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Radio People by Name (B3)

Bill Bro
WNTH [Chicago IL] 1964
WHBL [Sheboygan WI] 1965
WPLY [Sheboygan] 1966
- Buffalo Bill
WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1968 - Charlie Bro
WGLB [Milwaukee] 1968 - Charlie Price
WISN-TV [Milwaukee] 1969 - booth ancr/weekend weather
WXCL [Peoria IL] 1969
WPEO [Peoria] 1980
WTXR [Peoria] 1982-1994
- owner
WOAM [Peoria] 2001-2002
Now: Bill says (8/05), "I sold my station, WRED (formerly WTXR), Chillicothe, IL following a bout with kidney cancer in the late 1980s. I worked as a consultant for Midwest stations, including Kelly Communications' WXCL-FM/WOAM and Iroquois County Broadcasting's WGFA AM-FM before leaving broadcasting to become CEO of the Kidney Cancer Association, in suburban Chicago, where I am today." More from Bill.

Al Brock
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KLOU [St. Louis MO] 2002
Now: Al says (9/03), "I am Program Director at Oldies KLOU-FM, St.Louis, Missouri."

Dr. Grady Brock
WCFL [Chicago] 1972
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1974
KAAY [Little Rock AR] 1976
KOOJ [Baton Rouge AR] 19??
- Doc Brock
Now: PM drive at Oldies KOOJ-FM, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stephen Brockelman
KFH [Wichita KS] 1967 - Bilbo
KARD [Wichita] 1969
KFH [Wichita] 1969
KOFM [Oklahoma City OK] 1972
WPIX [New York NY] 1973
WNOG [Naples FL] 1978
WCVU [Naples] 1978
KLAS-TV [Las Vegas NV] 1993

Now: Creative Services Director, Sr. Copywriter, Producer at Windsor Communications Co., Las Vegas, Nevada. Click for more on Stephen.

Laura Brodian
WFIU [Bloomington IN] 1979
KQED [San Francisco CA] 1982
KUSC [Los Angeles CA] 1987-1988
KKHI [San Francisco] 1995
KKGO [LA] 1996
XBACH [San Diego/Tijuana, Mexico] 1996
KGIL [LA] 1997
KMZT [LA] 2000
KCSN [LA] 2008

Now: Laura says (5/09), "I'm PM Classical music host on KCSN-FM, Los Angeles, California and streaming live on the web at kcsn.org weekdays from 1-6 pm PT; I was the voice of Delta Jazz (inflight entertainment on Delta Airlines); am still interested in doing voice-over work for commercials, industrials, etc., and am registered with VO Planet, Voice123, LA Casting."

Alan Brodie aka Alan Thomas
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WIVK-FM [Knoxville TN] 2003
Now: Alan says, (4/08), "I've been doing weekends at Country WIVK-FM, Knoxville Tennessee since 2003, in addition to maintaining a full-time career outside of radio..."

Dale Brodt
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KCRG [Cedar Rapids IA] 1969-1986
Now: Dale says (10/07), "I left broadcasting in 1986 and was employed for 16+ years as a zoning inspector for the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, retiring in 2003; I've been behind the mike for 20 years as the public address announcer for the Cedar Rapids minor league baseball club, the Kernels; and I've also done free lance work during this period."

David Brookhouser
WISM [Eau Claire WI] 1982
WVSS [UW Menomonie WI] 1989

Now: President, PD of WVSS-FM, University of Wisconsin, Menomonie, WI.

Al Brooks
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WGAF [Valdosta GA] 1976-19??
Now: All is owner of WQPQ-FM, WWRQ-FM, WVGA-FM, WVLD-AM, Valdosta, Georgia. Al is (Aug 1999) also the mayor of Remerton, GA and says, "I recently traveled with the military to Kuwait and made headlines while there saving an overturned cement truck driver's life."

Blaine Brooks
WVNF [Atlanta GA] 1984
WQTU [Rome GA] 1986
WGNN [Lawrenceville GA] 1987
WWRM [St. Petersburg FL] 1989
WKKX [St. Louis MO] 1992
KRJY [St. Louis] 1992
KDAA [Rolla MO] 1995
WKKX [St. Louis] 1996
KSCS [Ft. Worth TX] 1999

Now: Blaine says (7/13), "Since March 2012, I have worked as a traffic reporter for Clear Channel Total Traffic Network in Dallas-Fort Worth; as part of our network, I provide reports for KROI and KILT in Houston, Texas, as well as Sirius XM satellite traffic reports."

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Cindy Brooks
WGXL [Lebanon NH] 2013
Now: Cindy says (4/16), "I am doing middays on Hot AC WGXL-FM, Hanover, NH."

