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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (B2)

Alan Boal
KQV [Pittsburgh] 196?
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 197?

Now: Retired (after almost 30 years) from News/Talk WTAE, Pittsburgh, Dec. 1, 1997.

Victor Boc
WIXY [Cleveland OH] 1967
WMMS [Cleveland] 1968
WBCN [Boston MA] 1969
KRNW [Boulder CO] 1970
KNAC [Los Angeles CA] 1971
KERR [Salinas CA] 1971
KSAN [San Francisco CA] 1972
KOME [San Jose CA] 1972-1981
KGO [San Francisco] 1975-1976
KLRB [Carmel CA] 1981
Talk America Radio Net [Las Vegas NV] 1995
KUGN [Eugene OR] 1997
KPAM [Portland OR] 2000

Now: 9-noon on News/Talk KPAM, Portland, Oregon. Victor is also the author of the book How To Solve All Your Money Problems Forever and is a professional poker player.

Peter Boam
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KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1989-1992 Peter B.
Now: Peter says, "I am a manager in the marketing services division of Discover Card. In June 2001, I received a master's degree in Communication and Management Information Services from Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah."

Peter Bochan
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WBAI [New York NY] 1973
Now: Doing All Mixed Up on Public WBAI-FM, New York, New York. Peter says, "I've been at WBAI since 1973, host/producer of All Mixed Up since 1979 and producer of Shortcuts (multi-award-winning series) since 1972."

Dennis Boddie
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KLKL [Shreveport LA] 2004
Now: Dennis says (8/04), "I perform various duties for the seven radio stations owned by Access 1 in Shreveport, Louisiana; plus I do public address for a variety of sporting events, including Centenary College Basketball, Bossier Shreveport Mudbugs hockey, Independence Bowl, and Shreveport Sports minor league baseball."

Jim Bodine
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KEZA [Fayetteville AR] 1998
Now: Jim says (11/09), "I am PD and do PM drive at Adult-Contemporary KEZA-FM, Fayetteville, Arkansas."

Andrew Boggs
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WERE [Cleveland OH] 1977-1984
Now: Andrew says, "I went back to college and got a B.A. and started an Internet-based business."

Jack Bogut
KGHL [Billings MT] 1961
KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1965
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1968
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1984
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1986
WJAS [Pittsburgh] 1997-2014

Now: Jack still does a sponsored commentary that airs three times daily on KDKA. See Longtime radio hosts Jack Bogut and Bill Cardille say farewell and Format change at WJAS-AM leaves longtime listeners bereft (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

Jay Bohannon
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WPGB [Pittsburgh PA] 2004
Now: Jay says (3/04), "I am Program Director at News/Talk WPGB-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

Jim Bohannon
KLWT [Lebanon MO] 1960
KICK [Springfield MO] 1962
KWTO [Springfield] 1964-1966
WGAY [Washington DC] 1968
WTOP [Washington DC] 1972
WRC [Washington DC] 1977
WCFL [Chicago IL] 1980
Mutual - Westwood One [Washington DC] 1983

Now: Jim says (3/05), "I host The Jim Bohannon Show (interviews and calls weeknights 10p.m.-1a.m.) via Westwood One, Washington DC (since 1983) and America in the Morning (weekday news magazine); each on over 300 stations across the U.S.; married: wife Annabelle."

John Bohannon
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NBC radio net [New York NY] 1982-1990
Now: John is a writer and magician.

Bob Boling
WSPZ/WVRC [Spencer WV] 1964
WRAD [Christiansburg VA] 1969
WCIR [Beckley WV] 1972
WWYO [Pineville WV] 1972
WROV [Roanoke VA] 1973
WKEX [Blacksburg VA] 1974
- GM
WJJJ/WVVV [Christianburg VA] 1978-1982
Now: Bob says (2/05), "I retired from radio broadcasting in 1982, after 18 years of serving in a variety of positions. I presently own a computer sales and service company in Radford, Virginia. We specialize in computer design and maintenance, networking and Internet services."

Mark Bolland
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KATW [Lewiston ID] 199? - owner
Now: Mark says, "I am President/CEO of Pacific Empire Radio Corp. headquartered in Lewiston, Idaho. Our nine stations are KATW-FM, KCLK-FM, KVAB-FM, KCLK-AM (Lewiston/Clarkston); KMGI-FM, KSEI-AM (Pocatello); KGTM-FM, KBJX-FM (Idaho Falls); and KRXK-AM (Rexburg)."

Andy Bologovsky
WPKN [Bridgeport CT] 1991
Now: Since 1991, I've been doing the Saturday night Oldies party on Public WPKN-FM, Bridgeport, CT; specializing in forgotten R&B Oldies and Pop mid-chart madness."

Don Bombard aka Bob Shannon
WOLF [Syracuse NY] 1962-1965
WOLF [Syracuse] 1968
WNDR [Syracuse] 1969
WVIK [Syracuse] 1976
WKTQ [Pittsburgh PA] 1977
WYNY [New York NY] 1981
WCBS-FM [New York] 1981-2011

Now: Bob Shannon retired from WCBS-FM in late 2011 due to health issues. Click for more on Don/Bob.

Danny Bonaduce
The Partridge Family TV series [LA] 1970-1974 - Danny Partridge
WEGX [Philadelphia PA] 1988
WLUP-FM [Chicago] 19??
WKQI [Detroit MI] 19??
KYSR [Los Angeles CA] 19??
KZOK [Seattle WA] 2014

Now: Danny says (8/14), "I'm at Classic Rock KZOK Seattle, Washington doing the morning show."

Jon Bond
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WVMV [Detroit, MI] 2001
Now: Evenings at Smooth Jazz WVMV-FM (V98.7), Detroit, Michigan.

