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Radio People by Name (C)

Max Cacas
WASH [Washington DC] 1975
WRCV-FM [Mercersburg PA] 1976
WAVA [Washington DC] 1977
WEEL [Fairfax VA] 1978
WXAM [Charlottesville VA] 1980
WAMU [Washington DC] 1981
WXTR [Washington DC] 1983
National Public Radio [Washington DC] 1986
Netresponse [Arlington VA] 1996
Freedom Forum [Washington DC] 1996
WTOP [Washington DC] 2001-2002
WFED [Washington DC] 2007-2010

Max Cacas died Dec 8, 2015 (Washington DC, apparent heart attack, age 61). See Essay: Remembering Filipino-American Radio Journalist Max Cacas; and MAX CACAS AND PEOPLE WHO DIE TOO SOON.

Chuck Cade
KOHI [St. Helens OR] 1969
KLIQ [Portland OR] 1971-1973

Now: Chuck says, "My wife Chrisse and I have our own home cleaning business. We have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. My favorite story is the time I was reading the obituaries during a newscast and the chief engineer was outside the booth doing obscene things and cracked me up so much that I could not read the obits. The one I was reading at the time was for my own aunt who had just passed away. Too many others to mention here."

Bill Cahill
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WTVR [Richmond VA] 2000
Now: Bill says (3/03), "I am OM/PD at Adult Contemporary WTVR-FM and Regional VP Programming for Clear Channel, Richmond, Virginia."

Dennis John Cahill
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WARM-FM [York PA] 1989-2001
Now: Dennis says (1/07), "Since 1996, I have been the promotional voice for Comcast Sports, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and I do work for Comcast Sports Net, Chicago, Sacramento, and Comcast Sports Southeast, Atlanta; I am also the promotional voice for The Mountain West Sports Network out of Centennial, CO; I have a home studio and I produce Radio and TV spots for clients all over the U.S.; as a member of SAG I have done several episodes of the TV show Hack; and I was one of Vince Papales buddies in the Movie Invinceable..."

Stacey Cahn
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WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1981-1983
Now: Stacey says (8/16), "I am with Time in a Bottle Video Productions."

Bob Cairns
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WDLA [Walton NY] 1994-1998
Now: Bob says (2/07), "I left radio in 1998 to work in print journalism -- the hours are much better."

Bill Calder
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1957
KGO [San Francisco CA] 1958
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1959
WEEI [Boston MA] 1959
WIOD [Miami FL] 196?
CKGM [Montreal QC] 1960-1961
WEBR [Buffalo NY] 1961
WINZ [Miami] 1961
KPRC [Houston TX] 1962
KFRC [San Francisco] 1963
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1963
KPRC [Houston TX] 1964
WRCV [Philadelphia PA] 1965
WIND [Chicago IL] 1965
KXYZ [Houston] 1966
KWK [St. Louis MO] 1967
KSD [St. Louis] 1968
KMOX [St. Louis] 1969
WHN [New York NY] 1970
WDAF [Kansas City MO] 1972
WOMC [Detroit MI] 1973
KOOL [Phoenix AZ] 1973
KMOX [St. Louis] 1974
WJNO [West Palm Beach FL] 1975
WWL [New Orleans LA] 1980
KMOX [St. Louis] 1986
WIOD [Miami] 1986
WQAM [Miami] 1990

Bill died in 1991.
contact: alex@helispot.com

Christopher Caldwell
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KVRY [Phoenix AZ] 1993-1996
Now: Christopher says (3/09), "Since leaving the radio industry [1996], I've been doing voiceovers full time for many national commercials, including Cable One, PGA Tour, HBO, CBS, and many more; in addition, I'm a professional entertainer and speaker who performes in the corporate arena for tens of thousands of people across North America."

Curt Caldwell
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KFXD [Boise ID] 1995-1996 - C.C. Rider
Now: Curt says (1/09), "I own Fantasia Sight & Sound, Inc. (mobile DJ entertainment service)."

