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Radio People by Name (B)

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Kenny B
WMAC [Macon GA] 1989
Now: ???

Stanley B
WFLB [Fayetteville] 1973
WLPL [Baltimore MD] 1974
MCA Records [Charlotte NC] 1977
- promotion
WHSL [Wilmington NC] 1981
National Music [Los Angeles CA] 1989
- promotion
WKXB [Wilmington] 1993
WWQQ [Wilmington] 1996
WKXB [Wilmington] 2000

Now: Stanley B. (Frank Shepard) is Operations Manager and doing mornings at Rhythmic Oldies WKXB-FM, Wilmington, North Carolina. Click for more on Stanley.

John Babina
WHUS [UCON Storrs CT] 1962
WMNR [Monroe CT] 1973

Now: Chief of Systems Integration, Sikorsky Aircraft, Bridgeport and part time at classical WMNR-FM, Monroe, Connecticut.

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Larry Bachus
WMPS [Memphis TN] 1977-1978
Now: Larry says (8/03), "I run my own consulting company, am an inventor, and a public speaker. I write a column for two magazines and have written technical books. I occasionally do industrial voice-over work in Nashville, Tennessee."

Larry Bachus aka Larry Glenn
Now: danrob@yournet.com reports: Larry Bachus is President of his own company and has designed an industrial tool, and is marketing the tool. He has a manufacturing plant in Nashville, TN, and in Puerto Rico. He also does some professional public speaking in Latin America.

Jon Badeaux
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1964
KMEN [San Bernardino] 1966
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KHJ [Los Angeles] 1967
Westwood One [LA] 1977
KDAY [LA] 1978-1992
Broadcast Programming [Seattle WA] 1990
Jaye Albright Consulting [Seattle] 1996
Jacor/Clr Chan [Cincinnati OH] 1998
- Corp TSM
Entercom [Seattle WA] 2001 - TSM
Jon Badeau died March 5, 2018 in Palm Springs, CA. He was 70 years old.
Jon and KHJ

Bob Badger
WJOY [Burlington VT] 1955
KTLN [Denver CO] 1957
WPCF [Panama City FL] 1958
WPTR [Albany NY] 1962
WBAZ [Poughkeepsie NY] 1965
- GM
WMID [Atlantic City NJ] 1967 - GM
WABY [Albany] 1970 - GM
WANM [Tallahassee FL] 1979
WGLF [Tallahassee] 1992-2003

Bob Badger died Sep 21, 2014 in Tallahassee, Florida. See Robert Hastings Badger (Tallahassee Democrat).

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Karl Baehr
KFMG [Albuquerque NM] 1987-1989 - Karl Kruz
Now: Karl says (2/05), "I am at Emerson College in Boston where I developed and direct e3: The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship, a program to launch new student ventures in communication and the arts."

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Les Bagley
KBRO [Seattle WA] 1992-1993 - GM
Now: Les says (8/16), "I retired from radio in 1993 and spent over two decades in public transportation. I retired from that in 2014 and am now traveling whenever possible, spending time relaxing on the waterfront of Puget Sound in Western Washington State."

John Bagwell
KOMA [Oklahoma City OK] 1965
AFN [An Khe South Vietnam] 1967
SEN (Southern European Network) [Vicenza Italy] 1968
KRIG [Odessa/Midland TX] 1969
KQIP [Odessa/Midland] 1970
KOZA [Odessa/Midland] 1970
KVSO [Ardmore OK] 1973-1974

Now: John says (8/04), "I am the owner of Bagwell Marketing, a full-service advertising, PR and marketing company, Dallas, Texas. Wife, Rosemary, and I have two young boys."

Bill Bailey
WKRW [Cartersville GA] 1975
WFPA [Ft. Payne AL] 1977
WCRI [Scottsboro AL] 1978
WQLT/WXOR [Florence AL] 1979
KOKE [Austin TX] 1982
WJLM [Roanoke VA] 1983
WDRM [Huntsville AL] 1984
WAAY [Huntsville] 1986
WQLT/WXOR [Florence] 1986
WZYP [Huntsville] 1987-1996
WVNA [Tuscumbia AL] 1995
WMSR [Florence AL] 2000-2000

Now: Bill says (9/09), "I retired from radio to get into my own production, voice-over business. I do miss radio very much. Sometimes I like to get out my old air-checks that I've collected over the years from various radio stations and compare them from one station to the next." Click for Bill's Old WAAY Radio Days on YouTube; and/or more of the story from Bill.

Bill Bailey
WOKY [Milwaukee WI] 1971
WLS [Chicago IL] 1972
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1974
KSLQ [St. Louis MO] 1976
WNIC [Detroit] 1982
KBEQ-FM [Kansas City MO] 1983
KLSI [Kansas City] 1986
WXTR [Washington DC] 1988
WMXD [Detroit] 1991
WIZF [Cincinnati OH] 1994
- VP Programming
WLHT [Grand Rapids MI] 1997-2008
Bill Bailey died June 12, 2013; see West Michigan Radio Legend Bill Bailey Dies.