Dusty Brooks
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KRVR [Modesto CA] 1995
Now: Dusty (Dale) Brooks says (8/11), "I am president of dbmedia, Gig Harbor, Washington; I assist non-com radio stations, webcasters and mobile music providers with their marketing."

Ken Brooks
WPAP [Panama City FL] 1969
WDLP [Panama City] 1969-1970

Now: Ken says, "I'm columnist for Fore golf magazine, and a school teacher in Panama City, Florida." He remembers, "...being on the air and announcing the moon landing in 1970 ... exciting stuff! Our news came from an ancient AP teletype we had in a closet. When I read the news each hour, in the background we played a tape-loop of a busy newsroom, complete with ringing phones and bustling reporters. Who knew? For a while we had Carl Gray (legendary local newsman, who many years before had served as mayor of Panama City) read the police arrest reports each day. He'd always sign off with: '...and remember: If you don't wanna make the news, JUST DON'T DO IT!' This has become a famous local catch-phrase."

Lisa Brooks
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WWWE [Cleveland OH] 1995-1996
Now: Lisa says, "I moved from Seattle to Cleveland Ohio in 1995 to re-marry and persue my dream of radio talk-show host. Didn't work out (the JOB, that is) and now I've finished my college degree and am producing TV in Cleveland. I like it a lot, but miss the good-ol'days!."

Max Brooks
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KRFX [Denver CO] 2000
Now: Max says (5/05), "I'm working in Denver on-air for KOA-AM and Classic Rock KRFX-FM on the weekends, and selling for KKZN-AM."

Michael Brooks
WCBM [Baltimore MD] 1979
KJR [Seattle WA] 1982
KVI [Seattle] 1986-1987
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1987
KIXI [Seattle] 1998
KING-FM [Seattle] 2007

Now: Michael says (4/12), "I am Operations/Production Director and evening host at Classical KING- FM, Seattle, Washington."

Stan Brooks
WINS [New York NY] 1962-2013
Stan Brooks died Dec 23, 2013 (cancer, age 86). See Stan Brooks: 1927-2013 (CBS, New York).

Steve Brooks
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KNBZ [Anchorage AK] 1984-1987 - Pres/CEO
Now: Steve says, "I am broadcast officer for the office of the Secretary of the Interior. I also am producer/host of the country music Salute to America (on 451 radio stations in 47 states)."

Toney Brooks
WTBC [Tuscaloosa AL] 1962-1966
KLAW [Lawton OK] 1970
- GM
KBPI [Denver CO] 1974 - president, GM
WLRS [Louisville KY] 1988-1991 - owner
Now: Toney says (6/09), "I am retired and living in Salina, Kansas and Barrie, Ontario, which is near Toronto, Canada -- writing and blogging."

Vince Brooks
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WRKQ [Madisonville TN] 1999-2000 - GM
Now: Vince says (10/03), "I am in the process of relocating to West Tennessee, and hope to be returning to the air soon."

Mark Brooky
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WHTC [Grand Rapids MI] 1996-1998
Now: Mark says (1/03), "I am a reporter/writer for the Grand Haven (MI) Tribune."

Bill Brophy
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WBBG [Cleveland OH] 1980-1982
Now: Bill says (9/11), "I am Executive Producer of TV Homework Express, a production of Youngstown State Univ, which airs on the NEON network of TWC in Cleveland-area markets; I also teach audio & video production at YSU as an adjunct faculty member; and I still occasionally freelance in commercial VO work and audio production."

Dr. Joyce Brothers
WOR [New York] 198?
Now: Psychologist and internationally syndicated radio talk show host, newspaper columnist and television celebrity. Her ten books have been translated into 26 languages.

Tom Brower
KYMS [Los Angeles] 1963 - CE, ancr
KABC/KLOS [Los Angeles] 1968 - studio engineer
KHJ/KRTH [Los Angeles] 1968-1976 - studio engineer
Now: Tom says (3/09), "Following my years in radio (engineering, management, consultatant), I owned and operated a window cleaning company for twenty seven years; I am fully retired and living near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with my wife, a dog and a handful of cats."

Andy Brown
WZTA [Hazleton PA] 1973
WSAN [Allentown PA] 1973
KUPL [Portland OR] 1976
KVAN [Vancouver WA] 1976-1979
KMJK [Lake Oswego OR] 1981-1984

Now: Andy says (3/08), "I'm owner of Multimedia Engineering, a media consulting, engineering and production business in Portland, Oregon, which I started after ten years as a maintenance engineer at Portland ABC affiliate KATU-TV." Click for more from Andy.