Tracy Bond
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WSFR/WVEZ [Louisville KY] 2004
Now: Tracy says (5/06), "I'm still in Louisville, filling in where needed for Classic Rock WSFR-FM and Adult Contemporary WVEZ-FM (Cox). I'm also the female voice for TV stations WFTE and WDRB, and I do various voiceovers. I work full-time for a retirement community, doing secretarial work, but I don't like secretarial work, so I'm looking for something new."

Allan Bondi
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KJOY [Stockton CA] 1996-1997 - Big Al Bondi
Now: Allan says (7/07), "I own Andy B's Pizza, voted best pizza in Sacramento for 2007 (KCRA A-List)."

Kevin Bonnay aka Marlin Spear
WLRO [Columbus OH] 1989 - Kevbo
WWCD [Columbus] 1990
WENZ [Cleveland OH] 1993
KXL-FM [Portland OR] 1994
KTKN [Ketchikan AK] 1996-1997
talkspot.com [Seattle WA] 1999-2000
KZEL [Eugene OR] 2002
KUGN [Eugene] 2002
KINK [Portland OR] 2003
KMTT [Tacoma WA] 2007

Now: Kevin says (1/07), "I'm Marlin Spear on Adult Album Alternative KMTT-FM (The Mountain), Seattle, Washington."

Ed Bonner
KXOK [St. Louis] 1952 - St. Louis Ballroom
Jim Ketchum reports, "Ed died, at age 70, in Riverside, California on Sept. 30th, 1993. His Obit was written by Jerry Berger of the St. Louis Post Dispatch on October 17, 1993." Click for more on Ed Bonner.

Kevin Bonner aka Kevin Bee
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KBIM/KBIM-FM [Roswell NM] 2008-2009 - GM
Now: Kevin says (7/09), "I am the General Manager at KBIM AM/FM and I host KBIM-FM's morning show Bee & the Breakfast Club; I have been abducted in Roswell New Mexico, but I haven't been probed; that's my story and I am sticking to it."

Rick Bonner
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KFJZ [Ft. Worth TX] 1983-1984
Now: Rick says (8/09), "I am back in Las Vegas and actively seeking work in radio; I've missed it and want to get back in the game; hopefully someone will give this old radio dog a shot..."

Leroy Boomer (Mitch Dinkins)
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WQIK-FM [Jacksonville FL] 1982
Now: Boomer (Mitch) says (9/07), "I'm having a great time after all of these years; miss the old Top-40 days sometimes, but country music is great; by the grace of God and Arbitron, I'm still kickin' the hits."

Tony Booth
KAYC [Beaumont TX] 1966
AFKN Good Morning, Korea [Seoul, Korea] 1968
KDOK [Tyler TX] 1970
KLIF [Dallas TX] 1970
KBBC [Phoenix AZ] 1974
WFBG [Altoona PA] 1977
- Nat PD, Gilcom Corp
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1984 - GM
WHJB [Pittsburgh PA] 1990 - GM
WLEE [Richmond] 1992 - GM
WRCL [Richmond] 1999-2002
WCHV [Charlottesville VA] 2004
WBBT [Richmond] 2007-2016

Now: Tony says (10/21), "I am hosting Tony Booth's Solid Gold Sunday Night on WBBT-FM (Big Oldies 107.3), Richmond, Virginia. The show plays the hits of the 50s and 60s and I interview rock stars of that era in a segment titled Where Are They Now? Also in the show is a feature about ELVIS, the Top 5 at 7 and an artist showcase."

Bill Bordeaux
KPRL [San Luis Obispo CA] 1980-1982
KPGA [San Luis Obispo] 1982-1984
KSLY [San Luis Obispo] 1983-1991
- CE
Now: Bill is President of Interstellar Communications Inc., broadcast engineering company, San Luis Obispo, CA. He says, "Rather than 'stop that jockin' and start that record store,' I got into the engineering end of the business. I'm the Chief Engineer for 32 AM and FM stations between Lompoc, CA and Paso Robles, CA." He continues, "Love your dedication to the biz and the great information you offer. I've used it to look up old friends from my days in Michigan. I used to hang out at WDRQ in Detroit. Got nipped by the bug there and it never let go. 'Mr. Boogie' Joey Ryan, Marc Dennis 'Dr. Q', etc. Great times. :)"

Alan Boritz aka Steve King
WHLI [Hempstead NY] 1972
WIOK [Hempstead] 1972
WOUB/WOUB-FM [Athens OH] 1976
- Ohio Univ
WXIL [Parkersburg WV] 1976
WKYG/WKYG-FM [Parkersburg] 1976
WKEE [Huntington WV] 1977
WCHS [Charleston WV] 1978
WVAF [Charleston] 1978
WMNI [Columbus OH] 1979
- Martin King
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1979 - CE
WHWH [Princeton NJ] 1980 - CE
WPST [Trenton NJ] 1980 - CE
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1983 - CE
WMJQ [Rochester NY] 1983-1984 - CE
Empire State Building [New York NY] 1989-1991 - B'cast/Telecom Mgr
DVI Communications [New York] 1999 - Senior Consultant

Now: Alan says (2/07), "After managing broadcast operations and tenant relations at the Empire State Building for Helmsley-Spear, and giving the Master FM Antenna project a kick-start, I was a project manager for one of the biggest and best tower services in the Northeast, where many of my former tenants became my customers; I'm now a broadcasting and telecommunications consultant, often working with stations and towers I helped build." Click for more from Alan.

