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Verna Greathouse Mostly, I was a Music Director or a Talent Coordinator. I spent six years in radio (mostly in Los Angeles) from about 1971 to 1978. I worked first as a receptionist for Ted Randall Enterprises (The Ted Randall Tip Sheet) for a year or so. I learned from Mike Kasabo (by watching and listening) how to pick the hits. I then went to work with Dave Prince at The Programme Shoppe, where we did in-flight programming for 13 airlines. I was the Music Director. At The Programme Shoppe, I also worked with Jim Ladd, who was the producer of the ABC FM Specials, aired on the ABC FM Radio Network on Sunday nights. Our shows included: Eagles, Seals & Crofts, John Lennon, Three Dog Night, the Doobie Brothers, Jerry Garcia, and many more. We also produced Record Report with Robert W. Morgan and later Charlie Tuna. I then went to work as Music Director for the new company, Filmways Radio (a division of Filmways) on Cahuenga in Hollywood. Our offices were in the Wally Heider Recording studios building. We did voice-track syndication (as we had also done at The Programme Shoppe). Our on-air personalities included Charlie Tuna, Robert W. Morgan, Chris Lane and others I can't rememer right now. We did Country Concert, which were live concerts (recorded from Wally Heider's mobile studio). After several years, Filmways corporate closed Filmways Radio, and I went on to work for Marlo Thomas and then Elaine May.

Back in those good old days, the radio/record people all hung out at Martoni's -- an Italian restaurant on Cahuenga near Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. Several recording studios and record companies were nearby. I'd love to find some of the old radio/record people from those days, such as Chuck Thaggard from Columbia Records and Dave Prince (whose listing brought me to this website).

After getting into recovery (from alcoholism), I reassessed my life and went back to school. Meanwhile I had married for the first time (in 1993 at age 41). I got my Bachelor's at Chapman University and my Masters in Social Work at Loma Linda University. I am now a Clinical Social Worker at Patton State Hospital (for the forensic mentally ill). I am also in a PhD program at Walden University for a PhD in Public Administration and Public Policy. I still have hundreds of record albums and 45s from my old radio days. Even have some reel-to-reel tapes of some of the radio shows we did.


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