B. Bailey Brown
KBER [San Antonio TX] 1962
KOKE [Austin TX] 1963
KBAT [San Antonio] 1964
KONO [San Antonio] 1966
KCBQ [San Diego CA] 1968
KONO [San Antonio] 1969
KDAY [Los Angeles CA] 1970
KONO [San Antonio] 1972
KKYX [San Antonio] 1974-1977
KONO [San Antonio] 2002-2003

B. Bailey Brown suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in San Antonio, Texas on Oct 24, 2003.

Bart Brown
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WLRS [Louisville KY] 1991-1995
Now: Bart says (4/09), "I left radio in 1995 to do casino marketing".

Bill Brown
Far East Network [Japan] 1961-1964
KGB [San Diego] 196?
WOR-FM [New York] 1967
WCBS-FM [New York] 1969-2005

Bill Brown died Oct 9, 2011; see Bill Brown (radio personality) (Wikpedia).

Bill Brown
KMPC [Los Angeles CA] 1962
KHJ [LA] 1965
KRTH [LA] 1974
KABC-TV [LA] 1975
WBGR [Lexington KY] 1976
- owner
WPRS [Paris IL] 1980 - GM
WTHI [Terre Haute IN] 1994-1995 - GSM
Now: Retired from radio, Bill (William J.) says, "I am a weather guy, providing weather for varioius radio stations in the Midwest through my own company (Weather Track). I am also employed at Illini FS, Urbana, Illinois (Precision Farming Department: electronic mapping with Global Positioning equipment)." Bill resides in Paris, Illinois. Click for more from Bill.

Bob Brown
WJLS [Beckley WV] 1977
WWNR [Beckley] 1978
WKOY [Bluefield WV] 1979
WCLG [Morgantown WV] 1980
WBZZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1981
WHYW [Pittsburgh] 1982
WMYK [Norfolk VA] 1983
- Smash Shannon
WNFI [Daytona Beach FL] 1983 - Smash Shannon
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1984
WHTT [Boston MA] 1985
WRQX [Washington DC] 1985
KRIX [Brownsville TX] 1986
- Bob & Jeff Toasted Flakes
WPDH [Poughkeepsie NY] 1987 - Bob & Jeff Big Breakfast
KZLR [Littel Rock AR] 1988 - Bob & Jeff Big Breakfast
KZOU [Little Rock AR] 1989-1990
Now: Voice Talent, recording studio owner (Brown Spots, Inc.), Wildwood, FL.

Charlie Brown
KJRB [Spokane] 1966
KJR [Seattle] 1974
KLIF [Dallas] 1976
KJR [Seattle] 1976
KUBE [Seattle] 1981
KJR-FM [Seattle] 1994

Now: Retired from Oldies KJR-FM, Seattle -- and radio -- Sept. 5, 1997.

Dave Brown
WASH [Washington DC] 1972
WINX [Rockville MD] 1973
- Young Dave Brown
WAVA [Washington DC] 1974
WWDC-FM [Washington DC] 1975-1998
WTOP [Washington DC] 2000
Now: Weekend anchor at News WTOP and news anchor for Shadow Metro Networks (heard on WMMJ, WGMS and WARW).

Derrick Brown
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WHQT [Miami FL] 1999
Now: Program Director at Urban Contemporary WHQT-FM, Miami, Florida.

Don Brown
KHJ [LA] 196?
Passed away in the late 1960's.

Eben Brown
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WFLA [Tampa FL] 2005-2007
Now: Eben says (10/08), "I'm the Miami-based reporter with Fox News Radio."

Edward Brown
WGSM [Huntington NY] 1954
WALK [Patchogue NY] 1955
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1956
KLEO [Wichita KS] 1958
WMCA [New York NY] 1959
WNEW [New York] 1966
NBC News [New York] 1975-1977
- correspondent
RKO News [New York] 1980-1981 - newscaster
NBC News [New York] 1983-1985 - correspondent
WCHL [Chapel Hill NC] 1995-1997
Now: Edward says (5/05), "I'm residing in Sun City Center, Florida; am Editor-in-Chief of The NEWS of Sun City Center, a monthly newspaper with a mailing circulation of 6,400 households. Vice President of The Performing Arts Club, engaged in the renovation and construction of theaters in Sun City Center and elsewhere in Hillsborough County." See wnew1130.com, Edward Brown's tribute to 'The World's Greatest Radio Station'.

Jim Brown
W??? [Centralia IL] 196?
W??? [Godfrey IL] 196?
K??? [Fargo ND] 196?
W??? [Albany NY] 196?
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1969
WRIT [Milwaukee] 1970
WOKY [Milwaukee] 1971
WZUU [Milwaukee] 1973
WLUM [Milwaukee] 1978-1985

Dennis J. O'Boyle reports, "After working in radio for more than 25 years, then serving a few short stints in record promotion, a 'commercial-on-hold' venture (with former WOKY legend Bob Barry) and, for a time, in advertising, Jim Brown passed away March 22, 1999." Click for more on Brown.

