] 1973
WENE [Binghamton NY] 1984
KTMS [Santa Barbara CA] 1988-1990

Tom Carroll died March 18, 2001 (age 69); see Tom Carroll (Variety); and Tom's last note to us (Sep 24, 2000) re: his discovery of early Old Time Radio.

Kim Carson
WKVQ [Knoxville TN] 1977
WROK [Rockford IL] 1977
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1978
WCZY [Detroit] 1985
KJYO [Oklahoma City OK] 1989
WVKS [Toledo OH] 1991
- Host: The Quiet Storm
WDFX [Detroit MI] 1992
WOWF [Detroit] 1992
WMAG [Greensboro NC] 1993
- Host: Magic at Night
WAMG [Milwaukee WI] 1994 - Host: Night Magic
WRVF [Toledo OH] 1996 - Host: The Quiet Storm
WDMN [Toledo] 2001
WLHT [Grand Rapids MI] 2003

Now: Kim says (11/03), "I am doing middays and am Music Director at Adult Contemporary WLHT, Grand Rapids, Michigan." Click for more on Kim...and still more on Kim.

Jim Carson
KBLA [LA] 1965 - Vic Gee
KBBQ [LA] 1967 - Vic Grayson
KGB [San Diego] 1968
KFRC [San Francisco] 1968
KIIS [LA] 1973
KHJ [LA] 1973
KIQQ [LA] 1973
KLIT [LA] 1989
KRTH [LA] 1994

Now: Morning drive at Oldies KRTH-FM, Los Angeles.

Kit Carson
KUPD [Phoenix AZ] 1964
KRUX [Phoenix] 1964
KTAR [Phoenix] 1970
KJJJ [Phoenix] 1973
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1976
KOY [Phoenix] 1976
KFMB [San Diego CA] 1982-1989

Now: Kit is Charles L. Carson, Esq., attorney. He says (12/05), "Hello Johnny. We met back in 1964; you were at KRIZ; I was at KRUX (Phoenix AZ). I went to law school and passed the California bar in 1984 and the Hawaii bar in 2004, and now live on Maui. I note you are in Honolulu. The Web site is outstanding. Great memory trip."

Ted Carson
WCAR [Detroit MI] 1972
WFDF [Flint MI] 1974
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1976
WRQX [Washington DC] 1979
KAUM/KSRR [Houston] 1979
KRBE [Houston] 1981
KZFX [Houston] 1986-1992
KHYS [Houston] 1995
KAJZ [Austin TX] 1997-1998

Now: Ted (Ted Kasper) says (2/09), "I'm a realtor with Carson Group-Keller Williams in Austin Texas."

Mike Carta
WSFC [Somerset KY] 1970
WKTZ Jones College [Jacksonville FL] 1972
WTLO [Somerset] 1973
WVOJ [Jacksonville] 1974
WMAY [Springfield IL] 1976
WIL/WIL-FM [St. Louis MO] 1979
KASE/KVET [Austin TX] 1984
WIVK/WIVK-FM [Knoxville TN] 1988
WGH-FM [Norfolk VA] 1990
KASE/KVET [Austin] 1991-1995

Now: Mike says (3/06), "I'm living in the beautiful Tennesse Valley in Knoxville. Shortly after hanging up my radio headphones in 1992, I started my radio/TV imaging company Super Sweepers. I also started a separate company, Mike Carta Media Productions (radio consultancy). People often ask me if I miss being on the air or in radio and I tell them I never really got out of radio; only now I work for a better boss and company."