Bob Bosche
KYSN [Colorado Springs CO] 1961
KDZA [Pueblo CO] 1965
KRDO/KRDO-TV [Colorado Springs] 1968
KWOW [Pomona CA] 1972
KLOK [San Jose CA] 1975
KPNW [Eugene OR] 1977
KUGN-FM [Eugene] 1981
KODZ [Eugene] 2004-2005

Now: Bob says (6/08), "I moved from Eugene, Oregon (after 28 years) back to Colorado Springs; am president of Hold the Phone Inc. and now weekends & relief at Jones Good Time Oldies & U.S. Country, Denver; I always appreciate hearing from old broadcast buddies & listeners." Bob shares a 2008 Maui vacation picture.

Rockin' Rob Boshard
KFMY [Provo UT] 1982
KIKI [Honolulu] 1985
KISN [Salt Lake City UT] 1986
KODJ [Salt Lake City] 1994

Now: PM drive at Oldies KODJ-FM, Salt Lake City, Utah. Robs says, "I'm doing afternoons in Salt Lake City, nights in Minneapolis, nights in Boise, Twin Falls, Pocatello, Jackson, Mississippi and APDing."

Jon Bosworth
KASN [ASU Tempe AZ] 1961
KAET-TV [Phoenix AZ] 1961
KWBY [Phoenix] 1963
- Jonny Wallace
KRIZ [Phoenix] 1964 - Jonny Wallace
KBLU [Yuma AZ] 1965 - Jonny Wallace
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1965 - Jonny Wallace
KYND [Phoenix] 1966 - Jonny Wallace
KOY [Phoenix] 1967 - Jonny Wallace
KOOL/KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1973
KTAR/KBBC [Phoenix] 1976
WBZ [Boston MA] 1976
WCOP/WTTK [Boston] 1976
WXNE-TV [Boston] 1977
WEZE [Boston] 1978
WFIF [Bridgeport CT] 1982 - VP/GM
National Religious Broadcasters [Morristown NJ] 1984
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1985
WJXW [Jacksonville] 1987 - GM
Jon Bosworth Consulting [Jacksonville] 1987
Impact Comm Ministries, Inc. [Jacksonville] 1989
- founder
Investmentline [St. Petersburg FL] 1992-1996 -
host (Bobby McGee)
WPDQ [Jacksonville] 1994
WXCL [Peoria IL] 1995
WFMB/WCVS [Springfield IL] 1996
WEJZ/WWRR [Jacksonville] 1997
First Coast TraffiCenter [Jacksonville] 1998
WBGB/WZNZ/WJGR/WZAZ [Jacksonville] 1999-2003
- GM
Now: Jon says (3/09), "I'm retired, but doing freelance and consultanting, in Jacksonville, Florida."

Derek Botten
CHLO [London ON] 1979
CKJD [Sarnia ON] 1980
CKSL [London] 1982
CFPL/CFPL-FM [London] 1985
CKNX-FM [Wingham ON] 1986
CKKW [Kitchener ON] 1988
CHTZ [St Catharines ON] 1991
CILQ [Toronto] 1992
CIMJ [Guelph ON] 1992
CFHK [London] 1998
CHST [London] 2003
- Derek 'Rock' Botten
CKLO [London] 2011 - Derek 'Rock' Botten
Now: Derek says (5/12), "I'm morning co-host on Alternative Rock CKLO (98.1 Free FM) London, Ontario, Canada."

David Allan Boucher
WVNH [Salem NH] 1976
WMAS [Springfield MA] 1977
WLKW [Providence RI] 1978
WKBR [Manchester NH] 1979
WRKO [Boston MA] 1980
WROR [Boston] 1981
WMJX [Boston] 1982

Now: David says (8/11), "I'm celebrating 30 years at Adult Contemporary WMJX-FM (Magic 106.7), Boston, Massachusetts."

Brian Bourke
CFPL [London ON] 1977
CKDK [London] 1977
CKWW [Windsor ON] 1982
CFCA [Kitchener ON] 1983

Now: Brian says (3/05), "I am assignment editor and co-host of the KOOL Morning Crew at Adult Contemporary CFCA-FM, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Chad Bowar
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KRCS [Rapid City SD] 2001
Now: PD and mornings at Top-40 KRCS (Hot 93.1), Rapid City, South Dakota.

Bob Bowen
KHVH [Honolulu] 1964
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1992
KGU [Honolulu] 1993
KHVH [Honolulu] 1994

Now: Retired? Residing in Honolulu.

Dave Bowers
WTLB [Utica NY] 1962
WLFH [Utica/Rome NY] 1964
WEEE [Albany NY] 1966
- Dave Evans
WKIP [Poughkeepsie NY] 1967-1969 - Dave Evans
WSNY [Schenectady NY] 1968-1969 - Jim Madison
WSNY [Schenectady] 1971 - Bill Edwards
WTRY [Troy NY] 1972 - Dave Prescott
WPLA [Tampa FL] 1973 - Don Wallis
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL] 1974 - Don Wallis
WGGG [Gainesville FL] 1975 - Don Wallis
WRBQ-FM [Tampa] 1975-1977 - Don Wallis
Now: Dave says (3/15), "I've been out of radio since WRBQ; doing my own indie-music/interview shows on Internet as well as free-lance voice-over and agency work; also do independent advertising/marketing consulting; I live in the Laughlin, NV. Of all my travels and pleasure from my radio days, the best is now playing and meeting the talent of tomorrow and just re-connecting with my old associates from ‘those thrilling days of yesteryear’: Bill Garcia, Tim Davisson & Paul 'Uncle Johnny' Michaud from WRBQ/Q105, Bill Rock from WTRY, Don De Rosa from WTLB, WKIP and WSNY, the guy who started it all for Dave Derby of WRNY Rome, NY and hopefully more to come."

Alan Bowker
KVOC [Casper WY] 1962
KATI [Casper] 1964
- Don Sherwood
KLME [Laramie WY] 1966
KOWB [Laramie] 1967
KDUO [Riverside CA] 1968
KUWR [Laramie] 1968
- GM
KTWO [Casper] 1971
KLZ [Denver CO] 1972
- Hal Fox
KCBS-FM [San Francisco CA] 1972-1977
Now: Alan says (5/08), "I'm with KGO-TV, San Francisco, California."