Justin Brown
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WJVL [Beloit WI] 1997
Now: Justing says (8/11), "I'm Assistant PD and doing PM drive on Country WJVL-FM, Janesville, Wisconsin; also work for sister-station 92.5 WBWI in West Bend, WI as the midday host and station imaging."

Kevin Brown
WTIV [Titusville PA] 1983
WFRA [Franklin PA] 1988
WWCH [Clarion PA] 1987
WDSN [DuBois PA] 1990
- Kevin Evans
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1990-1996 - Kevin Evans
WPXZ [Punxsutawney PA] 1998-1999
WDSN [DuBois PA] 2001
WCED [DuBois] 2003

Now: Kevin says (1/04), "I'm GSM for WDSN and WCED as Priority Communications recently took over WCED-AM ... the first radio station in DuBois."

Perry Brown
Now: Latest report (Feb 1998) had Perry PD at WEAI, Jacksonville, Illinois.

Randy Brown
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1969 - Bob Scott
KAKC [Tulsa OK] 1971 - Bob Scott
KGW [Portland OR] 1972 - Bob Scott
KNUS [Dallas] 1972 - Christopher Haze
XEROK [Juarez, Mexico] 1974 - Christopher Haze
KFJZ [Ft. Worth] 1974 - Christopher Haze
KRUX [Phoenix] 1974 - Christopher Haze
KNUS [Dallas] 1975 - Christopher Haze
KFJZ [Ft. Worth] 1977 - Christopher Haze
KILT [Houston] 1979 - Christopher Haze
KEGL [Ft. Worth] 1980
KOAI [Dallas] 1987
KKBQ-FM [Houston] 1989
KOAI [Dallas] 1990
KLRX [Dallas] 1991
KRLD Texas State Network [Dallas] 1992-1999

Now: Randy says, "I own Brown Media, Inc., (Atlanta GA), doing voiceovers, station imaging and radio commercials from my home studio. Biggest client is PGA TOUR Radio, for whom I anchor weekend play-by-play broadcasts."
Randy remembers KHJ ... RandB@mindspring.com

'Downtown' Stan Brown
KTLN [Denver] 1960 - Denver police beat
KFI [LA] 1977
Passed away.

Steve Brown
WCOD [Cape Cod MA] 1978
WKZE [Cape Cod] 1980
WROR [Boston MA] 1980
WCIB [Cape Cod] 1982-1983
WMJX [Boston] 1986-1990
WBUR [Boston] 2003

Now: Steve says (5/07), "After a thirteen-year hiatus (while working in TV) I got back to my radio roots at WBUR (Boston's NPR News Station); Public Radio is a wonderful place to be in this day and age; while most of commercial radio (with a handful of exceptions) have given up on local news, it is alive and well on the low end of the FM dial."

Steve Brown
Star Stations [Omaha NE] 1960-1976 - National PD [KICN, KISN, KOIL, WIFE]
KKAR [Omaha] 1986-200?
KFAB [Omaha] 2008-2008

Steve Brown died Dec 13, 2008 in Omaha, Nebraska. See Top 40 Pioneer Steve Brown Dies (RADIO INK).

Ted Brown
WMGM [New York] 1952
WNEW [New York] 1962
WNBC [New York] 1970
WNEW [New York] 1972-1989
WVNJ [Oakland NJ] 1996

Ted Brown died March 20, 2005 "of complications from a stroke he suffered in 1996."

Teresa Brown
KLAV [Las Vegas NV] 1984
KHWK [Amarillo TX] 1986
Metro Traffic [Norfolk VA] 1989
WJQI [Norfolk] 1989-1993
KPLX [Dallas TX] 1995
ABC Radio Net [Dallas] 1996

Now: Teresa says (3/06), "Doing the Oldies format on ABC radio; I'm still in Dallas and loving it."

Chuck Browning
WFIL [Philadelphia] 1966
CKLW [Detroit] 1966
WMCA [New York] 1968
KFRC [San Francisco] 1969
KHJ [LA] 1970
KRUX [Phoenix] 1971
KUPD [Phoenix] 1972
KCBQ [San Diego] 1972
KGB [San Diego] 1974
WMYQ [Miami] 1975
Warner Bros/Capricorn Records [LA] 1976
KFI [LA] 1980
WHBQ [Memphis] 1981
KFRC [San Francisco] 1984
KTSA [San Antonio] 1986

Passed away in 1988.
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