'Wild' Bill Carter
WRIP [Chattanooga TN] 1961 - Bill Raye
WMOC [Chattanooga] 1962
WHOO [Orlando FL] 1964
WRIP/WRIP-FM [Chattanooga] 1961
WMOC [Chattanooga] 1968-1970

Now: Bill says (7/06), "I am residing in Chattanooga, Tennessee after leaving radio a few years back; I worked as a production administrator at a local TV station; during my interim in radio and TV, I owned and operated a commercial video production facility; also, during that time, I worked as a voice-over talent and did some acting as a TV commercial actor; I operated a consulting service for print and acting models for several years; somehow, I found time during those years to also serve as a police officer, firefighter and EMT (had to eat!); I now operate an emergency medical first-response training facility serving ten southern states ... get to listen to a lot of radio while traveling ... it sure ain't what it used to be ... I miss it." Click for more from Bill.

Bob Carter
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WGAI [Elizabeth City NC] 1994-2005 - aka Bob Action
Now: Bob says (11/08), "I am with MidAtlantic Engineering, Utica New York, doing engineering work for radio and TV."

Brian Carter
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WIHT [Washington DC] 1998-2001
Now: Mornings on "The Groove" channel 64 (Old School R&B) at XM Satellite Radio, Washington, DC.

D.C. Carter
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KUBL [Salt Lake City UT] 2004-2004
KRSP [Salt Lake City] 2007
KERN [Bakersfield CA] 2008

Now: D.C. says (4/07), "I'm PD of News/Talk KERN, Bakersfield, California."

Jerry Carter
WTOY [Roanoke VA] 1971
WNOV [Milwaukee WI] 1977
WANT [Richmond VA] 1979
WRVA [Richmond] 1981
WKIE [Richmond] 1985
WZZR [Richmond] 1986
WCVE [Richmond] 1989
WVST [Richmond] 1991
- Station Mgr
WNCU [Durham NC] 1994-1999
Now: Jerry says, "I am no longer in broadcasting. I am teaching Introduction to Computers at a business College in my home town of Roanoke, Virginia. After years of rocking and rolling with some of the greatest guys in the world and meeting the people who contributed so much to our culture and defined the music and the formats of the seventies and eighties, I've been truly blessed." Click for more on Jerry.

Gentleman Jim Carter
WHSL [Wilmington NC] 1966
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1968
KNUS [Dallas TX] 1969
WFAA [Dallas] 1969
WRR [Dallas] 1969
KTEM [Temple TX] 1970
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1970
KWFR [San Angelo TX] 1970
KNIT [Abilene TX] 1970
WBAB [Babylon NY] 1972
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1973
WAXC [Rochester NY] 1973
WBZ [Boston MA] 1973
KIXY [San Angelo] 1973
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1974
KXOL [Ft. Worth TX] 1974
KGVL [Greenville TX] 1975
KLAW [Lawton OK] 1975
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1977
KNUS [Dallas] 1977
KOAX [Dallas] 1977
KALT [Atlanta TX] 1978
KNIN [Wichita Falls TX] 1978
KTRN [Wichita Falls] 1978
KIXS [Killeen] 1979
KONO [San Antonio] 1979
KSLR [San Antonio] 1982
KLLS [San Antonio] 1983
KMGC [San Antonio] 1986
KTSA [San Antonio] 1986

Now: Jim says (10/06), "I am retired in San Antonio, Texas; was in telemarketing from 1986-2005 (from my home) for the San Antonio Wheelchair Athletics." See Jim's page at ultimateoldiesradio.com.

Jon Carter
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WKZL [Winston-Salem NC] 1993-2005 - Jon Matthews
Now: Jon says (3/08), "I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and run my Megahertz Studios; I am a full-time voice talent and am the voice of some 60 radio and TV stations throughout America and the world."

Kelly Carter
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WQHQ [Salisbury MD] 1999
WICO-FM [Salisbury] 2002

Now: Kelly says (1/09), "I'm doing weeknights (8pm-midnight) on WICO-FM (Cat Country), Salisbury Maryland."

Mike Carter aka Mike James
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WCYO [Richmond KY] 2008
Now: Mike says (9/08), "I PM drive host at Country WCYO-FM, (The Coyote), Richmond, Kentucky; I also do freelance voice-over work from my home studio."