Lyman Bowling
KSKU [Hutchinson KS] 1978
KHOK [Great Bend KS] 1979
KFDI [Wichita KS] 1980
- Lyman James
KZZD [Kansas City MO] 1982 - Lyman James
KMAJ [Topeka KS] 1983 - Lyman James
KKRD [Wichita] 1984 - Lyman James
KYQQ [Wichita] 1990 - Lyman James
KTLI [Wichita] 1991 - Lyman James - GM
KSOK/KAZY [Winfield KS] 1995 - owner/GM
KRBB [Wichita] 2000 - Lyman James
Now: PD and middays at Adult Contemporary KRBB-FM, Wichita, Kansas.

Eric Boyer
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PJI1 [Simpson Bay, Sint Martin, Caribbean] 2005
Now: Eric says (10/10), "I work in TV but enjoy my semi retirement to the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten where I am DJ [as ERB], MD, PD of Island 92 Radio."

Liz Boyle
WJMS [Ironwood MI] 1986
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1987
KSLX [Phoenix] 1988
KDKB [Phoenix] 1992
KSLX [Phoenix] 1993
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1995
KESZ [Phoenix] 2005
KOOL-FM [Phoenix] 1995-2008

Now: Liz says (2/09), "I quit KOOL-FM in May of 2008, and have been working with Phoenix' CBS affiliate, KPHO TV-5, as their female VO talent; I'm also doing the midday shift on one of the last underground rock radio stations on the planet, the critically acclaimed RadioFreePhoenix.com; and I have 10 dogs, rescued from euthanasia, abuse and abandonment, at my home studios, which I call my state-of-the-art dog sanctuary; I am heavily involved in dog rescue here in the Phoenix Metro."

Mary Brace
WQBK-FM [Albany NY] 1984
WEQX [Manchester VT] 1990
WRLT [Nashville TN] 1994-2013

Now: Mary says (8/17): I am volunteering at Radio Free Nashville, an LP-FM non-comm.

B.R. Bradbury
KBKW [Aberdeen WA] 1962 - Bill Bradbury
KGHO [Aberdeen] 1963 - Bill Bradbury
KOL [Seattle WA] 1965 - Bill Munson
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1970
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1972
KIQQ [LA] 1974
KJR [Seattle] 1978
KAYO [Seattle] 1980
KJR [Seattle] 1981
CFUN [Vancouver BC] 1983-1996

Now: Passed away Jan 18, 2001 (heart attack). Click for more on B.R.

Bruce 'Brad' Bradfield
KBFS [Belle Fourche SD] 1966
KEZU [Rapid City SD] 1967-1967
KVRA/KVRF [Vermillion SD] 1969-1970
KOTA [Rapid City] 1972-1974
- CE
KOTA-TV [Rapid City] 1972-1974 - engineer, consultant
KIMM [Rapid City] 1974-1980 - CE
KGGG [Rapid City] 1976-1980 - CE
KEVN-TV [Rapid City] 1976-1976 - engineer, consultant
Century 21 Productions [Dallas TX] 1980-1984 - equipment engineer
KNOB [Mineral Wells TX] 2002-2008 - consulting engineer
Now: Bruce (Brad) says (1/09), "I left full-time broadcasting in 1980, and with the exception of a couple of years, have been working as an electrical engineer in the defense industry in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; probably the most fun of all my years in broadcasting were those (1969-1970) I spent working with Ken Copper at KVRA/KVRF in Vermillion, SD -- what a hoot we had."

Bryan Bradford
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WXLP [Moline IL] 2002
Now: Weekends at Classic Rock WXLP-FM, Moline, Illinois. Bryan says (11/02), "I own my own mobile disc jockey service, A Party To Go as of 1998 and am expanding it to a full-service wedding reception and other event service."

Ted Bradford
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WYYY [Syracuse NY] 2000
WSYR [Syracuse] 2004

Now: Ted says (3/05), "I anchor traffic anchor on News/Talk WSYR and host a weekly Oldies show on Adult Contemporary WYYY-FM, Syracuse, New York; plus do freelance voice work."

Beth Bradley
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WDRC-FM [Hartford CT] 1997
Now: Beth says (2/04), "I'm teamed up with Mike Stevens (Mike and Beth in the Morning) on Oldies WDRC-FM, Hartford, Connecticut."

Bill Bradley
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KOMO-FM [Olympia WA] 2010 - GM, part owner
Now: I am GM and part owner of News KOMO-FM, Oakville, Washington under an LMA."

John Bradley
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KBCO [Boulder CO] 1981-1991
Now: John says (7/07), "I am president of SBR Creative Media, Boulder, Colorado; started SBR with Ray Skibitsky and Dave Rahn; have been a radio advisor/consultant since 1991 in U.S. and Canada, specializing Triple A/Adult Rock..."

Sam Bradley
KCHS [Hot Springs NM] 1949
WLDY [Ladysmith WI] 1950
KCHS [Truth or Consequences NM] 1950
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1953-1956 1958-1959
KANS [Kansas City MO] 1960
KUDL [Kansas City] 1961-1963
- Chief Eng
KLSI [Salina KS] 1964-1970 - President/GM
KBIL [Kansas City MO] 1971-1974
Now: Sam says, "I operate Southwest Direct Advertising (Direct Response agency serving remodeling contractors), Las Cruces, New Mexico." Click for more on Sam.