Chris Bailey
KENO [Las Vegas NV] 1958
KLAS [Las Vegas] 1961
KONE [Reno NV] 1965
WUBE [Cincinnati OH] 1968
KDWB [Minneapolis MN] 1969
WRKO [Boston MA] 1970
KCBQ [San Diego] 1971
KBEQ [Kansas City MO] 1972
WKRQ [Cincinnati] 1973
WGCL [Cleveland OH] 1974-1975

Now: Latest [7/10] report from Shel Swartz has Chris working as a private investigator in Kentucky. More on Chris Bailey.

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Craig Bailey
WCVP [Burlington VT] 1995-2009
Now: Craig says (3/14), "In 2009 I syndicated Floydian Slip, the Pink Floyd show I'd started in 1989 as a student at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Operating from my home studio in Vermont, I produce, distribute, market and handle affiliate relations for my own independent network, currently numbering more than 50 stations. The show's made available to stations cash-free/100% barter."

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Dean Bailey
KDMX [Dallas TX] 1995-2009
Now: Dean says (2/12), "Having spent my entire career in the broadcast, recording industry, the shift in economy and the industry forced me to reinvent myself; during two years of unemployment, I retooled and hold COMPTIA certifications in information technology and am the intrusion detection specialist in the technical services department of Mesquite Independent School District; I'm still involved with Mesquite Schools Radio, KEOM-FM and do the occasional air shift and imaging."

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John Bailey
WWJ [Detroit MI] 1993
Now: John says (7/04), "I am morning drive traffic anchor for WWJ (Newsradio 950), Detroit, MI. I'm also doing a lot of freelance voiceover work."

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Kyle Bailey
KRSB [Roseburg OR] 1998
Now: Kyle says (03/03), "I am Production for Brooke Communications (KRSB/KQEN/KKMX/KAVJ); PD for KQEN and do middays at KSRB-FM (Best Country 103), Roseburg, Oregon."

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Scott Bailey
WMRO [Nashville TN] 1993 - owner
Now: Scott says (12/10), "I am owner and operator of Hot AC WMRO [Magic 1560], Gallatin, Tennessee."

Bill Baker
WGRP [Greenville PA] 1959
WKST [New Castle PA] 1960
WBVB [Erie PA] 1966
- owner, manager
WGRP [Greenville] 1968
WFEM [Ellwood City PA] 1968
WPIC [Sharon PA] 1969
WWIZ [Mercer PA] 1969
- owner
WNAE/WRRN [Warren PA] 1970-1975
WCTL [Erie] 1980
- manager
WTMV [Youngsville PA] 1998 - owner/manager
Now: Rev/Brother Bill Baker says (8/04), "In 2004 I celebrated 45 years in broadcasting and 25 years in the ministry, with about 15 of those years in both. I was handicapped in 1990 and now operate Religious WTMV-FM out of our home in Youngsville, Pennsylvania 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week with the assistance of four computers (soon to be six) and one (and soon two) satellite radio networks. WTMV is a 100-watt FM (not LP) station." Click for more on Bill and WTMV.

Jim Baker
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1967
KFOX-FM [Honolulu] 1973
KDOL/KVOY [Lancaster CA] 1986
- station mgr
KJAA [Mesa AZ] 1988 - GM
KCCN [Honolulu] 1989-1990 - national SM
KUPU [Honolulu] 1992-1994 - builder/GM
KILU [Paauilo, Maui HI] 1992-1994 - builder/GM
Now: Jim says (2/11), "I am a radio/media consultant (Jim Baker and Associates}, but looking for an on-air opportunity in Hawaii. After many years away from being on the air, I want to finish doing news or talk in the Islands."

Todd Baker
KASB [Bellevue WA] 1987
KGWY [Gillette WY] 1991
KLYK [Longview WA] 1992
KEDO [Longview WA] 1992
KDUK-FM [Eugene OR] 1994
KKRZ [Portland OR] 1994
KUBE [Seattle] 1995
KJR-FM [Seattle] 1995
KPLZ [Seattle] 1996-2013

Now: ???


Wally Baker
WNOX [Knoxville TN] 1963 - Troy Summers
WJPS [Evansville IN] 1964 - Troy Hamilton
WIFE [Indianapolis IN] 1964 - Troy Summers
WOHO [Toledo OH] 1965
WLYV [Ft. Wayne IN] 1966
WGEE [Indianapolis] 1967
WXLW [Indianapolis] 1970-1972
- Scotty O'Brien
Now: Wally says (7/07), "I am president (since 1969) of Fabrication Equipment Sales Inc. (distributor of high tech industrial machinery), Indianapolis, Indiana; also a partner in a Chrysler/Jeep dealership in Indiana; oldest son works in radio in Indianapolis; middle son writes and produces jingles for radio stations and businesses @ seanbaker.com; youngest son is producer for Lisa Gibbons in Los Angeles."