Ron Carter
WTRE [Greensburg IN] 1980
WQLK [Richmond IN] 1980
WNAP [Indianapolis IN] 1983
- Indiana Jones
WXUS [Columbus OH] 1986 - Kris Kelly
WEAG [Indianapolis] 1986
WAPI [Birmingham AL] 1987
KZZP [Phoenix AZ] 1989
WAPI [Birmingham] 1991
WEZB [New Orleans LA] 1992
KSD-FM [St. Louis MO] 1994
WTMX [Chicago IL] 1997
WNND [Chicago] 1997
WILV [Chicago] 2005-2007

Now: Ron says (9/11), "Since 2007, I have been member/manager of Ron Carter Productions LLC now located in beautiful Tucson, Arizona."

Tom Carter
KNRO [Conroe TX] 1976
KIKR [Conroe] 1977
KSPL [Lufkin TX] 1978
KAYC [Beaumont TX] 1979
KTRM [Beaumont] 1979
KXYZ [Houston TX] 1980
KGOL [Houston] 1981
XERF [Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila] 1982
KTFA [Beaumont] 1983
KZFX [Houston] 1986
KLDE [Houston] 1988
KSBJ [Houston TX] 1989
Morningstar Network [Nashville TN] 1995
KSBJ [Houston] 1999
KLDE [Houston] 2006

Now: Tom says (11/03), "I am back at Classic Hits KLDE-FM, Houston, Texas doing evenings."

Val Carter
WJOY [Burlington VT] 1946
WDOT [Burlington] 1954-1960
WEAV [Plattsburg NY] 1968
WDOT [Burlington] 1970-1975

rod@aol.com says, "Val also owned a station in Florida with Walter Cronkite and Kelvin Shivers. Val died of a heart attack April 5, 1975."

Joe Caruso
WLRW [Champaign IL] 1986
WYMG [Springfield IL] 1987
WDJX [Louisville KY] 1987
KDIL/KCYY [San Antonio TX] 1993
WKXK [Chicago IL] 1996
WXSS [Milwaukee WI] 1998
KTFM [San Antonio TX] 2003
KSMG [San Antonio TX] 2005-2010

Now: Joe says (4/10), "I'm off air and fielding offers; listen at joeshow.com."

Ken Carver aka Kevin Randall

KAND [Corsicana TX] 1976
WACO [Waco TX] 1978
KRIG [Odessa/Midland TX] 1979
KHOO [Waco] 1980
KIXS [Kileen TX] 1980
KLFX [Kileen] 1987
KTEM/KPLE [Temple TX] 1991-1994

Now: Ken says (3/14), "I had a great 20-year run in the biz, but left for the high-tech world in Austin, Texas in 1994 -- not a week goes by that I don't miss it; when I found this site, I recognized too many names to not add mine; I know this breaks all the rules, but I met my wife over the phone when she called me on the air one night at KIXS in Killeen, TX; she called to tell me what a smart a$$ I was; it was love at first insult, and we got married 10 months later (1981)..."

Al Case
WFYI [Mineola NY] 1963
WGLI [Babylon NY] 1964
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1966-1977
- CE
WLNG [Sag Harbor NY] 1981
Now: Al says (2/08), "I'm doing overnights on Oldies WLNG-FM six nights a week; living in Amityville and Sag Harbor, New York. I also freelance as a church/theatre organist, am an active member of the Amityville Volunteer Fire Department (since 1961), and am a trustee of the Amityville Historical Society and Amityville Cemetery Association."

Barry Casey
KEYN [Wichita KS] 1972
KKRD [Wichita] 1979
KXLK [Wichita] 1985
KFH [Wichita] 1989
KLLS [Wichita] 1996
KFXJ [Wichita] 1999

Now: Middays at Classic Rock KFXJ-FM, Wichita, Kansas.