Bo Bradshaw
WALR [Union City TN] 1980
WWKF [Union City] 1982
WENK [Union City] 1983
WKWT [Union City] 1984
WCMT [Martin TN] 1985
WLOT [Jackson TN] 1985
WKIR [Jackson] 1985
WWYN [Jackson] 1986
WSIX [Nashville TN] 1989
WJXA/WRMX [Nashville] 1997-2000
- creative services dir
Now: Bo says (11/08), "I'm Marketing Director for GREAT!, Nashville, Tennessee."

Allan Brady
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WRSN [Raleigh NC] 1999
WWMY [Raleigh] 2007

Now: Allan says (3/08), "I'm host of 8-Track Saturday Night on Oldies WWMY-FM (Y-102.9), Raleigh North Carolina; and host of many TV music shows for North Carolina's statewide PBS network, UNC-TV."

Bill Brady
WSPR [Springfield MA] 1976
WQBK [Albany NY] 1989-?
WRKL [White Plains NY] 1995-1997
- GM
WJNO [West Palm Beach FL] 2001
Now: Sales Manager at News/Talk WJNO, and other Clear Channel properties, West Palm Beach, FL.

Bill Brady
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KEYF-FM [Spokane WA] 1997-2004 - Bill Roberts
Now: Bill says (10/04), "I own KMBB-TV, North Platte, Nebraska (Brady Broadcasting [LPTV])."

Scott Brady aka Frank Brady
WQHQ [Salisbury MD] 1983
WNAV [Annapolis MD] 1983
WYRE [Annapolis] 1984
WBEY [Annapolis] 1984
WYST/WYST-FM [Baltimore MD] 1984
WWMX [Baltimore] 1987
WWDE [Norfolk VA] 1994
WASH [Washington DC] 1996
WWVZ/WWZZ [Frederick MD/Washington DC] 2003
KESZ [Phoenix AZ] 2004-2006

Now: Scott says (12/07), "I'm not working in radio; I am president and CEO of Small Business Media, LLC. (retailradiostation.com and halfpricecities.com), Phoenix, Arizona."

Steve Bramham
WCHK [Atlanta GA] 1963
WDOL/WRFC/WGAU [Athens GA] 1965
KAIM/KAIM-FM [Honolulu HI] 1969
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1970
- engineer
7th Air Force [Vietnam] 1970 - combat journalist
WJCM [Sebring FL] 1971
KCCN/KORL [Honolulu] 1972
KGMB-TV [Honolulu] 1973
- engineer
Pacific Media Consultants [Honolulu] 1972 - consultant
KAIM-FM [Honolulu] 1974
Oceanic Cablevision [Honolulu] 1975
- engineer
KITV-TV [Honolulu] 1977 - engineer
US Treasury Dept [Glynco GA] 1979 - electronics
CNN [Atlanta GA] 1980 - audio design engineer
WXIA-TV [Atlanta] 1981 - engineer
CNN Radio Networks [Atlanta] 1988-2001 - Dir of Engineering
Now: Steve says (5/03), "I am now in full-time ministry in Atlanta, Georgia."
.......email: steve@abidinglight.org

Mike Brancheau
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WUCX [Bay City MI] 1989-1993
Now: Mike says (8/11), "I'm working as a radio TV producer in Taipei, Taiwan and checking out radio operations in Hong Kong and New Zealand."

Johnathan Brandmier aka Johnny B
WLUP-FM [Chicago IL] 1982
KLSX [Los Angeles CA] 1998

Now: Noon-3 at Talk KLSX-FM, Los Angeles, California.

Ed Brandon (Branstetter)
KTFS [Texarkana TX] 1963
KLUE [Longview TX] 1966
- Ron Riley
KNOW [Austin TX] 1966
KTAP/KHFI [Austin] 1969-1972
KTRH [Houston TX] 1975-1977
KSEV [Houston] 1989-1991

Now: Ed says (5/07), "On April 30, 2007, I retired from KTRK-TV (Disney/ABC O&O) after 35 years as weatherman on the station's Eyewitness Newscasts. During my first job (KTFS, Texarkana) one of my fellow disc jockeys helped manage a group of high school students with a band from a small east Texas town named Linden, not far from Texarkana; the band was named The Four Speeds; it's lead singer was Don Henley."

Bob Brandon
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WKKT [Charlotte NC] 2003
Now: Bob says (7/03), "I am Production Director at Clear Channel WLYT, WKKT, WRFX, Charlotte, North Carolina. I'm amazed at all the names I recoginze on this site. Contact me at http://here.is/BobBrandon."

Ron Brandon
WELO [Tupelo MS] 1957
WTUP [Tupelo] 1958
WNOE [New Orleans LA] 1963
WAYS [Charlotte NC] 1966
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1968
WJDJ [Cincinnati OH] 1972
WORD [Greenville SC] 1974
Radio Music Report [Atlanta GA] 1976-1981
- owner, publisher
WGRD [Grand Rapids MI] 1990-1991
Now: Ron says (10/02), "I was owner/publisher of Radio Music Report from Atlanta 1976-1981. I'm now retired and owner of nightclubs (City Bar and Level 2 in Historic District and The Reef at Folly Beach) in Charleston, South Carolina."

Todd Brandon
KATT [Oklahoma City OK] 1979
KOFM [Oklahoma City] 1983
KOMA [Oklahoma City] 1986
KZUE [Oklahoma City] 1986
KRLD [Dallas TX] 1988
KPLX/KLIF [Dallas] 1992
Arbitron [Dallas] 1995
- sales
KLTY [Dallas TX] 1999
KAAM [Dallas] 2002
KOAI [Dallas] 2004
Clear Channel [Dallas] 2006
- sales
Now: Todd says (11/07), "I have been with Clear Channel Radio Dallas since 2006 -- and in the radio business since 1979 -- and am still lovin' every minute of it."

