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Radio Broadcasting History
Radio People by Name (A)

Robert 'Rabbett' Abbett
WHCN [Hartford CT] 1976 - Rob Abbett
WDRC [Hartford] 1978
KPIG/KIKI [Honolulu HI] 1979
KDEO [Honolulu] 1980
WOMN [New Haven CT] 1980
KQMQ [Honolulu] 1981
KGU [Honolulu] 1981
KPOI-FM [Honolulu] 1982
KCCN-FM [Honolulu] 1989

Now: Rabbett keeps busy running Internet Radio Hawai`i (RealAudio Hawaiian music program with local news, calendar events and gags) from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Bob Abbott
WLRG [Roanoke VA] 1970
WPVR [Roanoke] 1971
WFRC [Reidsville NC] 1974
WTAL [Tallahassee FL] 1976
WLLL [Lynchburg VA] 1976
WGOL [Lynchburg] 1980
WRVX [Lynchburg] 1997
- station mgr
WLVA [Lynchburg] 2000 - station mgr
WZZU [Lynchburg VA] 2001
Now: Bob says (1/12), "I am the Market Manager for Centennial Broadcasting in Lynchburg, Virginia (since April of 2011); we have three stations WLNI, WZZU and WZZI; have been in Lynchburg radio market since 1976."

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Ed Abels
WAWZ [New Brunswick NJ] 2002
Now: Ed says (4/07), "I'm Director of Advertising for Christian Contemporary WAWZ-FM, Zarephath, New Jersey; after many years in radio I still enjoy it almost every day."

Chris Abercrombie
KNEX [McPherson KS] 1966
KSAL [Salina KS] 1967
KLSI [Salina] 1968
- Chris Allen
KEYN [Wichita KS] 1968-1969 - Tom Jefferson
KLEO [Wichita] 1971 - Chris Allen
KINA [Salina] 1972 - Chris Allen
KLMS [Lincoln NE] 1973-1978
KSKG [Salina] 1987
KSAJ [Salina] 1988-1989
KCMO-FM [Kansas City MO] 1991-1991

Now: Chris says (6/08), "I'm living in Lindsborg, Kansas, in a home my family bought in 1894; I'm semi-retired, but doing some commercial video and audio production work. In the fall of 2007 I was invited to present a paper on the jingle business to the Great Plains Radio History Symposium at Kansas State University in Manhattan. I'm on the board of the local historical association, and have been locating and archiving historical audio, video, and film about the Smoky Hill River Valley here in Central Kansas. I've also recorded a number of oral histories with people of interest in the valley, and have done some research into Kansas radio history as well."

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Daniel Abernathy
WSYR/WSYR-FM [Syracuse NY] 1980-1982
Now: Dan (Bernath) says, "I left radio in 1982 and graduated from law school in 1984. I practiced law in LA until 1994 and now live in Portland, Oregon. I have returned to my original profession as a photographer of weddings, babies and beautiful women. Now that I work for myself, I rarely get fired."

Adam Abrams
WWTC [Minneapolis MN] 1988-1990
KKFN [Sioux Falls SD] 1989-1989
KQQL [Minneapolis] 1990-2001

Now: Adam says (10/03), "I am the public address announcer for the Minnesota Wild NHL franchise and the game producer, host, announcer for the Minnesota Twins MLB Club; and I'm a general voice talent in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area."

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Hal '9000' Abrams
WUMX [Charlottesville VA] 2000-2001
Now: Hal say (11/07), "I host and produce America's most-listened-to pet talk Animal Radio, airing on some 100 stations; I spent 15 years doing mornings from San Diego to Kauai (audio at animalradio.com/airchecks.html)."

Keith Abrams
WBZY [New Castle PA] 1974
WKST [New Castle PA] 1978
WEEP [Pittsburgh] 1979
WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1982
WHTX [Pittsburgh] 1983
KWFM [Tucson AZ] 1988
WWMG [Charlotte NC] 1989
KPYR [Memphis TN] 1990
WWMG [Charlotte] 1993
KBSG [Tacoma WA] 1999
KCPX [Salt Lake City UT] 2000
KXKL [Denver CO] 2003
Clear Channel [Cleveland OH] 2008

Now: Keith says (11/08), "I am Operations Manager for Clear Channel Cleveland (WAKS, WGAR, WMJI, WMMS, WMVX, WTAM-AM); we left Pittsburgh in 1988 and have been out west for the past decade; to return to friends and family in this part of the world is truly a blessing; plus, it's just an awesome group of stations and great people to be working with."

Kris Abrams
WZCL [Norfolk VA] 1989
WBUF [Buffalo NY] 1990
WMXC/WCKZ [Charlotte NC] 1991
WIVY [Jacksonville FL] 1994
WFBC [Greenville SC] 1995
WMQX [Winston-Salem NC] 1996
WRIT [Milwaukee WI] 1999
KKOB-FM [Albuquerque NM] 2001
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 2007-2012

Now: Kris is Operations Manager at Cumulus Media, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mike Abrams aka Big Daddy
WKRB [Brooklyn NY] 1982 - Kingsborough CC
WAPP [New York NY] 1985-1986
WRCN [Long Island NY] 1985-1986
WJLK [Monmouth/Ocean NJ] 1986
WHTZ [Newark/NY] 1986
WAEB [Allentown PA] 1988
KFIV [Modesto CA] 1988
KHQT [San Jose CA] 1988
- Jo Jo Walker
KSXY [Reno NV] 1988 - Jay Knight
KKFR [Phoenix AZ] 1991
WQHT [New York] 1993
WBHK [Birmingham AL] 1996
WBTS [Athens/Atlanta GA] 1999
SATONE [Washington DC] 2000
- Dir of Operations
XM Satellite Radio [Washington DC] 2008-2011
Now: Mike is Digital Music Programming Coordinator; National Programming Platforms at Clear Channel Radio, Los Angeles, California.