Jack Casey
WBRL [Berlin NH] 1966 - Jackson Casey
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1967 - Casey
WAAB [Wooster MA] 1968 - Sean Michael Devlin
CKXL [Calgary AB] 1969 - Jackson Casey
WSVP [Providence RI] 1971
WPRO [Providence] 1971
WMOD [Washington DC] 1972
WEEL [Fairfax VA] 1974
- Bradley Field
WWDC [Washington DC] 1977
WKYS [Washington DC] 1977
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1978
WRXL/WRNL [Richmond VA] 1979
WZZP [Cleveland OH] 1980
WMJX [Boston MA] 1981
KUDL/WHB [Kansas City KS/MO] 1986
KMBZ [Kansas City] 1987-1989
WSNE [Providence] 1994
WTSN/WBYY [Dover NH] 1998
WZRI [Providence] 2000
WPLM [Boston MA] 2001
- Doctor John
WERS [Boston] 2004 - GM
Now: Jack says (11/04), "In August of 2004, I became General Manager of WERS-FM, Boston. WERS is owned by Emerson College, where I am also a member of the adjunct faculty."

Kevin Casey
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WEBS [Calhoun GA] 1990
Now: Kevin says (10/05), "I am Operations Manager (still trying to figure out what that means) at Oldies WEBS, Calhoun, Georgia; also do mornings, a little news, sales, and tons of production; and I have my own home studio and am doing voice-overs, liners, station imaging and anything else I can put my voice on to put grub on the table."

Sean Casey
WOR-FM [New York] 1969
WPLJ [New York] 1971
WWDJ [Hackensack NJ/NYC] 197?
WCBS-FM [New York] 1980
WHDH [Boston MA] 1985
WCBS-FM [New York] 1985
WPLM [Plymouth MA] 19??

Now: Program Director at WPLM, Plymouth MA.

Steve Casey
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1977
WLS [Chicago IL] 1979
MTV [NY] 1980
- first PD
Sebastian, Casey & Assoc. [Phoenix AZ] 1981 - AOR consultants
WLS [Chicago] 1983
MTV [NY] 1985
- VP/Programming and Studio Operations
Steve Casey Research [NM, MT] 1988 - owner
Now: Steve says (7/04), "I run Steve Casey Research (Santa Fe NM and Bozeman MT), the most active U.S. programming and research consultant to foreign radio stations; clients in forty countries and the U.S."

Dave Cash
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WTBT [Sarasota FL] 2001
WMTX [Tampa FL] 2006

Now: Dave says (7/06), "I am working weekends at Hot AC WMTX-FM (Mix 100.7), Tampa, Florida. I also teach at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Tampa. When not on the air or teaching, I do voice-over work, graphic design and build web sites."

Joe Cassara
WDNA [Miami FL] 1993
Advanced Radio Network [Miami] 1995-1998
- founding producer
WTMI [Miami] 1999-2001
WKAT [Miami] 2003
WDNA [Miami] 2001

Now: Joe says (4/04), "I'm having a ball as Operations Manager for South Florida's quirky and fun mainstream jazz station, WDNA-FM. You'll occasionally hear me talkin' technology on Dave Graveline's syndicated Into Tomorrow program; and as the image voice for WKAT-AM, Classical 1360"

Greg Cassidy
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1977 - Dan Michaels
WMEE [Ft. Wayne] 1978 - Chuck Brodie
WKJJ [Louisville KY] 1979 - Chuck Brodie
WEFM [Chicago IL] 1980 - Frank Ryan
WZPL [Indianapolis IN] 1982 - Scott Brodie
WHYT [Detroit MI] 1983 - Kid Cassidy
KZZC [Kansas City KS] 1984
KZFM [Corpus Christi TX] 1987
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1988
WLUM [Milwaukee WI] 1990
KALC [Denver CO] 1994
WOCT [Baltimore MD] 1999
WXTK [Cape Cod MA] 2001
KIMN-FM [Denver] 2006
KXKL [Denver] 2010

Now: Gregg says (5/10), "I am PD at Oldies KXKL-FM, Denver, Colorado."