'Boom Boom' Brannigan (Joseph Motto)
WTLB [Utica NY] 1958
WBNY [Buffalo NY] 1958
- Ronnie Victor
WPTR [Albany NY] 1961
WABY [Albany] 197?-1976
- talk host
WMVI [Albany] 1993 - owner
WPTR [Albany] 199?-2004
Joseph Motto, Boom Boom Brannigan, died Oct 19, 2010 (82 years old) in Albany, New York. See Radio Remembers: Boom Boom Brannigan (radio-info.com); Local radio legend Boom Boom Brannigan dies (CBS6, WGB-TV); Albany’s Boom Boom Brannigan Dies (cnyradio.com); Radio DJ Boom Boom Brannigan dies at 82 (timesunion.com).

Roy Brassfield
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WKCT [Bowling Green KY] 2001
Now: Roy says (8/03), "I am host of Drivetime (with local, national and international guests) on Talk WKCT, Bowling Green, Kentucky."

Jay Braswell
WWNS [Statesboro GA] 1967 - Jerry Braswell
WXLM [Savannah GA] 1972 - Jerry Braswell
WBYG [Savannah] 1972 - Jerry Braswell
WCEH [Hawkinsville GA] 1972 - Jerry Braswell
WVMG [Cochran GA] 1973 - Jerry Braswell
WMGA [Moultrie GA] 1973 - Bob Walker
WGRA [Cairo GA] 1973 - Bob Walker
WCRY [Macon GA] 1973 - Bob Walker
WBML [Macon] 1973 - Bob Walker
WBBT [Lyons GA] 1974 - Jerry Braswell
WTWA [Augusta GA] 1974
WGUS [North Augusta SC] 1974
- Bob Walker
WGAC [Augusta] 1974 - Bob Walker
WTHO [Augusta] 1974
WSYL [Sylvania GA] 1974
WCLA [Claxton GA] 1974
WJEM [Valdosta GA] 1975
WNGA [Valdosta] 1975
WTWA [Augusta] 1975
WTHO [Augusta] 1975
WLOV [Washington GA] 1975
WADI [Corinth MS] 1976
WKAC [Huntsville AL] 1976
WTNL [Reidsville GA] 1976
WORG [Columbia SC] 1977
WDIX [Columbia] 1977
WKHJ [Holly Hill SC] 1977
WORG [Orangeburg] 1977
WGCD [Chester SC] 1978
WBZK/WDZK [York/Chester SC] 1978
WRNZ [Wrens GA] 1979
WQKI [St. Matthews SC] 1979
WGAC [Augusta GA] 1980
WKRP [Atlanta GA] 1980
WCGA [Atlanta] 1981
WLAQ [Rome GA] 1981
WXRS [Swainsboro GA] 1981
- GM
WWSA/WCHY [Savannah] 1981 - aka Lamar Gene Blankenship
WSGA [Savannah] 1982
WBLU [Savannah] 1982
WBSG [Blackshear GA] 1982
- GM
WACL [Waycross GA] 1983
WAYX/WQCW [Waycross] 1983
WGIA [Blackshear] 1983
WPJS/WORG [Columbia] 1984
WCEZ [Columbia] 1982
WIS [Columbia] 1985
WSCQ [Columbia] 1985
WDIX/WORG [Columbia] 1987
WJST [Panama City FL] 1987
WWAV [Fort Walton Beach FL] 1988
WILN [Panama City] 1989
- Bwana Jay/Buck Nekkid
WNUE [Fort Walton Beach] 1990 - owner
WBBK/WDKZ [Blakely GA] 1990 - owner/GM
WCEH/WQSY [Hawkinsville] 1992 - GM
Popwell Group [Hawkinsville] 1995 - group mgr
WBMH/WHOD/WRJX [Jackson AL] 2002 - GM
WEEL [Dothan AL] 2007 - SM
WCLA [Claxton] 2007
WCEH [Hawkinsville] 2008
- GM, SM
Now: Jay says (5/14), "General Manager (since 2008) for WCEH-AM/FM, WDXQ, WQXZ and WWKM, all operated from studios near Hawkinsville, Georgia." Click for more from Jay.

Dave Brehm aka Dave Stevens
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WGTC [South Bend IN] 1991-1995
Now: Dave says (9/05), "I run Lyndie Computer & Broadcast Service, Mishawaka, Indiana, and am a service tech for Coinstar, Inc. I started in broadcasting while in high school in Beloit WI, lasted 42 years, and enjoyed every minute."

Al Breiten
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KRTY [San Jose CA] 1995 - Indiana Al
Now: Al is the 'morning stunt guy' at Country KRTY-FM, San Jose, Calfornia.

Mike Breen
WFAN [New York] 1990-1999
Now: At NBC Sports.

Betty Breneman
KHJ [LA] 1965
Now: Running Breneman Productions with her husband. Residing in the San Fernando Valley/LA.

Tom Brenner
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WJOD [Dubuque IA] 1994
Now: Tom says (12/02), "I host the Good Morning Rodeo, with Danny Sullivan, on WJOD-FM (Country 103), Dubuque, Iowa."

David Brewer
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KCXL [Kansas City MO] 2004
Now: Dave says (8/12), "I'm station manager, as well as studio engineer and announcer at KCXL (102.9FM & 1140 AM), Liberty, MO; am doing my best to keep music alive here in a place where they think talk radio is king."

Art Breyfogle
KVFM [Los Angeles CA] 1966-1969
KRHM [LA] 1968-1969
KRAM [Las Vegas NV] 1970
KFRE [Fresno CA] 1971-1975
KENO/KBAD [Las Vegas] 1999
- sales mgr
Now: Art says (5/03), "After KFRE, I went into cable ad sales for over a decade: started up ten headend sales operations with Fresno Cable, MPTV Cable (Monterey, Ca), and Century Cable in West LA. Out of the biz for a number of years, then back with KFBT-TV in Vegas for a year. Then with current stations owned by Lotus. Still doing vo work here in Sin City. Also did a stint at KHJ-TV (1969-1970), and KJEO-TV (eight years as AE and Local Sales Manager). Love the media and all the crazies I've meet over the years. I miss the powerhouse personality stations (adored KMPC growing up the the San Fernando Valley)."