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Brad Abrell
WMMO [Orlando FL] 1990-1991
Now: Running AbrellWorks and doing freelance voice-over work (he is the voice of Universal Studios Hollywood) in Los Angeles, California.

Frank Absher
KFAL [Fulton MO] 1967
KSIS [Sedalia MO] 1969
KSRM [Soldotna AK] 1969
AFRTS [Ubon Thailand] 1970
KALG [Alamogordo NM] 1971
AFRTS [Anchorage AK] 1972
KBYR [Anchorage AK] 1972
- Bill Stevens
KNIK [Anchorage AK] 1972 - Bill Stevens
WJOL [Joliet IL] 1974
WBYG [Kankakee IL] 1975
WIBV [Belleville IL] 1977
KEZK [St. Louis] 1977
KADI [St. Louis] 1977
KMOX/KMOX-FM/KHTR [St. Louis] 1979
WSIE [Edwardsville IL] 1991
Metro Networks [St. Louis] 1996

Now: Frank says (9/15), "I am retired from radio, founder of the St. Louis Media History Foundation and actively involved in finding and preserving media history." See the St. Louis Radio History page.

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Dave Acosta
KDGL [Palm Springs CA] 2005
KRCK [Palm Springs] 2007
- Jojo
KMRJ [Palm Springs] 2012
Now: Dave says (11/12), "I'm doing morning drive on Classic Rock KMRJ-FM and am production director for Marker Broadcasting's 4-station Palm Desert cluster, KPLM, KAJR, KMRJ and KJJZ."

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Derek Adams (Derek Shetterly)
KRWQ [Medford OR] 1997
Now: Derek says (7/05), "Since 1997 I have been Production Director for the Clear Channel-Medford cluster of stations (KISS-FM, KZZE-FM, KOOL 103-FM, KRWQ-FM, KMED-AM)."

Paul Adams
WAUG [Augusta GA] 1966
WRDW [Augusta] 1967
WBRO [Augusta] 1969
WPGA [Macon GA] 1970
WRBN [Macon] 1970
KINT/KINT-FM [El Paso TX] 1970
WAUG [Augusta] 1972
WBBQ [Augusta] 1973-1999
WZNY [Augusta] 1993-1999
WUUS [Augusta] 1995-1999

Now: Paul says (6/10), "I am employed within a major component of the U.S. Army's Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)." Click for more from Paul.

R. David Adams
KDLR [Devils Lake ND] 1965
KWAD [Wadena MN] 1969
- Moose
KNOX [Grand Forks ND] 1972
KVOX [Fargo ND] 1973
KYJC [Medford OR] 1974
KFYR [Bismarck ND] 1975
KIZZ [Minot ND] 1978
KTYN [Minot] 1980
WDAY [Fargo] 1982
KLXX [Bismarck] 1982
KRRZ [Fargo] 1982
KHHT [Minot] 1984
KBQQ [Minot] 1985
KIZZ [Minot] 1994-1998

Now: David says (11/05), "I work out of my home in Minot, North Dakota. I run an Ebay business in high-end tube communications radios and stereo gear; as well as voice-over and production work." Click for more from David.

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Randy Adams
KKRB [Klamath Falls OR] 1989
Now: Randy (Shuck) says (1/06), "Since 1989, PD/OM of Wynne Enterprises, LLC (Klamath Falls), a four-station independent cluster in Southern Oregon! Looking to connect with folks I've worked with through my 31-year career!"

Ron Adams
WGMR [State College PA] 1977
WMAJ/WXLR [State College] 1977
WDSY [Pittsburgh PA] 1982
WHYW [Pittsburgh] 1982
WIOF [Hartford CT] 1985
WLIS [Old Saybrook CT] 1985
WRIE [Erie PA] 1986
WHJB/WSSZ [Pittsburgh] 1987
WTAE/WVTY [Pittsburgh] 1993-1999
WKYE [Johnstown PA] 2002-2004

Now: Ron says (2/09), "I manage, announce, program and produce the on-line 24/7 radio station The Valley, Ligonier, PA; I'm lucky enough to have some great radio vets helping out with voice tracks and production: Scott Goettel formally of 50k watter WHAS, Brian Nichols of WSMR Sarasota, Ursula from WSSZ Z-107/WKPA Piitsburgh, and Kevin Slick of WXLR, State College, PA; looking to talk with old radio pals! So many funny stories: Broadcasting from the roof of a radio station for a promotion (ouch that tar was hot!), doing the morning show from a 40' diving board at a local pool (then jumping off on the last break), hosting a CHR station Dance Bash inside the local mall ... jamming the mall with shoulder-to-shoulder teens back in the 1980s. Rewarding things include gift drives for the needy during the holidays at various stations, being contacted from former interns that are now at various stations, helping start up new stations/formats (with Rick Pantale in Erie, Z107 in Greensburg, X-103's AC format in State College), and chatting Beatles with other Beatleheads..."