Michael Bales aka Kris Robbins
WHBU [Anderson IN] 1970 - Michael T
WGOM/WMRI [Marion IN] 1972
WRBR [South Bend IN] 1973
WNDU [South Bend] 1974
WNOE/WNOE-FM [New Orleans LA] 1983-1986

Michael Bales wife, Ellen (Starwriter1109@gmail.com), says (10/15), "After leaving WNOE, Michael Bales aka Kris Robbins went to work for Tapscan, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama, from 1986 through 1989. In 1990 he was diagnosed with AIDS. He died 06 December 1992 in Indianapolis, Indiana."

Bill Ballance
KMYR [Denver CO] 1941
WBKB-TV [Chicago] 195?
KOA [Denver CO] 195?
KNX [LA] 1952
KFWB [LA] 1955
KGIL [LA] 1966
KHVH [Honolulu] 1966
KGMB [Honolulu] 1966
KNBR [San Francisco] 1967
KGBS Feminine Forum [LA] 1968
Feminine Forum [LA] 1972
- syndicated
The Bill Ballance Hip Handbook of Nifty Moves... [LA] 1973
KABC [LA] 1974
KWIZ [LA] 1977
KFMB [San Diego] 1978-1993

SAN DIEGO (AP-NY-09-25-04) _ Bill Ballance, a pioneering radio personality, has died. He was 85. Ballance hosted a daring talk show in the 1970s (Feminine Forum) about relationships and sex. The show helped pave the way for today's shock jocks. Ballance died Thursday (9/23/2004) at his San Diego home after suffering from bad health since a quadruple bypass and a stroke two years ago...

From John Rook (9/24/04), "His radio career was born in the mile high city of Denver, it would soar to new heights after a stint as a U.S. Marine when he headed west to work as a staff announcer at KNX-Los Angeles. But it was in the late 1950s when Chuck Blore’s “Color Channel 98” owned most radio listeners via KFWB that I first heard Bill Ballance. Joining the “Swinging Gentlemen”, Bruce Hayes, Al Jarvis, Joe Yocam, Elliot Field, B. Mitchell Reed and Ted Quillan, Ballance was a magnet for southern California’s largest radio audience ever as his wit seemed to outshine even a new kind of music called rock ’n’ roll. A few years later, his “Bill Ballance Feminine Forum” was on the cutting edge of the women’s sexual revolution. Through it, he would mentor a new radio star, Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Bill Ballance enjoyed ten years of retirement before departing us at age 85. He’s remembered as one of radio’s great talents ... another original that is beyond copying."

Lance Ballance
KRFD [Yuba City CA] 1985
KWG [Stockton CA] 1986
KYBB [Stockton] 1988
KOST [Los Angeles CA] 1989
KBIG-FM [LA] 1998
KSFI [Salt Lake City UT] 2002
KOSY [Salt Lake City] 2004
WMC-FM [Memphis TN] 2005
WMJJ [Birmingham, AL] 2008-2009

Now: ???

Harold Ballard aka HB aka Dave Ballard
WFMO [Fayetteville NC] 1971
WIRC/WXRC [Charlotte NC] 1977
WRGC [Sylva NC] 1978
- CE
WKGX [Lenoir NC] 1978 - CE
WGCD [Chester SC] 1979 - CE
WJRI [Lenoir NC] 1978 - CE
WSTP [Salisbury NC] 1982 - CE
WDSC/WZNS [Florence SC] 1985-1991 - CE
Now: Harold says (11/07), "I now work for Discovery Television Center, the origination point for all of Discovery's channels; I spent a total of twenty-four years in radio, from the time I started while in high school in 1968 until the time I transitioned into TV control room operations in 1992, starting with WPDE-TV, Florence/Myrtle Beach, SC; from there I went to WRAL-TV, Raleigh, North Carolina (1995-2001), and the UNC Center for Public Television (2001-2005)."

Jon Ballard
KPLM [Palm Springs CA] 1985 - Mike Daniels
KISW [Seattle WA] 1986
KZZP-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1997
WWDC-FM [Washington DC] 1998
WDTR [Detroit MI] 2003-2004

Now: ???

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Bill Bangert
WEBN [Cincinnati] 2000-2011
Now: ???