Enda Caldwell
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Radio Luxembourg [Luxembourg LU] 2006
Now: Enda says (10/06), "I have brought my talent and musical expertise to my weekday and weekend shows on Radio Luxembourg (FM104)."

Sean Caldwell
Now: Voice-over talent: KIIS-FM, Los Angeles B-96, Chicago, KISS-FM, Dallas, and many others.

Tom Cale
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1971
KSFM [Sacramento] 1974
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1975
KROY [Sacramento] 1975
KSFM [Sacramento] 1976
KZAP [Sacramento] 1979
KLOL [Houston TX] 1981
KROY [Sacramento] 1982
KZAP [Sacramento] 1983-1988
KSEG [Sacramento] 1991-1994

Now: Tom says (12/09), "I am retired and living on the California coast; I was a phone contestant on Johnny Williams' show on 93/KHJ in the 1960s; worked for Drake Chenault in the early 1970s; was a board op for Dr. Don Rose at KFRC in the mid 1970s; staggered through lots of early mornings, and enjoyed many great people and memories as a morning jock, MD, and PD; I'd love to hear from you ... please send an e-mail." Click for more on Tom.

Joe Calgaro
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WAPL [Appleton WI] 1999
Now: Joe says (5/08), "I'm in Appleton, Wisconsin programming both WAPL-FM (30-year heritage rock) and WZOR-FM (Razor 94.7 Active Rock) and doing PM drive on WAPL."

Coyote J. Calhoun (Jim Battan)
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WZRR [Birmingham AL] 2006
Now: Coyote says (6/09), "I'm doing weekends at Classic Rock WZRR-FM, Birmingham, Alabma."

Patrick Callahan
WXKX [Pittsburgh PA] 1977 - Suitcase Simpson
WKQX [Chicago IL] 1982
WTMX [Chicago] 1991
WWMG [Charlotte NC] 1993
WSSS [Charlotte] 1997
WODS [Boston MA] 1999

Now: Evenings at Oldies WODS-FM, Boston Massachusetts.

Steve Callahan
WBGM [Tallahassee FL] 1979 - Steve Kelly
KSAQ [San Antonio TX] 1982
WUSN [Chicago IL] 1984
WHVE [Sarasota FL] 1987
WFOG [Norfolk VA] 1993
KKMJ [Austin TX] 1996
KRVQ [Shreveport LA] 1998
WDRR [Ft. Myers FL] 2003-2007

Now: Steve says (10/07), "I have retired to Naples, Florida ... and am just being a lazy bum."

Dick Callaway
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WXIT [Charleston WV] 1978-1989 - owner
Now: Dick says (5/04), "I produce and host daily community affairs (TV) programs; currently four shows in production. I am semi-retired; active in the community; playing with my grandchildren."

Rick Callebs aka Rick Shannon
WCAK [Ashland KY] 1977
WGNT [Huntington WV] 1979
WIRO [Ironton OH] 1983
WAMX [Huntington] 1984
WKAZ [Charleston WV] 1986-1988

Now: Rick says (12/03), "I am a paramedic supervisor in Ohio." See his salute to Charleston's WKAZ at www.95wkaz.com.

Paul Callenius
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KNEB/KNEB-FM [Scottsbluff NE] 1999
Now: Paul says (2/07), "I'm at Farm KNEB, Country KNEB-FM, Scottsbluff, Nebraska six nights a week playing music, running sporting events, also keeping the computer systems here operating properly."

Rick Calvert
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XHTZ [Tijuana, Baja, Mexico/San Diego] 1999-2001
Now: Rick says (12/06), "I'm running my own Web business called cap-m-quik.com; I'm a working actor; and I am an acting instructor for WCI Studios, Los Angeles; have been at it since I left the (R-word) in 2002; living in my big dream house in Southern California."

Bill Camarata aka Wild Bill
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WTVY/WJRL [Dothan AL] 2000/2007
Now: Bill says (11/07), "When I'm on 95.5 WTVY I use Wild Bill, on My103.9 (WJRL) I use my real name, Bill Camarata (and Wild Bill); I'm also production director for the cluster (Alabama Licensing LLC)."