Phil Brickner
WPAQ [Mt. Airy NC] 1971
WVAB [Norfolk VA] 1972
WJLY [Norfolk] 1974
WQRK [Norfolk] 1975
KIIX [Ft. Collins CO] 1979-1980
KDIG [San Bernardino CA] 1984
KNTF [Ontario CA] 1985-1986
- Charlie Douglas
KCHV [Palm Springs CA] 1988-1990
Now: Phil says (8/15), "After owning my own audio/video production company for 12 years, I've settled down in a state of semi-retirement as well as in a state of California; I host an Internet oldies show, PASTWAX RADIO, every Monday at 7 pm eastern and I still freelance as a voice talent, but mainly impress the grandkids with tales of yester-air ... because the kids have heard all the stories ... more than a few times."

Gary Bridges
WWWW [Detroit MI] 1970
WKNR [Detroit] 1971
- Gary Kent
WRIF [Detroit] 1971
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1972
WMJX [Miami FL] 1976
WDGY [Minneapolis MN] 1976
WZZD [Philadelphia PA] 1977
WYSP [Philadelphia] 1978-1982
WNBC [New York NY] 1978-1987

Now: Gary says (10/06), "After writing and/or producing syndicated radio since 1986 (hosting Rolling Stone magazine's Continuous History of Rock 'n' Roll; ghost-writing daily sports shows for Bob Costas, Harry Caray and John Madden; and orchestrating the magazine-formatted Sports Illustrated's GolfPlus;), I've devoted myself to playing the home version of our game as a VO artist; from my WinningSounds.com studios in suburban Philly, my biggest focus is on political commercials, in season; imaging work for radio & TV (including the NAB's 2006 Marconi Award-winning WMJI, Cleveland;), corporate communications, and documentary narration; it's a digital world, and I remain instantly available to clients everywhere through the magic of FTP and ISDN."

Jimmy Bridges
WSB [Atlanta GA] 1940-1982
Jimmy Bridges died Jan 20, 2005. His daughter, Joanne Bridges Cooper, says (3/09), "Jimmy Bridges worked in various capacities at WSB radio and TV for over 40 years; he is in the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame and the Georgia Broadcasters Hall of Fame (2009). In addition to the many years that he was a radio announcer on WSB, he also gave the first television news broadcast in 1948 on the fledgling WSB-TV. Daddy had a beautiful singing voice (tenor) and often performed solos for church; he was an avid UGA sports fan. He and his wife, Jo, were married for 65 years; I am his oldest daughter; Jean is his other daughter, 13 years younger than I. Daddy retired in 1982; he did a lot of charitable work, especially for C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer and Meals on Wheels; he also took care of my mother who was in very poor health for many years (that was basically the reason he retired -- I think he would have liked to have stayed 'on the air' until he drew his last breath); he always said that there were two things he wanted to do: fly an airplane (he was a pilot and instructor during WWII) and work as a radio broadcaster -- not too many people get to see their wishes fulfilled!" See the Jimmy Bridges bio on the WSB Old Timers group Web site.

Robby Bridges
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WBMX [Boston MA] 2002-2003
WEBE [Wesport CT] 2008

Now: Robby says (2/09), "I am doing PM drive at Adult Contemporary WEBE-FM, Westport, Connecticut."

Sam Bridges aka Scot Fox
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WKBU [New Orleans LA] 2006
Now: Sam says (7/07), "Had a real rough time with Katrina ... I lost everything I owned! You find out really who your friends are; I left radio and a great job in Shreveport to regain my sanity; sat out for six months, got married, went to Italy, came home and snapped out of it; I am still living in a FEMA camper; still paying $1,000 a month on my house that is just a slab ... but I feel great; been managing Michael's night club in Gulfport, MS and also working some afternoon shifts at Rock WKBU-FM (Bayou 95.7), New Orleans; I'd love to hear from some old buddies."

David Briggs
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KTHR [Wichita KS] 2006-2007
Now: David says (5/15), "I'm an online station format developer, Wichita KS."

Hank Brigmond
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WPEZ [Macon GA] 1998
WBBQ [Augusta GA] 2005-2005

Now: Hank says (10/06), "I am group manager for Staton Broadcasting, Inc., overseeing the operations of WRPG-FM, WQXZ-FM, WCEH-AM in Hawkinsville, GA and WNNG-AM in Warner Robins, Georgia; still do remotes, appearances and fill in as needed on these stations; I work out of the WNNG Warner Robins office."

Steve Brimmer
WEAU-TV [Eau Claire WI] 1967 - cameraman
KSTP-TV [Minneapolis MN] 1968 - cameraman
WCSM [Celina OH] 1969 - Steve Barry
WGOM [Marion IN] 1970 - Ed Shannon
KIKX [Tucson AZ] 1972-1973
Now: Steve says (10/10), "I am CEO of SunCore Corp., Irvine, CA; developed technology to use ambient light to charge mobile phones, MP3 players etc. I finally found Bill Freeman (BLF Bash) and spent hours reminiscing about radio days at KIKX ... it was magical!"