Doug Banks
WCGI [Chicago IL] 1986-1995
Doug hosted (2008-2016) the U.S. syndicated The Doug Banks Radio Show. He died Apr 11, 2016 (complications from diabetes, age 57). See DOUG BANKS, RADIO AND TV PERSONALITY, DIES (abc7chicago.com); and Doug Banks, Chicago radio legend, dead at 57 (washingtonpost.com).
Doug Banks Wikipedia article

Pat Banks
WANV [Waynesboro VA] 1967
WEEL [Fairfax VA] 1967
WCHV/WCCV [Charlottesville VA] 1971
WRNL [Richmond VA] 1971
WRXL [Richmond] 1971
WINA/WQMC [Charlottesville] 1973
WPRW [Washington DC] 1974
WWDC/WWDC-FM [Washington DC] 1975
WEEL [Fairfax] 1976
WMYK/WZAM [Norfolk VA] 1976
WYVA [Norfolk] 1977
WGH [Norfolk] 1977
WFOG [Norfolk] 1977
WGAY [Washington DC] 1978
WEEL [Fairfax] 1978
WCMS [Norfolk] 1982
WNVZ [Norfolk] 1983
WXRI [Norfolk] 1983
WGH/WGH-FM [Norfolk] 1987
WIAV/WVAB [Norfolk] 1987
WFOG/WWDE [Norfolk] 1988
Coast of VA B'casters [Virginia Beach] 1988-1991
- partner
WOBR-FM [Wanchese NC] 1988-1989
WAFX [Virginia Beach VA] 2000

Now: Pat sayas (4/09), "As of 2009, I'm enjoying my tenth year at Saga's Classic Rock WAFX-FM (106.9 The Fox) doing weekends & fill-ins, and my fair share of production; doing some freelance voice-overs, the occasional mobile DJ gig, plus a few small business ventures. This fine industry has changed and gotten a bit stale, but there are still a few pockets of decent radio here & there -- I'm fortunate to be in one of those pockets at the time of this writing; as of Apr 2009, I'm building a new Web site (patbanks.com); would love to hear from you & get up to date with what's happening in your life, so please, shoot me an e-mail."

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Michael Bankston
KERI [Bakersfield CA] 1983-1989 - Michael B
Now: Michael says (1/11), "I work for the state of California and own a mobile DJ service in Bakersfield, California."

Patti Banner
KZZA [Glenwood MN] 1986 - Patti Banik
KQIC [Willmar MN] 1987 - Patti Banik
WWQM [Madison WI] 1989 - Patti Banik
WZEE [Madison] 1990 - Dana D'Ville
WRVV [Harrisburg PA] 1992
WROZ [Lancaster PA] 1993
WNDV [South Bend IN] 1999
WMEZ [Pensacola FL] 2001
WLRX [South Bend] 2002
WWLV [South Bend] 2003
WZSR [Chicago IL] 2004
KOLA [San Bernardino CA] 2006-2013

Now: ???

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Bill Bannister
WRVR [Memphis TN] 1983-2012
Now: Bill says (1/16), "After nearly 30 years on Memphis radio, I am writing and traveling; still seeking the truth and keeping the faith."

Ron Baptist
WIST [Charlotte NC] 1972
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1973
- Rockin' Ron
CHAM [Hamilton ON] 1973 - Rockin' Ron
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1974 - Rockin' Ron
XEROK [Juarez, Mexico] 1975 - Ron Starr
WSGN [Birmingham AL] 1976 - Ron Roddy
WKVQ [Knoxville TN] 1977 - Rockin' Ron
WBBF [Rochester NY] 1978-1981 - Ron Denver
WDMN/WXQQ [Toledo OH] 1999 - Ron Denver
Now: Ron fills us in, "After WBBF, I sold jingles for William B. Tanner/Memphis for a number of years and was the #1 salesman in the U.S. 2 years in a row. I also formed 21st Century Communications, (media group producing TV spots). I am involved with Cornerstone Communications, Toledo, Ohio: Operations Manager for Contemporary Christian WDMN. We most recently acquired the CP for 96.9 (WXQQ), the last available frequency in the state of Ohio."

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Andy Barber
KJSR [Tulsa OK] 2002-2012
Now: ???

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Ben Barber
WHYL [Carlisle PA] 2004
Now: Ben says (2/10), "I'm doing morning drive on Nostalgia WHYL, Carlisle, PA (Breakfast with Ben); have spent my entire radio career here in the Harrisburg metro of South Central, Pennsylvania."

Bruce Barber
WGRQ [Buffalo NY] 1981
WPLR [New Haven CT] 1985
WKRL [Clearwater FL] 1989
WPLR [New Haven CT] 1990-2003
WNPR [Hartford CT] 2007

Now: Bruce says (4/10), "I became host and producer of The WNPR Health Forum on Public WNPR-FM, Hartford Connecticut in 2007; and I am now the evening host Monday-Saturday; also see my barberproductions.com."

Dave Barber
WTRX [Flint MI] 1972
WTAC [Flint] 1983
WEYI-TV [Flint] 1990
- talk host
WFDF [Flint] 1996
WWCK [Flint] 2000
WPRO [Providence RI] 2006-2007

Now: Dave says (4/08), "I am PD and anchor for Capitol Television, Providence, Rhode Isand."