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Ron Adams (Ron Mruk)
WQNZ [Natchez MS] 1982-1986 - GM
Now: Ron says (1/10), "I'm a marketing and IT consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."

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Sally Adams
KORA [Bryan TX] 1983-1987
Now: Marketing Communications Director at Compaq, Houston, Texas.

Stan Adams
WAXO [Kenosha WI] 1969
WKZN [Kenosha] 1969
WZBN [Zion IL] 1969
KWIX [Moberly MO] 1970
KRES [Moberly] 1970
WEXI [Chicago IL] 1970
WWMM [Chicago] 1972
WFYR [Chicago] 1975
WAIT [Chicago] 1977-1977
WSEX [Chicago] 1985-1985

Now: Stan says (5/11), "I am living in Chicago, Illinois and have been doing freelance acting and voice-overs, having appeared in several films and TV programs and on many TV & radio commercials."

Bill Addison
WIL [St. Louis] 1963
Now: ???

John Mackin Ade
Katz [New York] 1970 - sales
WKTU [New York] 1975 - GSM/Asst GM
WTAE/WXKX [Pittsburgh] 1980 - GSM
KLUV [Dallas] 1982 - VP/GM
WIP [Philadelphia]/WNEW [New York] 1984 - GSM
WBEU [Beaufort SC] 1985 - owner
WFTW [Fort Walton Beach FL] 1985 - owner
KEYI/KNOW [Austin TX] 1990 - VP/GM
WIXV/WBMQ/WSGF [Savannah GA] 1985 - President/GM
Now: Retired. Residing on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, in "radio remission".

Lou Adler
WCBS [New York NY] 1959
WOR [New York] 1981-1985
WINS [New York] 198?
WABC [New York] 198?
WCNN [Atlanta GA] 1995

Lou Adler died Dec 22, 2017 in Meriden CT (age 88; Alzheimer's disease).

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J.T. Aguila
KERA [Dallas TX] 1995-1997
Now: Producer at WVIZ-TV/PBS, Cleveland, Ohio.

Tim Ahlborn
Now: After too much stress, Tim Ahlborn (aka Tim O'Brien) left management of WIDG/WMKC, St. Ignace MI and became a Deputy Sheriff! Tim says, "The only radio I get to talk on now is KVA-413, covering all of Mackinac County with 300 watts! Beaming to police scanners everywhere."

Denny Ainsworth
WBSJ [Laurel MS] 1975
WHSY [Hattiesburg MS] 1979
WCNN [Atlanta GA] 1984
- executive producer
WPBD [Atlanta] 1987 - station mgr
WSB [Atlanta] 1989
WLKQ [Atlanta] 1989-1992

Now: Denny says (11/10), "I have taken over the reins and on-air duties of Ludlow Porch on the FunSeekers Network (Atlanta, Georgia); I have produced and cohosted the show for over twenty years..."

Harve Alan
WBAB [Babylon NY] 1980-1985
WGBB [Freeport NY] 1982-1985
WCCC/WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1985
WAAF [Worcester MA] 1988
WONE-FM/WAKR [Akron OH] 1988-1989
- Station Mgr
DeMers Programming [Philadelphia PA] 1994 - media consultant
WZGC [Atlanta GA] 1995
Capstar, AMFM, Clear Channel [San Antonio TX] 1996
- Sr. VP Programming
ABC Radio Networks [New York NY] 2004 - Dir of Programming
Mercury Radio Research [Minneapolis MN] 2005 - Exec VP
Now: Harve says (5/06), "I am with Mercury Radio Research, Minneapolis, Minnesota. We do perceptual research for radio stations across North America. We survey radio listeners so radio stations can better understand what radio listeners want to listen to. We also just launched a brand new company called hear2.0 ... working with audio entertainment providers to better understand the latest trends in audio entertainment."

Jeff Alan
WTHU [Frederick MD] 1979
WEEO [Waynesboro PA] 1979
WHAG [Hagerstown MD] 1979
WARK [Hagerstown] 1979
WFMD [Frederick] 1981
WFRE [Frederick] 1981
WXCS [Hagerstown] 1984
WKIS [Orlando FL] 1987
WFIV [Kissimmee FL] 1986-1993

Now: Jeff says (11/07), "I am community leader of the AD NASCAR forum, AOL's largest and most popular auto racing community; in addition to designing and publishing commercial web pages, I also do freelance reporting for several auto racing magazines, and am staff columnist for catchfence.com, a leading NASCAR Web site." Click for a chuckle from Alan.

Lee Alan
WJLB [Detroit MI] 1955
WGH [Norfolk VA] 1957
WJLB [Detroit] 1959
WJBK [Detroit] 1959
WKMH [Detroit] 1960
WCPO [Cincinnatti OH] 1961
WXYZ [Detroit] 1962
WHFI [Detroit] 1968
WJR [Detroit] 1974
WDRQ [Detroit] 1974
- specials
WNIC [Detroit] 1982-1984
WPON [Detroit] 2004
KJUL [Las Vegas NV] 2006-2007

Now: Lee says (12/08), "I'm still in Michigan, have released the audio-book version of Turn Your Radio On (info at detroitradiolegends.com/), and am doing commercial production for radio, voice-over, ad campaigns for station sales teams, and special programs..."