Jeff Cassidy
WODJ [Grand Rapids MI] 1994
WBCT [Grand Rapids] 2001
WOOD-FM [Grand Rapids] 2001
WBXX [Battle Creek MI] 2002

Now: Jeff says (10/06, "I am PD and morning show host at Adult Contemporary WBXX-FM 95.3, Battle Creek, Michigan."

Linda Cassidy
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1988
KWAV [Monterey CA] 1992
KKSF [San Francisco CA] 1994
KDFC [San Francisco] 2001
KOIT [San Francisco] 2001

Now: Linda says (11/06), "I'm doing weekends on Adult Contemporary KOIT-FM (96.5), San Francisco, California."

Paul Cassidy
WBLI [Patchogue NY] 1972
WCBS-FM [New York] 1974
WPEN [Philadelphia] 1975
WGY [Schenectady] 1977
WRGB-TV [Schenectady] 1980
WGFM [Schenectady] 1984
WGY [Schenectady] 1988

Passed away October 30, 1996 (age 41) of complications after surgery to replace a heart valve.

Steve Cassidy
KLEC [Oklahoma City OK] 1971 - Carl Small
WNAD [Oklahoma City] 1973 - Carl Small
KNOR [Oklahoma City] 1975 - Carl Small
WJJD [Chicago IL] 1975
KRAV [Tulsa OK] 1976
KELI [Tulsa] 1980
WMJC [Detroit MI] 1982
WNIC [Detroit] 1984-1985

Now: Steve says (12/03), "I am a SAG/AFTRA freelance voice-over talent and studio owner near Detroit, Michigan."

Ron Casteel
KASK [Ontario CA] 1963
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1964
KPOI [Honolulu] 1964
KFRC [San Francisco] 1965
KGO [San Francisco] 1967
KFRC [San Francisco] 1970
KHJ [LA] 1973
KGO [San Francisco] 1974
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1980
KTSA [San Antonio TX] 1983

Ron Casteel died (age 74) Dec 7, 2014 in Jefferson City, Missouri. See Former KAAY News Director Ron Casteel, R.I.P. (KAAY radio); and Ronald Casteel Obituary (dulletrimble.com).

Liz Castillo
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KEJC [Modesto CA] 1999-2001 - Ranch Hand Liz
Now: Liz (Elizabeth Paton) says, (2/08), "After KEJC (The Ranch) sold -- the format changed from funky classic country to Spanish, I threw in the towel and got into newspaper sales; I'm now doing Internet sales for the Mainstreet Media Group (Gilroy Dispatch, Morgan Hill Times, Hollister Free Lance) Web sites (Gilroy, California)..."

Bob Castle
KPAR [Albuquerque NM] 1970
KDEF [Albuquerque] 1970
KMBY [Monterey CA] 1971
- Great White Whale
KUKI [Ukiah CA] 1972
KEZS [Sacramento CA] 1973
KROY [Sacramento] 1973
- The Blue Whizz
KYA [San Francisco CA] 1975 - The Blue Whizz
KROY [Sacramento] 1975-1977
KODS [Reno NV] 1988
KNHK [Reno] 1993
KOZZ [Reno] 2003-2007

Bob died March 29, 2007 at his home in Reno, Nevada (Parkinson's disease; 58 years old).

Bob Castle
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KDRK [Spokane WA] 2000
Now: Bob says (10/04), "I'm lucky enough to be the assistant program director of KDRK-FM (Cat Country 94), Spokane Washington; and more importantly, the executive producer of the #1 Jay & Kevin Show in Spokane. Since 1998 I have also been the voice of the NCAA D-III Whitworth Pirate football and basketball teams."