Tom Barberi
KALL [Salt Lake City UT] 1971
Now: Still doing Morning Drive at Talk KALL, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Susie Barbour
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1977
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1982
KDKA [Pittsburgh] 1988
Westinghouse [Pittsburgh] 1994
- paralegal
Westinghouse [Pittsburgh] 1995 - commercial specialist
Hefren Tillotson [Pittsburgh] 1997 - Dir. of Marketing
Now: Director of Marketing for Hefren Tillotson (investment firm), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

John Barcroft aka J.B. Mitchell
KASK [Ontario CA] 1965 - Johnny B
KFXM [San Bernardino CA] 1966 - Johnny Bishop
KKAR [Los Angeles CA] 1967 - Johnny Bishop
KERN [Bakersfield CA] 1970-1978 - Johnny Mitchell
KGB [San Diego CA] 1980-1981
KGB/KGB-FM [San Diego] 1978-2006 - CE
Now: John is "retired and living in San Diego and enjoying his ham radio hobby."

Robbie Barish
WBAI [New York NY] 1966
Capital RadioAM/FM [London] 1973
WBAI [New York] 1976-1983

Now: Robbie says (11/04), "I'm a consultant medical radiation physicist in New York City specializing in the design of radiation shielding for cancer treatment facilities. I earned a Ph.D. in medical physics from the University of London while working weekends at Capital Radio, the largest and most successful commercial radio station in the U.K. I was a faculty member at the NYU Medical Center for fifteen years, reaching the rank of Associate Professor. I am a specialist in the physics of radiation oncology - radiation used in the treatment of malignancies. Now that I manage my own time, I'd love to do vacation/relief work in the NY radio market, but no one seems interested." Click for more on Robbie.

Roger Barkley
KIMN [Denver] 1959
KLAC [LA] 1961
KFWB [LA] 1967
KFI [LA] 1968
Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame [LA] 1985
KJOI [LA] 1986
KABC [LA] 1990

Died December 21, 1997 (pancreatic cancer).

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Ken Barlow
WCPV [Burlington VT] 1994-1999 owner
Now: Ken says (4/08), "I am living in the Burlington, Vermont area and am a partner in Vox Communications Group (stations in various markets)..."

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Greg Barman
KOA [Denver CO] 1992-1995
Now: Greg is a "self-employed technical recruiter in telecom, I.T. and multimedia" in Denver, Colorado.

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Tom Barna
WXME/WBCQ-FM [Monticello ME] 2012 - GM, CE
Now: Tom says (1/14), "I am GM and Chief Engineer for WBCQ-FM and WXME-AM in Monticello, Maine; and am staff engineer and Ops Mgr for WBCQ-SW."

Frank Barnako
WIND [Chicago] 1966
WMCA [New York] 1967
WRC [Washington DC] 1968
WMAQ [Chicago] 1970
WRC [Washington DC] 1975
WTOP [Washington DC] 1989
USA Today Sky Radio [Washington DC] 1992

Now: Business reports for CBS radio.

Catman Tom Barnard
WDGY [Minneapolis] 196?
KSTP [St. Paul MN] 1964
WAPE [Jacksonville FL] 1976
KQRS/KQRS-FM [Minneapolis] 19??

Now: Having left the name "Catman" behind, he's now Tommy B. -- or just plain Tom Barnard -- and doing mornings at album rock KQRS/KQRS-FM, Minneapolis.

Stephen Barncard aka Steve Quinn
KCJC [Kansas City KS] 1960
KCCV [Kansas City MO] 1963
KUDL [Kansas City KS] 1964
KLWN [Lawrence KS] 1965
KCMK [Kansas City MO] 1966
KBIL [Kansas City MO] 1967
KCJC [Kansas City KS] 1968-1969

Now: Stephen says (3/03), "I retired from radio in 1969; Heard Crosby Stills and Nash and quit KUDL/KCJC-FM, headed to San Francisco in 1969, ended up recording CSNY and the DEAD and became a record producer and mixer." Click for more from Stephen.

Chris Barnes
WEOK/WPDH [Poughkeepsie NY] 1983
WGHQ/WBPM [Kingston NY] 1983
WPXC/WRZE [Cape Cod MA] 1987
Metro Networks [Boston MA] 1998
WXTK/WCOD/WWKJ [Cape Cod MA] 1999
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2001
- anchor
FOX News Radio [New York NY] 2003 - anchor, editor
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2004 - anchor
FOX News Radio [Washington DC] 2005 - anchor
WSYR [Syracuse NY] 2010
WNEW-FM [Washington DC] 2012

Now: Chris says (1/12), "I am with Washington DC's new News Radio 99.1 WNEW FM."

Mike Barnes
Now: At (as Jonathan Wolfe) KNVR, Chico, CA.

Al Barnett
WLRG [Roanoke VA] 1973
WKWS [Rocky Mount VA] 1973
WVWR [Roanoke] 1973
WSLC [Roanoke] 1975
WUEZ [Roanoke] 1978
- CE
KABC/KLOS [Los Angeles] 1981-1983
Now: Al says (3/06), "I'm still in Los Angeles; since 1983 I've been in the film biz, first as a video assist operator and now I'm a location sound mixer."