Rick Alan
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1983-1990
KWDJ [Riverside CA]] 1984-1985
KQLH [San Bernardino CA] 1991-1992
KOLA [San Bernardino] 1994-2014

Now: Rick says (4/16), "Still in So Cal. Publications Director for medical university since 1997. Retired from radio but always have my radar on for opportunities.
KWIZ - We made WKRP look like Rhodes Scholars. Easy gig, union pay, my first gig and yes, I know how lucky I was.
KWDJ - C/W, lucky to get out alive, no kidding. Super cheap operation, politics were murder.
KQLH - "Lite Hits", not much to say. Studio looked out into a mall across from a movie theater. Got the finger on a nightly basis.
KOLA - Oldies, now Hits of 70's - 90's. One of those stations where the jocks stay for years and years, live & local throwback to radio 30 yrs ago."

Ralph Carney Albani
CFAR [Flin Flon MB] 1974
CKRC [Winnipeg MB] 1974
- Racoon Carney
CFUN [Vancouver BC] 1977 - Racoon Carney
CKLG [Vancouver] 1978 - Racoon Carney
CKY [Winnipeg] 1983 - Racoon Carney
Palmer Jarvis Advertising [Winnipeg] 1988
Ralph Carney Communications [Winnipeg] 1989
- president
CFWM [Winnipeg] 1997 - Riley
AdManagement Canada [Winnipeg MB/Calgary AB] 1998
Now: Ralph is managing partner with AdManagement Canada. He says (7/04), "We just launched the In-House Digital Network in a few cities in western Canada. Can't say that I miss radio, but I certainly miss the people."

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Craig Albers
WCKW [New Orleans LA] 1991-1992 - Craig Stevens
Now: Craig says (11/09), "I left radio in 1992 and became a financial planner; I work in Jacksonville, IL for Stifel Nicolaus; I also do voice-over work for a local ad agency; you can hear my work on Springfield, IL Rado and TV."

Jack Albert
WKIZ [Key West FL] 1975
WIRK [West Palm Beach FL] 1977
WEAT [West Palm Beach] 1979
WRMF [West Palm Beach] 1980
WIRK [West Palm Beach] 1981
WAFC [Clewiston FL] 1999
WKJX [Elizabeth City NC] 2004

Jack (John A. Ferguson) died in January 2008 in Jupiter Florida.

Brent Alberts aka Big Wally Londo
WMFJ [Daytona Beach FL] 1968
WTAL [Tallahassee FL] 1969
WJBS [Daytona Beach] 1969
WOGO [Daytona Beach] 1970
WPDQ [Jacksonville FL] 1971
- Fat Albert
WSGA [Savannah GA] 1971
WVLD [Valdosta GA] 1972
- Jon Kirby
WIIN [Atlanta GA] 1973
WKLS [Atlanta] 1974
WAIV [Jacksonville] 1976
KISW [Seattle WA] 1977
WLPX [Milwaukee WI] 1978
WISN [Milwaukee] 1978
- Jon Kirby
WLUP [Chicago IL] 1979
WQFM [Milwaukee WI] 1980
WYFE [Rockford IL] 1981
WSB-FM [Atlanta] 1984
WIQB/WNRS [Ann Arbor MI] 1985
KMYZ [Tulsa OK] 1986
WQFM [Milwaukee] 1987
KFMQ/KLMS [Lincoln NE] 1987
WGTR [Miami FL] 1989
KTHK [Tulsa] 1990
KLUV [Dallas TX] 1992
KZPS [Dallas] 1992
WNRQ [Nashville TN] 1998
WLAV [Grand Rapids MI] 2002
WMMQ [Lansing MI] 2007-2010
WFMK [Lansing] 2008-2010
WCSX [Detroit MI] 2010
WXKR [Toledo OH] 2013

Now: Brent says (7/13), "I am program director & afternoons on Classic Rock WXKR-FM and PD, middays on New Rock Alternative 100.7, Toledo, Ohio. I got the radio bug when I was 10, on the air first time at 13, earned my first pay check at 15, and haven't looked back since! I also enjoy travelling and riding my Harley Davidson Ultra Classic."

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Chris Albracht
KDJW [Amarillo TX] 2010
Now: Chris says (9/10), "After 29 years of working nearly every day at a radio station, I am now Director of Communications for the Diocese of Amarillo, where I am also editor of The West Texas Catholic, the diocesan newspaper; to keep my foot in the door, I do a one-hour show on KDJW, 1360AM, the Catholic radio station."

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Bucky Albright
WMIL [Milwaukee WI] 1993-1994
Now: Bucky says (8/07), "I'm with Metro Networks doing fill in; keeping my options open for more steady work; I'm a member of a group of some of the best veterans in radio, as a member of The Milwaukee Broadcasters Club. Never in my wildest dreams would I figured that I'd be doing traffic; ironically, traffic has been the longest position that I've had in broadcasting."

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Jaye Albright
KMPS [Seattle WA] 1998-2000
Now: Jaye says (11/07), "I'm in Seattle, Washington at Albright & O'Malley (country radio consultancy)." Check out Jaye Albright's Breakfast Blog.

Jim Albright
WTNS [Coshocton, OH] 1977
WNIR [Canton OH] 1978
WHBC [Canton] 2001
WHLO [Akron OH] 2010

Now: Jim is doing 9-noon at News/Talk WHLO, Akron, Ohio.