Jim Cameron
WLIR-FM [Garden City NY] 1972
WQIV [New York NY] 1975
WHCN [Hartford CT] 1976
WCOZ [Boston MA] 1977
The Source NBC News [New York] 1976
- anchor, news dir
RKO radio net [New York] 1982-1988 - pt anchor
Cameron Communications Inc. [Darien CT] 1982 - president
Now: Jim says (9/06), "I left radio (full-time) in 1982 to start my own consultancy, specializing in media and speech training; still do some voice-over work; more at www.mediatrainer.tv. My happiest days in radio (aside from college radio where I started in 1968 (WLVR, Lehigh University) were at the famed WLIR-FM in suburban NYC; worked six days a week and took home $79/week; I would've done the job for nothing."

Myles Cameron
KSBS [Santa Barbara CA] 1972
KWAX [Eugene OR] 1974
KIDD [Monterey CA] 1978
KYTE [Portland OR] 1979
KLIF [Dallas] 1981
KSAN [San Francisco] 1982
KIOI [San Francisco] 1984
KQKT [Seattle] 1985
KHTZ [LA] 1986
KIOI [San Francisco] 1990
KABL [San Francisco] 1993
KIOI [San Francisco] 1995
KFRC/KFRC-FM [San Francisco] 1997
KSFO [San Francisco] 2000
KOIT [San Francisco] 2007-2011
KGO/KSFO [San Francisco] 2012

Now: Myles says (10/12), "I am news anchor and transportation reporter for News/Talk KGO/KSFO, San Francisco, California."

Jim Campana aka Jim Edwards
WLYC/WLYC-FM [Williamsport PA] 1968 - Jim Stevens
WCCK [Erie PA] 1971
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1971
WRVQ [Richmond VA] 1972
WAWB-TV [Richmond VA] 1978
- owner/GM
WWBR [West Point VA] 1997-2004 - owner
WSRV [Gloucester VA] 1999-2004 - owner
Jim Campana died in 2004 (cancer).

Gary Campbell
KCAL [Riverside CA] 1976
KDUO [Riverside] 1979
KHTZ [Los Angeles CA] 1983
KZLA [Los Angeles] 1983-2002
DialGlobal [Valencia CA] 1996
- John Lloyd
KKGO [Los Angeles] 2007
KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 2002
Now: Gary says (2/11), "I have been with Country KKGO-FM, Los Angeles since 2007."

Lisa Campbell
WXOK [Baton Rouge LA] 1982 - Lisa Rene�
KIXY/KQXL [San Angelo TX] 1985 - Lisa Camp
WLVW [Salisbury MD] 1987 - Lisa Carmel
WFLA [Tampa FL] 1988
WCNN [Atlanta GA] 1990
WSB [Atlanta] 1990
WIOD [Miami FL] 1991
WHQT [Miami] 1991
WFLC [Miami] 1991
WJZF [Atlanta] 1994
WSB [Atlanta] 1994

Now: PM drive news anchor and co-host of Atlanta's Evening News at News/Talk WSB, Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa adds, "I also now own my own Information Architecture Firm, ThePRDesignGroup in Atlanta."

Scott Campbell
KPUG [Bellingham WA] 1961 - Bob Campbell
KJR [Seattle WA] 1967
KSON-FM [San Diego CA] 1971
KFMK [Houston TX] 1972
KBHL [Lincoln NE] 1974
KFOR [Lincoln] 1979
KBHL [Lincoln] 1980
KLIN [Lincoln] 1980
- Scott Clark
KGRL/KXIQ [Bend OR] 1984
R. Scott Clark says (5/07), "Scott (Robert Lee Campbell) died about 1989; he started playing rock and roll from a small homemade station in his dorm room in 1960s Portland -- I think they threw him out of school for it; he was hired by Pat O'Day at KJR, where he became Scott Campbell; I worked with him at KBHL and KGRL/KXIQ; I'm pretty sure I omitted a couple of stations but Scott should be remembered; he pioneered the contemporary Christian music format in Blaine, WA and later at KSON (hence the calls) and at KFMK and KBHL; the Gospel Music Association has named an annual award after Scott. (I teach history in Escondido, CA at a Presbyterian seminary.)"