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Bob Barnett
WKIS [Miami FL] 2002-2006
Now: ???

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Buddy Baron
WBBN [Taylorsville MS] 2000
Now: I spend my mornings hosting the Breakfast Club at Country WBBN-FM here in Southern Mississippi. I'm also a professional comedy writer, voice/creator of "Big Fat Herb's" radio feature (it's 15th year!), screenwriter of "Double Down", "Alien Dad" and 6 other screenplays."

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Dave Barone
WMWX [Cincinnati OH] 2007-2007
Now: Dave says (6/16), "After having spent years in stifling commercial radio, I decided to create my own unencumbered Classic Rock station (Internet: Perihelion Radio), a niche station that caters to old school burnouts with a focus on the late 60s to around 1980ish. We also run live, one hour shows at noon every Tue through Fri."

Baron Baroza
KORL [Honolulu HI] 1981
KMAI [Honolulu] 1981
KSSK/KSSK-FM [Honolulu] 1984-2007

Now: Baron says (4/10), "I earned a master's degree in 2007 and am now working as a librarian at the Hawaii State Library in Honolulu."

Buzz (Paul) Barr
KBKW [Aberdeen WA] 1958
KITI [Centralia WA] 1960
- Tom Cat
KMO [Tacoma WA] 1962
KVI [Seattle WA] 1964
KOL [Seattle WA] 1966
KISN [Portland OR] 1968
KJR [Seattle WA] 1969
KING [Seattle WA] 1973
KGHO [Hoquiam WA] 1976
- owner/G.M.
KCSY [Soldotna AK] 1980 - owner/G.M.
KXRO/KDUX [Aberdeen WA] 1995
Randy Roadz reports (3/25/11), "My pal Buzz Barr passed away at his home in Aberdeen, Washington yesterday. A great one-on-one communicator ... taught me a lot."

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Bill Barrett
KKNU [Eugene OR] 1997 - The Bear
Now: Mornings (w/Tim Fox) at Country KKNU-FM, Eugene, Oregon.

Don Barrett
KNEZ [Lompoc CA] 1965
KUSN [St Joseph MO] 1966
KABL [San Francisco CA] 1967
McLendon [Dallas TX] 1968
- National PD
WWWW [Detroit MI] 1969 - GM
WDRQ [Detroit MI] 1971 - GM
KIQQ [Los Angeles CA] 1972-1974 - GM
Now: Author, Los Angeles Radio People: Book chronicles over 3,000 personalities between 1957 and 1997. Don also hosts his own web site, www.laradio.com (subscription required).

Joe Barrett
Now: Promotion Director at Country WHOK-FM, Columbus, Ohio.

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John Barrett
WGNE [Daytona Beach FL] 1989-1997
Now: John says (3/07), "I'm hosting 99FROG (country music online); also out of retirement for part time/swing at Country WKRO, Daytona Beach, Florida."

Barbara Barri
WCKS [Cocoa Beach FL] 1976
WLOF [Orlando] 1976
WLEE [Richmond VA] 1977
KPOL/KZLA [LA] 1979-1993

Now: Doing voice work in New York, New York.

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Mark Barron
KAMO [Fayetteville AR] 1999-2000
Now: Mark says (11/04), "I own VSI-Media, Springdale Arkansas (developing local TV programming and in-store videos for business). I enjoy my wife, Laura, my daughter, Kayla (who works with me on some projects), and my son, Kinsey (he just works on me!). I am also thinking about getting back into radio on a part-time basis (I guess when you're addicted, you never learn..."

Tim Barron
WAZY [Lafayette IN] 1982
WNAP [Indianapolis IN] 1984
- T.J. Barron
WJXQ [Jackson MI] 1985
WZZQ [Terra Haute IN] 1986
WIBM [Jackson] 1986
WFMK [Lansing MI] 1987
WMMQ [Lansing] 1989
WJXQ [Jackson] 1990
WVIC [Lansing] 1997
WMMQ [Lansing] 1997-2005
WHZZ [Lansing] 2006-2008

Now: Tim says (4/08), "I am running Barron Enterprises (ad agency), Lansing, Michigan."

B.J. Barry
WKXI [Jackson MS] 1981 - Spider Wilson
WOKJ [Jackson] 1982 - Spider Wilson
WOKB [Orlando FL] 1984 - Spider Wilson
WRBD [Miami FL] 1984 - Spider Wilson
WEDR [Miami] 1986 - Spider Wilson
KMJM [St. Louis MO] 1988
WEDR [Miami] 1990
KBLX [San Francisco CA] 1993
- Sean Barry
WKKV [Milwaukee WI] 1995
WLUM [Milwaukee] 1995
WHQT [Miami] 1999
SWR3 [Baden-Baden Germany] 2001
Deutsche Welle [Bonn Germany] 2005

Now: B.J. says (6/05), "I am working with Deutsche Welle (the German BBC), Bonn, Germany."