Howie Castle
WLLL [Lynchburg VA] 1965
WWOD [Lynchburg VA] 1966
WODI [Brookneal VA] 1967
WNDR [Syracuse NY] 1967
Radio Caroline [English Channel] 1967
WOLF [Syracuse] 1969
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1976
WIFE [Indianapolis] 1977
WABB-FM [Mobile AL] 1978
WSYR-FM [Syracuse] 1980
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1982
KBPI [Denver] 1984
KWFM [Tucson] 1985
KQKT [Seattle] 1985
WEGR [Memphis TN] 1986
WHTQ [Orlando FL] 1987
KMPZ [Memphis TN] 1988
KKYY [San Diego] 1990
KJQY [San Diego] 1992
KYXY [San Diego] 1995
KOGO [San Diego] 2000
Metro Networks [San Diego] 2006-2009

Now: Howie says (4/09), "I am doing independent voice-over and production work in San Diego, California."

Stan Castles
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KKIK [Lubbock TX] 1986-1988
Now: Stan says (12/06), "I am retired in Lubbock, Texas."

Ron Castro
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KRPQ-FM [Santa Rosa CA] 1986 - owner/GM
Now: Ron says (3/03), "I'm Chief Technical Officer of 13-station Results Radio, LLC (chain of small-market clusters) in Northern California."

John Catchings
KMPX [San Francisco CA] 1964
KBRG [San Francisco] 1965
KMPX [San Francisco] 1966
KFRC [San Francisco] 1966
KSFX [San Francisco] 1972
KGO-TV [San Francisco] 1976
- exec producer
KPIX-TV [San Francisco] 1990-2000 - ops mgr
Now: John says (5/07), "I am president of Catchings and Associates, TV, video production and consulting company based in San Francisco, California; I worked for Leon Crosby at KMPX, the first album rock radio station in the U.S.; joined KFRC when it became a rocker in 1966 and over the years worked with many radio legends including Mike Phillips, Bobby Dale, Chuck (The Chucker) Browning, Dave Diamond, Frank Terry, Bobby Ocean, Tom Rounds, Les Turpin, Ted Atkins, Paul Drew, Sebastian Stone and many more; as PD of KSFX I worked closely with ABC radio programming VP and WABC PD Rick Sklar, one of the most brilliant radio programmers of that era; moved on to TV (1976) and video production (2001), but continue to have close friends in radio."

John Catlett
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Radio City [Mumbai, India] 2000
Now:John says (1/03), "Since 1984 I've worked outside the U.S. In 2000 I joined News Corporation's Star Group in Mumbai, India where we've built four of India's very first private radio stations under the brand "Radio City." Ted Schober reports (1/08), "John Catlett has just been appointed to head Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty."

Frank Catalano
KIST [Santa Barbara CA] 1976 - Nightcat
KUHL [Santa Maria CA] 1977
KIDO [Boise ID] 1978
WNFL [Green Bay WI] 1979
KTNT [Tacoma WA] 1980
KMPS/KMPS-FM [Seattle WA] 1981
KING [Seattle] 1982-1988
KCPQ-TV [Seattle] 1998-2002
- tech editor/analyst
Now: Frank says (9/08), "I've gone back to being a consultant after trying the corporate executive life since 2004 and, though I haven't been regularly on the 'right side' of the mike since 2002, I expect there will be opportunities to do so going forward."

'Uncle' Matt Cates
KUSN [St. Joseph MO] 1979
KKJO/KSFT [St. Joseph] 1980
KWUN [San Francisco CA] 1982
KKIQ [San Francisco] 1988
KKIS [San Francisco] 1989-1993

Now: Matt says (9/07), "I am an independent voice actor in the San Francisco Bay area; have made a couple of minor film appearances, and serve as chairman of the Screen Actors Guild Conservatory Committee (SF branch); was named delegate to the AFTRA General Convention, 2007. I had the luxury of a captive audience immeidiately following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, as other major Bay area stations were knocked off-air -- and was the only voice my future wife could find on the dial that afternoon (we met the following year)."