Roger Aldi
KHJ [Los Angeles CA] 1964
KRLA [Los Angeles] 1971
KPOL [Los Angeles] 1973
KDAY [Los Angeles] 1975-1989
- ND
Now: Roger says (4/07), "I left radio in 1989 and went into ministry; served the Burbank Church of Religious Science until 1999 when called to serve the Houston (TX) Church of Religious Science; returned to LA March 2007; happily kickin' it, unless someone needs a liberal Dennis Prager! Boss Radio was a heck of a way to get started in radio; I was a 'copy boy' in the news dept BEFORE KHJ went rock, and was lucky enough to work my way up, thanks to some incredibly wonderful and supportive mentors, like Art Kevin, Lyle Kilgore, J. Paul Huddleston and Ron Jacobs, although Ron scared the hell out of me; I was still afraid of him at the 25-year anniversary party (1990); several years after that, he walked into my church, and for the first time I got the feeling he really did like me; I didn't think he'd even remember me; wounded inner child found healing!"

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Tom Aldrich
KSOU [Sioux Center IA] 1994
Now: ???

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Rusty Aldridge
WQLD [Montgomery AL] 2003
Now: ???

Bill Alexander
WLSW [Scottdale PA] 1989 - Dave Ericson
WMBS [Uniontown PA] 1993
WASP [Brownsville PA] 1995
WMBS [Uniontown] 1997
WJPA [Washington PA] 1999
WMBS [Uniontown] 2002
WJPA [Washington PA] 2004-2006
WMBS [Uniontown] 2012

Now: Bill says (5/13), "I co-host and produce Just Cook It Radio with Chef Mario Porreca on WMBS, Uniontown, PA."

Bob Alexander
CFRB [Toronto ON] 1972
KXTZ [Las Vegas NV] 1984
KJUL [Las Vegas] 1992-1999

Now: Retired. Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dixie Alexander
KGU [Honolulu HI] 1978 - Ryn Alexander
KHVH [Honolulu] 1978 - Ryn Alexander
KPOI [Honolulu] 1979-1980 - Ryn Alexander
WRXL [Richmond VA] 1982
KEZY [Los Angeles CA] 1985
WRXL [Richmond] 1987
KFWB [Los Angeles CA] 1990-1993

Now: Dixie says (11/06), "I am in Orange County California taking tai chi and karate, looking for writing and news gigs. The Dick and Dixie Show on WRXL (1982-1985) was actually a pretty big deal; the station threw a huge party when I left, giving out 'aloha Dixie' t-shirts; guess I was missed enough to be hired back in 1987 for a two-year experience of radio's star treatment (limo lunches, big bucks); they spoiled me and I loved it; thanks to Ilyse Jennings for getting me to Richmond in the first place; she and I met originally in honolulu; I was doing news at KPOI and she was newly arrived from the mainland for the launch of KPIG."

Hudson Alexander
WKDA [Nashville TN] 1973
WAGG [Nashville] 1975
WKDA [Nashville] 1977
- Bill Hudson
WAGG [Nashville] 1979
WTJT [Nashville] 1980
WAKM [Nashville] 1983-1983
WAKM [Nashville] 2005

Now: Hudson says (7/05), "I am doing freelance writing for several national magazines; my forte is Civil War history; I also work with the Williamson County Highway Department in my hometown of Franklin, Tennessee; and I have gotten back into radio on a parttime basis at WAKM here in Franklin." Click for more from Hudson.

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Lance Alexander
KBGO [Las Vegas NV] 1996-1996
Now: Lance says (1/04), "I own Phat Rock radio (1650-lpAM), Las Vegas, Nevada."

Rick Alexander
WVLV [Lebanon PA] 1979 - Rick Allen
WQVE [Harrisburg PA] 1979
WKBO [Harrisburg] 1982
WIKZ [Chambersburg PA] 1983

Now: Rick says (1/03), "I am Operations Manager at Dame Broadcasting (WIKZ, WQCM, WDLD, WCHA, WHAG), as well as mornings and PD at Hot AC WIKZ-FM, Hagerstown, Maryland."

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Scott Alexander
WZPT [Pittsburgh PA] 2002
Now: Scott says (10/13), "I am Music Director and middays at Hot AC WZPT-FM (STAR 100.7); also V/O announcer for WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, PA."

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Ted Alexander
WELW [Willoughby OH] 1999
Now: Air talent, Operatons Manager and Chief Engineer at Oldies WELW, Willoughby, Ohio. Ted says, "I came back 'home' to WELW, suburban Cleveland, after spending 30 years with the 'big guns' and desiring to escape from the corporate environment."

Kevin Alfultis
KFVS/KGIR [Cape Girardeau MO] 1983 - Kevin Roberts
KJAQ [Cape Girardeau] 1984
KCGQ [Cape Girardeau] 1987
KMOD [Tulsa OK] 1993
KAKC/KQLL [Tulsa] 1996
KSLZ [St. Louis MO] 1998
KYKY [St. Louis] 2003-2005

Now: Kevin says (2/07), "In late 2005 I left radio to pursue a career with an online auto advertising site; while it's been a great move, I will always miss radio people, they're crazy ... nuts ... and ya gotta lov'm. In 1992 I helped put together a promotion called The Radio Reunion Weekend; we had over 50 former on-air personalities (who had worked at ANY station) in Cape Girardeau come back for the 5-day event; Ron Harris of Westwood One fame brought in a great jingle package and liners from Don Pardo and Casey Kasem; this event captured the power and imagination that only radio can; it made me a believer all over again; a lot of great people made this a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Rock'n Ron Harris, Thom Price, Clear Channel's Jim 'Dave Lundy' Smith, Debbie Connor (WIL), Tom Stine, Fran James, Doug Cannon, ESPN Radio's Bruce Gilbert and too many to list; each person made a huge impact on my career and confirmed to me why I had my mom clear out my closet at 8 years old so that I could have my own radio 'studio' to play in; I'd love hear from old radio friends."