Neil Barry
WMGQ [New Brunswick NJ] 1978
WOBM [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1981
WJLK [Monmouth/Ocean] 1982
WCKO [Miami FL] 1982
WMXJ [Miami] 1983
WSHE [Miami] 1985
WNEW-FM [New York NY] 1986

Now: Sr. Director of New Media at ABC Radio Networks, New York.

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Pat Barry
WKRQ [Cincinnati OH] 1980-1984
Now: Pat says (02/14), "I own the Time & Weather lines in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati; Ohio Time & Weather gets over 16 million call a year."

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Phil Barry
WHND [Detroit MI] 1980-1980
Now: Phil says (10/06), "I left the station side in 1981 to go to TM Programming in Dallas, then Drake-Chenault as VP Programming; with Jones Radio Networks since 1991, first as VP Programming, and now as Group VP/Radio for Jones."

Dave Bartholomew aka The Daver
WLYC/WLYC-FM [Williamsport PA] 1970 - Dave Bennett
WUDO [Lewisburg PA] 1970
WFEC [Harrisburg PA] 1972-1972
WMLP [Milton PA] 1975-1976, 1978-1979
WQBQ [Selinsgrove PA] 1983-1985

Now: Dave says (10/17), "I retired from radio in 1985 which had been mainly part time and weekends. I also gave the Commonwealth of PA 35 years service, retiring in 2010. Mostly chill and look for things to keep busy. I live in Northumberland, PA."

Bob Bartlett
WELF [Chicago IL] 1962
WPAG [Ann Arbor MI] 1963
WKNR-FM [Detroit MI] 1970
WCAR [Detroit] 1971
KTAB-TV [Abilene TX] 1979
- anchor/managing editor
Now: Bob says (5/05), "I loved radio, but decided to try TV; have been News Director and anchoring TV news in Abilene, TX since 1971 at CBS affiliate KTAB-TV. I'm sorry that the opportunities we had -- to learn to use E.T.'s, reel-to-reel tapes, slip-cue records and read lots of live copy and ad lib -- are no longer widely available. It was great training."

Rob Bartlett
WFAN [New York] 1990
Now: Doing character voices for/with Don Imus at WFAN, New York.

Dick Bartley
WWOD [Lynchburg VA] 1968
WBBM-FM [Chicago IL] 1977
WFYR [Chicago] 1981
Solid Gold Saturday Night [Chicago] 1983
- syndicated: host
ABC Radio Oldies shows [New York] 19?? - syndicated: host
Now: Hosting syndicated oldies shows for ABC Radio Networks, New York.

Bob Bartolomeo aka Bob Richards
KQV [Pittsburgh PA] 1974-1977
WGMR [State College PA] 1981-1983
- Bart Richards
WVAM [Altoona PA] 1982-1983 - Bart Richards
WMAJ[State College] 1983
WXLR [State College] 1983
- Bart Bartolomeo
WMZQ [Washington DC] 1985 - Bart Richards
KKCS [Colorado Springs CO] 1989 - Bart Bartolomeo
KQV [Pittsburgh] 2006
WLTJ [Pittsburgh] 2006
WRRK [Pittsburgh] 2007

Now: Bob says (4/09), "I am news anchor, editor, producer and host of KQV Newsmakers and KQV Almanac for all-news KQV; and host of the public affairs program WeekWatch on WLTJ-FM and WRRK-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I also worked in network radio at United Stations; Premiere Radio, Westwood One, Radio America and Talk Radio Networks in affiliate relations."

George Bason aka 'Skinny' Don Green
KCNY [San Marcos TX] 1962
KONO [San Antonio TX] 1963
WPLO [Atlanta GA] 1964
WMFJ [Daytona Beach FL] 1965
KONO [San Antonio] 1966
WOAI [San Antonio] 1967
WMEG [Melbourne FL] 1968
- GM
WDNG [Anniston AL] 1968
WOAI [San Antonio] 1970
- SM
KBFM [Edinburg TX] 1974-1977 - GM
Now: George says (10/06), "I left radio in 1978 to pursue other business ownership opportunities in South Texas; retired in 2000 and moved to the Texas Hill Country in 2002, spending the winter months, and RV'ing to northern Indiana for the summer months."

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Billy Bass
WZJM [Cleveland OH] 1999-2001
Now: Billy says (1/04), " I am the proud owner of Billy Bass Photography. I specialize in portrait photography, Cleveland, Ohio. My early radio years were a lot of fun. They led me to the record business where I created the marketing campaigns for Blondie, Pat Benetar and many more. I still run, still party, still love to rock and roll and I miss the old radio and record business."

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Tom Bass
WHCN [Hartford CT] 2001-2003
Now: ???

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Kelley 'Krash' Bassett
WAXQ [New York NY] 1997-1999 - Creative Imaging Dir
Now: Krash says (11/07), "I run an audio video production company called Krash Creative Solutions -- we do radio/video imaging for radio stations worldwide..."