Stan Campbell
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WAIR [Traverse City MI] 1994-1999 - manager
Now: Stan says (4/03), "I got out of the radio biz in late 2000; have a home based studio and do voiceovers, imaging, narration and audio production." He remembers, "My first station was in the small city of Sydney (about 35,000) in eastern Canada. This station could have been the model for WKRP. We had all the characters. It was my first, it was fun. Although working in Nashville and going to LA was exciting, the radio fun was never the same as my first station ... kind of like losing your virginity."

Bob Campo
WHJB [Pittsburgh PA] 1960
WCNG [Pittsburgh] 1961
WKWK [Wheeling WV] 1962
WEDO [Pittsburgh] 1972
WAZE [Clearwater FL] 1974
WDAE [Tampa FL] 1976
WWBA [Tampa] 1976
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1977-2004

Now: Bob says (4/09), "I'm now retired from broadcasting and living comfortably in Largo, Florida, near Tampa."

Barney Cannon
WCDS [Bowling Green KY] 1980
KTRN [Wichita Falls TX] 1982
KWKH [Shreveport LA] 1985

Now: PD and Mornings at Country KWKH, Shreveport, Louisiana. Barney says (8/05), "We have taken KWKH back to its roots with classic country music. I have seen more changes since 2000 than during all of 1970-2000. It's just nice to forget the reel-to-reel splicing and do it digitally now (yes I have a splicer and no you can't have it). I've been lucky enough to work with so many hall-of-fame disc jockeys over the past few years that it just makes the job special. To my friends Frank Page and Larry Scott, thank you for the great times."

Chuck 'Boom Boom' Cannon
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KYAA [Monterey CA] 2012
Now: Chuck says (6/12), "I am working four live shows a week on Oldies KYAA, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas, California; there are not many stations like this still around and I'm having a blast; gotta go now and sell some advertising..."

Doug Cannon
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KGMY [Springfield MO] 1995-2000
Now: Account manager at MusicMaster Music Scheduling SystemSpringfield Missouri. Doug remembers, "'Power Cow' staff at WKXX-FM, Birmingham, AL. Other staff included Mason Dixon, Brian Christopher, Rico Blanco. Held other Birmingham radio stations 'hostage' on the air until they gave us money (none of them did). Left when the PD shot out the music computer with a pistol."

Jay Cannon
KHTK [St. Louis] 1989
Now: ???

Mike Cannon
KENR [Houston TX] 1973-1984
KILT [Houston] 1984-1985
KIKR [Conroe TX] 1987-1989
KPRC [Houston] 1989-1992
Houston Astros baseball club [Houston] 1994
- Dir of Broadcast Ops
Now: Mike �the loose� Cannon says (5/08), "I have been in the broadcast department of the Houston Astros since 1994; I am currently Director of Broadcast Operations, which makes me the executive producer of our game broadcasts; I also manage our radio network; I'm still doing production for the broadcasts in our studio at the stadium; it's the perfect gig ... close enough to radio to get my fix, far enough away to not have to deal with the B.S. (broadcasting stuff)."

Paul Cannon
WKMH [Detroit] 1961
WKNR [Detroit] 1964

Now: Owns a Macco auto paint shop in Pekin, Illinois. According to Bob Green, The "Paul is Dead" controversy started at WKNR - with Paul Cannon.

Ted Cannon
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WAHR [Huntsville AL] 1979-1997
Now: Owner of Ted Cannon's Music Machine (mobile DJ service), Huntsville, Alabama.

Kyle Cantrell
WMTS [Murfreesboro TN] 1980-1982
WSM [Nashville TN] 1982

Now: Operations Manager at Country WSM, Nashville, Tennessee.

Fred Cantu
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KVET [Austin TX] 1994-1994
Now: Fred says (11/03), "I am main anchor at KEYE-TV, Austin, Texas (voted best TV news anchor 2003 by readers of Austin Chronicle)."

Johnny Cappuccino
WFLA [Tampa] 1994
Now: ???

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