Ronald E. Brindle aka Buzz Brindle
WICE [Providence RI] 1969 - S. Brindle-Browne
WMOD [Washington DC] 1971 - Kurt Sennet
WGLD [Chicago IL] 1973 - Kurt Sennet
WPEZ [Pittsburgh PA] 1973
WKTQ [Pittsburgh] 1976
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1977
WNBC [New York NY] 1978
MTV [New York] 1981
- Dir Music Programming
WGY [Albany NY] 1987 - VP Programming
WYJB/WROW [Albany] 1993
WGNA/WTRY [Albany] 1997
WGNA/WABT/WTMM [Albany] 2001

Now: Buzz says (7/04), "I am OM/PD for Country WGNA-FM, 80s Rock WABT-FM, and Sports WTMM, Albany, New York."

Walter 'Salty' Brine
WPRO [Providence RI] 1942-1993
Walter 'Salty' Brine died Nov 2, 2004 at his home in Narragansett, Rhode Island. He was 86 years old. See The Providence Journal obituary.

Scotty Brink
WTKO [Ithaca NY] 1959 - Don L. Brink
WIBG [Philadelphia PA] 1960 - Don L. Brink
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1965
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1968
- J.J. Jordan
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1968
WCFL [Chicago IL] 1970
WLS [Chicago] 1970
KJR [Seattle WA] 1970
KELP [El Paso TX] 1971
- consultant
WRKO [Boston MA] 1972
KAUM [Houston TX] 1974
KUPD [Phoenix AZ] 1976
- VP
WNBC [New York] 1978
WCAU [Philadelphia] 1981
KHOW [Denver CO] 1982
Brink's Production Workshop [Nashville TN] 1982-1989
WLAC-FM [Nashville] 1983
- temp
WSIX [Nashville] 1985 - temp
WGFX [Nashville] 1987 - temp
KSDO [San Diego CA] 1989
KOAI [Dallas TX] 1992
KYCW [Seattle] 1994
KXGL [Sand Diego] 1997-2002
WRLL [Chicago] 2004-2006

Now: Scotty says (2/04), "I'm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma doing an eclectic assortment of projects from my home office/studio (consulting, commercials, imaging, and a couple of potentially fruitful syndication ideas as well)."

Chuck Brinkman
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1960
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1972
KOGO [San Diego] 1979
WMYG [Pittsburgh] 1980
KLUV [Dallas] 1988
KAAM [Dallas] 2006

Chuck Brinkman died Aug 24, 2018 (Parkinson's Disease; age 83) in Plano, Texas. See Chuck Brinkman, popular KQV Top 40 DJ, dead at 83 (post-gazette.com)

Ron Britain
WHAS [Louisville KY] 1949
WKLO-TV [Louisville] 1953
- ancr
WINN [Louisville] 1953
WKAY [Bowling Green KY] 1954
WIEL [Elizabethtown KY] 1955
WSAZ-TV [Huntington WV] 1956
- ancr/on camera
WFMT-TV [Ft. Monmouth NJ] 1957 - ancr/on camera
WLBS [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1957
WKAZ-TV [Charleston WV] 1959
- ancr/on camera
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1960
WHK [Cleveland OH] 1964
WCFL [Chicago] 1965
WIND [Chicago] 1970
KCMO [Kansas City MO] 1974
WLS-FM [Chicago] 1974
WKRC [Cincinnati] 1976
WCFL [Chicago] 1978
Satellite Music Net [Chicago] 1980
- ancr/on camera
WJMK [Chicago] 1984
WTMX [Chicago] 1992-1994
WRLL [Chicago] 2002-2003

Now: 'King Bee' Ron Britain (Ron Megel) says (8/05), "I retired from radio for good in 2003 and am living with my wife, Peach, in Louisville, Kentucky. We just added 3,200 sq. ft. to our existing home, including an elevator and love everything about this place including the setting on nearly three wooded acres with a creek in the back. We are international horse owners, travel extensively all over the world with London being our favorite city followed closely by Hong Kong, and we still have our condo in Chicago located right across the street from the new Chicago Trump Tower. I continue to paint in my free time, am currently writing a book that may never be completed, and am simply enjoying the good life, thanks to my career in radio. I have always loved radio and being a part of it. If you are interested in knowing about the best and worst managers, the best were Dick Nason at WSAI in Cincinnati, Ken Draper at WCFL in Chicago, and John Patton at KCMO, Kansas City and WTMX, Chicago, all talented, very nice, creative men. All the rest I would not give a plugged nickel for -- men who were unimaginative and total losers, as far as I'm concerned, who I feel contributed to the demise of radio and hold responsible for radio as it exists today." See $UCCE$$: Ron ‘King B’ Britain: Sting like a B, from The Lousiville Eccentric Observer and Chicago Radio Spotlight on Ron Britain.

Dottie Britt
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KKMY [Beaumont TX] 1992-1997
Now: Dottie says (2/09), "I'm in Vidor, Texas doing what I never would have expected ... raising kids; I have a daughter and step daughter who run me around; I'm president of the PTO, on the board of directors with my daughter's softball league, treasurer for project graduation, booster club member; I also started my own business called Ravens Nest Incense & Oils (incense, handmade soaps etc.); it's a good life."

Ross Brittain
WIIN [Atlanta GA] 1974
WFOM [Atlanta] 1976
WSSA [Atlanta] 1976
WNPS [New Orleans LA] 1976
WLCS [Baton Rouge LA] 1976
WJBO [Baton Rouge] 1977
- w/Brian Wilson
WZGC [Atlanta] 1978 - w/Brian Wilson
WABC [New York NY] 1981 - w/Brian Wilson
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1983 - w/Scott Shannon
WEGX/WTRK/WZGO [Philadelphia PA] 1985
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1987
- w/Scott Shannon/Brian Wilson/solo
WMMS [Cleveland OH] 1994
WKSS [Hartford CT] 1995
- w/Courtney Nadeau
WOGL [Philadelphia] 2004
Now: Ross does morning drive on WOGL-FM (Oldies 98), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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