Hank Bastian (Bashjian)
WEEX [Allentown PA] 1979
WOND [Atlantic City NJ] 1981
WFIL [Philadelphia PA] 1985
- Hank B.
WRFY [Reading PA] 1987 - Ron Wade
WIOV [Lancaster PA] 1987
WOYK [York PA] 1988
WLAN-FM [Lancaster] 1989
WQIC [Lebanon PA] 1992
WQSR [Baltimore MD] 1996
- Hank B.
WLIF [Baltimore] 2000
WGYY/WMGW [Meadville PA] 2000-2002

Now: Hank says (4/05), "After 32 years, I am disabled and unable to work."

Brian Bastien
KBBI [LA] 1962
KPOL [LA] 1966
KFWB [LA] 1968
KBRT [LA] 1980

Now: Doing free-lance voice work for radio and film. Residing in the Los Angeles area.

John Bates
KRTR [Honolulu HI] 1982
KLSY [Bellevue WA] 1985
KDEO [Honolulu] 1986
KKIQ [San Francisco CA] 1987
KWUN [San Francisco] 1987
KKIS [San Francisco] 1987
KJOY [Stockton CA] 1988
KYMX [Sacramento CA] 1990
KMPS [Seattle WA] 1995
KRWM [Seattle] 1995-2001
WYCL [Pensacola FL] 2003

Now: ???

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Brian Battles
WCCC/WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1977-1985
Now: Brian says (5/10), "I left WCCC for the third time in 1985; have been doing computer/Web programming, and freelance radio and TV voice-over work and commercial production."

Kevin Batts
WMAK [Nashville TN] 1975
WLAC [Nashville] 1978
WSM [Nashville] 1983

Now: Kevin says (9/04), "I'm doing weekend news on Country WSM, Nashville; I practice law during the week."

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Jim Bauer
WDET [Detroit MI] 1990-2007
Now: Jim says (1/12), "I'm in Saginaw, MI ... retired."

Joe Bauer
KULF [Houston] 1971
KFMB [San Diego] 1975
KPOP [San Diego] 2001-2002

Now: ???

Debbie Baugh
WFPA [Fort Payne AL] 1970-1971
WZOB [Fort Payne] 1971-1983
WVSM [Rainsville AL] 1976-1977

Now: Debbie says (3/09), "I'm a mail carrier in Sylvania, Alabama; but I still miss working in radio even after all these years; I was the first woman DJ in the Fort Payne, Alabama area. I'm a cousin of Randy, Teddy and Jeff of ALABAMA (band)."

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Roy Baum
WIBW/WIBW-FM [Topeka KS] 1998
Now: Roy says, "I am assistant engineer at News/Talk WIBW, Country WIBW-FM and Kansas Radio Networks, Topeka, KS."

Stephen Baum
KUER [Salt Lake City UT] 1978
KWHO [Salt Lake City UT] 1982
WQED [Pittsburgh PA] 1986

Now: Announcing and producing at Classical WQED-FM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hank Baughman
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1975
WTAE [Pittsburgh] 1977
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1983
WSHH [Pittsburgh] 1986-2011

Now: Hank is retired -- in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Steven Baumrind aka Stevie B
WAEZ [Johnson City TN] 2000
Now: ???

Al Baxa
WSGL [Naples FL] 1986
WAVV [Naples] 1988

Now: Al says (5/07), "I'm still doing PM drive at Easy Listening WAVV-FM; I have been here since 1988, and have seen a lot of great people come and go through the years; would love to hear from former co-workers."

Alan Baxter
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1976
KAZY [Denver CO] 1977
- Baxter & Hawkins
KBPI [Denver] 1979 - Baxter & Mark
KLOL [Houston TX] 1982
WDIZ [Orlando FL] 1984
WGIR [Manchester NH] 1992
WEGQ [Boston MA] 1998
KRVQ [Shreveport LA] 1998
WPOR [Portland ME] 1999
- Baxter & Lynne
WBQB [Fredericksburg VA] 2005
Now: ???

Don Bayley
WRNW [White Plains NY] 1967
WVOX [White Plains] 1968
WVIP [White Plains] 1968
WOLF [Syracuse] 1969
WNDR [Syracuse] 1970
WFAS [White Plains] 1971
ABC Radio Networks [New York NY] 1982

Now: Don is a tech supervisor with ABC Radio Networks, New York, New York; and running dsbiz.com.

K.O. Bayley (Bob Elliott)
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1961
KXOA [Sacramento CA] 1964
- Bob Early
KEWB [San Francisco CA] 1965 - K.O. Beachin
KGB [San Diego CA] 1966
WOR-FM [New York NY] 1967
KFRC [San Francisco CA] 1968
WJBK [Detroit MI] 1969
KGB [San Diego CA] 1971
KILT [Houston TX] 1972

Bob was killed by a drunk driver in 1978 (in Illinois where he was a railroad worker). See the Bay Area Radio Museum for more on Bob Elliott aka K.O. Bayley.

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