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Dick All
CKWX [Vancouver BC] 1999
Now: Dick says (11/02), "I am senior copywriter at CKWX-FM, CKKS, CKVX, CISQ and CKSR, Vancouver, British Columbia."

Angela Allen
KOOL-FM [Phoenix AZ] 1994
KHOM [New Orleans] 1995
WJPS [Evansville IN] 1996
WIKY [Evansville] 2009

Now: Angela says (12/09), "I am not on the air at WIKY, but am still associated with the station; I'm continuing on-air duties with Radio Free Phoenix"

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Bob Allen (Bob Manfredo)
KARM [Fresno CA] 1979-1982
KSKS [Fresno CA] 2009

Now: ???


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Brad Allen
WMYU [Knoxville TX] 1992
Now: ???

Burke Allen
WLOG [Logan WV] 1982 - Burke Adkins
WVOW [Logan] 1983 - Burke Adkins
WKEE [Huntington WV] 1985
WVSR/WBES-FM [Charleston WV] 1989
WXLK [Roanoke WV] 1993
WAEV-FM/WLVH [Savannah GA] 1994
KISN [Salt Lake City UT] 1996
KMZQ [Las Vegas NV] 1998
WOCL [Orlando FL] 1999
WFLC [Miami FL] 2000
WWZZ [Washington DC] 2001-2001

Now: Burke says (7/07), "In 2005, I launched Allen Media Strategies (broadcast consultants); in 2006, Allen Media Stations purchased our first station, WMOV in Ravenswood/Ripley, WV; in 2007, we expanded our station holdings to include WRLB-FM, Raneille/Lewisburg WV; I am also a proud founder of amdaytimers.org."

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Chris Allen
WDBL [Nashville TN] 1981-1982
Now: I have been Weather Director for WBKO-TV, Bowling Green Kentucky since 1986; I spent many years in Nashville radio right out of high school which eventually led me to my current position; I miss the radio days back in the 1980s and early 1990s because it was still fun and energizing."

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Dale Allen
WJPA [Washington PA] 1994
Now: Dale says (5/04), "I'm Promotions Director, Web Developer and do PM drive at Oldies WJPA AM/FM, Washington, Pennsylvania."

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Dan Allen
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 2002-2005
Now: Operations Manager for Clear Channel Format Labs, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dave Allen
Now: In TV news at WMAR-TV, Baltimore, MD.

Dex Allen
KTLN [Denver] 1962
KQV [Pittsburgh] 1965
KOL [Seattle] 1966
KCBQ [San Diego] 1968
KMZQ [Las Vegas] 197?
- owner
KRST [Albuquerque] 197? - owner
KROY [Sacramento] 198? - owner
Dex Allen died May 6, 2018 (age 74) in Sacramento CA. See Veteran Broadcaster Dex Allen Dies (radioink.com).

Jack Allen
WXCI [Danbury CT] 1978
WBIS [Bristol CT] 1978
WAQY [Springfield MA] 1978
WIOF [Waterbury CT] 1981
WNTY [Southington CT] 1982
WWCO [Waterbury] 1983
WSNG [Torrington CT] 1983
- Tom Collins
WRKI [Danbury] 1984
WCCC/WCCC-FM [Hartford CT] 1988
- Grim Reaper
WPLR [New Haven CT] 1996
Now: Jack (Paul/William Rowe) is a staff announcer and producer for Smith & Barber Morning Show and nights at Classic Rock WPLR-FM (99Rock), New Haven, Connecticut.

Jack Allen
WHBI [Newark NJ] 1942
WMTR [Morristown NJ] 1947
WCTC [New Brunswick NJ] 1949
Mutual Broadcasting [New York NY] 1959
- NY bureau chief
WOR [New York] 1962
ABC News [New York] 1984
- News Editor
Now: Jack Allen (Potts) passed away of heart attack in 1987. Jack's son (John S. 'Stoo' Potts) may be contacted at stoo.potts@gmail.com.

Jack Allen
KRKO [Everett WA] 1968
KPNW [Eugene OR] 1970
KVI [Seattle WA] 1974
KMPS [Seattle] 1979
KSEA/KIRO [Seattle] 1983
KWYZ [Everett] 1988
- GM
KEZX/KWJZ [Seattle] 1992-1996
VIP Studios [Seattle] 1996
- VP
Now: Retired from radio after 35 years (1996) and partnered in a video/audio production company and marketing agency. Jack now writes & produces television and radio commercials, marketing, media buying, agency promotion -- and runs Radio Dog House. KVI memories from Jack.

James Allen
WATO [Knoxville TN] 1991-1996
WYSH [Knoxville] 1993-1997
WGOC [Blountville TN] 1997

Now: ???

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Jeff Allen
KISY [Boise ID] 1998
Now: ???