The Catfish
XEROK [El Paso TX/Juarez Mex] 1974
KILT [Houston TX] 1974
KRBE [Houston] 1978
KSRR [Houston] 1981
KZFX [Houston] 1986
KZEP [Houston] 1990
WMGK [Philadelphia PA] 1995

Now: Mornings (with Allen Hite) at Classic Hits WMGK-FM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

'Brooklyn's Own' Joe Causi
WMFG [Hibbing MN] 1978
WERA [Morristown NJ] 1978
WJDM [Elizabeth NJ] 1978
WKTU [New York NY] 1979
WQHT [New York] 1986
WKTU [New York] 1996
WNEW-FM [New York] 2006
WCBS-FM [New York] 2007

Now: Joe says (2/08), "I'm doing evenings at Classic Hits WCBS-FM, New York, New York; and I'm a field corespondent for Court TV's Hollywood Heat."

Paul Cavanagh
KFMU [Steamboat Springs CO] 1984
KBCO [Boulder CO] 1986
KBCR [Steamboat Springs] 1986
KFMU [Steamboat Springs] 1987
KDHT [Denver CO] 1990-1991
KTYD [Santa Barbara CA] 1993-1999

Now: Paul says (7/08), "I am living in beautiful Los Alamos, California (Santa Barbara County) creating Web sites for hospitals."

Peter C. Cavanaugh
WHEN [Syracuse NY] 1956
WNDR [Syracuse] 1957-1963
WJMK [Syracuse] 1961-1962
WTAC [Flint MI] 1964
KSO [Des Moines IA] 1965
WTLB [Utica NY] 1966-1967
WTAC [Flint] 1967-1980
- pres/GM
WWCK/WWMN [Flint] 1983-1987 - VP/GM
WIOT/WCWA [Toledo OH] 1983-1993 - VP/COO
WKBZ/WRNF [Muskegon MI] 1983-1987 - VP/COO
WBVE/WZRK [Cincinnati OH] 1986-1992 - VP/COO
WSPD/WLQR [Toledo] 1994-1995 - VP/GM
WWSY/WPAO [Youngstown OH] 1997-1999
Now: Peter says (7/03), "I am President of Cavanaugh Communications (full-service broadcast consultancy), based in Clarkston, Michigan. I am also author of
Local DJ: A Rock 'n Roll History Local DJ: A Rock 'n Roll History, published by Xlibris Press.

Although the surface thread is autobiographical, Local DJ is much more an interwoven narrative on Rock 'n' Roll culture from the late 50s through the present times. From the earliest days of Elvis through Z-Rock in the 90s. Details available at wildwednesday.com


Paul Cavalconte
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WOR/WQCD [New York NY] 1998
Now: Weekend air personality at Smooth Jazz WQCD-FM (CD101.9) and staff announcer at WOR-AM, New York, New York. Paul says, "I also host a long-form Internet classical music show, called Good Listening for Sony Classical ."

Tim Cawley aka Timmo
WDGC [Chicago IL] 1975
WIDB [Carbondale IL] 1977
WTAO [Carbondale] 1979
WXLP [Moline IL] 1982
KSTT [Davenport IA] 1985
WXLP [Moline] 1987
KFMQ [Lincoln NE] 1989
KEZO [Omaha NE] 1990
KTGL [Lincoln] 1991
KZKX [Lincoln] 2002-2007
KRKR [Lincoln] 2007-2007

Now: Timmo says (2/08), "After a change of ownership in 2007 and a brief reassignment to KRKR, I am back at Classic Rock KTGL-FM, Lincoln, Nebraska."

Terry Caywood
WRCT [CMU, Pittsburgh PA] 1971
WZUM [Pittsburgh] 1973
WDVE [Pittsburgh] 1975
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1983
WPGH-TV [Pittsburgh] 1985
- regional PD
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 2002
Now: Terry says (8/06), "I am doing occasional weekend fill-ins for Adult Contemporary WSHH-FM; and I'm Director of Marketing for The Sextant Group (consulting firm specializing in design of technology-intensive environments including radio & TV studios), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."
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