Joe Allen
WGUF [Gulfport MS] 1979 - Ramblin' Joe
WJRS [Jamestown KY] 1981
WSAI [Cincinnati OH] 1982
- J.B. Allen
WUBE [Cincinnati] 1994-2003
Now: Joe (Burton) says (5/06), "I am not in radio, but am a full-time police officer; hopefully back to Country radio on a part-time basis soon; it gets in your blood and does not leave so easily." He remembers, "In 2002, George Strait was at WUBE; he was very gracious with the photo ops and I took a roll of good pics -- except there was no roll of film in the camera; that's when I went digital."

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Keith Allen
KTWV [Los Angeles CA] 1990-2002
Now: Keith (Deister) says (10/04), "I am retired -- in Lake Taho, California."

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Keith Allen
WCEN [Saginaw MI] 2003
Now: ???

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K.J. Allen
WSM [Nashville TN] 2003
Now: ???

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Les Allen
WRHQ [Savannah GA] 1989
Now: ???

Mark Allen
KNRO [Conroe TX] 1967
KLVI [Beaumont TX] 1971
KBPO [Beaumont] 1975-1978
consulting engineer [Houston TX] 1978-1998
consulting engineer [Orlando FL] 1998

Now: Mark says (11/04), "I am a semi-retired consulting engineer living in Orlando, Florida. I enjoyed some time on air as The 'Real' Mark Allen in late 1960s and very early 1970s when that phraseology was popular. I enjoyed my time in the classic days of radio, however, I generally gravitated to engineering work; have worked much of my professional consulting career overseas in high power shortwave radio." Click for more from Mark.

Mark Allen
KASY [Tacoma WA] 1965
KING [Seattle WA] 1968
KREM [Spokane WA] 1970
KASH [Eugene OR] 1973
KSJO [San Jose CA] 1974
KUUU [Seattle] 1976
KJR [Seattle] 1976
KWIZ [Los Angeles CA] 1976-1980

Now: Mark says (4/05), "I've been a broadcast communications attorney since 1980. I'm now the President & CEO of the Washington State Association of Broadcasters, Olympia, Washington; mainly the legislative and congressional lobbyist for the broadcasting industry in Washington state."

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Mark S. Allen
KSFM [Sacramento CA] 1987-1996
Now: Mark says (5/04), "I am a national celebrity interview host on Premiere Radio Networks; and seen each day hosting a live TV morning show on KMAX-TV, Sacramento, California."

Michael Allen
WOYS [Apalachicola FL] 1986
Now: Michael says (10/13), "I own Adult Contemporary WOYS, the first FM on the air in Apalachicola; we're all here, there is only one way off the Forgotten Coast..."

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Nic Allen
WKXN [Montgomery AL] 2006
Now: ???

Perry Allen
KNEB [Scottsbluff NE] 1945
KTLN [Denver CO] 1949
Far East networks [Tokyo Japan] 1952
KTLN [Denver] 1956
WKBW [Buffalo NY] 1958
KRLA [Los Angeles CA] 1960
KHJ [LA] 1962
KVI [Seattle WA] 1964
KHOW [Denver] 1968
WEBR [Buffalo] 1974
KDEO [San Diego CA] 1974
KFI [LA] 1976-1977
KCBQ [San Diego] 1979-1980
KFI [LA] 1980
KFMB [San Diego] 1985
KSDO [San Diego] 1995
KVSD [San Diego] 1998-2000

Perry Allen died Jan 31, 2007 (75, heart attack, Los Angeles). See a note from Lee Allen on his dad's passing; and click for details of the infamous Find Perry Allen contest.

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Ric Allen
WMJT [Bay City MI] 1990-1991
Now: Ric says (5/10), "I am semi-retired, living in my hometown of Bay City, MI; have been emceeing outdoor concert gigs in Auburn, MI (rock-n-wheels) as well as custom car cruise-ins at Bay Cafe in Bay City, still love the Oldies and miss all the great friends along the way; and I still do voice-overs when needed."

Rick Allen
WGRT [Indianapolis IN] 1974
WTTS/WGTC [Bloomington IN] 1978
TM Productions [Dallas TX] 1982
- producer
Earmark Productions [Indianapolis IN] 1983 - sales
WIBC [Indianapolis] 1985
WQHT [New York NY] 1986-1994

Now: Rick says, "After leaving WQHT, New York (after 8 years as their production director), I started Rick Allen Creative Services Inc.. I love being able to focus on station imaging. I started a production library service called Continuous Climax in 1993. In 1996, I moved the studios from NYC to Scottsdale, Arizona and continued producing sweepers and creating material for the library. In 1998, I also started working with ABC Radio Networks producing image libraries for various formats."

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Ron Allen
WAKR [Akron OH] 1976-1978
Now: Ron says (5/03), "I hang around the Villages Polo Club, Orlando, Florida."

Ron Allen
WARM [Scranton PA] 1959-1996
Ron Allen died Sep 23, 2008 in Scranton, Pennsylvania; Mary Ann, his wife of 48 years, died just two months later; see MRS. ALLEN DIES (WARM Radio).

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Todd Allen
KYSN [Wenatchee WA] 2003-2006
Now: Todd says (5/10), "I'm 'on the beach' after leaving NNB to join my wife in British Columbia; while searching for a new gig, enjoying occasional voice over acting, commercial work and auditioning for TV and films."

Tom Allen
WEBC [Duluth MN] 1961
WPOP [Hartford CT] 1963
WSPR [Springfield MA] 1964
- Rockin' Robin
WJIM [Lansing MI] 1964 - Big Jim Allen
KJR [Seattle WA] 1965 - Tom Larson
WUBE [Cincinnati OH] 1966 - Jack London
WITL [Lansing] 1967
WIL [St. Louis MO] 1969
KBOX [Dallas TX] 1973
WDEE [Detroit MI] 1978
KVET [Austin TX] 1979
KASE [Austin] 1981
KVET-FM [Austin] 1998-2010

Now: Tom says (10/10), "I retired from full-time radio on in 2008 and on 9/10/10 I retired from the Saturday morning Country Gold Show on KVET-FM in Austin." Tom remembers three greats from KJR.

Whitney Allen
KATA/KFMI [Eureka CA] 1979
KSDO [San Diego CA] 1984
KKOS [Oceanside CA] 1985
KKLQ [San Diego] 1987
KQLZ [Los Angeles CA] 1989
KIIS [LA] 1991
KZLA [LA] 1995
After Midnite Weekends [LA] 1995
- syndicated
KMLT [LA] 2000
Now: ???

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Bill Alley
WINY [Putnam CT] 2007
Now: Bill says (8/11), "I remain on Sunday evenings on Adult Contemporary WINY as host and producer of Juke Box Gold, playing favorites from 1946 (the Roots of Rock) to the 1970s (early Disco era)..."

Keith Allgood
KYOS [Merced CA] 1962
KAFY [Bakersfield CA] 1962
KRAM [Las Vegas NV] 1963
- Terry Randel
KYNO [Fresno CA] 1965 - Terry Randel
KUTY [Palmdale CA] 1965 - Mike Mckinnon
KKAR [Los Angeles CA] 1968 - Mike Mckinnon
KCKC [San Bernardino CA] 1973 - Craig Damon
KCEY [Modesto CA] 1975 - Craig Damon
KLIT [LA] 1977 - Craig Damon
KAJK [Eureka CA] 1985-1999 - GM/owner
Now: Keith says, "I am working, but not in the radio biz, in Grants Pass, Oregon." Click for more from Keith.

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Kevin Allison
KFSG [Los Angeles CA] 1994
Now: ???

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Steve Allison
KBBT/KUPL [Portland OR] 1999-2000
Now: Steve says (8/07), "I'm in Portland, Oregon, doing quite a few weddings and parties; maybe one day ....that dream job will come BACK along..."

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Gary Allyn
KEZL [San Diego CA] 1983-1984
Now: Gary says, "I actually worked for two KEZLs: the one Gannett had first (later became KS-103) and the latter KEZL, owned by PAR Broadcasting. Strange, but true! For the past decade or so, I've been been writing, voicing & producing through Gary Allyn Radio Enterprises, San Diego, California."

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Al Alonzo
WEMG [Camden NJ] 1996-2002 - CEO
Now: Al says (4/08), "Since 2004 I have served as SVP Hispanic Radio for Clear Channel Radio."

Dave Alpert
WQAM [Miami] 1972
WYEN [Chicago] 1973
WDHF/WMET [Chicago] 1976
WXRK [New York] 1985
ABC News [New York] 1982
Westwood One Radio Networks [Los Angeles CA] 1999
ABC News [LA] 2000

Now: Entertainment Correspondent, ABC News, Los Angeles, California.

'Brother' Alex Alvarez
KSYM [San Antonio TX] 1967
KBER [San Antonio] 1969
KBUC [San Antonio] 1974
KKYX [San Antonio] 1988

Now: Alex says (9/05), "I do a Sunday morning gospel music program on Country KKYX. I am now a full-time pastor. I really miss doing a full-time gig, but I love country gospel music. It was great to see some of my old friends on this site."

Ted Alvy
KVFM [Los Angeles CA] 1967
KPPC [Los Angeles] 1968
KMET [Los Angeles] 1968
KYMS [Los Angeles] 1970
KPPC [Los Angeles] 1970
- Cosmos Topper
KFMI [Eureka CA] 1972 - owner, GM
KMET [Los Angeles] 1973
KILO [Seattle WA 1977
- Captain Kirkland
KXXN [Santa Barbara CA] 1982-1982
KCQR [Santa Barbara] 1989-1989

Now: Ted says (10/07), "I am back in my hometown (Los Angeles, California) researching and writing books -- about radio, including: "I Was A Teenage Disc Jockey" (about 1960s L.A. underground radio) and "Songs & Sets & Segue-Ways" (West Coast underground radio). The first FM rock underground radio station in Southern California (after its pioneering sister station KMPX in San Francisco) was KPPC-FM 106.7 in Pasadena, CA; it was originally located in the basement of the Pasadena Presbyterian Church and broadcast hippie rebop from 11/01/67 until the entire KPPC-FM airstaff was fired on 10/24/71; FM 106.7 is now KROQ Los Angeles."

Captain Mike Ambrose
KLIF [Dallas] 1961
KDEO [San Diego] 1964
KFWB [LA] 1965
KRLA [LA] 1969
KOGO [San Diego] 1970
KGTV [San Diego] 1973-2001
- Captain Mike's Weather
Mike Ambrose died Aug 29, 2008 in San Diego California. He was 69 years old.

Christopher Ames
KHJ [LA] 1970
KRLA [LA] 1973
KNX-FM [LA] 1973

Now: Screenwriter/producer partnered with his wife Carolyn Shelby. Co-wrote and co-produced the 1991 film Class Action with Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Christopher lives near Los Angeles, California with Carolyn and daughter Samantha.

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